Thursday, August 31, 2006

Handsome Boy

Compliments, compliments, compliments! ;)

22 Aug was a happy day for Ace ;)

It was the day when the much-awaited Zi En Meimei was born. And as Daddy was going sailing the next day, we decided to visit Zi En and her mummy and daddy in hospital that night.

Firstly, Ace was dressed up nicely in his new clothes. Blue hooded sleeveless top proudly sponsored by Megan and grey funky pants that we bought for him when we went shopping the other day.

On our way there, we saw another aunty in the lift. Because I wanted Ace to make it a habit to be polite to people and constantly make new friends all the time, I told Ace, "Ace, you never say HELLO to aunty.. say HELLO to aunty..."

Aunty said hello to Ace and Ace shyly am chio (that's hokkien for HIDDEN SMILE and it means smile shyly).. and then aunty said, "Hello, HANDSOME BOY!" And Ace started beaming! ;)

When he reached hospital, he was initially sleeping... once he woke up, he wanted to explore everything! The bed Germaine was lying on, the gifts they have recieved.. he wanted to touch Mei Mei and talk to her and ask her why is she sleeping and so, Daddy had no choice but to bring him out of the ward to play outside cos he was just so full of energy!

Even Serene (who was pregnant and was there visiting as well) and her husband also starting to sweat as they think of how they will be in our shoes when their son is born.. hahha..

While he was outside, there were many nurses walking around and everytime one nurse sees him, they will say to him things like, "What a handsome boy!" "What a cute baby!" "What a beautiful smile!"

And so Ace was happy and smiley the whole night... and this is how we came to have this set of smiley ace photos with Daddy :)

Anyway, if you want to make your child happy, just praise them everyday.. btw, your hubby and the adults around you feel good and feed on compliments too.. so dun be so ngiaow... compliment others a little more ;)

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Key Comb

Ace doesnt have much hair to comb.

Despite the fact that after using the VitaliT shower system, he has had MORE HAIR, there still not much of it to really comb. (Despite that, Daddy is still saying that his hair is messy and threatening to shave him botak again!!)

But I read somewhere that babies at this age should be starting to learn to use things.. like they should know a toothbrush is for brushing teeth and a comb is for combing hair.. so that day, I took a comb and started to comb his hair.. and then I passed him the comb and he started to comb his hair.

But Ace may have misunderstood my 'training' for him.. after that when I put him in the playpen, he found his toy keys and he kept putting them on his head and looked as he was combing his hair with his keys.. hahaha..

But anyway, Ace will raise his arms and legs when you help him change in and out of clothes. What a helpful baby. ;)

He also understands now that telephones are for talking and would always hold my handphone next to his ears and gibber gibber.. and then hang up by saying, "bye bye.." like I do. Now, when Daddy call, he will at least try to talk to Daddy when I put the phone next to his ears unlike the past where he will try to grab the phone and play with it.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!

Gee, this blog has seen me through another birthday.. this year will be the last year I can say i am a 20 something.. grrr...

Oh well, I have the secret to youth and energy.. heheheh...

Well, this year, I will have 3 birthdays.. tat's cos my lunar birthday falls on the 7th month and there are two 7th months this year.

The first Lunar 7th month, 15th day (yes, I was born on Hungry Ghosts' Festival), I was doing detox and could not eat but me and Daddy celebrated by watching a movie together.

I have so far celebrated my birthday a few times ;)

- Sunday: with my family.. n my bestest fren, Karen
- Monday night: With my WBG frens.. and my in-laws...

Tonite, me will celebrate with Darling Max ;)

Have since also recieved many pressies:
- tea-making set, tea and scrub from Karen
- Ang Pow from Papa and Mama (my in laws)
- a promise to buy me a dress from Clari
- Key pouch, necklace and free dinner from Max darling
- Kiss fm Ace... hahahaha

Anyway, PC down... me at Ah Yee's house now and going shopping with her later..

Ok.. me off to enjoy.. tata! *sings* happy birthday to me... happy birthday to me... happy birthday to me...happy birthday to me...


New Updates of my bird day celebration pics:

Monday, August 28, 2006

I love to shop!

I love to shop.

I shop when I am very happy and shop when I am unhappy as well. I believe they call it retail therapy.

When I was younger, whenever I am feeling down, I would go to the accesories shop and buy myself a small gift of less than $1 worth and then feel very happy about my purchase after that. It is the little 'reward' I give myself to make myself happy.

And then as I grew older and started working, I would keep about $100 every month for shopping. Be it the purchase of nice clothes, bags, shoes, make up.. etc.. I would always keep $100 a month without fail for shopping. If I overspent this month, I would spend less next month. But I always bought myself something to reward myself for working so hard.

But it has been a long long while since I shopped for myself.

Ever since I got pregnant, I have been shopping for the baby. When Ace is born, even worse. Whenever me and Daddy have free time to shop, we end up buying things for Ace. We would buy toys, buy clothes and hunt for bargains and only when we ended up buying something would we feel satisfied.

Many a times I had to stop Daddy from buy stuff just because it is cute and orange because some baby stuff are really over priced. But there are times when Daddy put his foot down and said he HAS TO BUY IT FOR ACE cos he says it is his right as a father.

Just take the other day for example. Me and Daddy spent about two hours inTakashimaya and bought Ace an orange adn white striped shirt, an orange super man t-shirt, a beige pants, a white long pants for bedtime.. and nothing for ourselves.

Then on Sunday, we had more free time and we scouted outside carrefour for about an hour and end up buying him a $5 toy (that you see him playing in the picture)... and nothing for ourselves.
Actually, even Ah Yee has caught the bug. When she got money, she will buy biscuits for Ace, buy books for him, buy him clothes.. buy him toys... hahhaa..

Well, when I was growing up, my mum spent most of her money on me and sis too.. and I always wondered how she survived without buying things for herself.. i guess now I know..

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ace, Ace, Baby NO MORE

The whole world has been telling me that Ace does not look like a baby anymore.

GH who saw his photo over msn says he looks like a 5 year old little boy.. albeit with a little less hair. But my baby is only 14 months!

I guess it is cos he has teeth now.

Also, when he is giving his cheeky grin, he has this very knowing look.. "like he is wise beyond his years.." as my friend described it.

I dunno whether to be happy or sad.

I like it that my little baby is growing up and no longer so dependent on me cos that means I get more freedom to move around and do the things that I like and want. It is also easier on my mum and mum-in-law when they take care of him cos he is easily appeased and can handle solid foods now.

At least he can tell us what he wants know and point to things that he wants and shake his head at things that he doesn't want.

BUT, I rather enjoyed having my baby in my arms and having him being dependant on me as well. And I think babies are cuter than toddlers or even children!

I for one do not like children who look older... worst still if they ACT wise beyond their years. I think children should behave like children.. why be so mature so early? They should enjoy their childhood as it is a rare time in their life where they really do not have much worries...

Well, maybe I shouldn't name this blog Ace, Ace, Baby anymore... new names, new inspirations, anyone??

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Daddy Cleans Poo

Usually, Daddy will come to me and say, "Mama... poot poot already.." and that is his cue for me to go and help Ace bath and change.

Ever since Ace is full month, Daddy doesnt like to clean his poo. For some unknown reason, while he loved cleaning poo in the hospital, at home before Ace turned 1 month old.. after that he just stopped trying all together.

I think Ace longs to get his dad clean his poo though.. cos he likes to poo poo when Daddy is taking care of him alone.. muahahaha...

The other day, me just bathed.. smell nice nice.. dress nice nice liao and then our baobei son poo poo.. so Daddy has no choice but to bath him with the VitaliT shower lor ;)

Ace just had breakfast and despite poo poo-ing, he still had a big tummy to show for it.. hahaha....

Friday, August 25, 2006

Bath time Ace AGAIN AGAIN


Bath time now is slightly different for Ace. Since I changed the shower head to filter away the chlorine and since Ace can stand, I usually just shower him.

But sometimes, I indulge him and let him play in the bathtub filled with filtered water.

Anyway, I went for a training about the shower filter that I have changed... gee am I glad I changed it after I saw that experiment that they did. I didn't realized how fast chlorine is absorbed into our system...

Anyway, heard some rave reviews about the system.. after me used it, me found that me hair is softer and dun drop so much liao.. also it doesnt become oily so easily... even Max found the regrowth thicker and closer to each other.. and he feels very refreshed after the bath...

Even Ace started to grow more hair ever since we started using the system! Also, Ace's skin would recover faster from scratches and wat nots since we started using the system.

Jez's hair did a slimming trick cos her thick, long, hair smoothen and look flatter and nicer and shinier!

Jon's stretch marks became lighter after using it.

Yanni said her natural healer came to her house and touched the water and said that the water had healing properties.

Liming also said her hair became smoother.

Not bad.. for that little money.. can bring a waterfall home and make your skin and hair smoother and more radiant.. and can even improve health.. best buy ah! ;)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Fashion!

The other day, Daddy and me had something on and so we left Ace with Waipo.

When I came back, Ace greeted me like that!

Hahaha.. apparently, Zeng Popo threw in my namecard into the play pen for Ace to play with and in his hurry to get up from the lying position to call me, he pushed his head against the card and it got stuck on his forehead.

So cute right? Like some new fashion statement.. hahahahhaah.... Maybe it is also he sub conciously know that he will inherit my WBG business.. muahahaha....

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bolly Bolly!!!

Well, me, Daddy, Ah Yee, Joevena Jie Jie, Liming Zhi Yin, Rebecca Jie Jie and some other S1 friends went to a charity Bollywood dance class at True Spa. We had so much fun that when we reached home, we gave Ace and bindi and made him dance for us..

Strangely, he did not require any dancing instructions like us and started swaying in a very banghra way once the music started coming in.. muahahha..

In case you are wondering, I lost 9kg in a recent intensive detox programme.. and that is why I look DIFFERENT! ;)

For those of you who missed it and want to try it.. or if you would just like to do your part for charity, please click HERE to find out how.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Baby Zi En Is Born!

Great news! Baby Zi En, lovely daughter of Melvin and Germaine is born today at 1.45pm!

We are going to visit them now..

Happy Walking!

Ace is starting to like walking alot more...

In the past, whenever he sees his push toy, he would kneel and push the toy. Nowadays, he has finally figured out that it is more fun to STAND and push the toy around. Now whenever he is at my mum's place (we left the toy there), he will find the toy, push it around and when he reaches corners, he even knows how to u-turn.

After playing with the toy for a few days, he is now willing to walk from one room to another instead of crawl.

Daddy says must make more room for him at home to walk around and practice more.

Monday, August 21, 2006

What Is Ace Looking At?

Just what is Ace looking at so intently??

Well, you guessed it right. What else but food would be able to attract him so.

Well, me and Ah Yee were doing a detox together that helped me lose about 8kg and Ah Yee about 4kg within 21 days. From my past experience, people who do detox will have a keen sense of smell and somehow, they food they cook taste nicer.

Because of this and because Ah Yee wanted to do something to take attention away from her cravings, she decided to cook Laksa for everyone else who can eat.

Turned out that it really looked and tasted good. It was so good.. tat Daddy finished the whole pot! ;)

Anyway, since we discovered that food is Ace's weakness, we have decided to use that as a bait to make him walk.

The other day, Ah Yee used one spoonful of soup to make Ace walk about 15 steps! Hee...

Yeah.. soon it will be 20, 200... 2000 and then I will be free!:P

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Makeshift Prison

Was in office with Ace that day and Daddy was bz.

So it was just Nanny mummy with Ace.

Ace has grown more mobile nowadays and would crawl all over the office till his hands are black whenever I bring him there.

As I was wearing skirt, I could hardly be catching him when he crawls around and so I created a makeshift prison by stacking three chairs together in a triangle.

And then he happily hit on the chairs and talked to himself.

Seeing that he is quite pitiful, I gave him his library book to read. He talked to himself while he flipped the book and he accidentally dropped the book on the floor.

He then bent down to pick it up and when his eye level was lowered, he suddenly realized that there are gaps between the chair's legs and decided to climb out of prison through the gaps.

But when I picked the book up, he came right up and took the book... and then he pretended to play with it for a while and dropped it purposely so that he could bend down and go nearer to the gaps under the chairs.

The strange thing is that he would not bend down and try to climb out when I take the book away. It is like some protocol to him like that. He has to take the book, pretend to drop it nonchalantly then it would seem to him that he has legitimate excuse to bend down.

I find that really hilarious. hahaha.. After some time, I pitied him and put him on the chair. He then start to stand on the chair and hit on the glass table to create music...

Daddy! Help!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Who Is The BEST?

I have been saying in my blog and to people who are willing to listen.. that babies understand what is being said even when they are still a fetus in your body. I also have been saying that whether you think your baby understands or not, he will store all the info in his brain and use it when the time comes..

And now, I have proof of that! ;)

Since he was a fetus, I have been telling Ace (almost every day or every other day) that:
he is the best,
he is the greatest,
he will definitely succeed.
He is the healthiest,
He is the most lively,
He is the happiest,
He is most well loved,
He is the most intelligent,
He has the best attitude,
He is most responsible,
He is most hardworking,
He is a best leader,
He is the most helpful,
He is the most grateful,
He is the most fillial,

Recently, then I have taken to telling him that he is a money-making boss.

Usually he just smiles at us whenever we say that to him so I guess he likes to listen to these good words.

THe other day, Daddy was playing with him and Daddy put him standing against a pole. Out of the blue, Daddy asked him, "Who is the best?"

Ace raised his hand and had a very smug look on his face.

"Who is the greatest?"

Ace raised BOTH HANDS and had a very smug look on his face.

"Who will definitely succeed?"

Ace raised his hands and kept it there...


And that did not happen by chance cos we tried it again the next day and he raised his hands. But when I asked him,"Who is a boss?" Because that is new to him.. he thought about it for a while before he raised his hands.

Your child will become what you constantly tell him. If you constantly scold your child "Stupid.." hmm.. then let's just say it is a self fulfilling prophecy.

Tashi is 8 years old this year and her mum has been telling her that she is very suited to become a boss and that she is a boss. When Tashi was 7 years old, she was in office one day, "Someone was trying to motivate his biz assocs and asked, "Who is a boss.." Tashi immediately ran over and said, "I am a little boss!"

I laughed till tears came to my eyes.

The other day, I had a conversation with her and it goes like this:

Me: What business do you want to run in future?

Tashi: Jewellery of cos. (She already has been making and selling jewellery for about a yr)

Me: What sort? The kinds you are doing now or the gold and silver kind.

Tashi: Of cos what I am doing now and the gold and silver kind lah. Everything lah.

Me: What else leh?

Tashi: And then I will take over Papa and Mama's business lah.

Me: Why?

Tashi: (Very matter of factly) Continue the business mah.

So what future do you want to paint to your child? You decide...

Friday, August 18, 2006

Pat Pat Tummy

All parents strive to teach their children good things... but my husband likes to teach his son STRANGE THINGS.

The other day, we just came home and because the shirt that Ace was wearing has got long sleeves, we took it off to help him change into something more cooling.

As I was away trying to pick out a suitable outfit for him, Daddy started to teach him a new trick.

To me, that's a really strange trick.. cos Daddy taught him to pat his tummy when he is happy. And there is even a little jingle to go along with it...

It goes something like...

"I feel good.. lalalallala (that's where you pat the tummy)"

Thursday, August 17, 2006

How Much Is That Baby In The Window?

Do you remember the song, How much is that doggy in the window?

Hahhaa.. the other day, we sent Daddy's car for repair and while Daddy was talking to the mechanic, Ace started to explore around and ended up these series of pictures.

How much is that baby in window?
The one with the cheeeeeky grin...
How much is that baby in the window?
I won't trade him away for the world ;)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Went Swimming AGAIN!

We went swimming again! ;) And this time round, Ace enjoyed it! ;) Finally, we have made Ace happy when he is swimming ;) Hee...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Begin With The End In Mind

My idol, Brian Tracy says, that one should always begin with the end in mind. So did my mentor.

The other day, my mentor was telling me that no matter what you desire in your life, no matter what kind of success you envision yourself having, it is most important to first answer this one question: "Wat kind of person do you want to be?"

You must first decide what kind of person you want to be because you do not HAVE in life what you want first before you BECOME that person. The sequence is always BE, DO, HAVE. Become that kind of person, do what he/she will do and in the end, you will have what you desire.

For parents, this question is even more important. Because this is linked to what kind of person you want your child to become.

All parents want to nurture their children and make them great people. However, children behave through your examples. We are who we are today because of our parents. We have these thoughts that we have today mostly because of our parents.

Think about this. Amongst your brothers and sisters, dun you show many characteristics similar to that of your parents? The more you like a particular parent, the more you will be like them.

I am like my mum in many aspects, tomboy, like to talk, like to help people, independent, cool-headed in times of danger...and so is my sis ;) (Hiaks, but we love our dad too okay..)

So if you want your children to become someone succesful, it is important that you first exude characteristics of a successful person.

I have had friends whose children were actually last in class and they were so upset. They attended a course called SCS, learnt to be more successful themselves and applied what they have learnt on their children as well.. wah lah, next semester, the same little boy was top in class! What a great difference!

I dislike change and am a lazy person by nature. But whether I like it or not, I have to strive to improve myself so that my son can become a better man.

Ace, mummy will lead you by good example okie!?:P Mummy and Daddy love you!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Oh No! No More Sesame Street!?

Sad! Sad! Sad!

Both me and Ace were happily looking forward to 12.30pm and when we switched on the TV then, we realized that SESAME STREET WAS NOT ON IT!

I hurriedly went to check the Kid's Central programe guide on the net and found out that they took Sesame Street out completely!

Oh No!

I always look forward to Sesame Street because it keeps Ace entertained and I get to do some other stuff (like writing on this blog) during the 12.30-1.30 period.

Also, I know that Ace loves Elmo. Whenever Elmo's world comes on, he will swing and shake to the music and sometimes, he laughs at Mr Noodle's crazy antics.

Ace was initially banned from all tv.. but when Daddy read that studies found that children who watched Sesame Street were doing better in life, we decided to let him watch the show.

But well, this made me decide to search for SS's website and I found lots of fun activities in it. I guess it will be a website I will view together with Ace often from now on.

If you want, you can check out:

PS: When I switched on the TV two days after i wrote this, I realized that Sesame Street is back. YEAH!!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Violent Ace

The other day, I brought Ace to my office and he was happy to see another baby- Denzel.

Denzel is another HUNZA baby and is about 2 months younger than Ace.

When Ace saw Denzel, he was very happy and crawled towards Denzel. When he went near Denzel, he realized that Denzel was holding on to a treasure- A PEN!

So he went up and grabbed the pen and tried to explore it in his own comfort zone by crawling a little distance away.

While Denzel was just holding on to the pen and not really paying much attention to it, all of a sudden when it is being snatched away, it started to seem precious and so he climbed over and snatched it away from Ace to explore it.

Not willing to be outdone, Ace chased after him and then went on to pull Denzel's clothes and try to pull Denzel towards him and he even use his hands to 'beat' Denzel as if to say, "Come over leh...".

I quickly pulled Ace back and carried him in my arms.

Initially I was appalled at the 'violence' that Ace has shown as he has known to be a loving baby who tends to go towards babies to hug them and touch them only...

Well, and then I realized that Ace meant no harm and that feeling gave way to embarrassment..

While I think such antics are common among babies and know that Ace actually meant no harm, I didn't know what other parents might think. Denzel is also an only child and I would think he is very much loved by his parents as well... wouldnt be good if his parents dun feel uncomfortable about Ace tugging at their child's clothes and 'hitting' their precious..

I asked myself if tables were turned, would I be upset? I guess not really unless Ace is being bullied very badly. Cos that is part of growing up and playing together mah.

But I still better be more careful cos I dunno wat other parents might think.. even though I think that Denzel's parents are very nice, open people who probably think the same way as I do, better be safe than sorry lah.. my own son anyhow also can.. other people's babies, me very careful...

But upon thinking back about this incident, I think that I should care more about what Ace thinks and not what I think. He probably was just having fun and I should have just told him not to do that and allow him to continue to play and only carry him if he does not listen.

Also, I guess I am glad that Ace 'fought back' because that means that he will not be easily bullied by others and is a confident little baby:)

Great News!

Great news from Wes, my penpal from US!

His second daughter, Avery, is born! ;) Welcome welcome! Hehehe.. (now awaiting Germaine's daughter to come into the world onli..)

Here is the email I got from him and with pictures too.. arent Alexis and Avery cute??!!!
From: "Wes Johnson"
Subject: Birth Announcement!
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 21:07:04 -0600

Hello Everyone!

Avery FangQing Johnson was born on August 11th at 9:32AM MST. She was 6 lbs 11 oz and 19.5 inches tall.

It was a remarkably short delivery (about 15 minutes) and both Avery and Lee Wah are doing well.

We will all be at home tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon.

Wes, Lee Wah, Alexis and Avery

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Here we go round the mulberry bush!

Ace is willing to walk more now. But he only walks with support.

The other day, Richie Ah Ye put him on the suntec office long sofa. He started by crawling from the left end to the right end (that distance is about 3 metres long) and then back again.. he crawled a few times and decided that he is tired. Then he flapped himself flat on the sofa, put his head down and lie there and rest.

When he is rested enough, he climbed down from the sofa and started walking from left to right by holding on to the sofa. When he is tired, he just sat down.

Then that day at home, my mum put him on the floor and told him,"See Waipo walking? Yanfeng also walk?" and she demo to him how to walk around his playpen.

And so he started going round and round and round and round and round and round the playpen and he wouldn't stop. WHen he was finally tired, he walked towards Max (who was sitting nearby) and so we clapped hard for him.

He was really encouraged and clapped along with the I-know-i-am-so-clever look. And then he went back to walking round the playpen again, paused and clapped as if giving us a cue to clap. If we do not do anything, he will give the "I very clever leh, why you never clap" look.

Anyway, he has at least taken to pushing the white IKEA stools around the house while walking. I guess it will not be long before he is ready to walk on his own.

PS: Today is RIchie Ah Ye's birthday. Happy birthday richie ah ye!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Fake Cry

How do children learn to ACT? Why are babies natural born actors?

Even before I was pregnant with Ace, I would look at crying children outside and then affirm that they are just pretending to cry to get their way and I always wondered how they learnt this.

Ace is now capable of doing that as well. Just that he doesnt do it often because most of the time, I dun give in when it is a fake cry.

The other day, he wanted to play outside in the living room (where he has already made a huge mess) and I wanted to stop him, so I put him in his playpen.. He struggled and cried and then gave this look:

Look very real right? ;) Even got tears okie.. but the moment I told him his expression very ugly and took a picture of him... and then I told him i will show everyone his ugly photo, he stopped.

I think can sign him up for star search when he is older.. muahhahah...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Teething again

Well, in case you didn't know, Ace already has 8 teeth in front.

His teeth makes him look less like a baby and more like a little boy.

Anyway, his toothy grin is really infectious and nowadays, whenever he goes out, he will give people this really cheeky little smile and whereever he goes, people are sure to smile back at him.

Sometimes when he is in a good mood, he waves at people whether they wave to him or not.

But I think he is teething again cos he has taken to biting clothes, biting me again... seems that now that he is teething again,he will bite things when his gums are itchy.. or sometimes when he is hungry, he will bite things as well..

Even though I tried teaching him sign language, i noticed that while he knows how to do the milk sign, whenever he is hungry, he does the same sign.. only difference is that if he wants milk, he says, "MILK" as well. If he doesnt say MILK, it just means he is hungry for food.

And when he finishes his food, I do the "NO MORE" sign and tell him NO MORE. If he is full, he will do the sign and say, "MORE" (cos i think he cannot pronounce two words at one time..) but if he is still hungry, he will make noise and whimper...

I guess it is more fun now that he is communicative:)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006