Wednesday, July 30, 2008


"Mummy, I play badminton..." Ace told me the other day...

I was certainly surprised to hear that because just two days before, I was chatting with Max about this.

Yeye is an avid badminton player and has been playing for the past 40 over years at least.. without fail, he would play at least once a week and I asked Max if he became a good badminton player because he followed Yeye when he was young and he said he would go and play with his cousin when he was much younger.

As for me, I was third in badminton in my primary school and almost made it to school team in my secondary school. But because sports is still not my forte, I gave it up and concentrated on my Chinese Drama Club because I was made Vice President for the next year even though I was only in secondary 2.

So I really don't mind Ace playing badminton because I feel it will work on his stamina and agility.. and in the game, you not only need to be fit, you need to be able to strategize and read your opponents well (that was one thing I was not very good at) and so, I was telling Max we should let Ace follow Yeye when he reaches a certain age like 5 or something.

Anyway, I am glad he had a good intro to the game that day.. from the pictures, seems like he enjoyed himself...

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bicycle Time

Ever since Yeye bought Ace the bicycle, he will keep asking us when he can play with his bicycle...

So the other day, Daddy brought Ace cycling and took pics ;)

Here is Ace having fun:

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Monday, July 28, 2008


Over the end of last month, Jez's whole family went on a trip and so her maid, Yati, came over to our house to stay for a few days.

To Ace, Yati was no stranger and he was really glad to have her around in the house because Yati would wake at 6am in the morning to clean the house and our house was spanking clean for a few days.

And because by 8am, she would have finished, cleaning and mopping the floor, washing the clothes, she has lots of time to play with Ace.

Day in day out they will play and no matter how noisy Ace is, Yati would not mind...

Ace even asked Yati to hide together with him in their secret hiding place to read books together... I told Yati I will take the photo and show Jez how Ace 'bully' her and as you can tell, she is happy to be 'bullied'...

Max asked me if Jez left Yati here so tat we would be tempted to have a maid ourselves... Cos he loves it that the house is clean and he has his clothes all neatly folded and washed without him lifting a finger. I told him not all maids are nice like Yati lah... plus.. after a few days, despite the benefits, I really cannot get used to having a stranger in my house.... I rather clean the house myself! Haha.. I mean, if you know how lazy I am, that is saying alot..

Anyway, I found out that Yati is so kind, gentle and loving to children because she herself is a mother of a 7 year old boy.. wah.. cannot tell leh! I think Ace reminds her of her son.. so she very nice to Ace.. plus, I think Ace is a very nice kid and generally tends to make people like him...

Anyway, on the day that Yati was supposed to go home, we asked Ace, "Can Yati go home?"

"Noooooo, cannot!" he said.

"But Yati jie jie has to go home already.. how?" I asked him...

"Then I go meinu's house lor.." he said. (Meinu is referring to Jez and her two daughters)

I laughed until pengz...
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ah Yee's Wedding Photos

My son is a strange kid...

Other children will be clamouring for more cartoons... he keeps bugging me to see Ah Yee and Net Net's wedding photos...

After Ah Yee had her ROM, the photog made a CD of their pics with pictures and every now and then, Ace will make noise and says he wants to see Ah Yee's wedding photos. He likes it so much that he can actually watch it... finish it and say, "One more time..."

On the average, he will watch it for like 3 times a day...

Then after Ah Yee's wedding, he moves on to watch the DVD of her wedding 3 times a day... He watched so much that he can sing each and every song inside the DVD lor...

Ah Yee says she is very touched tat Ace is watching her wedding video so often.. and claims that because Ace watch so many times, it makes it worth her money to invest so much in her pictures.

In addition, Ace will ask to see "Ah Yee and Net Net picture book".. with that, he is referring to her wedding album.

One day, Ace kept asking for the album and because I also got tired of looking at Ah Yee's pictures, I told him I will show him me and Max's pictures when we go home...

Pacified, he asked for my photos when he reached home...

I looked at my photos with him and I thought, "Wow, I quite chio leh!" Hahaha... Really brings back alot of good memories of my life together with Max ;) And of course, many good memories of our wedding...

In case you also itching to go through my memories, here goes:

The Proposal:

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yeye's birthday

We went to celebrate Yeye's birthday the other day ;) (Photo on the right taken by Ace Chua)

Ace was starved by the time we reached there and was so happy to see the whole table of food.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that there was a vegeterian menu there and ordered mostly vegeterian food save one huge 1.3kg crab and some drunken prawns for the meatarians.

It was kind of awkward for me because Ace asked me, "What is this?" and pointed to the prawns.. "What is this?" and pointed to the crab...

And you know.. when they prepare the drunken prawn, they will show you the prawns and pour the alchohol in.. so I had to try to explain to Ace what prawns and crabs were and why we were not eating them... but to explain why Yeye, Nainai, Diana Jie Jie and Shu Shu were eating them is tough so I din say much till later in the car when they are gone.

The toughest is to explain why the prawns were being force fed with alchohol before people cook them.

When I sent Ace to school, his teacher asked me how do I explain to Ace about vegeterianism.. so now I am trying to search for any resource that teaches or has simple stories about why go vegeterian... if you have any links, send to me at ok?:P

You can see more pics of the celebration at:

Post Script: I have since done a few things to explain vegeterianism...

1) I have told Ace about a theory of success that I learnt a few years ago from one of my mentors, George. The theory of success states that 3% of the people in the world are successful because they are different. They do all the things that ordinary people do not dare or do not want to do. And this is the reason why they are successful. Successful people are usually healthy.. we are successful people, that is why we will always be different from 97% of the world because we will do things differently.. we want to have healthier bodies, so we do not eat meat or seafood so that we can be healthier.. We made a different choice, so it is normal to see other people eating wat we do not eat.

2) I borrowed a book called "MY FRIENDS" from the library and all the friends mentioned inside are animals.. so I told Ace that since they are our friends, we cannot eat them. "Do you want your friend to eat you?" I asked him.. "No, no, no, no, no...." he said with a really worried look at the thought of that. "That is the reason we do not eat our friends like cows, pigs, fish... because they are all our friends..."

"What will happen if you eat your friend?" Ace crunched his fist and rubbed them on his eyes and cried.. "Boo hoo hoo... dun eat me please..."


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Friday, July 25, 2008

Ace Goes To School!

On 14 July 2008, my boy Ace, has finally started to attend school! Yeah! Hip hip hooray!

If you a wondering why I am sooooooooooooo happy, it is because with Ace in school, it means that I am free to do whatever I like in the day because I get to have my own time, my ME time and my quiet time...

Anyway, Mrs Ho, the principal of the school said Ace is very ready for school. "In fact, I think he should be here 6 months ago.." she said when Ace went there for a half day trial.

True enough, Ace would show anyone who came into his house his school uniform and tell anyone who bothers to listen that he is going to Popo's school... Everyday he reminds you that he wants to and is going to Popo's school.

So on that fateful day, he woke early to bath and happily changed into his uniform and packed his bag for school. Once his bag was packed, he started carrying it around the house as we walked around the house and prepared ourselves.

The very happy Ace even posed for a number of photos happily and told me, "Wo yao qu xue xiao le!"

And true enough, this little boy is so ready for school that the moment we reached school.. he does not even care if I exist!

No doubt he was a little shy and unsure of himself when the teachers talked to him.. I followed him to wash his hands and then brought him the breakfast table where the teacher gave him a snack and then I went away with Teacher Xie to the office and by the time I came out again, he had finished his water play and was happily playing with his classmates.

He started to mingle around and made a few good friends.

His new friend Yang Yang told him, "Look, your mummy is over there!" But Ace just continued reading his book as if nothing happened and ignored both Yang Yang and me.

And then he ran and tried to make friends with the Eurasian sweetie pie in his class and even held people's hands and tried to make funny faces to get her attention.. haha..

Then Teacher Toh intro Ace to the class officially and got him to tell everyone his name and made his classmates hi five with him. "OK children, please give our new friend Ace a loud clap..." said Teacher Toh and everyone clapped enthusiastically. Thinking that it is some performance, Ace bowed a few times to them.. HAHA...

And then it was story time and then Ace and his friends already started to hug each other! I think this is a very loving class and I am sure Ace is in good hands..

When Max came to pick me up, I went to Ace and told him, "Mummy is leaving, be a good boy.. ok?"

"Ok," he said and continued playing.

I am glad my son LOVES school and goes to school fuss free!

Anyway, I feel really free now.. I danced and sweeped the floor to my Moulin Rouge CD and now have time to blog and even sip a cup of my precious rose bud tea tat Karen bought for me... wat a leisurely afternoon!

You can see Ace's pics here:

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Daddy Got Hair!

I was using the computer and Ace was watching Lord Of The Rings... and so, Mr Gollum-lookalike AKA Ace Daddy AKA Max started to teach his son how to open his eyes very big and snarl and say, ""

Somehow Ace kept getting it wrong because he kept saying "Princess".

And then Daddy corrected him and reminded him to open his eyes big till he got it right and asked him to show it to me.

I dunno whether to laugh or cry.. why would my son want to learn to be like the monster Smeagol when there are so many handsome heroes out there like Legolas, Aragon??

But I decided to go into the fun and so I pretended to be Gollum too... "Hahaha..."Ace giggled happily and pretended to do his gollum impersonation.. "prriiiiin... cessssss" said Ace.

So I told him, "Forget it lah, let's not pretend to be gollum, we dun look like him anyway, we have got hair... Daddy looks like him because Daddy got no hair..." And I caressed Daddy's botak head...

"But Daddy got hair!" Ace insisted....

Surprised, I asked him.. "Where?"

"There... on Daddy's armpit got hair..." said Ace as his pointed to Max's out-stretched arms that were put behind his head. I laughed until I rolled off our TATAMI and Max turned soft in the tummy laughing...

"So funny hor.."Ace asked me afterward.

Yes, Ace. So VERY VERY VERY funny! I havent' laughed this hard or long in a long long time!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Modelling Moral Life for Children

by Lency Spezzano

Here is an article by one of my teachers, Lency Spezzano... quite helpful.. so share with all mothers and teachers here;)

I am not a moralist, and I am not generally interested in the morality of others (except in how my judgements on others are projections of my judgements on myself). Yet, I am a parent, and parents are concerned about the moral development and behavior of their children. What parent's heart doesn't break for the parents of the child on the news who has taken a life, or broken ot`her laws? Even if we have become jaded about the world, we still do not want our own children to lie to us, or steal from us.

Children absorb most of their moral learning from their parents' actions. The way they are treated by their parents and the way they see their parents treat others, will be the natural basis for how they operate in the world. For example, we all want to raise children that we can trust to speak truthfully to us, even when they are teenagers. The only way that we have the right to expect honesty from our kids is to speak the truth to them and to those around us at all times.

It is possible to live our lives without lying. We don't need to tell a lie to get off the phone quickly, or to excuse an absence, or explain why we are late. The simple truth, and possibly an apology, serves the best.

I was 25 years old before I realized that honesty truly is the best policy. I remember jogging around the park off Diamond Head that beautiful afternoon here in paradise. But, rather than drinking in the beauty of the land and sky and sea, or relating with the rainbow of Hawaii's people that I encountered, my mind was fraught with stress. I spent the whole time thinking of my conflicts, and recalling the variModeling Moral Life for Children by Lency Spezzano ous deceptions and half truths I had put out to the people in my world to gain some kind of advantage.

As I ran I began to recognize how much time and energy I put into maintaining those deceptions, just to keep track of what I had said to whom. I also recognized that I carried a lot of fear around with me. Would things I had said about certain people to others get back to them? Would people compare statements I had made to them?

I realized that the fear and stress from my lies and gossip were overwhelming, even though I was basically a nice and well-intentioned person. I also realized that none of the deceptions or secret attacks were necessary. They didn't really help me; they hurt me a lot. They were the source of much of my suffering.

For the first time, I recognized that all of the things I was doing to protect myself and elevate myself actually made me vulnerable. The best thing I could do for myself would be to give up the deceptions and secrets. I could instead always speak the truth, and not say anything about anyone that I would not be willing to say to his or her face (and in fact, that would be far better than saying it to someone else). That way I would never have to remember what I said to anyone, and I could relax.

That decision started a new chapter in my life, one of greater ease and safety. I believe that our children have benefited from that lesson through natural absorption. When things are uncomfortable for them, their minds do not automatically seek a way to cheat their way out of it. If they have been sneaky or deceptive, it weighs heavily on their mind until they confess without prompting.

Usually these confessions are pretty cute, and become part of the family lore. Like the time they stole a carton of ice cream out of our freezer and ate the whole thing outside behind the trees, the times they flushed their dinner down the toilet when I wasn't looking, etc. They recognize that they are much more comfortable inside themselves when they are honest, and they love feeling that they have iaa clean slate.lJ

All of this honesty occurs naturally, without lecturing about honesty, or discussing morality at all. It happens because it is the only way of being they know. On those occasions when I have discovered one of our kids in a lie, I felt the important thing was not to go into reaction. I remained connected with them, and asked them what was going on with them that they felt they needed to lie. Punishment would not have taught them to be honest; it would have taught them to try harder not to get caught the next time. Causing our kids to feel guilty about being deceptive would only have cemented in the deceptive behavior. Real communication and joining was what they were calling for. Then if it seemed that it would be beneficial for them to have a ionatural consequencel_ for their behavior, that could occur without that consequence being seen as a punishment dealt out to them on a whim. They even helped us determine what that natural consequence should logically be.

When we did occasionally use the ihnatural consequencesla formula it was when they were younger. I can't remember the last time either of our kids needed us to assign any kind of consequence for their behavior; it's been years. Life deals those out fairly automatically the older we get. We have never punished them, just as it would not be true for us to punish others we love when they make mistakes.

I did ground Chris once, but I realized a couple of days into it that he hadn't disobeyed me; we had had a genuine misunderstanding that came from miscommunication. Once I was able to recognize that, we had a natural meeting of the minds and the intimate understanding that springs from it. I dropped the grounding consequence, and never regretted it My usual method for dealing with suspected deceptions when the kids were younger and testing limits was very simple. I would say, iaLook me in the eye and tell me that again with a straight face.lh Then I would give them my most discerning look, while smiling. If they were fibbing or exaggerating, their attempt to stare me down would end in a fit of giggles. We would all have a laugh instead of a conflict, and they learned that it was useless to try to fool me. Their own subconscious mind revealed the truth. It got so that all I had to do was give them ihthe lookl. if they said something suspicious, and they would crack up, laughing at themselves.

Our kids don't generally do or say anything to anyone else with the intention of causing pain. When they are attacked, they refrain from attacking back. They do not seek revenge. They speak kindly to us without sarcasm or rancor. Children can be very cruel, but there is no reason they have to be. Cruelty is a learned behavior, and our children learn primarily from us. They treat others the way we have treated them. High personal morals are their own reward. I believe it is more fun to have the good feeling of knowing that you have not cheated on your income taxes, than it would be to have the extra money from the cheating. It is more fun to have the intimate thrill of being completely known by your partner than it is to have secrets.

A clear conscience is a wonderful thing. The feeling of integrity allows you to rest inside yourself, and your kids will see the benefits of that inner freedom. One of the earliest guidelines from the Psychology of Vision, which I learned from Chuck when I first met him, explains that nothing can be done to us that we are not already in some way doing. Our children's behavior toward us will reflect our behavior toward them, and our behavior toward ourselves.

Our children are the greatest reflection we have of our minds. Their issues are our issues and their behaviors are our behaviors; even if we are doing our best to hide them from the world. The ways in which we are out of integrity will show up in some form in our children. For example, if Chuck or I had secret sexual liaisons, it would not be surprising for our kids to get into trouble about deceptive sexual behavior. If we were dishonest in our financial dealings, our children might develop a shoplifting p roblem. Addictions in us might well be reflected in addictions in them, etc.

No amount of punishment will teach our kids not to reflect our minds. When our kids get in trouble, it shows where we are in trouble. The good news is that since that is the case, when we can identify that issue inside of ourselves and heal it, our children no longer need to reflect the issue to us. We are all healed together. This can be the very greatest motivation for all of us parentswe can clean up our acts before our children begin to act out the deeper layers of our minds. Our children don't have to follow our footsteps through the mistakes we have made.

From Vision Magazine April 2001 A Publication from Psychology of Vision.

© Lency Spezzano 2001.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We are jellybeans:)

Yeap, we are all jellybeans...

At least in Ace's eyes...

This is a family portrait that Ace drew the other day...

From the circle with circles as eyes, nose and a line as the mouth, his drawings have furthur imporved to having hair, ears, legs and hands ;) Not bad right?:P

Ace's school updates: Ace no longer says he does not want to go to school. He just keeps asking you why he has to go to school. Mostly, I think he is happy because when he is in a good mood, he will talk about wat happened in school and talk about his friends and teachers too.
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Monday, July 21, 2008

Mechanic Ace

Ace loves to drive.

Probably it is because he watches his Daddy drive and feels that it is a cool thing and manly thing to do...

So whenever Ace sees things like cars and steering wheels, he gets really excited... which is the reason why every birthday of his, I contemplate whether to buy him a 'car' that he can drive around.. but everytime, the sheer cost of paying over a hundred bucks for something that will make him happy for like 30 min every 2 or three months makes me decide to get him something better...

But my son also very good at making best use of his resources.

For his second birthday, his uncles and aunties from Dreams Inc bought him a Skate N Drive... it is something tat can convert from a skate scooter to a car... minus the steering wheel.

That very same year, Aunty Gwendolyn bought him a Barney steering wheel because he loves to drive.

His very creative mind decided that if he hoisted the steering wheel onto the Skate and Drive, he will have a car to drive.. and so he asked me, "Mummy, can you tie this here?" and I helped him tape it up together...

He was so happy and was happily driving around.. until the tape could not hold on much longer..

Anyway, he never ceases to amaze me with what his little tiny three year old brain can come up with!

The other day he was watching a show with puppets and then he went on to tie the scarf around his hand and shook his hand to imitate the mouth opening and closing and then spoke in a high-pitched puppet voice and happily entertained himself for 10 min.

Maybe I should send him to drama classes ;) haha..

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jelly King

Did I tell you that Ace has perfect PR skills?

The other day we went to Classic Lao Di Fang to eat.. and for some unknown reason, they now provide jelly to little children and so the waitresses gave Ace two pieces of jelly.

Wah.. he was so happy and loved it so much.. he kept smiling, waving and talking to the waitresses and they all loved this cute little boy so much they gave him another jelly when he was done with this meal...

Because of that, just before he left, he went to hug and kiss each and every waitress there and I can bet with you he certainly created an impression...

About a month later, we brought him there again after his Shichida lessons.

"Wo lai le!" He exclaimed to them all when he walked in. And they all started to smile really happily... I believe this little boy certainly enriched or at least brightened their mundane work day that day.

Ace also very clever one lor.. He did not mention that he wanted the jelly at all but just kept peeping at them, waving to them, smiling to them from where he was sitting and soon enough, a dish of jelly appeared....

He did his whole routine of talking to them and just before he left, another dish of jelly appeared.. because of Ace, we now have discount whenever we go there... and free jelly too! haha...

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wu Lian Pai

Evon ganma taught me this..

The other day, I was feeling bored and so I taught Ace how to do it and took pictures

This is the epitome of acting cute... they call it 5 lian pai...

Note: His fingering not very accurate so the two looks a little bit like three and the four looks like a five...







PS: Updates about Ace going to school.

Yesterday Daddy went to pick him up early and we met in NTUC.. When he saw me, he ran to me and hugged me and told me that he missed his friends. When I asked him if he was happy, he said he was and so I asked him what he did in school (shui jiao, qi lai, aunty chao mi fen, wan toys) and then I repeated my mantra of why we need to go to school to learn more things so that we have more knowledge and then we can make lots of money and buy all the things that we like.

This morning, after he finished bathing, he asked me, "Wo men qu na li..." "Go school lah,." I told him... "wei shen me yao go school, wei shen me yao zuan qian?"

Ok, great, it means he heard what I was telling him and so I repeated the mantra to him once when he was dressing up and once when he was wearing his shoes... and just as he was about to leave, I asked him, "Qu xue xiao xue duo duo zhi shi, yi hou zuan duo duo qian OK?"

OK!" He nodded his head with determination and waved goodbye to me with a smile.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Ace Model

Hahaha.. it has been a long time since I had the mood to take lots of pics of our favourite model, Ace..

The other day I caught him in a good mood and took the chance to take a series of photos for him ;)

PS: Updates about Ace going to school. When he came home on last friday, his teacher said he looked a little unhappy while he was in school in the morning. But when I went to pick him in the evening and asked him if he was happy and if he was enjoying himself, he answered with a resounding YES! But still, come sunday when we talked to him about going to school in the morning, he says he does not want to go to school.

Well, Max prepped talk him about going to school and making friends and Ace told us, "I don't want to play with my friends. I don't like to play with friends.." Even though that was his main motivation for going to school initially.

I gave him another series of prep talk about why we need to go to school.. so that we can learn more knowledge and build network so that when we do business, we can make a lot of money and then he can buy alot of noodles, alot of barney bags and alot of whatever he likes.

This morning, he tried to wriggle his way out of going to school again and thinking that it could be that just before he went to school, I often cooked for him and spent alot of time with him.. and probably missed having that and so I told him if he goes to school, we will pick him early and I will cook specially for Ace my special boy... and then he is happy and ok to go to school ;) haha...

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ace Can Bath Himself!

Three years old does seem like a turning point in one's life... Ace just hit another milestone in his life ;) He can bath himself already!

The other day, Ace shit in his diapers and suddenly inspired, I decided to see if he wants to try to bath himself and I asked him if he wanted to bath himself. He turned out to be really excited about it and started bathing himself. I went to get a camera to take pictures of him and he had a great time bathing even though he did not do a very good job.

Afterward when you smelled his head, half is smelly and half smells good... haha.. cos he did not wash his head very well. But still I think it is not a bad try for a first timer.

So later when I patted him to sleep, I told him that he is very clever and that he should tell his Daddy when Daddy comes home that he is a clever boy because he can bath himself.

Ace was just about to sleep at this point when he suddenly opened his eyes and told me, "Hai you waigong... " pause... "hai you waipo.." and went on to list everyone in the family...

So when we went over to my mum's place later in the day, while we were on the stairs and about to reach, I asked him if he wanted to tell Waigong about it and he started to try and run down the stairs and even fell down but unlike usually when he would want me to kiss his boo boo, he just ignored it and quickly went to Waigong's doorstep and told shouted him, "Waigong! Wo zi ji chong liang leh!"

When I told Max about this, he laughed and said that Ace is indeed a true blue teochew (and they are well known for being hao lian/boastful).

The funniest thing is that a few days later when Ace shit again, I asked him if he wanted to bath himself and he said yes. So I gave him the towel and sent him marching towards the bathroom.

Midway there, he turned around and asked me, "Mummy, ni yao na camera pai wo zi ji chong liang ma?" (Do you want to take the camera and take pictures of me bathing myself?)

Here is a video of him bathing himself ;)">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350">

Guess he knows when I do that, whole world knows he is very clever! Hahaha....

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vain Pot

Ace is very vain and always makes sure that he is good looking...
The other day, I told him we were going out when in fact, we were just going to my mum's place. In my mind, that was a short journey and I wouldn't mind making the journey myself in shorts and slippers.. especially if Max is sending us there...

But Ace insisted that he had to dress up and specified that I had to dress him up in which particular shirt and which particular pants...

"But we are going to Waipo's house only, Ace..." I tried to reason with him and he started to put on the clothes by himself... So boh pian, got to give in to him.

After we are done with putting on the clothes, he goes to the mirror, looks at himself, pulls his collar up like Daddy always does and tells me, "Wo hen handsome leh.." very confidently. I laughed... buay tahan!

The other day, Mr Vain Pot is going out and I was trying to get him to wear some warmer clothes because we were going to the airport.

"Can we wear this or this?" I asked him.


"But this colour is nicer with this colour.." I tried to appeal to his sense of aesthetic..
"Mei you lah. This colour and this colour lah.." he told me as he pointed to his orange and brown combination.
And then I went to bath and suddenly when I came out, he was dressed in the red polo tee that I wanted him to wear.

"Wah! How did you make him change his mind?" I asked Max.

"Easy lah, I just wear my polo tee and he says he wants to be like Papa lah..."

Hahaha..... so I guess Max is his benchmark for fashion sense ;) Hahaha....

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ace is a big boy!

Yeap... my little baby has graduated from peeing into his diapers, to peeing on the floor when he cannot control, to being able to tell us when he wants to pee and now, he is able to go to the toilet and do everything himself!

Yeah! I am so proud of him!

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Taoshu Ace

I think when Daddy reads this... he will kill me...

The other day I was feeling really boh liao.. since I had nothing to do, I decided to entertain myself by playing with Ace...
"Ace, come here.. I tie your hair for you..." And then I proceeded to take out Ah Yee's PINK JEWELLED clip to tie Ace's hair up for him...

"You see.. nice or not?" I asked Ace..

And he was really excited about it.. He thinks he looks very handsome and then he was smiling and laughing so happily. I thought nothing or it, removed it and then went on to play something else.

And then just in case he thought it was normal for BOYS and MEN to put SPARKLY PINK CLIPS ONTO THEIR HAIR, I told him that he was acting in a period drama and he is a "da xia" since all the period drama heros have hair-dos like this.

But the next day, he asked me to tie his hair again and he insisted that he had to use the sparkly pink jewel clip. When i refused, he cried real loud so boh pian got to tie for him or he wouldn't let it rest.

Die lah.. wat to do... he is enjoying this liao.. and suddenly by stroke of a genius, I realized that Taoshu had the same hairstyle as well.. so I told him he is Taoshu The Warrior Boy ;)

Phew.. thank god he din try to do this in front of Daddy or I will surely get it..

PS: After going to school for 4 days and enjoying himself. Ace suddenly did a 180 degree turnaround and said he wanted to go and see Teacher Huiling and he does not want Teacher Toh or Xia Laoshi... he cried when I tried to bath and change him into his uniform and went, "I dun want kinderland, I dun want kinderland.. I want to go Popo's house, I want to go Ah Yee's house... " I asked him why but he would not say and so I hugged him and sent him alot of love and sent him away.. dunno if he cried in the car though... Let's pray this does not happen often...
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Chef Ace

Maybe it is influence from my Dad or maybe there are just too many shows related to food on TV.. and then again, maybe it is his love for food... Ace simply loves to play with the pots and pans that we bought him.
I initially bought the set for him because he liked to cut those vege that are stuck together with velcro.. but he ended up enjoying cooking more than that...
These days, he has taken to cooking his play dough and will cook things that he likes to eat... and sometimes what we like to eat..

For example, he would say that he is cooking la jiao (chilli) for Daddy and cooking noodles for himself...

The strange thing is that when he cooks, his portions for me is very small and portion for daddy is super big... I asked him if it is because he knows I am on a diet.. hahaa..

If he is in a good mood, he will not only provide the fork and spoon but will even attempt to feed you. "Wo wei ni.. yao bu yao?" he will ask.

Maybe he will grow up to be a chef.. or maybe.. just a SNAG that can cook.. JUST LIKE HIS DADDY! ;)
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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mummy Can Cook

If Angel (also) can cook, so can you!

I am serious.. my na shou hao cai is instant noodles lor ;) Well, I think I am becoming a better cook these days ;)

Why? Of course it is because I practise lah...

Because we have shifted back home and I stay at home 2-3 days a week alone with Ace... I have had to learn to cook because my parents stopped offering to cook and bring lunch to me.

So in the past few weeks, I have managed to whip up some decent food... well, Ace has no complaints and shows support by eating everything that I cook... but how fast he finishes it tells me how much he likes or dun like it..

Max on the other hand says he gives me 100 points for effort (which means it does not taste very nice lah)

Anyway, all in all, I am very pleased with myself.. In fact, I am very proud of myself lor.. I mean, I always tell people tat my na shou hao cai is instant noodles and I was NOT joking lor! ;)
Here are some of the things that I cooked/made:

Macroni with carrots

Mee Sua

Toufu Strawberry Smoothie

Vegeterian Burger With Eggless Egg Salad

Fish Slice Bee Hoon

Hong Shao Beef Noodles

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