Thursday, May 28, 2009

Techno Boy!

The High 5 song of the week is a song called Techno... and it talks about being connected to the internet and stuff like that...

I must say that kids these days are really alot more technologically advance than we were. I only learnt how to press the start button of the computer at age 18 and finally mastered most of the basic programmes when I was 19.

The other day Ace saw me using the computer and insisted that he wanted to play games on the computer. Because Max told me that he liked to play games related to Sponge Bob and Square Pants, I went to their website to find games for Ace to play with.

Thinking that he cannot do very well, I would always read the instructions and demo how to play with him first... but in the end, when I observe him playing, I found that he was even much better at figuring out how to make Patrick the Starfish jump, turn and move forward or backwards! And he is not even 4 yet!

Sigh, it really is a techno world manz...

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ace Washing His Hair

Even though Ace says he can wash his hair by himself, it's not really like he can wash it well.

His idea of washing his hair is just to pull his hair a little bit.. and that is considered washing his hair.. and he doesnt really wash the whole head so some parts of his head will smell good after that and some parts still have that sweaty smell.. hahaha...

The headache comes when I try to wash thoroughly for him and he gets so upset because he says he can do anything and everything all by himself. And he is upset when I try to wash his hair for him...

Luckily though, he likes to wash his hair everyday. "Mummy, my teacher says must wash hair everyday.. if not the.. the.. the.. the ants will lay eggs on the head..."

I think he meant LICE ;) hahaha...

So everytime he washes his hair, he will remind me. "I wash my hair everyday.. and the the the lice will not lay eggs in my hair..."

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Singing Ace

Sometimes when Ace is in the mood, he will sing instead of talk.. no matter what you say to him, he would just sing the answer to you.

Some time back, Ganma Karen bought Ace a truck like set of cutlery and Ace was so happy that he woke up early in the morning to sing about it.. he made up his own tune and started singing, "Ganma bought a truck for me..."

And by the time I got my phone to video this down.. this is what is left of his singing.. hahaha

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Everybody Dance Now!

It has been a while since I last posted videos of dancing Ace..

Enjoy! ;) I really think i should send him for some dance class!

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ace Ride Bike

Ace has come a long way since.

From not daring to even sit inside these electric toy cars.. to being able to sit inside it as long as it does not move...

To daring to sit in it and daring to allow it to move and to now, he is actually able to STAND HANDS FREE on the electric motor bike! hahaha

Anyway, there is one at the interchange near where we live so every now and then we would bring him there and let him take a ride. It's $3 for about 10-15 min ride.

The first time we were there though, there was a nasty little boy who kept purposely trying to bang Ace. The very evil Max whispered into Ace's ears and asked him to bang the boy back and Ace was so excited to chase after his 'target' and so happy when he finally hit him ;) hahaha...

Anyway, I am glad Ace is getting to be a bit more daring nowadays ;)

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Bubble Balloon

If you were born in my era, you would remember the bubble balloons too. It is this tube of gooey-looking thing and when you put it at the end of a straw and blow, it will grow into a colourful bubble.

My mum bought some for Ace to play with the other day and so we spent the whole afternoon playing with it. Alas, Ace was only interested in using his forehead to pop the bubbles :)

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Friday, May 22, 2009

House work

Well, I mentioned that Ace likes to help out with housework now and has been helping me hang out the clothes to dry.

The other day, Max was on duty and so we went over to my mum's place to stay.

My very helpful son woke up early early in the morning, found this Japanese doll, took out her clothes, washed it and hang them out to dry all by himself!


He has since also helped me mop the floor and helped in some part of the cooking process...

Waiting for the day where he can really help me by bathing and dressing himself so that I can continue to get my 40 winks in the morning! :)

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Am Santa Claus!

It is said that the best present you can give a child of Ace's age is a box because they are now so imaginative that a box could become a ship, a box, a house and many other things we might not possibly even think of...

And so, the very clever and imaginative Ace Chua wrapped a towel around his face that day and told me, "Mummy, see, I am santa claus!"


Here's a pic of santa claus Ace.

On a different note, it seems that Ace is so used to me taking a picture of all his crazy antics that when he fell into the toilet bowl while taking a poop wihtout the lid down and I asked him to wait for me (so that I can take a towel to bath him after the mess) that he asked me, "You go and take camera to take picture of me?"


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why Ace HAS To Marry Xu Ai

The other day, I was in a really boh liao mood lah.. so I teased Ace and asked him a really important question.. "Why must you marry Xu Ai? Why can't you marry Tiffany.. you like to play with Tiffany too right??"

And so, Ace finally told me the reason why he CANNOT marry Tiffany.... "Because Tifanny is too small..when we marry, I cannot take her to sit aeroplane to go Vietnam together..."

So I asked him what about him marrying me.. cos I am big enough to take the plane... "No, tommorrow you will become so small, Mummy..."

"Then why don't you marry Waipo. Waipo is big right?" I teased him.

"No lah, cannot! Waipo got short hair. I don't like short hair. I like long hair," he insisted.

So I suggested that he marry Ah Yee since she is big and got long hair. After giving it a thought, he agreed and decided that he will marry both Ah Yee and Xu Ai.

But two days later, for some unknown reason, he came to me and told me that he cannot marry Ah Yee. I asked him why and he told me, "Because Ah Yee already married Net Net yesterday. I cannot marry Ah Yee cos Ah Yee cannot marry two times!"

Wah! How did he figure that out by himself??:P

PS: Well, about 2 weeks after this happened, he came to me with some paper flowers and told me that he wanted to marry me because he like me. I told him I cannot marry two times like Ah Yee cannot marry two times.. he say, "You can lah..." and then pretended to walk down the aisle with me with the flowers while singing the wedding march... the start of Oedipus Complex?:)

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Your Tummy Is So Beautiful!

While Ace is sometimes rude to me (something I correct him by asking him everytime he is rude if he thinks he is talking rude and whether can he talk rudely to me...) he his very often very nice and flattering with his words.

His rudeness is more often than not, not about the nasty words his say but more often about the intonation that he uses and the expression that he has. He really remembers everything I do and say when I am angry and uses them back with gutso when he has the chance.

But also, he is many times so very adorable.

The other day, when I was feeling rather down and sad, he hugged me and kept telling me, "I love you..." and then kissed me all over my face.

Some time later, he told me he wanted to sleep on my tummy. I asked him why and he said, "Because I like your tummy lor..." And then he looked at my tummy with such deep appreciation and told me, "Your tummy is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!"

It felt so good to be praised! Even if it was just my tummy.. and so I told him that his praise really means alot to me and that it is so helpful for me... and so, my good son ended it with yet another kiss and another declaration of "I love you!"

Another day, he told me that he liked my tummy because the colour is so nice. "It is soooo peach.." he said with so much love in his eyes. I asked him if he liked Daddy's tummy and he said that Daddy's tummy is very dark and even went on to tell us that Daddy cannot sleep on my tummy cos if not my peach tummy will become dirty and dark like Daddy.. wat sort of logic is that?!

Then later in the night, he told me that he likes my feet. "I love your feet... it is so nice.. and got this one.." he said, while pointing to my pedicured painted toe nails.

I told Max about it and complained that he hasn't been complimenting me for a long while and so Max told me that my tummy is beautiful. But it just felt different.. cos Max was just teasing me... without that long, appreciative look, without the deep longing and the heart filled with passion, the same few words just don't feel the same way.. hahahhaha...

I think my son will make a very Romeo in future!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mummy, Tell Me About Magic Flu

Recently, there has been an epidemic. There is a type of flu virus that combined with the pig's flu virus and the virus was initially called Swine Flu. But because alot of people (especially pork suppliers) found this to be offensive, the flu has been renamed Mexican Flu or H1N1..

So the other day, we decided that we will stay at home for the weekend just to keep away from public places for a while.

Ace of course did not want to stay home. "I want to go gai gai..." he said and so I told him about the story of the Mexican flu and explained briefly to him what it was about and how the germs can spread from people to people.

And then at the end of the story, I told him how everyone is worried.. for example, Popo is very worried because Ah Yee is staying in France now where there are people who are being infected and also I suspect cos Ah Yee has gone back to eating meat (even though my mum knows eating pork has nothing to do with swine flu or not).

So Ace nodded his head along the way and was finally pacified.

5min worth of silence later, Ace asked me, "Mummy, can you tell me story about the Magic Flu?"

I tot he meant "Magic Show"..

"What magic show??" I asked him.

"Noo, no magic show... magic flu..."

And finally, I realized he was trying to say MEXICAN FLU!

So I repeated the whole story to him again.

And this time round, Ace asked me. "Mummy, why Ah Yee eat meat?"

"Because it is difficult for Ah Yee to find vegeterian food in France lor.. so she chooses to eat meat instead...."

"Is it if eat meat the germs will come and make you sick, mummy? Can you ask Ah Yee don't eat meat? I don't want Ah Yee to be sick..."

Awww... so sweet......

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ribena Ad

Every generation I think has their fair share of Ribena Ads :)

In my generation, there was this memoriable one of a little girla and a little boy...

And in Ace's generation.. there is the Ribena and Lemon Ad...

The other day, I had been trying the whole afternoon to make Ace take his afternoon nap. When he finally agreed to sleep when I offered to rock him, I was so happy. The moment he started to lie down, his eyes went heavy, his whole body weight started to press on me and his eyes closed completely.

I waited for about 5-10 min to make sure that he is really asleep before I put him on the bed. And then, I went back to the living room to watch TV.

And then after a while, this came on TV

And I heard someone singing, "Ahhhh....." Hmm.. that sounded like Ace.. but cannot be what.. Ace is fast asleep.. and suddenly at the part where the ribena and the lemons were running towards each other, Ace ran out of the room and started dancing around the room...

I got a shock of my life!

And when I got over my shocked, I just found the whole thing sooooooo funny! The two of us laughed and laughed and laughed.. till my tummy ached!

Anyway, that became a favourite joke and now Ace will always dance around the room whenever that ad comes on...

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shaoye Ace

Sometimes I wonder if I have given Ace too good a life... Because he is so used to such a good life, I wonder when he grows up, will he be hardy enough to face challenges.

But then again, a love for a luxurious and comfortable life does not mean someone is not brave or hardy I guess.. I mean the love for a hard life does not equate one to being brave enough to want to face his challenges and overcome them.. it just speaks of someone who doesnt wish to/ want to/ know how to enjoy life...

Anyway, my son has a strong love for luxury and comforts in life.

For example, after walking to and fro school for a few times. Now, whenever he sees me pick him up, the first thing that he would ask me is, "Where is Daddy?" Yesterday, when I picked him up, I decided to make fun of him by telling him that Daddy is not around and that we had to walk back home...

"No, I don't want... I want Daddy to fetch me. I don't want to walk home..." he said. And then he got really upset and irritated.. until he saw his Daddy's white Nissan Selphy...

Another day, I was supposed to bring him to school and since I always walked him to school, he told me, "I don't want to walk.. can we take school bus or taxi?"

Yet another day, we told him we were going to Waipo's house cos Gong Gong cooked fried rice today.

"I don't want to go Popo house.. I dun want to eat fried rice. I want to go a nice nice place and eat something..." he declared.

So I asked him, where to him is a nice nice place?

"Sushi lor!"

He really knows how to enjoy lor!

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Cocka Doodle Doo Ace

The other day, when I told Ace I was going to bring him out, he requested that I do up his hair.. so with the help of a little bit of hair styling agent and a hair dryer, I created this special hair style for him..

"Hahahaha.. I am a chicken!" he exclaimed when he saw his hair and promptly went on to MODEL his new hair for me with these shots :)

The thing about Ace is that once the camera comes out, he goes into this funny face mode and will try to make lots of funny faces for the camera.. enjoy...

Hair by: Angel Peng

Shorts: sponsored by Max Papa, U

Unique hand painted dragon shirt: sponsored by Karen Ganma

PS: I think Ace really likes this hairstyle cos he has requested that I re-do it for him a few times since then... hahaha...

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ace Eats By Himself

Well, with the success in getting to eat other interesting types of food, I have noticed that Ace is now more eager to feed himself.. mostly because he is getting better than it already.
The other day, because he loved the SNAKE NOODLES so much, he insisted on eating by himself. Previously, we had to cut noodles into very short stumps for him to eat using a spoon. But how, he has progressed to being able to eat noodles all by himself by using a chopstick and a spoon ;)


Now, I just have to figure a way to stop him from asking, "Mummy, can you feed me please?"

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Circle Noodles

Last month, I paid a full month's school fees but Ace only went to school for half a month.

That's because one of his classmates was down with HFMD and so he had to stay at home for a week. The next week, it was the designated 5 day holiday in a year for the school and so he stayed at home for another week.

Since we had so much time on hand when he stayed at home, I decided to get him involved in the lunch making process so that he could kill some time and also, so that it would make it easy for him to want to feed himself during lunch cos he made it himself ;)

So, I decided to make one of my personal favourites- Mee Hoon Kuay. I poured in all the ingredients and got Ace to help to make the dough and after which I also got him to help to roll the dough into small circles... and so he called it Circle Mian.

And then a few days later, we decided to experiment with this cookie making set we had. One of the things that came with it was a syringe like thingy with alot of holes at the bottom and so I wondered if we could make noodles with it and so tried and the noodles tat came out looked like worms and so we called it WORM Mian.

And then Ace said he wanted star mian and so I bought a star shaped cookie cutter and did the stars and we had Super Star Mian.

By then, I realized that if the food came with an interesting name, Ace would want to eat it and so subsequently, all other types of noodles would be given interesting names like Snake Noodles...

And then I found a solution to getting Ace to STOP wanting to only eat chicken rice ;) By othering noodles and telling him it was something interesting. Eg, the other day, I asked him other than chicken rice, what does he want to eat, he said he wanted to eat Popo and Gong Gong Pi Gu and so the hor fun that we ordered became known as that :)

After that, he was more open to trying other foods as long as we came up with interesting names for them...

Just FYI, I have also found a receipe to make vegeterian burger patties which even max says better than those he has eaten outside.. hee :)

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ah Yee's Airplane

When Ah Yee asked Ace what he wanted for Xmas, Ace said he wanted an Aeroplane.

So Ah Yee really bought him an Aeroplane and almost 4 months later, (The plane had to sit on a ship to come here), the toy plane finally arrived together with a doctor's set for Net Net's niece.

Alas, by then, Ace had already outgrown the aeroplane phase into the doctor's phase and so he kept asking me who was the other toy for. I told him the toy was for Net Net's niece and that the doctor's toy was for small children. As he is a big boy, he gets the aeroplane.

I told Ah Yee about it and Ah Yee said his aeroplane was actually 3 times more expensive. But Max says Ace does not yet have the concept of expensive or cheap.

But still he really likes his aeroplane lah. And so everynow and then he would assemble it and then we would put passengers in it. It only comes with a pilot and a female co pilot so we use his Cheesedale eraser (we call him Mr Cheese), Spongebob eraser, the Minnie Mouse that KP bought for me, the piggie torchlight (Mr Pig) as other extra passengers.

And Ace would happily declare that his plane was flying to Hong Kong, France, Dubai.. and all the countries that he has heard before... he even told me he was going to Tokyo Disneyland! Gosh!

Anyway, after a few times of playing with the aeroplane, he got a little tired of it and started to be really interested in the doctor set again. Since I told him it was for small children, he asked me, "Mummy, can you ask Ah Yee to buy me doctor set for big boys for four years old?"

So I reminded him that he already has two sets of the doctor's set at Yeye's house. I guess he is just intrigued cos this set has got this trolley like thingy for you to push all the doctor's equipment around. I know how children are fascinated with trolleys since me and sis can play none stop with my mum's trolley whenever she cleaned the kitchen.. hahaha...

The trolley can be a dim sum trolley.. or sometimes it can be an aeroplane, or a ship.. it was just lots of fun!

Alas, even when I went to Toys R Us, I cannot find any similar toy.. Well, I guess he will probably outgrow this phase one day as well... If all else fails, he can always use his chair as a trolley as he always has :) Anyway, children have unlimited imagination!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Ace's Wallet

Remember I told you that Ace wanted to bring a wallet out just like his Papa?

Well, you absolutely have no idea how much he wants to be like his father....

The other day, he said he wanted to be like Papa and insisted that he wanted to bring his wallet out... And so we let him bring it out...

When we were outside, just to pass time (because we were waiting for someone), we asked him to show us his wallet. To our surprise, we realized that in his wallet, there was MONEY, his picture and even an ATM card.. just like Papa's wallet! Hahahaha... It was so hilarious!

Anyway, that afternoon, Ace used the money from his wallet to pay for a cake and he shared the cake with me and Max. I must say it was the sweetest tasting cake in the whole wide world for all three of us ;)

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Just Like Papa

Everything you want Ace to do, he will do it pronto.. if you tell him he is just like Papa.

He wants to wear his black shoes (which he has already outgrown) because he wants to be just like Papa.

He wants to wear a shirt because he wants to be just like Papa.

He wants to wear long pants because he wants to be just like Papa.

He wants to wear a belt because he wants to be just like Papa.

He wants to wear a watch because he wants to be just like Papa.

And recently he has started to go out with his own wallet because he wants to be just like Papa.

He even asked me to print a photo to put inside his 'wallet' (which is some old wallet that we have no use for because he wants to be just like Papa.

Ganma Karen recently bought him another sunglass (Ganma Seokling already bought him a Thomas the Train one which he wears when playing at home sometimes) and he says he wants to put it in the car because he wants to be just like Papa.
And to be really like Papa, he puts it on whenever Max puts on his sunglasses while driving and even puts it on his head just like Max does sometimes so that he can be just like Papa...

But even though Ace wants to be just like Papa, he does not forget his mama. This PR expert at the age of 4 already knows how to make everyone happy. If you ask him who do you like to play with? Papa or Mama... he will tell you Papa and Mama. Depending on who asked him the question, he would name that person first.. even if you asked him about Gong Gong vs Popo etc.. he would name both their names..

Good! Can talk! Just like papa! Hahahaha...

Saturday, May 09, 2009

I Want To Take Bar Picture

Max went out into the sun and came out all red like a lobster... his skin looked so nice, I told him he had to take a picture so that we could tell people how they would look like if they used the bar and went out into the sun...

When Ace sw me taking the picture, he came to me and insisted that he also wanted to take "bar picture"... Hahahaha... (He knows because he has seen all those before after photos...)
Now, Ace is all about the bar. Anything happens to him, he says he wants to use the bar. Anything happens on TV to someone on their skin.. he will ask me if it is because the uncle or the aunty NEVER USE THE BAR. Hahahaha..

The other day, his Yeye asked him, "Ace, did you go to the business meeting?"

And so, he told his Yeye, "Yes, I went to the bar concert and I hear Uncle Arthur talk..."

I laughed until I had tummy ache! Ace does not know it is called a business presentation and to him, all performance-like thingy that involves a stage is considered a concert.. like his school concert... hahahaha... that's a good one.. this BAR CONCERT.. hahahaha

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Friday, May 08, 2009

I Am Not Happy

We brought Ace to East Coast Park again since he enjoyed the last time round..

Alas, after playing there for a while, he said he was not happy when it was time to go home... So I asked him why..

And he said he was not happy because even though Daddy came along with us, Daddy did not play with him at all...

So parents, remember, children are sensitive about such things. Even if you are beside them but your attention is not on them, they feel it and they feel not important because of it... Even if you just spent 3 min and gave only 3 min of your full attention to them, they would really appreciate it :)

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Thursday, May 07, 2009

I Can Cycle By Myself!

When Yeye bought Ace a bicycle for his birthday last year, Ace did not had much strength and did not really understand how to cycle and push the pedals...

Now, almost year later and after lots of practice in school (he gets to cycle during play time when he has school), I am proud to say that Ace is able to cycle by himself. Not only is he able to pedal properly, he is also able to move the bicycle and handle obstacles and turning either to the left or the right :)

Next step, cycling without the back support wheels ;)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Ding Ding Ding Ding Bshhh....

Well, we din want to give up nor did we wanted to waste our Friends Of The Zoo Membership and so we made another attempt to go to the zoo...

Alas, Ace got quite a shock and kept crying and saying, "I don't want this playground, I don't like this playground..."

What happened was that there is this Elephant pail at the top of the playground and every 4 min, there will be a ringing sound and after that the water will splash down. Because that was our first time there, we were not aware of this and it caught all of us by a surprise.. even I was a little scared of it...

And after that, as long as there is water flying towards Ace, he would cry and cry...The strange thing was that he would come home he would sit by himself and say, "Ding ding ding ding bshhhhh..." I asked him what he was doing and he told me, "I am the elephant playground..." and he would giggle.

Subsequently, he would get all enthusiastic about waking up and taking his bath whenever I asked him if he wanted to play the elephant playground game. He uses a pail and fills it with water and goes "Ding ding ding ding.. bshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"and splashes all the water over his head...

Anyway, just to help him overcome his fear, we told him that the next time we went to the zoo, if he stood under the water fall when the pail gets overturned twice, we would buy him a cake :) hahaha..

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Ace's Children

Children of this age are suppose to be filled with imagination. A box could become an aeroplane, a boat, a house.. etc..

And most importantly, they would also start to have imaginary friends.

Ace has a whole bunch of them and they so very inconvenienced me.

If you have been to my house, you would know that in the living room, we have no sofas. Just a tatami. But Ace has declared the whole tatami his rocket and even put boxes of toys around it to act as doors. (You are not allowed to move or 'open' the doors because if not, "The big bad wolf will come in and scare my children").

So according to Ace and his imagination, he and his children are all in the rocket. I don't know where they are going or what they are doing and if I asked for their names, he names the children he knows in school. Apparently, they are now HIS children and he is somewhat like a leader or a teacher to them...

If I ignore his game and sat on the tatami.. he would whine, "Mummy, you are sitting on my children! If you sit there, my children will have no space..."

And so I had to make way for his imagination for the 3 days he was playing that game. I am glad the game ended in the end and I got to enjoy sitting on my tatami after that:)

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Who Made Yeye Tired?

The other day, one of Ace's classmate kenna the HFMD and his whole class was asked to stay at home for the whole week.

But because we had to go to Malaysia early in the morning , we decided in the end to get Yeye to babysit Ace for the whole day.

As Yeye drives the taxi at night, it was really a huge sacrifice on his part to help us as he does not get enough rest if he does that. But I guess also because he was home alone with Ace, it made it more demanding on him...

So by the time it was night time and he brough Ace to my mum's place, he told my mum, "Wah, take care of him one whole day is very tiring ah! Buay tahan ah!"

So when Yeye went home, my mun asked Ace, "Who made Yeye so tired ah?"

And Ace replied without thinking, "Nai nai lor..."

So my mum asked him, "Why Nainai make Yeye tired?" cos she wanted to see what he would say...

"Because she is not at home lor..."

We luffed till we had tummy ache when we heard this story!

Apparently according to Yeye, they had a fun day where Ace did more cartoon things...

  1. Yeye bought a lian rong bao for him and for fear that it is too hot, he opened the bao up into two to air it and cool it and Ace told him, "yeye, look, like da bian!" and giggled

  2. Ace shit into the toilet bowl and right after my father in law finally figured out how to wash his backside and finished washing his backside, he told him, "yeye, I want to bath together with you..."

Sometimes even I buay tahan my own son...

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Monday, May 04, 2009

I Can Drive Car

Ace kept saying that he can drive by himself because he is a big boy now.

Being super creative, the other day, he started playing with himself and making believe that he is driving...

And being very observant, he doesn't forget to even change gear using a BOTTLE! hahahaa...

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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Poop Training Completed!

Like I mentioned, Ace has finally completed his poop training!

And I guess when I told him I would bring him to buy his Ben 10 watch, it must have been the happiest day of his life :)

Maybe I was lucky.. by the time I reached Toys R Us.. only the $29.95 Illuminator was left but I told Ace that that was not a watch. More of like a toy that gives out light. Does he want a toy or a watch I asked him...

He says he wants a watch.. and all the $15-$18 watches were all gone! Only thing left was a bubble watch with a Ben 10 picture worth $9.90. It has Ben 10 and also has illuminating light coming out (cos Ace wanted a watch with light).

And so, $9.90 watch it shall be. I passed Ace $10 and made him pay for the watch himself.. he was sooooooooooo happy...

Since then, Ace always goes to the toilet by himself, poops and only calls for me when he finishes so that I can wash his bum for him. The most important thing is that along the way, somehow once he masters pooping in the toilet, he also learnt how NOT to pee at night when he sleeps and is dry every single night no matter what time he has had his milk :)

I announce the official completion of Ace's toilet training! Yeah! * A round of applause*
I guess the training also was made easier because during the training period, Ace, for some unknown reason was hit by a bout of diarrhoe. While diarrhoe lasts for a day or so, his lasted for about a week and so he had LOTS of practice trying to shit in the toilet bowl..

And because it was diarrhoe, he often would sit there for a long time and have nothing come out.
But because he had diarrhoe, I could not help but secretly help him put on diapers at night when he slept lest he poop on his mattress (which he did once when his bum was naked and sitting on the mattress.. he farted and out came the poop..yew...)
But luckily, that did not seem to affect the training much as I told him that the diapers appeared like magic just to help him out because he had tummy ache.

The thing is, now he has moved on to a new goal but he is still not aware and still asking for stars when he poops or when he cleans the house or eats by himself..

Since this is useful, me and max have set a target for him to be able to read three books by himself for his next goal--- a Ben 10 shirt.. I am praying the pasar malams have got something like tat cos I couldnt find anything in the shopping malls! :) If not, I guess I will have to go and print it or something..

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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Easy Life

I had a taste of what sort of easy life I could have in the near future the other day.

When Ace woke up, he went to the toilet and peed, brushed his teeth all by himself. Given that he actually is also capable of pooping, bathing by himself and changing into his clothes by himself now. If we dun mind waiting a little bit or taking a longer time to prepare to go out, I think our good life of having Ace become independent is not so far away! :)
As it is, his latest catchphrase now is "I can do anythinga nd everything all by myself." After we borrowed a book of the same title, he has taken to saying tat alot when he wants to be a BIG BOY and he will tell you, "I can do anything and everything all by myself. You don't need to help me. I am a big boy. I am not a baby anymore..."

But well, the irony is that he will say that when it comes to things where we are not so ready to let him do on his own like carry a glass cup and walking around or opening a bottle filled with water to the brim by himself. "Why you want to help me?" He would question us. "I can do by myself, I am a big boy..." he would insist.

Yet in the things we would like him to do himself like wear his shoes, put on his clothes, feeding himself, he would always want our help... "Can you feed me, mummy?"

Anytime soon now, I think my son will be able to do everything by himself! Yeah! hahaha..

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Friday, May 01, 2009

Comforting Ace

Even though Ace has become more nasty in that he has taken the talking like us and saying things like... "Why you say rude things to me.. you tell me.. why why why?? You naughty I throw you out of the window..."

I know though that like all other things tat I dun really like about him.. it is but a reflection of my inner emotions and also just a phase that he is going through.. and the other day, he showed a good example of what it was like to be a great friend..

I was not really happy for some reasons and I dunno if Ace picked up something since he was the one who spent the most time together with me.. he would keep telling me that he loves me and keep kissing my cheek.. and that, I must say really gave me an enormous amount of comfort...

Then the other day, we were talking about how he would like to have a baby sister or a brother so I told him honestly that even though I tried.. seems like baby brother and sister not ready to come to our house yet.. and then to my surprise, he put his hand on my back, patted it and told me, "It's okie.. tummy will grow big and baby will come.. it's ok.. ok?"

His kind heart extends not just to me.. the other day, my mum gave out some individually wrapped biscuits and he saw Laoma having problem with the packaging. As I had just taught him how to open, he went to Laoma, spoke gibberish (it's his version of Teochew.. I know because i caught him trying to imitate the intonations) and took it, tore it open and returned to her... "Wah, he has very good heart ah.. " observed my grandmother...


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