Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Searching For A New Nest

Went house hunting while Max is back.

As there were too many people living in Popo's house and our BTO will not be ready till a few years later, we decided that we will just "bite the bullet" and spend money to rent a place to stay in for the next few years.

We actually went house hunting quite a few times because we could not decide what sort of place we will want to stay in.

The first time we went house hunting, we brought Ace. Hahahaha.. We were thinking he will be a good gauge of whether the house is good because children are sensitive to energy mah :) But of course, the best is bring C lah.. he is young enough. Older children not so sensitive. But I was thinking me and Max are quite sensitive to energy as well and so ok lah :)

But leh, Ace is not good help when it comes to house hunting... reason being, he is too easy to read ;)

When we came to a house that we sort of liked, Ace jumped up and down and got excited.. hid inside the wardrobe and then told agent of the landlord "Very good!" with a big thumbs up sign..

When the agent said the landlord did not accept a 3850 offer that was offered a month ago, Ace said, "We could offer $3851!"

Wahahaha.. bengz...

Then later we saw another apartment and he just kept jumping up and down and said, "I like this place!" Wahahahaha...

So next two times we went, we went without him when he was in school lah. After a few rounds and lots of discussion (because we saw one we really really like but it was too ex and too big for us), we settled in on the one that we found out.. was the only we took pictures on.. and the one that Ace feels so comfy tat he played hide and seek inside...

One of the days, after our viewing, we even went to eat my favourite veg fried duck! Wah.. eat liao I tell you... the tears also want to roll down lor! 是幸福的lor :)

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Water Playground At Changi City Point

C's dad was overseas and so Ah Yee asked me if I wanted to do another cousin outing together.

Since we had nothing much to do, so I agreed.

We thought long and hard about where to bring the kids and Ah Yee suggested that we go to the water playground in Changi City Point.

After some planning, we arranged to meet there at a certain time.

When we arrived and I saw the playground, I thought it was nothing much and perhaps the two kids will not have much fun.. But leh, end up, they had great fun:)

Ace was happy to run around in the water... and after months of eating and no exercise.. he has developed a little tummy:) wahahahah

C initially did not want to go into the playground cos the floor was of a different texture and he needed to warm up..

While C was still warming up, Ace was already all over the place. To think this little boy who is always afraid of water is now finally a friend of water:)

 After Ah Yee carried C over to the swing where there is water.. he finally gets used to the new ground and starts exploring:)

In the water playground, there is also a dry obstacle course and he said that I should time him and see if he can break his own record.. hahaha :) It is very cute to see him climbing up and down with his tummy fats jiggling.. wahahaha

Ace says it is fun to meditate in the curtain of water.. hahaha

The boys chasing after each other. Alas, C was too excited running away and fell down. But leh, he also garang lah.. cry once or twice and then happy again.. hahhaa

There is this thing in the playground.. very fun lor. YOu sit inside and because it is slanted at an angle, you will automatically start twirling around till you become dizzy:) haha

Then leh, we had dinner at Hans and went home.

I guess you could say this outing was a little more successful than the last one:) wahahahaha..

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Racial Harmony Day

 Ace's return to Singapore was peppered with huge doses of patriotism:) hahaha... In School, they were supposed to design and paste their birthday greetings for Singapore and I thought his design is really very nice:)

And then there was the racial harmony day.. which ended up being a big headache for me.

I found out about racial harmony day but did not understand or know what is required and went to ask my friend who has school going children. Apparently, you have optional choice to wear an ethnic costume of any day to school.. I wish our boxes were already here man. Then Ace can wear his arabic outfit.. wahahahaha :)

Ace said he wants to ear chinese outfit. I said wear malay lah.. pasar malam in Tampines can buy liao.. but he dun want.. insist on chinese outfit.. so I told him I will try but if cannot find he will wear school uniform... and then he kum wan...

Then leh, poor me run here run there... find in the whole bedok interchange also only saw those for kids lah..

LIke this...
 So in the end, C recycled gor gor's outfit with his emporer hat from his kai ma on racial harmony day...

And Ace just wear school uniform lor:)

And the best part is.. after they went to school... Ace discovered that most of his friends did not wear anything special. So he declared next year will just wear school uniform.. save money!:) wahahaha

Anyway, I read up a little more and found out that Racial Harmony Day is related to the racial riots many moons ago and set up as a way to remember to practice racial harmony and tolerance.  Ace told me they were also given some sort of talk about it.

I asked Ace if he wanted to wear his arabic outfit next year.

"Don't want. Wear that cannot run and play during recess..."

Win liao lor..  Hahahah...

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Simisai Also Need To Sign

The educational system here requires ALOT of parent involvement leh. Simisai I also need to sign. Homework given I need to sign, spelling results out I need to sign.

Last time in Dubai I did not even know what words they were learning for spelling and how he did till the end of the term when I see his report card! Should make the sgp educational system so relaxed then people not afraid to have more children mah:) hahaha....

I must also say schooling in Singapore is more interesting than I thought. SO far, Ace has brought home a few activity books.. one for reading story books, one to learn to say No to drugs, one to read newspapers and learn to get info from the news..

he did a visit to LTA's office or something like tat for social studies and they seemed to have more activities planned :) Most impt.. in Dubai, all these extras need to pay.. here in SIngapore, AH GONG pay for us! Wahahaha..

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

They are not very social media

Today, Max asked Ace how was his bus journey to school.

Bus journeys in our memories and based on our experiences are very fun times but Ace told us he is a loner when he is on the bus because, "Everyone has a phone and they are just playing on their phone.. they are all not very social media.."

I think he meant they are not very sociable. What is coming to the world these days man.. I tot it is natural for children to play games and chatter when they gather together??

But well, I guess children nowadays live in a very different world.

ANyway, Ace told me that the bus driver lends his phone to the kids to play. Wahahaha... the only thing is that he says if they spoil it, they have to buy a latest model to pay him back:) I asked him why he did not try to borrow the phone from the bus driver and he said that another girl always faster than him.

About a week later, I asked him how are things on the bus and he told me that more and more people stop playing with their phone and when they stop playing, they realize that he is there and realize there is someone new on the bus and so he has people to talk to already... haha...

PS: I think YNPS is a very loving school. When I pick Ace up, I notice that everyone working there likes to say Hi to the children and chat with them if they meet.. from the admin.. to the bookshop aunty.. to the bus driver.. to the security uncle.. and security uncle will even squat down when he talks to the pri 1 kids... What a wonderful environment to be in!:)

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Haikel Has Passed On

Today we heard a very bad news..

Haikel, the boy whom we used to visit monthly when we were in Singapore has passed on...

I told Ace about the sad news and he asked me why Haikel gor gor is dead.

Apparently he got sick and was sent to hospital and just never made it out alive. I reminded Ace that such is life and that this is one of the reasons why he should treasure all that he has..

RIP Haikel. I know you are in a better place. Hopefully, you can finally play football, the sport you so loved and that there are your favourite Mr Bean shows there :) I will always remember you great sense of humour and how your parents have shown me how BIG love can be.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ace Fits Right In

I emailed Ace's form teacher the other day to provide some info to her.

and I was pleasantly surprised with her replies:)

Here is an excerpt from our email..


Dear Mdm M

My name is Angel and I am Ace's mother.

Thank you for making Ace feel very welcomed at 3.3 in YNPS on his first day of school! Ace has had a fantastic first day in YNPS today. Prior to this, he has been rather apprehensive about going to school in Singapore and told me he wished he will get a teacher who is firm and kind like the one he had in his international school in Dubai and today, he says his wish came true!:) Haha.. I hope you will enjoy getting to know him as much as he did getting to know you ;) He is a great kid with a great sense of humour and limitless creativity.

You are welcome! He is definitely a great leader and loves participating in classroom discussions. As Wednesdays are the longest hours I spent in class, I am able to see his eagerness. He has adapted well in class and has formed bonds with a few of them. He seems to fit right in!

Really put my heart and mind at ease when I read that... PHEW:)

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

I Thought Of You Too Okay!

For the past 3 days, whenever Ace comes home from school, I will ask him what he bought with his money. Everyday, he will tell me that he has spent money buying this and that.

Even before he started school, I already explained to him that sweet drinks are a no no. They should only be a sometime only treat because:
  1. They are very expensive! Almost as expensive as a meal.
  2. They are bad for health and causes diseases like diabetes (and that is the reason the uncle XX had to cut off his toes)
  3. They will reduce immunity and you become sick easily..
  4. They will make you fat!
So every day, when he comes home.. he would have bought some drink or another.

Day one he bought Kickapo... (because I love kickapo)  Day two he bought green tea (because I never drink it for so long and miss it..)

And everyday, he will tell me he is not going to buy sweet drinks again tomorrow.

Today when I reached home, I saw a Pink Dolphin bottle sitting on the table and asked him why he bought a sweet drink again and he said he missed drinking Pink Dolphin as he hasnt had them in a long time.. Then I had to repeat my LECTURE about WHY SWEET DRINKS ARE BAD to him all over again in more details.

And then after my looooong lecture, he said ok, next week no more. In view of this, I think I will stick to giving him a smaller amount of pocket money because it will mean that he has less to spend on drinks and if he keeps buying drinks, he might not have enough for food:)

Anyway, after I finished my lecture... he told me, "Mummy, actually this one got collagen inside. I left some for you..."

"Wah.. you think this will change my mind about sweet drinks ah?"

"No, I already thought of that when I chose to buy this drink. I already knew there is collagen and that is why I choose this and keep some for you cos I want to share with you.. collagen leh, mummy.."

"You know what collagen is for or not?"

"Yes of course! It is to make you look younger..." he replied.

So I teased him lor.. "So you mean I look very old and need to look younger lah..."

And he had the very dunno wat to say look on his face...

Wahahahahaha...  Ok lah, i appreciate lah.:D

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Even C Knows Better!


I am trying to settle Ace into his new routine here in Singapore. So have to force him to start eating dinner early so that he can go to bed early...

Today, while he was having dinner, Ace was walking around here and there and then, when C, Ace's 1.5 year old cousin saw Ace walking around during the meal, even C said to him, "Gor gor.. eat! Eat! Eat!"


And then later, when it was time to go to bed... Ace was walking around because I told him to brush his teeth...

When Cay saw gor gor walk out in his PJs, he put his hands together and tilted his head on his hands like the "sleeping" action.. as if asking gor gor to go to sleep! Wahahaha

See, even Cayden knows better..

Wonder if Cay inherited Zeng Popo's constant nagging of gor gor to do this and do that:) wahahahahaahhaha.... Will be interesting to see their interaction in this aspect as they continue to grow:)

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ace's Second Day Of School In Singapore

I am very glad I decided to start sending Ace to school on a Wednesday.

Today, when he came home today from school, I was outside and I called him on the phone and the first thing he told me was that his form teacher was not in school today and that they had a very very fierce replacement teacher.

In Ace's words, "I don't think anyone can survive in her class for more than 3 months because she kept scolding people non stop!"

I am glad he met his form teacher who was in his words, fun, kind and firm yesterday and formed a good first impression of the school and his learning environment and the people he met there.

Before bedtime, I asked him if he kenna scolded by that teacher and he said he was scolded because after she told them what homework to do, he did nothing and he scolded him for not doing anything. Thank god his friends spoke up for him and told the teacher that Ace was new and did not have the books. So leh, the teacher scolded him for not telling her and getting a photocopied set of the work done.


Anyway, he told me he got to know a few more friends today and he is assigned to a Chinese class already. He is assigned to a class where most of his friends are in and so he had a great time as well. But ask him more about his lessons, he could only tell me that his new chinese teacher is a male teacher and that he is very funny...

He asked them what is Baseball Match... "棒球赛" called... Ace asked me the question and giggled and told me that it is called BANG SAI.. hahahaha :) So now I guess you know where my son's priorities lie when it comes to school:)

I think he is assimilating well enough and he was so excited just now when his primary school was on TV... apparently there are only 8 seats left in Yuneng now for the P1 registration and even parents who were former students had to go for balloting! I think Ace is super HENG lor! Haha..

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ace's First Day At YNPS

Yesterday was a pretty stressed day for me.

As we have been studying in Dubai for the longest time, I really did not know what to expect in the school in Singapore. I did not know where to buy the shoes, I did not know what books I should pack for him.. I did not know how much pocket money I should give him..

On top of that, we were informed only on Monday that Ace was accepted into school. That only gave us like ONE DAY on Tuesday to settle EVERYTHING and buy EVERYTHING before Ace starts school on Wednesday.

I was lucky. Shushu was on MC that day and offered to send us there and bring us home after we go to the bookshop to buy books because one year's worth of books is very heavy.

After that, we went home and rested for a while. I thought since we are starting school liao, I told Ace will give him a treat and we went to Mac Donald to have lunch.

After that, we went to check out the school shoes and choose some good and cheap school shoes for him. He also heng again, we came across a sale, two for the price of one sort for this brand called Bodymaster in World Of Sports.

Then go home have to wrap his books, pack his bag, prepare his uniform, etc etc etc...

At night leh, got to bug him to go to bed by 8pm. He finally went into the bedroom at 8.30 and I patted him for a while and he finally fell asleep by 8.45pm and I went out of the room.. who knows at 10 plus, he came out of the room again because he said he fell asleep but almost rolled off bed and so he woke..

I kan cheong! Kauz, if now cannot fall back asleep I am dead duck cos sch bus coming early morning tomm and he has to wake at 5 plus!

So I pat pat him again like when he was a baby! Heng ah.. after short while he was fast asleep... phew...

After I sent him off this morning, I posted a few pics I took of him before he went on the bus this morning.

Some of my friends ask me how is he and I think.. well, he will be ok lah. Not like the first time he goes to school.. and not even the first time he goes to a primary school in Singapore too.. thanks to the 3 days worth of immersion program with Camp@Home that he did when he was back during the holidays during our stint in Dubai.

Today when he appeared at my door in the afternoon with a big smile and non stop stories about what happened in school, it seemed as if all the hassle was all worth it:)

I was naturally excited to know EVERYTHING about his first day in school and asked him many questions...

Did he make any friends? (Yes, 5 friends, two of them he knew from the school bus. They welcomed me and said, "Welcome to YNPS the moment I stepped on the bus.")

Are all your friends boys? (Yes, but i sat beside a girl in chinese class. She was very good in rolling the eraser into a long line!)

How is his form teacher, Ms M? (She was very good. She is firm and kind like Ms R and I am as tall as my teacher!)

What did you eat for recess? What else did you buy? (I ate the Nasi Padang. It tasted like kuay! Even the egg tasted like kuay! I also bought a kickapo and also a orange ball to decorate my bag from the bookshop. Tomorrow I will just eat bread and will not buy any drinks to save money.)

What do the people in school do during recess?  (There is this multi dunno what.. it is a tennis court, a playground and many other things all rolled into one. We played catching there. I also learnt a new game called the PEN FIGHT. They can all use pens in school. )

What homework do you have?  (I have alot of homework. Have to make a lu bao. Chinese homework. Teacher said we have to go online to research for a good picture for it. And I have to study science because the other students did this chapter in the last semester already. There is going to be a test soon.)

Then he talked about what he did during recess, how he had to wear PE attire tomorrow... how his newfriends advised him to join the Science Club as CCA since "you are so scientific"...  how he had to do a self intro and how everyone thought he was from China and he had to explain that he is Singaporean but he studied in Dubai... and how he had to answer never ending questions about Dubai ;) wahahaha

He talked about how they planted a plant today. It is some sort of program for the 50 years of greening of Singapore and everyone got to plant one plant.

He also talked about how he was asked to read a passage during chinese lesson and how his chinese teacher did not know which class to place him in and put him in the higher chinese class with her and how she asked him if he understood all that was being discussed or said and he said he understood.. phew!

How he was a little lost and someone tricked him into going to the wrong classroom and how at the end of the day, he did not know where to find his school bus and he wanted to call me and cry but couldnt find my number and decided to halt the crying and ask the General Office for help instead...

He ended with, "I can't to go to school tomorrow cos I saw people playing tennis for PE!"

PHEW.. finally can heave a sigh of relief! I hope he continues to enjoy school here!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

You And Popo All The Same!

The other day, I brought Ace out to buy his school shoes and we saw my favourite shop having a sale and so I said I wanted to go in and take a look.

As I went int, I saw this very nice top and I asked Ace, "Nice or not?"

"No.." he said.

"But I think is very nice leh..." I told him.

"Wah lau, you and popo the same one.." he complained..

Very curious about his strange comment, I asked him for more details.

Turns out that my mum asked him for his opinon about which bag is nicer, the blue or the white one..

"And when I told her the blue one is nicer, she said she thinks the white one is nicer. Since you all already know which one is nicer and which one you like, why you need to ask me???"


I hope my son will one day learn from his father that WOMEN ARE LIKE TAT ONE and there is a way to HANDLE this situation BEAUTIFULLY:) whahahahaahahah... I just like to think we are preparing him for when he has girlfriends and eventually a wife:) wahahahaha

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Searching For A School For Ace

Before we left for SGP, I signed Ace up for primary one and applied for Leave of Absence because I was told that means the school will keep me updated with test papers etc...

We initially signed him pp for Yuneng Primary but did not get balloted in and so he ended at East Coast Primary.

But after a year in Dubai, it seemed as if we were going to be there for a long time and because paying the money for leave of absence seemed to have no real meaning (I never got any test papers or anything like that..), I did not follow up the second year.

I was thinking if we do eventually come back, perhaps Ace will have a good chance trying for Yuneng which was our first choice:)

So when we came back to Singapore, the first task at hand was to find a school for Ace. I emailed the school before I came home but there was no reply. One friend suggested I contact MOE. But MOE said since Ace was with ECPS, they can only help us ask if ECPS wants Ace back. IF we want other schools, we will have to approach them ourselves.

One of my very resourceful and wise friend, J, suggested that I call them before I emailed them. She even suggested to me what I should write.. Cos she told me they just needed to know that your child is a good student and will not give them problems.

And so when I called Yuneng and they said they MIGHT have vacancies.. I told them I will just email them Ace's transcripts.

And this is what I emailed them...


Dear xx,

It was lovely to speak with you over the phone. Thank you very much for your help.

Actually we have just returned and YNPS is our first choice as I have heard much about the school and seen how your students have showed exemplary behavior and how they are total embodiment of your of your school mission and vision to develop confident communicators, self directed leaders and healthy, active citizens. It impressed and inspired me to think that is what I will like my son to become! I have been to your school before and really liked what i see and feel as well and am looking forward to become a part of this school.

A little bit more about my son, Ace. He has completed the British Curriculum equivalent of Primary 1-3 in Dubai in Horizon School and has so far been a good student with good learning attitude and also a strong interest and aptitude for science and art.
He has been doing well in school so far with little help from me and has even scored a High Distinction for both Math and Science and a Distinction in English in the International Benchmark Tests he took after completed Grade 3 in Dubai. He has also scored well in his Year 4 end of year report.


As the values of his school in Dubai are complimentary to those of that in YNPS, Ace has learnt to be confident in his communication and how to work in a team. He is also very much into contributing to society and has received a Community Award in Horizon School for his contribution to their fund raising directives to help the less fortunate. Ace is no stranger to volunteer work since both his dad and I are members of the Lions Club of Singapore and were involved with much volunteer work before we left Singapore. 

Ace is creative and likes to think out of the box. A well behaved boy, the happy Ace enjoys school, respects and loves his teachers and principal and is well liked by his peers as he is kind, helpful and has a good sense of humor.
I understand that there are some differences between Dubai and Singapore in terms of curriculum. As such, I am a stay at home mum and am committed to staying at home and assisting and supporting Ace emotionally and academically during this transitional period so that he will be well adjusted as soon as possible.


As Ace studies in a British International School, he has only done Chinese at home with me. And just to push him along, I have actually been working on his Chinese using the Higher Chinese Textbook. He is able to read and write simple chinese words albiet a little slowly and is good in hanyu pinyin due to a good foundation in kindergarten 2 in Singapore. As he rarely uses the language in school, he still has problems with the rules of Chinese grammer. After some discussion with my husband, we will be looking to let him drop Chinese so that this will fair for him as he advances to secondary school. But as we feel our mother tongue and being close to our Chinese roots is still very important, we will like him to continue Chinese lessons with his peers. 

And since he is an intelligent boy with a thirst for learning, I am sure he will improve when he is given more exposure to the language. With regards to this, I have contacted MOE and they said that the schools will be able to assist me or advise with this.

Once and again, thank you for all your help and thank you for taking the time to read my long email :) I have attached Ace's results for the past three years and also his additional certs.

I look forward to your favorable reply.

Yours sincerely,


Hahahaha.. I felt like I was writing essay exam question answer like tat lor:) hahahaha..

And we were so happy when they called us again to tell us that the VP will see us and that they will be willing to give Ace a English and Math test and a short interview. "No promises though.." they told me but when they are willing to see us and spend time to give Ace a test, I know we have a good chance lah.

Then leh, I told Ace we have to prepare... first have to prepare for the interview. So I went through some questions that I thought they might ask him like what subject does he like, why does he want to go to YNPS, etc.

While going through the questions, I teased him and while doing mock interview, I asked him, "Why should I let you come to my school? Are you a good boy?"

It was super funny when Ace replied, "Erm.. I am not very good but I am not a bad boy.." I asked him why he answered this way and he said he cannot lie.. he sometimes gets punished and is therefore not very good but he thinks he is not too bad as he is not ALWAYS punished:) wahahaha...

And then I told Ace we have to prepare by doing some tests too. SO I downloaded some test papers for him to do. Alas, Ace ONLY wanted to do one set of papers even though I encouraged him to do more since he had time. Mr Yaya Papaya said, "It is ok, I think I have prepared enough..." And then proceeded to lie down on the sofa with his legs crossed high up in the air and read his story book. No matter how I encouraged him to try more.. he just refused to change his mind. I was really exasperated. Wah lau eh, why so relax.. not as if the paper he did he score very well also lor! But Ace was happy liao cos he already passed....

The other day, he saw a toy he liked and I told him that if he passed his interview and test and got accepted, i will buy him the toy...

So even when I mentioned the toy, he was still determined to read his story book. It was only later when he wanted to use my ipad and I told him he can only use if he do one more paper that he was FINALLY willing to do that:) wahahaha.. Alas, I went out that night and my ipad ran out of battery and so he went to bed with the work half done ;)

And then... in Ace's fAMOUS WORDS, 大天来了...  The big day arrived. We went to the school and I was rather nervous. I met with the VP and to my surprise, the interview was for ME! Not Ace! And because of that, Ace was really bored and because I did not preframe him, he was not exactly at his best behaviour!

He was fidgeting while we were talking and kept interrupting. Eg, the vice principal asked me a question and when I answered, he said, "No you did not do that!" PENGZ! I really wondered if they were having second thoughts about seeing Ace:) hahaha..

Anyway, the VP suggested that we let Ace do Chinese for half a year and see if he can handle and try not to let him drop the language.

After tat, it was time for his test and when I asked him after that, he said the tests were fairly easy. (I got a marked copy of it and found out that he did not really score all that well too. He scored 60+ for the math and 70+ for English)

And a few days later (which felt like MANY MANY DAYS LATER), we received the good news that Ace was accepted. And so I kept my promise:)

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Saturday, July 05, 2014

To The Airport With His Cousin

Happy to be home and happy that the two cousins can have some bonding, we decided that since the daddies were not around, we will bring Ace and C to the airport for an outing..

But leh, it was not easy to have two adults, to one kid and one toddler.. that is why in the end, only took these 4 photos:) wahahahaha...

After I posted that, my sis told me she took a few more photos and so here you go:)

Anyway, it was tough to be out with the two xiao guas... plus we came out of the wrong MRT door and had to take a sky train to get to T3.

Firstly, we were trying to find like a place for them to play.. and we walked around for a long time and couldnt find any playground.

Ace impressed me a little. He saw a box that asked for donations for children of less privileged family to go to school and he told me, "I have money, i want to donate.." and promptly donated $2. Sometimes say he very kiam siap.. but he can also be very generous:) hahahaha

While walking there, C showed off a bit of his pattern. He stopped to look at something and when I asked him to get going, he refused, so I asked Ah Yee to hide and then told him.. "Oh dear, mummy is missing..."

But he very coolly pointed to the direction she last saw her going and continued to do his own thing.

"But mummy is not there anymore.. you look!" I told him...

And then he started looking and realize his mum is not around. But he is still calm and collected and keeps walking towards the direction where he last saw his mum. When he is certain he cannot see her at the last place he saw her standing, he started to PRETEND TO COUGH! Wahahahahaha

Pattern badminton!

Then we came to this part where there are aeroplanes and there were some displays there.. then the two boys went crazy and climbed up and down and treated the displays like a playground!:)

But thank god we were not the only parents with kids who did that.. I noticed there are many families there and they were just sitting there and enjoying the aircon.. the kids will climb up and down while the parents sat by the side and looked at their phones.

In the end, we decided to go off to another part where there is this huge slide. In the past, Ace did not dare to go up and down the playground. But this time round he kept going for another round... and he said he wanted to try to big slide but alas, we did not have the tickets. You need to spend some money and then exhange for tickets to do the larger slide..

Then after that, Ace joined C at this mini playground. I find it so amazing that my very tall 9 year old (who looks like he is 10 or 11) looks so out of place in the playground but is so happily playing there!:) I mean, that playground is for toddlers like C! But well, he has been happily playing with C'ss toys at home as well. I guess if i think positive, he has TONG XIN ;) The gift of innocence and wonder!:)

Then it was time for dinner. Ace yee yee orh orh.. did not want to eat spaghetti that me and Ah Yee wanted to eat. But also because we had to wait half an hour to be seated, we decided to eat elsewhere as C was also hungry. Alas, Ace's first choice of Mac Donalds was closed for renovation. So in the end, we decided to eat in foodcourt..

Wah, that itself was really tough.. it was crowded and we were with one kid and one toddler.. there were no high chairs available. I went to buy food and drinks (queued forever for them) and then Ah Yee had to feed C liao then can quickly eat her food. Worst thing was next day, both of us LS cos we ate from the same stall...

But well, I am glad the two cousins had a chance to bond:) I hope they will grow up as close as me and Ah Yee despite the huge age difference.

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