Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Student Parent Meeting Again

It's time for the student parent meeting again... This means that Ace will hold a meeting with me and Max and explain to us what he has done and how he wants to improve in the coming months. It is also a good chance for me and Max to go see see look look in the school....

That is Ace's winning entry for the library's art contest titled Teddy Bear's Picnic:)

That is Ace's drawing of himself:) hehehe

This is the classroom door with their pictures and then a star is put on the STAR OF THE DAY.. since the last meeting, Ace has been star of the day another two times...

That is Ace showing off his work and explaining what is it that he likes...

These are what his teacher things he should work on..

And she has been rather encouraging.. she actually sent Ace to the headmistress office to be awarded with stickers TWICE because Ace did "good writing and used wow words". Apparently only one or two children each time they do any writing work get this "award" . So Ace is mightly pleased:)

Ace and his favourite project mate in class, Tinnay...

Ace's dino design...

Last term, they had a few weeks where they did speech and drama during lessons.. how fun is that!

Descriptive writing by Ace.

And he liked doing it because he found it a little challenging! Wahahahah

THis is what Ace and his project mates came up with on how to stay healthy:)

I am pretty impressed that they actually even learnt how to conduct ONLINE SURVEYS! Because the other day he was telling me he has a plan to sell something in the park near his school and they are going to set up an online survey first to check something.. and I was wondering how he got the idea.. now I know.. ahahahaha

This one is them pretending to be parts of the Robot called IRON MAN. It isnt the Marvel comic superhero.. rather, it is a famous story about this robot who broke into pieces...

Learning to use descriptive words and a thesaurus:)

One of the student's granddad who used to be a scientist came in and told them a little more about science and how scientists conduct experiments. Ace enjoyed it immensely as he loves science. In fact, he is doing quite well in science and is given extra science lessons in class.. apparently, they have one period a week where all the students are send for extra lessons in something they are good in..

And then leh, the word "EPIC" is his current fav word because someone in class started it. Even though Ace does not really know what EPIC means, he has been saying this is EPIC and that is EPIC. Wahahahaha.. the other day, he wanted to decorate the new frisbee that his dad bought for him and he asked me if I could help him use the thesauraus to find the word "EPIC" because he wants to describe himself as "EPIC" but "I don't want to use this word.. too boring and too many people use already.." Wat a mismatcher!

That is their class during their PJ day where hey can go to school dressed in their PJs to raise funds for charity..

Measuring shadows at different times of the day..

Conference completed!
Ace's classroom..

Wow.. his teacher made this 3D iron man figure in class just using foil and garbage bag.. amazing!

Ace was featured on the notice board along the corridor in school:)

Handsome boy and his sticker from the headmistress's office. it is a rub and smell type of sticker with so called COLA scent..

Now I am just waiting to see his half year report with his actual results because they just had their tests.

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