Monday, July 31, 2006

Fun At The Library

I decided that I had enough of being a lazy mummy and decided that I shall be a good and hardworking mummy. So I brought Ace to the library to borrow books since he liked reading..

Initially he was happy to just be flipping books...
But towards the end of our library session, he started talking LOUDLY HAPPILY despite me telling him that we should be quiet once we reach the library.. sigh... I guess he was just too excited to go into the rocket capsule. It was like a playground to him. He was so happy there that he even shitted while inside. Muahahaha...

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sleep Walking Ace

Do babies sleep walk?

Well, I guess they do. Ace kind of sleep walked yesterday night.

I was doing a detox programme and so had to sleep early (woo hoo, lost 6kg in 9 days!!) and so I went into the bedroom, lay down on my bed and prepared to sleep.

Feeling a little restless, I turned to my side and looked at my beautiful, sleeping son. I touched him on his arm and patted him a little. I was feeling proud of myself for giving birth to this amazing creature and before I knew it, he suddenly sat up upright.

I thought he was awake but his eyes were still closed.

Then an incredible thing happened... with his eyes closed, he used his head to head butt me and push me away from my position in bed so tat I rolled over to Max's side of the bed.

And then, he climbed up onto where I was sleeping, rest his head on my pillow and continued sleeping!

I pursed my lips and went into the study room where Daddy was and complained to Daddy that his son is taking over my personal space in bed.

"Wah, he so clever ah.." Daddy said...

Hee, but I am even more clever. I went back to the room, lift him up and put him back into his cot and then proceeded to sleep on my side of the bed.. muahahaa...

PS: He woke up in the middle of the night when me and Daddy were soundly asleep, climbed over my tummy and plonked himself down in between me and Daddy. I think his cot may be a little too warm for his liking.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Remove That Negative Association!

Remember I talked about how Ace would cry whenever we said one syllabus words loudly?

I have managed to undo tat a little already..

You see... based on wat I have learnt about human behavioral science from my mentor, Ace is upset probably because:
- he has a negative association with loud, single syllabul sound
- he is shocked and scared by it

It is just like if you keep hitting on a person's shoulder and say, "You are a lousy freak.." do tat enough times and everytime someone taps him on the shoulder, he will feel lousy.... likewise, if you do tat enough times and say instead "You are the greatest, you are the best, you will succeed!".. everytime someone did tat, he will feel confident and feel great!;)

So in order to remove tat negative association to loud, single syllabul words, I brought Ace to my room and played with him for a while. And then I tickled him and made him laugh... and then as he was laughing happily, I said loudly to him, "MOON!" He would purse his mouth into an M shape and then I would tickle him and made him laugh.

I repeated this process 3 times and by the 4th time, he would only purse his lips together but he didn't cry.

That night, I brought him to Indinine. Because we met a long time friend we havent seen in a long while, we cheered for him and said, "Yaaaay!!!!!!" and clapped... Ace cried very loudly.

I decided to repeat it and so the next day, I brought him to the bedroom to play with him again... This time.. i did the "say the word then tickle" thing again and again using different words like "moon, star, sun, yay..."

And now, most of the time when you do that, he will smile instead of cry.. hahahaha...

Isn't it great how you can change your child's behaviour to positive ones so easily!?:P

PS: If you want to learn more about human behavioural science, you might want to attend the course that I did...My friend whose son was last in class applied what she learnt from the same course and the following semester, he was FIRST in class leh. Email me if you want to know more..

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Music Sense

Ace has a very good sense of ryhthm and music.

Maybe it is because I always would listen to classical music with him when he was in my womb...

Maybe it is also because after he was born, I would sing to him often.. i have lost track of how many silly songs I make up myself just because I like to sing to him...

When he was in my womb, he would already kick me when he hears techno music..

After he was born, When he started to learn to clap, Ace would clap along when he heard music.

Nowadays, I have noticed that Ace will sometimes sway left and right to music. Sometimes he will shake forward and backward to music.

If he is standing up, then he will sway his body and shake his backside.. it is very cute!

We noticed that he doesnt not only react to certain types of music. He seems to be reactive to all music. Tribal, classical, chinese, techno, house.. you name it.. he will dance it...

Maybe he has a talent for appreciating good music bah. Let's see if he sings or play any musical instruments when he grows up ;)

PS: Ace is 13 months today! Hip Hip hooray!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Old Mac Donald Had A Farm


Old mac donald had a farm.. E I E I O
And on his farm he had some ducks.. E I E I O

The other day, I simply had to change the lyrics of the song...

New Mac Donald had a baby.. E I E I O
And in the restaurant there was a screaming baby.. E I E I O
And a EEEEE here and a YAA YAA there
Here EEEE, there OOOHHH
New Mac Donald had a baby.. E I E I O

Yes, my son decided to show off his SINGING skills in public.

I was at suntec Mac with my friends. As you may already know. Suntec Mac Donalds is combined with mac cafe and so the ambience there is more like a cafe ambience. It was a weekday afternoon so mac donalds was free from the shouts of happy (or distressed) children.

All of a sudden, Ace decided to SING! And he started to make funny noises at the top of his lungs. Everyone turned and looked at him. But nothinng I did or said managed to stop him.

I asked my friends, "Do you think I can pretend that he is not my son? or... maybe I can pretend that I dunno him..." They shake their heads at me and smiled... humph.. next time they become parents then they will understand...

In the end, I could only clap when he ended his singing. Anywayz, my theory is singing is better than throwing tantrum.. :)

PS: THe photo swee boh? The shirt he wear also very swee right? Proudly sponsored by Zhenyuan Jie Jie.. hahaha.. she bought for him when he was about 1 mth old when she came back from Australia.. finally can wear liao!!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Model Ace

Someone sent me an email titled "Only 9 Years Old But Is China's Top Model".

I clicked on the attachment and found these pictures. (Click to view them)

Actually, i think the girl so so onli lah.. if like tat can become top model, my Ace can also be top model right?

Maybe Ace can be top model by age 6 bah.. after tat must concentrate on tak chek liao.. after in SG, modelling doesnt make tat much money one.. and pple think it is frivolous ;)

But leh, I really dun mind letting Ace become a model as I feel that it will teach him self confidence and the importance of grooming himself. In chinese there is a saying, "人靠衣装,佛靠金装". (Clothes maketh a man and gold maketh a buddha) Appearances really do matter.

My mentor told me that one should always "为成功而打扮,为胜利而穿着" (Dress for success). I myself usually like to associate myself with well dressed people. Doesnt have to be branded you know.. but at least neat and tidy... well groomed ;)

Anyway, many of my friends, especially those in production line or marketing line have asked me to bring Ace to a nice studio, take some nice shots and then sent his pictures to those ad agencies. Babies, apparently, are very much needed and wanted... and I think they make good money too...

My fren told me her newphew was featured in some ad where all he had to do was jump from one bed to another and tada! He earned a few hundred dollars just like tat! ;) Not bad man.. I really dun mind something to supplement Ace's milk powder since he finishes like 2 packs of diapers, 1 box of cookies, 1 box of cereal, 2 cans of milk powder every month. That is like about $100 a mth leh.

I havent include his food, his toys, his clothes, his future golf lessons, his future gymnastic lessons, art lessons, dance lessons, speech lessons.. etc etc etc...

Well, the keyword is PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS. Anyone knows any professional photog who does child photography well and is CHEAP?? ;)

PS: Maybe Ah Yee's present to him can be a photo shoot? ;) *wink wink*

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Families Are Fun

Do you remember me telling you that Ace was part of an advertisement... many people asked me about that..

Hahaha.. it is not an actual ad.. but just a school project of my fren (the female lead below.. pretty boh? :P)

The storyline is how a childless married couple decide to have children after they see a happy family play with their baby..

Here's the storyboard based on the pics my fren passed to me and what she told me their idea will be...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ace Favourite Games

Well, Ace is one year old already... but somehow, it seems tat the games he plays are not very different from those tat he used to play... or not very different from those tat a 3-year old plays.

His current few favourites are:

Tickle my chest
I have always wondered why Ace likes to use his head to head my breasts and I always tell him tat it is very painful and not to do it. But he still likes to do it every now and then. Last time, it was a signal that he wanted milk.. now that there is no milk, he does it less but he still does it...

One day, while I was watching Daddy play with him, I realized that he was doing it because he was trying to play with me. Cos when Daddy plays with him, Daddy would put his head near his chest and go... "Boo boo boo.." and then Ace would cackle with laughter...

I shall try to appreciate and laugh when he does tat next.. but leh, my poor breasts are sure to suffer.. FYI, they have shrunk back to pre-Ace days size already... I am so glad i dun have to wear the ugly and no form nursing bra anymore!!!!

Now you see me, now you dun..
Another favourite game that Ace likes is that you hide somewhere (behind the wall, the door.. etc) and then suddenly you appear and say "Wah!" (Ace luffs) and then you go and hide and say, "You cannot see me..." you pause, wait a few seconds and appear in front of him again and he will luff very loudly.

I play tat with him everyday but only in the comfort of my home cos if not, I think I will risk looking like a xiao char bor (crazy woman). hahahaha..... not to mention that it is a tiring game.. i usually can only last for 15 min max cos it takes quite a lot of stamina to run forward, run backwards, jump, say "Wah!" again and again and again for like a hundred times.. hehe..

Run, Ace, Run!
In order for Ace to learn how to walk better, I tried to make him 'run across the playpen.'

The game goes like this. I would stand at one side of the playpen and I would say, "Come here, Ace! Come here..."

And then Ace will come over to the edge of the playpen and I will say, "Mummy run run run run run to the other side.." while I use exegaratted steps to 'run' over to the other side.. and then Ace will turn around.. giggle and try to walk over to the other side to catch me.

Every 2, 3 times, I will allow him to catch me... and it is great fun cos we would luff and luff.. but just tat my stamina can only allow me to play this game for 15 min max.. hahaha..

You give me, I return to you
You would take something.. and then you will give it to Ace and tell him, "Mummy giving this to you..." and then teach him to say Thank You when he gets it..

After that, you reach out your hand and say, "Ace, can you return it to mummy.." when he passes it to you, you say "thank you" to him and repeat the game again and again...

Research And Destroy
The aim of R&D is to DESTROY... so the game will start with you putting some toys into the playpen. Prefered choice would be stacking cups tat are stacked up in the tower or kept inside each other.. or building blocks which are stacked up high...

Ace will take the cups off one by one or the blocks off one by one.. or he will take out the cups one by one and stare at it and turn it around and around in his hands as if researching on what he can do with it...

When he gets sick of that, he will dive into the toys and make them into a mess (DESTROY!).. after that, he will pick it up one by one and throw it out of the playpen.. I must say he is good throw cos he will try to throw it into the paper bags around his playpen and many times, he is successful even though the paperbag is some distance away.

Well, you pick everything up and stack up nicely in the playpen again and he will repeat the whole research and destroy process...

Kiss the Teddy
This game is similar to Run, Ace, Run.

For Ace's first birthday, Chek chek (His uncle, Wilson) bought him a winny the pooh teddy bear. Put the bear at one corner of the playpen and then use a high pitched voice to talk to him by making believe that the bear is alive. You will ask him how is his day... etc etc.. and then he will run towards the bear.. once he is near, teddy will 'run run run run' to the other side and sit down on the edge of the playpen with a 'poin!" sound.

Ace will then giggle and laugh and run towards the bear and the bear will run again. Finally when he catches the bear, he will kiss the bear and smooch him all over.. try to bite him all over and when he is done, he picks up the bear and passes the bear to me again and request tat we play again..

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Ace can talk a little now...

Many months ago, I predicted that Ace's first words will be 'MILK'. I am not quite sure if tat is the first word he learnt but you can be sure tat it is one of the words tat he uses often...

Yesterday, we left him at Waipo's place after we fed him dinner. He din seem to want dinner and so he only had half a bowl of porridge and started playing with his food.. so we decided to stop feeding him...

When he went to Waipo's house, he also din want to eat.. but come 9pm, he started to do the sign for milk and he kept saying, "MILK!" while doing the sign! Hahahha.... Actually his milk time is 10.30pm.. but cos he did it again and again.. Waipo figured he was really hungry and fed him lor...

The other day, he was making noise.. and so I told him to stop.. cos mummy will be going to make milk.. and then he showed me the milk sign as if asking me, "You going to make milk?" And then I repeated.. "You wait, ok? Mummy go and make milk for you now.." And then he stopped whinning and sat upright in his playpen to wait!! hahahaha... such a clever baby!

I was just discussing with Waipo about the words he can say and we find tat Ace can now say about 4 words.

- Bye
- Papa
- Mama
- Milk
- Mum (food)

Yesterday, he held on to Waipo's bag and said, "BAG"... dunno whether is it cos he got lucky or wat.. muahahaha...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Is Eating An Instinct?

Daddy asked me me a question the other day. He said, "Why do humans, who are far more superior than many other animals, have to learn how to eat?"

He was actually reffering to our little son, Ace.

While Ace loves to eat, he doesnt seem to know how to pick things up and put them into his mouth... quite the contrary, he would pick things up and throw them away since throwing things away is his favourite past time...

You see, Ace is at the age where he has already mastered the skill of picking things up using two of his fingers. They call this the pincer grasp.. and babies with pincer grasps should be able to feed themselves cos Yi Xiang, my fren's son who is 7 months older than Ace has been picking things up and putting them into his mouth since he can crawl!

This is why Daddy wondered why Ace needed to be taught how to eat since little puppies or fishes would just eat on their own...

My mum tried this experiment where he put a small healthy times biscuit on a plate in front of Ace. He stared at the biscuit for a long long time and wanted very much to eat it. But he didn't think of using his hands to pick it up and eat it. He would just stare and stare and stare at the biscuit.

In the end, he put his mouth forward to the plate and used is mouth to pick and swallow the biscuit just like a little puppy!

However, if you give him a long teething biscuit, he would be able to hold on to it and bite it...

Well, I have tried to train him to pick up and eat small things like biscuits and VP but he seems to think it is a better idea to:

- pick up and throw it behind him..
- stare at it, stare at you, stare at it, stare at you.. until you pick and give him


New ideas to share on how to train him to pick and eat his own food, anyone?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bus Ride With Ace

I had to go to office in the afternoon that day and as I was travelling to Suntec, I thought it would be much easier to take a bus with Ace since I could alight right at the doorstep of suntec.

Anywayz, thought it would be a good and fun experience for Ace to travel on a bus since he hasnt done that before.

So with great big plans to teach Ace as many new words as I could point out and all excited we are going on the great BIG BUS RIDE JOURNEY, we headed off to the bus stop.

When we boarded the bus, I decided that since we were in a double decker, it would make more sense to actually go to the upper deck so that Ace could have a better view.

Up at the upper deck, I decided to choose a seat right in front of TV mobile since it would keep him entertained. I had no intention of holding on to a wriggling Ace for 45 minutes.

Anywayz, Ace was initially fascinated with TV mobile.. for like 3 minutes...

And then he got fascinated with the scenery and I was trying to point out things to him... like Waipo's house, a tree, the MRT, cars, bus stops...

BUT in less than 5 minutes, he was already snugly asleep in my arms.. wat a waste of the journey... there were so many more things I havent pointed out leh!

But well, sleeping Ace is better than wriggly Ace for the next 40 minutes or so.. ;)

My new problem was how to alight with sleeping Ace since I already took off the carrier.. in the end, I carried sleeping Ace over my shoulder, held on to the railings with my dear life with one hand and used the other to search for my EZ link card to swipe..

Guess my 'skills' werent too good..cos the bus driver had to pause at the bus stop to wait while I sat on the steps leading upwards the upper deck and tried to dig out the EZlink card cos I couldnt find it and bus was travelling fast.. and when I finally did find it, it wouldnt beep when i tapped it! sigh..

I shall be better prepared at the next bus trip! ;)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Reading Ace

I love to read.

I have been reading intensively since I was 7 years old and my first book was Enid Blyton's Secret Seven... which belonged to my mum. My mum was amazed at how I could handle the difficult words but I just got so fascinated with the story I couldnt put it down.

For books and stories I enjoy, I would read them again and again.. my record was re-reading the same book 20 times!

Along the way, I would finish the whole series of The Secret Seven, The Adventures of the Wishing Chair, The Naughtiest Girl, Judy Blume, Hardy Boys, The Five Find Outers, Encyclopedia Brown- Leroy, Boy Detective, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter...

As you can tell, I loved rowdy adventure stories with a bit of mystery in them (Nancy Drew was too tame for my liking) and also had a weakness for fantasy stories about wizards and stuff like tat... But now tat I am all grown up, dun have time to read frivolous story books lioa.. watever time I have for reading, I usually spend reading self improvement books...

I would want Ace to inherit my love for reading as well. My mentor told me that your life is decided partly by the books that you read. I guess that is why i like to analyze things cos i love to read mystery books.

While I worked hard to help cultivate Ace's reading habit (I started borrowing books from library for him to read since he was 1 mth old and would read to him everyday), I kind of got lazy along the way and din really read much to him except signs we pass by...

Maybe I took for granted that letting him watch Your Baby Can Read will mean he can read by himself... cos I still do religiously make him watch it everyday...

Strangely, he decided all by himself that he liked reading.

Ah Yee bought him two hard cover story books and he would flip the pages and 'talk loudly' to himself.

We brought him to Star Bucks tat day and passed him a book from their library and he would be happily turning the pages...

Then Ganma Seok Ling bought him a book and he would read the book aloud at home whenever we gave it to him.. of cos, his version of reading was just making loud noises.. hahaha.. And he simple enjoys doing that!

But we discovered something strange. Whenever we read to him words that are:
- single syllabul
- pronounced loudly
- pronounced by elongating the sound (as we usually do when we speak to babies.. eg, moon becomes 'moooooon')

Ace's face will crumple up, his mouth will go into a SUPER M SHAPE and then he will start to cry.. and he will cry so hard and sob till like we bullied him.. when all we did was to read to him!

I havent found out what is the reason for this.... if you have any clue.. pls email me at and let me know...

PS: And please hor, when you see Ace, dun you dare do this to him.. especially in front of Daddy cos he will scold as he doesnt like to see Ace cry...

Friday, July 14, 2006

Lessons You Should Learn While Watching Da Chang Jin

Since everyone is so excited by the fact that I am finished watching Da Chang Jin, I shall share with you what I have learnt in the show... things that I want Ace to remember and learn... PS dun you tink Ace looks like Changjin?? muahahahha....

Something shortcuts are very tempting and they may be disguised in the form of opportunities but just do one thing wrong.. and you will be in regret for life like Cui Shanggong. Stay on the right path... people will admire your steadfast righteousness and will be willing to help you in your course. People like to be associated with nice people anyway. That is the reason why the King fell in love with Changjin and thinks she is the only one he can trust...

Even though Han Shanggong and Zheng Shanggong paid with their lives for staying on the right path, they get remembered by people afterwards as women of virtues mah...

Changjin has admirable spirit because she always aims to be the best. As a kitchen palace girl, she aims to be LOFTY LADY.. as a female DOCTOR, she aims to be the best in her profession and even when she reaches tat position and is main doctor for the king, she never stops improving her knowledge.

But aiming the best is not enough.. in order to do that, you have to have the best learning attitude.

My mother always told me this.. and so Ace, I am telling you this... hehehe...

Another reason why Changjin was so exceptional was because she had very strict friends. People like her masters Han Shanggong, and also Shou Yi Nu...

Eg Shou Yi Nu would ask Changjin to remember the things she has said cos, "I am not going to repeat to you the second time..." And she would never repeat again..

Also, she would get Changjin to memorize thick books within a day and test her... and get her to repeatedly practice the same things over and over..

SO Ace, dun get upset at Mummy if I am strict to you...

When in doubt, ASK. That is the sure way to learn. But be careful who you ask for 迷路最怕问错人 (that means when you are lost, it would be worst to ask the wrong person for directions). For if you ask the wrong person, you will get the wrong answer. Cui Shangong is not nasty by nature.. but she asked the WRONG PERSON.. her evil aunty for advice and tat is why she did so many hedious deeds in the end...

Also, Han Shangong trained her to always find out the cause or root of problems by asking questions. Only when you understand the root of the problem can you be able to find a solution for it fast. Remember how hanshangong would ask Changjin to bring water to her? If she did not ask questions, she would never be able to bring the right kind of water.

No matter what Changjin did, she already had an end in mind. Eg, she already knew she wanted to be a palace lady. That is why when she was presented with a chance to meet the prince, she could grasp the opportunity and ask him to get her into the palace.... otherwise, she might never ever have a chance to go in...

Changjin was not always right. She just always went ahead and did things and even when she had done wrong, she learns to forgive herself and move on. Just like when she almost killed her teacher when she did not put the needles at the right acupuncture points... but if she did not do tat, she might not have appreciated the value of life and may take her job as a doctor too lightly.

Also, it is ok to explore and when you explore, there is always a chance when you will make misttakes. Changjin would try to use diff woods to cook and almost burnt the whole kitchen down.. but it is all these mistakes that help her get better in her cooking.

Despite her hardships while young, Changjin had a happy and fulfilling life becuase she had a group of very supportive people around her. These people gather around her and offer their help whenever possible because she always treats them well and helps them whenever possible.

Changjin always shows gratitude to the people who have helped her. For example, her sense of gratitude made her willing to give her wages to Da Shen. In the end, it is because of this that these people were willing to risk their lives for her and becuase of this that Da Shu and Da Shen became the family that she had lost.

If you watched this show, I think I dun need to explain lah.. tat girl is really something. She can wash clothes, clean the floor and still be memorizing her medical knowledge stuff.. she din become a good doctor by chance.. she became one by hard work.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Waigong and Ace's Fav Game

Ace's life is most of the time a routine...

Everyday at around 1pm, Waigong will reach our house with Waipo where Waipo will go and prepare Ace's lunch and Waigong will sit beside Ace...

At this point, Ace will reach out into Waigong's pocket and pull out Waigong's card holder and play with it while he has his lunch...

Everyday is the same. And he only reaches out to Waigong's pockets.. hehehe... not anyone else...

It's amazing how quickly babies catch on to routines... cos Waigong only showed him where the card holder is once and then from then on, it is auto-reach-and-grab...

Even when he is crying.. once he sees Waigong, he will stop and reach out to find the card holder...

Well, I guess Waigong is more than happy to oblige ;)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Who Does Ace Love More?

Havent been blogging much these days cos have been bz bz bz bz…

So has Ace I guess. For most part of the last two weeks, Ace spent his time at Waipo’s house exploring things. He explore so much that I think there is no corner in Waipo’s house he hasn’t touched or explored.. hahaha… The last I heard from Waipo is tat Ace will walk to and fro along the Gohonzon table while he ‘talks’ while she chants.. so I guess he might be trying to chant as well.. hahaha…

Because we have been away quite often for the past two weeks, (Was away at Hua Hin for 4 days, and then came back and then Daddy went sailing for 4 days and then me and Daddy went to Malaysia for 1 day + 2 nights away from us due to World Cup) I think Ace missed us quite a bit.

Whenever he saw Daddy, he was all smiles and would smile and smile and smile and jump up and down on daddy’s thighs.. and then he will stick his face on Daddy’s chest and give a contented look.

When we walk away from him, he will cry… The other day, Daddy just alighted from the car to drop off something and Ace cried and cried till he came back..

Last night when we went to Yeye's house to celebrate Yeye's birthday, when we were going home, Ace would keep looking at the car when he heard the engine roar. While he was having a great time playing with yeye earlier on, his heart was in the car the moment he saw Daddy sit inside and heard the engine roar... no matter wat Yeye said, he din hear it and just kept staring at Daddy's black Ford Focus.

Daddy says he feels very proud and happy tat his son misses him… I told Daddy to enjoy it while it lasts bah.. cos when our baby grows up, he will want his parents lesser and lesser…

But Ace dun miss me that much now tat I dun have his all important treat- breast milk.. sometimes I think Ace loves his Daddy more than he loves me… nowadays he will go and bug his daddy to play with him but doesn’t really bug me.. which makes me happy ( I am free free free when tat happens…).. but kind of sad as well.. cos it makes me feel like Ace prefers Daddy to me…

It’s kind of a self fulfilling prophecy lor.. last time I would tell him I am a ‘Nai Ping’ (milk bottle) and I guess tat is what he takes me as.. now tat me is useless as a milk bottle.. me no longer important to him.. sigh…

But maybe it is cos he sees more more often than he sees Daddy and I do get chances to play with him throughout the whole day…

Or Maybe he knows mummy is sick bah.. the many late nites is not doing me good and as a result, after the segamat durian trip last weekend, I have fallen sick… the other day was so tired that I told Daddy to put him to bed and clean him.. and when Ace woke in the night to make noise, I was so tired I din even hear him and kept sleeping till the next morning where Daddy decided to bring Ace to Waipo’s house before his soccer game so that I can sleep longer.

Anywayz, I also dun dare to carry him too often or go too close to him for fear tat he will catch the stupid flu I am having cos he has been having runny nose and been coughing a little since we came back from Hua Hin.

It got under control when we fed him more VP but then he was left at Waipo’s place for a few days and I think they only gave him 2 VP a day.. plus he might have caught a cold sleeping in the living room with me one night.. and his cough became worse.. now I have up his VP intake to 5 a day and he is doing much better.. but I wouldn’t want to risk it and infect him so I try not to kiss him and go too near to him…

PS: I also wonder who Daddy loves more leh ;) Tat day he kissed Ace before he went to work but din kiss me.. cos he thought I was asleep and wouldnt miss it... humph.. Daddy says I am a terrible mummy to be feeling jealous of my own son... hahaha..

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I Am Glad I Filtered Ace's Drinking Water

I wouldn't say I am VERY health concious since I still take junk food ;) But I guess compared to many people around me, I am slightly more so since I have turned vegeterian for health reasons and I take health supplements daily to help me in my nutrient intake... In addition, I also filter my drinking water with a water filter.. to some people, I am a health nut.. hahahaha...

For the latter, I actually din really understand much about how good quality, clean water will help us when I installed it. Just that many health concious individuals I know.. including my mentor (who used to be a health consultant) says that it is very very important that the human body gets good quality, clean water since our body is mostly made of water.. sounds logical to me ;) hehehe.. I was pregnant then and very concerned since babies are 90% water...

But recently I was reading something about how water filter actually helps our kidneys do work... and how the cost of a replacement of a kidney is way way higher than tat of getting a water filter... gee... 'scare tactic' I think... till i see photos of many used filters.. and a caption saying that all the junk trapped in the filter would have been trapped in our KIDNEYS if we had not been using the filters..

This inspired me to check on my own filters.. and this is wat I found..

Did you SEE???? From pure white to brown.. from light brown to DARK BROWN! Yikes!

I am glad I filter Ace's drinking water man.. I wouldnt want all tat junk trapped in his little kidneys... eeeeeeeeeeee.....

Btw, if you want to get a water filter to protect your kidneys as well, you can contact me at I have found the filter that I use to be so good I am retailing them now ;)