Sunday, March 29, 2009

Seperation Anxiety?

Most children have some form of seperation anxiety and it usually stems from some form of insecurity when their parents are not around.

I always took pride in the fact that me, Max, our families and friends have given Ace so much love that he is a rather secure kid who doesn't cry much when we have to leave him with my mum and leave him. As long as we tell him before hand where we are going and how long we will be going away, he is usually ok to see us go. Even when he was a baby, he was already like that...

But recently though, it is as if he has taken on the archetype of the ORPHAN and he keeps expressing how unhappy at being excluded or even abandoned.

For example, when I went to Karen's wedding to be jie mei in the day, I did not bring Ace along and he gave me hell by asking me 1000 times why i did not bring him to Ganma's house during Ganma's wedding whenever he saw the photo.

The other day, I happily wanted to show him my vietnam trip photos but instead of being happy to see the photos (like the other time he viewed my bali trip photos), he started to cry with tears in his eyes and ask me, "Why you didn't bring me with you to Vietnam? Why i am not there in the photos??"

And if I showed him any photo we took in the past, even if it is a photo I took with max during our dating days, he would ask me, "Why I am not there?"

I wonder what this reflects about me in my life and my need to feel like I belong...

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yeye Can You Come My House?

The other day, Ace told me all of a sudden that he wants to talk to Yeye. He asked me to call Yeye on the handphone so that he can talk to him... And so I did..

When Yeye got on the line, he told Yeye, "Yeye, you want to come my house? Can you come to my house? I am very hungry.. I want to eat something..." insunating that yeye should buy him some food and come and visit him...

hahaha... he is very good lor.. knows how to ask for wat he wants and ask it in a nice way too :) hahahahaha... I still do think it he would make a great businessman.. :)

PS: He spent a whole week with Yeye last week. Mon night they had supper together, Tue night he stayed overnight till wed. Wed night supper again. Friday night was supper again and Sunday morning, we went to visit Yi Po's new coffee stall. So now at the moment, Yeye is his best friend ;)

PPS: If you are staying in Bedok Area, do visit Ace's Yi Po's coffee stall in the Blk 216 market near the Bedok library called A1 Coffee Stall. Their coffee and tea are one of the best we have tasted so far and if you like home brewed barley, theirs is very yummy cos they use zhen cai shi liao and I even found winter melon in it!

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Good Girl, Mummy

Yesterday, as usual, at around 10pm or so, Ace started his "I want to eat something" mantra...

And then he recalled that his classmate had given him a packet of snacks for his birthday celebration the other day and said he wanted to eat the snacks.

"OK, go get it. It is in the kitchen and remember to share with me, ok?" I told him.

He went to get it, opened it up by himself and started munching....

"Can I have one?" And he gave me one piece.

I finished one piece and instead of asking him for one piece, I waited and kept quiet to see what would happen.

He turned around, looked at me and saw that I had finished everything and so he dipped his hand into the packet, picked out one piece and gave to me.

"Thank you, Ace.." I said

"Mmm... good girl..." he replied.

For a moment, I wondered why he said good girl and so I asked him why he said "good girl" and what did he meant.

"Mama is a good girl mah. So I say you good girl lor."

"Why is mama a good girl?" I asked him.

"Because you remembered to say thank you to me. You are a good girl.."


I must say it feels quite good to be praised by my son :)

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Monday, March 23, 2009

I Want To Marry Xu Ai

I think Ace will make a very loyal and committed partner in future... (I am secretly pleased that it is also due to the fact that me and max are showing a GOOD example ;))

Since he started school last July or so.. he has been saying he wants to marry Xu Ai, his classmate.

He talked about if often and the other day, when I told him that we will be bringing him to Ganma Karen's wedding, he told me again that he wants to marry Xu Ai.

"Mummy, tommorrow I will marry Xu Ai you know... Tommorrow, me and Xu Ai will wedding... and then we will take aeroplane and go to vietnam and you cannot see me anymore... I will wear my wedding white shirt (He is referring to the shirt he wore at Ah Yee and Ganma's wedding) and then Xu Ai will marry me... and then I will take the 'jiu' (champagne) and pour it into the cup and then I will YAAAM SENG!"

Wow! He already has his wedding all planned out.

I repeated this story a few times to my friends and that day, I asked him why he wanted to marry Xu Ai. "I want to marry her because I love her lor..."

Even though he really loves playing with Tiffany, when I asked her if he wanted to marry Tiffany, he shook his head and said, "No, I want to marry Xu Ai.."

Yesterday, Ace was telling me that he wants to marry Xu Ai again. "And when I marry Xu Ai and when she grows up, baby will go into her stomach and then I will have a baby.... and then I will carry baby... My baby's name is Yang Yang..(tat's another of his classmates in school)." Now he is even planning for a family!


I just wonder how Xu Ai feels towards him... hahahaha..

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ace's New Chair

Lo Behold!


The PRINCE and his NEW THRONE....

Yeap, tat's the chair that I bought for Ace after he helped to clean the house for 7 days.

I must say that it has worked perfectly i that he is now more happy to help clean the house because he keeps thinking he will get more stars.. hahaha ;)

I have since tried to apply the same trick to get him to shit in the toilet bowl at home.

Alas, even though he keeps asking me to buy him a Ben 10 watch, Ben 10 clothes and Ben 10 shoes, whenever he wants to poop, he still asks for the diaper and will announce that he will shit in the toilet TOMMORROW :S He keeps saying tomm and it never happens.. but he has taken to telling me that if I shit in the toilet bowl, he will buy me a mickey mouse watch.. HAHAHA...

Anyway, Ace is very amused with his new chair. it is dam heavy.. I think it weighs at least 10kg but my son is capable of pushing the whole chair out into the living room to play with it all by himself.

He has invented a few games with the chair and has started to put ALL his toys into the chair, including his lego set which already had a container to hold them in the first place.

He even took my camera and said he wanted to take pics of the chair... This is his art work...

The funny thing is, after he is done with taking pictures, he has decided that he wants to be a cam whore and 'zi pai' like me and ah yee always do.. so he turned the camera over and took this photo of himself.. hahahahah

Not bad right?:P

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

You Sing!

As Ace gets older, he gets more and more creative during play time.

The other day, while I was bz, he was happily entertaining himself playing his own self created games.

"Mummy, come and play a game with me!" he exclaimed suddenly.

Then he tried to explain to me how the game works. "You sing, and then I will clap for you. And then I will give you this..." and he took out a trophy out of Daddy's trophy box to show me.

"Sing, mummy, sing!"

So I entertained him and sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

"Hooray! Hooray!" and he clapped very enthusiastically for me and passed me a trophy.

Since he worked so hard at clapping and being a good audience, I decided to go deeper into my role lah. I waved the trophy in frenzy like what all those stars will do when they get an award and said, "Thank you! Thank you everyone!"

"Now my turn to sing and you clap for me, ok?" He asked me.

And then he sang some ditto that he made up on the spot. "Oi, why you never clap for me? Clap!" he commanded...

So I clapped and passed him a trophy and he made his thank you speech. Thinking that the trophy was now his, he ran into his room and kept it there.

Then it was my turn to sing again and he played the role of the enthusiastic fan and passed me another award. "You keep this..." he told me when he handed me the trophy.

"No lah, this belongs to Papa. If papa comes home and finds his trophy gone, he will cry..."

He thought for a while, ran to his room, took out the trophy and put it back into his box..

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Creative Ace 5

Nowadays, Ace's drawing takes more form and has more logical thought and thinking behind them.

The other day, he had a heavy breakfast so when we finally reached Popo's house, he told us that he did not need to eat lunch. "I ate lunch already. I ate noodles. I am not hungry..." he told Popo...

And so while we were having lunch, Ace insisted that he wanted to to keep drawing and so we set up a table for him by the side to continue drawing and this is what he drew... can you tell what it is??

Cannot tell leh...

The answer is as follows...

Cute or not?

But of course, that is not the most creative part of his art creation. I asked him why there were two boxes at my chest area. "Are those my breasts?" I asked him...

"Yeah!" He said...

Later, when he is done, he said he wanted to colour his picture. "Then can you colour mummy's clothes first?" I asked him.

"No, you never wear clothes..." he giggled. And then he drew two circles inside the boxes and said, "You never wear clothes, you show people your neh neh..." and laughed. (He knows how they look like cos we bath together sometimes...)

Cheeky little boy...

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

This is 5!

If my laomu sees this, she will surely scold me again:(

The other time, I blogged about how Ace had nothing to play at Yeye's house and eventually wanted to play with the mahjong set right?

Well, my laomu din read that but when Ace went over to her place, he told her that he wanted to play mahjong. Popo asked him who taught him how to play mahjong and where he learnt to play.. he said "Yeye's house lor..."

So my laomu came and 'scold' me and ask me why I exposed Ace to this sort of thing when he is only so young. But well, what could I say, it is my father in law leh... and anyway, I dun think it is a big deal at all. Gambling may not be a good thing but mahjong as a game is well, a game. We have a common friend whose parents are so against him playing mahjong but he is such an addict he can even come up with ideas like playing mahjong in an empty construction site so that his parents will not find out :)

I guess really it is how you expose him to it and what you say to him.

Anyway, Ace also likes to play the which card is bigger game using poker cards with Yeye.

After a few months in school, Ace has really started to pick up quite a few things. We noticed that he can now accurately tell Yeye who is the winner because he knows which number is bigger and which number is smaller.

Another important improvement is when Yeye points to the cards and asked him what number that is, he could accurately name it. "This is 5!" And he understands that 10 is more than 5.

Well, I am just glad he has made some improvement in his math ;)

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dr Ace

If you asked Ace what his ambition was, chances are, he would either tell you that he is a policeman or that he is a doctor.

"I am a policeman. I catch the bad people. I got gun. I bang the bad people..." he would say as he moves into the 007 James Bond pose with gun in hand...
Or if not, he would tell you, "I am a doctor. I will injection you...."
The other day while we were in Yeye's house, Ace said he is a doctor and Yeye asked him if he wanted to become doctor Ace.. so Yeye told him that if he wanted to become a doctor, he would have to be a good boy and study hard. And because doctors don't cry, he is not to throw tantrums and cry.

And then Yeye promised to buy him a doctor toy set.

The next time we went to Yeye's house, the first thing that Ace said when he stepped into the house is.. "Yeye, I want the doctor toy set..."

Anyway, because Yeye was in a hurry to buy one doctor set, he just bought the only set he could find tat the provision shop downstairs. Because of that, it did not come with a syringe for injection. When he asked the provision shop aunty about that, she said, "I dun have any with syringe leh.. you tell your grandson lah.. good doctors dun need to give injection one!"

Ace promptly played doctor for the next 30 min and fed everyone with "medication". After playing with it for a while, Ace asked Yeye, "Yeye, can you buy me a better one? I want injection..."

And so Yeye promised to buy him one more set with the syringe for injection and this new set came with a pair of spectacles and that is how THIS image was born.

Cute right? Hahahah... Dr Ace! hahahahaa....

PS: On a side note, a few days later, he was watching some SAF show on TV and he told me that when he grows up, he wants to become a soldier.

Then about a day later, he put on Max's Navy cap and says he wants to become a navy.

He asked me what I wanted to be and I said I wanted to be a ticket seller and make lots of money like Uncle Arthur and so he put the cap on me and said I should be Navy and he be the ticket seller and he will sell tickets and bars.

And yet two days later, he just told me, "Mummy, when I grow up, I will appear in tv you know..." I was really quite impressed with his claim and asked him what would he be doing on TV.. 'I will do magic show!" Hmm.. so he also wants to become a magician...
I wonder what he will eventually become though.. Maybe he will become a ticket and bar seller who got so famous that he was invited TV to perform magic trips like getting rid of someone's wrinkles in 3 min... and he prob served the Navy during his NS and worked closely with the police.. and probably in the medic department.. HAHAHAHA

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Toilet Training

Ace looks like he is finally happily pooping in the toilet bowl right?

Alas, you are so very wrong:(

Since April 07 (two months before he turned two), Ace has been able to tell us when he wants to pee and has been able to use the toilet to pee...
By May, Ace bang sai kor piak on his toilet training and was able to tell us when he needed to poop as well...
For a while, we tot we had a winner that would teach him to poop in the toilet bowl when his friend TEDDY came along to help with potty training...
And then he started to poop outside of his diapers by the time he was 2 and one quarters years old. But it meant that he would poop ON THE FLOOR...
A year later, when he turned three.. I borrowed some book from the library about a little boy who poops into the toilet bowl and he was encouraged to try pooping in the toilet bowl like ONE TIME...

After that, he went back to using the diaper to poop..
Now that he is almost turning 4, I really dunno wat I can do about his toilet training... His teacher tried to re-enforce the idea that now he is a big boy, there are some big boy things he should be doing.. eg.. poop in the toilet bowl...
In school, out of sheer desperation (because i no longer pack diapers for him in school), he will wait until he really cannot wait anymore and exclaim that he wants to poop and they will quicklyl bring him to the toilet to do the biz in the toilet bowl...

But at home, he will just REFUSE to shit in the toilet bowl. I asked him once.. why he did not want to use the toilet bowl. His answer?

"The toilet bowl hole very big. I so scared I will fall down..."

So I asked him if he would poop if I bought him a small toilet bowl. "Yes!" he replied excitedly.

"Promise?" I asked him..

"Yes!" He exclaimed with a gleam in his eye...

So the next few days, me and Max went to ubi to search for a nice potty for him... it was really a tough decision to make. Should we spend $69.95 and buy him a FisherPrice TOILET BOWL lookalike that gives off music when he poops or do we just buy those converters ($10.95) tat will make the hole in the adult toilet bowl smaller.

Max said he would leave the decision to me. After a VERY LONG and VERY HARD thought, I decided to get the Fisher Price toilet bowl.. firstly because it looks like a real toilet bowl. Secondly, it is low and small and so I think Ace will feel safe. Thirdly, because there is music mah.. i think he might be encouraged to poop if that is the case. Fourthly, it can be converted into a stool anyway when it is not in use...

But leh, after I decided, Max started to complain and say why i have to spend so much money... and wouldn't it be more troublesome to clean up twice?

So I told Max that since he has already decided.. then dun ask me to decide lah.. waste my brain cells and think... but because it is his money that he is paying... we went along with his suggestion to get the converter.

Ace was really excited to see the converter and even sat on it for a while for fun.

Then about 4 days after we bought it, Ace came to me and said he wanted a diaper to poop. I told him that he has to poop in the toilet bowl cos he promised me that he would. Initially he whined and pouted but we promised him that if he pooped in the toilet bowl, we would give him chocholate cake.

So leh, Ace happily went to sit on the toilet bowl...

For the next 20 min, my happy son started to play lor... first he started singing songs to himself... posing for my camera and then pushing the toilet bowl cover down on his backside and said, "I press my backside, my backside become flat like pancake..." and giggled and laughed...

20 min later, because nothing came out. I asked him to put on his pants and go outside and wait till he got feeling for it.

But leh, this little boy is very good lor.. he waited all the way until at night when he had to put on his night time diapers and then he pooped immediately when I put the diaper on.


Dunno when all the toilet training will end... Waste of my money... should i or should I not get the fisher price one leh???
PS: I talked to Ace again and this tome offered him the Ben 10 watch that he wants again. But after some discussion, we have agreed that he will shit in the diaper until the diapers finish.. cos I will buy no more diapers for him.. I intend to keep some of them and see how he fares when it seems like it has finished..... hahaha :)
PPS: I think in his mind. Sitting and singing on the toilet bowl is considered using it.. I just found out he told my mum that he has been USING the small toilet bowl to pass motion...

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Creative Ace 4

One container can have many uses...

It can be a garbage truck.. or it can become something else...
What do you think this is??:P


Give up??

It's a LION DANCE lion... hahahaha.... Ace was trying to do lion dance with his lego box... complete with the "chiang chiang dong chiang" sound effects.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Creative Ace 3

I have never thought of building my lego buildings this way lor.. how in the world he got two seperate lego pillars to join at the top, I never know...

Creative lor!

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Creative Ace 2

The other day, Ace tried to tie his bag, his lego box and my esabee bag together... intially, me and Max thought he was trying to make a train...

So we asked him if it is a train.

"No..." said Ace as he continue to concentrate on stringing everything together...

What do you think it is?

Well, when I heard the answer I almost PENGZ lor... other people make trains but my son? He HAS to be a mismatcher and make a GARBAGE TRUCK...

PS: Maybe he thinks his bag and clothes inside are garbage.. hiaks...
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Creative Ace 1

Make a guess.. what did Ace draw??

Okie.. imagine the same picture without the four 'legs'...

Hahaha.. that is actually Ace's version of a PIG... see the snout with two holes as the nostrils??

Not bad given that this is the first time he is attempting to draw a pig :)

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ace The Photog won a prize!

Ace the photog has so far only displayed his 'works' on the blog..

The other day, at his godma's wedding, he took a photo and I sent it in as part of photo contest they held at their wedding lunch and it was chosen as one of the 6 featured photos in the contest! Yeah! He won an award! Hahaha...

Not bad right? As his gandie mentioned, this prize is taken from Ace's point of view. Actually hor, I sent in the photo because Ace took the initiative to take out my camera from my bag and took the photo himself while I was up on stage as emcee for the wedding lunch with his dad. So he truly deserved to take part and win.

And his prize? A box of exquisite biscuits and a box of chocolate powder from Grands Crus Prestige.

As Ace loved all things chocholate, the moment he reached him, he insisted that i had to make the chocolate drink for him. I did and we shared... it was delicious!
Anyway, here are more photos of Karen Godma's wedding...

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Boy Games

I wonder if children are inbuilt to like certain toys just because they are of a certain gender.

I am quite careful not to limit Ace by his gender... And also becaus I am wary of violence in games, I was never one to encourage Ace to play with guns and robots or swords. Neither would I encourage or discourage him if he starts playing with his kitchen set and starts cooking or cleaning.

Yet somehow, along the way... Ace has started to show an interest in "boy" toys.

I guess it could be influence from school.. or it could just be all the TV that he has been watching.. but all of a sudden, I noticed, that Ace started to show an interest in guns. Everything that is L shape becomes a gun for him and starts "shooting" at other people when he has a "gun".

"Bang bang bang..." he would shout... as he aims his gun at them.

And then slowly, this interest started to develop into cars, robots (transformers) and finally, the other day, when Max brought a pink shirt for him to change into before we brought him to our biz talk, he asked his Daddy, "Daddy, why I wear pink? I am not a girl..."

So his dad told him that it is not important if he is a girl. Most important that he looks good in pink. I reminded him that it is ok to wear pink or any colour as long as he thinks he looks good and he feels comfortable.

This boy toy phase has since developed into an interest for swords and he actually requested for his Yeye to buy him an 'orange' sword (because orange and green are his favourite colours).

Well, to be fair, I think I should not encourage or discourage him from playing with these toys also. The only thing that I request that he do is to watch out for safety and ensure that when he shoots his guns, he points only at the walls, at the floors or inanimate unbreakable objects like plastic bottles that we put out for him to shoot.

Anyway, other than the transformer set we bought from him in vietnam, almost all of his violent toys like the guns, swords, etc are all in Yeye's house :) hahaha.. tat's course me and Max dun want to buy him those things.. and so he always requests them from his grandfather... Since I cannot tell my father in law what to buy or not to buy for him, I close one eye and let Ace enjoy these toys once in a blue moon when we go over.

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Monday, March 09, 2009

Drink Stall

When I was very young, I used to love taking my dad's Honda when we go out. That is because right in the middle of the back seat, there is this thing that can be pulled down to reveal like a compartment where you can keep things...

Me and my sis called this our SECRET TREASURE BOX and would use to hide all our 'secrets' inside. If we did not have any secrets, we would make believe that we had and hide them inside anyway :)

When we bought our current white Nissan Selphy, I was really excited to discover that is something that you can pull down as well. But I was slightly disappointed to find that all it reveals was an arm rest and a compartment where you can put your bottled drinks. Too bad for Ace that he would not have the chance ever to play the SECRET TREASURE game...

But Ace outdid me in terms of imagination!

He converted that pull down compartment into a drink stall.

When we are going in the car for longer journeys, he would want to pull it down and make a drink for me. (Thereby sort of fufilling my dream of some day being able to read papers and drink orange juice while my ahmad drove)

"Mama, what do you want to drink?"

And then, he started off with making innocent drinks like tea, milo.. etc...

And once he got tired of it, he started making SPECIAL drinks like "mama.. do you want to drink NOSE milk?" And then he started putting his 'nose' into the drink.

When this happens, I would give an exegeratted response like, "Oh no! I dun want your nose inside! Your nose has got pisai (boogey)!" And he would giggle and continue to offer me hair milk, leg milk, mouth milk, etc... And I would insist that I wanted CLEAN milk because his leg and hair are smelly cos he hasn't bathed yet...

As we played a few more times, his stall started to be more advance.

I would request for a drink and he would tell me, "No more already. The sky dark dark already.. night time the store close already..." and he would close the stall... lie on top of the arm rest and pretend to sleep and then he would stretch, open his eyes and exclaim that "The sun is out already.. it is bright..." which meant it was the next day and his store would reopen and he would start to take orders again...

Hahahahaha.. so funny :)

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Friday, March 06, 2009

Ace's Dreamboard

Ah Yee is a Isetan Card member and because of that, I own a sub-card. So periodically, we would get info about the sales and the things that they are selling in their private sales...

The other day, Ace went to Popo's house and when he came home, he brought home their newsletter because he wanted to show us the things that he wanted us to buy for him...

"Mummy, I like this you know... Can you buy for me this, this and this?"

He wanted a quilted mat, a chair that can act as a treasure box and a rocking horse. We told him that he could only choose one and Daddy says he has to earn it.

So Daddy set him a goal to keep the house clean for 7 days and we will buy him the chair... cos the other two are actually more suitable for younger children... and he agreed. So in his bedroom, on the white board, we drew seven boxes. Everyday, we would get him to clean the house and award him with a star at the end of the day if he cleaned the house. If he collected seven stars, he would get the present that he wanted.

Day 1 was great because he declared that he wanted to keep the house. With the prize fresh in his mind, he was automatically motivated to keep things. He walked around the whole house and for once, without me saying anything, he just picked everything that he left on the floor and put them on the table.

And then we were in a rush to go out and so I told him, "You can pack the living room when we come back. We need to go off now.. later when we come back, if you pack the living room, I will give you a star..."

We went out, came home and the first thing Ace said when he stepped into the house was, "I am home already. I can clean the house now!"

Wah, after cleaning up after his world war 3 adventures, that was one of the most pleasing things I have ever heard him say in a while ;)

Day 2, he woke up early and started keeping and packing before we left the house...

Day 3, we were mostly at my mum's house and before we left, I asked him to keep his toys before we go. "I pack the house and you give me star okie?" he said and gamely went to pack everyone of his toys back into his toy cupboard. When he reached home, he asked for a star and I reminded him that he needs to keep our house clean as well and so he grudgingly packed and pushed the furniture back into place.

Day 4 onwards, because he packed the house everyday for 3 days and was not at home often for the next 3 days, thbe house was generally neat and tidy.... he finally got his chair BUT alas, the house looks like it has undergone world war 3 again. The good news is that now that it is a habit, He is more happy and enthusiastic to help to clean up after he plays with the toys.

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009


These noodles are yummy...

That is why instead of using the chopsticks to bring it to my mouth, I have to use the chopsticks, hold them high in the air so tat I can put the ends of it into my mouth first..

Love, Ace

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I Love Chocolate!

Ace has inherited many of my traits. Some not exactly what I would like him to inherit.. but boh pian.. already inherited.
Messy.. Check
Likes to orh pi sai... Check
Scaredy cat.. check
Likes to eat... check
Likes to cry, hum bao.. check
Likes to watch tv.. check

Luckily also has some good points like
Caring towards friends... check
Fillial... check
Cute... check
Has great sense of humour.. check
Likes dancing and music... check
Has a big heart.. check
Intelligent.. check
Good story teller.. check

And there is one more thing that he inherited from me and it is the love for all things chocholate :)

The other day, he said he wante to eat something and so we bought him a Sara Lee cake.. the first day, he ate the cake without complaints. The next day, he insisted that this cake is not nice and doesn't want to eat it even though he keeps repeating, "I am hungry, I want to eat something....

"Why?" I asked him..

"Because it is not chocolate...."


So next time Ace tells you he is hungry and he wants to eat something.. dun assume that he will eat anything you give him... he will usually CHOOSE the food that he wants to eat and when he says he wants to eat something, he is usually referring to snacks like cakes and biscuits... But if you pass him something chocolate, there is a good chance he will say YES to it ;)
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Monday, March 02, 2009

What About This?

Because Daddy was busy the other day before Ganma Karen's wedding, so I had to bring Ace out and entertain him a bit by walking around and shopping around in bugis with him.

"Want to go and look at toys?"

"Yeah!" he agreed.

So we walked to the toys section and beside it, was a mini arcade for children. "Wah! There is helicopter leh!" exclaimed Ace excitedly and he ran in.

And he walked from machine to machine and told me, "I want to play this game. I want money to put inside... I want to play this game..."

"No Ace, today we are not putting any money in. We will just look around..."

And finally, he came to this tractor and sat in and pretended to sit in it. A little girl came by and climbed in the other side. As she wanted to ride in it.. her mother said, "Don't worry, she will sponsor this ride..." and then the three year old slotted the coin in and the tractor started to move.

"Wah! Look, mummy! I am not scared!" Ace cried. He is usually scared the moment the ride starts to move.

When the ride ended, the little girl came down and went to another ride. Ace liked the helicoptor, sat in and shouted across to the little girl.. "Hey, what about this?!"

I was so surprised that he could express himself and ask "what about this..."

Eventually when we started walking around the store, he started to tell me which toys he liked and it always ended with, "Mummy, can we buy this?" And then I would tell him, "But you already have one of these already.. do you really need it or want it?" And then he would quickly point to something beside it and asked, "What about this?"

Anyway, we did not buy anything that day and just to reward him for his good behaviour, I let him choose a snack that he wanted.. and he chose a chocolate donut ;)
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