Sunday, June 29, 2014

Goodbye Dubai: Last Dinner In Dubai

Did not have many meals left in Dubai and we asked Ace what he will like to eat in Dubai one more time and to our surprise.. he said he wanted to eat INDIAN FOOD!:) wahahahahah

That is because he feels that in Singapore, the only indian food he has access to is Prata but he says he will miss the Gobi Manchurian here in dubai.

So Max brought us to this restaurant that is near our place..

Ace having his fill..

Reached home and though our house still in a mess, I took some pics of our Dubai House to remember it by.. farewell... Dubai House.. better known as CMAX TOLET:) haha.. We had some great memories here. Thank you from protecting us and giving us a warm shelter. Thank you for the great neighbours and the great memories!

I made Ace go to each room and say goodbye to the room and thank you to the room... interestingly, that seemed to do the trick and he did not tell me that he misses our Dubai house:) hahaha..

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Goodbye Dubai: Yet Another Farewell Party

Ace was in for a pleasant surprise the other day..

We were just having our usual JPD party when suddenly at the end...

a surprise was announced!

It is so sweet of them to do this and the cake was super yummilicious too.. plus it was a HONEY CAKE! Which is on our Goodbye Dubai list.. to eat Honey Cake ONE MORE TIME before we leave:)

The Honey Cake has a special significance for us. When we first arrived in Dubai, we realized that most of the baked goods here do not taste very good. Cakes are not that great, bread also not that nice. IN short, we find the baked goods here leaves much to be desired... that is, till we discovered the Honey Cake on Spinneys!:) We loved it so much, we will buy one whole cake and eat a piece a day over a few days... hahahaha... 

And then we realized this is not very healthy lah :)  So we stopped doing that and havent been eating it for a long while..

Anyway, Ace really had fun with these kids... hope they will all have a chance to meet each other again in future...

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Farewell Dubai: Lan Kwai Fong And Outlet Mall

 One of the items on our list is to visit all our favourite restaurants.

When talking about food in Dubai, one should never.. i repeat.. NEVER miss out on talking about Lan Kwai Fong. Run by a chef from China, Dai Gor (as we lovingly nicknamed him) used to be a chef in a 5 star hotel but about 20 years ago, decided to come to dubai and start his own restaurant.

His food is closest to what I might call the taste of home for us singaporeans.. and in addition, his restaurant is probably the only restaurant in Dubai where I noticed cliental of all races and countries:) That is how good he is.

This is Ace with our favourite Ribena Lychee. It is just ribena with soda and lychee from the can. It is our MUST ORDER whenever we go and moment the waitresses there see us, they go, "Two lychee ribena?" Hahahaha....

 Next of course another of my favourite. I am a soup person and i love good soup.. but when I am in Dubai, it is really difficult for me to make soup as Max and Ace are not soup people.

So I love visiting Lan Kwai Fong because Dai Gor always gives me free soup! And his soup is the boil many hours very very ru wei type of soup... I shall miss his soup very much when I am back in sgp ;)

 Perhaps it is because we told them that we were leaving Dubai, we even had extra crackers that day.. that they usually only serve us if we are in a big group..

 The 4 statues inside the restaurant.. over the past few yeras, we have seen them changed colour nemerous times:) hahahahaa:)

 Then we decided to make our way to outlet mall because Ace wanted to finish using his Chuckee Cheese credit.... We saw the Flag Pole near the Flag roundabout... Bye bye UAE... I shall miss you ...

Actually hor, me and Max were just saying that it is a great pity that Singapore does not have these huge flag poles with big big flag... cos it looks so grand and majestic. We were wondering if it is because Singapore is a rainy place and so the flag will get soggy and don't look good...

 Saw a pic of the Sheik made out of semi precious stones glued onto a board!

 At Chuckee Cheese..... Ace said he did not know wat this particular machine did and so he tried.. he was surprised to find tat they were drawing a picture of him.. wahaha:)

 Ace tried to catch a soft toy but to no avail..

 Playing monopoly in the arcade:)

In the end, we were 9 tickets short of 800 points and the jie jie gave us enough tickets to make up for it. Ace decided to choose a chuckee Cheese cup to remember the place and also some small small toys that.. by the time I am writing this down two months later are all lost somewhere:) wahahaha

After that, we went to the ice cream place to make use of our leftover vouchers and then, it was time to say goodbye to Dubai Outlet Mall for good. Sigh.. I shall miss all the good deals I found there!:)

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ace's Birthday Celebration

Ace turns 9 this year and a few months before his birthday, he has already been counting down.

He kept asking us if we could gift him a birthday party instead of a present and I was not really keen to do it as it was in my opinion too much work and too costly.

Then we realized that this might Ace's very last birthday celebrated here and so we decided we will give in to his request and gift him a party instead.

Just planning the party was a pain in the ass amidst all my very bz schedule of packing, working, fetching him to and fro school and of course all the other things like cooking and cleaning the house.

Ace wanted to do a movie party and invite 5 pax. Then he changed his mind and wanted to do a laser tag party but after asking around, we found out we needed at least 10 children to do it. So had to come up with a guest list.

Once we had the guest list, our good friend wanted to send invitation cards and so had to bring him to shop for invites. Thank god the Day To Day had some on sale because if not I really don't know how and where to get his cards.

Then when he came home with the cards, we had to quickly write and decorate the cards...

Drama of dramas...  on the day Ace sent his invites out, he found out someone else had the same birthday party on the same day at the same time at the same place! And so he was really sad and cried. And the people he wanted to invite were all going to the other party and when the other mum found out, she was so apologetic and also invited Ace to the party. So leh, we decided to resschedule the party to another time.

Another one of Ace's friends also invited Ace to a party on 25th June itself. And so in the end, Ace had 3 birthday parties to attend in that week!

Well, I guess all the drama was a blessing in disguise. Since we had to come up with another party location for him, I went to do some research and found out that there is actually an ice skating rink near our place. The party packages seem pretty reasonable and so we went ahead and book.

And since we were doing the party, we also thought we can invite the neighbour's children so that they can have a farewell  party together as well since it was nearby.

And.... After the party, Ace said it is the BEST PARTY EVER and gave it a 10 out of 10 rating! Haha!

 We set the party on the last day of school so that Max will be home as well.. That is Ace with his buddies and his favourite teacher, Miss Roberts.

 After his first try at ice skating, Ace told me that he does not want to do ice skating again cos he kept falling and his bum is very painful :) wahahaha.. I am happy to see that he is however enjoying himself during the ice skating party:)

 Still falling down though:) wahaha

 Ace was a little sad when he was told that one of is friends is sick. I told his mother to tell him if he is feeling better, he can still come to the party and well, he did get better! wonders of motivation!

 All sweaty after one round in the rink!:)

 Ace taking a break and posing with his pressies:)

 I was too bz to really take photos as what as I needed to coordinate the parents and make sure everyone had what is needed. Thank god Max was there and he can help rent the penguin for those who are not so confident and go buy water for the kids...

 SO difficult to get them to take a group photo together!:)

 After an hour and a half of ice skating (was supposed to be one hour but the kids kept wanting to skate more.. hahaha), time to move to the party area for food!:)

 Party food is so strange combination hor:) Hahahaha...

 Time to sing birthday song!

 After eating the cake, R asked Ace to open the present he bought him.. and lucky Ace did because someone else also bought the same thing.. so leh, lucky Ace got a play date to H's house so that H's mum can bring him to go and exchange the pressie for something else:)

 M bought Ace a cricket set.. cos Ace asked him to buy that.. I dunno why Ace wants to buy that but I hope tat we will get a chance to play when we go back to Singapore..

When I picked Ace up on the second last day of school on wednesday, Ace said that his friend behaved strangely and all of them told them he is not allowed to go outside the class...

Turns out that they were all hiding outside the classroom and gathering people, asking, "Are you Ace's friend?" And if they are, they will go sign a card.. I wonder which sweet child did tat:)

 He also got a card from one of his best friends H. I think H really cannot bear to see Ace go.. he gave Ace his email, skype and contact info and they made promise to keep in touch..

 All in all, after all the hassle, I am just immensely glad that Ace enjoyed himself and made some good memories that day:)

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