Sunday, April 30, 2017

Does Gor Gor Drink Alot Of Water

So we were trying to encourage Cay to drink more water...

Cay: Does Ace gor gor also drink alot of water?

Ace: Yes...

Cay: Why?

Me: Gorgor went tennis lesson yesterday and he was thirsty after lesson and so he drank alot of water...

Ace: Ya, I drank 100plus...

Cay: Wah... Thats alot leh!!!

I was wondering why he responded this way... Then I realized that he thought ace meant that he drank 100 cups of water! πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

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Started cooking again now that I have more time....

 Still havent mastered the taste and missing Dai Gor's beancurd with brinjal much. I wish I asked him for his recipe before I came home!

 But I had a new discovery! Stir fried zuchinni actually tastes pretty good!:)

 Because I had so little things left in my kitchen... I put little of what  had together and made baked marcaroni for the first time using the air fryer:) Not bad!

 The other day had a lazy dinner.. took out all the lovely foods our friends bought for us from Japan and fried and egg to make up one meal:)

 Healthy meal :)

 Ace asked for a sandwich the other day... so I made his favorite... SUBWAY wannabe

 Made laksa fried rice the other day... but I realized tat laksa fried noodles is better than the rice.

Made zuchinni fried "noodles"... Looks so far so good;) hahaha

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Darts Competition

The other day, while I was out, Max brought Ace out for dinner and they went to play darts afterwards.

Because his had been training hard for gym in circuit training and doing all sorts of stuff... he has been suffering from lots of muscle aches. And hence, for once, his dad actually lost to him in a dart game.

So our good friend, Yayapapaya....  after dinner the other day, challenged his dad to yet another contest... This time, his dad recovered from the muscle ache liao so no prizes for guessing who won lor:) hahaha...

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Friday, April 28, 2017

Play With Me

I always tell anyone who will listen.. that my son has a gift of innocence...  He has the ability to play with ANYONE of ANY AGE....

Even now as he approaches teenage and gets all angsty and emo alot of times, when he chooses to, he still can play lots of games with kids many years younger than him. The chinese calls this 血子之心 and I hope he will remember this gift and use it wisely and frequently. I have found the heart of a child gives the most joy... and the most comfort....

As my nephew is still young, almost every other week, when he sees me, he will come to me and ask me, "Yee yee can you play with me?" And we will play with cars, playdoh, pretend to cook... Sometimes Ace gets interested and joins in but now that he has a phone and access to Popo and Nainai's tablet, his favourite hobby when he is there is just to play with those things.

And so I thought my son has finally moved on to doing things on his own. It is kind of a difficult thing to get used to... given that my life was kind of built around my son and husband. Now that son has phone to engage him...and father has all sorts of activities he wants to do (cos he has more active social life than I do here in Sgp), I actually find myself at home, feeling bored and lonely often. Guess it is also my fault that when my friends try to date me, I many times will reject them because I thought this time spot is good time to spend family time with Ace and Max. So I kept it reserved thinking we could go for dinner or do something as a family together.

But what I forgot is that my son and my husband don't really know that I reserved this time for them and as a result, many a times, everyone still goes about doing their own thing and I end up at home, playing Candy Crush. :)

I guess all mothers who have children growing up will go through this phase.. .especially if they are kind of a stay home mum like me.

Imagine my surprise when my son came to me the other day and asked me to "Play with me, mummy!"

And I jumped at the chance of course:)

So Ace came up with this game using the glass pebbles we have.. you have to build a fortress and shoot the other person's KING away from the throne.

No prizes for guessing who won:) Hahaha..

Me lah.. But I was just lucky.

Though I ended up with a sore finger (cos the pebbles were really heavy and you need to flick them hard to make them travel a long distance), I was happy to recapture the joy of doing something together with my son.

PS: We found new bonding activity. We are now watching Big Bang Theory and anime together and it is quite enjoyable because now Ace understands the jokes and we can discuss the storyline together.

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Colouring My White Hair

In recent years, I have noticed that I have more and more white hair.

Hence, I started colouring my hair again a few years back.

A friend recommended this touch and go hair colouring thing to touch up and cover up white hair and so I decided to give it a try. I covered up all the white hair I could see and was rather pleased with the end results:)

After I tried it, I asked if Ace can see a difference when we were on our way to dinner.... to which he told me, "I can't really tell becuase you are too tall. Only time I can tell you if you have less or more white hair is if I sit on the sofa behind you when you are sitting on the floor...cos if I sit like that, I can see all your white hair..."

After dinner, we came home and I was seated down and doing my work and my son silently came over and sat down on the sofa behind me... And suddenly he exclaimed!

"Mama, why still so much white hair!?"

And upon closer inspection, I realized that I actually had lots of white showing at the back of my head too! I only saw those at the front and coloured those and did not colour those I could not see! So...back to the coloring board... LOL

Had to redo it again.. the same day for a more COMPLETE effect.

Sigh... the things one has to do for beauty.... :)

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Chinese Play

 So my friend bought tickets to support her friend's play and asked if I would like to go. She knows I am more deng lang deng lang and she was pleasantly surprised to find that I was actually formerly from the Chinese Drama Clubs in secondary school, JC and Uni...

I thought it is quite interesting and asked if Max will be interested to come along and was pleasantly surprised that he said he would.

It was rather interesting because the play is held in a very very small room called The Black Box. THere are probably like only 50 seats available in the room and so the whole play is in a very intimate setting and the actors are acting really close to the audience instead of on a stage far away.

I did rather enjoy myself since it has been quite a while since I watched a Chinese play. Plus, the storyline about this girl who died and could not bear to leave her seemingly cold boyfriend resonated with me somewhat.

I have been thinking also, how it would be like for me... and the people around me if I died. Will I miss them? Will they miss me? Will we have any regrets?

Anyway, I actually found some parts of it rather touching....

Max was not very impressed though as he could not really relate to the story. And though he is water tap when watching touching shows, he was not really touched by this story.

Too bad though that this happened during exam period and that we did not have more time to say go for a dinner or what together after that. I was thinking this could be such a good chance for a romantic date.. albiet a rather short one but sadly, it did not turn out that way.

I found out later though that the person who translated the japanese script to chinese is my "daughter"... my friend from drama club in JC who acted as my daughter in the play we performed together... LOL

Small world lah.

Well, nevertheless, I am still hopeful we can plan out another good date cos I won myself tickets to Sisters Act Musical.

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Nook And Cranny And Visiting Laoma And Laogong

As Qingming is here again and it was the death anniversary of Laoma, our family decided to go Bright Hill to visit her.

Before that, we had to think of a place to eat and Max naturally thought of our friends' cafe, Nook and Cranny, which was nearby.

Last time I was here I tried the hot matcha.. this time, I am trying the cold one.. and it is super yummy!:)

My matcha after I poured in the matcha concentrate.. yumz!

Ace had Mac and Cheese with onsen egg..

Mine... cheese rolled up in chicken and bacon...

Couldn't help but tear when I saw my grandma and grandpa.

Because I am in a difficult time of my life, I made them a promise that I will do my best to lead  a good, happy life no matter what happens so that they need not worry about me.

I hope I can keep this promise...

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Ace The Rapper

So... the name of this blog... actually draws inspiration from this rap called Ice, Ice, Baby by rapper Eminem.

When Ace came of age to understand and love pop music, I told him about this. But I thought Eminem is old school rapper, Ace probably does not now him.

But I was wrong.

The other day, I was out with Fayth and Megan cos Fayth was visiting Singapore from Dubai... and so, Max brought Ace out for dinner.

And our boy pleasantly surprised his dad by doing and impromptu rap for him :) LOL

And.. it happened to be a Eminem rap.. new one.. I think.. called Lose Yourself.

So here's the dinner dad and son had..

And here's my day out with the girls;)

And also, Fayth's cross stitch for our new house is finally done! woohoo!:)

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Exam Timetable

I have always been the one helping Ace with his exam planning.

I will help him plan his goals... his revision timetable... and then just ask him to follow.

As he got older, I feel it will be good if he understands this is how he can plan his day or his study timetable.. so this time, I asked him to plan his own revision timetable after setting his goals.

Instead of typing it out and printing, we chose the easier method of just using this calender I got from KP as xmas pressie.

This time round, I let him decide what he wants to study and merely reminded him of what he listed. Up to him he wants to study or not. I also did not confiscate his phone... I was thinking... if he does not do well, I can finally have something I could leverage on to make my prep talks with him more powderful... see, now got example mah...

JUdging from how things are, I think it is total rubbish... simply becuase this time round he has his phone and his whole mind and brain is only into using his phone either for games or for anime.

He actually will quickly finish his homework without thinking or putting heart to it so he can watch more anime.

I didn't know watching anime can help one improve their PSLE score leh..

Nmind. I wait.

I think there is good chance I can tell him I TOLD YOU SO later when he get his results...

Some things, you say 1000 times also no use. They bang wall one time then they will learn the lesson.

PS: He did not do too well this exam. He improved for Chinese but other things he took a big step backwards....  I asked him to review about what he did well and not so well and he agreed he did not focus and did not practice enough.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Memories Of Dubai

The other day, the mum of one of Ace's classmate in Dubai sent me these photos.

They were taken at his 9th birthday party which was his going away party as well....

Such sweet memories..

So the other day, we went to eat Indian food... something we havent done in a long long while.. and Ace suddenly asked if we could go visit Dubai.

I asked him who he wanted to visit... and he was trying to think of who he could visit... and then he realized that his friends will likely be home during his school holidays and some of them are no longer in Dubai too.

And then he gave it a long and hard thought and told me.. that actually he wants to visit because he misses the food... so I asked him which restaurants he will like to visit... and the three of us came out with our list of food places to visit...
  1.  Red House- for the Manchurian Balls and Tomato Fried Egg
  2. Lan Kwai Fong- Lychee ribena, daigor's soup, brinjal and toufu
  3. Our fav indonesian nasi padang
Hahaha... I can't believe I miss Dubai's food! LOL....

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Ah Gan In SG

 It has been quite a while since our last Dubai gathering....

And our Dubai friend, Gan, was here in Singapore with his daughter who is here for an university entrance interview... 

And hor, happen so Ah Lim is also here to visit his family...

And Ah Book happen to be free...

So... GATHERING LOR!:) hahahaa

 Somehow, they got the vegetarian to order the meat! LOL... and AC who was overseas could not join us.. so we sent her pic of her fav food in Dubai to tell her wat she missed:)

I think a gathering like this may not happen again... cos the odds of them both being in SGP is low

Well, got friend from far come... sibeh happy lah:) too bad cannot stay longer to chat since Ace has school the next day.

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