Friday, November 30, 2012

November 2012

Laxy again.. so lump all the little things here and there in November here...
Ace asked for Tamago sushi. I tried to make the egg using the egg pan I bought from Daiso.. but massive FAIL. SO boh pian gotto try to make using my happy call pan. BUT leh, I ngiao.. I dun want to use so much egg.. so I end up with a small piece of egg and have to cut the egg strips thinly. And Max's navy colleague brought some sweet seaweed when she came visiting and so I used tat to wrap around. Ace loved it!:)

Very long never use my waffle machine.. so since it was school holidays and I was free. i made some waffles for him to go with ice cream lah:)

Saw this while out in the mall.. despite not being scottish.. they did a pretty decent job:)

Made this clock for Ace to use when learning about time because I find that he still cannot read time very well PLUS.. I couldnt find any cheap and good one here in Dubai.. maybe have to search when I go back sgp cos it seems like it is falling apart after a few uses cos I made it from our breakfast cereal boxes:) wahahaha

Bought two new candles for my gohonzon.. aptly named Cherry Blossoms:) 

This is my current favourite dinner.. taste good and easy to cook. Cut cut cut.. throw inside.. fry a little bit.. add water, add stock cube.. pour over rice and done!:)

We visited Uncle Ryo again for sushi:)

Saw these chocolate coins tat are shaped like a one dirham here... but the packaging look very lao yah... so i dun dare to buy.. I figure my frens dun need MORE chocolates lah..

Saw these cute outfits in Virgin Megastore.. too bad they never have sales.. if not I dun mind the wonderwoman one if it is on sale... especially when the weather is getting chilly now:)

Because Max is eating dinner later than we do, I have been making things that can keep well till he is back without a need to reheat.. or if I do, it doesnt affect the taste much.. so salty duck rice has become like a weekly affair... interestingly, we still not xian of it after so many weeks...
PS: I shared this recipe on TNP some time back:)

Ace made the yoghurt cake again.. chocolate one... but I find it taste better with ice cream.,.

Ah yes, and Max's new burger joint is opening up in Dubai:) wahahahahahha

We saw this in the chinese supermart and were so excited... bought one packet to try..

VERY DISAPPOINTED. Inside is some cream with slight durian flavour and the skin tastes just like thick rubber! But well, usually made in china products I dun have high expectations..  This is the reason why me and max prefer made in msia or made in thailand products when we go supermart shopping..even if they not so good also not very sala or far from our taste buds.

Made my own veg fish curry again:) Not I want to oh loh myself.. I am getting quite good at this!:)

I dunno why Ace wanted to take photo with this santa.. i find he looks VERY SCARY.. hahah

Saw this relationship bands... So if a person is divorced.. which one should they wear??:_ wahahahah

I am rather amused by this.. seems tat the food exporter thought consumers are idiots and cannot tell difference between ripe and unripe mangos:)

Max complained that his new car keys got no keychain to go with it and  so I had to make a "friendship band" for his keys.. we bought a packet of treads from Daiso and when I asked him what colours he wanted, he asked me to make a guess.. so I said Yellow and Grey.. and he was so surprised.. then he asked me to guess what background.. i said grey background and yellow words and his eyes opened so big and went, "Wah, dear, you are amazing.. how did you know?" Harlow.. I not his wife for 8 years for nothing lor!:)

This one I must share.. cos it reminded me of one of my favourite Jiang shi Dao Zhang shows when I was in uni... :)

Gangnam style still very popular here. My son and our neighbour's daughter always gangnam style their way from the school bus to the lift when they are home from school...

The other day, went to a French cafe called Paul's and saw confit there! Cannot resist but must try it cos duck is one of my weakness:) Shared it with my friend. and heng share lor.. the portion so huge it is very very filling!

I am running out of space in my house for all the toys Ace has and every week at the mad science club, he is bringing home MORE TOYS! oh dear!

Inspired by a friend who said she made ice cream using some yonanas machine tat turns bananas into creamy ice cream.. I try to do the same with my blender lah:) very nice and very creamy indeed but not for me. i am not much of a banana person.. Ace was happy as a lark though:)

Bought a yogurt machine for bestie as her birthday present and she happily sent me this photo.. alas, her first try wasnt all that successful cos she read the receipe wrongly and added something else instead.. but I guess she can always try again:)

Saw some interesting displays while shopping...

Hahaha.. this one very suitable for MOI:)

If you are happy and you know it, pass it on!:)

Even miracles take a little time:) And who is that quote from? Cinderella!:)

Xmas season round the corner and even the serviettes they give out at cafes also so cute:)

Merry xmas from Ace to all!:)

this one so cute and i tot so very suitable for my nephew. BUT leh, it is very thick so in the end i din buy.. Singapore wear this kind of material can die!

i so happy to find poka green tea here! But hor, after tat i realize is i sua ku.. actually avail in almaya, carrefour all this while:) wahahahaha

Well, this sort of sums up my nov...

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

3 Women And A Little Boy

You know that movie, Three Men And A Baby?

Well, because max was working and because Aunty E was "forbidden from staying at home" while her ah lau shift house with the movers, three women- Me, E and F decided to spend the day together with Ace:)

First stop at 8am in the morning.. IHOP for breakfast!

While waiting for his food, Ace started doodling again:)

His pancake is here! Ace ordered the FUNNY FACE Pancake and I asked if they can seperately put the ingredients so that he can make his own funny face... and they did:)

Ace made a Santa:)

Isn't Santa cute?:P

I also shared some of my scrambled egg with him cos he loves scrambled egg...

After we were done with breakfast, E went for a massage while F and me wandered around and we had to wait for E for a good hour.  F came up with a good idea.. she told Ace she is going to buy him a christmas pressent and asked him to choose inside Borders... and Ace really spent a whole hour choosing the present lor!

He kept wanting to buy games and toys and expensive stuff but I told him to keep to the budget.... and no toys:) wahahaha

Finally, he chose an interesting magnet set and then we met up with E...

Since she just shfted to a new place and there was a sale going on at the furniture store, we went to see see look look lor...

Ace's job was to help F to choose a nice clock for her living room...

Then we went to Carrefour and did shopping. Ace was the official trolley pusher. He was really useful. He will push the trolley and check if the item is ok and not spoilt before putting it inside the trolley under different sections since both E and F were buying things.

E also very graciously bought Ace some pistachio nuts cos Ace says that he likes to eat them!

While we were queuing up to pay, we saw this family before us.. all they bought was butter and bread.. loaves and loaves of bread.. at least 20 loaves lor.. we wonder if they only eat bread or holding party.. OR they are doing it for charity donation...

After that, we decided to go Noodle Bowl for lunch but upon arrival and meeting up with W who met up with us there, we changed our minds and decided to eat at the indonesian restaurant instead:) Yummy!

After tat, we did dessert... ondeh ondeh... too bad the skin was  alittle too thick:)

Next stop, IKEA:)

Ace was again the trolley pusher...

After we walked around, E and F said they wanted to go to toilet.. to my surprise, Ace says he knows the way  there and brought us there via a "shortcut" ;)

Then leh, we were deciding where to go after that and E suggested going to her new place as her family having BBQ that night. As I had forgotten to bring the key and Max left the key at the neighbour's place, F drove me home to pick up my keys and then we went to F's place to dabao some food for Ace and Max before going to E's place..

Look what I saw at F's house.. it is a mini antique car.. make a guess what it is used for... IT IS A PIZZA DELIVERY CAR!:) so cute hor!

Ace arriving and eating his dinner...

After that, he played with his magnet set..

Then we had BBQ Dinner:)

We found out that E's father in law, J was a headmaster in a school and that he knows Ace's headmistress!:) Wahahahaa.. the funniest thing was that when he asked Ace to tell her that they met, Ace said he doesnt have proof.. and so they took a pic together:)

And finally, it was time to go.. it is really a lovely house.. Wish I could live in a place like tat:)

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