Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ace Policeman

Well, here's a pic of the policeman wannabe who is so enjoying his Policeman set. Yes, Ace FINALLY completed his homework and got his policeman set. For the past few days, he has been enjoying himself with it, everyday putting the baton, walkie talkie into his pants.

And then it is his favourite hobby to 'handcuff' people (especially me) to myself, to the chair, to him...

And I must say that I notice that his imaginative play is really getting very elaborate...

He would get all his instruments ready and then he would tell me that both me and him are policemen. He would take out his walkie talkie and then talk to someone and then tell me that there is someone who called the police and stated that there is a bad person in their house. Then he would ask me to talk to them and we would go and catch the bear.

He would then handcuff the bear onto the chair and then proceed to 'interrogate' the bear. And then he would tell me that we will leave the bear here for 10 minutes to think before we come back.

Wah.. his logic and thinking is really very deep now. And then he suddenly asked me if i can buy him a policeman uniform and a blue policeman hat. But because we did not know where we could get one for him, we asked him if he wanted to become a CID.... hahahha... I explained to him what a CID was and then told him that they are special because they are not supposed to let people know that they are police officers, so they cannot wear uniform and so he is happy to leave it at that. (Becoming a parent really tests your persuasion skills man)

Well, now tat he has graduated from doctor to magician to policeman, I wonder what would his next ambition be....

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

What is this?

max showed me an interesting movie the other day...

In the video, the father kept asking his son, "What is that?" while pointing to the sparrow...

Being a really typical impatient new generation young man, the young man got fed up after his father pointed to a sparrow and asked him again and again what it was. The father then took out his diary to show his son and the son realized that when he was three years old, he did the same thing and asked the same question 21 times an each time, his father hugged him and answered his question with love.

I think it is a interesting short film that gets pple thinking about this: do we take our parents for granted?

I think many a times because we have forgotten all the little things we did to our parents and all the trouble we put them through that when they grow old and have to put us through the same trouble, we get impatient and annoyed.. forgetting that we were just doing what they did for us... and when they did it for us, they did it with love, without asking anything in return too...

That is why I always say that your parents will be the only ones who will love you unconditionally.

Here's hoping that Ace will read and see this when he is older and remember not to shout at me when I ask him the same question many times.. hahaha..

PS: Ace likes to ask the same question like 1000 times as well.

PPS: I am guilty of what the young man has done to his dad.. so I would like to say sorry to my mum who is starting also to ask the same question 1000 times just like my son ;) hahaha.... I bet I was equally annoying when I was that age cos I just derive perverse pleasure in asking my mother "WHY WHY WHY?" when I was young.... So I guess you could also say it is karma or retribution.. HAHAHA

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cadbury Eyebrow

You know there is a recent ad that took Singapore by the storm.. my sis says she hasn't seen the ad in france... so here I have posted it for her viewing pleasure..

Hahaha... Ace loved this advert and initially can only shake his head up and down...

After a month of practice, he is now able to do it quite well.. so funny!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Can Write!

Well, Ace's latest "DREAMBOARD" project is a writing project.

We got him to attempt to finish one of the many 'workbooks' that we had for him and told him that if he finished all the homework, then he would be able to get his Policeman Set complete with handcuffes and batons and all that.

The project started about a month and a half ago and about a week into the project, i passed by a toy shop, saw the toy and bought it and has since kept it in the storeroom for 100 years!

Ace would often write, run around... write another two lines, complain that his wrist is tired... but i don't blame him too as I find writing without thinking is a really boring thing.

So when I saw a cheapo pizza set toy that he liked, I told him that if he finished half the book, I would get him the toy and he would still get the policeman set when he finished the whole book. But because it has been so long but he has not been able to complete it, he also a little sian and is no longer so motivated about it anymore.

But all the hard work is worth it cos now that he can write better, he actually without my knowledge managed to learn how to write his name and SURNAME! I only found out when we sent him to IKEA smallland and he came out with a drawing that he did there!

We were so impressed we brought him to eat cake again! Hahaha

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Can Read!

Ace likes to read.

Whenever he picks up something like a magazine, a brochure or a book, he would say to me, "Mama, I want to read this but I cannot read it, I don;t know this name. Can you read for me?"

And then I would read for him.

The other day, he picked up an IS magazine and told me that he is going to read for me. He pointed at the words and just randomly started reading....

And his story was about some police, ice cream, cakes, etc...

Hahaha... totally funny lah!

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

We Are Chanting!

During one of the discussions I had with Max about our future, we talked about how we wanted Ace to learn how to focus on his goals and how we wanted him to learn how to manifest his goals. And the only way we could help him learn that was of course that we demostrate to him.

So the conclusion was that Max, after so many years has decided to chant DAIMOKU daily with me! :) We agreed that we, as a family would chant daimoku together for 3-5 minutes everday.

And interestingly, once we started chanting, there were many good things coming into our life. I think my mum would be really glad to know that my husband is finally chanting everyday instead of once a year during Chinese New Year. Even Clari was impressed when I told her the news ;)

We told Ace that he has to think about what he wanted to go before he started to chant and during his chanting, he has to keep focusing on what he wants. Currently, he is chanting for a NIU ZAI Toy... (cowboy set... anyone knows where I can find tat?)

But alas, for a 4 year old, it is not that easy to sit there for 5 minutes and so he tends to do funny things like change the tempo of his chanting as and when he likes.. standing up to kiss his dad, kiss me.... but I can understand lah.. when I was younger and chanting together with my sister, we always found alot of funny things to do to entertain ourselves and then we will chide each other and say, "You will create bad kanna (karma) if you do tat..."

So it made me kind of miss my sister too...

Anyway, my son has been to so many meetings he is quite an expert when it comes to chanting. He knows when to sound the bell, when to open the bustudan door and how many times to sound the bell, at which point he has to enunciate his daimoku slowly... total expert!

I think if he can sustain this for a month, I will buy his NIU ZAI toys for him.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Ace the Patriot

Ace was so happy that he could celebrate national day and he so loved the national day songs like Home and kept singing them day in and day out.

I realized also that he must have been exposed to the National Anthem in school because during NDP when it came on, he tried to hum along and could really sing the Majulah Singapura ending...

So cute!

Anyway, after watching the NDP, Ace has decided that he wants to be in the Navy and be commander of the parade when he grows up.. he even tried to imitate the commands... so farnee..

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Playground Fun

Max told me about some of his observations at Ace's school the other day and I felt really comforted that Ace is such a good boy.

Max says he went to pick Ace up from school and because the children from Strawberry Class (Ace's Class) and Juz Kids (children below 3 years old) were all playing together in the school playground.

According to Max, some of the kids tend to be a little bit more rough when they are playing. They might shove the younger kids and even snatch away some of the toys that the younger kids are playing.

But as for Ace, he tends to take care of the younger kids and when people snatch the things away from the younger kids, he tends to help them get it back as well.

Anyway, that would asauge some of my worries and fears about when we do have more than one kid. I think Ace in more than one ways is already ready to be a good older brother ;)

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Shu Shu!

We celebrated Shushu and Diana's birthday since it was about a week apart.

So that day, Ace drew a card for each of them... and he managed to even like trace out the words 'Happy Birthday' and sign off with "Love, Ace".

But I guess he is still thinking about his ambition of being a policeman and so, on the birthday cards, he drew a police station and a police car.

Anyway, he is very cute. Before we went for the celebration, he actually went to my mum's place and so my dad passed him a box of strawberries and asked him to bring over as present for his Shu Shu. "We can share.. " Ace told me...

But well, as usual, Ace enjoyed it like it was his own birthday and he of cos especially loved the ice cream cake that we bought ;)

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

After That You Will Come And Fetch Me?

Remember that I was talking about how Ace seemed to be having seperation anxiety? He is always upset when we send him to Waipo's house and especially upset when he sees some pictures of us without him and he will keep asking why he was not with us in the picture.

The other day, something happened to make me realize that Ace was not really suffering for seperation anxiety, rather, he just did not want to miss out on the fun together with us. He just liked to have fun together with us.

You see, after our outing to the beach, Max told Ace that he has to bring me to hospital (because I was sneezing from the lack of sleep that day). "I have to bring this mummy to the doctor for injection.... so I have to send you to Popo house..."

And Ace said, "Okie... so you will bring mama to the hospital? After the doctor give her injection you will come to popo's house to fetch me?"

And Max affirmed it. And then he said Ok again.. and he asked again if Max will go and fetched him. Once assured, he was HAPPY to go to Popo's house and kept repeating that he will go popo's house while daddy will bring me to hospital... Haha

Anyway, me and Max had a great time eating dessert at a buffet, shopping and having drinks at an irish pub ;) Here's some pics....

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Let's Go To The Beach!

The other day, we ran out ideas about where to bring Ace and then we suggested that we go to the beach.

So early morning, Ace woke up and reminded us that we are going to the beach. As it was a little late, we decided to go to the Mac Donalds near our place for breakfast first. Alas, after breakfast, we realised that it was starting to rain and so we told Ace we would go home and wait for the rain to stop.

"See, there is no rain already, mummy... there is no rain what, we can go to the beach..." insisted Ace even though I could feel water droplets on my arms.

He was so disappointed when he kept telling him it was raining and the sky is dark. So after staying at home for a short while, Max decided to heck care the drizzle and go anyway because Ace was really looking forward to the trip to the beach PLUS we were planning a part tor afternoon without him...

When we reached the beach, Ace took out all his toys but alas, he refused to go near the sea and kept asking us to collect water for him. He ended up not really building anything but just digging in the sand and showing me all the rubbish that he found.... hahahha...

And for the perfect ending, we shared a ice cream which biscuit sandwhich and finally, Ace is at peace :)

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Can Blow Bubbles!

It has been a while since we brought Ace swimming and when we went to one particular condo the other day, we realized they have a very nice children's pool that is similar to what we saw in the zoo.. just on a smaller scale and so on whim and fancy, we decided to bring Ace there :)

And I must say that I surprisingly found out that Ace has a huge improvement with regards to his fear of water.

When he saw the pool, he just jumped in without warning and when I saw him jump in, I was thinking, "Siao liao lah.. now he will refuse to come to this pool again because he has this bad initial experience within his first 20 seconds of coming into the pool.. why so suay man..."

Surprisingly, he just climbed up, coughed a bit and then proceeded to walk around the pool and go in again :) Phew...

And so Max got a little more ambitious and decided to teach him how to blow bubbles under water... and he did :) In the past, he would NEVER ever bother to put any part of his head into the water.... and so we rewarded him by going for a meal at Sakae Sushi :)

Well, tat is one step closer to his being able to swim I guess

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Good Boy Ace

Ace was like my dream come true the other day. He was so totally well behaved that day.

Whatever I cooked, he just eat by himself and feed himself. Before he started eating, he said, "Mama吃饭, Papa 吃饭.." And then he just ate without any fuss and kept smiling to us.

He was such a good boy that I was so tempted to reward him well by bringing him out for cake... so I asked if Daddy has got to time and if he wants to go and eat cake with us as well. Daddy said Yes and so i told Ace that if he could finish up 3 pages of 'homework' within 30 min, we would go and eat cake.

And he just sat down and concentrated on his homework.

The whole night he was so happy and nice to us... He remembered his manners and talks softly and says his please and thank you.

So before he slept, I told him that he was a very good boy and I really liked it when he is a good boy. And then I asked him to sleep by himself and he did.

If only he can be like this EVERYDAY! ;)

PS: Just brought him out for lunch today and instead of being picky about his food today, for the first time in my life, I hear Ace say, "Anything I eat lah..." Wah.... heavenly! Unfortunately though, he got really upset that the restaurant did not have any kids cutlery in bright colours or fanciful designs. So I told him I will draw it with my special pen.. and then I pretended to draw Superman and Spiderman onto his white plate and steel fork and spoon. And he immediately started to smile ;) Phew.... yeah, my good life has started! hahahaha...

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Friday, August 14, 2009

I Want PoPo To See Me Nice Nice

Ace is a vain pot.

There is absolutely NO DOUBT about that.

Whenever he goes out, he has to make sure he changes into something else that he deems "going out" sort of clothes in order for him to be willing to go out. If you stop him, he will get upset.

The other day, we were getting ready to go to my mum's place for our usual Sunday lunch gathering and so I told him, "Ace, quick, go and get changed out of your pyjamas cos we are going out."

"orh!" he replied and quickly ran into his room. Some 5 minutes later, he walked out wearing his brand new Thomas the Train shirt and pants suit that Ah Yee bought him on December 07 as a christmas present. Because it was too big then, I kept it in the drawer.

"Mummy, see, I grow so tall now and I am so big now I can wear this already!" he exclaimed happily.

"Aiyoh, Ace, go Popo house only, dun need to wear until so nice lah..." I told him.

"Cannot, I cannot let popo see me wear not nice.. I want popo to see me nice nice mah..."

Fast foward to national day... the night before national day, I told him that we were all wear red and white to Popo's house for national celebration cum sunday lunch... the next morning, he woke up and asked me to help him find a red shirt.. I passed him a red shirt with a star that we bought for him from vietnam and he pointed to my red shirt with white cross on it and asked me why is Daddy and me wearing the cross shirt... "Why I dun have the cross shirt?"

I explained to him that me and Max bought this red shirt during our honeymoon, which meant he was not even born yet.. I am not even sure if he was even in my tummy by then already.. that is why he does not have that shirt.

"But now I am born already mah, why you never buy for me now?" he pursed his lips and looked unhappy. So I explained that is why we bought him the star shirt to make up for it.

And then he went back into his room, digged out all the red shirts that he had and tried them all before deciding on one that he feels looks the best.

And then he came out and complained to me that he has no white pants.. I told him he can change into white pants at Popo's house cos he has one pair there. And so he happily wore his beige pants.

Upon reaching Popo's house, he did not say one word and ran into the room...

My mum thought he wanted to sleep and asked him to eat his dinner first....

But alas, Mr Vainpot was just going to the room to immediately change into his white shorts! Hahahahahahaaha...

I also dun understand why a relaxed dresser like me has such a vain pot son. Hahaha...

The other day we were going out for a short spin and some cake and cos I was lazy, I just wore my normal shorts with a t shirt and then my son came wagging his finger and said, "Aiyoh, this mama ah.. why wear so ugly... never wear nice nice..."

And then he told me, "Mama, when you go out, you cannot wear this ku zi.. it is very ugly.. wait people will say you shame shame..."


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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Zong Yi Go Live!

The other day, Ace told me that he is a good Gor Gor.. he can carry baby and take care of baby. And recently, he has taken to telling me that he wants both a didi and a mei mei..... no matter how i ask him.. he just likes to have both didi and mei mei...

So I asked him this... "So if mummy has a baby in the tummy and she is a girl, what will we call her?"

"Anya..." Good, he remembers the talk we had. The other time we had a talk about having babies, I told him that if I get pregnant again and have a baby sister, then would call her Anya.. but I haven't thought of a name if baby is a boy.. So we had a discussion about whether we should call the baby Aragon, Arthur, Andrew, etc...

I wondered though what was the name that he has in mind though and asked him, "So if the baby is a boy, then what will we call him?"

"Erm...." he pauses for like 20 seconds and declares, "Zong Yi Go Live!" complete with the famous Pornsak action.

I laughed until I pengz lor!

And then a few days later, I asked him the same question again and because he remembered how hilarious it was for me when he gave tat answer, he told me "zong yi go live!" AGAIN...

But about a week later, he changed his mind and decided that he wants to call his future brother XIAO HEI GE (That is a character from a HK drama tat we watched and Ace loves to mimick him talking cos he speaks chinese with ang moh accent)?

I told Karen Ganma about this and she says this only goes to show tat Ace is watching TOO MUCH TV ;)


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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

$500 Toy

Went to Yeye's house the other day.

Turns out that Yeye bought Ace a new toy. "This toy is worth $500!" he told me.

Wah.. is it some sort of antique toy or wat.. I looked at it suspeciously and no matter how I looked at it, I cannot tell why it is worth $500 and cannot understand why my father in law would buy it. It is just a plastic toy that is a man on a bicycle. When switched on, the bike moves and there is music and tat is it.

Turns out that when they were taking the toy out, the found a number on the box, bought 4D with that number and won $500 immediately on the same day! Wah.. lucky toy, lucky Ace.

PS: Yeye went to buy the same number again and won tidy four figure sum! Ace must really be gift of abundance! :)

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Monday, August 03, 2009


The Peng Family and the Chua family has formed a new superband... meet the budding members of the Peng Chua Superband- Ace Chua and Gong Gong Peng... Hahaha.

The other day, Ace suddenly remembered that there was a organ in Popo's house and so he requested to play with it.. after playing with it for a while, he remembered there was a mic and went to ask Zhen Popo where is the "wire" to put to the organ... (So clever, he knows who is the one who can give the answer fastest)

And then he plugged the mic in and started singing really loudly. I must say I was impressed that he can sing so many songs now that he is going to school... But nevertheless, it was hell of a noisy game to play and so I told him that if he wanted to play in the living room, he had to lower the volume. If he wanted it to be loud, he had to go to the room.

Initially, he was really co-operative and told me that he wanted it to be loud and so he carried the whole thing into the room and started singing in the room.

But I guess he felt lonely so after a while, he even took out two more instruments, gave it to Gong Gong, force pulled Gong Gong into the room and they started performing together.

But leh, come evening, he decided that he wanted to sing loudly and that singing alone is no fun so he brought everything to the living room and started singing. So I told him nicely that he was too loud and if he wanted to sing loudly, go back to the bedroom.

Not only did he NOT stop singing, he continued to increase the volume and sang loudly at the top of his voice...

So I told him nicely again that if he want to sing loudly, "Go to the bedroom.."

But he just ignored me...

So I very hot liao.. and then I told him that if he doesn't listen, I am going to throw away his microphone and then he started crying and saying that he understands.. he will listen... and then he follow my instructions...

So he got another very LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG prep talk from me on how I always talk nicely to him but he doesnt listen and he only listens when I become angry and shout loudly at him... and then I explained that when I become angry, I am unhappy, he is unhappy.. if he had listened to me and just did what I said initially, he would be happy and I would be happy.. and even if he did not want to do it, at least explain properly to me instead of ignoring me... and so he promised that he will listen to me immediately rather than wait for me and daddy to shout at him..

Sigh... have been having this sort of prep talk with him quite a few times but he still doesn't listen.. so I wonder what part of me this is reflecting.. I guess it must be my authority conflict....

Anyway, out of desperation the other day when he once more moved ONLY when I shouted loudly at him, I gave him this analogy that my coach shared with me. I told Ace that dogs are trained by being beaten or whipped. So if they don't do what the trainers ask them to do, they will be whipped. I asked him if he wanted to be a dog or he wanted to be a person.. if he is a human being, then it means he has ablity to listen and understand and respond with action and with words.. so that means if I tell him something, he should respond immediately and not wait for me to take out my 'whip' and he agreed.

Alas, he still ignores me.... which proves what my coach says to be true.. while we may blame our parents for passing down bad mindsets or bad habits etc.. but if we were really honest with ourselves, we would admit that we can't blame them anyway cos we dun listen to our parents for most part of our lives anyway, we just listened to ourselves :)

Hai, looks like I have to relearn how to surrender....
PS: Two days ago, Ace said to me, "Mama, I want to learn to play music instruments." When I asked him what musica instruments he wanted to learn, he said he wanted to learn "many many..." so I told him he has to start with one instrument first and asked him which will he choose... "I will learn drums... you will play piano.... Popo will play mircrophone.. she will sing.." Sounds like he really keen to start a band... But having my mum as a lead singer??? Hmmm... bet he hasn't heard her sing before.. hahahahahaha

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Sunday, August 02, 2009

I Jia Jia One Lah

We went to do our monthly hotmeal service for the Lions Club and so we decided to bring Ace along.

On our way there, Ace asked me where we were going. "We are going to the hotmeal service for the lions club. We will help to give out food there..." I told him.

"Is it we give out food to the old folks there?" Ace asked me.. I was really impressed tat he used the words 'old folks' because I don't remember saying that to him.

"Yes.." And then I asked him if he remembered his good friend, Lele. He doesnt really remember her as he hasn't seen her in a while because we havent brought him along for a number of months.

But I guess it doesn't take long to jolt his memory as the moment he saw Lele, Lele came over to him and they started holding hands...

But it is interesting to note how their interaction has changed somewhat. From only being able to hold hands and jump around and dance around, the two kids have both grown and have both gained a sort of a different personality.

For some unknown reason, after playing for a little while, Lele got angry with Ace and Ace came and told me that Lele is angry with him and does not want to play with him..

"Well, what happened, you just go and make her happy and talk to her lah.." I told him.. and so he ran back, put his face right in front of her face and gave her a cheeky smile and said, "Harlow, don't be angry with me lah..." And then Lele is all smiles again...

And then in a while, someone hits someone and someone is angry again and my son comes running to me again. "Just go talk to her lah.. if you did something wrong, just apologize..." I told him and he goes running back...

And then I heard Lele saying to him, "I did not beat you. You beat me..."

And my cheeky son said, "No lah, I never beat you lah.. I jia jia one lah.... " and he gave a cheeky smile and then Lele is happy again and they are holding hands again...

Cassanova lor!

PS: Ace got really upset that he did not have a Lion's Club vest.. so Mag lent him her vest... Ace also made himself useful that day by helping out with the bingo game...

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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Mummy, I Got Long Hair!

Ace has a great sense of humour...

The other day, he put my scarf over his head and told me, "Look mummy, I got long hair!"

He found it so funny he just repeated this game again and again the whole afternoon...

Tat boleh tahan, this cheeky boy.. hahahaha..

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