Sunday, November 30, 2014

Army Exhibition

Back when we were in Dubai, I have already seen people posting pictures of some sort of army exhibition in the HDB heartlands. Knowing that Ace is into everything army since Ah Boys To Men and Recuit's Diaries, I wish I could bring him there..

Imagine my pleasant surprise when I overheard on Radio that they will be coming to Tampines soon! Woohoo! Perfect! I love FREE events:) whahahaa...

So Sunday morning woke Ace up, brought him to Mac d for breakfast and early early went to see see look look...

We started at the engineering department and the gor gor explained to Ace what the various suits and various machines were used for...

The gor gor also let Ace try to manouver this flying aeroplane used for spying purposes via some sort of computer program.

Then Ace got an explaination about how the thermal bino works and a chance to try them:)

They had a stall for doing camo on the face but Ace only wanted the I Love SG Army sticker on his hand.. very particular about not having make up on his face:) Maybe cos when I was making up when he was younger, I always told him that make up is for girls:) wahhahahaah..

Next, we went to the armour tank booth..

Ace got to try out the simulation machine used for training. Looks like a computer game to me lor! I think next time wanna join army just play games well can liao:) wahahaha

Ace concentrating hard at completing the task..

Next section we went to was the group that did communication with all their radio packs and gadgets and they even allowed Ace to wear it and pose for picture :) Haha..

Next it was this night walk booth where you needed a coupon to go into this really dark "room". they will then give you a nigh vision viewer so you can see in the zero light situation..

When you view through the night vision viewe, everything is bright and green!:)  But when you remove it... it is total darkness!

Next he did some shooting thing...

Cannot see Ace very clearly.. hahaha.. But I think he hit one of the targets:)

Next we went to the booth where this mdm explained to us what is inside a BMT backpack. Ace tried a half filled pack and delcared that his school bag is heavier:) wahahahaha..

I am so amazed that in their pack even got coffee and stuff like tat:)

We were just talking about also how the army shoes are now ADIDAS instead of NEW BALANCE  and the mdm said tat during her time is just canvas shoes! Nowadays very hao ming lor!

Ace trying to hold the guns used for urban warfare.. apparently these guns are for shorter distances..

Ace trying to shoot at another booth.. using a different gun..

Saw the photo booth and asked Ace to go take photo but he kept saying the queue is very long.. din want to do tat..

Do you see the bag they are holding.. it is one of the goodies tat Ace saw and he wanted it very much... ke kept going back to the lucky draw booth and try to draw.. but after a few draws, he still only won pens and what nots.. he draw till the gor gor says he has to stop.. wahahahaa...

Then he tried to take part in some quiz.. that is him going around to copy answers.. we play cheat a little and asked the nice gor gor and jie jie for answers:)

Did you know there is a wide selection of food from those ration packs?:P I not very interested to try lah.. but the lady at the BMT booth said the dates snack is nice.. so I tried..  not too bad lah:)

We also talked to the female parachutis (I dunno wat you call them)... seems like their training is really not easy lor.. salute her!:)

Ace tried his hand at doing CPR... I think if this is a real person.. probably already died cos he was jumping up and down or:) wahahaha

This is the engineering dept... their booth is rather easy.. just build a circuit:) It is not really representative of what they do but it is just to get kids to think and analyze like they often do on the job..

Ace also got to try the THROW THE PARACHUT game..the gor gor so cute.. he heard Ace cough and checked with me if it was ok to give Ace a lollipop:)

We went to take photo and I dunno why tat strange boy want to photobomb our photo and cannot wait for his turn.. sigh..

But well, you can't see the whole truck here.. so I have another pic with the whole thing..

Ace finally kum wan to queue up to take photo. Actually hor, Ace wanted to wear the camou outfit but he was too big for most of the camou outfits already.. so he chose this outfit.. and he wanted to wear themask.. the gor gor says is for different outfit but another jie jie say.. he want let him wear lor.. wahahaha.. so he got to wear this... the photo looks ncie but from far, actually this is how he looks.. so cartoon right?:P

Had to wait half an hour for the photo to be developed so we went about to find other things to do.

Ace's tried his hand at the remote control "robot" but his robot kept going around in circles one.. wahahaha..

And next, Ace went to this station with what looked like some kind of computer game. After chatting with the gor gor at the station while Ace was playing, I realized that the game was a real life game that new recruits play to help them become familiar with the type of weapons that the SG army has as it is not easy to memorize the list. So they specially created this game of collecting weapons for points to help them remember:)

The gor gor also explained that some parts of certain weapons were actually designed in Singapore and that if one wanted to become a weapon designer, thye are probably better off learning electrical engineering as most of the weapons now are electronic or digital...

Walked past the dummy used to demo first aid and realized that it has"tear ducts" and water actually comes out!:) wahahaha.. I can imagine it crying when Ace was jumping up and down while trying to get its heart pumping.. HAHAHA:)

Yeah! Our photo is ready! :)

But Ace was not quite ready to leave cos he still did not get the bAG..  but just as we were about to give up, they announced they are playing a game and that they will give away the bag.. so we took part and Ace finally GOT THE BAG! Woohoo!

And finally Ace kam wan to leave lor.. when we were trying to get to the place where Max was waiting for us, Ace saw some Peter Pan promo event and made a sword for C...

Even later in the day, he got a pic taken with Cococrunch monkey... happy day for Ace man!:)

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