Saturday, March 30, 2013

Outing To Jumeriah Beach

We have been talking about this for the longest time.. but then we were busy... or the weather was not suitable.. this and that...  and we finally COMMITTED to going to the beach and really went!:)

First off before going to the beach, we had a meal at our fav RAVI restaurant....

I have always eaten what Max and Ace tapau back home so I never saw the restaurant's inside. Finally had a chance to see it and I think the restaurant is interesting.. it is decorated by many paintings...

That is a nice picture of the Dubai Creek..

Our fav Halwa Poori and Mooli Pharatha:)

To Jumeriah beach we go!

The two men go and play in the water.. I sit in the shade;) wahahah

Many bikini babes also lor:)

Ace was happy to play with the sand..

Ace says he is making SAND SHOES:)

The water is so clear lor!

Playing ball out at sea!

Notice the bikini babes at the back? I think next time I dun mind wearing bikini since people in all shapes and sizes are all in bikinis :)

But the sun is so hot, I cannot understand why these people dun want to sit in umbrella but want to sun tan.. the umbrella beside me hor.. the lady tan till sunburnt liao still tanning lor! xiao.. so hot lor the sun.. I happy to hide under the umbrella lor!

Me under my umbrella:)

Ace was afraid to go into the deeper part of the water..

I noticed hor tat the beach only got ang moh.. no filipino or indians.. and the ang mohs just dun care lor.. from where I was, I saw quite a few people just taking off their bikinis and changing under the umbrellas.. free show lor.. one little kid saw a ang moh lady take off her bikini and he stared and stared...

See that bright spot on my umbrella? That is the HOT SUN!

Halfway.. I suddenly heard someone cry and it sounded like Ace.. true enough.. my good sun came running back to me.. when I asked him what he was crying about.. he cried very loudly and told me, "I don't want to go back into the sea, there are fishes there.. fish a creepy!"

I tried to bring him back out into the sea... and show him that the fishes actually are very small.. he is so big.. the fishes are actually afraid of him mah.. so they will try to avoid him and swim around him..

But he insisted tat fishes are creepy and refused to go back into the sea.. so Max went swimming alone..

Then he sit down and enjoy his chocolate milk lor:)

Then father and son went around the beach to pick seashells

For some unknown reason, my son kept bringing sand from point A to point B.. as it was getting really hot, I asked him to put on a cap and applied more sunscreen...

Ace had so much fun he decided to make a SAND ANGEL before we leave:)

Excited by this trip, we went to Decathalon and bought a big surfing board/flat for Ace, some anti fog goggles for Max and a soft frisbee to play on the beach. I also bought a pair of board shorts..:)

Max asked Ace to decorate the frisbee that we bought and this is what Ace id.. I think this is how he sees himself:) hahahaha... very confident little guy...

Anyway, looking forward to our next beach trip and PRAYING that the good weather lasts a little bit LONGER!

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