Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I Won A Prize!

Today when I went to pick Ace up from school, he was looking at something with a group of friends.

Someone was trying to fix something that looked like those lego imitation sets that Ace liked to buy.

"We won a prize.." Ace said to me when he saw me...

There were a few boys gathered around the toy and one of them seemed to me trying to fix it up...

"Can you wait for a while?" Ace asked me..

"Who won a prize?" I asked him. It was not that I did not want to wait, I just wanted more information about what is going on but somehow, the sight of me seemed like a cue for all the boys to disperse and they were all dispersed within 10 seconds...

After they were dispersed, Ace picked the pieces up and put them back into the box. Oh, so the box of things belonged to him and the prize belonged to him. I asked him why did he win this prize and he said today there was some event in school.

They had to run around to look for lollipop sticks. If you found 6, you could exchange for a toy. Ace found 3, and his friend found 3 and the teacher suggested that they might wan to combine their sticks to exchange for presents.

Ace told me he found someone who also had 3 lollipop sticks... and then persuaded him to combine their sticks. And then leh, Ace suggested that they scissors paper stone to decide who gets to keep the toy. Ace won and so he got to keep the toy.

Lucky boy:)

To be honest, I am actually very pleasantly surprised at how resourceful the kids were cos I thought they came up with the idea to collaborate themselves. It was only after more questions that I found out that the teacher was the one who suggested collaboration..

But leh, I was still impressed because in our conversation, I discovered that Ace had a logic and reasoning behind everything. Apparently,, he was the one who came up with the plan to scissors paper stone to decide who gets to keep it..

Also, he chose H to share because :
- H also had 3 sticks.. so they half half chance of getting it each.. and it is the most fair
- H is a very upright person and has been known to have good conduct and so he will not go back on his word

Amazed by his resourcefulness): hahaha

PS: Well, Ace has learnt to work in a team. He told me past few days they have been doing games in school. His friend E was short of a few ice cream sticks to exchange for presents so they combined. E won the scissors paper stones thingy and so E got to exchange for a present. The next day though, Ace was short of a few sticks and E said he will return the favour and give his sticks to Ace so that Ace can redeem the prize that he wants. How cool is that:)Too bad for Ace though.. while playing with it, the prize he redeemed few to the top of a doorway of our condo's lobby. Out of reach.. so cannot get it.. It looks like the picture provided below.. do you know where I can buy a few more for him?

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dubai Vs Singapore

A picture of my favourite Khalifa that we bought to remember our time in Dubai. So many beautiful things to remember about it.. the layered sky and the beautiful musical fountain... the cool winter weather.. Aww.. missing Dubai already :)
Now that he has done a few months of school in Singapore, I asked Ace if he prefered school in Singapore or Dubai and what did he find was different about schools in Singapore and Dubai.

Ace says that school in Singapore is ok but he really misses his friends in Dubai..

Then, he listed the following things about how Singapore is different..

First thing he mentioned... which is of no big surprise is that "Singapore has alot of homework..."

But the next few things he mentioned was really quite a surprise to me...

"In Dubai, the teachers do not use negative words like "shut up" in class. Here in Singapore, the teachers do that sometimes when they are frustrated. In Dubai, all the teachers never use words like this one..."

Well, I do think Dubai teachers may also have it easier because they have a much smaller class size. And I think hor, as parents, most parents will ask their kids to shut up from time to time.. it is just how we were brought up... so maybe teachers are no different..

The other day, Ace told me one classmate got chided for not completing his work and the Chinese teacher teased him an said, "Don't cry like a girl..." And even though I think the teacher was trying to break pattern, I do think I will not hear teachers in Dubai say that at all as they likely will go.."What is wrong with crying like a girl?" Hahahaha..

But what he told me next was really surprising...  he told me that children in Singapore swear alot more than children in Dubai.

Apparently, according to Ace, his classmates go f word this and f word that all the time. In Dubai, they don't really do that... even though some do.. but most children do not use vulgar language freely.

Ace also mentioned that he likes to do group work here as compared to doing it in Dubai. When I asked him to elaborate, he told me that when they are asked to do group work, his friends here in Singapore actually do listen to him whereas in Dubai, everyone wants to have a say and no one wants to listen to him.

There was only one instance where he met a bossy group leader who always did not want him to do this or do that. But when I talked to him more about it, I found out it was because while they were doing sand art during art class, Ace being a self proclaimed "artist who is creative" and also a perfectionist always try to make what other people do.."BETTER". So they always stopped him from doing anything and went the extreme end of not letting him do it at all... I explained to Ace no one likes to be constantly corrected lah..  Need to respect other people's ideas of what is good as well..

For me, I think it is very likely that the learning here is mostly instructive as compared to the explorative play learning method used in Dubai but Ace also did not mention that Singapore is less fun than Dubai. He merely notes that the work that he is required to do here is more difficult than in Dubai.

Anyway, I am just glad that he enjoys school here and also enjoys what is calls "being close to my family so I can see them whenever I want."

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Monday, October 27, 2014

I Am An Honest Boy

Just not so long ago, a friend was praising her kid on FB for being honest. Apparently, the kid scored a less than ideal result and discovered that the teacher accidentally gave her an extra point and the kid honestly told the teacher.. even though it meant failing the test..

I was thinking, "What an honest kid.. I wonder how Ace will react if it happens to Ace..."

And then the other day, Ace told me that he already got back his English SA2 results and he scored 69.5. That is a far cry from his usual results (he usually scores 85 and above for english) and he says it was because he did not have enough time and wrote such a short passage for his compo and failed his compo.

Yesterday, he came home and told me he has a bad news to tell me.

"Today I found out that the teacher made a mistake when she marked my paper. She gave me one more point..."

"And? Did you tell teacher?" I asked him.

"Yeah, I went to tell her.. and so, now my english is 68.5 only..." he said, pulling the corners of his lips down to give me a :( look.

Before I can praise him even.. the very CONFIDENT little boy told me, "But well, at any rate, at least I am very honest okay!"

Really buay hiao bai lor.. dunno how to wait for other people to praise him.. wahahaha :)

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Chinese Exam

Ace is having his Chinese exam tomorrow. We are only aiming for a PASS as he only scored 25% for his CA2 test (and that will be a 100% improvement already).

Have done all I can do and was feeling a little bad as if I never prepare him well enough for his exams ( when I heard he only scored 69.5 for his english exams) and then I thought, oh well, maybe I am not a very good "tuition teacher" but I still can do what I can do best.. LOVE HIM..

So I gave him a hug and told him that I just wish for him to give his all and do his best and that I will love him no matter what score he gets for the exam tomorrow.

"Even if I get a U grade and the lowest of low score?" he asked me..

"Yes, even if you get that.. to me most important is that you have given your best.."

Ganbate, Ace!

While I complain that Ace doesn't seem to take his exams seriously, it might be his saving grace too. Hahahaha.. Because he doesnt really take it seriously, he is not seriously affected if he doesnt score well and he just forgets it, laughs a little at himself and continue to try hard to try again:) wahahahaha

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Food From My New Kitchen


Ace says I should name this post ACE THE FOODIE and showcase it as all the delicious foods he has eaten.. hahahaha :)

But leh, this is more about MY cooking leh:)

After we shifted, it took me a while to get started cooking in the kitchen again... For one, the kitchen seemed to be designed by someone who doesnt cook.. or is designed for a family that only cooks instant noodles. There is almost no working space in the kitchen and the way everything is placed makes cooking rather difficult even though the kitchen is very small..

Plus, shortly after we shifted in, I started my detox.. so as a result.. till now, havent really done much:) hehehe.. But first out of my kitchen was a fried noodles..

Really hor.. so long never cook.. suddenly start cooking, the food not so good.. cos I forgot how much of what to put.. and also needed time to get to know the things I have on hand..  :)

 Next one out of the kitchen was chicken rice:) Ace says is very yummy...

Long time never do japanese pizza liao :) Forgot the timing and came out a tad chao dar:) hahaha...

 Wanted to do the brinhal fried with toufu we eat in the day I call I LOVE LKF day.. but end up I dun have the ingredients needed to do it. I wonder how I can contact dai gor and ask him to teach me!:) hahaha

 Too long never cook this.. so too watery.. three egg brocolli.. that turned out to be two egg because I dun have salted duck egg:)

 Been aiming at this cartoon cake maker thingy I saw my friend post online since ages ago.. but cannot find it and did not know how to procure things from taobao.. and now, finally can find it in singapore.. Ace was sort of excited when i made my first batch  of it.. but leh, he says it is not very sweet.. maybe next batch I will try to put things inside...

 In the mood to be boh liao.. made a halloween surprise out of Ace's favourite inari for his lunch the other day. Did the extra egg because I think maybe he will still be hungry after the inari.. and also because I had left over sauce from the inari skin which I thought dun waste.. put into the egg:) hahaha

 Did fried race and corn soup the other day as I had a good corn in my fridge... but I think next time I do may need to strain lah. Cos can taste the kernals... but still quite shiok to drink corn soup  ;) Cos I was trying to drink soup for dinner and drink my 5 bean soup and my celery soup everyday till I dam sian already ;)

 I read somewhere you can make these instant noodle jars and keep in fridge and just pour in hot water when you want to eat..

 So i tried lor.. Erm.. actually hor, nothing to shout about according to max and Ace. I think I will just cook lah :) hahahaha

Told Ace that I loved Samurai burger and now that they have egg in the burger, I decided I will share my love for Samurai burger with him.. I ask them to pack the meat separate (so i can eat) so his burger only got egg and veggies. He eat liao.. fell in love with it and kept asking for it...

But Mac Donald Samurai burger is VERY expensive lor.. and it happened so that someone posted recipe from some teriyaki sauced thingy on a food group i follow in Facebook.

When I looked at the recipe, I realized that the sauce hor.. is very easy to make.. just teriyaki sauce + mirin onli! So I decided to make my own at home for Ace. It was a hit and he has been eating this pretty often since then :)

Slurp slurp.. I no longer need to wait for Mac D to have the burger to eat it!:) I also tried to make a with patty version for Max but leh, I din have enough ingredients and also did not know how much of wat to add for single serving (cos usually I make double serving). It tasted ok but I think can be improved.

Max complains tat my cooking in Singapore seems to have deteriorated. I have gone back to doing veggie fried veggie type of cooking.. which I love.. and he hates:) wahahaha...  Max likes his veggies fried with mushrooms or some other thing... but i just love veggies with garlic and soy sauce!;)

But I am still in the midst of trying to get the hang of things lah..

I also noticed that hor, veggies in sgp rot very quickly even though I put in fridge. I initially thought is the humidity.. but after talking to my friends, they told me that veggies from giant and shing shiong are like tat. I want better quality veggies got to go NTUC. Or i can do shopping everyday at market...  Wah lau eh, in dubai, even the lao ya chinese supermarket veggie can last one or two weeks in the fridge leh...  why like tat one..

But I am just happy to be able to indulge in exiotic fruits every now and then.. something I cannot do when I was living in Dubai :)

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Friday, October 24, 2014

I Hope I Will Be Cool Like You

I know I have always been talking about how much exam stress Ace is going to have when he comes back to Singapore...

Somehow though, the three of us have been conditioned to be relaxed about exams because in Dubai, there is no preparation for exams. Exams are just a way to test if you have learnt what you are supposed to learn and they are just graded according to whether they are excellent, good, on par or behind what children their age should know.

So now that it is exams, I think all three of us are struggling with how we should meet up with this challenge.

For Ace, I think he doesnt seem to still understand EXAMS.. he just thinks of them as tests... and it is enough if he has completed his school homework and does well in his test. To him, with that, he is WELL PREPARED.

For me as a parent, I am also not sure how to face up to this challenge.

Do I push Ace or do I encourage and remind him. How far do I push him? Or do I let him go and long piak and then he will understand?

And also, just how do I revise with him? Is it enough that he does all the school practice papers and homework he has been given?

In the end, I decided I will just remind him.. if he dun want to study.. his problem. Wahahahaha...

And somemore, I tell him I cannot work his revision schedule around him..but has to work around my timing. Eg if I am going out in the afternoon, he only has morning to work things out with me. Afternoon he has to do self study or the homework that I give him.

However, I find that he is not really much of a self starter. When I all home to check if he has been doing his homework, he will tell me he has forgotten to do his homework. And then leh, always after one bout of scolding and nagging.. he will be hardworking for one day.. and then be lazy the next two days.

His pattern is the same no matter what I do or dun do.. so I just have to factor tat in.. sigh..

Then we try to use reward system.. if he scores above 90, he gets a reward.. in fact, lots of rewards. He will get permission to buy a phone, he will get to own a tablet, he will get to own and wear a limited edition g shock watch... all which he says he wants very much but yet he doesnt put in effort to study..

I am not sure how I should correct his attitude also because I think it is nice to treat exams with a ping chang xin.. but I dun like it that he doesnt seem to be giving his all and is taking it easy.

Was chatting with my sis today and she says, "Ace very relaxed during his exams hor... I think you also very relaxed leh.. I hope I can be as cool as you when my son is this age and having exams.."

But I am not so sure if us being relaxed is good.. hahaha :)

Today when I picked him up from school, he told me that he scored 69.5 for his english exam. That is way below what I expected from him. I was expecting a 80 and above considering he has been doing well in all his tests. He says based on his exam results, he is placed in band 3.. but becos of his test, he will be in band 2.. and that is where most of his favourite friends are in.. so there is high chance they will be in same class next year...

But he says he is a little sad because he cannot get his reward. But if dun think about his reward, he is very happy.. because he is average in his class. Highest mark in his class only 80. Faintz...

Anyway, Ace called his dad to ask him something.. and I already told his dad his results. But leh, even though his dad prompted him.. he did not tell his dad about his results over the phone.. I asked him about it and he explained to me..

"I did not tell daddy about my results because it is not so good... so better to face to face tell him when I can see that he has a happy face... he is working now and is sometimes grumpy when he is working.. so better dun tell him over the phone.." Very kiang lor! Wahahahahaa.. 

Today is his math exam. He said he did not manage to finish it and maybe will score 80. I am not tat hopeful...

So.. can I be cool... should I continue to be cool? I am still thinking and learning... hahahaha...

Also, there is this thing called the Mother's guilt.. somehow somewhere.. some part in me feels like it is my fault he did not score 90 and above and that I am the one who did not prepare him well enough. Just how do you guide and push him to his best ability without making it seem like you are forcing him to do something?

Well, the good news is, I have decided that I will start this 12 module program called Conscious Parenting together with my friends and i have *gulp* decided to offer to facilitate the program.. hahaha :) I am sure we will learn some cool things and perhaps when I am ready, I might even start a class and see how many of my parent friends are interested:) Hee...

PS: Now that we are in the midst of exam and in the full swing of things hor, I think my o level revision method of 10 years series is still the best lah. I shall download and make him do lots of other school exam papers during school holidays so tat he has good foundation!:) wahahaha..

PPS: Over the last weekend of exam, my son wakes  at 9 plus... read his comic book leisurely.. complain hungry and then I make bfast for him.. and he eat and read comics leisurely... and after finish eating at 11am, he went back to lie down on bed to read his comic book again.  I think I really should let him fail his exams!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I Am A Singaporean!

Ace complained to me the other day that many of his school mates thought he is not Singaporean.

"They all think I am from China and some even think I am from Dubai..."

Max laughed when he heard that because he says, "Are there students from China who who can barely speak Chinese like you?" Haha..

But Ace was determined not to be distracted and continue on with this complaint.

"Tsk... dunno why they keep saying I am from another country.." he continued.

I asked him what did he do or say when people think he is from another country.

"I tell them I am singaporean lah.. and then I tell them I got proof! Because all the students from other countries have to pay cash when they go on trips. But I am Singaporean, so the government gives me money. I have that $200 that the government gives me and so I dun need to bring money to pay cash... And therefore, I MUST BE SINGAPOREAN!"

Wahahahahahaa... That is hilarious! I never thought he would use edusave as an example:) But he is right also lah :)

After a few years overseas, I think my son has a slightly different view about what it means to be Singaporean and also, somehow, it seems to make his love for Singapore bigger as well.

I think it has to do with the fact too... that his international school will always tell them how important it is to be respectful to the people and govt in Dubai because as a host country, they have been taking good care of us while we are there.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

The Most Relaxed Student Ever!

I don't know if this is considered good or bad.

If you think from a very positive mindset leh, I think my son has a very good grasp of what we call "平常心" in Chinese.

You see... before we returned to Singapore for good, I often wondered how I will be and whether Ace will adapt to the exam system in Singapore and whether Ace will be overwhelmed.

Back in Dubai, exams where sort of a non event. We were informed there will be exams next week and then... one day, Ace will return and tell me, "Mummy, I had my math exams today. I think is not too difficult.. I think I did well..."

And then end of the term, we get a report card tat only tells us if Ace is on par with his peers or not. And usually, he is doing at the level he is supposed to do well.

What this did for his perception of exams was that he takes it really easy. He thinks of exams as sort of a non event.. even though he has a desire to score and do well... and yet, because he has been doing relatively well in his class tests, he finds that as long as finish homework... he can pass his exams.. can liao and ok liao:) hahaha..

So instead of being overwhelmed by the exams here, Ace really carried over his nonchalant attitude towards tests and exams and as the final year exams are drawing near, I find I need to give special prep talk many times to him to encourage him to study well for his exams.

But hor, tok too much he find me naggy and boring.

And while he started working a little on his exams (where he will be hardworking for one day and relax for two days afterward), his attitude towards exam is... "ok lor, you ask me to do what preparation, I do lor.. but dun ask me to do too much or I will be upset cos I still need time to enjoy myself..."

Even though I tell him just cheong for the next two weeks only.. he say OK and he still very relaxed..

A good example is that he will be having his final english exam today. And over the weekend, what did our good friend do? He just finish whatever little homework I gave him and then he will watch tv lah, play with his toys lah... tomorrow english exam, night before what he do?

He asked his dad to bring him to library to borrow story books and reads story books...

Really the most relaxed little boy ever lor!:)

Today when I went to pick him up, and asked him about his english exam. He just said, "It's ok.." and then went on to talk to me about other things. When I asked him more about his exam, he pretended not to hear me and changed topic! Win until finish lor.. hahaha..

Maybe he dun understand what is cheong...

Maybe he is doing fine the way he is... hahaha.. I don't know..

In a week or two when he results are out, we will know:)

But I am glad though that me and Max are also.. only little bit kan cheong:) wahahahahaha.. WE DID NOT BECOME THE KIASU PARENTS WE FEAR we might become if we return to Singapore!:) hahahahha...

PS: The highlight of our talk on our way home.. was actually about the fact that he has scored 96 for another practice test his teacher asked him to complete. This means he has scored more than 90 for 5 tests or more and will get permission to buy the navy design GShock that he wanted to buy. Actually hor, over the weekend, they already bought but it is now placed on Gohonzon table for Ace to chant .. till he hits his target, then he can wear and claim it for his own..

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Gong Gong's Birthday

 Finally.. after so many years, we can be home to celebrate GongGong's birthday with him!:)

 Now very difficult to take photo.. so hard to get everyone looking at the camera at the same time:)

 Ace help with the candle blowing...

So C help with the cake cutting...

Happy birthday dad!:)

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Writing The F Word Is Wrong!

Ace always has a slightly stronger sense of what I will call "justice". In his world, there are things you can do.. and things you cannot do.. things that are right.. or wrong...  and if something is wrong, he feels it is his job to tell the teacher.

I can relate to that because I was like that when I was younger too ;) But I learnt the hard way that not everyone will appreciate it when you do that and learnt to tone down or communicate the same thing in a different way.

When I was in P6, our teacher told us that when we are preparing for PSLE that she would recommend that we use black pens as it will be clearer and easier for the marker and thus easier to get higher grades. So i raised my hand and asked me teacher, if that was the case, shouldn't the school just make it compulsory for everyone to use black pens? I mean, it is so wrong to use blue pens when BLACK PENS are the answer right?:P hahaha..

That seemed to not sit very well with my friends and they gathered together to boycott me just because I voiced out what I genuinely thought will help ALL MY "FRIENDS". Back then, I really could not understand why people treated me this way when all I wanted to do was to help them...

Some even used this chance to tell me nasty things like they never liked me anyway or that they never wanted to be my friend. It hurt cos this came from the person in the class I liked most and enjoyed being around most. But I "hua bei fen wei li liang" and instead of mulling over it, used it as a  motivation to "not be distracted by friends" and I put in all my heart to studying for my PSLE.. and that was how I scored a modest 269.. hehe:)

But I digress... and enough about me...

The other day while we were walking home, Ace told me that one of his friends wrote "F word, M, A, Ass" on his file. I couldn't figure out what is MA and then Ace explained.. "It just is a cool word that has the same meaning as the word 'my'" Ace explained to me.

So I asked him why did his friend do that and he said he did not know. His friend just did it and when he saw it, his friend asked him not to tell anyone...

"So did you tell anyone?" I asked him.

"Yeah, I told the teacher..."

Because he previously said he always bang chance (give a second chance) for people, I asked him why this time round he did not give a chance...

"No mummy.. writing the F word is a very big deal! It is very big thing, very serious, cannot give chance, have to tell the teacher.." He told me..

I was curious about how he feels towards his friend and so I asked him, "But if your friend asked you not to tell.. and then you go and tell the teacher.. if your friend finds out, wouldn't he get angry at you? Do you not mind that your friend will get angry at you?" I asked him.

"No lah. This is wrong and is a big thing, I have to tell teacher no matter what. Anyway, he is not really a close friend.." he told me.. Besides, Ace says he wants to become a prefect or a class monitor and so this will be part of what he should do if that is the case.

When I tried to ask more about how he went about telling the teacher, I found out that Ace actually DID NOT tell the teacher himself. He actually asked another friend to tell the teacher, "Because I was busy... I had to put the pin back onto my bag because it dropped.."

Wahahahaha.. I laughed lor. very kiang right.. give the dirty job to someone else!

And then I asked him who did he ask to tell the teacher.. he said he asked "someone I trust very much.. I asked J to do it.."

That made me very curious. I have never heard this name J before and so why did Ace name him as "someone I trust very much.."

"Are you very close to J?"

"Yeah, he is a very good friend..." Ace replied.

"How come I never hear his name before and you suddenly name him as someone you trust very much?" I asked him.

"Well, " said Ace.. with his eyes wide opened and giving me the 'what sort of stupid question are you asking look' "It is just because I have NO REASON NOT TO TRUST HIM lah..."

Wahahahahahahahaa.... so easy to get trust from my son right:) wahahahahaahah...

My friends all tell me I have very enlightened son... cos all the hilarious funny things he says are actually logical and have deeper meaning they say.. hahaha :)

Anyway, Ace tells me that he is keen to become a class monitor or a prefect next year. "I think I may get some credit  for this and have a higher chance next year.." he says.

"But you did not tell the teacher yourself, how will you get credit?"

"Why not?" he reasoned. "I am the one who asked the person to tell mah.." Faintz..

He told me he actually asked his friend who has been prefect for a few years how he can try to become prefect next year. His friend told him that means you have to have NO BLACK MARK in school. You cannot make big mistakes and be punished for any big mistake.

"So far, I have only been punished for small things like forgetting to bring my book..." Ace said smugly. "I think I have chance next year..."

All the best Ace, I hope your wish comes true:) hehe..

PS: When I brought Ace out the other day and my friend asked if Ace has been a good boy in school.. I said he is ok only lah... and then my son went, "Excuse me, among all the boys in my class, I am one of the most guai one okie!"  Wahaahahahaha... I never knew he thought of himself as such a good little boy!:) wahahaahahahahaha..... how very CONFIDENT!

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Why You Understand Me So Much?!

The other day, while we were walking home from school, I told Ace that I am really two minds about letting him walk to and fro from school by himself.

On one hand, I recognize he is old enough to do that already but I am a little worried...

Firstly leh, I am worried strangers might come up to him and talk to him and take him away... BUT, this is not the top of my fears cos i know Ace will not talk to strangers, knows how to ask for help and knows when he should run.

Then leh, I also worry that he might not know how to cross the road or that he might be recklessly running on the roads.... But of course as he grows older, I know he will be a little more aware...

"Aiyah, you don't have to worry so much about me..." he insisted... "Please give me some independence and let me try..." he pleaded...

And then I continued...

"But what I worry MOST... is that if I don't pick you up from school, you will walk here and there.. buy this buy that, buy ice cream.. buy dunno what... then walk home from school..."

At this point.. Ace went very very quiet and did not continue to plead me to let him walk home from school alone...

"Why are you so quiet?" I asked him... " Is it because I guessed correctly what you have planned when you were pleading me to let you try to walk home by yourself?"

"Argh!!!!!! Mummy... why you understand what I am thinking.. why you always know what I want to say or what I want to think????" And he giggled...

Because, my DEAR SON... I have been your mummy for 10 years! (Yes, including that 9 months you were inside my tummy.. ) If you just wriggle your bum.. I think I can also tell if you want to poop or want to pee lor!:) hahahahahaa... SO YOU BETTER DUN TRY FUNNY STUFF.. OR LIE TO ME COS I WILL ALWAYS KNOW OR FIND OUT IN THE END!:) wahahahahaha...

PS: When i repeated this story to Daddy and came to the part where I was talking about the thing I am worried about most, Max intercepted me and said the same thing I was going to say!!!" See,Ace, your dad also understand you very well!:) wahahaah

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sort Of Hot Date At Demand And Supply

It has been a long, long while since me and Max had some alone time..

The other day, since I was out running errands and Ace was at popo house.. Max said we will just go our for part tor time that I was requesting for..

Max asked me to meet him at the Esplanade.. so I took a bus there and sat around and waited for him...

Singapore is so very beautiful :) I am really glad we are back home despite the fact that I feel rather overwhelmed cos I now have alot more things to do and think about:)

Since nothing to do.. take photo of myself:) wahahahah...

When Max finally arrived, he said he is going to bring me to this new place he discovered. He saw it the other day when meeting his boss and it looked interesting because it had a swing and all that.

The place is called Demand & Supply.

I must say when we walked in.. I was feeling a tad excited. Partially because this was our date in quite a long while and partially because this place looked like it had a HUGE potential to be truly enjoyable.

Alas, we were both very wrong.

First we sat down and ordered some wine...

Wine came, no glasses. Then glasses came.. we asked to chill the wine a little bit more as it is not cold enough and waitress in charge of our table says OK and nothing happened for the next 10 minutes till I highlighted the issue to yet another waiter (I think is the captain).. who got it settled IMMEDIATELY for us.

Then it was a long, ardous wait for our food. We were hungry and waited and waited and waited and waited... but no food came... the people who came later than us had their food served but our food wouldn't come..

I suspected that they forgot us!

So we asked the waitress in charge of our table why our food was not here...

"They are preparing.." she told us..

"But other people who arrived later than us and ordered later than us already have their food served..." I told her..

And then, I will expect for the price I pay and the amount of service charge I paid, that she said she is really sorry and that she will check and she will quickly check and tell us what is wrong with our food. If they forgot, apologize and maybe give us free ice cream.. hahaha :)

BUT.. she just had the "oh my god.. i dunno what to say.. I think i fucked up big time" look on her face and then she RAN OFF!

I think she is a newbie lah. I am been at the forefront serving customers before and I understand it may sometimes be overwhelming for a newbie.. but please lah.. Demand and Supply please train your people properly before you put them on the floor lah.

If that were all that was wrong with the night, I would have been happy to just think I was unlucky to get a green bird waitress.

But leh, the food was also nothing to shout about..

Ordered some truffle pizza and it tasted bland.. I skipped lunch that day and was really hungry. For a hungry to say something doesnt taste good.. well, I guess you know how good it is..

Truffle fries took forever to come and when they did come, nothing much to shout about also.. I have had better at half the cost:)

So the hot date became only sort of hot.. thank god for great company:) hahahhaa ;)

Anyway, I am looking forward to having another date in the near future.. BUT NOT AT THIS PLACE for sure!:) wahahaha..

Ace called me to ask me if I was going home. I told him I having dinner with daddy as he owes me a birthday treat. I was all ready for Ace to kick a big fuss but he went, "Ok.." , hung up the phone and went back to doing whatever he was doing.. hahaha..

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

One Good Turn Deserves Another

When Ace was much younger, my sis and her then boyfriend babysitted him often and that is why Ace is very close to his Yee Zhang whom he affectionately calls Net Net..

And few years ago, Max left Singapore for Dubai and for he longest time, Net Net was Ace's replacement dad.. bringing him gai gai every now and then and sometimes playing with him or watching video with him...

So one good turn deserves another right?

The other day, Net Net was bz at work and since Ah Yee says she thinking of bringing C out, we suggested come over our place to swim lah :)

And so that we girls can chat, we gave Max the job of taking care of C since Ace can take care of himself:)

But as usual, Ace was pretty much playing on his own and C was playing with Max...

But when he xian liao, he will go and look for the other two and sit around them for a while..

The loving Yee Zhang ;) Hahahaha...

That is Ace trying to hide from my camera:) wahaha

And then leh, time to go home lor.. cos C's fingers getting wrinkly... so we decided it is time to go home..

We went up first and left Ace and Max to do his mo gui xun lian.. hahahaha... Max says Ace has to swim two rounds around the pool then can go up :)

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