Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Peanutize Me!

 Just for fun, we did up this "family portrait" at Peanutize Me website...

It is a site where you can choose face, mouth, eyes, outfit... and so I made one of myself.. helped Ace make one and made one for Max....

Ace is so happy cos he is in an outfit he will totally wear lor... he loves hoodies and blue army print as well :)

And as for Max, he totally has a similar shirt and pants and would so love orange shoes like these... hahahaha

The other day very boh liao and even made one for my mum..

She chose the outfit and everything herself :) I kid you not tat my mum has this exact outfit and glasses and actually has this hairstyle.. hahahaha..

Hahahahaha... cute hor?:P

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Enjoying Ourselves

Our friend, Andy, said he had some F1 tickets to give away and asked if Max will want a pair of tickets. Max asked if I wanted to go and when he asked me, I was actually suffering from a bad flu due to the haze.. I really cannot imagine going to the F1 with the cold and the haze...

Plus.. I found out that there will be a Maroon 5 concert during one of the days... so I suggested that Max bring Ace on that day instead as I feel he will likely enjoy it more than I will... Given that his favorite singers are Bruno Mars, Maroon 5 and Justin Timberlake... in this order.. hahaha ;)

So since the boys are going out and I will have a little bit of a me time, I decided that I will call up Godma Annie and try to arrange for the birthday celebration we were talking about for long time but never materialized cos I was too bz.. haha ;)

Annie godma says she is going to give me  a treat and brought me to this lovely place called Jin Fine Dining.. it is a jap restaurant... when my sis heard the name, she asked me if I was speaking in dialect.. hahahahaha:) Cos if so.. must be super fine dining.. hahahaha

The restaurant was really nice... I got lost cos i did not realized this is the place when I walked past it!

I feel like a tourist snapping pictures away.. but really nice lor the inside.. so many displays about history of singapore.. feels like museum lor.. But rightly so lah.. since the restaurant is actually part of Amoy Hotel Singapore.

I made some effort to dress up since it is fine dining:)

My incredible starter..

I ordered a wagyu beef rice set cos I have never eaten wagyu beef before..

Godma Annie wanted to order more but hor, I reminded her.. the food portions look small but usually quite filling... so she only ordered some sort of braised eel with egg dish below..

We eat halfway hor, they actually took away and changed another set cos hor.. the chef said that the eel was cut too thin! Actually I already ate lor.. already yummy to me! hahahahaha

And it must be good cos even Dr Leslie Tay of I eat. I shoot. I post fame was there with his family:) There are no photos of Annie godma except the sleeve of her jacket cos she says she never make up dun look pretty.. hahaha ;)

After we finished eating, we walked around and took more pictures!

Cannot find my surname lor..

And godma Annie even sent me home on  Mercedes using GrabCar!

Feel so pampered!

And while I was having dinner.. the boys kept sending me pictures of their lovely F1 "date"..

When we watched the race on TV the next day, I realized that Ace and Max really learnt alot about the rules and regulations of F1 race lor.. and Ace is really good.. he can tell which one is his idol, Louis Hamilton by just looking at the cars.. to old aunty me, all the cars look the same..

Anyway, his dad bought him a nice LH tshirt..

Later though, Max told me that he actually learnt about F1 and all their rules and regulations in Dubai.. he was drinking at the pub and met someone who is an F1 fan and when eh mentioned he was from Singapore where the night races are held but knew nuts about the F1, the guy promptly gave him an hour long F1 101 crash course:) hahahahaha

But the highlight of the outing HAS to be the concert right?

I was expecting to sing and dance to the music like he does when he listens to radio while doing homework at home.. hahaha

But leh, when I asked him how was his F1 experience... he looked at me glumly and said.. "too short.." and pouted.

Max says there must have been like 50,000 pple at that concert and there was this group of xiao gia teenagers who sat on each other's shoulders in front of them... so Ace was actually too short to see Adam Levine in action!

My friend who was there too took the pics above and I sent to Ace.. hope tat it will help him feel better. :)

But leh, Ace says he still enjoyed himself and wants to go again if he has a chance:)

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Sunday, September 27, 2015


We were in the car and Ace was trying to tell us something and he ended up using both mandarin and english in the sentence... So Max reminded him to please use Chinese totally or English totally or both people from China  or England till be unable to understand him.

So Max tried to test Ace's Chinese vocab by asking him what is the chinese word for the word "Keyboard",  "CPU", "Mouse"... And Ace did not know... so I told Ace what the word is..

Max yaya and said he knew the chinese phrase for all these words but we were not really sure.. so I said I will test him with something new...

Since we were talking about all these computer parts. I decided to come up with the phrase "Monitor" and so I asked Max if he knew what is the chinese phrase for the word "Monitor"

"I know.. monitor lah.." Max said sheepishly..

"I know I know..." Ace said...



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WP Rally 2015

This is sort of belated post..

Since I enjoyed myself very much at the last WP Rally during the last election, I decided to go again this year when my sis jio me to attend.

Since the rally was held in Bedok Stadium, I brought Ace over to my mum's house and waited for my sis to return so we can walk over together...

When we arrived in Bedok, noticed that there is a sign that does not allow pple to park at the HDB blocks nearby.... and there were many feeder buses...

And all the Feng Feifei already started working..

Over at the stadium.. can hear them doing mic test also...

Waited for some time then my sis came home... and then we walked over.. quite crowded.. pple mountain pple sea...

And once i put on FB that I am there, I recieved many messages from my other friends who were there too:) hahahaah

There were many die hard supporters who made special decorations and stuff to bring there.. salute them man.. so heavy and they waving it throughout..

I din notice this but someone living in a HDB nearby made a hammer out of some lights and hang it outside their house like hari raya lights like tat.. hahaha.. but later in the rally no more... sis says maybe police say cannot hang there...

That man carrying so many wires around him I so scared he will be electrocuted accidentally lor!

It is nice to see that the people in front were sitting down so people behind can see.. the old uncle arrived later and these two young girls with a mat offered him a place.

THe Aunty in mustard color top is a LTK fan.. first thing she said was.. "WHERE IS LTK?" And then when he appeared to give a speech, she kept taking pictures of him.. hahahaha...

My sis bought a WP flag and someone gave her another one so we can give our children one flag each.

Was not quite as fun as the last rally I attended.

Ace initially said that he wanted to go cos he wanted to hear "what rubbish WP will say.."  and I reminded him that he used to ask me to vote for WP lor!!!

Anyway, in the end he said it might be too boring.. so he stayed home to play with Cay.. heng he did not go lor.. no joke to stand two hours lor..

I think Ace was more interested in the elections when he was 6 years old lor.... he asked me so many questions about the government and was excited when he got to shake Raymond Lim's hand..
But this time round, he was not really interested in what is happening. I asked him why he is not so interested now and he said because he feels it makes no difference whether who we vote for anyway...

But this election, he is pretty much pro PAP as his dad is a strong PAP supporter...

Anyway, after tat, Max finished his meeting and said he will come fetch us.. he said he is hungry and so we went to eat our favorite indian mee goreng:)

While waiting for our food, the two boys boh liao...

After we finished eating, Max tried to show off that he can use fork to poke between his fingers....

Boh liao right?:P Hahaha..

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