Monday, April 30, 2007

Nooooo... Dun Throw Things

I sometimes really don't understand what babies are thinking...

Ace was happily playing with himself the other day when he suddenly ran to the table and threw both me and Ah Yee's VP family pack on the floor. Then he covered his mouth and laughed with a "Hahahaha..."

And then I asked him, "Ace, why did you throw things on the floor? Remember what mummy said to you that day?"

And then he picked both of them up and put them back on the table and said, "No.... no.... and shook his head" as if agreeing that this is not right.

"That's a good boy.." I told him and then he threw things on the floor again and laughed.

"Ace, mummy is not playing a game with you leh.."

And then he picked it up and said, "Nooo...." again...

And then I had to repeat my mantra of why he should not throw things.. he will hurt himself.. or may hurt other people or may spoil the things that he throws.. and good boys take good care of the things around them and good care of the people around them....

And then he went to pick up his shee shee cup and then pretended to pee into the cup himself.. but when I tried to put it there and let him do it, he ran away and laughed and went to hit Waigong on Waigon's tummy while laughing to himself...

I think he is in a happy mood today.

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Super Star Ace Chua

After having a good time standing on the table while dancing the other day at his shichida lessons, Ace decided that singing on stage is a good fun.

The other day, right after lunch, Ace climbed onto the stool and started to sing and clap his hands.

He was singing for a good 15 minutes and everytime he ended, we would clap enthusiastically for him and I would announce, "Thank you for your performance. Now, let use welcome our super star, Ace Chua to sing us another song.."

He would start blowing kisses at everyone (I wonder where he learnt that from) and he would gamely sing another song.

I can't really make out what he was singing.. only that some of his notes were really long and that he really used his whole heart to sing....

The other day during Waipo's birthday, he actually started singing and I caught the word, "birthday" in his song and realized that he was actually trying to sing the Happy Birthday song to Waipo.. I am really impressed!

Kingsley keeps saying he wants to buy Ace a mike to record his singing.. hahaha... Come to think of it.. if it doesnt drive Daddy crazy, that might be a fun toy for Ace to play with.

If I have a chance, me will take video of Ace's singing and post to show you.. muahahaha....

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Successful Toilet Training!

Ladies and gentlemen... may I celebrate with you by jumping with joy because we are FINALLY SUCCESSFUL in toilet training!!!!!

This morning, I saw Ace pulling his penis and saying Shhh... so I gave him the tumbler and asked him to pee.. and he did ;) He has been doing that for 3 consecutive days already.. yipee! Save money on diapers liao! Just have to remember to ask him to pee once every one or two hours.

Few hours later, he started doing the "mmm mmm... mmm mmm.. " But too bad we were not fast enough.. by the time he started to squat down, I knew something is out already.

Anyway, three cheers for Ace for finally being able to express his toilet needs.

Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Mian Bi Si Guo

You know how adults always talk about giving their children time outs as a way to discipline them?

Recently, Ace has taken to throwing things to express his unhappiness over things. When he is upset, angry or disappointed, because he is unable to express himself in words, he will take something and throw onto the floor to express his feelings.

So I always bring him to a corner for his time out to mian bi si guo (face the wall and think about his wrong-doing).

Usually though, he doesnt really think about his wrong doing and just entertains himself in the corner...

Today, he threw something on the floor.

Instead of time out. I carried him and told him that if he threw things, it might hit someone else and hurt them. It might also hit him and hurt him and he might also spoil things so it is not right to do that. And then I gave him a hug and a kiss and told him that he is a good boy and asked him if he would stop doing that.

I think the LOVE education works.

Cos after that, Ace sheepishly went to the corner and sat down and smile at me.

He went to mian bi himself.. hahahaha....

Then I asked him if he was thinking about the incident.

"You can come and play once you are done with the thinking, ok?"

He thought for awhile and decided to come back and play with me again after that.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

I love my Shichida Lessons!

I think I mentioned before... I have finally sent Ace to Shichida's Method for lessons because after POV, I started to think that intuition is a very important asset to have because it can really help us understand ourselves and the people around us quickly.

The first time I went to shichida's preview, I was impressed with this testimonial that said that the little boy is taekwando champion cos he could intuitively know what moves his opponents are making.

After I got more in touch with my intuition and feelings, I think this really makes it easier for us to get in touch with people and since relationships are so important, this asset is very important.

I am happy to say that I feel that after going with Ace to the lessons, I also feel as if I have stronger intuition. Today I met someone for the first time and the moment he walked in, I knew he was an insurance agent! hahaha...

Anyway, I love the lessons and I think Ace loves them too. He is doing great and is one of the most well behaved little boys in class... cos most of the time he will sit and listen and watch patiently. Only like every 15 minutes or so, he would need to walk around and go 'talk' to some friends.

Anyway, I have been observing Ace during class and here are a few new things I found out about Ace:

Super Networker
You know how I always say Ace is the greatest networker in the world. (He is born for taking over my business I tell you) When he goes to Shichida early. Most kids will stick to themselves or they would try to play with the other children. Ace goes and shake the child's hands and then goes and hug all the other parents. He knows who are the influential ones and goes and PR with them NATURALLY!

Caring Baby
Well, midway through class the other day, Ace just stopped doing everything that he was doing and went to the back of the class to sayang a crying classmate. What a loving and caring baby!

I love numbers and colours!
Ace is great I tell you ;) When his teacher asked him to clap when he sees the green number 1, he claps for all numbers that are green.. but when the one appears, he claps especially hard and even says "YEAH!"

Good dancer
Well, there was a segment which required dancing and I think Ace is the most musically inclined among his classmates as he was the only one clapping and shaking his butt to the music. Erm.. actually his mummy also the one shaking the most so I guess it could have been in inherited talent.. muahahaha...

Anyway, for those who are keen to steal some ideas about what to do with babies, you can check out my NEW BLOG: Training For Babies.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Good Sense Of Direction

Ace has a very good sense of direction.. unlike me ;)

The other day, while I was sitting around with nothing to do, Ace brought me his shoes and so I put them on for him.

After a while, he brought me MY shoes (so strange, my Crocs look exactly like Daddy's, only mine is smaller and he NEVER fails to bring the RIGHT shoes to me).

That is his signal for "Let's go downstairs!"

And since I had nothing better to do, I decided to bring him out.

But the moment I walked out of the door, he started crying and wanted me to carry him. I had to use the "you better catch up or you would be left behind strategy" and just continued to let him cry while I walked like 2 steps in front of him and encouraged him to go down the staircase.

And he kept crying and crying from the 7the storey all the way to the 5th. I think my neighbours must have thought I was torturing him or something.

When we reached the lift landing. He paused for a while in the lift because there was a stranger inside but once she was gone. He started bawling again and I had to walk 10 steps in front or he would hold on to my leg like a koala bear and cry and cry. Or if he managed to hold on to my hands, his legs would come up and he would look like he was climbing a tree.

I was finally saved when two sparrows walked past.

"Look, Ace... bird!"

"Bird! Bird! Bird!" Ace exclaimed and ran towards the sparrows to stare at them.

After they were gone though, he started crying again.

"Ace, you choose. If I carry you, we go home. If you walk on your own, we go to the playground."

He chose to cry.

At last resort, I just walked towards the playground. He cried and cried and followed unwillingly.

Then I pointed to the end of the walkway and told him, "See that road? We reach that end of the walkway and I will carry you across the road."

The clever boy cried and walked and purposely strayed towards the ROADSIDE that was FULL OF VEHICLES. So I had no choice but to carry him. Once we were near our destination, I put him down and he started to cry... but before he could cry, he saw a cat. Phew...

"Cat, cat.." Ace said and ran after it.

We finally reached the playground.

But after about 5 minutes there, Ace held his penis (I did not let him wear his diapers that day as training) and told me, "Shhhh...."

So I decided that it was better to carry him home quickly.

But just when we reached the void deck of our flats, Ace decided to explore furthur and he kept walking... so I told him that I would just follow him.

When he came to the roads though, I would repeat to him that there are cars on the road and because the roads are dangerous, he needs to hold my hand whenever we cross the roads. Because if he did not do that, the cars might knock him down and he will have to say Bye Bye to me and never be able to see mummy again.

Anyway, he held my hand and crossed the road and ventured into the cluster of flats in front of us. He walked all around the flat and it was the first time we ventured into this part of the estate.

"Ace, do you still want to go to the playground? Can you find it.. mummy will follow you... Where is the playground, Ace?"

He stood there, thought for a moment and POINTED TO THE RIGHT DIRECTION!

I kid you not!

My 21 month old can point out the right direction of the playground in the estate maze.. I am most amazed!

Anyway, he must have inherited this from his Dad.

When I told Ah Yee this, she was very bad.. she said that if Ace is very bad in math in future, we would know who he inherited it from... grrr....

PS: In case you are wondering. Ace reached home and I brought him to the toilet, "shhh... " him and then shower his penis and he peed. Waipo says that if you shower on his penis, he will pee.. That is good improvement in his toilet training as he is now able to tell us BEFORE he wants to pee and AFTER he poots.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Where Is Ace?

I was out since afternoon that day... when I reached home, I quickly stepped into the bedroom to see my little prince.

Eh, how come cannot find my little prince leh???

In the darkness, I squinted my eyes and looked at the WHOLE mattress... and suddenly, I spot something in the corner...

My prince is so clever.. he slept and rolled all the way undearneath Zhen Popo's bed! Hahaha... Like that also can!

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Birthday celebration

KP celebrated her 30th birthday with a big bang tat day ;)

She had this royal party and we were all supposed to dress up for her party as ROYALTY.

Too bad that Ace could not go as he was a little feverish and coughing a little with some running nose (his usual symptoms when he is teething).

In the end, we went and I was so besotted with the barbie doll cake... wah.... KP decided to order it because she had one at your two year old birthday party. She claims she actually dun remember the cake.. but she remembered the picture...

So I wondered if I should be ordering a nice, beautiful cake for Ace as well. Dunno whether he will appreciate it.

I asked mum for her opinion to do a small party for Ace. She said it was better to make things simple and just buy him a cake and take some pictures for keepsake. Anyway, I know Ace will already get to celebrate once with yeye and nainai and once with waigong and waipo..

So that should be enough right? I also know that his godmas will want to celebrate with him as well ;)

Well, Kingsley said that he will be buying Ace a microphone where he can record his voice and then he will teach Ace to record his voice and record sub concious tape.. I faintz ah!

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Computer, Computer, Computer

Since Ace liked to play with computers, we bought him this computer-like thing tat seem to have a keyboard..

Turned out that he got tired of it after 10 minutes.. sigh...

But give him TV to watch and he will watch until he forgets to chew his food... sigh..
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Friday, April 20, 2007

Clean It All Up

Ace is a "CLEAN' boy... hahaha..

The other day, even though he has already finished his zhi ma hu (sesame paste)... he still tried to clean up each and every drop of it:

By turning the bowl over and trying to hit the bowl on the table so that the droplets will drip out.

By digging for the droplets that dropped into his froggy bib.
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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Good Memory

The other day, I was sleeping happily when I suddenly heard Ace cry.

Since it was a weekend and Daddy had already woken up, I thought "Well, then let Daddy handle Ace... me will just continue to zzzz..."

And then Daddy woke up, played with Ace and said, "Ok Ace, Daddy bring you downstairs to play ball.. come, wear your shoes!"

So I happily dozed off to lalaland to discuss with Zhou Gong about yesterday's episodes of Happy Fish...

About half an hour later, I woke and realized that they are not back yet.

"Wah, must be having fun..." I thought to myself.

At this point, Daddy came home, came into the room and very angrily said to Ace, "Next time don't bring you out already... Waste Daddy's time... So hum chee (timid)... just sit there and do nothing..."

Turns out that Ace went to the playground, climbed up there and sat there for 30 minutes. Daddy asked him to come over, he dun want, he just sit there and dun move. And so Daddy let him sit there.

Then Daddy angrily walked into the toilet to shit.

At this moment, Ace climbed off our bed and looked underneath the bed.

Now, Ace does not look under our bed at all usually. So I was curious as to why he looked under the bed. And after he looked after the bed, he kept pointing towards that particular direction.

So, I was curious about what he was looking at. I looked under the bed and found Ace's soccer ball that Daddy bought for him from Toys R Us long time back.

Ace kept pointing to the ball and so I used and umbrella to hook it out from under the bed. Then we had a game of throw and catch in the living room and Ace was extremely active and excited.

So why did he remain passive at the playground? I thought for a long time and suddenly realized the answer... Cos Daddy could not find the ball and did not play ball with him! That is why he was unhappy and refused to play.

Now the strange thing is this. When I recall back, the reason why Daddy could not find the ball was becuase the ball has been under the bed for a long long time. About two weeks ago, Ace threw it under the bed and we just did not take it out.

So I suspect that as Ace was seated there for 30 minutes, he was actually thinking of where the ball is and trying to recall where it is. The most amazing thing is that he remembered it even though I had already forgotten!

And he indeed has a good memory. There were a few times I kept his toys away after playing and he would nap, wake and then go immediately to the place where I hid the toy to take it out.

Or sometimes I would lock the toy in my room and forget about it. Even though he does not make any noise when I hide the toy, he will keep pointing to the door. If I refuse to open it, he just goes and do his own thing.. until I FORGET and open the door and he will rush in to take the toy.

I think this boy is REALLY CLEVER! :) hahaha..

PS: As I was typing this and searching for the link of him and his soccer toy ball, Ace saw his own picture and asked me, "这个是我啊?"

Wah.. his language ability astounds me as well!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Full Of Love

Ace is full of love for me! Yeah!

Daddy was out watching soccer.... Waipo was out at a meeting... Waigong went back to visit Zhougong, Zeng Popo was not back yet and Ah Yee was away in SCS.. so that day, I was really home alone with ace and very bored with nothing to do...

Since I was really bored, I decided to do a joining with Ace. Hahaha... Those who have attended POV will know what a joining is.

Hahaha.. ok, I admit, I am a POV fanatic.. hahaha... but I thought it was worthwhile to do a joining with one of the person I love most in the world.. and when I did, I felt so much love flowing to me...

Initially I was sometimes doubtful if Ace loved me alot because he always refused to call me unless he really needs my help. But just now, I felt so full of love.. well, maybe it is a projection cos I know I am so full of love for HIM!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Anyone know where I can find miniature versions of brooms and mops? I want to teach Ace how to do housework...

The very helpful boy took a table cloth and tried to clean Gohonzon's table that day... hahaha...

Have been thinking for the longest time of getting small brooms and mops so that he can learn to do housework.. but I just cannot find this sort of toy, if you see it, please let me know where I can find it.

PS: It's waipo's BD today. Happy birthday, Waipo!

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Boh Liao

Okay, Ace's vocabulary is increasing by the day. Now, other than english words, he can also say TEOCHEW WORDS.... hahaha ;)

This afternoon, I was out and when I came home, my mum told me that Ace spoke Teochew today.

"Ace is so funny.... just now when I was in the kitchen, he came to me and called me 'popo..popo..."

My mum looked so happy when she said that. I think she is VERY VERY happy that Ace called her Popo on his own accord without making her angry ... Hahaha.... I thought that was the reason that my mum thought that Ace was 'funny'.

"And then, I remembered that I fed him alot of water and ask him if he wanted to shee shee (pee). And so he just let out his pee..."

Ok, maybe my mum is happy that she has finally sort of toilet trained him to tell us when he wants to pee....

"And when he was finished, he said, 'boh liao' (which means no more in teochew) and your dad and I laughed till there were tears in our eyes..."

Wah.. that is a good one, son.. you go, boy!

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PS: Talking about Shampoos, something really hilarious happened today. Someone who does not have hair on his head (I shan't name him) must not have had enough experience with using shampoos. Today, I kept smelling him and thought he smelt wierd and then he told me he used that bottle of green green stuff to bath himself which turned out to be SHAMPOO!

The funniest thing is this: When I told my mum about it, she said no wonder my dad has been complaining that the shampoo is being used up very quickly...

Turns out that this BOTAK has been using SHAMPOO as BATH GEL for a long time liao! Muahahahaa...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Shampoo or Bath Gel Ad

I think... that I should be sending Aunty Orchid this entry....

Aunty Orchid works in a talent scouting agency and has asked me for some photos of Ace.

I dunno Ace watched too much tv... but the other day when we passed him his cup to drink water, this was what he did...

After seeing this, how does he come up with that sort of 'LOOK'... you know.. that look of utter abandonment... relax and if I may say, kind of sensual enjoyment as well.. Quite suited for a shampoo or bath gel ad right??:P

I think even adult models find it hard to do that.. hahaha....

Anyway, that being said, I think I SHOULD limit the amount of TV he watches when we shift back home.

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Picasso Ace 2

Picasso Ace is at work again.

This time round because mummy bought him another magna doodle.... when he saw the toy, he was soooooooooooooooooooooooo happy.

He started doodling and drawing happily and entertained himself for half an hour.

Mah mah asked him what he was drawing and he looked at her and smiled.

I asked him if he was drawing a flower and he smiled.

"Can you give mah mah the flower you drew?" I asked him and he promptly passed the whole drawing board to her.

In the past, Ace can only draw colouring up and down strokes... nowadays, his motor skills are getting better and he is starting to look as if they represent something.

Other than the flower, he also drew something that looked like an aeroplane.

"What a nice aeroplane!" Zhenpopo said when she saw it.. see, even Zhen popo has GOOD imagination.. hahahah...

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Ace Can Feed Himself 2

As promised, these are pics of Ace feeding himself with a fork ;)

Anyway, I think he will very soon be able to feed himself properly.. Waipo keeps saying that he is actually making excellent progress in terms of feeding himself.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

First Birthday Party

Ace was officially invited to a birthday party other than his own. Haha...

He was invited to Tashi and Kim's birthday party the other day.

As it was held in the afternoon, I was thinking maybe we can start training him to sleep later on sundays so that he will get used to attending Shichida's lessons on sunday afternoons.

So, we fed him, changed him and arrived at the party at 3 plus.

Boy, was he HAPPY TO BE THERE!

The whole house was full of GIRLS and he was so happy to stand around them and play with him. Even though he did not really understand the games he played, he was just happy to be with them and climb on and off the bed and sofa.

Of course, he was also especially happy cos he got to taste vegeterian cake and KEPT ASKING FOR MORE.

He ate and ate and ate so much his tummy was round but he still would not give up.

When I asked him if he wanted to sleep, he shook his head. When I tried to rock him, he tried to come down...

He looked really tired but no matter how tired he was, he just simply refused to sleep.. so in the end at last resort, we decided to go home.

The moment he sat in the car and the whirring of the air con came on, I felt his head lean against my arm..

"Concussed!" Daddy said.

And true enough, his eyes were closed...

Speaking of which, Ace's birthday is coming soon as well.. should I plan a party for him? What do you think?

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Discussion Meeting

Ace attends the soka discussion meetings more frequently than me.

That is because Waipo brings him to every single one of the meetings.

The other day, by pure chance, I managed to attend the discussion meeting with Waipo (cos mine is usually held elsewhere) and had a chance to see how Ace behaved during the meeting.

For one, Ace is there so often that he knows all the uncles and aunties there.

Secondly, he is so well loved that they always anticipates that he will be coming and will MAKE and GIVE him toys. Sometimes it is those things you hang by your handphone.. sometimes it is a fake handphone...

Anyway, this little boy doesnt appreciate any of these though.. he prefers to play with the real thing.

So while everyone was bz concentrating on the meeting, Ace went to Huiping, took her phone and started talking loudly.... sigh.. i think he will create bad karma because everyone was laughing so hard they could hardly concentrate on what is being said.

If not, he would sit there and nod his head vigorously. Gosh, it was almost as if he understood what was being said. The adults also find it amusing and then again, another bad karma created as he diverted their attention towards him.

But I guess good karma is being created as well as he made the whole meeting a more joyful experience for most people and alot of the aunties so looked forward to seeing him when they come to the meetings.

Anyway, his reward was that Uncle Jimmy went to find this toy phone he had in his car and gave it to him as a present.

Ace is indeed a blessed boy ;)

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ace Purposely Qi Gek Me

"Ace purposely qi gek (made me angry) me you know.." my mum told me...

The other night, we were trying to make Ace sleep and so me and my mum lied down and waited for Ace to settle down. But he just WOULD NOT settle down and kept walking around the whole room.

"Fish, fish, fish.." Ace kept saying to himself as he walked.

"Good boy, Ace. That is great.. can you say, 'Yeye'? " I asked him.

"Yeye, yeye, yeye..."

"What about Nainai?"

"Nainai, nainai, nainai.."


"Cat.. cat... cat..."


"Dog, dog, dog.."


"Ball, ball, ball..."


Ace kept quiet.


Ace kept quiet.


"Mah mah.. mah mah..."

I was happy for a moment and then I realized that he was calling Mah Mah.. which is my grandma.

My mum said, "Hiya, he is like that one lah. Usually no matter how I asked, he just would not call me. Only when he makes me angry and want me to forgive him then he use his sweet voice to call me. The other day, he bit me and I was so angry and so I went to bath.. he came outside the bathroom and kept calling me.. 'Popo....popo... waipo... waipo....' while banging on the door.."

For me, Ace only calls me when he is very upset and he needs help or hugs.

I wonder why Ace refused to call me or my mum... even though he also calls Ah Yee and Daddy. Is it because we do not love him enough? Or is he angry with us about something?

I am still searching for the answer...

PS: Update of Ace's new vocab of words-
Mama, Papa, Yeye, Nainai, Popo, Waigong, Ah Yee, Ball, Book, More, Fish, Dog, Cat, Kitty (as in Hello Kitty), Eat, Poot poot, Shhhhh, Yeah...

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Monday, April 09, 2007


Yesterday, we brought Ace to the playground..

On our way home, we saw alot of people playing Sepak Takraw... Ace excitedly told us, "Ball! Ball!" when he saw them from a distance.

Since he was so excited, we decided to sit down and watch them play.

Ace was really intrigued.. his eyes followed every movement of the ball. And then all of a sudden, for no reason, whenever someone headed the ball or kicked the ball, he would start to clap his hands, raise his arms and said, "YEAH!" with his hands raised.

He got so fired up he even wanted to run in and join them!

I really wonder how he knew that if you were watching people play ball, you have to cheer for them? Did he observe Daddy cheering for Liverpool?

Anyway, during his bedtime that day, he was MOST hyperactive.. Daddy took a yellow paper and crushed it into a ball (It was the same colour as the sepak takraw ball) and so Ace excitedly kicked and threw it and laughed and laughed and refused to sleep... even though it was already 12 mid night.

Anyway, Ace can finally grasp the game rules of throw and catch and sometimes when he is in the mood, me can play throw and catch with him for a good 10 minutes. I really love my boy cos even small things like this makes him soooooooooooooooooo sooooooooooooo happy! :)

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

I Want My Blue Shawl

Master Eric told me that my lucky colour is blue.

Because of this, this perpetual shawl lover went out to buy a BLUE shawl.... And I love this shawl cos it goes well with all my blue clothes.. hahaha...

Most importantly, it is CHEAP...

Anyway, I bring it out almost everyday and I often wrap it around my shoulders and tie a knot so that it will not slip off...

The other day while I was preparing to go out, I put the blue shawl on the table and proceeded to pack my bags.. before I knew it, Ace the I-also-want-to-be-like-mummy little boy took my shawl and put it over himself and started to dance in the living room.


I want him to learn how to brush his teeth leh, why doesnt he learn that instead... sigh...

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hide And Seek Again

Since he was a few months old, Ace has always enjoyed the peekaboo sort of game.

However, I was always the one peeking and booing at him and he was just there laughing himself silly.

The other day, he suddenly ran into the bedroom and hid behind Daddy's shirts. Then he peeked his head out and then laughed himself silly. Finally, he understands the concept of hiding himself and hiding things.

Anyway, after a 10 minute game of peek a boo, he was in extremely good mood and decided to proceed to climb onto our bed for more fun.
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Thursday, April 05, 2007

How To Keep Ace Quiet

Want Ace to sit down quietly and stop bugging you?

Put him on a high stool with nothing to hold on to and he will sit there for a long.. loooooooooooooooooong time.. muahahha....

If he is sitting on a tall stool with a back rest, he will use the back rest to help himself stand up.

The other day, he was running around too much and so, I asked him to sit still for a little while (so that I can take a little rest).

I came up with this brilliant idea and managed to enjoy some peace and quiet for 10 minutes before Ace wanted to come down... haha..

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Poor Yeye

The other day, we went to Yeye's house for supper. Suddenly, yeye sat beside Ace and touched Ace on the arm.. and then he told me, "Only my last two fingers can feel Ace. Luckily I still can feel him.. when I touch him, I know this is my grandson and I feel so shiok..."

When I heard that, I felt really sad for Yeye.

Yeye's nerves were not functioning well as they were pressed down by his spinal cord. As a result, his fingers are not very mobile and sometimes his arms are numb.. cept for his last two fingers.

I think it is sad to be that way and only be able to feel your loved one with your last two fingers.

I guess I take for granted the fact that I can hug and feel Ace all over....

Like my Popo (my mum's mum), she has a bad leg and so cannot carry Ace even though I think she would like to. Conversely, my ah ma (my dad's mum) is still very strong and can carry Ace around which she enjoys very much :)

So, dun take your health for granted. If you want to enjoy a happy family life in your older years.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I Am A Born Musician

I think Ace really loves music. When he sees the piano inside Toys R Us, he automatically sits down and plays with it....

Because it has been a long time since I last took out Popo's organ to let Ace play... I decided to take it out to entertain him as he was looking somewhat bored.

He LOVED IT! And I think he played very well. Of course he cannot make music but he was was rythematically inclined and he knew how to use both his hands to play the organ...
He loved it so much he was playing music, clapping his hands, saying, "yeah yeah yeah!!!" and then half an hour later after I kept the organ, he came back to me and said, "More, more, more...."

"More what, Ace?"

He pointed to the organ.

And then he proceeded to play with it for another 20 minutes. And then I kept it for good.

2 hours later, he came to me and said, "More, more more.." again.

"More what?" I asked him.

He walked to the room where I kept the organ and pointed to it.

Seems like he cannot get enough of it.. muahahah...

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Monday, April 02, 2007


Is it a guy thing or is it just Ace.

I have noticed that Ace is rather fixated with cars.

Put him into the car and he likes to turn the steering wheel around and pretend to drive... and he is barely 2 years old!!!

I am thinking if I should be buying him like a driving wheel so that he can pretend to drive. But somehow, even though he likes to drive, he is not very impressed with toys that have a driving wheel.. he just likes the REAL THING.

Wonder what sort of cars and fancy women he will like in future.. hahaha...

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

What's Your Plan?

Every parent does not want their children to be like them. They want their children to become BETTER than them.

Because of this, all parents use their upbringing as a guide to educate their children.

Once their child is born, they have this big plan about how to educate him or her. Eg, if their parents were very strict to them, they want to become sweeter to their child. If their parents left them alone very much, they want to talk alot more to their child.

But, "Every child is different and so every child should be brought up differently. We don't really need a plan, we just need to find a way to communicate with our children from time to time and just educate them. "

At least, that is what my teacher, Hiromi, says.

I suddenly realize that I have this big plan on how to educate Ace as well. I want him to become even better than me and since young, I keep repeating the things that I feel I don't have or don't do well and tell him that he can do well in that area. I treat him the way I think I would have liked my parents to treat me. And I was thinking that since I am doing fine so far, I would do the exact same thing for my next child. How wrong I was!

Still, it is not too late to realize this and rectify it ;)

Luckily for Ace, both me and Max don't resort to physical punishment. It is not in our plan as we didn't like it when our parents did it to us when we were young. I guess it is also because they do not do it often as well.

I always kenna caning from my mum when I was young but I think after I started primary school, it stopped.

My teacher says that parents who often resort to physical punishments often do so because they do not have the confidence of educating their children. Therefore, we need to trust that there is a better way to educate our child.

I can attest to that though. At most times when I am lost about what to do.. it seems like the only thing I could do was either to scream at Ace or hit Ace. Thankfully, I mostly don't carry them out because I also realize that screaming at him and hitting him doesn't help him at all. But sometimes when i cannot 'lun', I give in and smack his fingers and palms (because I told him a thousand times not to put his hand into the MOVING fan/ kiss the TV/ throw things on the floor).

When I realize that though, I explain to him why I did that and that I still love him very much and hope he will understand....

Okay, looking back, I admit I sometimes hit him in frustration at my inability to comprehend what he is actually trying to tell me with his actions and how I can help him. That is not a good way to help I know. Ace, mummy apologize to you... sorry...

It is not that we should give in to our children all the time either. We can still give them time outs and still scold them. But if we get emotional when we do that, it would be considered punishment. And punishments are not good for a child emotionally as well. However, should we have a peaceful heart and know exactly what we are doing, then even though it is the same action of a time out, it becomes EDUCATION.

Hiromi teacher says her youngest son has a bad temper. When he shows his temper, she asks him to go to his room to deal with his anger and come out when he is okay.

Her husband, Hediaki, always loses patience and goes into the room before he is done and thus stirs up another bout of anger. Now that they have learnt to be patient, her son always comes out happy after he is done with his emotions.

However, should she get angry and LOCK HER SON in his room. That would become a punishment and I guess her son would get even more angry that his call for help was not met.

Yes, children also throw tantrums because that is their call for help.. not because they enjoy doing them or because they enjoy torturing us. I mean, do you get angry and upset because you enjoy it? Of course not, right?:P

So my goal now is to nurture Ace to the best of my abilities so that I can develop fully his potential to make him into a wonderful, happy person...

Alot of times too, I think we have GREAT plan on how to educate our children because we think our parents did it ALL WRONG. Some people cannot forgive their parents because they think, "It is because you treat me this way, that is why I am like that now.. if you had treat me another way, I wouldn't be like that now..."

I guess we sometimes forget that our parents are human too.. and too bad for them or for us, they did not read MY BLOG and have someone give them this gentle reminder. Mostly, I believe that most parents try their best to do what they can for their children. Though it may not be the best, it is THE BEST THEY CAN GIVE.

Also, we forget this:
Now that we know we don't want to be THIS, we can CHOOSE to be THAT. We don't have to react accordingly to how our parents brought us up, we still have a choice to make a change no matter what age we are at now.

Let us all forgive our parents and love them with all our hearts for I know they love us with all their hearts as well. When we love them with all our hearts, our children will be able to love us wholeheartedly as well, isn't that what you would want?

Anyway, one thing I learnt long ago in life is this: Your parents are the only people who (your children and your husband or wife too) will love you unconditionally no matter what.

Sometimes we wonder if our parents love us because of some things they do to us.. but if we reflect on how we treat them (yes, alot of people I know are bad children and treat their parents badly.. hahaha.. almost as bad as their parents.. hahaha.. ME INCLUDED) , I guess if they did not love us, they would have abandoned us a long time ago... don't you agree?

So my plan is to love my parents more and me and sis will be taking them for a holiday soon.

What is your plan?:)

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