Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dumb And Dumber

Ace usually doesn't want me to cut his hair.. His dad is usually his choice barber...

Dunno why.. after we come back from SGP... he says that he wants me to cut his hair.. he says daddy always cut too short.. so ok lor.. cut for him lor.. watched a youtube video about how to cut hair (you can learn anything on youtube these days!)

And it was not too bad and looked quite good.. so next month, when his hair was long liao.. time to cut again.. he said dun want daddy to cut for him liao.. And then he requested for me to do the pixie look with a longer stem in the middle...

I tried.. but couldnt get the right shape..... in the end, I told him i cut wrongly.. no choice I cut all straight ok? He says ok...

And the end result.. is THIS...

REminds me of JIM CARREY in DUMB and DUMBER! Hahahahahah

So I told him this is called the DUmb and Dumber look.. i felt a little bad tat I cut his hair until like that... But what is done cannot be undone.. so I just promise myself to do a better job the next month.

But leh, I noticed whenever I laughed about his dumb and dumber hair.. he will really do something DUMB... so I told him.. for him, this is called the kiang and kianger look.. i hope that he will do CLEVER things instead...

To my surprise, a few days later, Ace came home from school and announced to me that he LOVES his new hairstyle... "Everyone said that my hair looks very nice!" He exclaimed..

"REALLY???!!!" I asked him.

"Yeah!" And he was so proud of his new hairstyle. And he said all his close friends say his hair style is very nice and very good... Hahahaha... I am just happy he likes it :)

PS: But when F saw his hair... she asked him why his hair is like that.. she says looks a little like ah gong.. Wahahahaha :) I guess adults and children have a diff sense of what is cool...

PPS: He says he still wants to keep this hair style next time I cut! Hahhaa.. but i have evil plan. I am going to let it grow longer and then I will do the famous UNDERCUT with slanted fringe... that is my plan.. dun tell him.. shhhhh....

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Out Of "Civilization" For A Day

The other day, there was some building maintenance thingy being done to our electrical source or something.. so leh, the Building Management informed us that we will not be having electricity from 9am to 5pm in the evening.

That means a whole day or not having TV, cannot cook, no internet to check emails or facebook...

I thought it is not too bad lah.. till 5pm only mah... but i was worried for my food in the fridge cos it means the food might go bad. I went to google and discovered that if i dun open the fridge door, likely the food can still stay fresh as long as it is not longer than 24 hours.

And then I thought I will just sleep through most of it and read a book I have been wanting to read lah. Just charge my iphone and ipad fully and still can play candy crush offline mah...  

I enjoyed the aircon and somewhere around 9 plus.. when they off the aircon, I was already back in bed, getting ready to zzz again (since i woke at 6.30am to help prepare Ace and send him off to school...)

ZZz till 11 plus and Max called.. he offered to pick me up for lunch and so I went out for lunch and also dabaoed Ace's lunch... so far so good.

Ace came home.. ate his lunch and started to do his homework.

Unfortunately, winter is approaching so by 4 plus, already the outside is getting darker.. so had to seat Ace right beside the window to do homework.

Was  a little worried cos when we went out for lunch, saw the men really working at a relaxed phase and wondered if they will finish on time..

TRUE ENOUGH, they did NOT finish on time lor... come 5pm... there was still no electricity. It was almost impossible for Ace to do work due to the dim light and I couldnt start cooking.

Watchman came and told us tat they will be done in another half an hour... we waited and waited and waited...

THe longer I waited, the hungrier I got and the angrier I got becos now it is no longer possible to even read my story book... cos this is how it looked like..

Max was going for his soccer game.. in the end, we hitched a ride from him to go eat dinner outside lor... when we went downstairs, I realized I was not the only one who couldnt stand the dark.. many of my neighbours were milling around at the car park.. waiting for the guys to finish their work..

Heng ah, when we finished our dinner and came home.. we were BACK IN CIVILIZATION:)

Ace says he doesnt ever want to experience that again... Me too! I think this is why I am doomed to live in a city and can never live in the countryside...

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Picnic With The Girls From Singapore Women's Group

The last time the girls from SWG organized a picnic, I was unable to make it. This time, I thought it will be good to chill and relax with them and so when they organized it, I decided to attend..

It is a potluck picnic so everyone is supposed to bring something. Initially I wanted to bake a cake but I was told that there are too many dessert like foods.. I looked through the food list and realized that there are many staples as well.. and I thought long and hard about what to bring..

In the end, I decided to bring something simple and easy to make... After being inspired by the Make Your Own Guacamole thingy at the restaurant me and Max part tor in.. I told them I will bring dips and chips:)

It turned out to be quite easy to make..

In the end, I even had time to refill our essential oil bottle in the car and also decorate the bottle too ;)

Only Singapore style is like tat... out plastic bag then put mat so tat the kar chng wun be wet:) wahahahahah

So much food!!!

Hear hear! President is giving her speech:)

Reyna contributed her SPECIAL COFFEE with beans from Singapore!

Met a friend there by surprise.. she was invited by someone else and she brought SATAY... that her ang moh husband MADE FROM SCRATCH.. yes, including the peanut sauce! Amazing!!!

The beautiful park that day:)

Time for some games.. we played charades.. highlight of the game was when we had to try to guess the name of the movie, MEET THE FOCKERS... wahahahaha.. go figure!

All in all, a very happy picnic.. I stayed on a while more cos my friend said she could give me a lift to the metro station.. in the end.. I ended up arriving slightly later than Ace and he was waiting at the door for me.  Next time cannot so long backside.. hahaaha.. I must try to leave earlier!:) wahahahaha

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


In a normal year, Dubai has rains 2 times a year... But recently, it hasnt really been normal.. just last year, it rained 5 times!

Because Dubai doesnt rain very often, there is piratically not drainage system to speak of and so once it rains, there will always be ponding and how fast it dries up will depend on how hot the sun is for the next few days.

The other day, there was an urgent message from the school because there were light showers and the weather report said thunderstorms are to be expected.. and KDHA (which is like our MOE in Singapore) announced that all schools will close immediately and parents have to go and fetch their children. So shiok man..loh hor then can mian tak chek...

In the end/? Boh loh hor lor! It didn't rain!:) Wahahahahaha ;)

That night though, in the middle of the night.. there was a relatively huge downpour... and so the next day.. when we were coming home from lunch.. we saw this...

Trust children to make the most out of the ponding...

Bet Singaporean parents wun allow this cos "the water is too dirty!" wahahahahaha...

Ace told me though that due to the light drizzle they had in school, there were puddles and they had puddle jumping competitions to see who can make the biggest splashes...  Sigh.. no wonder he was especially smelly that day...

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sticker Daimoku Chart!

 Ace is a blessed little boy... sometime back.. I saw this really lovely daimoku chart on the website of SGI USA... but apparently, shipping cost is high and so I couldnt order it for him..

But two weeks ago, one of our friends went to the US and he bought sticker daimoku charts for all the children who attended the meeting!:)  So cute right!

 We agreed that for every 10 min he chanted, he can get to stick one sticker. Because of this, Ace has been very excited to chant everyday :)

Somehow hor.. when he chants before he do homework, he will concentrate better and finish faster leh!:)  I wonder how long it will take him to finish the whole chart.. hahaha

PS: Ace did not finish his homework on time and I took away his ipad privileges. After he finally completed part of what I asked him to do by concentrating, I told him that I will return his privileges if he chants for one hour. And he really did!:) wahahaha.. I asked him how does he feel after chanting for an hour.. he says he feels really good and very happy.. and "I feel like I have more wisdom too!" wahahahahaha.. I think Popo will be very happy to hear this :)

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Creative Ace

Ace plays alone very often as an only child... The downside of it is that he has yet to learn to work in a group very well...

The upside though is that I think it has made him very creative.. wahahaha :) Here are some of his pieces of CREATIVE WORK ;)

This one he says is known as  Murdering The Waffle...

He says this one is called The Murderer E..

I dunno what is his fascination about murders man...

Murdering Ice Cream...

Then after that, he got tired of it and started to cut a paper bag to make into a vest.. cos he says he is trying to make a costume..

Can you guess what or who he is dressing up as?

I posted this and asked my friends to guess.. some guessed robber, some guessed policeman.. I thought he looked like a terrorist! wahahahahahahahahahaa... But he is actually dressing up as a spy...

I told Ace he cannot dress up like tat becos too obviious liao.. spies usually look like normal pple.. they dun dress funny like tat one:)

This one is little prince mood very good.. say want to make a pink dog for me using his balloons :) hahaha

Our friend went to Taiwan and bought this cardboard robot for Ace. She said it looks quite complicated and we may have to help Ace out.. end up.. he did the whole thing by himself:)

This one is a two in one.. he says you can use it to spy on people.. and then he cut a slit to slot in a cardboard.. so tat that can be a lid.. and this can become a....

shopping bag! wahahahahahaha

This one is good thinking on his part. Ace said he wanted to make a lamp..

After he cut out everything, he tried to paste the tealights on the bottom of the bottle.. alas, the bottom of the bottle is not flat and has a protruding knob right in the middle... so cannot lor..

He looked at it for about 10 seconds and told me.. "I know already.. just turn it over!" and there you go.. a lamp.. hahaha.. he says next year mooncake festival can make lantern like that too..

This one he says is called THE FARM... cos that is the windmill..

That cork with four toothpicks is an animal drinking water... wahahahah

So my son is very cheap to entertain.... just pass him recycled box and bottles...

The downside of this though is tat my living room is starting to look like karang guni already!!!!!!

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Worst Blood Test Ever!

Time to renew my residency visa... and so, that means I have another chance to come into contact with the healthcare industry here in Dubai.

This time, since it was just a renewal.. only needed a blood test. (Thank god no more Xray for the chest. I dun want to die more cells leh!) I asked Max why they needed to do a blood test... I just found out that Singapore has a policy and does not allow people with AIDS to come in and stay within the country.

I wonder if this could be the case for Dubai too.

Anyway, this time round,I just needed to go to this new govt clinic near my place to do the blood test.

And boy was it a crowded clinic! Sooooooo many people. And you wouldnt believe it... just to do the blood test, I needed to queue so many times.. first time.. upon entering, have to queue at the payment counter to pay first.. after you pay, you pay at the queue number counter to take a queue number.. after tat, proceed to the area outside the room where the blood test is being done to hand in your papers.

STood there like a moron because the staff there informed us that there is  break down in their system and they just continue to talk on the phone and chat with each other and eat snacks like nothing happen....

Best part, finally handed in the paper and go in liao... waited another 30 min because the system down and they cannot start drawing samples of blood...

Finally time to do the blood test... to be fair, it was not very pain.. BUT i think not very professional because:
  • strangely she did it on my right arm instead of left
  • instead of doing on the big vein I have. they did it on the upper part of my arm
  • also, after the procedure, I found lots of blood on the cotton bud they stuck on my wound when i got home
  • And MOST IMPORTANTLY world's worst orh chey ever after two days!
I was told that I am lucky that the nurse din like pump the needle in and out... ewww...

Anyway, I think I should be healthy lah..  Heng Ace dun neeed to draw blood.. if he need.. dunno how loud he will cry.. hahahha :)

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ngeh Ngeh Want To Cook

I don't know what is it... maybe it is the fact that he feels independent.. or maybe it is because cooking might be therapeutic for him as well... but my son has fallen with cooking...

My son has been wanting to cook almost every weekend. The other day, he woke late and it was close to lunch time and we were going out to eat lunch soon... our good friend STILL insisted on cooking..

Told him he nursing a slight cough, dun eat egg... and so he fried tomato and mushroom for himself lor... and then I also dunno wat he put inside.. he say tastes very good.. wahahahahaha :)

Must teach him a few other dishes and then maybe next time can ask him to make dinner!!!:)

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Boh Liao Weekend

Weekends here are getting more and more boring..

Most of the things here fall into the been there, done that category.. and if it is not done, we are likely not interested in it in the first place....

PLUS, Ace is going through a let's eat thai food everyweek phase.. hahahaaha... Max eat until xian lor:)

But since Ace like, we still eat lah.. just to break out of the monotony.. we ordered sticky mango dessert lor:)

THen becos nothing to do right.. we boh liao.. go walk walk in Daiso... Max is quite amazing, he actually used 5 min to play with this toy where he managed to seperate all the orange and blue balls....

He is soooooooooooo boh liao that he even posed with a mixer.. wahhaha

Anyway, maybe it is about time to go home for good..

Sometime back, a window of possibility to go back to Singapore appeared but as we are not sure if the window will be opened or closed or will disappear in the near future... but still.. since the window appeared, we talked about how things will be when we go home... if the window materializes, we will go home within a few months and Max will also be promoted with the shift back home too...

I told Ace that there is a chance that we can go back to singapore and suddenly, he says he prefers Dubai over Singapore. After more chit chat, I found out that it is because he thinks that schools in Singapore give alot of homeowrk.. I told him that his current school has no homework because he finished it in school mah... so if he do his work fast, he wun need to bring work home too...

"No mummy, you don't know one... the teachers in Singapore give SPECIAL HOMEWORK for you to specially do at home one..." Wahahaahahahahahahahaha....

Anyway, when his dad went to the bedroom for their before bed ritual, Ace told him that he wish
his dad bad luck.. so he cannot get promoted.. so Ace dun need to go to school in Singapore...

Wah lau eh, what sort of son is this..

The next day, I had a discussion with him about this.. I told him that he should be happy for daddy if ever daddy is promoted and not wish him bad luck. Daddy is doing his best for the family and if he can move forward for his career, it will be good for the family. We cannot hang on to the school here just because there is less homework and pull daddy backwards but should support him instead...

So.. Ace sort of accepts going back and started talking about how he can eat chee cheong fun everyday...

Other than thinking about where to stay, where to put our stuff.. whether I will continue to work etc etc etc... I also started to think about what sort of school I will want to send Ace to if we ever go back.. do we choose a good school tat will push him? Do we choose a wholistic school like horizon? do we choose a school near home? Or it doesnt really matter as long as it is a good school for Ace.

I asked Ace what he thought about that and he said that for him.. the most important thing is that the school has caring teachers like Ms Roberts his form teacher.. has good friends... and good principal that is firm and kind like Mrs Sinclair...

I told Max that and he says.. "He is basically describing Horizon School leh!" Hahaha.. I am hopeful that he will find a good school if need be.. because in my experience, if you are meant to meet good people, you will meet them no matter where you go ;)

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ace's Arcade Pictures

Just to keep him entertained.. Max told Ace that he is to redecorate the door... so while we took our afternoon nap on a lazy weekend, Ace was hard at work..

He wanted to draw like soldiers and weapons.. but I told him no violent themes please...

Here's what we saw when we woke..

He still managed to sneak in the war theme into one of the arcade machines with a boy who won lots of tickets.. hahaha

He says this is a dance machine.. four legs cos actually there are two people dancing at the same time

Not as colourful at the previous door design.. but I like:)

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