Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dancing King Ace

Was invited to attend Max's colleague's 25th wedding anniversary!:)

Curious about what indian parties for anniversaries might be like, I decided to go along with Max also lah... Learnt a few things about indian culture tat day lor:)

Firstly.. if you are invited to a party.. always arrive 2 hours after the time stated on the invitation card.

The invite card said starts at 7pm... knowing that they will surely be late, we decided to also be late lah.. so we arrive at around 7.40pm... but surprise surprise! We are STILL TOO EARLY and are THE EARLIEST TO ARRIVE! ALready try very hard to be late lor!!!

Next hour also NO SOUND AND NO COLOUR..

SO i had to camwhore a little to kill time!:) wahahahah

Finally at 9pm.. people start sprinkling in... and at 9.30... most people arrive... some arrive with flowers and some with gifts. In this case, cost is apparently not the main issue.. unlike in sgp.. we try to give market rate or cover their cost of the party.. the gift is really about your kind thoughts and blessings here...

Secondly, EAT TILL FULL FULL THEN GO PARTY!:) wahahaha.. cos at 10pm.. the party finally started... and everyone in the family started to take turn to give speeches.. and it was of course romantic and all tat :) The son was sniffing away in tears as he read his letter to his parents.. so touching:) I wonder if Ace will be like tat at OUR 25th anniversary party..  (but then again, we are such lazy people.. probably NO PARTY.. whahahaha)

By the time they finished the speeches, we thought serving food.. BUT no food yet!

They started doing this thing called the marchin.. it is everyone forming a line to go one big round in the room with the people at the start pausing and holding their hands up high to let the rest of the people walk through.. then second pair do the same.. etc... It was quite a nice thing to do...

Then the lovely couple had their slow dance...

as their talented musician son played guitar and sang lor...

Max looking on... this is is.. "wonder wat time then can jiak peng look..."

Then everyone was invited to join in...

And then some guy who took part in arab idol performed... and his voice was fantastic!

WHen tat was over, they started to play games!!!

Ace took part in the games along with Max's colleagues:)

Max siam all the way to the back of the room to drink his beer in peace so tat wun kenna sabo...

The straw game.. they suppposed to make a house using straws.. unfortunately, I noticed, my son doesnt work well under pressure.. keep giving people black face if they dun do things his way.. wahahaha:)

Next they have to send a rep to "SELL" the house to the judges.. guess who is the judge?? ME AND MAX!:) But our son din win.. wahahahhaha... he came and ask us.. "Why you never help me and choose my team?"

I told him as a judge we have to be fair.. cannot choose him because he is our son... hahahaha

Game finish liao.. can eat liao???

Cannot lor! cos is dancing time!

Ace was totally in his element! He danced his heart out and was so charismatic.. ALL THE ADULTS STARTED FOLLOWING HIS DANCE MOVES!!!

I think it also shows that you can be a leader as long as you be yourself, be confident and exude charissma.. people naturally want to follow you without you needing to say ANYTHING:) wahahahah...

But hor thinking back.. perhaps Ace also hor very used to leading dance when he was in my tummy :) wahahahhahaha :) ( R&Y will remember BSTC!) wahaha...

He even won a prize for dancing well !:)

We opened it later in the car and found out later it was a serving dish.. "Haiya, I dance so hard for nothing.." he said. But Max reminded him that he was dancing because he enjoyed it and not because it will win him a prize:)

THen hor.. the couple still got change clothes one..  for round two of the party!

This is tat guy with dam good voice lah.. me and max dun understand hindi but were equally mesmerized!

Finally at 12 MIDNIGHT then they allowed us to go and eat lor!

By that time, Ace already got very hungry and became full liao.. so he ate very little.. me and max ate a little and then we finally reached home at 1am...

Ace brought the decorative balloons home and said he wanted to take picture cos he is like UP.. the movie:)

It was quite an experience for me lah... rather enjoyable and also entertaining lah:) NExt time I will go with full stomach:) wahahaha

On a side note, Ace asked me a few days later why adults dun seem to know how they dance... all adults do when they dance is to do this... *imitates people just bobbing around*... "Why they dun know how to dance properly.. this is called dancing meh??" Wahaahahahah... I dunno how to tell him not every one siao kiah like him and dance until forget himself on dance floor.. and not everyone is confident on the dance floor.. not everyone dun care what others think of them too :) hahah..

PS: A few days later, we recieved an email from one of Max's colleagues:

From: S F
Sent: Tuesday, 04 June, 2013 13:29
To: Max
Subject: Your Son is a ***STAR***
Dear Max and Angel,
You’ll are blessed to have such a sweet and talented Son. He is a Superstar….he is a great dancer…..and I lost a few pounds dancing with him.
He really makes you’ll proud parents.
GOD Bless HIM.
Best Regards

Looks like Ace is a hit amongst the jie jies:) wahahaha:)

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Head Bashing

Recently, my son is always getting into trouble in school. I wonder if it is because I am bz working and he is asking for my attention.

I think I should consider logging off my computer after my official working hours of 9-1pm so that I can concentrate on other things I enjoy like spending more time with Ace...

Anyway, he came home and showed me his SOS book.. his teacher left a message for me and asked me to have a word with Ace.. because the xiao giah go and use his head to bang on the door while teacher was teaching lor...

The story is tat they were doing some sort of exchange class program.. so the people are divided into different classes and sent off to other classes to do something else... he finished his session and came back.. he was outside the door waiting for his teacher who was not done with her students yet...

And then, because Ace loves to be funny.. and always likes physical comedy...(you know what clowns do.. tripping over, falling down.. exegerrated expressions..) and I think because he wanted attention of everyone.. he used his head to bang on the door! It was stupid and also disruptive to the lesson.. so the teacher was concerned...

When the teacher asked him why he did that, he was afraid he will get into trouble and said he din know...

But when we talked, he told me he was just trying to be funny. I explained to him that he might hurt himself and physical comedy for him is dangerous since he always has low awareness of his surroundings.

"Is it worth it to have your head broken just so some people can laugh at your joke? Is it worth it to get scolding from your teacher just to be funny?"

Ace said, "No.."

And then I explained to Ace that he does not need to be funny for people to like him. I enjoy his jokes but I love him just as he is.. he is a wonderful person and a wonderful friend and people like him because of that.. yes they will laugh at his jokes but even if he did not do physical comedy and just be humorous with words, people will enjoy his company still and will still like him...

I also explained to him that it was rude to disturb the teacher's session and that he should say sorry.. he said he was afraid that his teacher will then know he lied and be angry.. I told him that since he chose to lie, he has to bear the consequences. But since he say sorry first.. I think the teacher will likely forgive him.

Next day he went to school and said he was sorry and the teacher just said, "Don't do it again.."

He super heng lor...

Anyway, I also told Ace that I think he has a wonderful gift of humour.. and there are so many ways to express it.. physical comedy is only one of the ways.. there are so many other safe an equally good ways to express it...

So recently, he is doing less of the the silly falling over without looking at where he is sort of thing and learning to tell more jokes;)

What a relief for me and Max too because we were always so worried he will hurt himself ;)

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Eco Friendly Racing Car, Anyone?

Quite impressed with Ace..

The other day while we were out for dinner.. he took out his notebook and started doodling... he said he wanted to design a new type of car and then.. turns out.. he was drawing some sort advertorial poster for his car!

Not bad siah.. he remembered to put all the good things about his car.. and even got TAGLINE: MADE FOR SAFETY WHILE RACING

Hahahahahaha... indeed he takes after his mum.. having good marketing genes!:)

While we are on the subject of cars.. he was doing his chinese homework the other day... and then he happily ran into the room to show me his JIE ZUO....

I luff and luff and cannot stop lor... Cannot tahan him.. difficult words like SHU FU.. he can write.. PAO CHE... he can write wrongly and become PAO NIU! Running cow, anyone?:P wahahahahahah

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ravioli Cooking Lesson

The Singapore Women's group did a mother's day special and they had this ravioli making workshop.. I was not sure if I am able to attend since I might be having a meeting that day :)

But last min.. I found out I can attend.. yay! :) So I went lor:)

Early morning.. took metro to SCAFA school.... and finally I have a chance to catch this on camera!

I realized that whenever you travel on the metro on a certain stretch on a certain time of the day, you will see the reflection of the sun rays... shooting out from the Burj Al Arab.. the first time I saw it, I thought it was some alien  rays.. wahahahahaha... (that was when I was so into reading about conspiracy theories and aliens living in our world...)

THen I realized of course that it is just the sun and the curvature of the glass windows on the Burj lah:)

Finally arrived at the place:)

It is a pretty neat cafe... they usually sell food and the food for now is cooked by chefs teaching there... in time to come will be run by their students.. actually they usually do classes only for chefs... not for newbies like us:)

That is our teacher :) Showing us how to roll a dough...

And the steps to making your own ravioli.. is surprisingly EASY!

Step 1: You take a medium sized egg (60-95gm) and mix with 95gm of normal flour. (if large egg then 100 gm of flour) and they use some sort of machine to mix egg and flour together. I lazy.. make at home dun need very pro..  I just use my blender:) wahahahahaha...

Then you roll all your dough into a ball... after that right.. you flatten it into a flat circle with the sides slightly thin...

If you using the pasta machine, you just put flour on the machine and on the table top you are working on and run it through the machine a few times. Apparently, you are supposed to make it just nice the width of the machine for best effect:)

Then hor, you run it through again and again.. each time turning the knob to a smaller number (starts from 7).. the smaller the number, the thinner the pasta sheet... chef says can do till 2 but if you like it very nice.. do till 1 and challenge yourself to working with super thin though sheet:)

Then you cut into rectangles... take a round cookie cutter and put a slight imprint so you know where to put the stuffing...
THe stuffing also very easy one... put watever u like.. can put a few types of cheese.. or can put chicken.. watetver lah... and then put in the middle... and then use water to draw a square around the stuffing...

After that, you fold the dough forward in to half.. presssing gently and making sure all the air comes out... if alot of air, your pasta will float before it is cooked!:)

THen use cookie cutter to cut away excess and then place on plate with flour on it...

I was very lucky that in my group, we had a very pro cook, J:) She did the stuffing and chopping of this and that and suggested adding this and tat.. I totally dunno how to do it lor!:) heng she is around!! she so knowledgeable about the herbs and wat goes with wat lor...

Next hor.. you prepare the white sauce.. it is very easy.. I din konw it is so easy.. just some cooking oil.. and a chuck of butter... when butter melt, add some chopped garlic.. and then hor, add chopped mushroom and let mushroom sweat... (chef say use kitchen towel to clean mushroom cos mushroom will absorb water.. dun wash).. add cooking cream.. (I make at home hor I add condense milk also ok leh) and salt to taste.... Once your sauce ready.. can get ready to boil your pasta..

Just need to boil for a minute or two till pasta is cooked.  Pour in the sauce...

Tadah.. my end product!

Tastes good:)

They even had a lucky draw afterwards.. too bad I din win:) But then agian, the prize is a pearl necklace and I already have one:) hahahaha

I went home.. no pasta machine.. so I roll into a long long strip and cut into small small portions like make tang yuan and slowly roll out one by one rectangular sheet  :) Also can lah... at home eat.. if not fussy.. is ok one:)

Ace loves it so much he is asking for it EVERYDAY!

PS: We have since invested in a pasta machine.. foresee ourselves eating lots of pasta in the near future!