Sunday, November 30, 2008

Liverpool's Youngest Star, Ace Chua!

The other day, Max promised to bring Ace out for a soccer game and because we couldn't make it in time to go mac donalds for breakfast on saturday, we asked him if we could go on sunday instead before the soccer game and he said YES.

He was in good mood that day and just before we left, he promptly posed for some photos.

At mac, he still in good mood and when I said I wanted to take picture of him.. he promptly posed for photos everytime i said cheese and he could even come up with his own pose.. like model like that..

Then he said he wanted a balloon and so Daddy asked him to go and get a balloon himself. "You go over there to the aunty who is wearing spectacles and a cap and then you say loudly to the aunty 'Can I have a balloon please?'. Go and get what you want.. try..."

So Ace walked toward the aunty but she was engaged with other duties like refilling stuff and answering queries. And then, Ace started to ask her... she heard him but wanted to finish her work first and so she did not give him a balloon immediately.

A little bit upset and also impatient, Ace tried to walk back to our table only to look into a human sea and not remember were we were seated and so he started to cry.

So I went over and then brought him to the counter and asked him to ask for a balloon again.. and he is all smiles after that.

But Ace was quite whiny the whole day that day.

Afterward, we let him play a bit at the playground and he cried when he fell. He usually doesn't cry but merely declares to us that it is painful. He only cries if it is very painful but it did not seem as his fall was really very painful cos the moment i kissed his leg, he stopped already. I would suspect he was just trying to get some attention.

After that, we went to a grass patch and asked him to start his soccer game but he didn't want to. "I want to go inside.." he pointed to the Futsal court.

So we asked for permission to go in for a while but when we were at the door, he didn't wanted to go in and started crying again. "I scared scared..." he told me and I didn't really know what he was scared of.

After two or three kicks, he decided that he has had enough and then he declared, "I want to go home, Mummy. I want to go back to 422. I want to go back to my house."

But Daddy didn't even get warmed up yet and wanted to get him to start playing by teasing him and asking him to play monkey to try to get the ball so Ace 少爷started to throw a tantrum and cry again.

"Ace, don't cry. Do you want your ball? If you cry, will you get your ball? You keep your eyes on the goal and go for it. Don't give up. Go for the ball and get it if you want it.." I felt like some soccer coach giving a prep talk.

Finally, with some help from me and some relenting on Daddy's part (Daddy was in a tantrum as well), he got the ball and we went home. PHEW...

You can see more of that day's pics HERE.

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

TV Addict

The other day, I went into my room, came out and saw Ace in this position... that that brought back a slush of memories about the time when I was young :)

When I was very much younger, I was every bit as much of a TV addict as I am now :) I loved watching TV so much that during my night feed for milk, I would often time the speed I am drinking my milk to the timing of the show. I would time it such that the very last drop would go into my mouth.. just as Crocodile Tears started playing in the background.. which signified the end of the show..

I think that was the exact position that I was in when I was drinking milk while I enjoyed my TV:) hahaha

When I was pregnant, despite lots of well meaning advices from friends to:

  1. Stay away from TV or your fetus will have lots of garbage in their sub conscious mind

  2. Stay away from horror movies or shows which have relatively negative themes like violence, death, etc

I went ahead and watch LOTS OF DRAMAs with lots of gore, sad stories and rubbish...

After which when Ace was born, I felt soooooooooooooooooooooo guilty for being a bad mum.

I think when you have children, they don't just inherit your genes but also your hobbies and habits as well...

So I think.. Ace was a born TV addict...

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Friday, November 28, 2008

I So Fast!

There is a downside to Ace being more mobile and independent.

Now that he is capable of doing things like change, wear his shoes etc, he wants to do them himself.. and very often at his own speed.

The more you hurry him, it seems, the slower he will get.

And yet, he insists that you are not to help him.

The one that really gets on my nerves is packing his toys.

Now that he goes to school, he is trained and understands a need to pack up after he finishes with a game and I make it a point that he keeps the last game he plays before he gets to play the new game.

But leh, it gets on my nerves that the more you hurry him, the longer he takes. Add that to the fact that he likes to throw all the toys from the box all over the floor... something that makes your house look like it has just been through world war 3 or something... it aint very good for this mummy's patience.

Not only that, as he packs up.. with every single toy he picks up, he would play with it for another 5-10 min and he ends up taking 2 hours to pack the toys back when he could have done it within 3 min!

Sometimes when I have time, I let him be. After all, I understand he is exploring...

When I dun have the time, I would hurry him and end up making him SLOWER! I don't know if he is doing it to annoy me or what but experts tell me that hurrying our kid gives them more expectations and anxiety so it adds up to a viscious cycle and makes them slower...

But now I am clever. When he is slow.. I will start to pack the toys and tell him, "I am so fast.. I am so fast.. " And then I pack and pack and when I am done, I tell him, "I am so fast, I win!"

After a few times, I notice this is a much better way to motivate him to speed up because the moment I tell him, "I am so fast!" he starts to pick up speed and repeats "I am so fast!"

And most importantly, this is applicable not only to packing toys, putting on shoes, wearing his clothes and is even applicable to when he is walking too slowly... ;)

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

I Am Born!

I was looking through my pictures together with Ace the other day and I came across my pregnant photos.. and so I asked Ace if he knew who that was.. "Mummy!" he said.

I asked him then if he knew what was inside my big tummy...

"Baby lor...." he said.

"Do you know who is the baby? It is Ace!"

Somehow, that got the idea that he came from my tummy into his little intelligent head.

From then on, he would often do the "我生出来了" (I am born) game and it goes like this.

He would tell me he wants to be a baby and ask me, "Can I go into your tummy?" then he will lift up my shirt and put his head inside my shirt where the tummy is and then after a while, his head pops out and he tells me, "我生出来了!" And then proceed to do baby talk...

And then I will cuddle him or pretend to make milk for him.

Sometimes, his daddy would entice him.. "I want to eat biscuits now. But babies cannot eat biscuits.. they only drink milk.. do you want to be a big boy or eat biscuits?"

"I am a big boy now!" he declares.

Anything for food I say! :)
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Don't Like You

Now that Ace is better at expressing himself.. he is also better at emotional blackmail.. yikes!

For example, if he is in a bad mood, if you do not give in to him, if you irritate him or if you make him angry or upset, he will say to you, "I don't want you. I don't like you!"

When he says that to Waipo or Waigong.. I will ask him... "Are you sure you don't want Waipo.. she loves you so much you know.. she takes care of you, she bathes you.. she buys jelly and biscuits for you.. she buys you toys and clothes, she tells you stories and do so many things for you.. are you sure you dun want Waipo?"

After a pause and he thinks things through, he would tell me, "I want Waipo..." And after that, he would be willing to apologize for his tantrum.

Now, the true challenge comes when the I-dun-like-"YOU" target is actually me. Somehow when that target is ME, it is not so easy to keep a cool and calm attitude and not react without emotion...

Sometimes when I can handle it better, I tell him, "But I want you and love you leh!" And then I hug him and tell him I am sorry I made him upset...

Sometimes when I can't, I automatically resort to guilt and threats. "Don't want me ah.. ok, bye bye..."

And then I ignore him.

And then after a while, he comes to me. "Mama, I want to eat biscuits..."

"But you don't want me right? Then you dun talk to me..."

And then he cries and says, "I want you, I want you..." And then with a smile hanging at the corner of my lips. I hug him with satisfaction. "See, he wants me!" goes this voice in my head.

Now that I think back, I find this sort of reaction and thinking silly and even childish... But I am no saint...and my teacher, Chuck, says that people who are called Angels are called so because they want to hide the 'devil' in them... hahaha...

But I guess writing and blogging about this makes me more aware of this ego reaction.. so I resolve to resolve the issue with love instead of fear and threats in future :)

Anyway, I read that most kids do go thru this phase, ESPECIALLY when they are secure. (Woohoo, Ace is secure!)

Young kids have to feel safe enough with their caregiver to test out how to express negative feelings, as well as positive feelings.

The child therapist who wrote that says she worries more about kids who don't express any anger or sadness!

Anyway, she suggested clarifying and guessing why they are angry.. (Are you mad that I won't let you eat the cookie?) and remind them that it's normal to feel angry and it is ok to tell others that you are angry.. but it is not ok to act out the anger by physically hitting, kicking or biting.

She says this will give us a chance to teach children a bigger "feelings vocabulary" and soon, our kids will be able to explain most of the time why they are angry or sad...

If we validate their feelings & fix the problem if possible. This will lead to a huge decrease in tantrums and to them expressing more positive feelings too. ;)

I learnt a good lesson here.. did you?

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Want To POOP!

Went to my mum's place at day and found out at POOP training is not as successful as I though.

The other day, Ace was at my mum's place and suddenly, from inside the room, Ace shouted.. "Popo, can you help me?! Where is my diapers? I want to da bian!"

So my mum told him that he had to go poop in the toilet.

"No, I don't want, I don't want. I want to da bian in the diapers, I want to wear the diapers..." and then he sat on the floor, threw a tantrum and kicked his legs...

"Popo, help me quick, I want to da bian already!"

And my mum insisted that he had to go poop in the toilet.

"You don't help me, I wear the diapers myself!" declared Ace and he proceeded to take off his pants and tried to put on his diaper himself. Alas, he couldn't do it...

"Popo, please help me.. quick, my da bian is coming out!"

So my mum gave him and helped in put on his diaper.

The end result is that he pooped in the diaper again...

I wonder when he can consisitently poop in the toilet bowl...
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Monday, November 24, 2008

Weddings Are Fun

Well, perhaps to Ace, weddings are really fun :)

He really had a great time and Linda and Yixing's wedding that day...

But that is the last time we will bring him to a wedding this year I think... Because he simply cannot sit still and is so picky about what he eats now... Max almost died trying to think of new ways to entertain him so that he will stay at ONE SPOT.

And then.. the funny thing is I met my long lost primary school classmate that day.. and she brought along two girls.. without me saying anything, he just went up to them and told them, "Hello, 美女!"

And then later, I met Xiao Feng and Tiffany, my long lost sunflower sister... who also has a little girl with her and Ace just gamely played with her and tried to hug and kiss her! :)

Everyone says he must have picked this up from Daddy and will turn out to be a great cassanova when he grows up.. hahaha ;)

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

You Fold Your Clothes, I Fold Mine

Ace can finally help out with housework and do his won stuff!

He can now change in and out of his own clothes, put on his own shoes...

If you give him a magic clean mop, he even TRIES to clean the house a little...

Give him a rag and he tries to help with cleaning the table...

And the best part is that is able to help fold his own clothes after I wash them..

My only complain is that Ace changes in and out of his clothes too often.

If he is too warm, he wants to change into his sleeveless tops.. if his shirt is wet, he wants to change.. if he bathes, he wants to change.. if he is going out.. even just to go downstairs to buy something, he wants to change...
Luckily he helps to fold his clothes, if not, I think just washing and folding his clothes will make me super duper busy!
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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shake Your Bom Bom

Ace loves to dance...

And because children of this age are now curious about their body, they will have tendency to want to be naked when they are playing.

A few weeks ago, Ace started going through this phase by taking off his clothes mid-play and making Waipo really angry.. hahaha ;) I laughed it off because I felt it was merely funny...

I merely reminded him that he might catch a cold if he did not put on his clothes and most importantly, while it is ok to play at home like that, it is rude to take off your clothes and show the world your bum bum and your penis.

"Your penis belongs to you. Other than you, and mummy and Daddy, you are not supposed to show it to anyone else.. not even if they ask you to show them.. ok?"

He said OK but just a few days later after that conversation, while we were watching some Thomas the Train music video on youtube, he started taking off his pants and shaking his bom bom when the chorus came on...

Once the song went back to the first stanza, he put on his pants again. Once the chorus came on, he pulled down his pants and started to shake his bom bom again....

I did not know whether to laugh or not to laugh... but i think it was hilarious ;) hahaha...
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Friday, November 21, 2008

Because I love you

The other day, we were sitting in the car and I was feeling boh liao... So I just said, "Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

And Ace turned around and asked me, "Mummy, why you laugh?"

I told him I was not laughing. I was just making the "Ha Ha Ha" sound...

And then he thought to himself for a while and then he started to laugh out loud. "Hahaha!"

"Ace, why are you laughing?" I asked him.

"Because... because I love you lor!" he said...

I was so happy.. until I realized he could be mimicking this ad...

Nevertheless, I am STILL happy :) hahaha...

And about a week later, Daddy decided to bring him to East Coast to play soccer. He told me then that he wants to wear his liverpool outfit to play soccer. "Ace wear liverpool, daddy wear liverpool. Mummy wear liverpool."

"But mummy does not have a liverpool shirt, Ace.." I told him.

"Why?" He asked me.

"Well, because Daddy did not buy me one...." I told him.

"Nevermind!" He declared after thinking for 2 seconds. "Next time I make money I buy for you ok? Next time you grow up I buy for you!"

"Oh wow! That's very generous of you! So why do you want to buy Liverpool for me, Ace?"
"Because you love me lor..." He replied.

Ganma Karen insists that he will become a cassanova when he grows up. Zhiguang Gandie says, "3.5 years old knows how to score points already.. he good ah!"


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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Polite Ace

Ace has a very strong opinion about what he wants to wear these days.. right down to the colour and design of his underwear... so most of the time if it isn't too much of a mismatch, he let him be and even before he dictates, I give him two choices to choose..

While going through his drawer, he found this pair of pants with a Snoopy design on it. He loved it and wanted to wear it even though it was still a tad too big for him.

Max bathed him and helped him change into his new clothes and then when I saw it, I told him that he is very handsome.

"Mama, 水买给我的?" he pointed to his pants.

I told him that Joven Gor Gor bought it for him when he went to Hong Kong a long time ago.

"Mama, can I say thank you to Joven gor gor?" he asked me.

"Of course you can. So how will you say thank you to him?"

"Thank you Joven gor gor, I love you!"

Wah... my son very polite leh!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mummy, You Wake Up

Ace is a pretty good kid. Even though he likes to lie on bed and doesn't really wake up quickly and tends to laze in bed.. once he becomes awake, he is all smiles and doesn't sound grumpy or angry at all.

And because me and Daddy don't like it when people suddenly wake us, we have a variety of ways to wake Ace up gently...

First we will off the fan so that the room is a little bit warm.. and then we will draw the curtains so that more light falls into the room.. then I will gently shake him and tell him, "Ace, wake up, time to go to school.."

Sometimes I will kiss him on the cheek and sometimes daddy will rub his palm over Ace's face.

Sometimes I just tease him. "起来了,太阳晒到屁股了!"

Well, Ace has his own way of waking me up as well....

Yesterday, I was taking a power nap before going for my next appt. My son came into the room to wake me to go off to the next appt.

"Mama, 起来了..." and he started to pull my hand. "快点起来换衣服。你看,我换衣服了。我“哇! 美美”了,你快点起来换衣服我“哇! 美美”你。你看我换衣服帅帅了。" (Mama, wake up, come change out of your clothes. You see, I have already changed into my going out clothes and am "wah.. so pretty" now. You wake up quick and change into your going out clothes and I can "wah.. so pretty" you... see, I am so handsome now..)

And then he proceeded to pull my feet till they touched the ground and pull my hand till I finally sat up on bed.

Today, Ace woke up at 7plus and because he already pooped, even though I was darn tired, I had no choice but to wake up and bath him and because he was already awake, I didn't dare to go back to bed lest he starts to do strange things in the house...

When Max woke up, I was so happy cos now he can take over and I can go catch up on my sleep again.

But after napping for about half an hour, my son came into my room and pulled my hand. "Mama, wake up already. Don't sleep already, come out and watch tv with me. Mama.. quick, you wake up.. you see.. there is light coming out from the sky already..."

Did he mean "the sun is up"? Hahahaha...

PS: I wrote this like some time ago.. recent developments in Ace's sleep pattern.. he has taken to being grumpy in the morning when we try to wake him. Grumpy initially but he will still in the end break out into laughter after some tickling...

One of our favourite games is "Tickle Mummy/Ace, see whether he will wake up or not.." I played this with him that day and the next two days, he would wake and come to me to tickle me to wake me up.

But the most POWER thing that happened was yesterday, Ace wanted to sleep in and wake up later. I told him he had to wake up to go to school. "Which school are we going?"He asked.

"Kinderland lor." I told him. And then he rolled himself into a ball and told me. "I don't want to go to school..." And when his daddy asked him why, he said, "*cough* I am not feeling well, I cannot go to school because I am sick..."

3.5 years old????????????????????????????????

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hungry Boy

Now that Ace has tea break in school, he usually has a smaller appetite in the evening.. Maybe it is because he is growing up, maybe it is because he did not each much at school yesterday... anyway, Ace is one hungry boy yesterday...

Because I had to go out for a while and because Daddy was not having dinner with us, so I thought it might be better if I bought dinner home.

"What do you want to eat, Ace?" I asked him before I went out.

"I want to eat rice..." he said.

But I wanted to eat ban mian so I asked him if he minded eating Ban Mian because I would be sharing food with him and after a 3 second consideration time, he agreed.

When I reached home though, it was way past his dinner time.

"Are you hungry?" I asked him..

"Yes!" he replied

So I took out a bowl and started transferring food over.

"Do you want noodles?"


"Do you want mushroom? Vegetables? Egg?"

"No, dun want... I want noodles...."

So in the end, I have him like 3/4 of the noodles and after I ate two mouthfuls, Ace asked me, "Mama, can I have big big noodles?"

That meant that he wanted more so I gave him some more.

Before he even started eating again, he asked me, "Can I have more again?"

So I asked him, "Ace, you finish all the noodles already, then what will mummy eat?"

"Cai lor..."

So in the end, I drank the soup, ate the mushrooms and vegetables and had some egg... the rest of the food went to Ace.

But still, right after he finished his dinner, he asked for more food.

"I am very hungry!" he insisted. "You see my tummy small small..." he said as he pointed to his slighted bloated tummy.

If I didn't give him some food, he will surely make lots of noise as he already started to 一哭二闹,三上吊... so out of sheer desperation, I asked him if he wanted to eat the pear in the fridge.

He agreed but wanted the whole pear to himself and so he finished the pear all by himself in record time!

"You really very hungry today ah, Ace?"

"Yes, I very hungry, you see my tummy small small..." he repeated.

I faintz!

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Monday, November 17, 2008


My copycat son has started to scold other people copy cat.

I dunno where he picked up this phrase from but it started off in school. Usually when we pick him up late, he gets a chance to play with the older gor gor and jie jie and then he run and scold them copy cat and laugh and giggle when they get really upset and angry.

As I know this feeds his satisfaction, when he scolds me copycat, I usually try not to give a reaction and after a while just remind him that it is rude to scold other people copycat.

I suspect that he does not really comprehend WHAT IS A COPYCAT. But somehow, he has associated it with something you use to scold other people and make them upset or angry.

That's because when he has nothing to do, he will suddenly say gong gong is a copy cat. And then when he scolds Zhen Popo copycat, Zhen Popo will tell him, "I am not copy cat, you are copy cat..."

Then he will run out from wherever he is and shout out loud to me, "Mama, you see the Zhen popo, she scold me copy cat...."

Or when he is angry at someone, he will tell them, "I beat you ah... I angry with you, you are a copy cat!"

Anyway I can only pray that like Chao Barbie.. this phrase will be a long forgotten phrase in time to come...
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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ace's New Shoe

Yeye just bought Ace a new shoe.. because of this, Ace has gotten much better at wearing shoes by himself...

On the day he saw the shoes, he wanted to try it on. After he tried it on once, he forbade everyone from:
  1. Touching his shoe

  2. Helping him to put on his socks

  3. Helping him to put on his shoes

  4. Helping him to take off his shoes

When we were going home, Yeye and Nainai asked him to wear the shoe home but he did not want to. "Don't make dirty..." he said.

In the end, on the next day, he also buay tahan must wear the shoe. So he wore this pair of shoes to his Trio centre. Usually when he goes to his right brain training lessons, he wants ME to help him put on his shoes and take off his shoes for him. But that day, he wanted to do everything himself.. socks included.

Then when Popo brought him home, the whole afternoon, he was just wearing the socks and the shoes, taking it off, wearing the shoes, taking them off, wearing the shoes, taking them off.. you get the idea lah..

So by sunday, when we brought him to Nick and Steff's wedding, he was already well versed in wearing his shoes and managed to put on his shoes in a jiffy:)

Clever boy, Ace!

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kiao Kar

Because of Ace's love for for dancing, he enjoys watching 舞林大道 very much. My dad says that this is the only TV show that can make Ace sit down and keep his eyes glued on TV for one hour non stop.

Most of the time when you switch on the TV, Ace will just ignore the TV and play with his toys.... this is the only show he really enjoys watching other than Barney and Taoshu..

The other day, because my mum was holding a religious meeting at home, we decided to go to Grandma's house to watch the show.

True enough, the moment the dancing came on, Ace will sit there...

But because he hasn't gone to Grandma's (Laoma) house for some time, the moment the judges start talking or the moment the ads come on, he will run all over the place to explore the house.. explore the toilet lah.. explore what is in the fridge lah.. explore the rooms lah...

And then after the show finished, while I proceeded to watch the next show, he started running all over the place.

"Mummy, I want to play game!" He said, pointing to my PDA. I asked him if he wanted to play the Uncle game (this refers to Big Money because there is a moustache uncle that comes out everytime you complete a level) or the Shapes game (that's Bejewelled because the jewels are all different shapes) and set the game that he wanted for him.

(PS: Ace named them accordingly himself, I din ask him to call the games that.)

Then he ran to my dad and said, "Gong gong, 开灯, 我要玩 game."

And one that was done, he ran to the bed, lay down on it, crossed his leg and started playing the game.

I wondered why he so 少爷 and crossed his leg and then about 2 hours later while I was playing the game myself, I realized that he actually learnt it from ME ;) hahaa...

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Sensual Ace

I think Ace is a very sensual kid...

I especially love it when he is spontaneous...

The other day, we brought him out for dinner and after dinner, we were walking around the shops and when we went into a handphone shop, they were playing some sort of dance music... those sort that sound like Eurobeat.. you know.. the discotheque type of music and then all of a sudden, my son looked as if he was 鬼上身 and started dancing very excitedly.

He was smiling really beautifully and really 'in the zone'. The best I could describe is this... his expression, his physical movements and his emotions were all one with the music... he was like totally in the music and it looked as if his dance, his expression and the music were all one.. words cannot describe what a beautiful sight it was.

But because his movements were vigourous, and we were in public, I had to force myself not to stop him because I don't want him to feel that such beauty is wrong.

So I let him dance on... while I reminded him to be careful while he was dancing right at the ledge.. and then more people came into the shop and there was not much space to dance and alas, I still had to ask him to stop. I told him that he danced really beautifully. However, because the shop is now crowded, he might hit other people while dancing so we have to stop.

I wish I had a camera on hand then... but such moments cannot be repeated for the camera and even if he danced again, it would be different.

Because of this, I am determined to send Ace to learn dancing:) I asked him if he wanted to learn dancing and he gave a loud, resounding YES! So if you know of any good dance schools for toddlers or young kids, let me know ;)

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Daddy Is Home

Well, Daddy has already been home for a little more than two weeks. And needless to say, one of the happiest persons is actually Ace Chua :)
This time round, becuase Ace is older, a little emotionally more mature than before and because he goes to school, other than repeatedly asking where is his Daddy, he does not throw much tantrums when Daddy is away.

When he saw Daddy at the airport, he couldnt wait to jump off the car right into Daddy's arms and he was sooooooooooo happy to see daddy.

After Daddy came home, for a few days, Daddy spent lots of time playing with Ace in his room before bedtime and they even built a very nice and big lego house together...

And Ace of course took the chance to get Daddy to carry him all the time.. he was like trying to make up for lost time. Whereever he went and no matter where he was going and irregardless of whether he is tired, he just wanted his Daddy to carry him.

Luckily for Daddy, after about a week, Ace suddenly decided that he will walk himself. "I am a big boy, I walk myself.." he told Daddy proudly the other day...


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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You Go Diamond!

We brought Ace out the other day and when we walked past a jewellery shop.

"What is this, Ace?"I asked him.

"Diamond!" He replied excitedly and pulled me to the door and then proceeded to push me into the shop.
"Why do you want me to go into the diamond shop, Ace?" I asked him.

"Because you will be happy.." he replied.
"So you want to buy some diamonds for me to make me happy?" I asked him.


"OK, you got to start making money first and then when you have money, you can buy diamonds for mummy to make mummy happy, ok?"


I told Daddy about it and he said it is probably because he knows I lost my diamond earring.. hahahaha.. so clever right, my son? And very sweet too! ;)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ace Can Poop In Toilet Bowl!

My efforts have PAID OFF! Ace can finally POOP IN THE TOILET BOWL! Rather, he is finally WILLING to do so!

I have tried soooooooooooooooooo hard to get him to be fully toilet trained... read him books lah, remind him one thousand times lah.. use motivation of food lah.. but seems like no matter what we did, he just WANTED to poop inside the diaper...

The other day, Waipo realized suddenly that Ace was nowhere to be found.. so she searched around the house for him.

She finally found him trying to push his buttocks onto the toilet bowl because the toilet bowl was too tall for him.

"I want to da bian!" He declared loudly to Waipo.

So Waipo carried him and put him on the toilet bowl. It took him a while but he finally pooped and cleaned his arse with toilet paper.

When he finished flushing and washing his hands, he told Waipo, "Popo, I so clever leh!"

But because he did it in school and refused to do it at home, I did not have high hopes that this would repeat itself and thought maybe he was just in a good mood.

The other day, he told me, "Mummy, I want to da bian.."

Now, usually, he would try to find his diaper and tell me that he wants to poop in his diaper.. but that day, he only said he wanted to poop and made no noise when i brought him to the toilet. So I helped him sit on the toilet bowl and told him he is a clever boy. It was a long one.. like a small banana...

But after I washed his butt, he insisted that he wanted a diaper again!
He cried and make lots of noise and refused to go to the toilet so I boh pian lor.. passed him a diaper.. and then he went to a corner and started giving a really strained look. Finally when he was done, I realized it was all watery... Maybe he only is comfy with pooping the defined poop...

But still, this is a GOOD START!

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Gentleman Ace

Other than being a bird.. Ace was also a GENTLEMAN in the ball in his school concert... Pity the girl who has to carry the 17kg Ace.. hahaha ;)

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Kukabara Ace

Back track a little to talk about Ace's concert again...

Since two months ago, I already knew that Ace would be dancing to the song of Kukabara... But maybe because I had high expectations after watching their many years of amazing performances in school, or maybe it is because Ace is prone to doing free style when it comes to dancing, I din quite understand why Ace would always jump up and down when I ask him to dance the kukabara dance for me...

Only when I watched his performance in school that day that I finally understood :)

Anyway, I am very proud of my son. I think he performed the best in his class..
He had the warmest smile
Jumped the highest
Seemed the most enthusiastic
Had the loudest cheer

Sorry that the quality of the video and pics are not that good. I was sitting quite far away and this is the best my camera could do under such dim lighting conditions and such a huge distance apart :)

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Saturday, November 08, 2008

I Like To Eat Rice

If you are a follower of my blog, you will know that my son LOVES noodles since young...

Everytime you ask him what he wants to eat, his answer is always noodles! Everytime you want him to eat by himself.. it has better be something he likes.. like NOODLES...

I do not know if it is because of influence in school because they eat rice quite often for lunch or is it because he just got tired of eating noodles... but recently, he seems to have a change in taste...

Whenever we ask him what does he want to eat for dinner, he always says, "RICE!"

I would verify and ask him if he wants noodles and he says, "No, I don't want to eat noodles. I want to eat rice. Big big rice..."

I asked him then, "Why do you like to eat rice?"

"Because I am happy..." he says.

So now, we often go out and order toufu, mushrooms and vege with rice and the beautiful part is that he is finally willing to feed himself when eating rice and he does a pretty good job too if you give him a bowl and a spoon...

If you go one step furthur and ask him what sort of rice he likes, he would say, "Chicken Rice!"

I think it is partially because he was taught "Our Favourite Foods" in school and among all the photos pasted in school, the only one he has eaten before (because it has a vegeterian version) is Chicken Rice. So he says his favourite is chicken rice..

But i think it could also be because the past two times he ate chicken rice, he was fortunate enough to come across VERY SUPER DUPER YUMMY chicken rice... (It was so good Ah Yee had to eat two portions of it despite having concerns about her growing waistline.)

Anyway, I am most happy tat he is ready to feed himself! Phew! School rocks!

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Friday, November 07, 2008

Michael Bang My Toys

Everyday when you ask Ace what he did he school today, he gives sort of a standard answer.

Other than his lessons, he always plays with his friends and he always plays with the same few friends whom he mentions by name... Michael Phua, Yam Yam (That's Huang Ziyang.. and teachers call him Yang Yang.. but Ace cannot pronounce that and always calls him Yam Yam.. hahaha), Xu Ai, Gregory...

And they always play with what Ace calls "The Farm House..."

If not, they will play the "Bang Toys Game".

"Michael Phua bang my toys lor...."

"And then, what happens after that?" I ask him.

"And then I bang Michael's toys..."

Sometimes he changes the names to other names but it is always a case of you bang my toys and I bang my toys and then some narration of what happens after that. Either someone gets angry.. or they find it is so funny.. or they just rebuild it again...

I told him that if he does not want others to bang his toys, he has to tell them to stop, not do the same thing to them. But I suspect that to kids of this age, they just feel it is good fun to bang each other's toys and no one is really upset at each other. They really just find it very funny and fun to see the toys toppling.

After a month of the same replies though, I am really curious to find out if he really does the same thing everyday or if he gives the same answer because he is unable to express any thing else...

So one day, I asked his teacher, Teacher Toh, about it...

She told me that they have two sets of toys they love most. One is the animal farm house which has alot of animals... the other one is sort of like a lego set where they would build things and topple each other's creations for fun.... you see, they build it because the meant to topple it after it is built!

No wonder he keeps giving the same answer. He really loves these two games and has been playing them everyday! :)

This explains his really violent behaviour and why his lego toys at home are thrown around... sigh... I hope he gets out of this phase FAST!

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Why You Follow Me?!

This took place while I was still staying in Popo's house when Daddy was away...

It was quite a warm night and I was feeling really tired.

In Waipo's house, I share a king sized bed with Ace.

I was sleeping happily when my good son came and literally STICK to me such that the whole of his back touched my body.

Feeling warm, I moved my body to the other end of the bed... and Ace followed.

I moved back to my original position and Ace followed.

Just to test out if he is following my on purpose, I shifted my postition around left to right, right to left for another 4 or 5 times and every single time, he would follow me and stick his body next to mine...

"Ace, why you keep following me ah?" I asked him.

"Because I like you lor.." he said.

Well, what can I say to a splendid answer like that?:P I surrendered and told him, "OK lor, let you follow and stick to me lor. Come, let me hug hug you..." And I put my arms around his tummy.... and within 2 mins, he was fast asleep!

I guess he was kind of seeking love, attention and comfort.. so cute :)

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Where's My Clock?

Zhen Popo bought a new alarm clock the other day...

Well, this alarm clock really brought me much distress... Because it rings very loudly and it's ring tone is a very digital ringtone that takes after the song "It's A Small World After All" and it is like so loud the speaker isn't handling the song very well so it sounds a little distorted...

Anyway, I know of the existence of this clock because I was woken up a few times by it early in the morning at 5.30AM!

Perhaps my son sensed my irritation at the clock and so decided to do SOMETHING about it.. HAHAHA...

One day, when Zhen Popo came home, she just could not find the clock no matter where she looked.... On top of her bed, under her bed, on the right, on the left. She looked for it one time, two times, three times...

At last, she was hit by a stroke of brilliance and she asked Ace, "你有没有看到我的Clock?"

Ace smiled sweetly at her and told her.. "In the box!"
So she took out the box that the clock came in and found the clock INSIDE.

"How come he put this in huh? When he put this in? This box was at the top of the cupboard, how come he has access to it ah?" Zhen Popo ask me.

"I dunno..." I replied as I tried to wipe of the smile off my face cos I found it really amusing.

Later, when Waipo came home, she told us that the other day, Ace pointed to that box and asked her what it is... so she took it off the shelf to let him touch and feel and told him that that is the box for the clock. She even demo by putting the clock in... Maybe that is why Ace feels that the clock SHOULD be kept in the box.. hahahaha

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ace's School Concert

Ace had his VIRGIN performance with Learninghill Kinderland at Tampines East Community Center on 31st October!:)

See his concert pics HERE. (Click to go to my multiply)

As usual, our super star has very big face... his loyal supporters were mostly there...

There is YEYE.. who was overseas and reached home early in the morning, whom despite being groggy still beat the morning traffic to be there...

There is Gong Gong whose favourite hobby is to laze at home or cook... overcame the sleeping bug and came to watch him perform..

There is Daddy who returned from thousands of miles away just in time to watch him perform..

There is Ganma Evon.. who flew in all the way from KL just to watch him dance...

There is Ganma Karen who is super busy and usually so busy we dun even have time to meet for dinner.. well, she specially took half a day leave just to come and watch him perform despite going early to the office to settle some things...

That is Shu Shu who is having exams but still woke up early, reached early to come and watch Ace perform..

And then, there is of cos ME! Hahahaha.. his most loyal supporter..

After watching him, I know why he jumps around when I ask him to dance his Kukabara dance for me and now I know why he tells me his teacher made his hair stand stand...:)

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Monday, November 03, 2008

I Got No Pants To Wear

I don't know if I mentioned this.. but somewhere between 2.5 yrs old to 3 yrs old, Daddy taught Ace how to fold clothes and he has sort of been helping with this aspect of the housework at my mum's house sometimes...

But you know lah, children grows in phases and now that he is approaching three and a half, he is no longer interested to slowly fold clothes for you...

The other day, he was walking around the house in his pajamas set of T-shirt and long pants and suddenly, he walked into Waipo's room and close the door and became quiet for a long while...

"Go and see what mischieve he is up to.. dunno why he closed the door..." said Waipo to Waigong..

So Waigong went in and saw that Ace wearing a pair of shorts.

"Oi, why are you here and why did you close the door?" Waigong asked Ace.

"I don't want to wear long pants. I want to wear shorts." Ace replied as he neatly folded his long pants and PUTS THEM IN HIS CLOTHES DRAWER!

Wah, so clever ah! Now he change also MUST close the door.. hahaha...

"Aiyoh, this one is dirty already. Cannot put there...." So Waigong took it out and put it in one corner of the living room so that Popo can put it in the laundry basket later.

But before we knew it, he picked up the long pants and folded it neatly and put it back into the drawer. The best part is that when we took out the pants, it was really very nicely folded lor. He din like fold half half like we usually do for children's long pants.. he actually folded it seam to seam.. kind of like how it looks like when you send your pants to the laundry for ironing... I swear no one taught him how to learn that and I really dunno how and where he learnt it...

So when Waipo told me about this story when I reached home, I asked Ace why he folded his smelly pants and put it into the cupboard.

"Wait I got no pants to wear lor.." he said. Turned out that there were no more long pants in the drawer as they were all hanging on the clothes line... he thought he had no more long pants left and did not want to be pant-less for the night and so he folded the pants and put them in.. so that he will at least have one pair of pants to wear that night..


I think children have the strangest logic :) Nevertheless, I think Ace is well prepared and well trained... in this contigency planning aspect.. he probably takes after Daddy.. Mummy will wait till the night then see how.. hahaha;)

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