Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I am Daddy

Ace is starting to play make believe games.

The other day, he started to put boxes on his arms, his head and started walking like a robot and then he told me, "Mummy, I am robot!" and then after a while, he came to me and told me, "Mummy, robot wants to arhm... robot wants to drink water..."

But he caught me by a surprise the other day when he pointed to himself and told me, "This is Daddy", pointed to the big pink hello kitty on Ah Yee's bed and said, "This is mummy..." and pointed to the small white polar bear soft toy and said, "this is Ace. This is baby..."

"Oh! so you are a Daddy now Ace? So what do you do when you are a Daddy?"

"Erm..." he paused and thought for a while...

"Sayang baby.." he told me and then cuddled the bear in his arms and started to stroke the bear..

"What else does a Daddy do?" I asked him.

"Erm... Tickle baby! Hahaha" he giggled.

So that is how Ace sees his Daddy... as someone who loves his children and plays with him.

Two days later, while I was alone in the room with him, I asked him, "Ace, where is Daddy?"

"Neh!" he pointed to himself and so I continued to asked him where Mummy and Baby are and he pointed to the soft toys again.

"So what does a Daddy do?" I asked him.

"Hug hug!" he shouted out with a grin and ran forward to hug all the soft toys.. first the polar bear and then the kitty.

Children are so innocent and sweet! haha.... and I would say insightful too! Cos I feel that is really what just fathers need to do!

On the other hand, I also feel comforted that me and Max have done a good job in parenting Ace such that he has such a beautiful interpretation of fatherhood ;)

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Training of the psychic powers

Do you know that we are all born with psychic powers?

Young children more often than not have very strong powers of intuition. Eg, someone were to come home and the door is locked, they always know who is coming home before the door opens. Someone calls the house and they instinctively know who is at the other end of the phone.

However, along the years when we grow up, we throw these precious gifts away and instead rely on deduction and logic which may sometimes not be very useful in life since my teacher says, "Logic is like the cheap whore tat follows the bidder with the highest price..." That is because you can always use logic to 'prove' and 'unprove' everything but it may not necessarily be true or end up with a happy ending.

As such, this is part of the reasons why I wanted to send Ace to shichida to train his right brain and to keep and develop his psychic powers because i found it can really aid us in our life. Like you see a person and know wat sort of person they are and wat they will do... tat really saves alot of time from my personal experience.

However, Ace only likes part of the activities related to psychic training. Eg teacher will ask him, what is the colour of the sweet in the candy can.. and ask them to use their special eye and see... whether Ace gets it right or wrong is dependent on his mood.. if he is in a good mood, he usually gets it right.. but when he is grumpy.. he just anyhow choose...

So I am not really sure if he really has mastered the skill or not.

The other day, I bought some cheese tarts and came home.. because I met up with my other frens who were exchanging presents, I also brought back some empty boxes that they say might entertain Ace.

When I reached the door, I took out one of the boxes and told Ace, "Ace, I got a present for you!"
He did not even think or blink, took the present and told me, "I don't want this present and threw it away."

I took out the second box and told him, "Ace, what about this present?"

"I dun want this present, " and he threw it away without looking at it.

And then before I could say anything, he pointed to the last box in my bag which is just an ordinary plain box with some prints on it. "That one is cake! I want to eat cake!" he said.

"How you know it is cake?" I asked him.

"I want to eat cake.." was his reply.

I told Daddy about it and he says good lah, means all the money we spent sending Ace to shichida really helped ;)

Ivy and Huiling, tat means you are good teachers ah! Hahaha....

PS: The other day, we passed by marine parade while we were riding on the ECP. "Eddie gor gor..." Ace said suddenly and true enough, Eddie at tat very moment we passed by was in a certain church in marine parade along that stretch that we passed by.. amazing!

PPS: I was told that children with very good ESP skills can see momo.... Actually is ok lah.. just tell them to hold on to god/guanyin/buddha/gohonzon's hands and they will be safe... not really a big deal... ;)

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

True Giving = Receiving

During my POV stint in Taiwan, Chuck and Lency, my other set of 'parents' told me that true giving is the same as true receiving cos when you give truly, you will enjoy receiving from it.

And true enough, after 'giving' to Ace for three years, I am now able to enjoy wat I give him when he tries to imitate what we do.

Recently, he has gone into a true sharing mode.

Even when he is eating something very nice that he likes very much... even without me asking for it, he will automatically take a piece and share with me.

Just now, I gave him a muesli bar and then without me saying anything, he took a piece and offered it to me.

"Thank you so much!" I said and put it into my mouth to chew it.

"Is it nice?" He asked me with his cute handsome little head tilting downwards to the left.

"Yes, very nice!"

And the good warm fuzzy feeling radiated all throughout me....

Wow, I didn't know it felt so good to be cared for and to have people be concerned about whether I enjoy the food I eat... no wonder some people like Peter Pan never want to grow up! haha...

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Thursday, April 24, 2008


I told Daddy the other day that not all things that Ace learn from TV is not good.

"Hahaha...Stop trying to justify your bad influence on him with regards to watching TV..." Daddy said.

Ok... maybe I am trying to justify that...


of you have ever come home after a long, tired day and your child greets you at the door and asks you, "Ni hui lai le ah?" (you are home?), you would understand how good it feels when your child shows you care and concern...

I dun think we have that sort of habit at home.. so naturally, he must have learnt it from Tv lah ;)

Please only learn the good stuff from Tv, Ace!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yes, We Know Your Name Is Ace

As they say, there is no party that never ends.

A party that me and Ace enjoyed immensely has ended... and it is the party that Ace fondly calls "teacher ivy"...

Teacher Ivy, Ace's shichida teacher has left shichida and so the class will be faced with a new teacher. Thinking that since teacher Ivy will be gone, it will be a good chance to change Ace to a more regular timeslot so that the lessons will not disrupt his afternoon nap.

So, Ace had to say goodbye to the sunday slot and not only did he have to say goodbye to Teacher Ivy, he also had to say goodbye to his good friends Prisca, Gregory, Kian Hong, Bing Heng, Lucas and their mummies and daddies.

Because he was new in class, his new teacher, Teacher Huiling said they should introduce themselves to one another by telling each other their names.

"We will start with Ace.." she said as Ace was sitting in the corner.

"What is your name?" asked Teacher Huiling.


So teacher went on to the next student and asked them what is their name. "Your name is..."

"Ace!" came a reply loud and clear from the other corner where Ace is sitting.

No matter whose turn it was, Ace always gave an answer. "Ace!"

"Yes, Ace, we know your name is Ace... " And so, that his how his classmates got to know him.. Hahaha...

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Waipo

We went to celebrate Waipo's birthday at TCC...

As usual, this handsome little boy ran around the whole cafe, danced around and created lots of attention.. especially from young, seemingly single female jie jies tat will go, "Aiyoh.. loook, he is so cute!"

Here are the pics we took of that day.

As you can see, Ace has discovered that this yellowish looking cake is called a cheese cake so the next day, he comes to me and says, "Mummy, I want to eat.. I want to eat cake.. I want to eat cheese cake!"

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Friend

Ace makes friends really easily.

Wherever he goes, whenever he sees a kid, he will go over to them and try to talk to them and try to play with them.

The other day, we were waiting in the Challenger Customer's Service Centre for Daddy to settle some things.

Ace was running here and there and when he saw a little kid who was about his age, he ran over and talked to the kid and asked him, "What is your name?"

And then he started talking to the kid, talking to his father, talking to his mother... as I was seated a distance away from him, the kid's mother was worried and asked him, "Where is your mummy? Does she know you are talking to strangers?"

And so Ace pointed at me.

"Your son is very friendly, " she told me when I walked over.

"So Ace, you busy making new friends?" I asked him and so Ace pointed to his new friend and told me, "New friend..."

I put Ace on my lap and told him, "we sit here and wait for Daddy, ok?"

"No, I want to go down. I want to play with new friend..." he wriggled out of my grasp and ran to his new friend. "New friend! New friend!" he shouted to his new friend.

"Ace, his name is not new friend. You have to ask him what is his name..." So Ace asked him what is his name.

Turned out that his new friend is called Nicholas. BUT Ace STILL insists on calling him new friend.

A few days later though, he was looking at some pictures and he pointed to a random little boy and told me, "Nicholas.. new friend..."

I think the face is not correct lah.. nevertheless, I am amazed at his very good memory for people's names. Atta boy!

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Will Dance For Sweets

The other day, we went to pray to our ancestors and we brought Ace along.

The moment he got off the car, he FLEW towards this family where there were 3 gor gors and started to talk to them.

The family loved children I think and I think partially it is because Ace is so cute, they keep giving him sweets, fruits...

And then the aunty said to Ace, "eh, boy, I give you sweets leh, can you dance for me?"

And so Ace started to perform for them! Hahaha...

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ganma Must Be Soooooooo Touched

The other day, i was packing all the DVDs and VCDs that we had and Ace was pointing to the DVDs and telling me, "I want taoshu...."

So I gave him a Taoshu DVD. Then he went on to tell me, "You know, ganma make taoshu.. taoshu gan ma de..."

"Yes I know, " I replied him.

And then he told me, "ganma mai gei Ace de..." (Ganma bought this for Ace)

hey ganmas, all your presents appreciated by Ace lor! hehe...

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Why You Angry?

I read somewhere that when children turn 3, they will start to express their emotions and be curious about other people's emotions as well.

When I came back from Taiwan and Ace picked me up from the airport, he told me in the car, "I am so angry!" and he pursed his lips and folded his arms. "Why are you angry?" I asked him even though I knew it was probably due to the fact that I went to Taiwan without bringing him along.

I suspect though, that Daddy must have been feeling the same sort of anger as well.. HAHAHA...

And then I would kiss him and he would smile... after a while though, he would tell me he is angry and slowly, this developed into a ANGRY GAME.

He will say that he is angry, purse his lips and fold his arm and then I will say to him, "You are not handsome when you are angry..." and then he will laugh out loud... he finds this game amusing and keeps repeating it..

Slowly, however, it developed into a similar but different game.

Now, when he very free and very bored and nothing to do..he will come to me or his Daddy and say, "YOu angry.. you angry!"

That is his cue for us to pretend to be angry by sayin,g "I am angry!" Purse our lips and fold our arms.

Then he will run to you from wherever he is and kiss you and then together we do a V for VICTORY sign and say, "Happy Face!"

That happens when he is in a good mood.

But there are times when he gets really angry and then I will ask him, "Why are you angry.."

I was quite surprised when the other day, when I got angry, he came to me, tilted his head one side to look into my face and asked me, "Mummy, wei shen me sheng qi?" (Mummy, why are you angry?)

So I explained to him why I am angry and he asked me to "Bu yao sheng qi" (not be angry).

Few days later, he did something wrong and then I said, "Ace, stop that.." And he came to me and asked me, "Why are you angry?" And then I explained that I was not angry at him but I did not want him to do that because...blah blah blah...

Sometimes he comes to me on my grumpy days and ask me, "Why are you angry..." And I will tell him that I am having a bad day and explain why I was upset... most of the time he is really understanding and sometimes he sends you more kisses because of that.

It's great to have a kid and it's great to treat him like a best friend cos he treats you like his too!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Got Colour, No Mother

When I was in school, we would always say that those people who are so besotted with their other half that they forget their friends "got colour, no brother.." after the chinese idiom, Jian Se Wang You.

When I was in Taiwan, Daddy kept telling me how much Ace missed me and how much he cried over me and how he had to be pacified with my picture...

Truth to be told, I suspect that daddy missed me much more than Ace did! haha..

When I called back one of the days, Daddy had actually brought Ace out to the fooddrop at Meiling... and there is this resident there with a very cute grand-daughter with precious moments eyes called Lele....

Ace was playing with Lele when I called and Daddy passed the phone to him and told him, "It's mummy!"

"MUMMY!" Ace screamed into the phone.

And then he passed the phone back to Daddy and went back to playing with Lele.

Daddy said they were having alot of fun hugging each other, kissing each other and Lele even pretended to fall down and stretch out her hand to get Ace to help her out and they will repeat the games again and again and they had so much fun Ace was soaking wet!

Mag, our fellow Lion, was so amused she took the following pics and sent them to me under the titled YOUR FUTURE DAUGHTER IN LAW... hahahaha!

Ace ah, got colour, no mother leh! :P

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Too Much TV

I think that Ace is watching too much TV these days...

How do I know even though I had been away for 2 weeks in Taiwan?

Hahaha... of course I know!

Firstly, Ace is starting to scold people "Shen Jing Bing..." I am sure that no one taught him that.. so when I asked my mum about it, Waipo said that Ace watched TV and learnt from TV.

Ok, so he learns how to scold foul language from the TV.. and that is not all...

The other day, he took out a Magic Clean mop and tell me, "Mummy, I want to sao di..." And then he took the magic clean mop, pulled it behind him and ran around the house while he said, "Wo pao pao pao..." (I run run run)

"Mummy, what is he doing ah?" I asked my mum. "Oh, that is the magic clean advertisement lah.. says you can run around with the mop..." said Waipo..

I din know my mum is also a TV kid addict now... she never used to watch tv and never used to know all the advertisements on TV.

Then a few days later, Ace came to me and told me, "Mummy, wo yang yang" (I am feeling itchy) and he started to scratch his hands... "Wo yao cha wu bi kao..." (I want to apply Mopiko). But when I looked at his hand, there was no mark there at all and no indication of why he needed to apply Mopiko..

"Ignore him.. " my mum told me when she overheard. "He watched the advertisements too many times so now he keeps wanting to apply Mopiko on himself. The other day he took the Mopiko and applied it all over himself! If not, he will want to apply the ru yi you..."

So I turned to Ace and told him, "There is no mosquito bite so you don't need to apply Mopiko, Ace..."

"Erm... I want to cha you..." (I want to apply ru yi oil) he said.. trying to change topic since he did not get what he wanted.

"Why do you want to apply that, Ace?" I asked him..

"I want to POOT yi shen.." (I want to give a poot/farting sound) he said.

This is for sure from TV lor.. cos I watched this ad N times myself.

When I was talking to Ivy that day, she said that children should not be watching TV before they turn three. She knows cos she is a teacher that specializes in brain development for young children. Actually, I long long ago also know.. but it is so tough for me not to watch TV myself. How can I ask my child not to do something that I am doing right?

I figured I still am pretty good even though I watched alot of TV when I was young.. and Ace should have his own choice lah... anyway, I try to limit the amount of TV tat he watches and the type of programmes that he watches whenever I am around.. But when I am not around, it would be tough... keep my fingers crossed man...

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