Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oi! You Move Leh!

The other day, my Dad bought some donuts for Ace to eat as breakfast... so my mum shared half a donut with him and being someone who has a sweet tooth, Ace enjoyed the treat tremendously ;)

In the evening, he pointed to a paper bag in the kitchen and told me that it is a Donut. "Mummy, can I eat the donut?"

I told him he had to eat his dinner first and he went on to finish his dinner in record time.

"Mummy, 我可以吃甜甜圈了吗?" He asked me right after dinner.

I told him he just finished his dinner and it was too soon to have a snack. "You look at the clock.. it is 7pm now... we wait for two hours... 9 o'clock you can eat your donut, ok?"

"Ok!" And he went on to play with his toys.


"Mummy, 我可以吃甜甜圈了吗?"

"Ace, it is only 7.15... look at the click.. 9 o'clock and you can eat your donut..."


"Mummy, can I eat my donut?"

"Ace, now is only 7.30... you have to wait one and a half hours more till 9pm.. ok?"


"Mummy... I want my peanut.."

"It's a DONUT, Ace, not peanut... Anyway, now is only 8.15.. you must wait till 9 o'clock..."


"Oi! Why you never move! Oi! You move leh! You quickly move! Mummy, you see the clock cannot move!"

Turns out that the clock in the living room is somewhat spoilt. While the hour hand and the minute hand moves as per normal.. the second hand always gets stuck at the number '8' area and can't seem to move upwards and that got Ace really worried because it could mean it will never be 9 o'clock.

Ace's reaction was REALLY funny lor...

Strangely, he seemed to have given up hope after he discovered the second hand was not moving.. and stopped asking about when he could have his donut.

Finally, it was 9pm. "Ace, it is already 9pm!"

"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! 9pm already! I can eat my donut already!" Ace danced around the living room...

Alas, when we went to take out the plastic bag, we realized that the snack inside was not a donut but just a piece of bread... what a let down..

Luckily, Ace likes to eat bread.. so he didn't really mind it much and slurped it down :) hahaha

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lu Gou

I was happily wearing my v neck dress that day and we were sitting in the car and Ace was sitting on my lap...

He suddenly turned around and put his finger into the ridge between my two breasts and asked me. "Mummy, what is this?"

I paused for a moment and told him that it was a LU GOU.... that means a ridge between the breasts...

And as expected, he started to ask "为什么乳沟呢?”

So I started to explain to him that it is the area between one's breast.

And then Ace lifted up his shirt, looked between his breasts and asked me "我有没有?”

And I laughed and told him that he doesn't have because he is a little boy. Only women will have it.. and grown women have it... "Mama has it because mama is a woman and because mama's breast is big big..."

When I said that, my mum was sitting behind me and my dad was sitting beside me in the car...

When I told Ah Yee about this, she said, "You should have told Ace.. for example, Waigong has it but Waipo doesn't!" hahahahahahaha...

Cos my dad is fat and has got huge breasts and my mum is kind of flat chested and it has been a long-standing family joke that we were lucky that me and sis take after dad in this aspect:) HAHA

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ace Mummy

Just how did I do that?!

How did I manage to give birth to another MOTHER? Isn't one mother enough nagging for me?:) Hahahaha...

The other day, I accompanied Ace to the bedroom and after a while, because he was no longer moving, I thought he was asleep and so I went to the kitchen to make my Fibrena. As I was feeling bored, I decided to switch on the TV and watch some TV...

Barely 20 seconds later, Ace Mummy walks out with half opened eyes and a bolster in his arms.. "Mummy, 这么迟了,你不要看这么多...你去睡觉..."

Two days later, I was sitting in the living room floor and doing something... my Ace Mummy stopped what he was doing, turned around and said to me, "Mummy, 那个地板很冷,你不要坐地上..."

I guess he was just trying to imitate his Waipo...

I told Max about it and he laughed. "Very good, ask him to carry on..." "Wait till you get nagged by him then you know.." I told Max...

"No problem, I am a very good boy, there is nothing for him to nag..."

I am just waiting for when Max comes back and Ace Mummy starts NAGGING HIM.. hahaha ;)

PS: Yesterday, my grandma came home and switched on an additional unnecessary light. “为什么开多一个,不要开多一个!”said Ace the 管家.

Then later in the night, he wanted to go to bed and so I said goodnight to him and expected him to walk off and sleep. “Mummy,那么迟了,快点去睡觉..."

Can die ah!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Son, My Best Friend

I was going through a bout of blues the other day and was complaining to Max when he called me that I was feeling down and feeling lonely...

"Why don't you talk to Ace?" he suggested.

I have always been saying that I wanted my son to see me as his best friend and how it is an excellent parenting style.. but I forgot tat best friends confided into each other! ;)

So I decided to talk to Ace that night before we sleep.

"Ace, mummy is not feeling so good these few days leh..."


"Mummy feels quite lonely...." And then I continued to share with him how I feel.

"Why?"Ace asked me again... so I talked and talked... and I ended our conversation with "I love you..."

"I love you too..."Ace told me..

It does feel good to confide to your best friend :)

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Yeah! Do Homework!

The other day was chatting with a friend about how different her two children are.
The elder one is constantly thinking of ways to avoid doing homework.. you scold her and halfway, she will wrinkle up her forehead when you scold her but you talk to her more, you will realize she is not at all wrinkling up her forehead because she is upset at what you are talking to her about.. rather, she wished she was somewhere else and would tell you, "I want to go and play..."

Her younger sibling is a totally different story all together. She always asks her mummy to buy her more assesement books and is always happy to do MORE homework.

When I listened to her story, I wondered how my son will turn out when he grows up.. will he be A) I LOVE HOMEWORK or B) I LOVE PLAYING...

Two days later, my answer kind of came up...

My son told me, "Mummy, can I do work please?" He wanted to do his homework given by his right brain training school.

Alas he has already finished his homework yesterday. So I told him that I would give him paper to do some drawing..

And then he sat down at the table, started to draw and while he drew, he started going, "Yeah yeah yeah! I can do work!"

Hahaha.. let's hope he enjoys learning and doing homework all the way till he reaches the end of his life :)

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Waigong's Birthday

We celebrate Waigong's birthday his year.. sadly, without max, clari or stanley...

But leh, as usual, it looked as if Waigong's birthday was Ace's birthday... Waigong also in good mood and he cooked some yummilicious lunch!

This is Ace's present for gong gong.. nice boh?

It is actually two fishes swimming in the pond.. the yellowish mesh is coconut and the orange building is mac donalds.. except the three figurines and the words of well wishes and the apples on the trees... the rest all drawn and coloured by Ace :)

Read more here:

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Daddy Miss Me Leh

Max is coming home soon! In a little more than 10 days SGP time, HE WILL BE BACK! I so happy!

I told Ace, "Ace! Daddy coming back soon! Yipee!"

And my good son asked me, "Mummy, you very happy ah?"

"Of course I am very happy lah. Daddy coming back soon leh!" I told him.

"I also very happy..." he said.

A few days later, I was chatting with Ace and was telling him that his daddy missed him alot. "Do you miss daddy?" I asked him and he nodded his head.

But still, he doesn't say much about that and does not ask me so often where his Daddy is already.

Then much later.. like about a few hours later, he came up to me and told me, "Mummy, my daddy miss me very much leh..."

"Ya," I told him that Daddy loves him alot and miss him alot and then we talked about what we wanted to do and where we wanted go and what we wanted to do when Daddy comes back. And then I asked him if he wanted to go and fetch Daddy from the airport when Daddy comes back and he said yes.

"I love my Daddy. I wait him come..." he said. I think he meant he is waiting for his Dad to come home.. hahahaha.. Max, GAN DONG or not?:)

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why Papa Hit My Nose?

Sometimes I wonder if Ace really understands what I am telling him...

I was MSNing his Dad who told me about a fight he witnessed. It was between two old uncles and one used his forehead to go and bang on the other's nose... FUNNY SIA! So I laughed out loud.

Ace was beside me and asked me, "Mummy, why are you laughing?" so I told him the whole story and told him that I found that it was very funny.. especially the fact that they are OLD UNCLES.

Then Ace asked me, "Why Papa hit Uncle's nose?"

"No, no, no.. Papa did not hit uncle nose... "And I explained to him it was a fight between two other men.

"Why Papa hit my nose?"Ace asked me a minute later...

"No, Papa did not hit your nose...." and I explained to him what happened again.

"Mummy, Papa hit my nose pain pain and I cry cry cry..."

I fainted.

But Ace went on to ask the same question about 100 times still.

Till the very next day, he was still asking me, "Mummy, why Papa hit my nose?"

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Am Very Healthy

Yesterday, I brought Ace to the library to borrow some new story books because I noticed he did not really like the read the last batch of books I borrowed.

Anyway, I also realized that I haven't brought him out for a trip about HIM for a long time and so when he reached home from school that day, I told him that we will go to the library today if he eats quickly.

I think he looked forward to the trip because we haven't gone out together for a long time. Now that Ah Yee is not around, it is not so convenient for me to bring him out alone on public transport and when I bring him out, because he is unable to sit still, I rarely bring him out.

I put his MRT card in a card holder and a string and put it around his neck, packed his library books and off we went.

I am very proud to announce that Ace can get on the bus by himself already. And most importantly, no one taught him this but by observation, he has learnt to tap his card himself. When I tapped my card, he asked me, "Mummy, where is your card?"

When we reached the interchange, I met our Xiao Yee and her boyfriend at the coffeeshop that they run so we stopped by to talk a little bit and have a meal together. And her boyfriend bought Ace a ribena and Ace was so happy.

We reached the library and Ace helped me return, choose and borrow a new set of books. When we reached home, he asked me to read him all the books.

One of the books we borrowed is called The Fat King about a king who was very fat and very unhealthy and tried to lose weight by following a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet. At the end of the story, I asked Ace if he wanted to be fat or healthy. "I want to be healthy," he said.

Then my grandmother gave him a piece of chocholate as his daily treat. "Ace, do you remember that the cook says that you have to eat less chocholate or you will grow fat? Chocolate is not healthy if you eat too much lor..." I reminded him...

He put the chocolate into his mouth, chewed it, gave me a cheeky smile and told me, "Mummy, I am very healthy leh.."

"You are very healthy?" I asked him.

"Yes, I eat chocholate. I am very healthy..."

I faintz...

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ah Yee Go 法国

Finally, Ah Yee has left us.... and taken a plane to go and be with Net Net in France

Just before Ah Yee left, she would repeat everyday to Ace that she was leaving soon and going to France to be with Net Net.

Initially, Ace said "No, I don't want Ah Yee to go.. I want Ah Yee 在家里..."

After a week of repetition, Ace started to grudgingly give an M shape face but never really 抗议...

And then on the day that Ah Yee left, we passed by our Malay neighbour who asked him, "Handsome boy, where are you going?"

"I going to Airport! Ah yee go and find Net Net lor!"

The malay neighbour gave a blur look but my parents laughed...

Ah Ye said she called him a few days after she reached France and asked him, "Do you know where Ah Yee is now?"

" 法国 lor..."

Then later in the day, my in laws came to visit Ace. Ace told them he wanted to take the aeroplane...

"Where do you want to go?" I asked him

"Go 法国 lor..."

"Who are you going to look for there?" I asked him

"Daddy lor!"

I think Ace is quite confused.. hahaha...

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Where Did You Go?

I was chatting with Jez halfway and my phone rang.

It was my son.

I talked to him but he just murmured something and passed my mum the phone.

"When are you coming back. Why you gone so long still haven't come back? Your son waiting for you. He misses you so much. Every time he hears footsteps, he runs to the door and takes a look or he tells us, "Mummy back home already" but disappointed everytime.. so I asked him if he wanted to call you..."

"But he never talk to me much..."

"He angry lah.. you come back quick..."

Since morning when I left the house, my son already asked me, "Mummy, where are you going?" And I told him that I was going to meet Aunty Chiching (My POV Steps To Leadership Trainer) and then I would be going for exercise (because I joined the women's day out)

Anyway, after that, we continued our chat....

RING RING. This time, it is Jez Ah ma's turn to have her phone ring.

It was her daughter.

"Mummy, when are you coming home? I am waiting for you..." said her 10 year old.

And so we lament, since when we also have our children chasing us when we go home. Last time young, parents call and ask us to go home. Now old already still no freedom, and somemore is our children asking us to go home..

When I reached home an hour later, all the lights were off and I thought my son was sleeping.

"Mummy, where did you go?"

As I was taking off my shoes, Ace walked out half asleep with a bolster in his arms..

"I am sorry to keep you waiting Ace... " I gave my son a hug and told him where I went. I asked him to go back to sleep and told him I will play with him when he comes home from school tommorrow. "Mummy smelly now after exercise, I have to go and bath..."

According to my mum, after that when I was bathing, he brought his bolster and stood out in the living room right at the door of the kitchen and waited for me until she asked him to go back and sleep.

The next day though, I was too tired to wake and send him off to school and because of some change in my appointments, I was able to stay at home to wait for him to return.

"Why you never go office?" He asked me when he saw me.

"You want me to go office or stay at home and play with Ace?" I asked him.

"Stay at home!" He said with a cheeky smile and gave me a hug.

I told Ah Yee about this when I MSNed with her.. she says Ace is likely to ask me, "Mummy, why you never go and do business to earn money for me?"

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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Lousy Parent Trap Pt 2

If you are a parent, you will know one of the most common traps we fall into is called THE LOUSY PARENT trap...

I have just been to a psychology workshop and in my group, we had three females who were all mummies. All of them talked about how much of a failure they felt they were as a mother...

It is a trap tat we fall into readily and easily as parents as we want to best for our children but most of the time lack confidence that we are doing the right thing... part of it stems from the fact that we had lots of judgements about how our parents brought us up.. so if no one showed us the right way, how are we going to do it right?:)

But of course, as you become aware of this big EGO trap within you, you will too realize that as long as you love your children alot, doesn't matter what you do, they will turn out alright if they too choose love and choose life :)

But society does not make it any easier to get out of this trap.

Some time back, there was an advertising campaign about how to prevent your house from becoming the nest of the Aedes Mosquito. It showed a child in hospital and a self blaming mum who remembered that she did not throw away the dirty water and so now she caused her son to be hospitalized and be in life danger and so she blamed herself and cried.

"Oh my god! Wat a terrible ad to show on tv!" I exclaimed when I saw it. I have no doubt it would be successful in the way it was designed to pull a guilt trip out of all parents... and I have no doubt many will remember it because of how much guilt you are reminded of when you watch it... but wat a terrible ad to show on tv.. wat a terrible thing to do, to encourage guilt and to play on tat guilt to SELL something!

In my mind, all parents are great parents.

No matter what they do, they already did their best. If they could do any better, they would have. Just ask yourself.. haven't you always done your very best for your child? It may not always turn out the way you expected but it has always been the very best you can do at that particular time, is it not?

Then why blame yourself when you have already done your best?

If it did not turn out well, all we need to do is learn the lesson and move on... as long as we love our child, they will feel it and they will turn out ok ;)

All the guilt will only create unworthiness, pain, suffering, distance between parent and child.

Just to add a cherry to the top of the icing cake, the Singaporean Media has recently decided to come up with a show titled Super Mummy.

I watched some episodes and while it is rather amusing and it was heart warming and inspiring to see how these contestants were doing such a great job as mummies for their kids (I really salute those mummies because I myself don't have the confidence to take part and say, "I am a super mum!"), I was rather indignant about the show.

The show just did not sit right with me.

Firstly, I felt it was rather strange to get a motley group of people to become judges of who is the best Super Mom... Please hor, even if they are parents or even if they are FAMOUS parents... that doesn't mean they are any better as a parent.. and just WHO are they to decide or say which mummy is better than the other?

And then, I was really quite against it when they made the children a part of the competition. They put the children through tasks and based on how they performed, they graded the parents and there was a particular kid who cried and cried just because her mummy did not get into the finals. Why put the kids through the pain and give them an extra chance to feel guilt?

Isn't the world messy as it is?

I wish I could send all the media workers in sgp to POV so that they would create more programmes that promoted love and joining rather than competition and guilt...

The other day, after lots of strong recommendation, I finally watched Money No Enough 2. No doubt it was entertaining, I did not like the ending where the mum sacrificed herself to save her grand daughter after being very badly treated...

In the real world, sacrifice is never every going to buy you happiness... the people are so ridden with guilt when they receive a gift like tat they will never truly enjoy their life.

Instead, they could have asked for a miracle and everyone could still live and have lived happily ever after...

Well, I guess it is typically asian to glorify sacrifice...

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Lousy Parent Trap

I was having breakfast with a friend the other day and we started exchanging titbits about our life. My friend is a swinging bachelorette who has tonnes of experience dealing with older kids as she helps out often at the Boys Brigade...

And when I started innocently recapping the anecdotes of my precious son.. thinking that she might be amazed or even amused at it, she told me, "Your son is leading your, you shouldn't let him lead you..."

And then she started going on and on about what I was not doing right about my parenting and how I should be changing.

Her case was that I should not be letting my child have a choice all the time. I should also always make sure listens to me immediately and tell him, "Just listen to me, I will explain later..." Just so in case there might be chances in future where you will need him to listen and follow immediately because you have got no time to explain it there and then...

"You will know how important and useful this is when your children grow up... You have to build absolute trust between you and your child and this will save you lots of trouble when they grow up"

Then she cited an example of how in a crowded escalator, for the safety of her niece, her brother (the little girl's father) asked her, "I carry you okie?" and the niece started to stomp and throw tantrum... She, on the other hand just picked the little girl up and that's it. Her brother asked her.. "How come she let you carry but dun let me carry?" Her reply,"Because you asked her for permission..."

Her point is that there are some times you just don't ask permission from your kids or give them too much freedom.

Now, that is totally opposed to the type of parenting style I have been using. Most of the time, I try not to control my kid and let him have the freedom of choice... I have noticed that when it matters and I use my "this is very important" voice, he will still follow immediately...

Control.. I feel, usually just leads to power struggles, which are unnecessary time wasters in relationships.. and as opposed to being a parent, I prefer to be my son's friend...

Of course since he is 3, I know alot more and can guide him more... but I am aware he will eventually grow up and there will have to come a time where I have to let go and just love him from the sides and cheer for him as he makes his own choices in his life.. just like his bestest best best friend ;)

But still, some part of me fell for the trick of the EGO of blaming myself.. "Maybe tat friend is right.. you are such a lousy parent... you will get it or you will know it when your son grows up.. see, he already has such will and is such a mismatcher.. if you cannot control him when he is 3 years old, how are you going to control him when he gets older?"

And that developed eventually into a guilt inside me. That night, while I was making milk for Ace, he was holding on to the ribena cordial on the table.. "Put it back, Ace..." and then i turned back to make milk..

When I turned back again, I discovered that not only did my son not put it back, he actually opened the bottle and started drinking the cordial juice CONCENTRATE straight from the bottle.

"Beep beep!" That ignited the time bomb of guilt within me and I flared up and scolded him... he started crying and when he stopped, I told him that I love him but there are times he has to listen to me... i said put it back, he has to put it back.. i reacted so strongly becuase the juice has alot of sugar inside and it is very unhealthy and bad for his health for him to drink it.

But as i said that, I was also aware that it was actually not a big deal. Just drink more water and keep the bottle lah.... there was no real need to flare up.

Anyway, I realized that my friend is after all not a parent despite her experience.. and most importantly, she is not Ace's parent.. she can do wat she like to her kids and I can do wat I like to mine.

I forgave Ace and forgave myself for it and decided to stick to the parenting method I know and do best.. be my son's best friend :) My mum was a great fren and I turned out great.. if there was one thing i wish my mum did differently it was to have less control on me.. so why should I do unto my son what I did not want my mum to do unto me?:P

I do thank my friend very much cos breakfast that day was her treat and it was yummilicious.. and most impt, her sharing helped me learn a big lesson.. thanks, girl!

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Keep Him BZ

Ace very poor thing lah...

He has not been going out much since his Daddy left...

So the other day, when we went to have dinner with our Dreams Inc kakis, we decided to bring Ace along.

Early in the morning on the way to school, I told him that I will be bringing him out for dinner and Tiffany might be coming along.

"Is Tiffany coming?" He asked me as we were going down the stairs..

"Is Tiffany coming?" He asked me as we were walking towards the car...

"Is Tiffany coming?" He asked me as we were sitting inside the car....

"Is Tiffany coming?" He asked me when he reached home after school.

So finally I checked with Germaine if they are bringing Tiff... Tiff was most certainly going and so I asked Ace to quickly change into his going out clothes.

Alas, Tiff was a little shy that day and preferred to stand on her chair and play with her Daddy.. so poor Ace was really quite bored at our gathering since he didn't really understand all the conversation that we had anyway...

So I decided to give him a task to complete. "Ace, can you help to give out the chopsticks?"

"Give this to Zhenyin jie jie... ok, come back.. now give this to Wanyuan..." So I passed him at any one time, only one pair of chopsticks and after he passed to one person, he had to come back to me to get another pair of chopsticks.

Someone asked me why didn't I pass the chopsticks to him all at one shot. "Keep him bz mah.. like that he has more things to do and don't feel so bored..."

Eventually he got tired of giving out cutlery and went to bug Tiffany. "Do you want to come down? Do you want to play with me?"

But Tiffany didn't want to as she rather enjoyed just giggling with her dad at her chair. So Ace tried to carry her and grab her..

I told Ace he has to ask her permission and if she doesn't want to.. just ask again later...

So Ace ran around our table.. played with himself for a little while.. until he got bored.. and then he ran up to Tiffany and asked her, "Do you want to come down? Do you want to play with me?"

Tiff smiled at him but still not very interested..

So Ace went around to play and then ran to her again a short while later and asked her "Do you want to come down? Do you want to play with me?"

Finally, he just took a chair and stood beside her to talk to her..

Clever right, my son?

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Friday, October 10, 2008

I Don't Want To Go School

I am not sure if it is because Ace's school is not doing much other than teaching them how to dance and sing for their school concert but my boy is starting to not be so interested in going to school.

My dad likes to use mismatcher techniques as my boy is kind of a mismatcher...

Eg, if he says he does not want to go to school, my dad will say, "Oh, then you cannot go to school and play with your friends and you cannot go to school and see your teacher.. ok, we all dun go.. Ace dun play with your friends or your teacher..."

And usually, my son will go, "I want!!!" And then we will push him along to prepare for going to school...

Today though, he was very firm in his answer.

"I don't want to go to school."

So my dad tried the same trick.

"I don't want to go to school.." he repeated again very firmly.

I gave him a quizzical look because I was really surprised by his firmness..

He saw my look and told me firmly. "Mama stay at home, Ace will also stay at home. I will follow mama. I want to be with mama."

I faintz... hahahaha...

Anyway, I just sent him some love and sent him along his way to school..

Before he left, I reminded him that Daddy will be coming home in 3 week's time and I hooked my finger with him and promised I will be home to wait for him and play with him when he comes back from school...

"还有Daddy.还有Daddy要在家里等我。" he said.

I guess he is missing his dad too..

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Is He Your Friend?

I was in 422 doing something the other day and because it was kind of troublesome to get back to my mum's place without transport, I asked my Dad if he could pick me up on the way home when he went to fetch Ace...

I sat into the car and started asking Ace about his day. "Are you happy today?" "How is your day today?" "What did you do today?"

And Ace told me that his friend, Michael Phua, "bombed" his house and so Teacher Toh asked him not to bomb his house.

I asked Ace, "Why did Michael bomb your house?"

"Because he is a naughty boy.." Ace replied.

So I asked Ace if he could forgive Michael and Ace shook his head.

"But you are a caring and sharing boy who loves your friends, right? Surely you can forgive Michael...." And Ace still shook his head.

"But Michael is your friend right? Do you want to forgive your friend?"

And finally, Ace said, "Yes..."

At that moment too, I realized that the reason Ace probably shook his head was because I kind of refused to forgive a certain 'Michael Phua' in my life too...

It takes alot to ruffle my feathers and a certain "Michael Phua" in my life bombed my "house"(heart) too... :)

It was kind of tough to forgive him.. and irregardless of how many forgiveness exercises I have done and how I was also aware that the poor chap did not have any friends at all.. that was why he could not and did not know how to treat people as friends decently... I just couldn't get over my victimized "I was so good to you and you treated me this way *sob sob* " thinking...

I met up with someone who had a similar experience in life and she was telling me how tough it was for her and describing her experiences... at that instant, I was glad we were friends.. for how ever short number of years because I realized that my friendship possibly saved his life many times over.

When I was reminding Ace that Michael Phua is his friend, I also suddenly realized that I have forgotten a very very important principal I have learnt since I was very young...

Since young, I have always had this thing where periodically I have people whom I adore or look up to come to me and tell me that they do not want to be my friends. Worst still, they go and chio chio other people not to be my friends... so I always tell other people that "When you treat others as your friend, it does not mean they will treat you as your friend... always remember that..."

But I have also come to realize that the reverse holds true as well. Even if other people do not treat you like their friend, it does not mean you cannot treat them as your friend and forgive them and give to them.. up to them whether they want to receive it.. as my teacher says TRUE GIVING HAS GOT NO REJECTION:)

Even if our friend is in a tantrum, it does not mean we cannot stand there and just love them!

So Ace, since mummy learnt this precious lesson, here is hoping tat you will learn it too and flourish in your life to greater success!

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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Pai Kia Ace

Justin, Ace's shichida fren gave him a children's day present that included a tattoo..

Ace kept saying he wanted the sticker.. I told him that it is a tattoo and you are supposed to paste it on your body.. so he kept wanting to paste it on his body..

So I did a nice one for him on his arm.. nice boh? Look like pai kia boh?:P hahaha..

Alas, Ace cannot pronounce the word 'tattoo' properly initially and so he kept telling everyone that he had a "TOO TOO"... Ah yee used this chance to disturb Ace and asked him if he wanted any 'tee too"..

'Yes!" he said enthusiastically...

"Do you know wat a tee too is, Ace? It means spider!" I told him..

"No, no, no, no, no..."

Waipo also always tease him... "Ace, you never show off your too too?"

Hai.. so poor thing.. now that he can pronounce clearly and correctly, still kenna suaned by Wai Po and Ah Yee...

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Friday, October 03, 2008

Baker Ace

Ace and my mum went to visit a friend the other day...
And Aunty Lindy.. who used to dote on me when I was young was making some bread.. and so she invited Ace to make some bread with her..

Ace made two bread that night.. pity I was not there to take pics of the process.. my mum said Ace had lots of fun putting the raisins in and rolling the dough...

Anyway, by the time I reached home.. one of them was in Ace's tummy.. we took a picture of the other one and kept it till the next day..

Surprisingly, Ace was willing to share with us and so the bread was divided into a few pieces...

Everyone said that Ace's bread tasted VERY GOOD!

Wished Daddy was here to to taste the bread though.. it really smelled good and tasted wonderful!

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Goodbye, Friends

Ace will be leaving his classmates in shichida and at his last lesson, I had him take photos with all his classmates..

Come to think of it, Daddy has never met any of his classmates or parents because true to my word, I have gone for almost all the classes during these two sem....

Anyway, we leave with many good and happy memories of his cute and lovely classmates and his very loving teacher...

You can see their pictures HERE

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Playdoh Fun

Gan Ma Seokling bought Ace some Playdoh.. and here are the results :)

By the way, Ganma Seokling, if you are reading this..,. the doh has become ONE BIG piece already.. haha

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Potty Training

Ace is toilet trained already.. now, whenever he feels like peeing, he will just go to the toilet himself, pee, flush and wash his hands.. he doesnt even need monitoring or help...

BUT he just refused to POOP into the toilet bowl after only doing it ONCE in school.

In bid to encourage him to do that, I borrowed a library book that talked about how a little boy named Michael became toilet trained when his Daddy brought him a training potty..

Alas, that was a WRONG move... Ace started being besotted with the toilet training potty and when he wanted to poop, instead of asking for a diaper like usual, he asked for "This one" and pointed to the potty...

But Ace is already way beyond needing a training potty and the little $2 at home doesn't look anything like it and so he refuses to use it..

So to encourage him to try.. i told him that I will ask Daddy to buy him a present if he tries to POOP in the toilet bowl...

"Can ask daddy to buy me clothes?" Ace asked me.

"Yes," And so he sat on the toilet bowl for a little while, got fed up and asked to come down..

"I got present already.. I sit toilet bowl.." he told me.

"No leh, you get present only if you poop INSIDE the toilet bowl.. not just sitting on the toilet bowl.." I reminded him...

So Ace gave me a M-shaped face...

Anyway, he didn't shit at all in the end...

Just how can I get him to poop in the toilet bowl??? Suggestions, anyone?

PS: He just pooped in toilet bowl again few days ago... cos Popo said he was on the verge of coming out and she kept encouraging him... but after tat, he REFUSED again to use the toilet bowl.. i wonder why....

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Pole Dancer Ace

I think it has become a routine..

Every sunday, Ace will ask for his toys that are being kept in the storeroom.. sometimes it is his drum set.. sometimes it is his soccer goal post...

The other day, he asked for his soccer goal post...but not to set it up to play soccer.. but rather, JUST to fix them together, tear them apart.. fix them together and tear them apart and use them as whatever he wants.. a while they become a gun.. a while later, they become the fireman's hose..

And then... it became a POLE DANCING POLE! hahahaha


Anyway, i think my son can do a great sexy dance! Hahaha..

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