Tuesday, October 31, 2006

An Affinity With Boxes

Ace loves boxes.

He loves them in all shapes and sizes.

If it is a small box, like the one that was used to deliver Daddy's Amazon book orders, he would put his toys in, put his shoes in, put lots of things in and then take them out again. Put them in, take them out, put them in, take them out...

It is a amazing and amusing to find that just a simple box can keep him occupied for a good half an hour.

But if it were a big one.. like the one that Waipo is using to make props for her school concert, he would try to put his whole body in.

He would insist on going inside and sitting inside.. and then after a while, he would get tired of it and try to come out again.

His favourite though, I suspect, are those biscuit and cereal boxes. These little things usually dun have a good ending.. they are just torn and shredded into pieces when they reach Ace's hands.

He is sick of that Amazon box now and has taken to tearing out the scotch tape that keeps it in shape. I suspect he will very soon dismantle the whole box and tear it into shreds....

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Everything Also Nen Nen

In case you didn't know, "Nen nen" means 'milk' in baby language.

Somehow, Ace seems to have gone backwards in his language development and his communication skills.

In the past, he would happily do the MILK sign for milk and the MORE sign for more food. He would call Mummy when I asked him to call me or would at least do so when he wanted milk or wanted me to carry him. He would also call Daddy when he wanted Daddy to carry him or play with him.


He stopped calling us. Stopped doing the signs and stopped saying anything else except nen nen.

If he wants more food, "Nen, Nen.."

Ask him to call mummy, "Nen, Nen.."

Ask him to call daddy, "Nen, Nen, nen, nen.."

But he sees Ah Yee, he happily calls, "Yeee!" when he sees her.


Very angry...

The other day, Daddy asked him to call him. "Call me and I feed you..."

Instead of saying Nen Nen, Ace said, "Bu yao!" (I don't want) and then continued to Nen Nen Nen...

Wah lau, got energy and can put effort to say Nen nen and Bu Yao also dun want to call us.. so difficult meh??

Daddy says "(and we quote from My Lovely Samsoon) give birth to one pumpkin at least can cook soup to drink.. sigh..."

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Monkey See, Monkey Do

The other day, Daddy had to go out to meet people and so after many days of not shaving, he decided to shave.

"Dear, pass me my shaver please..." and so I passed Daddy his shaver...

Before I knew it, Ace was staring at Daddy as he shaved and suddenly, he picked up his orange fake Sony Ericsson phone and started 'shaving' like Daddy! We laughed so hard that there were tears in our eyes...

Next up, Waipo bought Ace a bolster because he keeps wanting to use her big bolster. Sometimes when he is agitated, we just put the bolster with him in the play pen and then he would ride on the bolster like a horse and entertain himself.

But suddenly, we saw him lie on the bolster, his legs raised high in the air.... We looked beside the playpen and there was Waigong.. in that exact same position that he was! Gosh! Dunno whether to laugh or cry.

Yesterday, Waipo was talking on the phone and then Ace found a black pen, managed to take the cap off and started drawing on his own face. Luckily Zeng Popo saw him and asked him to stop. "If not, he would have drawn all over his face!" she said.

I kept thinking why he would associate a pen with the face and then I realized that he always watches me when I make up. I would use a eye brow pencil to draw my eye brows. Maybe he is trying to draw his eye brows too.. hahahaha...

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cast Away!

The other night, we were feeling bored and thus we decided to get creative on Daddy's cast...

These are our masterpieces...

My personal favourite is THIS. HahahahahJust what did we write there??
We are currently thinking about new slogans to write on his cast when he changes it again on 30th Oct. You are free to give suggestions..

I am thinking of:
Want more beautiful skin? Call 9746XXXX.
Want to lose weight effortlessly? Email verityy@xxxxxx.com

Might as well make the best out of it right? Earn more money to take more Indinine so that he can recover faster... hahahaha.. walking signboard leh!

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


While Ace is mostly a happy baby, he is starting to throw tantrums when he does not get things that he wants.

Initially, I was a little worried as Richie Ah Ye said that Ace seems to show some traits of becoming a spoilt brat cos he will try to cry and use emotional blackmail to get his way even though he is so young.

And then I read the internet and found out that it is quite normal for children this age to throw some tantrums because they:
- are starting to have minds of their own
- but cannot express what they want
- and are forced to LISTEN to bigger, stronger adults and do what THEY want
- yet, they are unable to express their frustration except in a tantrum

But Ace only throws and tantrum if you do not give him something that he wants. Usually it involves only two things:
- he wants food but you dun give him
- he wants to be outside of the playpen but you leave him inside

The thing is, you know that these tantrums are sometimes fake incident where he tries to get your pity. They will come with the real tears and all that but if you ignore them, he will stop in a while. After trying again and again to get his way with a tantrum, he can nail down exactly who he can use the tantrum on and who he cannot.

Laoma is the one who kenna most.So poor Waipo and Waigong always kenna cos me, Daddy and Ah Yee dun give in that much. Cos he always tries to get Laoma to carry him and once she does, he will wriggle out of her arms.. so she is his best bet to get out of the playpen..

It is interesting to observe Ace in a tantrum and if you observe him long enough, you will find that there are steps to it.

1) Purse his lips up into an M shape and start making irritating sounds like crying.. if that does not work..

2) starts having real tears flowing down the eyes... and if no one cares.. he will cough a little.. if you give him an amused look... he will

3) pulls on the edge of the playpen while standing up and arch his whole body backwards while shaking his head and crying.... and if everyone just stares at him..

4) throw his whole body backwards. Well, he rarely does that now. He did it once and banged his head on the playpen floor..and I guess it hurt. So the next time he tried this stunt, he made sure he sat down properly and leaned backwards in a slowmo so that he will not hurt his head again.

Anyway, there is no tantrum that cannot end if you would PASS HIM A PIECE OF FOOD.

It can be a piece of bread, a raisin.. he would happily stop in his tracks to munch on the food.. only to start all over if he is not satisfied with what he is given.

If food does not solve the problem, then it means that the little one is cranky due to a lack of rest.. you just need to put him to bed and when he wakes up from his nap, he will be as good as new! ;)

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Happy Baby Dance

Happy baby, Ace, has just discovered the joys of dancing.

Give him an oversized top and he will wave his arms and run around with a cheeky grin. He will start to sway and run in circles as well. Waipo is a teacher in a childcare kindergarten.. the other day, she was sewing him costumes for he children and when we put it on Ace, he just raced around the whole living room and giggled and laughed happily. And then he would wave his arms like doing Chinese Opera.. it was hilarious!

Give him some ryhthm by clapping your hands and he will start to wriggle his bum... and he will wriggle it up and down.. shake his shoulders, move his body.. and turn around and around and around in circles until he becomes faint.

Could have been because I was dancing a lot and listening to alot of music when I was pregnant and thus he has an affination for music.

I noticed that he likes to be twirled around or to be thrown into the air.. so maybe when he grows up, he can become some ballroom dancing expert.. like in the movie Shall We Dance. Hiaks..

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Monday, October 23, 2006

What is Ace Staring At?

Make a guess...

What is Ace STARING at so intently?

What did you think it was?:)

What else could it be but Ah Yee with food.. VITAGEN.

The next day, while Ace was in the playpen, I took out a bottle of vitagen and started to drink. He then started to make a big fuss and throw a huge tantrum in this pen. And he finally stopped when Waigong carried him.... he wriggled himself out of Waigong's arms, ran to the dustbin and happily picked up the object of his desire: the empty VITAGEN BOTTLE.

All that noise just for an empty bottle? Tsk tsk tsk...

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Friday, October 20, 2006

World War Veteran Ace

Ace is a WWII veteran in his past life I think...

Everywhere he goes, he leaves signs of to show that the atomic bomb has landed on Hiroshima with 'dead bodies' strewn everywhere...

Today, when I woke up, my red shoe, orange crocs, black pumps and beige Kickers were all over the floor.. they looked like dead people who were killed in a random massecare...

"Look at what your son did.." Waipo told me.. I asked Daddy to wake up and take a look as well...

In my mum's words, "My grandson.. aiyoh.. like a theif like tat.. everything also must touch and go through.. everything also make a mess of it..."

And the amazing part is that no matter which part of the house he is in, he will always manage to find something to fascinate him...

In order to make him aware of some of the dangers, my mum switched on the iron on level one and when it was slightly warm.. they made Ace touch it and told him, "HOT!" and then told him that he cannot touch because it is hot...

But once they walk away, he will come back and touch the iron on the handle because he knows the handle is not hot. When they show the metal part which was hot to him, he will run away... but he always comes back to touch the handle and play with it with a cheeky grin on his face...

I dunno whether to be angry or feel lucky that he is a very intelligent boy...

I asked mum when Ace will stop doing this and mum told me very matter of factly, "When he gets tired of it lor. Children are curious by nature lah... when they get tired of something, they will stop but will continue to explore other things..."

I shudder in fear when she says that because I can remember MYSELF opening all drawers to see and take out everything that is inside even when I was 7 or 8 years old!!! Oh No! Is this retribution??

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

I Am The Leader

The reason why i don't bring Ace out often is because a two minuite journey can all of a sudden become a 10 minute one with Ace around...

Ever since Ace discovered the joy of walking, he does not like to be carried or confined. He likes to walk around but does not like to follow you cos he is his own leader. When trying to walk from the lift to the end of the block where the car park is, he would, take two steps.. and try to step onto the void deck to see what else he can find them.

Manouvere him back on track and he will deviate again to the right to pick up a piece of leaf on the floor... bring him back on track and he runs way to the left again to try to pluck a flower...

Hold his hand when walking and he will come up with stunts like pretending to fall down.. you try to hold him again, he will just give up on walking all together, come to hug your leg and do the 'arms up' sign that says "CARRY ME!"

If you don't, he will sit down and wait for you to carry him.

In the end, I give up and just carry him the rest of the way... but Richie says that would make him become spoilt and he would expect you to carry him all the time...

Well, now I am already waiting for him to turn 3 years old.. hahahaha...

Pregnancy Update:
Sorry to disappoint you guys.. Da Yi Ma decided to visit me... so as Jac aptly puts it, Allegra will not be here so soon.. she will be late..

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Signature Please

When Daddy came home, I decided to sign on Daddy's cast..

Ace decided to follow suit ;)

PS: Today feeling sad.

I complain to Daddy that he only treats me like queen when I pregnant. When I am not, he treats me very differently. I decided to lay claim to my QUEEN status quickly and went to the doctor for a pregnancy test BUT it came back negative.

Doctor said my symptoms might be due to gastric infection (please lor.. i take VPlus everyday and eat and shit properly everyday.. infect wat???) But he also did say that tests are not always very accurate and that it could also be because it is too early to test. He says if menses still dun come in another two weeks, I should go for pregnancy test again.

So angry. Cannot drink this, cannot eat that, cannot wear high heels for two weeks and dun even know if I am pregnant.. wat a torture....@#%$^&$@&&$&@*!

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Part Tor Day

When Daddy went to put his leg into a cast, it was a happy day...

Firstly, Jez Mama came to fetch us to hospital despite her busy schedule..

Secondly, we met Uncle Ng in the plaster room again and that means that he will be helping us out in that. I have absolute trust in his skills!

Thirdly, initially, the doctor said that Daddy's bone was a little off and may need a surgery... Uncle Ng used his Kang Who to shift the bone back.. and that saved Daddy from a possible surgery...

Fourthly, we had lots of free time before our next appointment after the leg was casted. We took a cab from SGH to the MPH in shenton way and then scratched our heads about how to get to UIC building. Luckily, there was a bridge and the bridge had an escalator...

Fively, we met a kind soul at the other end who also had the key to the escalator to change the direction from upward bounding to downward bounding so that Daddy need not climb the stairs down.

Sixly, we had time to part tor a little and so went to the Hong Kong Cafe there to sit down, talk about remodelling our home and ni nong wo nong a bit...

Sevenly, it was Liming's wedding and we had a great time there...

The only thing that made it less than perfect was the absence of Ace. It would be some time before we can bring him out as he has reached the stage where he wants to be carried. If you do not carry him, he will sit on the floor and wait for you to do so...

And if he is the playpen and asks you to carry him, do not get too happy.. he will wriggle out of your arms once you carry him. The other day when Shengda and Vincent came visiting, Ace would give them his most DAZZLING smile and get them to carry him but when they did, he would try to wriggle out.

Because he had tried this stunt so many times, we just put him back into the playpen.. and so, the only person who still falls for this trick is Lao Ma... so he always AIM laoma to get her to carry him..

But well, got part tor is better than nothing..

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Ace is picking up things fast..

If he sees me typing, he will try to type on the keyboard.. when he sees me switch on the PC, he will attempt to switch on and off on and off the PC..

Remember me telling you that his favourite past time is playing telephone?

Well, he doesnt just put things to his ears you know.. playing the telephone game is an eleborate process for him.

First, he will pick up the phone and then he will press the numbers.. and then he will start talking.. sometimes he will hold a book and talk while looking at the book... (just like Waipo does).

And then he will talk non stop for a few minutes..

Gradually, he will build to walking around with the phone like I do..

But there is one thing that he does wrongly though.. no matter what phone you give him, he tends to like to put the recieving end to his ear and the earpiece to his mouth...

And if you give him a comb, he will try to brush his hair, brush Waipo's hair, brush my hair..

Just now, he wanted to eat some Nachos cos me, Ah Yee and daddy were snacking on Nachos... we told him it is too salty and didn't give him any and so he used his hand to cover his mouth.. and then he started to pretend to cough.. all the way until his back was bent into a 90 degrees..

"Waipo, you see your grandson.. pretending to cough like tat.." I told her and gamely showed her how Ace pretended to cough.

Ah Yee then told Ace, "Ace chua, very fake leh.. can you try to be more convincing?"

And TRY Ace did. He continued to cover his mouth and 'cough' and when he was done, he gave us a cheeky look as if to say, "Like that convincing enough?" and then he grinned at us.

Alamak.. dunno what to do wtih this baby. I better watch my steps.. in case he picks up any strange habits from me..

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Quite A While

Well, these were taken few days before Daddy broke his leg.. it would be quite awhile before he is mobile to do all these with Ace...


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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Taking A Break

I won a FREE movie screening for TWO to starlight cinema and was hoping that Daddy would go with me.

But Daddy said he was supposed to sail and I asked Ah Yee to be on standby...

Sigh.. but Daddy broke his leg and so in the end, even though he did not go sailing, he also did not go for the movie screening with me.

After working so hard for a few days to take care of Daddy and take care of the business while his leg was broken, it was good to get a day to myself to relax. Me and Ah yee decided to go perm our hair and watch the movie together..

The movie was ok.. too bad Daddy was not the one who watched with me cos we spent one of our valentine's day together watching movies under the star...

Anyway, there was a family in front of us who brought a little girl slightly older than Ace. Why they brought her was beyond me though.. she was walking around and laughing loudly... I dun mind the laughter.. I just wondered why the parents brought her along and left her to wander around when she is so young..

I dun think I would bring Ace to an even like that till he is older and learns to obey commands. Brought him along to a few social occasions and find that he is a friendly baby... almost too friendly...

Whenever he sees little boys, he will walk to them.. wave his arms and talk loudly to them.. and when he sees girls, he just walks over and tries to hug them! hahahaha.... He is indeed the greatest networker in the world! I think he is meant for taking over our biz..

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Friday, October 13, 2006


Ganma Evon visited Ace the other day... just before Daddy broke his leg..

It was a really rainy day and it was really cold.. and finally, Ace got to wear that thick thick sweater that Ganma bought for him during his full month.. luckily she bought a bigger size and so it was still suitable for Ace despite the fact that a year has passed...

Generally though, Ace does not wear sweaters.. he is a baby who is afraid of heat.

In fact, his head is constantly emitting heat. If you put your palm over his head, you would feel this heat coming out..

When he sleeps, his head emits so much heat that his whole pillow will be drenched in sweat. As a result, Ace would very often, in the middle of the night, turn his head towards the direction where wind from the fan is coming from.

Most nights, I can't sleep well because i was afraid he will turn and drop off bed when he does that.

Sometimes he will shift position and use my tummy, my thigh, Max's tummy, Max's thigh, max's arm as a pillow instead.. it is precisely because of this that we dare not sleep together wiht him now that Daddy is injured...

But he has since learnt how to get off bed himself... Also, now me and daddy sleep together while Ace sleeps with Zeng Popo and Waipo..

Anyway, I think the sweater is likely to last till Ace reaches 2 years old.. but the weather being so warm these days.. i doubt he will have much chance to wear it again...

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