Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ping Pong

Good to see that Ace is developing some sporty interest other than COOKING and applying make up.. hahaha ;)

Ace plays ping pong with yeye...

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Monday, March 24, 2008

F*** word

In the POV workshop that I just attended, Hiromi Sensei mentioned this.

She says that when our children say some dirty language or bad words, if we ignore them, it will eventually go away.

BUT if we kick up a big fuss over it, then it is likely that the child will continue to say these words again and again.

The other day, we brought Ace out for dinner with Eddie and Josephine.

During the dinner, Eddie got carried away talking about something that he forgot that Ace was around. "Fuck man.." eddie said. "Oei, please watch your language, there are children around.. " Jo told him.

"Sorry sorry.." and then the day went on...

Then two days later, he told me suddenly, "I am reading a book..."and the took out this LAW book and started flipping it while he 'read aloud..."

"Eddie gor gor fuck fuck fuck..."

I paused at what I am doing, careful not to react or have a change in expression and observed what he was doing.

"Eddie gor gor fuck fuck fuck..."

"Eddie gor gor... " and then he went on to literally described what he saw Eddie do that whole night we were together.

Phew.. thank goodness I had no reaction. After that, he did not mention that word again...

I told Max about this and he laughed and said, "Ok, no more dinners with Eddie.. hahahaha!"

Me and max discussed how we would explain what that word is to Ace when he grows up though. Max says he will tell Ace that it is a verb that has many meanings.. hahaha ;)

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Liverpool's youngest player

Liverpool Football Club held a training session with their new coach, Max, for the training of their youngest (2.5 years old) player, Ace Chua.

However, the coach seems to be a cuckoo who instead of teaching the player to kick the ball, he teaches him to throw the ball at people's backside...

Look out for the end of the video where Ace sticks his bum out for the ball...

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ace, The Cook

I think that when Ace grows up, he should have some interest in cooking. My dream is that one day, when he is about Tashi's age, he will be able to cook like Tashi and I will have a good life! hahaha

Anyway, whenever he goes to Yeye and Nainai's house, in a corner of their kitchen, they have these whole set of utensils and containers for Ace to play cooking with. So every now and then, Ace will sit in the corner of the kitchen and pretend tat he is either Nainai or Yeye and start cooking.

The other day, when I came home, I saw a steel pot on the floor and Popo said that Ace ran into the kitchen and took out the put to play. "He spent like half an hour on the pot.." Waipo said.

I think he must really like cooking....

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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Ace has quite a good memory of people now...

When ganma Karen came to visit him, the moment he saw her, he called "Ganma!"

The other day, I met up with Melvin and Germaine and they brought Tiffany along. I showed Tiffany Ace's photos and told her, "handsome gor gor..." and then she giggled and smiled. she might have remembered Ace as they just played together at jez's house.

Anyway, we were playing with the camera and I took some photos of tiffany.

The other day when i was downloading the photos and Ace was sitting beside me. So I pointed to the photos and asked Ace, "Who is that?"

"Tifanny!" He said.

Is Tifanny pretty?

"Tifanny mei mei.." he replied.


I called Germaine and told her about it and she was also really amused... guess we might have good chance of becoming in laws in future! MUAHAHAHA....

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dancing Ace

This is my current favourite hobby... WATCHING ACE DANCE.Yeye downloaded a very happening piece of music and played it for Ace to dance...I think Ace is just so talented in dancing. I could look at this clip all day and not get tired cos I think he really moves sooooo beautifully!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Grand Day IN

I have always described our outings with Ace as a GRAND DAY OUT.

The other day, Ace had a grand day in-side the house all thanks to Kingsley!;)

Kingsley has always talked about getting Ace a present and last christmas, he finally did get a Barney backpack for Ace.. but he kept it at his place for so long tat when we finally got it, it was after CNY already..

Anyway, we brought it home last at night after a supper session with Kingsley. So I kept it in the cupboard...

The next morning when Ace woke up, I asked him, "Ace, do you want a present?"

"Present!" his eyes brightened up immediately.

When I passed him the bag, he was sooooooooooooooo happy.

"Barney! BJ! Baby Bop!" He started to name all the characters on the bag...

And then he proceeded to spend the next one whole day playing with the bag.

"Help me!" he said and asked me to help him put the straps around his shoulders.

And then, he proceeded to go to our white IKEA stool. "Dhiit!" he pressed on the stool and pretended that the stool was Daddy's car and that he was unlocking the car.

Then he would sit inside the car and say, "Driving!" And then act as if his hands were on the steering wheel. Then he will walk over and pull me to sit beside him.

"Where are we going, Ace?" I asked him.

"Errrr.... teacher ivy" and then when we reached the suggested 'destination' he would get off the car, 'dhiit' (lock) the car and then pretend that he is at whereever he is supposed to be and do some actions that he do there. Eg, when he was at 'teacher ivy' (He refers to his shichida classes as Teacher Ivy), he would sit down and watch flashcards.

And then it was really a grand day IN-house because within a short two hours, we went to school, to the zoo, shopping, to the playground, to Popo's school, to have dinner.. etc... It was almost as if he recounted all his daily adventures within the last two years within 2 hours.

Sometimes he will revisit a place and he might even like go home, pretend to bath, and then pretend to sleep.. and pretend to wake the next day, bath and go out again..

It was hilarious I tell you!

And he is very particular about his adventures. If you sat down on his side of the car, he would tell you, "No, you zuo na bian!" (You sit over there) and if you pretended to drive like him, he will say, "Nooo... Ace drive!"

When Daddy came home, I told Daddy all about it and so Daddy entertained him by going places with him. Just to disturb him a little, Daddy started singing loudly when sitting in the 'car' like Ace usually does when the two of them go out together.

"Shhh... " Ace turned and put his fingers on his lips. "I am driving.." He told Daddy...

We laughed till our stomachs were in pain cos that is what Daddy always does when Ace sings loudly in the car.... HAHAHAHAHA!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Pop Singer Ace

Daddy 'koop' a CD from Grace and the CD had a very strange mix of songs. Other than some bossa nova songs, it also included this chinese pop song by Jolin Tsai and David Tao called You Must Marry Me today.

After hearing it N times in the car, Ace can now sing the song quite well ;) hahaha...

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

True Leader, Ace

I think Ace is very much a people person.

The other day, me and Daddy were just discussing about this. We noticed that Ace is not so good at starting things. He doesn't start things and influence others. More often than not, he is in the place of a follower. Eg, in school, he likes to follow Gregory and his other classmates such that when they do certain things, he does it as well.

Daddy is a tad worried about it because Daddy is very much about growth and leadership and all those stuff. So he is worried that our son would not become a leader. I have ever had this worry as well before as I know how important it is to be a good leader.

"But all good leaders start from being a very good follower.." I told Daddy.

And when we think about it... Ace is very much a true leader in many other sense. Because leadership is not about letting others follow you. True leadership is about responding to people in need and Ace is very good at that.

For eg, in class, Ace has a classmate who is so shy he doesnt want to come into the room, Ace will go and hold his hand to walk him in.

When he sees people who are upset, he is empathetic enough to go hug them and ask them not to cry or ask them, "why?"

Anyway, I just got back Ace's half yearly report from Shichida about his progress. Apparently, Ace is better than average expected results in terms or physical development, perception and linguistic development. But his highest scores come from his social development.

I guess that means he is developing his leadership.. hehe ;)

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cannot Eat Fish

Ace has become Vegeterian Soceity's youngest ambassador! Hahaha.. Just check out this video!

Ok, that was self declared...

The other day we were watching a food programme and they were roasting fish and there was smoke coming out of the fish and so Ace told me, "Wah... xiang xiang!" (smells good) and he says that whenever he sees smoke come out of whatever food you put before him.

So I took this chance and told him that the fish was previously alive. When we cook it, the fish will feel painful and cry and say, "Don't eat me, don't eat me..."

And after that, when you ask him, "Ace, can you eat fish?" He will say, "NO!"

And if you ask him why, he will put his hands on his eyes like he is crying and say, "Cannot eat fish.." meaning that the fish will cry.

Daddy says however that it feels like Ace is very sad he cannot eat fish.. hahaha ;)

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Cute Little Ace

The other day, I was going out with Daddy and on the way, we talked about our life, our work.. and Daddy looked a tate stressed the moment we started talking about work.

So I asked him if there was anything I could help... "No, nothing.. I got no problem.." replied Mr Independent.

Then later in the journey, we started recounting all the funny antics that Ace was doing and Daddy told me., "Next time when I am stressed.. just share with me funny stories about Ace..." That seems to be the best stress reliever! Hahaha...

And he does so many silly things everyday!

Just the other day, I was playing with him and suddenly he said, "Oh my god!" And I was quite shocked... because I know Tashi and Oracle say that sometimes, I told Daddy that it is possible that they taught him that.

"Did Zhou Ning or Zhou Yu jie jie teach you that?"

"Bu shi zhou ning.." (It is not Tashi) he replied.

When I told their mother, Jez said, "IT must be Zhou Yu then! Hahaha"

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yan Dao Again

My friends are amused by the fact that when Ace takes pictures, he will tell everyone that he is very handsome and yan dao and so the 'yan dao' pose.

"You teach him one ah??" a girl friend asked me.

"Ya lah.." I grinned.

Thinking back, I think I am one strange mother to teach my son things like tat... but I also remembered a very good-looking friend of mine telling me this once.

"When I was young, everyone I met told me I am very handsome.. so as I grew up, I became quite confident of myself and thought of myself as being handsome..."

I guess it doesn't really harm Ace and might even do him more good.

Anyway, what I find really amusing is that if you ask him whether Papa is yan dao as well, he will do this:

Hahaha... buay tahan!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I don't know what overcame me the other day.

Recently, I have been feeling a need to spend time alone with Max. Just the two of us, enjoying each other's company. But somehow, these two weeks, Max keeps telling me he misses Ace and wants to bring Ace along for all the outings that we are going to.

But yet when he brings Ace along, I don't really see him spending alot of time with Ace and I just feel like I have to end up worrying and not enjoy as much as I wanted to because Ace is sometimes so active he will run away from the table when we have our meals. So I felt kind of annoyed.

The other day, my sense of judgement got better of me and my neediness overwhelmed me and I just told Max not to bring Ace out the next time we go out because I wanted time with him... and while I was saying that, Ace was just sitting on my lap.

The moment i said it though, I regretted it. Ace did not say much or do much. He just had a blank expression on his face and so I thought it was ok.

But turned out that he was really quite upset by it as well.

Cos Ace said he wanted to eat bread. So we went to buy 2 pancakes and we told him that we would share the pancakes among us.

When he reached home, we told him that he needed to take off his shoes and wash his hands first before he could eat them and then he threw a huge tantrum.

First time ever, he was pushing things around, kicking the door and crying out just because he wanted to eat the pancakes immediately. He suddenly did not understand the meaning of the word, "later" even though most of the time if we told him "Please do this first.." he will smile and say, "Later then we play ok?"

Daddy got furious when he saw Ace behaving this way and shouted loudly at him.

And then Ace cried and cried so loudly when he washed his hands. Afterward, we gave him the pancake, he was still crying because he refused to share the pancake with us!

Why would someone who has had dinner twice want to eat one whole pancake ALL BY HIMSELF? That really beats me...

I was really upset that he became so selfish and refused to share.

I told him that I was really disappointed that he behaved this way because I always thought he was a very kind person who loved to share with other people.

And then I went into my room to pout cos I was really upset. I don't even understand why i was so upset just because my son din want to share a pancake with me. Hahaha..

I think he knew I was upset... so he came into the room and sat down beside me. He just sat there and kept quiet.

And suddenly, I had an inspiration... so I asked him to come close to me.. and he wriggled into my arms.

"I am sorry Ace, I was mean not to want to share Daddy with you. No wonder you did not want to share your pancake with me. Please no that no matter what, I love you very much. I am very sorry, will you forgive me?"

He hugged me very tight and told me, "I love you too!"

And then ran out of the room. I followed him out of the room and suddenly, he became the nice, sweet, kind Ace that he has always been.

Afterward, I realized why I was so upset as well.... I thought that if my son did not want to share a pancake with me, he did not love me! Hahaha.... So I went to hug Ace and told him what I discovered... he laughed and hugged me and told me, "I love you.." and then he kissed me... and I am a happy woman again :)

Anyway, I resolve to be a more mature parent. I think in parenting, there are always times where our children will go "I hate you mum.." but if we get emotional about it... we wouldn't be able to help our children. So I resolve to be a more mature parent so that I can help and love Ace more :)

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Scarcity Vs Abundance

I was a very jealous young child.

When my sister was born, I was so jealous of her that I stuck pins into her pillows.

I think, somehow I naturally moved into competition mode because I assumed that just because there is another person in the family, there will be a lack of love, money and all resources to go around. Because she was here, I would have less. And so I started to go into competition mode.

I was always better in my studies, listened to my parents more, got better boyfriends, got married first, gave birth first... and even though we were best frens, my sister and I, on the unconscious level, we were competing.

And the more we competed with each other, the more deep rooted this belief of scarcity is in our minds.

Because of this, I have a strong fear that when we have our next kid, they will feel the same way as well. Consciously, I know that as long as I love them and assure them, they will be ok. But deep in me, there is also a fear that I might not treat my children fairly (cos I often accused my mum and dad of being unfair.. haha.. wat goes around comes around)

The other day, we were talking to our coach, Arthur. Arthur is a very successful multi millionaire. He has 4 children and he says he needs a 6 figure income to keep his family going because once he sends one of the children to a certain lesson, the rest of them will get to go too. But of course, he was never always rich. He had his really down moments as well.

"I never reject my children and tell them that they cannot buy or do anything. Much less tell them they cannot do something because we did not have the money to do so..." he told us.

"Everything is possible, I tell them. As long as you work for it..."

And that inspired Max alot. Because of this, we started to instill in Ace the mindset that everything is possible, as long as he earned the money to get it.

To get him started, Max started teaching Ace how to recognize money. "This is one dollar, this is two dollars.. this is twenty cents..." Max will repeat to Ace day in and day out.

Step two, Max asked Ace if he wanted to have money. If he said yes, then Max would ask him to do something, help with something and give him money. And so, almost daily, whenever Max came home, he will ask Ace to massage him.

After the massage, he would give him one dollar and Ace will keep it in his piggy bank ;)

But I guess we may be worrying too much. Ace is actually a very abundant child. All his life, he has been really lucky... he never runs out of new clothes or new toys as he has many people who love him buy him new stuff. Also, just new year red packets alone this year, he collected over $600!

Anyway, I guess that means that me and Max are getting more abundant as well as our children reflect our sub conscious mind :) Yes!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Unique Motherhood Experience

I had a unique motherhood experience the other day.

It was really unique, special, pleasant experience and it was hilarious and funny at the same time.

For one night only, I had the chance to play mother to my own mother.

Netnet had some tickets to some event where they gave away freeflow of Carslberg beer and so, knowing that my parents are fond beer drinkers, he gave them some tickets and they went.

After a very bad session where my dad got really drink during New Year's Eve dinner, I had wanted to follow them because I was so afraid that they would get drunk and dunno how to get home. Alas, Ah Yee had to meet friends and since there was no one to take care of Ace, we decided in the end to stay at home and take care of Ace.

At around 11, we received a call from someone telling me, "Come and fetch your mum, she is drunk.." and I could hear my mum saying, "I am very drunk.. very drunk.." in the background.

"Ok," I told the nice lady and wondered why my mum or dad did not make the call themselves.

When I reached there though with Ace and Max (there was no one to take care of Ace so we had to bring him along), I realized why. Little wonder cos they finished like 40 over cans of beer among 6 pax.

It was really funny I tell you. My mum was slumped in a corner, seated there, resting.. looking like a drunk delinquent. She could not walk and could not control her emotions or her speech or her behaviour.

On the way back, she either puked, or talked really loudly.. repeating that they had alot to drink and she did not want my dad to drink too much so she tried to outdrink him... asking us why she is in such a bad state... asking if she scared Ace.. telling Ace that he loves him... telling us how clever she is to get bags from giodarno to puke in... how they met netnet's father and he was drunk as well and insisting that her clothes are clean and that she DID NOT puke onto her clothes.

"Next time dun want to bring her already lah.." my dad complained. Cos she was so drunk, he did not dare to get drunk as well and thus controlled his drinking. "I never drink till I shiok yet leh..." he said.

And then she went on to thank everyone.. "Thank you Joo joo, thank you ah feng, thank you max.. thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!! HAHAHAHA!" And she laughed REALLY LOUDLY!

I told Daddy he should buy 4D cos I have NEVER seen my mum like tat in my whole life.

We finally managed to bring her home.

And when your mother is drunk, that is when you feel like HER mother. Because drunkards have no sense of logic or memory, they will repeat the same thing again and again and ask you the same questions again and again. And they will shout at the top of their voice and insist on doing certain things.

"Ok, you got to speak softly, it is 12 midnight and is very late already. So you have to speak softly... shh...."

"OK, shhh...cannot talk loudly.." she will repeat.. only to forget it like 1 min later and start talking loudly.

"No, you cannot do this now because if you do so, you will...."

"I can! Who says I cannot!" she would challenge me and I had to repeat that she cannot and try to devise a different logic and explaination that appeals to her drunkard brain.

"It's ok, don't worry, I love you..." I kept telling her whenever she says thank you or apologized for being in a bad state.

"Let me help you..." I repeated whenever she wants to try stunts like walk or hug someone or drink water.

Those are the few phrases I repeated again and again and again... and at that very moment, I felt like a mother because that is what I usually say to Ace! Hahhaa....

When I helped her change, she was wriggling away like Ace when he refused to change his clothes but being the experienced mum that I am now, I still managed to get it done in a jiffy.

Ace was initially scared when he saw Popo in this stage. I told him, "Popo had too much drink and so she cannot control her emotions or behaviour now. It is ok. Just love her."

But when my mum asked to hugged him initially, he refused. "It's ok Ace, just hug popo, she is not scary, she needs your love..." and so I brought him to hug her.

Once he hugged her though, my son changed into a different person and started to become a caring godson-turned-mother.

"Popo, shui jiao.." he told my mum and touched her hand to sayang her.

I held on to my mother's hand and talked to her. Answering all her questions about where is her bag, is her hubby ok, whehter I want to know why she drank so much and consoling her when she starts to apologize, thank the whole world, says she loves the whole world.

And at this moment, Ace touched my hand and held on to it the same way and talked as well and at that moment, it really felt good to be linked both to my mother and son.

And then we tried to get Ace to go to bed but he refused to sleep. Even when he drank milk, he wanted to lie beside popo to watch over her.

One thing about my mum is tat even though she is so drunk, she still insisted in doing her evening prayers. So Ace sat down and watched her do her prayers... He kept looking at her face with this earnest expression like he MUST make sure she is ok at all times and it was only when she is asleep that he is willing or feels peaceful or at ease enough to sleep.

"Worth it to dote on this child.." I told Max and I am so moved that Ace is so filial and caring.

All in all, it was certainly and amusing experience. Max says I should have smsed my sis and asked her to come home cos I am quite sure we will NEVER get a chance to see my mum like tat again.. hahahaha.....

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