Friday, July 30, 2010

I Don't Want To Stay In PoPo House Anymore

Today, while I was reading the newspapers, my grandmother came and told me, "Your son throwing a tantrum in the room ah.. You better go and take a look..."

So I went into the room and there he was, lying on bed with his lips pursed, still in his pyjamas even though he is supposed to have gone into the room to change into his uniform some 2 minutes ago.

"What is it, Ace?" And then he turned around and mumbled and grumbled. So I asked him to stop talking and then I hugged him and sent him love for about 10 seconds or so and then I told him, "Ok, now you can tell me what happened..."

"I dun want to stay in popo house anymore, mummy.. I want to go home..." he said. When I asked him why, he said, "Because popo always scold me.."

I asked him if he meant Popo or Zhen Popo cos the last person that seemed to have spoken to him is my grandmother. He insisted that it is Popo and so I asked him what happened and it seemed that my mother pushed him when he was walking in front of her. I figured he must have been walking in front of her when she was chanting and explained to him that it is rude to walk in front of popo when she is talking and chanting to the gohonzon... that is why popo probably pushed him to ask him not to walk in front of her because it is rude to do that.

"But I don't like pushing.." and he continued to purse his lips...

So I went out and asked my mum what happened and my mum said he walked through in front of her and so she hit him in his bum and asked him to go away.

So I went back into the room and told Ace that he has to apologize to Popo for walking in front of her when she is chanting because it is a rude thing to do. So I held his hand and walked with him to the living room and told him to say sorry...

And after he said sorry, my mum explained to him, "When you do the wrong things, Popo has to correct you. Did you watch the tv advertisement? The little boy did wrong things and threw paper on the floor and his parents did not correct him so when he grew up, he continued to do the same wrong things and what happened to him in the end? He was caught by the police and had to sweep the floor... do you want to be like him?"

And Ace shook his head...

And then Popo hugged him.

"Okie, Popo also say sorry for pushing Ace because Ace is very hurt by that..." and so Popo also said she is sorry and they are good friends again ;) hahaha

But Ace still keeps asking me if he can go home and stay.. I figure he probably misses his toys at home because we are all getting tired of the toys in popo's house already ;) I told him we can go home and stay for a few days when I have cleaned up our house a bit:) hahaha..

PS: That day due to HFMD, Ace could not go to school so I brought him home... he initially promised me to help me clean the room and change the bedsheets before he started playing and once he stepped inside the house, he cannot help but start making the whole house messy cos he digged out all his different toys and everytime he found something, he was so happy.. just like he found something new he hasn't seen before like that.. hahaha

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Angry At The Bus Driver!

The other day.. I was sending Ace to school and something very irrtating happened...

Cannot be bothered to recap the details again and here how things happened as per my complaint letter....

Dear Sir

I am very disappointed with the level of service shown by your bus captain.

This morning, I was trying to send my 5 year old son to school and we boarded the bus service 222 at the bus stop outside of Blk 180 along Bedok North Road at around 9.40am in the morning.

As my son is old enough to tap his card, I asked him to get his ezylink card ready, let him tap his card first and made sure I heard the beep before I tapped my own card. I was also careful to make sure that I heard a beep sound and I only moved on when I heard a beep sound and saw the screen come up with details about how much there is left in my ezylink card…

Because of safety concerns, I decided it might be easiest and best for us to seat near the exit door and so we walked all the way in and set right behind the exit doors.

Strangely, for some unknown reason, the bus driver did not move the bus and drive forward even though all passengers have already gone on the bus. I thought he might have been waiting for someone but after waiting for sometime, he still did not move the bus. I looked up and noticed he was gestulating and he was talking… and I can see his face in the mirror.

“Are you talking to me?” I asked him.. and he continued to gestulate a rectangle and saying something about the card and I sort of made out that he was saying that I did not tap my card. “I already tapped..” I told him as I was sure that I already heard the beep and saw the words “NEW FARE” come up the machine

But the bus captain was not pacified and gestulated me to go over to his side.

I walked to him and he told me that I had to tap my card again. I asked him why I had to tap my card twice and he said I did not tap my card… “But I already tapped my card what…” and at this point he made an accusation and said that I had used my son’s ezylink card to tap instead of using my own card and insisted that I tap again…
Thinking that I could prove that I had already tapped the card if I tapped again and it said something like end of the trip or something, I did.. but was surprised to find that it said, “NEW FARE” again… “Now it is right already…” he said and he drove off.
When I walked back to my seat, I was burning because the whole bus was looking at me and thinking I am using my son’s ezylink card on purpose now because of his accusations..

I was really furious because the bus driver had caused me to lose my dignity and my face in front of the public and in front of my son by making ACCUSATIONS aloud that I did not tap the card.

So after I sent my son to school, I went to the MRT station to check my past transactions my ezylink card and I found that the bus driver did not only made me lose face in public and in front of my son but also made me tap twice and PAID MY FARE TWICE. As there is no way to print out the transaction record, I used my handphone and took a picture of it. (Should you need this piece of evidence, I can email to you)

Why is your bus driver penalizing me when he is at fault? There are two machines and how can he be so sure who did or did not tap the card? If he cannot see who tapped and who did not, how can he rely just on his ears and just guesswork and make accusations like that? Even in court, a person is considered NOT GUILTY until proven otherwise.

My sister who was with me on the trip said she has seen quite a few bus drivers shout loudly at people, “Eh, you never pay money” when their card did not pass through. While the job of a bus captain may be tough work and I do agree they will also meet annoying people who are trying to take a free bus ride, how they handle the case makes a difference to how the INNOCENT people feel when they have genuinely missed the card beeping.
With the bus fares increasing (out of 10 people that I asked, all 10 said their fares increased.. so please don’t tell me 75% of the people are paying lesser fares like the government), I would expect also an increase in the service quality of your bus captains. They are called Bus CAPTAINS and not just BUS DRIVERS for a reason, right?
I am sure this is a common scenario and am shocked that your bus drivers are never taught how to handle this (the bus caption involved is old and I presumed he has been bus driver for many years) sort of situation discreetly and POLITELY.

And also, if the bus driver gets the passenger to tap again at the ezylink machine, why would be that when I tapped the card again about a minute later.. it did not signal either end of the trip OR that the card has already been tapped… but it just said “NEW FARE” and deducted money AGAIN from my card? If the machine had done either of the things I mentioned aboved, I wouldn’t have been blamed or been made to look like I am some cheapo. And I guess the bus driver might have been able to apologize to me on the stop.

Also, I would have been ready to forgive an old person for his mistake because they might not hear or see so well had he been humble or nice and said something nice like “I think your card did not go through just now..” I might not even have bothered to check my last transactions in that case.. and would have let it pass… But I am very upset that he told the whole bus that I was using my son’s ezylink card. How would that make me look in front of my son?

Because of this, I find it very difficult to be forgiving and understanding in this instance and am so angry initially that I have good mind to go to my friends in the press and tell them my story. I am sure this is not a one off situation and story and it might probably start a debate on the service quality of bus captains in Singapore.

But in view of the fact that it might have been an honest mistake of a bus driver who is not well trained enough in the area of customer’s service and in view of his age, I have decided to just feedback to you in hope that you will improve the service level of your bus captains further.

Also, I would like to ask to be compensated for the extra that I paid and in addition, I would also like an apology from the bus driver. I do not think that is too much to ask for considering I also teach my 5 year old to say he is sorry whenever he makes a mistake.


I wrote this letter on 19th July and till now, I have not recieved my apology :S SBS sucks.. a week later after i wrote the letter, i read TNP and realized that there are alot of people who are complaining about having been in the same situation as me too...

Anyway, after I walked back from the bus driver, I told Ae that I am really very angry at the bus driver for saying that I did something even though I did not do it and i also told Ace I am going to complain the bus driver and ask for an apology from him.

Every now and then in the journey, my son would ask me, "Are you still angry, mummy? Are you still angry at the bus driver?"

And when after some time, he realized I was still angry, he started to try to be funny by asking me, "Are you still angry? Are you still angry? Are you still angry? Are you still angry?" while he tried to make funny face to make me happy..

SO I told him I am much better already and he smiled sweetly at me and told me, "Ok.. I like to be funny.. because I like to make people happy.." Hmm... tat sounds like the role of a charmer.. oops..

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Love You Even When You Are Far Away

Today Ace woke up in a good mood lor.. he very funny.. he was eating donut for breakfast and he insisted it is too much for him.. and too big for him.. so gong gong cut for him and then he kept asking me... "Mummy, have you brushed your teeth?" I said no.. and then he ask me to quickly brush my teeth and he will keep some for me.. "Ok, i go brush teeth now, you keep one for me lor.." i told him..

"YOu go brush your teeth, i keep three for you.." and he really kept 3 pieces for me...

And then he was eating and he kept smiling at me and then suddenly he told me, "Mummy, I love you... " paused for a while and said,"Even if you go far far away place in aeroplane, I will still love you..."

And then he asked me when i am going.. if daddy will be back when I am gone, how long I will be gone and reminded me that even though i am far away, he will still love me... so sweet right?:)

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gothic Fiona!

Zhenyin Jie Jie bought Happy meal and got a FIONA toy and she also got another FIONA Figurine from her cornflakes and so she gave them both to Ace.

The other day, Ace said he wanted to paint the Fiona Figurine and so we painted the Fiona together with reference from the Fiona Toy from the Happy Meal...

And after I was done, I kept everything... Alas, Ace noticed that Fiona the toy has got her eyes LINED and so he gave popo a pen and asked her to help him draw the eyes... I think Popo has never used eye liner in her life lor...PLUS Ace gave her a pen with a rather wide point..

The end result is a GOTHIC looking FIONA with MOD make up.. HAHAHAHAHAHA... I think she looks more like frankenstein's bride!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Ace Has Fallen Sick

Well, Ace has fallen sick these few days..

It started off with him going off to sleep very early on a friday evening and then by Saturday, he was getting all feverish. But this little boy was still jumping here and there and in the mood to play with me... the only thing was that some parts of him are on and off feeling quite warm and he complains that his throat is painful when he swallows food...

In the afternoon, my mum came home and said that she bought those fever stick it ons for Ace and Ace insisted that he wanted to use it. By 8pm, he requested to paste the fever paste and sleep.. I said he can do so later...

So he hang around somemore.. and I tried to persuade him to sleep after taking an NMA... I knew that woud probably cure his inflammation in the throat but because he was whiny and all tat, I figured it was easier to just waste ONE piece of the fever paste and save myself alot of trouble because he promised to sleep by himself and sleep immediately and also happily ate the NMA I gave him by chewing as instructed...

Anyway, by Sunday morning, he was feeling lazy all over and I was rather surprised that he complained still that he was tired and continued to sleep till 12 noon before he was willing to wake... I was puzzled as to why he was still tired as i predicted he should have recovered by sunday.

Anyway, I asked him if he was still painful for him to swallow food and he said no.. so i made him take a bath and soon enough, he was happy and jumping around all over the place again ;)

Ah Yee thought it might have been due to the fact that when they brought him to smalleland that day, he was playing till he was sweating all over but he did not have any clothes to change and they still continued to shop around in giant and eat in the foodcourt there....

I think he just ate too much accumulated rubbish.. anyway, he looked like he lost weight after this round of sore throat and his tummy became really flat but leh, right after he recovered, he is back to becoming a eating machine again.. hahahahaah ;)

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gossipy Ace

Yday I had a quarrel with my mummy... she stood right in front of the fan.. tat was pointed at my direction and farted...I exclaimed"Wah lau eh, where got pple like tat one?" And then Ace asked me why I shout so loud at Popo and before I could even say anything, she said "Because your mummy want to show you bad example... because she scold popo, so you also can scold her..."

I so angry.. I told her, "You want to teach your grandson like that right? Call yourself a teacher? very good, I will remember wat you say today...." and then she quickly change her tune and said, "Can talk loudly to your mummy or not? cannot right?"

And after tat I dun want to talk to her at all and she know she is wrong and try to be super nice to i just forgive her after i got angry for the full 7 min i was allowed to.. hahahahahaha

Anyway, Ace is super duper funny lor.. after being stuck in all the drama... he did the most aunty thing! he went to tell my father in some sort of gossipy tone, "Gong gong.. I want to tell you something... did you know.. just now Mummy scolded popo... because popo fang pi in front of the feng shan...."

PENGZ lor!

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Policeman Ace

Ace has recently started to be excited about being a policeman again..

So he would wear his sunglasses.. and also use his torchlight and his gun to AIM and shoot at bad guys.... and his ezylink card becomes his police identification card...

So without our knowledge, he has been trying to bring his sunglasses and his ezylink card to school to show his friends so that they can play the policeman game.

The other day when his Yeye came to visit him, he was very excited tos how off his policeman outfit:) And so we made him pose for some pictures and for some unkown reason, while he usually smiles for the camera.. he actually tried to pose a cool look without smiling for these photos naturally.. hahaha :)

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Helpful Ace

Since Ace is very good at cutting stuff, when Ah Yee was looking for jobs.. she got Ace to help him as well.

She would scan through the pictures and then she would tell him which parts she wanted and Ace would be in charge of cutting them out:) Since Ace is a lucky boy, let's hope she will be informed of an invitation to an interview soon ;)

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Buzz Lightyear Again!

Ah Yee told Ace that if he were a good boy, she would bring him out gai gai in the later part of the week..

Because net net wanted to buy some things and because Ace was pretty much a good boy this week, they decided to bring him along....

As if he has gotten sixth sense, without them telling him beforehand where they wanted to bring him.. he started telling Net net about how his daddy will bring him out to Ikea and even showed off his Ikea Smalleland pass.

When they got home, Ah Yee told me that she arrived around 10 minutes earlier to pick him but did not immediately picked him up but stood outside to watch him play.. throughout the 10 minutes, he was just climbing up the slide and jumping down into the pool ball again and again...

When he came out, Ah yee asked him why he was always playing that game and he said that he was pretending to be buzz lightyear...he was climbing up the slide and saying "To action (infinity) and beyond!" and he would jump down... and climb up again to repeat the same game...

Ah yee said one of the times, he knocked into a little boy who was playingnearby and so afterward, she had a talk with him and reminded him to be careful.. "You have to see if anyone is nearby before you jump down..."

"Yeah, I know, I told HIM to be careful already.." Ace replied.. HAHAHA:)

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fees Up, Service Down

When we sent Ace to school the other day, Ah Yee was busy looking at the notice boards for Ace's picture of Ace...

And this is the only picture she found and so she commented.. "Hahaha.. there is Ace lah.. like so scared that when the picture is being taken, he will not be included like that..."

And true enough, out of all the pictures, this is the only one where he had a full face shot :) Hahaha...

Anyway, I am just glad he looks happy at school.. cos recently I am starting to find that the overall standard in the school has already dropped and if not for the fact that Ace is happy there, I might really consider shifting him to another school given that the school fees have gone up and the quality of services have gone down.. for example, they are not aware when my son falls down..... their cook was rude to my dad etc...

But well, if Ace is happy.. I am happy too ;) I guess I shall close one eye for now...

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I Had A Whistle And I Loved To Blow It

When Ace's school organized a gathering at the botanic gardens, they sent out a letter to ask for donations of prizes for the games.

I missed out the letter because somehow, Ace did not pass the letter to me. About 3 days before the due date to pass the school the presents, his teacher called and asked me if I am donating anything... and I was told I have to donate 60 pieces of something..

So i went out shopping and searched high and low for something that i can donate.. I wanted it to be something cheap (Ace's birthday was in the same month and I had to spend quite a bit on his birthday) and something that I think the children might enjoy and love.

After alot of picking and choosing, I finally found something I am happy to buy and something I think all the children will love-- whistles! :) hahaha..

Anyway, at the end of the contests, when all the prizes were given out..the parents gave an "Awwwww.." sound when they saw the whistles but the kids were all SO HAPPY and blowing the whistles on their way home...

So why did I think whistles are the BEST choice and that it is something that the children will love?

Here is the answer...

I probably based it on my son who LOVES whistles ;)

I saw this when I went to his school for a talk and it seems that he is the only person who remembered the whistles and talked about it :) hahahaha..

PS: The picture he drew of that day in the botanic gardens is that of a man exercising in one of the tents and him playing outside in the garden.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Can I Cancel My Swimming Lessons?

Here's proof about how Ace can swim by himself with the board without his teacher's help.. posted her for the benefit of Daddy..

Anyway, there are some changes in Ace's class.. many of the students have decided to either stop or change timing.. so now in his class only left with XH, L, the new indian girl and Ace's best friend J ;)

Maybe because there are not so many people now, maybe it is because now that Ah Yee is back, he is more excited about staying at home.. in the recent few weeks, Ace has always been asking me if I can cancel his swimming lessons so that he can go gai gai/rest at home/play at home.. etc..

But leh, everytime i manage to convince him to go and he finally gets there, he forgets about all the other things and will be very happy there :) Phew...

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bus Rides To School

Remember how Ace would pretend that he is sick if he hears that he has to walk to school?

Now that Net Net is using the car, me and Ah Yee are taking him to school everyday. The journey usually consist of a 10 minute bus ride and a 15 min walk from the bus stop into the estate...

Initially Ace kept asking why we cannot take the car, why we cannot take taxi....but after a while, he seems to have gotten used to it.. or accepted it..

When we were getting ready to go out on the first day, Ah yee said it is too warm and she would want to use a pair of sunglasses.. I asked Ah Yee to lend me one more pair and then Ace said he also wanted to use sunglasses and so, this is how he looked like on the bus.. cute right?

Anyway, after two days, he went to ask Ah Yee if we can take taxi and Ah Yee said that if he was a good boy for the first 4 days, on friday, she will take taxi and send him to school. But I think Ah Yee is contemplating taking taxi any time soon cos it is simply too hot! hahahaha..

But leh, it is good work out for both Ah Yee and me lah.. the only thing is tat after we walk to bedok interchange from Ace's school, we would be tempted to eat breakfast and so far, all the extra fats we burn, we put back on after that.. hahahaha ;)

But enjoy this while it last lah.. when Net Net's new car come, we wouldnt have a chance to do this anymore...

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ice Cream And Muffins At Ganma Karen's House

Okie, this is a super belated post.

Some time back.. i think about a month back, ganma karen invited Ace to her house and also invited her neighbour's kids over to make muffins and ice cream..

Initially, when we were making muffins,Ace was very excited to help.. but when the children finally came back from their tuition class, Ace decided to concentrate on playing Wii and watching movies....

Gandie Zhiguang decided to play UP and so while the girls were making ice cream, Ace watched UP...and even though he has already watched this show a few times, he still enjoyed himself immensely.

About a few weeks later, out of nowhere, he suddenly told me... "Good afternoon, my name is Russel.. can I help you cross the street? Can I help you cross the house? Can I help you cross the road? So funny right, Mummy"

I wondered why he only remembered this part of the movie and why only now.. so long after he watched it and one day when i was on the way to school with him, I found out why.. that is because gong gong likes to listen to FM933 when he drives and Ace would hear this once a week on thur or fri when they do movie introduction because that is a soundbite intro into that segment and one of the quotes from the movie is this part from Up.

So when his daddy called him the other day, he out of nowhere decided to repeat it to him because he thought it was very funny...

Anyway, he is now asking me if I can bring him to watch Dispecable Me... Ah Yee says she dun mind watching with us.. so we planning to watch the movie... Anyone watched the movie? Is it any good?

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Ace Wants To Buy A Surprise For Me

Because my sister and my brother in law are back from France for good and my brother law works in some god forsaken place, he has taken over our car temporarily and because he needs to go to work super early in the morning, the job of sending Ace to school has temporarily been taken over by me and my sister...

Now, Ace's school is situated within a private housing estate so on our way to school, we would pass by alot of beautiful houses and so me, Ace and Ah Yee had the following conversation...

Me: Ace, you said you wanted to buy me a house when you grow up right? So what sort of house will you buy for me?

Ace: It is going to be a big house...

Me: But what will the design be like?

Ace: I cannot tell you. It is supposed to be a secret. I can only tell you that it is going to be big and there will be staircase and there will be alot of toys insides...

Me: But when you buy me a house, I might be a old woman already... so why would I need toys?

Ace: Because I will bring my baby to visit you mah.. so need to have toys because my baby wants to play with the toys.

Me: So who will make the baby with you?

Ace: Erm.. I don't know yet..

Me: I thought you told me you want to marry Tanya?

Ace: No lah, I don't want to marry her already. Because she always say I do wrong things, I don't want to marry her anymore.

Ah Yee: So can you buy me a house too?

Ace: Yes, I buy you a big one with staircase and buy you a golden house!

Ah Yee: What will my house look like?

Ace: Also cannot tell you... because it is a secret too.

Me: Then Ah Yee house will have toys or not..

Ace: Ya..

Me: Why would Ah Yee need toys in her house?

Ace: Haiya, because my baby will want to visit Ah Yee mah.. so she must have toys in her house...


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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Real Or Bluff

As Ace is an avid TV viewer and I noticed that he learnt alot of things from TV (like slapping himself and saying he is a bad boy), I had a talk with him about how many a times, things he sees on TV are not true and are NOT REAL.

For example, I explained to him, Transformers are not real. That is because in real life, there are no transformers.

So after that, whenever he watches ANY show, he will ask me, "Mummy, is this show 真真的还是假假的?"

And then after that, I started explaining to him that most shows like movies and dramas are not real. The people inside are merely actors and actresses who act out a particular character.

Then one day, while watching the Taiwanese drama, AI, he asked me if the boy and the girl in the show are only pretending to be friends... it is some messy storyline with people pretending to be pally with each other to gain their trust... I did not quite understand his question initially and asked him who are pretending to be friends and he retorted, "Aiyah, I am talking about Guo Congmin and the pretty jie jie lah..."

I am most surprised though when I gave him an affirmative answer and he asked me if Guo Congmin and Hong Zhizhong are the bad guys in the show.

I wonder how he knows their full names and that they are bad guys given that he doesnt really watch the show... he is mostly playing with his toys or watching some other cartoon on the computer during the show. Maybe he absorbs faster when he watches things on tv because I spent half an hour teaching him to recognize the numbers 11, 15 and 20 and to no avail. He still cannot recognize them by sight... HAI... Maybe have to flash them on TV.. HAHAHAHAHAHA...

PS: Recently he saw Xie Ming Ming's face on tv and exclaimed, "Mummy, that is wah meng ti!"

PPS: Now after many times of asking me.. Ace will tell me which shows are "real" and which shows "are bluff one"...

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ace's Swimming Photos

Ace has shown improvement in his swimming.. he has started to be able to swim with the swimming board without help for a short distance.

BUT, only a short distance. That's because he gets tired of kicking in a while and complains that his leg is very pain.. hahahaha... but he is very proud he can do that and keeps telling me he is very clever.

His teacher says Ace has some sort of fear about getting his face wet and I think his teacher says he is actually already managed to learn the strokes and now, it is just over coming his fear and forsake his board to swim:)

Anyway, I always remind him to concentrate on his lessons so that he can show off to daddy when we go over to Dubai:)

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Saving Gaia

Some time back, Mediacorp was doing some sort of started this Saving Gaia thingy and they had this advertisement on TV...

Ace loved the ad and loved to imitate the little boy in the last part and would always look down with his hands held out... and slowly, he will look up and ask me, "假如我是地球,你会保护我吗?" And I would answer him with an "Of course!" and he would be so thrilled to hear that..

And he would ask me again and again and again and again like one thousand million times a day.... As i got tired of giving the same answer, I decided to change my answer and said, "No, I wouldn't save you.." and then he got upset.. so I had to use my positive answer again.

In time to come though, he also got tired of asking the same thing and instead of 地球, he started replacing with other things like 桌子,椅子, etc

And suddenly, he got inspired and asked me, “假如我是苹果,你会保护我吗?”

“不会,我会把你吃掉!”And Ace found it sooooooooo farnee, he started giggling non stop....and from then onwards, it became his favourite game with me and gong gong.. :)

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Monday, July 12, 2010

I Love Daddy Very Much

If your name is Max and you are the Daddy of a certain little boy named Ace Chua.. my best suggestion is that you only read this at home.. or in some place where you can privately do whatever you like...

Today, I was out running errands and could not manage to be back in time and so I got my mum to bring Ace to his swimming lesson. After his lesson, Ace requested to go to the baby pool and play..

According to my mum, he scanned the pool and he was attracted to this particular pair of father and son who were playing together in the pool. He went near them and talked loudly and tried to talk to both the son and father and he kept trying to get their attention till they were finally playing together with him and he did not want to leave the swimming pool until they left.

So after that, my mum bathed him and while they were changing clothes, he told my mum, "Popo, I am so sad... because my daddy is so far away..." So my mother suggested that maybe we can ask his Yi Zhang to bring him swimming the next week and he agreed.

When I came home, when I was alone in the kitchen, my mum came in to tell me teh story in hokkien so that Ace will not understand what we are talking about. When I heard that, I made a mental check in my mind to talk to Ace about this.

So at night, Ace wanted me to sleep with him and I decided to touch on the subject by asking him, "I heard from popo that you miss daddy and that you are very sad he is far away..."

And before I could continue, Ace started to rub his eyes.. and then he started to cry and cry and cry and cry and he just cried non stop for the next 10-15 minutes and below is the conversation we had...

(While crying very very sadly)
Ace: Mummy, I love daddy very much.. why is daddy in dubai... why daddy go to dubai.. I don't want daddy to go dubai... I love daddy to be in Singapore... I want to show him all my new toys.. I want to play with him....

Me: Daddy went to dubai to work, Ace...

Ace: (hugging me and crying in my arms) I don't want daddy to go dubai.. why he go dubai.. I want him in singapore...I want him to work in singapore, mummy.. I love daddy very much.. I love daddy very much... I love daddy and I love you very much...

Me : (starting to tear and cry...) Yes, I know... Aiyah, see, you make mummy cry as well..

Ace: I am so sorry mummy... I do so many naughty things and I am a naughty boy... I am so sorry. I don't want to do naughty things anymore, I want to be a good boy. I want daddy to be in Singapore...

Me: (tearing uncontrollably) No, Ace.. it is not your fault.. Daddy had to go to Dubai to work to make money for us... he did not leave because you are a naughty boy.. it is not your fault at all.... I miss him too...

Ace: Why daddy go dubai to work..

Me: Daddy coming back soon in august...

Ace: August is so far, I cannot wait.. I want to see daddy now. I want to go dubai now.. I want daddy to come singapore now....

Me: Okie, I will tell daddy to come back soon ok?

Ace: (while still crying very sadly) Thank you mummy.. I love daddy very much.. I love daddy very much.. I love you very much.. I am so sorry, mummy.. I don't want to be a naughty boy anymore...

Me: It is not your fault.. remember what mummy told you.. mummy love you no matter what, you are not a naughty boy.. you are a good boy... and daddy will always love you and daddy is not far away.. he is in your heart, remember?

Ace: (nods his head) I love daddy very much, mummy.. I really love him very much.. but august is so far away, I cannot wait...

Me: Okie, I will ask daddy to come back quickly ok? You sleep now and tommorrow when you wake up, you will feel better...

(Ace finally quiets down and as I pat him to sleep. I have never seen Ace cry this much or this long over something in my entire life. I cannot help but cry and cry and cry as I feel his pain and guilt gets better of me for not being able to let him be with his daddy... Ah Yee having heard the commotion and having heard what he said came in to pat him and sayang him... Suddenly Popo comes in and she asks, "What happen?" which by then I was crying so hard I cannot talk already and popo said to Ace, "Aiyah, you see, you make mummy cry already.. I thought you promise daddy to take care of mummy?")

Ace: (Starts to cry again) I love daddy.. why daddy go dubai.. I don't want him to go dubai... I am so sorry I am a naughty boy.. I don't want to do naughty things again, I want daddy tocome back....

And I tried to pacify Ace again and remind him that he is not at fault and after a while, he fell asleep...

I guess he must have been really tired and his subconscious mind got better of him. Even though it breaks my heart to hear him say how he felt, I am so proud of him that he could express himself so well and I am glad he had this little outlet to vent out his frustrations than to hold it in....

Meanwhile, Ah Yee went to chide Waipo for making Ace cry again and also told Ace that Daddy did not leave because of what he did..and that daddy loves him alot too and miss him alot and is probably crying when he is missing him too... and Waipo apologized cos she only heard crying and did not hear what Ace said earlier...

Maybe we should bring forward our visit to dubai... and maybe we should rediscuss our plans...

I will make it a point to discuss this issue with him and I think it is at least important to get the guilt about daddy being away because he is a naughty boy straightened out. No one ever told him that or said that to him.. i wonder how he got the idea...

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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear galore!

Well, Ace has been dreaming about buzz lightyear and making his secret wishes at his 3 birthday cakes for a buzz lightyear and so he finally got 3 buzz lightyears and 1 buzz lightyear pencil case:)

Before he got the buzz lightyear, he dreamt about it so often, he started to wrap paper around his arms and wearing plastic around his legs and pretended to be buzz lightyear.. and then he pasted sticker on himself and pretended he had some sort of laser special powers..

He received a buzz lightyear tat can kick from Teacher Loke, his swimming teacher... one buzz lightyear from Diana jie jie... and one buzz lightyear model kit from FF jie jie...

I was out when he first saw the model kit.. and he took everything out to fix them together but he could only fix the simple parts, the tough parts like the legs were tough for him and so he called me and cried and said that his toy cannot be fixed and cried till like his father or mother died like that... so i told him to wait for me to come back..

When i finally came home, it took two adults to put the buzz lightyear together and when we finally fixed it up, it was 12 already.. so i told ace to sleep first and paste the stickers and the finishing touches later...

The next morning, the first thing he did when he woke up was to to go to buzz lightyear and he refused to brush his teeth until he pasted his stickers... hai...this little boy...

I hope he will stop bugging me about buzz lightyear from nowon.. HAHAHAHHA...

PS: The model kit from FF came with one more for Woody. I think it is easier to fix and will probably let him fix woody on his own.. hahhaha..

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Monday, July 05, 2010

Ace Bakes Some Muffins

We decided to bake some muffins for Father's Day...

By the time we bought the ingredients and came back it was already 6pm.. so I tot we do a quick one and cook dinner later.

Alas, this was our first time doing this.. i over estimated the portions required to fill up the paper cup and so it all overflowed and became ONE HUGE muffin... and then there was so much batter left over but I din have any paper cup left..

So I took out the mini bundt pan i bought from IKEA and put the rest of the batter in and baked it into a mini cake and so we ate the mini cake for dinner.. hahahaha..


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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Funny Conversations With Ace

Ace loves to be a funny boy.

Apparently, there was one night when we were having a conversation, he told me that he enjoys being funny because it makes people laugh and he likes to make people laugh. That is why he does funny things.. alot of times though, I think he is not aware that his action or words are funny until we laugh.. in tat aspect, he is quite like me...

Anyway, here are some precious ones I collected over the course of the past two weeks...

Funny Conversation 1:
Ace: Ah Yee, can you spell Net Net's name for me?

(Net Net is Ace's uncle, his 姨丈. Ace calls him that because we call him by his nickname, Ah Net and when Ace was very very young, he was only able to use repetition of single syllabus.. and that is why eventually Ace just calls him Net Net even after Stanley became his 姨丈)

Ah Yee: Yes, but do you know what Net Net's real name is?
Ace: Yes, I know..
Ah Yee: So what is Net Net's name?
Ace: Ah Net...
Ah Yee: *faintz* Net Net's real name is Stanley..
Ace: Ok. But I still want you to spell Ah Net for me...

Funny Conversation 2:
Ace: Zhen popo, can we go downstair and collect the mail?
Zeng Popo: Huh?
Ace: Zhen popo, can we go downstair and collect the mail?
Zeng Popo: Huh? What is he talking about ah?
Popo: He is asking you to go open the mailbox to collect the mail...
Zhen Popo: I already collected the mail today. Tommorrow then we go...
Ace: But I want to go now...
Me: Ace, why you want to go downstairs to collect the mail now? You want to get paper to make your bomb is it?
Ace: Yeah...
Popo: Aiyah, there is alot of rough paper over there, you can use them to make your bomb later
Ace: No, but i have to go now...
Me: Why?
Popo: Oh, I know why. because just now the advertisement for Rexona said "look out for a sample in your postbox...
Ace: Ya... I want to go and get the Rexona..
Me: Then dun need to go liao..
Ace: Why is it not here yet?
Me: (Ignore and look busy)

10 min later when he watches another ad for some sort of cream

Ace: Is the Rexona at the postbox already? Can we go and collect?
Me: No, not here yet...
Ace: Why, why is it not here yet?
Me: Because the postman havent sent it here yet
Ace: Why?
Me: Because today is sunday, postman not working

15 min later when the Rexona ad comes on again...

Ace: Is the Rexona at the postbox already? Can we go and collect?
Me: No, not here yet...
Ace: Why, why is it not here yet?Me: Because the postman havent sent it here yet
Ace: Why?
Me: Because today is sunday, postman not working

Dunno wtf he wants the Rexona sample for..

Funny Conversation #3
Ace: Pim pom pim pom, di diang boh cheng kou, pim pom pim pom, mummy boh ku ku..." (Who never wear pants, mummy got no penis)
Popo: Ace, you cannot say this type of nonsense words
Ace: But it is Yeye teach me one mah...
Popo: These are rude and funny words.. so if he cannot say tat in school or to other people... especially your friends.. because their parents will know and ask your teacher who taught the such nonsense words....
Me: Yeah, you can only say this to Yeye.... Because only he knows and understands that you are just joking and playing with him.

2 days later...

Ace: Net net, I want to tell you something.... Pim pom pim pom, di diang boh cheng kou, pim pom pim pom, mummy boh ku ku...
Me: Ace, what did I say about nonsense words?
Ace: I just 开玩笑with Net Net lah..
Me: Grrrrrr?!?!?!?!?!

Funny Conversation 4:
Ace: Mummy, did you see my handcuff?
Me: Is it the black circle thing?
Ace: Yes
Zhen Popo: You go and chant to gohonzon lah.. then you can find it...
Ace: (Opens the budtsudan and chants) Nam-myo-ho-renge-kyo, Nam-myo-ho-renge-kyo, Nam-myo-ho-renge-kyo...(closes the butsudan)
Ace: Okie, I know already.. it is there! (Pointing to the cupboard)
Me; HOw you know it is there?
Ace: I chant and gohonzon tell me lah. Is gohonzon say one leh, not I say one...
Me: ???????
(1 min later)
Me: Popo, did you see the round round black black thing?
Zeng Popo: Oh, it is in that box over there..
Me: Ace, it is over there. See.. because you chant, that is why now someone remembers and tell you where it is...

(At night, Ace fumbles with his new Buzz lightyear pencil case and the casing got stuck inside)
Me: Let me help you..
(Ace passes me the pencil case and went to open the butsudan and chanted Nam-myo-ho-renge-kyo, Nam-myo-ho-renge-kyo, Nam-myo-ho-renge-kyo and closes the butsudan)
Me: WHat are you doing?
Ace: Chanting lor...
Me: For what?
Ace points to the pencil case...
Me: I think you never chant enough.. cos it havent come out yet.
(Ace opens bustudan and chants three more times...)
Me: Okie, done!
(Ace walks away nocnhalently and forgets to close the this considered 过河拆桥? Hahahaha)

Funny Conversation 5
(In the middle of a phone conversation with daddy.. out of nowhere)
Ace: Good afternoon, my name is Russel, can I help you close the road? Can I help you cross the street? Can I help you cross the house? BOMB! (giggles...)
Daddy: What was that about?
Me: Orh, he is trying to imitate the converstation that took place in UP... cos he just watched it when he went to Ganma Karen's house to make ice cream... this is our current favourite game.. I will act as the old man and we will do the "BOMB" sound together and laugh...

Well, kids do say the darnest things! :)

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