Friday, August 31, 2012

Ace's Fan Meet Up

 We were flying off on Monday and had to reach airport in the morning.. so effectively, friday was sort of like the last weekday I had left in Singapore and I sure had to made good use of it.. wat is more, it was my chinese birthday too:)

Anyway, we had initially arranged for a gathering to our fav pizza place with our friends but one change led to another and in the end, the meeting sort of took place early evening at Ya Kun in City Hall with those who happened to be in town..

After that, I had arranged to meet up with some of my uni friends.. they are ardent readers of this blog and had asked if they could meet up with Ace..

I was a little cuckoo.. due to miscomm, I thought they were holding the meeting in Clark Quay and so I walked from City Hall to  Clark Quay only to discover that the meeting place is in City Hall.. so had to walk back again with Ace... Heng ah, Ace was in a good mood.. I intially thought of taking a bus to Clark Quay but when I asked him for his opinion, he said he doesnt mind that I walk cos he wants me to save money.. wahahahah:)

By the time we walked back to City Hall, I was in an urgent need to go to toilet. I asked Ace if I could drop him there at the table and go off to toilet as they are my friends and he has already met up with one of them, YY... I told him tat YY has been promoted to a mother and YY who allowed her to play with her laoya pok phone the last time has already upgraded her phone and should have pictures of her baby in it...

Ace said ok..

So moment I dropped him off, I left to go to the toilet..

When I came back, my friends told me that they have already done a round of self introduction and my son is so pally with them like they are long time friends already! Wahahahaahahahaha... He told YY her phone is laoya pok and kept taking to them...

"Is he always so high?" they asked me.. Hmm.. i never thought of it this way but I guess he was in a very good mood that day:)

Anyway, by the time we settled down, Ace was super hungry so he quickly unwrapped the Mac Donald burger I bought for him and took a bite... after he swallowed, as he was taking the second bite, he discovered that there is a piece of meat inside and then he started to cry and cry and cry....

I told him I will help him exchange for a meatless one... and asked him if he wanted to come with me.. he said no and continued to cry.. "I am so sorry, chicken..." I asked him if he wanted to continue to cry and he said yes.. so I told the others to let him cry to his heart's content..

Super annoyed with the mac donalds stuff.. if you are from PRC and dun understand my english.. TELL ME! I can speak chinese too! Dun geh kiang and paste special order sticker but still put meat inside! HAI....

Anyway, by the time the burger came, he was back to his smiling stuff.. he was just upset because he said he promised god he will not eat meat and he was upset he ate chicken.. I had to explain to him later that it was beef but in the end, dunno why he still kept thinking he ate chicken.. I said as long as he apologize to the chicken and to god, it will be ok as the mistake was not really his to begin with..  In future though, it will be best to check with his eyes before taking a bite...

Anyway, my friends gave themselves ALphabetic names so tat Ace can remember them... There is I, Y and H.. wahahaha.. H taught Ace how to make the fei biao.... which was good cos it kept him entertained for a while as we chatted..

Anyway, many thanks to YY for sponsoring dinner tat day ;)

 We reached the MRT station and realized that we forgot to take pics and so we got Ace to help us take photo.. But my son kept taking like 7, 8 photos each time!

 And then of cos the blog fans have to take photo together with the male lead also lah:)

 Then I went home and discovered tat my dad made my fav fu zhok yu mai!

 By the time we reached home, it was 10 plus but Ace was so excited and kept wanting to practice making the fei biao... so he kept cutting paper and making more...

 In the end, I also know how to make lor.. hahaha.. 12 plus liao then he go and zzzz lor...

So now both my birthdays are over, I can stock take my pressies:)

 I recieved a really cute pink phone cover from steff. she said she saw this and thought of me cos something pink going to come into my life soon..  Hmm.. I hope like wat she and my teacher says.. it is going to be a bb:)

 I also got a lovely angel wings necklace from Zhenyin...

 Even my son bought me something!:) We saw these lovely watches while shopping and I was so taken with it.. But i thought I dun have a chance to wear it mah.. so I decided not to buy.. but Max kept encouraging me to buy.. so I buy lor.. and Ace says he will contribute $5 to it..wahahahaha... in the end, we also bought another one of a diff design for Godma Annie cos she bought so much things for Ace and kept bringing us out for so much good food:)

This sort of puts things into perception.. from left, my old proposal ring, my wedding band and my new bling:)

Then of cos is my upgraded wedding ring bling bling from Max:) Actually hor, he already bought me the good luck pendant from HK... But we walked past this shop and he started asking around for a heart shape ring despite already buying me so many things because he says tat my every wish is his command!:)

It all started with me asking if he could buy me a heart shaped ring after we watched Love Rain.. hahaha... He actually exceed my expectations lor..  I was only expecting costume jewellery or wat..  after picking and choosing and deciding which design to custom make, I found out tat it looks exactly like tat ring I saw in another shop many moons ago and I really liked it... this one somemore bonus in INTENSE PINK colour:)

 Then of course, there is a lovely book from my sister..

And a every-woman-needs-and-should-own-one ion hair dryer from my Bestie:)

And tadah! Cheesecake from my Lao Mu!:)

Not to mentioned some lovely cheesecake and a red packet from my Momo and lots and lots of love and blessings from everyone!;)

Alas, it is almost time to go back to Dubai.. sigh...

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Visit To The Singapore Flyer and Waraku

There are many places that we want to visit in Singapore together but there was just not enough time to do them all. In the end, we did not go to the Science Centre and also did not visit Gardens By The Bay... BUT, we still had enough time to make our half yearly pilmirage to WARAKU Jap restaurant:) And while we are at it, we went on the Singapore Flyer with some promo tickets our friend bought for us...

Ace's fav in waraku.. special drink:)

I love my chawan mushi.. But my son is not so impressed that there is a bit of fish and chicken inside... he says tat all animals are his friends and tat this fishy is called FRED and so I have to apologize to him and apologize to Fred if I want to eat him...

On a side note, he also dunno from where got a strange idea tat since he is born in the year of the chicken, he must have been a chicken in his past life.. so whenever I eat chickens, he says i am eating him and claims tat his heart is aching! wah piangz... I dun care, I just apologize and eat anyway:) wahhaahahaah

There is no more burdock salad in the menu.. we so made do with the waraku salad...

See, this is what I call SUSHI.. Sorry, Itachio Sushi in HK, you really suck compared to waraku!

Our other fav:) Okonomiyaki:)

This time round we also tried some new dishes like cheesy toufu and cheesy asparagus:) Not bad!:)

After our meal, we took a cab and went to town to walk walk see see...

And guess wat we found?! A Charlie Brown Cafe in orchard!

While shopping around, my son and my husband bought some lovely gifts for me!:) I will show them off in the next post.. hehehehe..

After we were done shopping, we made our way to the Singapore Flyer ... alas, it was sort of raining so the skies were dark.. not the best view of the city..

But at least I got to see Gardens by the Bay..

And the once upon a time dream house...

The skies turned dark once we finished our ride..

But I still couldnt help it but walked one round around the food court.. cos so nostalgic..

I so remember this sign lor!

Then it started to drizzle and we had to walk in the rain to Millenia Walk... Phew, thank god we got dry rather quickly and even managed to jalan jalan around Suntec City:)

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mummy's Birthday

Had a very special birthday celebration this year..

Before we went back to Singapore, we told Ace tat we are going on two hot dates on our own without him and he was happy to accept..

But as the time Max and me had in Singapore was very short, we actually did not have much chance to go on a date, so one of the dates we decided will be on my birthday...

A day before my birthday, I saw Ace hide in a corner and trying to hide something in his hands from me..
When i went closer, he said it was a special present he made for me for my hot date with daddy.. it is a pair of kissing swans that he taped together with tape.. according to Ace, the pink one is me and orange is daddy cos it is our fav colours ;) And so that he is also included.. he also made a little white egg.. tat he says is him.. wahahaha:)

Ace insisted that we have to bring the swans and the egg along and put it on our table when we go for the hot date as a symbolism of his blessings and also his presence at our date:)

The night before, he asked me where we will be going for our hot date.. I told him tat we are going for a buffet tea.. and then he asked if we could go to a lao ya lao ya place.. cos "I love those high class professional places.. and if you go and I cannot go, i will feel so hungry and so upset.." Wahahahahahah.. like tat also can ah!

I told him cannot lah.. we going buffet.. and usually it is at a nice restaurant.. Anyway, in the end, we decided to go for tea buffet at goodwood park:) yums!

And just to prove to Ace that we followed his instructions, we took photos with our food and his swans;)

This cake is so cute! I declare it.. my birthday cake!:)

Chcoolate fondue, anyone?:)

And i was so happy to eat all these lovely fruits I dun get a chance to eat when i am in dubai:)

After about an hour, we already very full lor.. wahahahaha

So full I had to take some OOLONG tea... so cute right.. oolong tea served in a very english teapot and teacup ;)

After our tea, we went to walk walk and run some errands... before going off to our next appt... today, my bro in law has arranged for the Chua Family to take his graduation photo.. While we were walking around, Ace called me and said tat the shirt I brought along was too small.. so me and Max went to buy a new shirt and a tie for him:)

As make up and jackets are provided, I thought the waiting time is also a good time to camwhore:)

After that, we went for dinner together and tat was the end of a beautiful day.. but hor, I was so full tat by dinner, I could barely eat:) wahahaha....

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