Sunday, October 30, 2005

I Hate Injections

I hate injections.

Especially when they are administered to me cos I am a scaredy cat who is afraid of pain.

I especially hate injections when they are administered to Ace and it is not just because I dun like things poking into my baobei's skin.

Last month, when Ace had his injection, I had a very BAD ACE DAY . It was really bad and I almost suffered from post natal blues.

Therefore, I really dreaded Ace’s 4th month injection.

Alas, I would say it was much better than the third month.. ;) And that is because mummy is better prepared this time. This time, one week before the jab, I fed Ace with more VP than usual and made him drink more water. After injection, I fed him with EVEN MORE VP to ensure that he quickly detox all the rubbish and dun get feverish or achy for too long.

When we reached the Polyclinic, we had to queue up for quite a while. By the time it was our turn, Ace was already half asleep.

While lying on the weighing scale (Ace grew from 6.8 to 8.15kg within one month leh!), Ace fell asleep. The nurse asked me to wake him up so I shook him a little. He woke up but the nurse took so long to prepare the needle that by the time she was ready, he was asleep again.

My son dam kiang lor. Once the needle went in, he woke up, cried for 3 seconds and went back to sleeping!

Then while I was seated outside and waiting for him to settle down before we left the clinic, he just slept and slept.

After about 15 minutes, he woke up and smiled at me. That’s a good sign. The last time, he started to have that M shaped mouth right after the injection.

Then I brought him to the library to borrow books, to econ minimart to buy some things and then on the way home, he smiled at me again.. GOOD!

Then I reached home and by then he was starting to feel a little warm so I sponged him. He was ok after a while and so we brought him to wai po’s house because me and hubby had something on that night.

He was very sleepy and slept through the night… only waking at 6am in the morning for milk and because he shit. I sponged him again during the night to ensure that he will not be too warm.

In the morning when he woke, he was 38.5 degrees. after a few rounds of sponging, he dropped to 37 degrees. He was still smiling and that was a good sign.

Then mummy itchy hand. Nurse said his leg will ache where the injection was administered my itchy hand go and touch and ask him pain or not.. HE SCREAMED and then Daddy scolded me for my itchy hands.

Then whole morning I had to saying him and carry him while daddy did housework. Super
daddy washed clothes, fold clothes, pack stuff, ironed clothes all while I was taking care of Ace.

Anyway, after that, he was ok liao so me and hubby brought him to office.

As office had air con, he cooled down very shortly and was free from fever from afternoon onwards.

Yet, even though he did not have fever, he was more grumpy than when he was feeling warm.

He keep wanting daddy or me to carry him. He refused to sleep and refused to drink his milk if it is not warm enough. He kept shitting (good sign of detox.. mummy is happy to see tat.. for some unkown reason, he always shits black stuff when he has injection.. imagine how poisonous these injections are..), he cries when we touch his supposedly painful thigh and puking milk cos he kept wanting to drink non stop. Ou Ni still want to drink lor!

Hahaha.. finally daddy gets a taste of wat it is like to take care of Ace after he had his injection.

“Hiya, why last time you din tell me the paying injection wun have fever? If I had known, I would have rather paid man!” Daddy said.

But I did tell him lor.. and we agreed that letting Ace have fever and detox it out was better because there was less chemicals in his body. He clean forgot about it!

But just as well, good to let daddy know how I feel when I take care of Ace at home ;)

Anyway, I will be even better prepared this time for his 5th month injection. Last one.. woo hoo!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

I Can Wear My Wedding Ring AGAIN!

Yeah yeah yeah!

I can wear my wedding ring again!

And that’s cos I have already lost 15kg of my pregnancy weight! :P

I still remember that when I got married, the salesgirl who sold us the ring told hubby that he should come back and buy another one when I got pregnant because

“Your hands will then get fatter because of the pregnancy. A lot of my customers do that one..”

“CHOI! “ I told her. “I will never get fat again ah!”

If you were me, you would feel the same way too.

I grew up plump. But I was never really very unhappy about my weight until I got older and I started to dread every Chinese New Year because I just cannot seem to find nice clothes to fit me!

I got sick of people telling me, “You so pretty, would be better if you lost weight..” I don’t understand it. You mean if I did not lose weight I would not be a nice enough person for people to know???

And as if to prove my point, I continued to ballooned even when I started working..

In 2001 when I was at the lowest point of my life. I lost my job. I lost my first love (he fell in love with someone slimmer than me). I lost my confidence and it was so bad that I started to hate myself when I looked at myself in the mirror.

The more unhappy I was, the more I ate. The more I ate, the fatter I became. At my all time high of 75kg, someone asked if my same aged colleague was my daughter:S

At that point, I met my mentor, Dr George Lim. He taught me many things that really turned my life around. That included losing 15kg in 2 months, how to excel in areas of my work where I am weak in and do even better in those that I am strong in, how to be happy, how to be confident and most importantly, how to find a good husband that I want (my goal was to get married at 27 years old) and live happily ever after! :)

And turning all these around was not an easy process okay!

The brand new me signified a brand new start. I started to be able to fit into S and M sizes. I looked radiant. I felt happy and confident. I found the love of my life. We worked things out and have a very happy marriage.

If you were me, would you ever ever want to go back to 75kg????

But alas, in the final trimester of my pregnancy, I had reached the dreaded 75kg (heng ah.. that includes water and the baby okay!) and my ring was starting to get tight. (but I was still beautiful okie.. after all, I am Most Beautiful Mum-To-Be 2005 mah… hiaks) I decided that I did not want to bring my ring into labour ward and I took it off.

I was ringless for the past few months because after delivery, my fingers were still not slim enough to get it and finally, after losing 15kg, it is starting to FIT!!!!

I now look forward to going back to my svelte 55kg. Move over, Zoe Tay.. and I dun even need EXTRIM.. hahahah ;) Hubby says that if I can reach my goal, I can go for shopping spree to HK again.. yeah!!!!!

PS: If you want to be like me, just email me at I will be more than happy to do a free consultation for you and help you in any way I can.

Go back to Ace, Ace, Baby!

Check out Dreams Inc’s blog.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Ace Is Happy To Be Home?

Have you ever had the experience of being very sleepy… and feeling bright awake again when you reach a certain place?

Ace for some reason, always becomes bright awake after he touches his own bed.

The other day, me and daddy attended the kick off party of our café/hub (link to dreams inc hubnews) and because it was a very crowded party, we left him at Wai Po’s place.

When we came back to fetch him. He was soundly asleep.

At Wai Po’s house, he has 6 star treatment. Every night at bedtime (which is around 10 or 10.30pm), Wai Po will carry Ace and ROCK HIM TO SLEEP!

Heng I already told him that he only gets this in Wai Po’s house so he doesn’t expect that me and Daddy do the same for him at home.

Anyway, Ace was so soundly asleep that he wouldn’t wake no matter what we did. Me, Daddy and Ah Yee each took a leg or an arm and then we all shook his limbs at the same time and he didn’t even FLINCH!

In the end, we decided to carry him home asleep… and despite our moving around.. going in and out of the car… talking loudly in the car… he was STILL soundly asleep!

Alas, the moment we reached home and I put him down on his bed, HIS EYES OPENED VERY WIDE!!! Maybe he is very happy to be home huh??

He then proceeded to happily play with himself until 2am then decided that he kum wan to sleep. Sigh…

Thursday, October 27, 2005

What Is Ace Looking At?

What do you think Ace is looking at????

And so intently some more right???:)

The answer..... (scroll down)

TV lah! What else???

Despite the fact that we tried to prevent him from watching TV (the radiation not good for him, the light not good for his eyes and the info not good for his brain) by stacking all the bolsters and stuff, he still managed to peep through!

Sigh.. I hope he doesn't end up a TV kid like ME:P

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ace Entrepreneur

I did mention it, didn't I?

I am a firm believer of the sub concious mind. If you do not know or believe in it, go watch the movie "What The Bleep (%^$$#^$&) Do We Know".

I believe that there are a million things happening at all time. Some goes into our concious mind and others go into our sub concious mind. The sub concious mind is 30 000 times more powerful than the concious mind. So when you imagine something often enough, our brian cannot differentiate whether it is the truth or just your imagination and as a result, your sub concious mind makes things come true.

I read that babies have super strong sub concious minds and are like a sponge. They remember everything and it is stored in their brain to be developed furthur in their future lives.

I think Ace will grow up to be a biz owner/manager just like his daddy and mummy.

Recently, I have been bringing Ace into alot of my biz meetings. When he grows up, he is going to think that running a biz, holding meetings are chicken feet because I believe that he will remember all the meetings that he has attended and know some basics of running a biz.. hiaks..

I guess it also helps that he is a people person and he has good EQ.. seems that all who see him like and love him alot. That day I brought him to office and one aunty just came over, pet him and said, "Isn't that baby adorable!"

Another aunty I met at the cafe (whom I dun know) said, "So cute, can I carry?" And she said she will come back to my cafe just to visit Ace...

People person builds great networks. Robert Kiyosaki says that "The RICH build networks. The other people work."

Even in chinese we have a saying, "人脉钱等于钱脉".

Ah well, maybe I should start telling and revising with him the 8 things that bosses do everyday.. hiaks ;)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Ace’s 4 Month Report

View month 2 here
View month 3 here

Name: Chua Yen Feng, Ace
New Nicknames: Handsome Boy, Baobei, Good Boy
Gender: Still Male and still Straight (STILL has preference for pretty women and old men)
Weight: Approx 8.15kg

Remark: Took his 4th mth injection like a good sleeping man.. hahaha.. was asleep.. woke 3 secs to cry and slept again after that.


Can flip liao!!!! Ace started off with only being able to flip 90 degrees to the right. But on his 4th month birthday, he decided to flip a full 180 degrees. However, he can only do flipping o the right and not the left side. He can also flip from his tummy and go back into the lying down position.

Can "Crawl": Ace can kind of swivel himself around when he is on his tummy and can crawl and turn at the same time. Whenever he tries to crawl, he looks like he is swimming and his hands and feet are all over. I am happy to say that he is able to move himself forward by either pulling on the mattress or pushing his body weight forward.

Nose seems to have grown bigger: For some reason.. Ace is starting to have a bigger and bigger nose.. oops.. going to be like Jacky Chan (after all, mummy's nickname was Chen Feng). But i guess is ok lah ;) Jacky is RICH AND FAMOUS ok! ;)

More Hair Loss: Ace is losing more hair. Mummy also.. so everymorning when we wake up, the whole bed is my hair and Ace's hair.. hahaha

Starts Making More Sounds: Ace has learnt some new sounds. He has a few phases. He can do mmmm... ahhh... brbrbrbrbr... he has been trying to say mama (I was away and he made the mmm..maaa maaa noise to call me). About a week ago.. he has taken to screaming at the top of his lungs for milk.. we told him tat good boys dun scream and now he does it quietly with his mouth shut and goes.. "Mmmm.. mmm.." Hahahah... I guess.. M is for milk tat is why...

Increase Size of Torso, Arms and Legs: His legs look like fat chicken drumstick now. I will have to watch his diet. Dun want him to balloon into fat michilline baby.. no siree! The romper that AUnty SHah Khim bought for him is for 3-6 months baby but my baby ACE IS STARTING TO GROW OUT OF IT!

Likes to sit upright: Now, other than drinking milk or being rocked to slip by my mum, Ace usually does not like to be carried in the lying down position. Most of the time, he wants and likes to sit upright. Sometimes, he stretches out his arm very far and even indicates that he wants to stand.

Stand and take baby steps: Supported, Ace can actually stand for like about 5 seconds without bending his knees. Also, when in good mood.. he even attemps to walk and takes baby steps when he gets support from us (he will hold on to my hands).

Increased muscle movement, strength and control: Ace is growing more strong. HIs grip is getting stronger (can feel it when he grabs your fingers). He can now pull the toys attached to his hanging gym mobile. His favourite hobby is to grap things. My shirt, his feet.. etc.. I always make him grab both his feet when i am changing pampers for him so that I have free hand to wipe and he is happy to oblige ;)

Legs can touch his face: I think soon you will see him put his own toes into his mouth.. hahaha

Teething: Anything he can get his hands on.. Ace will bring it to his mouth.. toys.. towels.. anything! And when i gave him a teething toy, he doesnt bites on it.. he LICKS IT!. Unlike the past where he will suck on the whole fist, Ace has taken to sucking his individual fingers.. maybe he feels that it lengthens the pleasure process.. hahaha ;)

Power Legs: Mr Power legs can use his legs to maneouver himself by swivelling sideways.

Knows how to open arms to ask to be carried. Ace is starting to like people carrying him. When he wants to be carrried, he will open his hands and arms wide and make noises.

Ace is also starting to recognize people. Though he is a friendly baby and is ok even if strangers carry him. He doesnt feed when the stranger is too strange.. eg Aunty Shah Khim (met him twice onli) feed him he dun want but Jez feed him he is ok.

Ace doesnt like to be alone. He seeks attention and cries when he doesnt see me. seperation anxiety i guess. but he is getting over it cos i tell him that mummy loves him even though he doesnt see me.

He likes music and will dance to elephant toy music. He sways happily in rythm when he hears lively music.

He gets startled out of sleep often also.. we wonder if its cos his ears are more developed now.

Knows how to shake his head at things he dun want or dun like n will nod his head when you ask him YES questions.

Top Pictures of the Month:
Here are top pics chosen by me.. comment and vote for the best picture.. ;)

Monday, October 24, 2005

Why Won't Ace Cry?

You know how babies always cry when they want to be carried and want milk right?

I always took special pride in telling people that Ace doesnt cry much at all.. "except when he wants his milk..."

But Ace is a strange baby.

Recently, he has taken to screaming for food and attention. He screamed so much and so loud he was almost breaking my ear drums and I almost wished he would CRY!

I don't know how he learnt that. Me and max do not scream at each other at home leh...

I wonder if he learnt to do it because sometimes when he is home alone with mummy and mummy is bathing when he wakes up or mummy is getting ready to go out and he is hungry... his will start making soft crying noises and by the time mummy is out from her bath (already try very hard to finish bathing quickly liao) and by the time mummy ready to feed him, he is already screaming and so he associates his screaming with being an effecient way of getting attention and getting what he wants.

That day, i went to mum's house but becuase he has not been to wai po's house for quite a while, I think he kind of didn't recognize the place. He was screaming the whole afternoon and whole night and was only quiet when i played with him.

I cant step out of his sight. If I do, he starts screaming. I almost wanted to die. I hate screaming children. It made me think of mummies who kill their children or who jump off their flats from post natal blues. Yikes :S

And it doesnt help that I have been sleep deprived for the past one week.. sleeping everyday at around 2,3 am, waking at 5am to feed, change his diapers (he likes to shit at wee hours in the morning) and then sleeping again and having to wake again at 8.30 or 9 because he doesnt want to sleep anymore. And I couldn't take afternoon naps because my cafe just opened and I am kind of in charge of marketing and had many afternoon meetings.

I repeatedly told him that good children don't scream and ask him, "Can you speak softly? Can you speak softly? can you speak softly?"

I explain to him that good children d0n't scream. It's rude and that me and daddy do not scream at him or at each other.

I almost wish he would cry. Crying I can tahan.. screaming? I really buay tahan.

Then the next day, he got better. I guess it was the fact that he was in a strange place coupled with the fact that he had gas in his tummy.

Anyway, Ace, Mummy loves you no matter what you are. But mummy loves you most when you are a smiling, happy baby, OK?:P

PS: All the "teaching" and questions seem to work. After I finished writing this piece, the next day, Ace woke up with a new stunt. He no longer goes "Ahhh.. ahh... ahhhh.." very loudly when he wants milk. Instead, he purses his mouth and says, "Mmm... Mmm... Mmm.. " when he wants milk. Dun ask me why hor.. Maybe cos M is for milk lah.. Anywayz, since he listens to me.. i tell him he is a good boy and that I like it when he gently lets me know he is hungry ;)

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ace Is Starting To Crawl!

Ladies and gentlemen! My son is starting to crawl! :)

Well, in case I forgot to update you... Ace has been given tummy training time for quiet a while now.

The other day, he just all of a sudden decided that he shall turn 90 degrees and he went ahead to do it! ;)

And then these few days, he had yet another few amazing feats:

1) He has learnt to flip back from tummy to lying position
2) He can can do massive push up with his hands
3) When put on this tummy, though his movement looks like he is swimming, he is able to, in a matter of minutes swivle himself on his tummy and move 90degrees to the right. That's considered crawling right?:P

My mum says that I started to flip when i was 4 months old. In fact, I am the kind of baby who always 不鸣则以,一鸣惊人.

Unlike Ace, I never showed any signs of being able to flip (like being able to turn to the sides first). When I did, I flipped right over.. from the bed onto the FLOOR! My mum said I made her cry buckets because she was very heart pain and I was her first baby mah...

And then, I also never learnt how to walk. Put me in a standing position and I will cry and pat my chest and do the "I am so frightened" action.

Then one day, out of the blue, I just walked ALL OVER THE HOUSE!

Hope Ace won't surprise me like that! :)

Fashion Parade

All of a sudden, all the clothes that people buy for Ace are starting to be only just nice. So this month has been some kind of a fashion parade for Ace as we see him in many outfits...

I have decided to parade's Ace's more memorable outfits here so that he can remember his old clothes when he looks at this in future...

Presenting.. OUTFIT 1 Day 2
Ace looks cute and cuddly in white romper and white blanket when he was 2 days old. Outfit proudly sponsored by Gleneagles Hospital. Mittens sponsored by hand-me-downs from Jez Ah Ma.

Outfit 2 Day 5
This was Ace in his bright blue romper outfit when he just came back from hospital... he was so fragile then. The bright blue romper was a hand-me-down... proudly sponsored by Shah Khim for Oracle and passed down from Jez Ah Ma to Ace. I call this his da bian romper. There was this period where he would shit once every 3-5 days because he could not get used to formula milk. Strangely, whenever he was in WBG and wearing this outfit, he will SHIT.

Outfit 3 First Week
Well, this versatile blue top was another hand me down. Sponsors are anonymous :) While it used to look like a bath robe on him... it is starting to look like a decent shirt on him now.

Outfit 4 First Month
Ace in his favourite 'newborn' tee shirt which features two little bears. The tee shirt is very thin and thus airy enough for Mr Sweaty Ace. Outfit proudly sponsored by Uncle Andy and Aunty Agnes. In fact, Aunt Agnes bought them for herself while she was in sweden during a sale even before she herself got pregnant!

Outfit 5 First Month
Ace in his pretty Max Cool hat. Pretty cos bought by mummy and daddy. Trousers sponsored by Ah Gong and long sleeve romper also by Uncle Andy and Aunty Agnes ;)

Outfit 6 2nd Month
Ace in his very dashing-looking OLD NAVY romber that looks like some navy outfit. A hand me down from dunno who but it is Max daddy's favourite because he is a Naval Officer. I think Ace knows that he is very dashing in this too because he is always in a good mood when he wears this romper.

Outfit 7 2nd Month
Ace looks so sweet and cute in this pink bear bear long sleeve romper. You may not believe it but it used to belong to his Tashi Jie Jie (and Tashi is already 7 years old okay!) I thought he might look girlish in pink but he actually looks quite cute still because he has the very obvious "I am a boy!" kind of look.

Outfit 8 2nd Month
Ace is very much part of Rich n Yang whenever he wears this cos our Tee-Shirt is red in colour. This is also one of our favs cos he always looks happy in this and Zhenyuan managed to take many nice-looking photos of him in this red romper!

Outfit 9 2nd Month
This outfit and top is sponsored by my soka leaders. Doesn't he look cute? Like some Hip Hop star right? Unfortunately, this romper only lasted one month. Ace can only wear this now as a tee shirt cos by the time they visited me and passed it to me (it is for 0-6 mths), Ace was already quite big.

Outfit 10 2nd Month
The mickey mouse outfit was a gift from someone.. dun ask me who.. i dun remember... I think is one of Max's father's god daughters. It comes with booties, mittens and this cute looking hat. Isnt't he very cute-looking in this outfit? To match him, me and max bought matching mickey tops in HK when we were touring HK.

Outfit 11 2nd Month
Even though Ace has an M shaped face but doesnt he look dashing still in this Max Cool Helicopter outfit? Why do people always buy Max Cool clothes for him? Is it because Ace's Lao Peh (father) is called MAx? I wonder.. ;)

Outfit 12 3nd Month
Outfit proudly sponsored by MAMA and PAPA. Our proudest purchase from Shenzhen during our 'second honeymoon'. Erm.. it looks a little too big now but I think is good investment cos he can prob wear from Age 1-2 ;) hiaks... most importantly, it is daddy's favourite color- ORANGE!

Outfit 13 3nd Month
Blue rabbit outfit was another hand-me-down from Oracle and Jez Ah Ma. According to Jez Ah Ma, this was one of the outfits she bought Oracle for new year. I kept it in the box till when i finally remembered it and took it out, he was already fitting JUST NICELY in it. Darn! I tot this is for 3-6 months?????

Outfit 14 3nd Month
White romper is proudly sponsered by Shah Khim. I think he likes this outfit because whenever he is wearing this, he will smile alot. When she bought it, it was a little too roomy.. just only ONE MONTH LATER.. it is starting to fit JUST NICE.. gee.. he REALLY is growing up fast!

Outfit 15 3nd Month
Remember Furby, the monster/robot that someone invented. This Furby top is his favourite sleepwear because it is long enough to cover his tummy and thin enought to keep him cool.

Outfit 16 3nd Month
Blue soccer romper is proudly sponsored by Ah Yee. Ah Yee bought for him during sale. Ithink this one is BEST BUY ah.. somehow.. as he grows.. the romper also grows to accomodate his size! hahahahah

Outfit 17 3nd Month
Hush Hush yellow singlet sponsored by his GANMA, Megan.. Even though gan ma bought him a shirt, she has never seen him in it.. sigh.. All of Ace's godmas are always BZ BZ BZ.. with what I also dunno.. Ace very unlucky... everyone sees him often except for his godmas. Godma Megan has seen him ONCE... Godma Karen once over the net and twice in person... Godma Evon? Worse! Zilch! Ace going to be four months liao leh!!!

Outfit 17(a) 3nd Month
OLD NAVY Singlet outfit (got cargo pants kind of pockets by the sides one okie!) proudly sponsored by Wes also.. look so cute right? ;) Can you see his RIPPLING MUSCES??

Outfit 18 3nd Month
Yellow winnie the pooh.. proudly sponsored by Jez.. hiaks.. i love all the hand me downs from her because they are usually from mothercare.. i must say the design usually quite nice and the material very lasting and comfy for baby lor ;)

Outfit 19 3nd Month
Blue jumper and long sleeve shirt sponsored by his grand aunty!!! Nice hor?!:) But leh.. it makes him lok much BIGGER than his actual 3.5 months!

Outfit 20 3nd Month
Special outfit from Old Navy!!! It says, "Surf board instructor" Air mailed by my penpal Wes all the way from the US!!!!! Cute or not????:P

Outfit 21 3nd Month
A Bug's Life top and bottom from Lucky Baby (same brand as his pram..hey hey hey!!! Specially and lovingly picked for him even before he was born.. by his GRANDMA/ Nainai.

Outfit 22 3nd Month
Looking slightly girlish in this hand-me-down new year suit from Oracle. But i think the oclour suits him, don't you?

Outfit 23 3nd Month
Pink is in vogue now don't you know? Ace looks absolutely stunning in this bright pink romper and note.. he is definitely not GAY.. he smiles only at MEINU ok!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Tummy Time

Ace didn't want to sleep that day and so I gave him some tummy time...

I wanted to take pics of him on his tummy.. so i left him on his tummy and watched as he started off happy and full of energy.. and laughed at how his face changed into a sian look.. then into a grimace and finally.. THE CRYING FACE! Hahahaha..

Friday, October 21, 2005

Mummy Is A Finger Toy

Whoever purchased the hanging gym mobile for Ace, thank you! ;)

That particular gadget has kept Ace happy for many hours. In the past, he will only look at the colourful hanging mobiles…

Then he graduated to touching them and smiling at them..

Later on, he graduating to pulling them with his hands and feet and putting everything into his mouth!

Anywayz, the gym mobile was a life saver on many occasions cos he kept him happy while I bathed/cooked/read/emailed..etc..

Recently though.. Ace has taken new interest in all his toys.. the teether that Ah Yee bought for him became a ‘licker’.. he would put it in his mouth and lick it for hours..

The chick hanging on the hanging mobile is his favourite lick toy also…

And a new toy that caught his fancy are mummy’s fingers. He has taken to grasping two of mummy’s fingers with his hands and his idea of play would be to pull and tug and them to make them open and close.

Seems like a simple and boring game right? He can do this for hours and not be tired of it ok?

Anyway, mummy is happy to oblige cos I think he will outgrow this phase.. next time ask him to grab my fingers he also may not want to liao…

I am now trying to teach him to kiss daddy and hug mummy.. hahahaha.. ;) I love it when he kisses me or hugs me ;) Maybe i should make that into a game.. hahahaha..

PS: I wrote this a few days ago... as i publish this.. he has already graduated to grabbing his own toes and grabbing my blouse or grabbing his own fingers and doing that as a game.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Grandpa’s Birthday

It’s Grandpa’s birthday today. But we actually celebrated in advance about a week ago with a durian cake.

Max says that my father seems to be more jovial and seems to talk a lot more since the birth of Ace. I told him that my dad has always been chatty… he just needs time to warm up.

I must say though that Grandpa is REALLY VERY HAPPY LOR..check out these pictures.. Ace looked a little sian cos it was his nap time and he was sleepy..

I wonder if I can live to see my grandchildren and great grandchildren and whether I will be this happy.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Daddy! Thanks for all the love and all the little things you have done for me.. like cooking and bringing me lunch everyday.. like sending me to school when I am late on your bike when I was schooling.. like working as a coolie to earn money so tat I had food on my table and like bringing me to the many places so that I had a memorable childhood. I love you!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ace Chua, PR Manager

I just realized that Ace is main draw at my café.

Firstly, many thanks to the many people who visited my café in the last few days/weeks.

Alas, many of them are drawn to the café because of Ace. Many of my friends want to visit the café because they want to meet Ace too.

The other day, a fren brought her two friends over. The boyfriend who is rather quiet started smiling a lot when I sat down at their table to chit chat with them while carrying Ace.

I then realize that he likes babies. So the deal with him is that he continues to visit and support Indinine @ Neil Rd and that he should call me before he comes and I will bring Ace to play with him. Hahahaha…

Maybe I should make Ace a namecard???

Monday, October 17, 2005

Can Ace Recognize You?

If you have been playing often with Ace, let me assure you that Ace is starting to recognize you now…

Ace does not just recognize Daddy (he beams ever so sweetly whenever daddy kisses him and he will try to kiss daddy back) and mummy. He also recognizes close friends and family who carry him or play with him often.

My parents visit me everyday to deliver home-cooked lunch to me. (Yes, I have such loving and doting parents!) Everyday when they are here, Dad will talk to Ace and Mum will carry him for like 5 minutes.

The other day, my mum was having flu and so when she came, she did not carry Ace. Ace looked expectantly at her and when she said, “Wai Po can’t carry you today, I got flu..” And then Ace started looking at her with the M-shaped mouth look and he started to look as if he was going to cry…”

My mum’s heart softened and she told Ace, “Don’t look at Wai Po like that leh… I really can’t carry you..”

And the more she explained, the more M shaped Ace’s mouth became and the sadder he looked.

Much as she was upset then, my mum was really proud and happy. She went home and declared to my sis that Ace can recognize her.

Then the other day, father-in-law came visiting. He sees Ace like once a week only. In order not to disturb his session with Ace (you know he loves Ace so much), me and Daddy (who was sending me lunch) sat far far away because we both knew that Ace recognized us and would want to play with us if we went near.

But alas, Ace has very good eyesight. He just stared very hard at me.. then at Daddy.. and back at me again… and he had the expression that said, “Hey, why aren’t the two of you playing with me??!!”

Only when father-in-law kept talking to him did he start to play with him happily.

The other day when Max brought him to the Hub (office on top of my café) and I was at my other office doing work. So we brought some expressed breast milk to feed him. When Shah Khim, one of our friends, volunteered to feed him, he refused.

I guess it was cos it was like only the second time he has met her.

Jez Ah Ma took over and since she sees him almost every other day and always plays with him, he allowed her to feed him.

Even Zhenyuan says that Ace seems to always give a special smile to the people he knows when he meets them for the first time in the day...

I am keeping my fingers crossed that he wouldn't start crying once daddy and me are not around....

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Why Ah Yee Loves Ace

My sister adores Ace very much. She never liked children but declared that Ace is the cutest little baby she has ever seen.

She always took leave to stay at home to take care of Ace and play with him when I need to leave Ace at Mum’s place.

In fact, while I was away in HK, she became one of his favourite ‘toys’. She would talk to him, sing to him and he would be so happy he would talk back to her LOUDLY in baby language as described by my mum.

While I was staying over at mum’s place, she would come to the room where me and Ace were sleeping first thing in the morning, right after she woke up.

Whenever she sees baby stuff, she would also buy it for Ace.

When she goes out and doesn’t come home, my mum only need to call and say Ace is waiting for Ah Yee and she will return.

Even when she is outside. One phonecall about how Ace was running out pampers and she will volunteer to go and buy, deliver to the house and go back to do whatever she was doing. That’s selfless love from Ah Yee ok!

My sister was really never one to like babies or have any patience with them. So it came as a surprise to us all that she was tat caring and loving towards Ace.

The other day when she was at home, we were talking about this issue. Was it because Ace was really cute or was it because all aunties behave in the same way? (Read lalapom’s blog about her niece Abbie)

Today, I have uncovered the real reason.

My grandma took out all the old baby photos of me and sis. And strangely… VERY STRANGELY.. MY SON LOOKS LIKE AH YEE! And the alikeness is close to 90% okay! (Sorry no scanner.. only got camera so this is the best I can do) End they are especially alike when Ace is doing the M shaped mouth look.

You can’t dislike someone who looks like you right?!:)

Heh, my sis was a popular baby. She has always been more popular with the aunties than me because she had the face that EVERYONE LOVES. Everyone wanted to be her godma. Everyone wanted to buy her things. Everyone wanted to be nice to her.

If you think I am pretty, she is prettier. Much more… in fact, people say she looks like Lin Ching Hsia! While I was a fat girl, she was always slim… while I had small eyes.. she had large ones.. while I didn’t have dimples, she had them.. the list goes on..

So I guess I dun mind that my son looks like her.

But boy was I jealous as a kid. It certainly did not feel good when adults always gave your sister all the attention. But I guess that was the motivation for me to excel in other areas (studies, going on stage, art, etc) to get attention.

I guess this is also why I always make extra effort to talk to Tashi and Joo Ing’s gor gor cos they share the same fate as I did. They have cuter younger siblings and are always in semi limelight only.

Wonder who my next baby will look like…