Monday, June 12, 2017

All You Knead Is Love

 Ace said he wanted to eat pizza so we went to ALL YOU KNEAD IS LOVE -- Pepperoni!;)

 If we go to pizza place.. always order same things one.... First one will be capris salad...

 We ordered this huge ass pizza! Half is 4 cheese.. half is mushroom. I say sure cannot finish but the boys say can finish wor.. In the end we had to dabao...

But hor, see like alot.. next day Ace finished one shot also cos the crust is very thin:)

Demo of how BIG the pizza is!

Ace says better way of eating the pizza.. add lots of chilli flakes and cheese and fold it:)

Is bao dao...... 

We Are On TV Again! (Frontline)

 All made up today... because.. we will be appearing on tv again!

Ya, what to do.... This is what happens when you have a huge network in the media industry:) Hahahaha...

Remember the other time we were interviewed about Pokemon Go for some pilot program that was not going to be aired on TV.. Well, they guys from Frontline are back again... THis time with a storyline about how kids these days use electronic devices alot more than kids in the past and whether this is good.

 Ace did his interview in English as he feels more comfortable in the language. But some of the things he said really surprised me wor!

Like when interviewed, he said that he plays games really to keep up with trends and so that he has things to chat about with his friends and he uses his phone so that he can find out news about the world quickly instead of having to rely  on others to tell him the news.

The most surprising one was that he says that having his phone confiscated has helped him learn that we should let our phones be our SLAVES.. not our MASTER... and you get to remember that you are your master for your phone! LOL... He even mentioned this is what his parents told him wor... Wah... so impressed that he remembers my nagging wor! hahahahah

 I think my boy so handsome lah:) hahahah

They also filmed some shots of us doing some stuff.. so need a little bit of acting lah... so I guess Ace got a feel of how it feels like to be actor for a day:) hahahaa

 So many people were excited when they ad came out:)

Surprisingly, the most common comment was "Wah, your chinese so powderful one ah?" And I was like.. Hello, I chinese drama and represented my school for chinese story telling, chinese recital and chinese cross talk competition.. got win prize one okie! Mai xiao xiao..

Second most common comment was that I lost weight and look younger! Of cos lah.. I working hard on becoming more beautiful now leh:) hahahaha.. Cannot have no result to show wor:)

Nainai asked Ace.."So issit now the whole world know that you play with your phone all the time?" hahahaha.

Anyway, we took out his phone for him to film him using the phone. ENd up hor, he started throwing a tantrum when I wanted to keep it back. I really think my son is hooked and addicted to his phone and I am really glad that we are confiscating it all the way till after PSLE.

I guess looking at it from another angle, our entire family fighting our own "demons" :) For Ace it is his need to rely on videos and anime or game to "destress".. For Max it is his affinity with drinking... and for me, I think it is my battle with an addiction to hiding and being small:) hahaha... Ganbate everyone! I am certain with me and Max leading the way as great parents.. Ace will be inspired and turn out all right too!:)

PS: In case you missed the video, you can watch the links here:
Part 1:
Part 2:

PPS: Annie Godma says her mother say i look soooo young on tv! hahahah.. thanks for compliments!

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Cute Snack From Sheng Shiong

 Ace was so excited when he found this cute snack from Sheng Shiong... it looked like those interesting jap snacks where you had to mix this and that to make it into something nice to eat... so he said I should help him take a video of his UNBOXING..

Here's the video..

 Alas, after we unboxed everything, we realized that the only interesting thing is that you can make the box into like  a shop and display the snacks.. that is it..

Awww.. so sad...

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Wifi Down

Router was down at the most inconvenient time....

It kept disconnecting itself and just as I was about to tear my hair out after calling numerous hotlines and doing tonnes of things only to find the problem recurring again, my son ran out of his room excitedly and said, "Look mama... see what appeared on my computer!"

True enough, there is some strange/funny message on his computer.

Knowing him, I know must be some sort of prank lah.. I tot he generated from some website or is a picture or what..

Kind of impressed to know that he was the one who typed the message by editing the HTML code of the page! LOL

This type of rubbish learn from where? Youtube lor. hahahahahaah

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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Heart And Brain

Since it was school holidays and Ace is not allowed to use his phone, he asked if we could go borrow books from the library. I said ok and so we went a little earlier before his guitar lessons.

He was sooooooooooooooo happy to find this Heart And Brain book in the library.

Heart and Brain is a series of comics I had been following on FB and I would read them occasionally to Ace. He loves them because the comics are often about the internal conflict between your heart and your brain..

Heart is all do what I want and dun think so much.. very much like Ace! (Say YEAH to UTTER NONSENSE!) And Brain is everything also think and think and never do:) Love it when heart wins! Hahahah..

So Ace was very excited to find the book. He forced me to read together with him... again and again lor :) hahaha

We did have a very good time reading and laughing together!:)

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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

My Son Is Grown Up!


I found out later though that he actually hanged the clothes not on his own accord but more so because his dad asked him to do so before he went out:)

But I am still glad he did it with a smile cos when I reached home, he happily told me he hang the clothes out to dry ;)

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Ace's Guitar Recital

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Ace's Guitar Recital

After so many years of learning guitar.. Ace is finally invited to a recital.. And so we went to support him lah. Actually we are all dressed up cos we attending a dinner afterwards:)

 all dressed up:)

 We reached early and his teacher was tuning his guitar..

 I say take photo and he gave me this look.. LOL

 Waiting for it to start..

Here is his performance. he did pretty well initially and then made a mistake and blur after tat:)

His teacher also performed wor..

This one his teacher says is ROmance De Amour.. his wife's favourite song. Such a romantic song... but it made me sad..

 Time to give out certs

 I think my son very handsome wor:)

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

All For A Clean Room

 I was out with friends and Max brought Ace out for dinner.

He went kino and randomly picked 3 books and his dad say OK buy for him.. end up is $70+ lor..

His dad says the condition is he has to clean his room lor.. and he said he will.. since Holidays are here..

He really got started on cleaning...
But hor, after half a day... still only clean like only 1%.. why? Cos someone while cleaning room found all those long lost toys he had.. he had forgotten them.. so he took them out to play... every toy play a while.. how to clean finish?? LOL

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

American Cuisine At Culinary Institute of America

Visited the Culinary Institute of America again with my Yoga Kakis!

Really tastes good! We will certainly be back again! Hahaha...

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