Friday, March 30, 2007

Do Babies Learn By Themselves?

As Ace never seems to amaze me... I keep asking myself this question. Just how do babies learn?

I am more and more convinced that they have this great memory where they remember every thing they see.. even if they only saw it once or twice and when the time is right, they will do what they remember.

Xiangling gave us this wooden rocking horse for quite some time liao. I have been trying to get Ace interested in the horse by trying to rock the horse while sitting on it to show him how it is being played.

But he just doesn't get it and likes to just rock the horse while standing beside it or sit on the horse but refuse to rock it.

I showed this to him like twice and since he didn't show any interest, I just gave up.

The other day, he walked to the horse, climbed in himself, started rocking and even tried to stand up while rocking.

Wah, I didn't teach him that hor!

And then when he got tired of it, he climbed off the horse and went to play with something else.

How do you suppose Ace learnt that??

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

I Can Type!

I was replying to some emails alone in the room while Ace was munching on his apple in the living room.

Halfway through, I decided that I needed to pee badly and so I went out of the room, went to the toilet, did my business and ran back to try to finish my email in the record time of less than 1 minute.

Imagine my surprise when I came back and saw this:

My GOOD SON had ran into the room, climbed up onto the chair by himself and started to try to complete MY work for me.

I laughed so hard that I cried when I saw Ace with an apple in one hand, happily swinging his feet as they dangled from the chair as he tried to use his left hand to type for 3 seconds and then moved the mouse for 2 seconds before returning to type for another 4 seconds.

He just never seems to cease to amaze me! hahaha...

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

In Pursuit of HappYness

I have been in pursuit of HappYness ALL MY LIFE and because of this, I really could feel for this movie.

I jokingly told Max that if Veron asked me for a testimonial on POV, I would say this,"In the past, when my husband watch sentimental movies, he will cry. Usually, I come to this part, sit there, stare at him and wait for him to cry..."

"Now, after POV, all I need to do is to hold his hand and we would feel the same emotions and cry together..."

That's because while we were watching In Pursuit of HappYness, that is what happened. We were both so moved.. especially at the part when he FINALLY got the job. What an incredible man!

What touched me most that he was a fine example of a leader. Someone who was always ready to lend a helping hand no matter what situation he was in. Even when he had only a few dollars left to survive the rest of the month, he gave up his money. Even when he had no time, he gave up his time to help run errands.

Watching this after POV made me all the more realize that THE WAY OUT and the way to ACHIEVE that happiness is just this: To become a leader... someone who can hear cries for help and help all the people around you.

No matter what situtation you are in right now, just start giving. What goes around comes around. When you help others, somehow, your problems disappear by themselves.

I am glad that since Ace has been in my tummy, I have been telling him that he is a kind a helpful man who enjoys helping others.

He enjoys helping me pass things to Waipo.. he enjoys helping me throw things into the dustbin or the laundry basket... he also enjoys being co-operative with me when I ask him to please help me... he enjoys giving a helping hand to Denzel and giving him a hug when he falls down and he even enjoys comforting us adults when he sees that we are feeling down... :)

(Even when he is a little unwilling to help, I just tell him, "Please, please please help me.. please please please.. and eventually, he helps.. hahahah)

I will certainly continue to instill this into him by leading a good example.

Most of the time though, I think I am still self centred and selfish... I sometimes fall back into the trap of "Me, Me, Me..."

But now, i commit to become a LEADER ;) I know I can do it! Max told me tat when he met KP that day, KP shared with Grace and Abund that "If there is no Wan Joo to help me, I wouldnt have slimmed down, found a boyfriend and wouldnt be getting married now... without Wan Joo, there will be no me today.."

Gosh, thanks alot KP for reminding me that it really feels good to help others and for reminding me that my minute existence has really made a difference in other people's lives!

Well, here are some people who really made a difference to MY life! ;)

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ace Can Feed Himself

Ace has made another breakthrough in his development of his motor skills ;)

He can now feed himself.

Sort of lah...

If you dun mind the mess he makes and ignore the pieces of flying food on the floor, i would say he is a pretty good 'eater' now and can feed himself with amazing accuracy now.


If you cut things into small cubes and give him a bowl like container, he can use a spoon and scoop it up and try to deliver it into his mouth ;)

The other day, he finished a bowl of watermelon all by himself ;) I am so proud of him!

But he is still not very good with liquid and gooey stuff.. cos he once he comes to the end and is unable to scoop anymore up, he would use his hands and end up looking like a huge mess.

But I am proud of him cos I think he made a HUGE improvement. When he started, he couldn't scoop and just couldnt seem to find his mouth. Now, he is getting it right all the time.

The other day, we went to Success to eat and Ace was trying to feed himself. He discovered that if he brought the bowl to his lips and tilt it, he would be able to shovel food in and has thus been exploring with this new way of eating. Hahaha..

I hope he gets tired of this soon or gets a hang of this soon. Either way, I wouldnt have to clean up so hard after him because now, half of his food ends up on his shirt, his pants and the floor.

Previously, about a few weeks back, we discovered that Ace did not like to eat lunch. He kept refusing to eat his lunch and we were wondering why. The quality and taste was the same, the person who feeds him is the same, his appetite seemed the same (he would eat more biscuits in the afternoon)... but he just refused to eat both lunch and dinner...

That is.. until we realized that he wanted to play a part during meal time. Since we started to give him a bowl and a spoon and some food to try to feed himself, he became receptive towards eating during mealtimes again.

Anyway, we saw this cute cutlery set at Ikea and bought him a set. The bowl and plates have this curved edge to help them scoop up the food. There is also a slant at the circumference so that it is easier for the baby to shovel food into their mouths.

But strangely, because of this USEFUL TOOL, now we need two people to feed Ace. One to use the cup to pour water into his new bowl, one to feed him.

Ace is so besotted with this set of cutlery that he has been using the cup to drink like 3 cups of water in one night. Let's hope he doesn't get tired of this and keeps drinking.. ;)

A few days after I wrote this down, I discovered another thing about Ace. He is not able to use the fork as well. Isn't he a clever baby? I will post up his pics when I have the time.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Ace Wants To Go Out

Ace is starting to have a mind of his own these days.

In addition, he is also very creative in trying to get what he wants.

The other day, he found Ah Yee's keys and decided that he wants to go out. So he went to the door, tip toed and tried to put the keys in to unlock the door.

That really shocked me.

When we are living at Waipo's house, we seldom close or even lock the wooden door. How in the world did he KNOW that the KEYS are for that particular door and how in the world did he figure out that the key is suppose to go into that key hole?!

Then we realized that when we lock the doors at night with the key, Ace must have been observing.

Anyway, since he wasn't quite tall enough and did not quite have the dexterity to unlock and open the door, he then decided that he will go and get his shoe first... when he couldnt reach it, he opened the shoe cabinet to see if he could find any other alternatives...

Is that clever or what!?:P hahaha...

The other day, he saw me make up and Daddy wear his shoes, he immediately took out his shoes, asked Mah mah to wear for him, kneeled down to sansho to gohonzon and then smiled at us.

Liming says this is a brilliant move. Too bad though, we still did not bring him out in the end tat day ;) hahaha...

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

True Love

Did you know that a mother's love is the only love that is truly unconditional at all times?

I just realized when attending POV the other day... that I have unconditional love and commitment to Ace... look at it from this point of view... No matter how tired I am or how upset I am... if Ace is hungry.. I feed him. If he needs my hug, I hug him.. if he needs me to play with him, I play with him....

But... we dun have that kind of unconditional love for our partners. And I think I am guilty of that towards Max. Sorry, baby... but I have committed to choose you at all times and love you at all times already ;) Am sure you are starting to feel it a little more??:P

Alot of people see me and max as a model couple. I guess we are blessed in that we love each other alot and have common life goals and personalities that do not clash too much.

However, to stay this way really takes hard work. It really is a long term commitment... and it is tough. You have to commit to choose the other person at all times. (That's really hard when you are very angry at someone.. hahaha...) and then you have to commit to equality and recognize that both of you are great. Your being good does not mean your other half is being worse.

And then, we also have to take responsibility for our own happiness and not blame the other party when we are angry...

To be aware of all that and to effectively communicate about it is not easy either ;)

But, we will find our way through... because we commit to it;)

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lost Of Territory

Ace cried and bade farewell to his playpen today.

Well, Ace has been trying to climb out of his playpen for the past few weeks and because of that, he kind of stopped putting him into the playpen because it is way too dangerous. The other day, he successfully climbed dropped out his playpen with a big bang and cried real loud and so everyone is careful not to put him in when no one is in the living room.

Also, he doesn't really like to stay in the playpen for long now. Ace is getting more and more active and always wants to walk around the whole house and demands that we play with him all the time.

So, Waipo decided that it is time to keep the playpen as it was taking a little too much space.

When we folded it up, Ace cried and kept touching it. He touched it, walked around it and sat on the wrapped up playpen for a long time before he could bear to let it go and welcome the new independence that came with it ;)

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Lao Ma Almost Melted

That day, we went on a family shopping trip to IKEA because Waipo wanted to buy a new cupboard for her house...

Since all the old folks were at home, we decided to bring everyone along. So, me, Daddy, Waipo, Laoma, Zhen Popo and Ace all went to IKEA together.

On the way there, Ace was happily singing away and talking to himself. Laoma was playing with him and suddenly, Ace turned towards Laoma and said, "Laoma!"

Waipo exclaimed, "Wah, he can call laoma already!"

We told Ace, "Clever boy!"

And so Ace repeated, "Laoma, laoma, laoma, laoma... mama, mama, mama..." (We sometimes refer to her as mahmah..)

Wah.. and then laoma's mouth open with a big smile and we cannot see her eyes.

I guess zhenpopo is a little disappointed but tough luck for her.. it is really quite a mouthful to call zhenpopo...

But Ace is in extremely good mood after trying out all of IKEA's beds as well.. so on the way home.. he called ME to ask for my attention.. hee hee ;)

Anyway, the very next day when Laoma came, we asked Ace to call her. But he refused and just stared at her.

The moment she sat down with a sweet potato in her hand, Ace ran out from Ah Yee's room and stood in front of her and said, "Ah Mahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......"

How very 'practical' this little boy is.. hahaha.....

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ace's Sister or Brother

No, I am NOT pregnant.

Not yet anyway.. muahahaha...

Me and Daddy had wanted to give Ace a little golden pig sister (prefably) or a brother. So during our anniversary (we have known each other for 5 years already.. time flies), Daddy planned for a huge surprise for me at Fullerton Hotel...

We went there to stay for one night and enjoyed ourselves without worrying about Ace.. hehehe...

Initially, Daddy refused to tell me where he was bringing me and kept saying it is a surprise. But since I loved surprises, I was happy to go along with him and enjoy every moment.

I did kind of guess he was bringing me somewhere. I was just not sure of where... we have already been to most of the nicest hotels we have in SG like Rasa Sentosa, Ritz Carlton, Beaufort, etc...

The day started with a surprise visit to a spa for a massage and scrub.. compliments of Richie Papa and Jez Mama. I guess when abundance comes, people will even PAY for YOU to enjoy yourself. Hahahaha...

After the great massage, we went to have some food and then checked in into the hotel. Wonders of wonders, after 7 days of POV and recommitting ourselves into our relationship wholeheartedly, we got the room number 666.

6 in POV stands for WHOLEHEARTEDNESS...


(See, daddy! I will love you wholeheartedly... and I commit to our happiness and commit to choosing you everytime!)

And 6+6+6= 18 (pioneer in abundance), 1+8=9 (letting go)... so now that I have let go of my past burdens (which I hope Daddy has too), I guess we are really ready for TRUE LOVE.

While talking about this, I suddenly realized that our wedding is on 6/6 as well! GOSH! This is incredible!

So as you can tell by now, our celebration was not our wedding anniversary but 5 years ago on that special day, we met each other through Ganma Karen ;) It was the first time we exchanged email with each other ;) Hehehe.. (but we also sort of was celebrating belatedly for our ROM on 18 feb)

The benefits of telling the hotel it is your anniversary is that you get FREEBIES like free chocolates, wine and even CNY goodies!

It was a good break..

Since then, we have been waiting for good news... in between, we came up with ideas of what we will call our next child. Ah Yee, who is perpetually very boh liao also chipped in some ideas.

You know how brainstorming sessions include ALL ideas whether they are good or not.. so here are the results:
- Allegra Chua (cos it means JOY)
- Abundance Chua (so that the child has abundance)
- Cai Xiaoai aka Love Chua (so that she is full of love)
- Areta Chua

We are a little apprehensive though. Just how do we treat our next child so that they feel that we love them equally well and equally much. I have heard so much about second childs thinking their parents don't love them as much that I am a little scared. But I guess we will worry about that when the time comes.

What we have decided though is that when I DO get pregnant, we will make effort to make Ace feel INVOLVED in the whole family event of welcoming a new member and will start to instill in him some mindsets of being the eldest brother.

The sad news is though.. that two weeks ago, Yi Ma came visiting again... so.. will keep you updated.. muahahaha...

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What Foods Are Good

Did you know that children have inbuilt radars to know which foods are good or not.

Their radars are especially strong when they are before three years old. But over time, their radars are destroyed when we FORCE them to eat foods that we think are good for them.

You see, all foods contain some form of energy in them.. either positive energy or negative energy.

Because of the negative emotions that animals have when they are killed and all the chemicals being injected into them, meat has more negative energy. Seafood like fish, prawns, crabs and even eggs are pretty similar in that they have more negative energy.

Therefore, relatively, vegetables have better and MORE positive energy. This is one of the reasons why when you give a child a rabbit and an apple. The child will eat the apple but play with the rabbit (instead of eating it). That is why, some children are BORN VEGETERIANS.. cos they have stronger radars…

But if you compare organic and non organic vegetables, the organic ones definitely have better energy.

And if you compare COOKED organic vege and RAW organic vege, the raw ones have higher energy level.

(If you dun believe, you can test for the energy by doing the crystal test where you hang a crystal and place it over the food. Positive energy will make the crystal turn clockwise and negative energy makes the crystal turn anti clockwise. The more stronger the positive/negative energy, the larger circle they turn.)

I actually know all these in theory but only actually had a good example of it to show it is true when I tried to feed Ace that day.

Waigong cooked a delicious lunch of porridge with veg and pumpkin for Ace. Alas, he refused to eat.

As I just came back from a jucing camp, I had to make raw organic veg juice to drink for lunch. I made too much and was thinking of how to utlilize it and then I decided to feed it to Ace.

The first spoonful, he gave a weird expression that told me he is not used to the taste. But when I asked him if he wanted more, he pointed to the cup and so I fed him another spoonful. Thereafter, after every spoonful, he would smile at me and point at the cup. I am amazed.

I personally find that veg juice a little over bearing and am amazed that Ace likes it so much! He finished half my juice for me!

So, please respect your child’s radar. They know what food is good for them. If they do not like to eat meat or seafood, it is ok. They can always get it from other vegetable sources.

If not, they can take VP like Ace :)

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Since young, our parents tell us that it is good to be a forgiving person. They also say that it is good to be a GOOD person.

A good person has to always ask him/herself, “Am I right or am I wrong?”

Because we want so bad to be RIGHT all the time and we are so afraid to be WRONG.

But in actual fact, a good question to ask is not whether you are right or wrong but “What is the TRUTH?” Emotions will always change from time to time and so we feel differently about the same things after some time. Therefore, it is best to AIM AT THE TRUTH.

Someone asked me, “What if the Truth is not what I want?”

My answer, “If it is the TRUTH, then it will be what you truly want and it will be something that makes you and the people around you happy. Whatever you are feeling towards your situation now is just feelings and emotions which are not stable.”

Also, for a good person, when things go wrong, they are not supposed to point fingers. Because one finger pointing out is actually three other fingers pointing in…

So when things go wrong, we will ask ourselves, “What did I do wrong?”

A lot of people do that and I think that is fine. It is true we cannot change others and can only improve ourselves by knowing what we do wrong and do better the next time.

However, I think most people forget to forgive themselves after they discover where they go wrong. So after they discover that, they blame themselves and say to themselves, "Gosh, I am such a lousy person, I am so bad.."

When bad things happen to them, they also blame themselves, "Must be because I xxx, that is why they bully me...."

When we don’t forgive other people, I guess you could say we are investing time in making ourselves feel unhappy. But worse still, when you don’t forgive yourself, you make yourself even more unhappy.

That is why now whenever Ace does something wrong, I always tell him that I forgive him.

And it is strange. I think he reacts to forgiveness much better than threat.

When Waipo threatens not to “friend” him anymore if he bites her. He doesn’t really care and just continue to bite.

The other day, when Ace bit my leg, I told him, “Ace, I forgive you because I know you did not do this on purpose. But when you bite my leg, it is very painful. So can you stop biting me? If you bite me again, I will become angry…”

And true enough. He stopped after that.

So remember, to become truly happy, FORGIVE OTHERS and FORGIVE YOURSELF. Yes, it is difficult BUT it is also a CHOICE we can make ;)

And to my special friend who recieved the GIFT OF FORGIVENESS at POV. Do you you can help me by dropping a message in this post to send your gift to others who need it? Thanks!

I am committed to forgiving myself and all the people around me.
I am committed to my success and happiness.
I choose to recieve abundance at all times.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Can Ace talk?

Ok, Good news… Ace does not want to resign to a life of pointing .

Popo tells me that while I was away at the juicing camp, Ace actually spoke and his pronunciation was VERY CLEAR! ;)

After a few days of playing with us before he slept, Ace felt really strange that we were not around to play with him on the first day of my stay over detox camp. I was staying over at the camp and daddy was out.

When popo brought Ace into the room and closed the door. Ace went to the door and said, “Papa… papa…. Papa….” As if he was calling for his daddy to come and play with him.

The next day, he scratched and bite popo. When she asked him not to do that, he did it again and so Waipo told him, “I am angry and I shall ignore you for now…” and went to bath.

Ace went to the bathroom door, hit on the door and said, “Popo! Waipo! Popo! Waipo!” Hahaha.. usually, he doesn’t call her no matter how she tries to bribe him.

But because I was not around, I was not really convinced that Ace could speak so clearly.

Today, Ace went to the kitchen climbed on the chair, stood up and very proudly told me, “Good boy!”

And his pronunciation was dam ZHUN lor! It’s amazing!

I think should be only a short while before he can talk. He already can understand verbal instructions without us pointing to things and is already talking very loudly to himself everyday… I think my ears will have no rest very soon.. hiaks! :)

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Remote Control Finger

Ace has a new favourite pose.


That is because, he has discovered the joys of POINTING his finger at things that he wants. Now, his finger acts like a remote control.

He will walk to me, open his arms and ask to be carried. When I carry him, he will point to the direction he wants to go. I will walk a few steps in that direction, stop, and he will point again. Doing this repeatedly, he is able to navigate and make me carry him from our bedroom to the kitchen.. and then, he will point at the things he wants to eat.

The other day, I was in the room typing something… Ace came into the room and pointed to me…. And then he pointed to the door. Meaning? He wants me to go out of the room with him.

It is almost as if he has this belief: POINT AND YOU WILL BE GIVEN.

I am almost afraid that because of this, he will not want to speak and wants to live a life of pointing fingers.. hahahaha…

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Geh Kiang

There is a hokkien saying, "Kiang toh ho.. mai geh kiang..." which means it is good to be clever, but dun try too hard to be clever and end up doing stupid things.

Ace tried to geh kiang (pretend to be clever) that day.

Ever since has has managed to conquered the slides at the playgrounds (he can now climb up the ladders, go up the slide and slide down ALL BY HIMSELF), he has decided that popo's house is a playground as well.

Now, he climbs from the floor to the coffee table, coffee table to the chair, chair to the dining table to get food.. isn't he a born athlethe? hahaha...

The other day, he climbed onto Zhen popo's bed and then he tried to sit down and put his feet through the rails. In the end, his bum was hanging in the air and he had to use his arms to support his weight.

Initially, he found it very fun and even smiled at me at waipo. Me and waipo smiled at each other knowingly and smiled at him and sit there and waited to see what will happen next.

As he started to get more and more tired, his facial expression start to change but he still tried to grin and bear with it.. and finally, when he could not take it anymore, he started crying for help.. hahaha....

He has since stopped trying to repeat this stunt :)

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Anger Part 2

Well, since we were talking about anger, I thought I would share with you a little bit more about how to handle anger with yourself and with children.

Now, anger is usually not a very deeply rooted emotion.

Remember what my teacher, Hiromi, said about anger lasting only for 4 minutes and 30 seconds?

Sometimes though, we find that our anger lasts longer than that. That is often because we are investing in the anger and we want it to last longer.

So why do we purposely want it to last longer? That is because a lot of times, we want to cover the deeper emotions that are hiding behind the anger.

My teacher says we have to read beneath the surface emotions.

Eg… if a girl comes home late after partying, her father would get angry and scold her. “Why are you home so late? Do you know what time it is?”

On the surface, it may seem like the father is angry.. but if you look beneath the anger, you will see that the ‘scolding’ that she got was a result of care, concern, relief (now that she is home) and most importantly LOVE.

LOVE is usually the biggest motivating factor behind all emotions.

So, the next time you get angry at someone, that’s ok. It is probably because you love him or her. Or if someone is angry with you, that’s great. He or she LOVES YOU! But that doesn’t give you the right to act on your anger when you feel it okie :)

Sometimes though, you have to sit down and really discern between whether you are actually angry at someone or you are angry at yourself.

I have found that sometimes when I think I am angry at someone, if I really sit down, be peaceful and think about it, I am actually angry at myself for not being able to stop him/ help him / forgive him. So I guess.. I love myself.. hahaha ;)

For Ace… many times he is grumpy when I don’t spend enough time with him to play with him. I know he misses me and loves me very much.. so when he is grumpy and violent, I try to spend more time and give him more love… and when he receives what he wants, he is ok and back to that good natured little boy I love.


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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Angry Ace

Ace gets angry sometimes. I guess he must have gotten it from me.

I get angry quite easily and very often, I show my anger… sometimes I say unkind words, sometimes I do unkind things… sometimes I dun say a thing.. but it is not because I am being nice but because I know not saying anything would hurt the other person more.

After becoming vegetarian though and maturing with age, I get angry less easily. Or maybe, I should say that sometimes, I learnt to suppress my anger. When I am unhappy, I try to suppress it… but in actual fact, it doesn’t really go away. It just stays within me and sometimes turn and churn into another bigger and more scary emotion.

When I attended POV, my love and relationships mentor, Hiromi, told us that Anger is just a feeling. If you acknowledge that you are angry, look at your anger, feel it and burn it, it will go away in a while and you will feel FREE after that.

In fact, she says that studies have been done to show that ANGER DOES NOT LAST BEYOND 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

But feeling your anger doesn’t give you the right to act on it because if we act on it, we may hurt others. When we act out on our anger and hurt people, they will either want to hurt you back or they might become sick. If you suppress it though, we may hurt ourselves.. which means, we may be the ones who become sick instead.

"You don't need to control your anger," Hiromi Sensei said. "What you need to do is to control your behaviour... Take a deep breadth.. and it will go away gradually..."

So, I decided that it is ok for Ace to be angry when I heard that.

If your kid is angry, what do you usually say to him/her?

When Ace is upset, I usually ask him not to be upset before I ask him why he is upset. Since POV though, I would often tell him, “It is ok to be angry, Ace. You just feel it and it will go away in a while. But it is inappropriate to act on it, so please dun pull mummy’s hair …”

After he is more settled… then I will ask him why he is angry and what he is so upset about and try to make a guess. If I am at fault and not sensitive enough to him, I apologize to him. If it is a misunderstanding, I try to explain it to him.

But I think it is not easy. The other day, I got into an argument with Daddy. I followed instructions and felt my anger.. gee, it was scary to face anger.. Such a small incident and it made me so angry.. I didn’t know that I was sooooooooo angry!

But the good thing that once it is over. It is really over ;) So your heart is relaxed and free instead of enclosed and unhappy ;)

Next time your kid is angry or if YOU are angry, you might want to try this ;)

PS: The other emotions like greed, sadness are the same. I went to a detox camp and my meditation teacher, who is a high priest told us that if you sit there and look at your emotion and feel it and burn it, it will go away.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Climbing Stairs

My little stair climber is good.

We brought him out and on the way home, he climbed up the stairs... from the first storey... to the 7th storey and did not feel it was enough... and continued to climb till the the 8th storey then he was willing to come back down..

Poor bai kar daddy and mummy in heels had to follow him.. all the way up... was really tired by the time he reached home.. hahaha.. but it was good exercise ;)

Anyway, Ace can now climb ladders, slides, stools, chairs, tables, etc... will have to keep an even closer eye on him now...
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