Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ace's Swimming Class

Ace has already been swimming for close to three months already.... I am happy to say he has been enjoying himself and has learnt to do the 'star' (floating on water) and has also been going under water due to his daddy's training.

Now after swimming, Max will ask Ace to hold his breadth and go under water and wave to his daddy.. if he does it like 5 times, we will bring him to eat sushi after tat;)

I wonder though, how long more will it be before he can take a bronze test...:)

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Standchart Marathon

Ace's daddy took part in the standchart marathon and so just to support Max, we decided to go there and wait for Max to end and then go breakfast with all his buddies..

Alas, while Ace was happily driving around in the children's zone, I received a call saying that Max finished the run but is not feeling well....

So I told Ace we have to leave.. BUT the little boy still wants to play somemore before going to find his daddy.

By the time he is done, his daddy is already at the medical area... so we went there to look for Max.. apparently, he blacked out due to dehydration and exhaustion... and Ace was a little scared to go near his daddy with all the tubes hanging out (cos Max was under the drip) and after that, when Max was finally ok, we walked all the way to his car to go home..

Because Ace was such a good boy, we told him that because he walked such a long distance together with us, he is a strong boy so we will reward him with the medal that received for completing the half marathon and he was really happy:)

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Buy A SEXY Bag

That's Ace having his hair cut by Master Max:) Look at his cheeky smile...

And he is very cheeky indeed....

The other day, I borrowed a book about changes in the body and it talks about how our body will grow and change so that eventually, we will be able to make babies. And the book talks about people having sexy thoughts sometimes and how that is normal....

For me, I just read the book to Ace.. BUT I do wonder if he understands what sexy means...

Now, I know he thinks of it probably as being beautiful...

The other day, it was somewhat drizzling, so I used my bag to cover his head when we got out of the car.

"Oh dear, my bag is wet already..." I commented to Ace.

"Ya, your bag so lousy now..."Ace agreed.

"I think I should ask Daddy to buy me a new bag.." I told Ace.

"Yes, Mummy, buy a pretty sexy bag..."

I was so shocked that he used the word "sexy".. so I asked him.. how would a sexy bag look like.. what colour would it be and he replied that it will be pink and grey and that it would be big...

And then I told him maybe he can buy it for me instead of daddy.. "No, mummy, I cannot... because I don't have money.. I never 赚钱.. so I have no money. You always go and 赚钱 so you got money. You can buy for yourself...."

Whatever happened to the "I will buy for you when I grow up" phase?

PS: He always tells me he will buy a hello kitty phone for me when he grows up because he knows that I like Hello Kitty... Anyway, I told him that when he grows up, he has to buy daddy a nice transformer car and buy me a nice house... he say, ok, he buy when i am old.. i told him that he should buy for me when I am young so that i can enjoy it more:) hahahaha

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dance Lessons

Ace has come to the end of his dance lessons.. we signed him up for the next semester and i was told they will give me a report about his progress and that in the next sem, they will actually teach dance steps and have a performance at the end of the semester;)

Here are pictures of his lessons and a video of their impromtu performance at the last lesson...
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

I Want To Da Bian

Hai.. this Ace.. always want to da bian at the nost inconvenient timing...

Eg, when we are having a meal, when we are..

Usually, what we do is that we wait a while first... cos soemtimes he really just wants to pass out gas....
If after a while, he still says it is urgent, we either quickly look for a clean toilet OR we just go home...

Hai. this makes me miss his diaper days...

Anyway, the other day, when I brought himt to the toilet, he told me that the toilet is dirty and that he cannot stand close to the toilet bowl because "Papa says toilet is dirty.. cannot stand so near the toilet bowl when it is dirty..."

The funniest part is when in the middle of our lunch, he said he wanted to da bian and so we went to the toilet in the restaurant and he actually said to me, "Wah, mummy, luckily this toilet is so clean..."

And of cos.. one good piece of news to share is that when Ace goes swimming, he can now go to toilet on his own already. WHen I offered to go with him, he said "It's ok mummy. I am a big boy already. I can do on my own..."

And then when Max asked mne if I helped him untie his swimming trunks when I told him about it, I told him I did not. So we wondered how Ace took off his swimming trunks to pee and asked him.

"I like that lor" he said and he flipped open one side of his pants.

Wah very clever leh... and very innovative indeed ;) I am so proud of him..

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Friday, December 25, 2009


I just bought a new jacket for myself... it has this furry thing around the hood and because of this, max told Ace that this jacket is a cat.. so whenever i wear the jacket, they will call me a CAT.

Because of this, Ace loves the jacket and likes to wear it... and he would call himself a cat and happily giggle away..

Few days later, he even wore it with his policeman hat and told me that this is his policeman uniform..


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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Grand Day Out

Well, Popo won some vouchers to have fun in some NTUC funfair and so we brought Ace there.. he was so thrilled to get free rides and play free games...

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ace's Racing Car

Well, Zhen popo quit her job and because she was sitting at home with nothing to do, she decided to come to my house to pack my house for me...

I asked her to start off with Ace's room cos it was in a huge mess... and after she packed, she said we should buy Ace a new bed.. and so we brought Ace bed shopping...

The result?:) See the above pics lah...

PS: On a side note. Ace says that when he grows up, he wants to buy a transformer car that looks just like Bumblebee... FYI, men who drive yellow sports car are usually more willing to listen to women... HAHAHAHA

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Self Portrait

Haha... like mother like son...

Ace has learnt something from his mother and that is the art of taking self portraits using the camera... HAHAHAHAHAH

Cute or not?

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas in advance...

We bought this artwork for Ace and here is the xmas tree that he designed..:)

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Transformer Car

When I first showed Ace a picture of Arthur's Brabus... because I did not know how to explain an open convertible top to him, I told him it was a transformer car.. cos the car can look like a salon car and open up to become a convertible:)

So after that, Ace would look at salon cars and tell me that those cars are lousy and that he wants to buy a a 'transformer car' when he grows up...

On top of that, he also likes Bumblebee very much...

So the other day, when we saw this really nice sports car in the car park, we got him to stand beside it and take a picture.. maybe he can use this photo as his dream board when he grows up in future.. hahhahaha.. too bad cannot open up as an open top lah...

PS: Ace hasn't really watched much of transformers cept for the one movie.. all he knows about transformers are from his friends in school... Ace is so fascninated with transformers that he likes to play games related to transformers on the computer... the other day, we had dinner with Linda and YX and after dinner, Ace started to do his kungfu fighting in public and YX asked him, "Ace, what are you doing..."

"I am Autobots..." said Ace as he continues fighting...

Linda and YX are no doubt a couple lor.. without thinking, they both shouted out, "Ace, TRANSFORM!"

And true enough, my son immediately went down on all fours and started rolling around on the floor in a SHOPPING CENTER in PUBLIC! Luckily I saw the cleaning lady just nearby which meant that area has probably just been cleaned..

We luffed until pengz lor...

The next time Ace saw them in a carpark, the first thing they said to him was, "Ace, Transform!" Heng ah, Ace was not in the mood or he would be rolling around on the floor in a public car park lor...

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Acrobatic Performer

Because Ace has a dance class in orchard area.. usually after his dance class, we will go somewhere nearby for a meal.

The other day, we brought him to Suntec after lessons and he was so excited when he reached there because there was some sort of fair going on and they actually had a kid's area where they had lots of toys for kids to play with....

They even gave out balloons and the very boh liao Max took the balloon and tried to perform an acrobatic style. He even made me take these pictures to prove that he was 'performing' in Suntec..

Anyway, it was interesting that I had a chance to watch him play. I notice that Ace is not all that good at sharing.. maybe it is because he is the only child. When he is at a place, and there are people playing a toy he wants to play, he would not really try to snatch it or anything like that.

But leh, once he starts playing.. he would be very protective over his toys and not want to share.

His teacher told us that sometimes, when he is playing in school and has to go away, he will ask his friends to "protect" his toys for him...

Once, he peed in his pants and when his teacher ask him why didn't he go to the toilet, his reason was, "But if I go to toilet, someone will take my toys and play with it..."

While we are on the topic of toilets, I have acquired the art of telling if Ace wants to pee or shit just by looking at his body language...

But leh, my son doesn't know that.

Eg, yesterday, we went to his nainai's house and when we were outside the door, he started crossing his legs and walking around.. "Ace, you want to go toilet is it?" "Nope, mummy, I am just walking around..."

And then after like 10 seconds, he got a little more urgent and then he confessed that he 'niao ji" and has to go toilet...

What is so difficult about going to toilet to relieve yourself until you have to lie that you are just walking around.... I also cannot understand his rationale...
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Can You Be Faster?

Ace is really impatient...

Recently, there have been quite a few instances where we promised him something after say dinner. And he would eat really quickly and then be ready to leave...

And because I am still eating, he will ask me, "Mummy, can you be faster?"

Or if Daddy is driving us somewhere he wants to go, he will ask Daddy,"Daddy, can you drive faster?"

The other day, Max told Ace in the morning that we will be going over to Tiffany's house when the sky turn dark (at night) and so a few hours later, when the sky is still bright and shiny, Ace asked me, "Mummy, I wish the sky can faster dark dark.. I wish the sky can dark dark now.. cos daddy say sky dark dark can go tiffany house. I want to go Tiffany house now.."

While he expects us to be fast, he always dilly dally and take his own sweet time to do things unless there is a reward on hand.. hai.. double standard....

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Miss You...

Ace surprised me with his vocab and how easily he can express himself the other day...

We went to Penang for a short trip the other day. When we told Ace we were going to Uncle Arthur's house in Penang, Ace just said, "Ok.." And did not ask us why we were not bringing him and did not throw any tantrum.. so to reward him for his good behaviour, w asked him what he wanted and he listed a list of things that he wanted....

So while we were in Malaysia, we bought him a Power Ranger toy... we also bought his favourite 'tong luo shao' from Lavender Bakery and also, he got a third surprise when we took out the two huge teddy bears tat our coach, Arthur and his wife Mei gave us while we were at their place.. and Ace was really excited that he had so many gifts...

"I am so happy today because you bought me so many surprise.... yeah!"

And then he told me, "Mummy, I am so happy to see you because I miss you so much..."

Wah.. really warmed up my heart lor...

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Want To Go...

Ace is rather easily affected and influence by ads and also by his friends...

Because the BODYWORKS exhibition has been having advertisements on TV for a long time.. Everytime we see the ad, Ace will tell me that he wants to go to the Bodyworks exhibition. I promised him I will find out how to get tickets but alot of people have advised against letting him go because they say it is gory and grosteque.. but when i told Ace that everyone says the exhibition is not nice, he insists, "I think it is nice.. I want to go..."

And then he sees some "Welcome to Taiwan" ad and he asks me if I can bring him to Taiwan...

And then when his good friend in school, Kaylan went to Tokyo Disneyland... he says he wants to go to Tokyo Disneyland and asks if I can bring him there...

And then recently, another classmate of his called Dylan went to US and came back and told them about snow.... so when we went to fetch Ace, he asked me, "Mummy, what country has snow?"

"Mmmm... USA, Japan.. China.. Europe.... Many countries have snow..."

"Wah! Mummy, Dylan went to USA and there is snow.. can you bring me to USA too so that I can play snow with Dylan?"

"OK, when you are older, we will bring you there one day..." I told him..

"But Dylan don't have to wait till older. He can go now. I want to go now..."


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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Have So Many Girlfriends

Ace is one confident little boy...

The other day, I brought him to his dancing class on my own and so while we were at the MRT station, I decided to go into one of the shops there to take a look.

The uncle there was quite friendly and then he told Ace, "Wah, boy, you very handsome leh.. you look more like mummy or daddy?"

And Ace told him.. "I look more like daddy and my Papa is a botak.."

And then Ace told him without thining and without prompting.. "I have many many girlfriends!"

Buay tahan lor!

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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

New Best Friend- Denzel

I think children are the most amazing people on earth. They just seem to connect with everyone easily and effortlessly! :)

Ace is especially this way.. whereever he goes, he just seems to make friends easily and effortlessly.. cos he is naturally chatty and friendly...

But still, despite that, I also think affinity still plays a part... cos despite that, Ace also seem to warm up more to some poeple and warm up less to some other people.

One of the people he seem to have affinity with and warms up very quickly to is Denzel.. when Ace was younger, both he and Denzel (a biz associate's son) would play often in our office and of cos it helped that they are only about a month apart in terms of age...

But we have since gone on our seperate ways and Ace and Denzel probably havent met up in about two years...

When they met up at a common friend's wedding, they just clicked and played together... Ace literally abandoned me and my table and sat and Denzel's table throughout the whole wedding dinner.. they were playing with toys, pretending to be waiters and just running around the whole place...

I told ace that I wanted to take a picture of them together and they sat down and Ace just smiled and extended his arm to hug Denzel and they both made funny faces for the camera.... No wonder they click.. even their pattern also the same.. haahahahha

I wonder if they will still click if they met up again say years later when they are teenagers or adults:)

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

So Ace Thinks He Can Dance

The other day, we were watching So You Think You Can Dance on cable at my in law's place. And then my cheeky son just started dancing when one of the really geeky looking contestants started dancing....

This is hilarious!

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Monday, December 07, 2009

Control Freak?

Ace has a new pair of crocs that we bought for him sometime back during a Crocs Sale...

Then it was a little bit too big for him and so we kept it in the cupboard... and then the other time when we went to Penang, one of the presents we bought for him is those buttons you put on the crocs.

And then we kept it and everytime he did something good, we rewarded him with one button. One day, we found a star button on the floor and now, he has three buttons on his crocs.

The other day, his slipper strap broke and so, we decided to take out the crocs and let him use it as his slipper.

And Ace is very particular about his buttons. Whenever he puts on his crocs, he will adjust the buttons and make sure that the spiderman and the thomas train will face up.

Many times after walking around for some time, the button will swivel and turn and Ace will pause in his steps and bend down to adjust them until they are straight again.

"It's ok lah, it will turn one full round and be straight by itself.." I told him. But he just insists on stopping, bending and turning it back before he walk again.

I wonder if this means Ace is anal and that he is a control freak? Well, I guess not and Max are quite easy and free in our parenting style.. sometimes I even think we give him too much freedom.. hahahaha...

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Sunday, December 06, 2009

I Like Sushi And Sauce Mian

When it comes to dinner time, Ace doesn't have many preferences. It is usually is sushi (which means inari and egg sushi), sauce mian (which means lor mee), sushi mian (cold soba), chicken rice (any sort of rice that is put nicely in a shape of a bowl and has some sort of vegeterian meat)... and his preferance is usually in the above mentioned order....

Whenever you ask him, he will tell you that his favourite is sushi and sauce mian.

Now, the problem is sushi at our usual Sakae Sushi is really quite expensive and it is something we really wouldn't want to eat everyday... me and Max prefer variety when it comes to food...

So over time, we developed a few things to replace Sakae Sushi, to save cost and also to create a win win situation.'

There is nothing I can do about sauce mian.. but since it is available 10 minutes away and is only $3.50, I just buy it for him sometimes...

As for sushi mian... I discovered that a pack of soba noodles cost $4 and the sauce cost about $7 at NTUC. So whenever he wants to eat that or when Max is not free, I will cook that for him.

As for the sushi, initially we did stunts like telling him he has to fulfill certain criteria before we bring him there. But the thing is, we got sick of eating sushi after a while and one fine day, Max developed a GREAT idea!

We went to GIANT to buy sushi for him.. and then the two of us would be able to eat anything we like and Ace will also be able to eat what he likes! ;)

Lately we also discovered Ichiban sushi thanks to Justin and found that buying sushi there is even more wu hua and cheaper than us buying sushi from GIANT. The happiest thing is that I discovered that there is a Edo sushi about a 15 min walk away from my house...

Anyway, we have since many happy dinner moments due to the winwin situation:)

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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Special Vacumn Cleaner

Ace is getting more and more imaginative these days...

The other day, he took out the engineering set and fixed them together. And then he started to move it back and forth and started to make the "wooooooooooo wooooooooo" sound and so I asked him what he was doing.

"I am cleaning the house using the vacumn cleaner..." And then he happily vacumned away.

About 5 minutes later, he suddenly exclaimed, "My vacumn cleaner is very special... it has two sides.. this side is for the floor.. this side is for the face... and if you put the bar (he is refering to the Eumora bar that I am supplying right now) inside, it can bshhhhh on your face.. and then the water come out here to wash it and then you will be pretty pretty and handsome handsome...."

Hahaha.. amazing! I wonder where that idea came from.. but I must say he is really quite advanced in his thinking.. hahaha.. i would certainly buy a machine tat can do all tat:) hahaha

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Friday, December 04, 2009

Mr Ai Swee

Ace is enjoying he dance class... seems like his lessons include lessons by Miss Sam (who teaches them dance steps) and lessons by Miss Elly (who teaches them via fun games like Big Bad Wolf). I asked him which he likes better and he prefers Miss Sam's dance steps to my surprise... (When I brought him to the Bollywood Dance class that day, he actually managed to keep up with the dance steps for a good 15 min before be felt tired and thirsty and had to rest...)

The only thing is that he feels that his dancing uniform is actually 'not nice' and always insists on changing into something else after dance lessons when we go out. I told him that since he is the one wearing the clothes, he has to be responsible for remembering to bring his clothes along.

The other day, he took a nap and when he finally woke up, we were in a hurry to go out and thus he forget to bring along the clothes he wanted to change into.

While we were in the car on the way there, he kept asking me if I could go home and get his clothes for him. I told him it was a long way back. And then he asked if I could stay at the dance class with him and get Daddy to go home and get his new clothes for him.

I told him that his dancing clothes are very nice already and he insisted that long pants are for sleeping... and that his t-shirt is not nice..

He kept bugging us and bugging us and bugging us until finally max told him.. Ok, you go with us first in your dance uniform.. later at 9pm, you can change into anyting you like.. and tat quietened him completely.. cos he din realize that by then, we would already be home! hahahahahaha

Hai... I've never met a little boy who is more AISWEE than him lor...

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