Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Richie asked Ah Yee to buy apples and carrots when she went to the wholesale market.

We are all preparing to detox.

While ours is all packed. Richie's box of apples was left in the kitchen.

When he finally came to collect them two days later, I told him, "Heng you come quick ah.. if not there would be no more apples left .."

Turned out that Ace Chua saw the apples and from then on, whenever he is hungry, he would happily walk to the box and take and apple and bite.

The first time it happened, I took the apple away from him to wash it before returning to him.

Usually when you take away his food, he would cry.

Not this time though.

The apple box was full of apples. He just walked nonchalently to the apple box and took out a NEW APPLE and prepared to BITE into it!

Now, apples (both green and red) are one of his favourite snacks! ;)

Monday, January 29, 2007

Be Careful What You Do In Front Of Ace

Be careful of what you do IN FRONT of Ace.

Ace went to Nainai's house to stay for 5 days. Nainai says that when she cooks, she just leaves him in the kitchen in a corner to play with the biscuits and stuff.

When he came back, he did this:He transformed himself into Ace the cook.

And then Ace always watches Ah yee and Mummy apply Petalsence onto their face and so the other day, he did this:
Daddy is so scared he will become too feminine if he keeps pretending to apply cream onto his face...

He sees Waigong lying on the floor, watching TV and changing channels and before you know it, he does THIS:
I dunno whether to laugh or to cry...

The other day, i took the shoe deodorant and sprayed it on my shoe. The next day, he saw a bottle and brought it to my shoe and did the 'spraying' action while imitating the "shhhhh.." sound coming from the bottle.

While I was chanting Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo that day, he put his palms together and said "Gyo gyo gyo.."

I repeat.

Be careful of what you do IN FRONT of Ace.

No middle fingers, no swearing, no strange things that would embarrase me when he keeps doing it plsss....

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Monster Fan

Waipo decided to clean the fan and so she took away the blades to clean them.

As a result, this strange looking 'monster' was left standing in one corner of the living room.

When Ace saw that, he stopped. Walked slowly towards it... stopped short one metre before he reached the fan and gos stund back to me and hugged me tightly and cried.

What's so scary about THIS???
He walked towards it again and walked backwards and hugged me tightly.

I then told Ace that this is how the fan looks like when Waipo took off the 'clothes' to clean them. "They are taking a bath.." I told him.

Then I brought him closer and used his hand to touch it.

"See, it does not bite. It is still the same...." I repeated to him again and again.

He just refused to get close to it.

But suddenly, after his afternoon nap, he woke up and walked straight to the fan and touched it and gave me a smirk as if to say, "aren't I brave??"

Wah.. sleeping can give one courage ah.. I din know that...

Anyway, now that the blades are back on, he cannot stop wanting to get near this fan to press the buttons.

Can someone tell me why children are attracted to DANGEROUS and DIRTY stuff????

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cast Removed

Daddy's cast has been removed.. in commemoration of that, I present to you, the adventures of Max and Angel and their super long wait in SGH...

Friday, January 26, 2007

Table Star

Ace has a new hobby: climbing on top of a table and standing there to "give a speech".

Be it the little black coffee table, or the round table that we use for roadshows at home, he just wants to climb on top and stand up there to talk.

Took Daddy quite a while to make him sit down...

He is probably born for the stage..

Just the other day, we brought him to office and because I was bz, Daddy had to be nanny.

Just to be safe, Daddy brought Ace to the training room and put on some music.

Ace immediately ran to stage and started talking.

Daddy gave him a mike and instead of sticking it close to his mouth..he looked as if he was trying to stick it up his nose and he started talking again... Hahaha.. must be all the talks i was giving when i was pregnant and all the rehearsal and actual talks that Daddy and I were doing in front of him ;)

PS: Shall post pics of tat when pple who took photos email me...

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ace: Picasso-In-Making

I think little Ace is a Picasso in making.

We helped Ace made this little card for her and isn't this beautiful!!??:P I think he is really artisitic.. the border and words written by me lah.. but I think the colouring and colour combination is great! ;)

Anyway, we had a great birthday celebration. Has been a thousand years since we last went to Yeye and Nainai's house for celebration or supper.

But somehow, the pictures turned out like tat and it seemed as if Yeye was the one celebrating the birthday.. hahahaha

PS: Ace is 19mths old today.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Toy

Running out of ideas as games for your child? Hahaha.. no worries, I am sure they will be able to figure out something themselves...

Just like ACE did with our new luggage....

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ace, You Are The Best!

You know.. the olden folks always say you cannot praise your child too much because if you do that, they will become concieted and will fail to improve.

But actually hor, did you know that if children are given enough love, they will be able to unleash their potential and become even better no matter what? So praise them! So that they feel love from you!

The other day, me and Daddy were chatting about what he has been talking about with his mentor and he said, "I am still figuring why since young, while people like to listen to praises but I like people to tell me where I am not doing well..."

You would probably think, "Wah, great attitude to always seek improvement."

I thought otherwise though...

How sad is that?

I asked Daddy, "Is it because Papa always like to be different and say that you are no good in this and that and that in order for you to believe that your dad loves you, you associate and tell yourself that people who criticise you are people who give you attention and people who love you?"

Upon hearing that, Daddy teared...

Gee.. I think I hit a raw nerve...

Then he asked me, "What do you think my dad will feel if he knew that what he did made me feel this way?"

"Well, I think your dad will feel very sad lor... I am sure he loves you alot despite what he says. I can tell he is very proud of you. He is just mis matcher and likes to talk bad about you to disturb you."

I sure hope my father in law will attend POV cos I certainly wouldnt want to see that happening to Ace.

Anyway, Daddy.. both me and Ace are very proud of you lor. We both think you are the BEST DADDY in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! Maybe me dun express me love very well... but me love you deep deep deep.. ok? ;)

And Ace, you are the best to mummy and daddy as well. No matter what happens, you are the best and to the two most important men in my life,

"I will love you unconditionally!"

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Water Boy

Ace is ok when he uses his milk bottle to drink milk.

But give him water in the same bottle and he will start to try stunts and end up looking like THIS:

SOMEONE LOR... teach Ace to put the nipple near his mouth and shake shake shake the water droplets into his mouth. But Ace cannot aim well mah... so the water ends up on his forehead, his nose, his chin, his cheeks, his neck and sometimes even goes into his eyes.

And then that SOMEONE also taught him to shake shake shake the water into a cup and drink from a cup... but ace cannot control the cup well so before he can drink anything, he already tipped out all the water from the cup as he always tilts the cup to fast before it even touches his lips.

And then when I say to HIM, "See lah.. teach him this sort of thing..."

That someone says, "Not I teach him one, Fanny Jie Jie teach him one..." and then give a guilty look. (Fanny, if you are reading this you will know WHO I am talking about.. muahahaha...)

To prevent him from doing stunts.. i decided to use a water bottle to feed Ace water.

Alas, he still does stunts like pouring the water out into a container before drinking.. and even tried the NO HANDS stunt a few times.. grrrr....

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Poor Doggy

Ganma Karen bought a toy dog for Ace during xmas.

But alas, the poor poor doggy has since been 'ill-treated' by Ace.

Because we wanted to entertain him, we immediately took out the dog from the packaging that day and even got Seng Tat to supply batteries for the dog so that it can bark.

Initially, Ace was a little frightened but after a while, he started to warm up and started hugging the dog and pulling the dog's leg, turning it around and pulling at it's ears...

But when he came home, he would bully the dog even more.

Whenever he is in the playpen, he would step on the dog to elevate himself so that he become taller. So now we have taken the dog out of the playpen and only let him play with it occasionally.

The last I checked though, the dog is still barking and jumping.. ;)

In fact, today when I took out the dog, I realized that a piece of the 'tomato' missing from the vegetable play set has been inside the dog's mouth for a long while. I suspect that Ace was trying to feed the dog.. hahahhaa...
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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Baby Proof Auditor

Let me say that it is especially tiring to bring Ace out during this period of his life.

Ace is now super inquisitive and super active. He runs faster than I do and I cannot even leave my eyes off him for ONE SECOND!

The other day, I left him alone for like 20 seconds to get something and in the 20 seconds, he walked ran into the kitchen, took my cup of juice and tried to drink it. He ended up spilling juice all over himself and so I had to bath him again. In addition, his white shirt became orange and Waigong had to wipe the floor all over again.

Now, it takes him less than 30 seconds to run from one end of my office to the other (and I assure you my office spans across half the office space in tower two of suntec.. so that isn't VERY SMALL...

During xmas, we went to quite a few parties and we always brought Ace along. I tell my friends he is an auditor to see how baby proof their house is.

Seng Tat and Irene's party was the first party we went to. With Daddy immobile and bz talking to his friends.. guess who had to entertain Ace non stop at the party for 2-3 hours? I nearly died after the party.

Anyway, the verdict on ST's house-- It FAILED the baby proofing test cos there were too many fun things that were within the baby's reach.... but also dangerous as well...

Subsequently, I brought Ace's playpen along to all parties...

At KP's place, I found that having a playpen is not enough, you still need to bring toys or he wouldnt want to stay inside as well. KP's house is OK but the fountain is not very safe... cos Ace likes to play, touch the water.

At Germaine's place, it was the best as Baby Tiffany's toys were new to Ace and kept him happy for quite a while. Germaine's house still not very baby proof since Tiffany is only four months old. But she is now aware of possible dangers like the little limestones and the sharp corners.

Alas, the playpen, after travelling to so many places and after so much 'abuse' by Ace is a little spoilt. The thick plastic mat underneath broke into two.. sigh.. anyone knows how to replace this part??

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Big Boy

Ace finally got to wear the pink shirt that Ganma Evon bought for him ;)
He looks like a little boy in this shirt.. isn't he handsome? ;)

It was Serene's wedding and so we brought him along at her request..

Ace was initially stoned up after a quiet trip in the taxi but the moment he saw Tashi and Oracle, he started waving his hands and laughing and playing with them..

Alas, the wedding was a little long and by the end of it, Ace was getting impatient as he did not like the loud Yam Seng noises, the crampiness and the fact that he has no freedom for the past two hours while seated in a baby chair. That's why you only see Tashi with him in this photo.. oracle din have a chance cos Ace started to cry after this picture...

Anyway, I think Ace looks quite good in pink.. very dashing and brings out his fairness ;)

But Daddy doesn't like him to be fair. He always complains that Ace is too fair. What is wrong with being fair? I think it is a guy thing.. Daddy doesnt quite like himself to be fair because he says it is not manly but is slowly turning into a bai zhan ji.. (steamed white chicken)

But i think fair little boys are cuter.. dun you agree??

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Kissy kissy

Ace stayed over at his Nainai's place for a few days and during the few days, they taught him to kiss them on the mouth when they said goodbye...

So when Yeye came to visit Ace, he kissed Ace on the mouth when he said goodbye...

Waipo who is used to a very different culture quietly asked me, "Eh, your in law kiss Ace on the lips leh.. isn't that very dangerous.. we adults have alot of germs one leh.. and it is unhygeinic as well leh... how ah? You know hor, I dun even dare to kiss Ace on the cheeks one leh..."

You see.. Max's house has a diff culture.. even Bingxuan (Ace's uncle who is 20 this year) still kisses his parents. They are the very passionate kind and more physical as well.

My family is completely opposite. My parents are quite conservative and not so good at expressing themselves. (you can ask max, he has been staying in my house for 3.5 mths liao.. how many sentences has he spoken to my Daddy??:P) So that is why my mum was concerned.

Ah yee saved the day though by saying, "Nevermind lah... it's his Ah Gong mah..." I think it is cos she also kisses Ace... (I even have a picture to prove it.. hahahha)

And so I just kept quiet lor. I mean, I also kiss Ace on his mouth sometimes.. and I dun think my in laws will be very happy if I tell them to STOP kissing Ace on the mouth...

To my in law's behaviour.. most of the time I close one eye since I think diff pple handle things differently when bringing up a kid. Not that they are doing nasty things lah.. i think my mother in law is a very good care-giver and mother anyway..

My father in law is very different... more garang.. and sometimes too garang by my standards.. but still, i close one eye... No matter what he does, I know he does it because he thought this is for Ace's well being cos I know he loves Ace alot. (Imagine he can wake up at night to look at Ace's picture one lor..)

I only have one minimum condition is that they cannot teach Ace to drink alchohol.. at least not until he turns 21.

Me already told max that if that happens, me will not give face and will give black black face and ban ace from seeing them for one mth...
*roar* hahahahaha....

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lord Of The Rings, Bob

Presenting to you, Lord Of The Rings,Bob who is a builder.. and happens to be Ace Chua in disguise ;) Hahahah...

That's a towel in case you can't tell. It's Ah Yee's Xmas present to Ace and it is a Bob The Builder Towel with a hood.

Ace loved it so much that he walked around the whole house in it while naked underneath.. hahahaha... And he was running so fast, the camera could barely capture him...

Both me and Daddy agree though, that he looked more like the wizards in their cloaks in Lord Of The Rings...

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Chio Bi Bi 2

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Juice Beard

That's Ace drinking his daily breakfast of carrot, green apple and beet root juice ;)

That's one of his favourite things to do in the morning and somehow, he would NEVER SPILL a single drop of that unlike when he is drinking plain water...

He was so happily drinking away that he din even seem bothered that he had a orange carrot beard on his lips.. you know, like the must drink milk ad.. hahaha..

I told him he had a nice beard and he promptly ran to the mirror to look at himself...

Speaking of which, this baby is getting more and more narcisstic everyday.. he likes to go to the mirror and talk to himself and admire himself in the mirror ;) Yes Ace, mummy thinks you are very handsome and very cute too ;)

Anyway, at any rate, that is definitely better than going to the mirror to tell himself, "I hate you.." right?

And dun think that babies dun do that. One of my friends shared that day that she used to do that when she was young.. that's cos she was second in her family and always felt unwanted and unloved.

If you have more than one child, please make sure you give enough attention to all of them and love them both unconditionally. Please make them feel worthy and wanted... it will change the rest of their lives.. and that of your future generations as I have learnt tat someone who feels unworthy of love will likely not know how to love their children.. in the end, their children will also feel unloved and the vicious cycle goes on and on...

You see.. my grandma is not really my grandma.. cos my mum is not her real daughter.. my mum was given to her cos her family was too big. I figured that my mum probably wondered why her family doesnt love her and this she overtly loves us by spoiling us silly (can you imagine that while I already have my own family, my mum still comes and cook for me and iron clothes for me and my husband? Anyway, thanks mum!)

Maybe that sense of self worthlessness is passed on to me and sis. Despite being very loved.. since young, we always argued about who mummy loved more. I always felt that mummy loved sis more because she always treated her nicer and loosen the rules for her. Sis always felt mummy loved me more because she always only got hand me downs and recieved more scoldings.

Sis felt that more people liked me since mummy always said i am better than her by a little bit in everything. But I always felt that more pple liked her since everyone has been telling me how beautiful/cute/fair/slim sis is when I was young (I was chubby and not as cute)...

When I write this, it sounds silly.. but I guess everyone has their own perceptions no matter how warped it is and somestimes, these perceptions eat into us and while we pretend it does not matter, it does matter.

Ok.. I am digressing too much.. anyway, cut the long story short, I am just sharing my thoughts about what I have learnt from POV (a course tat sis recently attended). After listening to people who have attended... i feel that this is a course everyone should attend. If you have a heart... or want to keep your heart alive.. or if you want to put life back into your heart, then you MUST ATTEND.

Also, if you are concerned for the future happiness of your children, you can ask me about POV at verityy@yahoo.com

I will be attended soon in feb ;) And I will be bringing mummy along. Guess who benefits most from it- Ace Chua lah! :)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Monkey See, Monkey Do AGAIN

If imitation is the best form of flattery, then I guess I am flattered by Ace every single day.

Now, no matter what I do, I have to be super careful with my actions.

The other day, I was really bored and so I took Daddy's crutches and played with them by sticking my face on them.. Ace saw me doing that and happily took the other crutch to do the same...

Ace would also imitate me when I combed my hair, tried to extract Waigong's white heads on his back, pluck my arm pit hair, share food with Daddy (yesterday he shared his Pocky with me and daddy without even us asking from him, what a generous boy!), dance some stupid dance etc etc etc..

But I couldn't understand why he always liked to tie ropes around his neck... until I saw him play with Ah Yee's pants just now...

He was trying to imitate me as well!

That's because I always went out with a shawl around my neck and so whenever he saw anything shawl like or rope like, he would put it around his neck.. hahahah...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Little Boss

My son is a little enterpreneur!

Yeah, must be in his blood... since I have been to so many enterprenuerial courses while i was pregnant.. hahhaha ;)

First and formost, would be his sensitivity towards money.

The other day, Lao Gou (his grand aunty) was here to visit him. She put her bag down and started talking to us and while we were merrily chatting away, Ace quietly creeped towards her bag, put his hand in and took out her wallet.. and the first thing he went for was the money!

Wah lau.. this little boy really money face leh! When I was pregnant with him.. during one of the courses I attended, the speaker asked, "Who wants to be a millionaire?" No prizes for guessing who gave me a kick so fast that it happened before I even raised my hand to answer the question! muahahaha...

Next would be his super duper good PR skills. Ace is a super smiley baby and a women killer. As long as the person is female.. he can make anybody from age 3mths to 300 years old to love him and adore him ;)

Yesterday brought along when Nai Nai went for her facial and out of nowhere, Ace recieved a FREE biscuit from friendly Aunty Jean who kept saying he is very handsome.

His good PR and well liked personality doesnt stop with women... men love him too.. just ask Joven and Jonathan and Nick and they will tell you how happy it makes them when Ace wants to be carried by them... muahahaha...

Besides, he also knows when to throw his tantrums and went to me docile and just smile...

And of course, comes his never say die spirit. I kind of regret telling him that he is someone with great determination because that is how it is now. If he wants a toy.. he will go away when you say no but keep coming back.. keep coming back.. keep coming back.. keep coming back till YOU give up! And that, I find is both AMAZING.. and exesperating! hahaha...

Last but not least, is his love to set up a stall.. look at what happened tat day in Ah Yee's room when Ah Yee was away.. Ace decided to set up a stall to sell Ah Yee's stuff.. hahahaha...

I am mostly amazed at the fact that he really displayed the things really nicely and he knew how to put the same things together.. bottles with bottles... box with box...

Daddy, not bad right? We have a successor! :) hahaha...

Friday, January 12, 2007

I Love Your Tummy, Mummy!

Ace loves tummies.

Yeap.. you read me right.. he loves TUMMIES.. especially TUMMIES of MUMMIES.. hahaha...

Every now and then, he will come to me, lift up my blouse and put his head and stick his ears on my tummy as if he is listening to something.. and then he would start to talk and lie there and have this look of bliss...

If I were sitting down, he would lift up my blouse and stick his head and ears onto my spine to listen for stuff...

I am wondering if he is looking out for the sounds he was familiar with while he was in my tummy.. I should think so lah.. I dun have any other logical explaination for that as he only does it to me and Waipo and never to Daddy or any male member of the family..

And then when he is done with listening, he will put his legs around me and then give me a bear hug and put his head on my chest and give this contented, happy look.

I think Daddy is jealous cos he says Ace only does that with me...

But I guess I also have Daddy to thank because without him working so hard to give me and Ace a good life, I wouldnt have been able to be a eng eng cheng cheng SAHM who still earns a decent income ;)

Thank you, Daddy! You are the bestest Daddy in the whole world!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Chio Bi Bi

I read somewhere that children who are not afraid of heights and like to sit on their Daddy's shoulders and have wider view of the world are more emotionally complete and are more confident...

As Daddy is currently injured, i decided to test this out on Ace instead. I would tell him, "Ace, come, Chio Bi Bi..(smile)" and lift him up to either sit him on my shoulders or rest him on my back.

It turned out to be his favourite game. He would giggle non stop whenever he is on my shoulder and back.. but as a result, I end up suffering from backache because Ace is already 12.6kg.. and I think i lack exercise.. muahahaha....

Anyway, it was fun and I enjoyed it too.. Daddy, get well soon and you will be able to enjoy it as well.. it is really very fun lor.. not just for Ace but also for me as well.. I guess it is mostly because I know he is really happy when we are playing this game with him.. ;)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pumpkin Vs Ace? ACE... ALWAYS!

I was watching TV just now and the mother in the show said something like, "Please lah.. you are such an unfillial son.. if I had known, I would rather give birth to a curry pok than give birth to you!"

And suddenly, I realised tat I have been guilty of saying something to a similar effect to my son.

Some time back, Ace started to refuse calling Daddy and Mummy even though we knew he could do it. I was a little upset and also had just watched My Lovely Samsoon and Samsoon's mum told her she would rather give birth to a pumpkin.. at least can use to make soup... I found the saying quite cute and novel.. and because i was a little upset... whenever Ace refuses to do tat, I would tell him, and sometimes tell other pple in his presence that I would rather give birth to a pumpkin than give birth to him.

But I only recently realized that this would contribute to his sense of unworthiness and I decided that I have to make things right.

So I went to Ace and I carried him and whispered into his ear, "Sorry Ace.... remember that Mummy use to say I would rather give birth to a pumpkin than give birth to you? I din know that would hurt you. Mummy is sorry ok? I would always rather give birth to you cos I love you very much... Sorry ok? Mummy love you very much..."

And when I finished saying that, Ace just hugged me as if to say, "It's ok, I love you too..." and after that, his eyes went back to the TV and continued to watched the TV ad.

Usually if you say anything at all to him during TV commercials, he would have NO REACTION at all!

Isn't he a wonderful being! So gracious and full of love.. hahahaha... I am very proud of my son!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bonkers Daddy

Staying at home too long can make one turn bonkers.

And that is wat exactly happened to Daddy.

First, he recalled that he was Mr Incredible in our Dreams Inc team and so he pasted the Mr Incredible sign tat dropped off Ace pants and put it on himself to pose for a photo.

And then, a few days later, he decided to balance his crutches on his botak head..

Well, I guess he will be getting well soon.

FYI, in case you did not know, Daddy has already removed his crutches and going for rehab liao.. should be ok before CNY bah... I think both of us are getting bored with him staying at home...

Anyway, many thanks to the many well wishes. I was told tat Daddy may have unconciously allowed his leg to be broken because he was trying to find a legitimate reason to rest... Gee, did I make Daddy work too hard??:P

I think even Ace is starting to wonder when his Daddy can carry him and bring him go gai gai normally again...

Anyway, Daddy, get well soon ok.. and then we work hard together to give Ace a better life!

You know, I met my mentor that day and he was telling us about how he actually is going to send his son to Australia for studies.. "My wife was crying and I was telling her, we already bought him a house there and it is big enough for us to stay in... besides, it is only a $300 ticket to fly there.. cry for what?"

Wah.. most pple i know have to beg, steal and borrow to send their children overseas. They do good to be able to afford tuition fees and rental of a house and hostel... but rent a house????

And then his daughter is performing in prague and so as an act of support, he is flying the whole family to prague to support her and also for a family tour... (and they just came back from a 3.5 weeks holiday in the states...)

I also want to buy a house for Ace if he decides to study overseas! I also want long holiday! I also want to bring my family to more tours.. and yes, must be far far away type of tour.. muahahahaa...

Monday, January 08, 2007

More Teeth Coming Your Way

Ace is teething again..

Because he has been teething, he keeps looking for food to eat.

The other day, Ah yee bought two boxes of carrots and green apples to get ready for juicing and when Ace discovered the apples, he promptly took one and put into his mouth.

The most amazing thing was that he actually managed to bite through the skin of the apple.

I then took it away from him and told him I would wash it. He made some noise to show that he was unhappy and promptly went to the apple box to take one more apple out.

Later in the day, he took an aim at the apples again and so we kept it. And then he tried to put the carrot into his mouth. Finally when the carrots were also kept, he went to Waipo's marketing basket and took out a celery and tried to bite it....

Then yesterday, he also pulled out the rubber watch tat Waipo gave him and because it was round and yellow and looked like a biscuit, he bit into it and started chewing again..

Other than his sudden interest to put food into his mouth constantly, he has also started to salivate and sticking his tongue out...


Ok, i instigated him to stick his tongue out by doing it to him and he just didn't want to stop doing it...

Anyway, I checked.

Ace has got two more upper teeth coming out beside his two front teeth. One on the left and one on the right. He also has got two lower ones coming out beside his original two lower front teeth. Also one on the right and one on the left.

Soon, he should be able to chew more stuff... ;)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Give Some Love

In the past few days, I have been thinking about alot of things.

Some of my friends and family attended a course called POV and they were sharing alot about the course and how it helped them understand themselves better.

It made me start thinking about my life too... and I started to remember alot of things that I felt that I thought did not matter... i remembered the times that people hurt me with their careless words... and how I sometimes hurt others with mine... I remembered tat i vow not to do what my parents have done to me only to realize tat i have been doing it to the people I love as well...

But at the end of the day, I realized one thing - the old adage tat you should unto others wat you want others to do unto you is true... and i would also add, that it is also to love others as you want them to love you (unconditionally) is true as well...

And realizing that, I think children are wonderful!

Without any teaching, they practice loving unconditionally almost by instinct.

Ace was seated at the doorway the other day as our neighbour was celebrating her boy's 21st birthday.. so there were alot of guests. Curious about all the people going in and out, Ace just sat there and kept smiling and waving at people.... trying to spread happiness to others...

I guess what goes around comes around.. in the end, the neighbour decided to give Ace some chocolates to make him happy as well.

Just the other day, Nainai was carrying Ace and the wind blew the hair into her face. By instinct, Ace pulled her hair behind her years and gently 'sayanged' her. I think nai nai almost melted man... ;)

And the other day, when Evon ganma came all the way from Msia to visit Ace, Ace loved playing with her bag. He would put her bag around his shoulder and raise his arm to keep it from falling..

Finally, when his arm was tired, he hooked it around his neck..

Then we took the bag away.

When ganma Evon said she was leaving soon, Ace walked to the bag, picked it up and gave it to her... according to her, she was so touched she almost melted...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sexy Butt

Long way back... Waipo recieved some pull up pants samples at her school... So she asked if she could take a packet home for Ace.

Because Ace was not L size yet... I had left that packet of diapers inside the storeroom. Just when Ace was about that size, we moved to Waipo's house becos of Daddy's leg.

The other day, Waipo reminded me to bring the diapers back home so that Ace can wear it and so I did..

But turned out that Ace grew so much.. that the diapers is a little too small for his sexy butt.. as a result, Ace went around with half his bum sticking out of the diapers.. hahaha...

Doesn't he just look like a sumo wrestler?? Muahahahaha...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2 Girls And A Baby

How many girls does it take to let Ace sleep?

The answer?


One to carry him.

The other one to use her hand to support his head (cos he likes to slant his head one side).


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dao Huay

How does a baby eat tao huay?

By smashing it into pieces.. hahaha..

Waipo bought some daohuay for breakfast and decided to let Ace learn how to feed himself. We put the daohuay into a bowl and gave him a spoon.. he ended up using the spoon to pound on the daohuay till it broke into pieces before he was happy to try to feed himself..

Up till, now, he is very good at feeding himself using his hands.. but the use of utensils is another matter. Still dun have the 'courage' to let him feed himself porridge cos I expect alot of cleaning to be done..