Friday, October 30, 2009

How About We Share?

I was pleasantly pleased to find that Ace really has a strong concept of sharing...

The other day, I was eating something and then he wanted some and so I shared with him and let him take a bite.. And then I told him that it was my turn to take a bite and then he asked me, "How about I let you take a bite, and you let me take a bite, and i let you take a bite? This is called sharing, mama..."

"OK.." I told him.. secretly pleased that he totally undersands what it means to SHARE.

But this little guy is very sly lor....

The other day.. we were out at suntec and Ace said tat he is hungry. So Max bought him 5 pieces of tutu kueh. Initially, Ace was realy happy and said that he wanted to share with everybody. And then he ate two pieces... and told me, "Mama, left three.. we must keep.. one for you, one for daddy and one for you..."

And so we kept the three pieces. When he was in the car on the way home, he said he was hungry again and so I took out the kueh to feed him. I reminded him that there are 3 left and tat we would take one each.."So this is the last one you can eat.. after this no more cos the other two are for daddy and mummy..."

"Okie..." he happily answered.

BUT... after he finished his kueh, he asked me, "Mummy, how about we share your one now?"

That's really a sly move manz...

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

GL Wei

I have a belief...whenever I step into a parking lot, I will always find a GL space...

I learnt this from my Jez Mama... and she was the one who taught me about GL wei... so what exactly is GL? It comes from the hokkien phrase.. "kiok dio gu lan..." (Picking up a cow's penis)... it means you are really lucky and find something really rare...

The other day, we were in the car with Ace and we were parking the car.. after a few rounds, we found one next to the exit and Max exclaimed, "GL wei ah!"

And like Ace usually does, he asked me what is the meaning of GL and so I told him it means "Good Luck..."

And then about a month later, we were going to Tampines Mall with Ace and when we parked, Ace commented, "Yeah, GL wei!' and we all laughed.

But the funniest thing is that another day when we were at my mum's place, Ace was playing with his kiddie car and riding the car around the living room. I was resting there in the middle of the room and Ace said, "Mama, excuse me..." and I shifted to let him pass.. and then he kept coming by and asking me to 'excuse me' to shift myself..

Not wanting to move, I asked him, "Ace, why don't you go somewhere else and don't pass by me..."

"Cannot, I need to go to Tampines Mall and I must go there to find my GL wei and park my car..."

I cannot help but laugh out loud... Hahahahahahaha...

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Convertibles are so cool!

When my coach, Arthur, bought his SL55 Brabus, I showed Ace a picture of the car and told him that it is a very nice car...

I told him it is a open top convertible and when he asked me what is a convertable, I told him convertables are like Transformers.. they will transform the car and make the car roofless...

I guess that might have planted a seed in Ace's mind...

After that, whenever we are out on the roads or walking around in a car park, he will look out for open top convertibles. If he sees one, he will tell me that when he grows up, he wants to buy a car like that because it is nice.

About 2 weeks later, we saw another convertible and he told me he likes the car and I asked him why and he said because it is like Transformers...

And yet another 2 weeks later, when I asked him why he liked the convertible, he said it is becuase the car is very cool.

I was a little shocked when he used that word in that context but didn't say anything more.

A few days later, he told he that he looked very cool in a certain outfit and so out of curiosity, I asked him, "Ace, do you know what is the meaning of 'cool'?'

"Yeah, I know.. cool means “帅帅lor..."

Wah! Amazing!

PS: The other day, I saw a orange hatchback and it looked quite cute, I told Ace about the car and showed him the car and asked him if he liked it.. he walked around the car and checked the car and told me, "I don't like this car.. got no black black.. not like transformer.. I like transformer car..."

PPS: The other day, Ace pointed to a normal salon car and told me, "I don't like this car, this car is not special.. it is so lousy..." I told him he must make sure he earn alot of money when he grows up so tat he can buy very special cars.. hahahahaha... cos the very special cars that are nice usually cost alot of money.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Caring Ace

My grandmother has been hospitalized recently. It started with a swelling ankle and to cut the long story short, the GP suggested that she go do an xray in the hospital and the hospital doctor suggested that she stay a few days for observation...

Because my hours are more flexi (I dun hold a 9-5 job) and because I have a car and an ahmad (Max) and it happened so that Max was on half day since he was on duty the night before, we were the ones who fetched my grandma around and eventually the ones who accompanied her to hospital.

As usual, I made some small talk with my grandma in the car and the topic eventually became about Ace and my grandma was telling me that Ace is such a good boy. When he saw her limping in pain in the morning when he was staying over at my mum's place, he quickly walked to her, passed her the walking stick and held her hand to support her....

Wow, my son is such a caring and loving little boy! I am so proud of him! :)

"And no one asked him to do it.. he just did it by himself.." said my grandma...

And later in the day, when we picked him up from school, we told him we would bring him to hospital to visit zeng popo... and he was very happy and told me, "Later when I see the doctor and the nurse, I will tell them 'Good morning, doctor... good morning, nurse...' "

And then after thinking for a little while, he asked me, "Mummy, did zhen popo wear her shoes to hospital?"

"Yes, Ace.."

"Did she bring her stick?" I think he was referring to her walking stick..

"Nope, she doesnt need the walking stick in hospital because they have a wheel chair so she won't have to walk and hurt her leg.." I told him.

Satisifed that his zeng popo had all the things she needed in hospital, we happily went to the hospital.. alas, due to H1n1, children below 12 years old were not allowed into the wards..... Ace was quite disappointed that he was not allowed to visit.

When he asked me why, I told him that the doctors say that children below 12 years old were not allowed to go visiting. "Does it mean when I grow up I can visit zeng popo?"

"Well, when you grow up, zeng popo will be out of hospital and will be at home already!:)"

PS: When we went over to my mum's place for lunch on Sunday, my grandma was already discharged, he came into the house, ran to the toilet to pee and ran out to ask me, "Mummy, where is zhen popo?" I pointed her out to him and he went to look at her leg and ask her, "Is your leg better?"

I tot Max asked him to do that.. turned out that Max never said a thing.. he just remembered and showed concern by himself! I am so proud of him.. I am sure my grandma feels like he is very worth all the pampering she has shown him.. hahahahaha

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Monday, October 26, 2009

IQ Puzzles

When Ace was very very young, I sent him to shichida for lessons and bought this IQ block for him...

Now, finally he can play the games by himself and the most important thing is that he likes to play IQ games that require him to build and piece things together by himself. It seems that he is enjoying playing with all these sort of toys.. I have another set that allows you to piece things together into different shapes which he enjoys playing with...

Sometimes he will make walkie talkies, on his own, he can make aeroplanes, rockets and many other things and they look quite decent too! ;)

He is looking forward to christmas cos we told him we might buy him this other IQ game tat allows him to piece the small pieces together to build 3D things like dinosaurs etc...

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ace's First Swimming Lesson

Ace has a fear of water and since young, it has been quite tough to get him to even go in the pool. The furthest he would be willing to step in is to step on the steps by the side.. if not, he would take a walk around the pool but he NEVER wants to go INTO the pool.

We noticed though, the other time when we brought him to the condo pool that he is now ok about going in but he just really dislikes fountains and stuff like we decided to take one step forward and send him for his swimming class.

The first time I touched on the subject of a swimming class, he said he doesn't want to go.

And so, Max told him that we would like to send him to a swimming class to learn swimming. At the class, there would be alot of other people having fun with him and that he will get a very nice teacher and that it would be very fun and after he learns how to swim, he can swim with Daddy and can even save people in the water in future!

And then. he said he wanted to go and got really excited about the class.

Everyday he asks me if he is going for swimming class today.. and then a day before the class, I told him that his teacher is called Mr Loke... and then on the day of his actual lesson, every one to two hours, he will ask me if it is time for his swimming lesson and the whole time, it was just my teacher, Teacher Loke her and Teacher Loke there...

Anyway, if you looked at the pics, you will find that he was initially quite stressed and by the end, he was happy and even made a few friends. The teacher was very patient with him and after lesson, he said he enjoyed himself totally and is looking forward to his next lesson.

All in all, I think Ace did great for his first lesson. I thought he might cry or refuse to do certain things but he followed all instructions and I can tell that he did his very best throughout :)

I am so proud of you, Ace!

PS: If you are interested to send your child for swimming lessons, you can contact me at for details of his swimming class :) Apparently his swimming teacher Mr Loke has been doing this full time for more than 10 years and teaches in swimming pools all over singapore. Charges range from $50- $200 depending on whether you are going for group class or personal private class... children and even adults of all ages as welcomed :)

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Be Careful When Sleeping With Your Child

You should always be careful when you are sleeping with your children ...

Sometimes, while you are asleep, they may be up to something funny.... and this is how Ace made Max a laughing stock in office...

That day, in order to ENCOURAGE Ace to take his afternoon nap soon, the very tired Max decided to take a nap with Ace.

But the cheeky little boy brought a marker pen into the room and played with it non stop instead of sleeping and Max also did not notice anything abnormal when he went he woke up.

The next day, when he went to work, his colleagues asked him why there was a BLUE PATTERN on his nape and then he realized he was a victim of Ace's artistic venture... and all he colleauges laughed at him.. hahahaha

So be very careful when you are sleeping with your children... You really never know what they are up to when you are asleep.. hahaha

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Gong Gong's BD

We celebrated Gong Gong's birthday in advance and Ace wanted to help with everything.. choosing the cake, giving out the plates and spoons, cutting the cake.. etc...

When I tried to eat a second piece of cake, he even took care of QUANTITY control and said, "HUH?!!! You want to eat ONE MORE???!!"

And everyone laughed and said it is great that he keeps my appetite checked... :S

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Make More Pizza For You

The other day, we brought Ace to C-Nai Hong Kong Cafe and ordered a drink with the waiter in front of him.

When he reached home, he got inspired and took a big plastic bag, wrapped it over his pants and told me, "Mummy, I want to be a restaurant man!"

So I corrected him and told him that a person who takes order and serves the order in the restaurant is called a waiter and so he delcared that he is a waiter.

He ran into his room, took out his pizza set and arranged them properly and started to pretend to take orders.

And then after a while, he kept standing there with nothing to do and so I asked him why he is standing there. "I waiting for people to eat my pizza.." So I volunteered to be his first customer and ordered one pizza and one soya drink.

He took my order, took a whole pan of 8 slices of 'pizza' and stared at it for a while and then told me, "You need to eat more than you will grow big, I think if you only eat one pizza, you will not grow big so I make many pizzas for you ok?" And then he put them on a mat and said, "I put it in the oven..."

I was thinking, " Mummy already VERY big.. i think TOO BIG.. hahaha.. but still i appreciated his thoughts still.

But you see, the reason why he said that is because very often, in order to encourage him to finish his meal, we would tell him to eat more so that he will grow taller and stronger.. then he can become a policeman.. or can do whatever thing that he fancies doing at that moment.

But when he told me that, I suddenly also have a fear that he might over eat and become overweight like me... when I told Max my concerns, he said I shouldnt be too worried since he is young and can afford to eat... but I am more concerned about whether he will accumulate good or lousy eating habits...

But well, I guess he is a growing child and it will be alright to eat if he maintains an active lifestyle :)

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don't Be So Kan Cheong Lah

Ace has a new 口头禅-- "Don't be so kan cheong lah..."

Some time ago, I already noticed him saying this.. and I asked Max, "Ace knows what is the meaning of 'kan cheong' meh?"

He says that Ace seems to use it in the right context most of the time and so we left it at that.. but recently he has been using this phrase very often.

When we pretend play and I pretend to order something that his Pizza Shop does not sell, I asked him, "Oh dear, you don't sell that right? Now how?"

And then he said, "Don't be so kan cheong lah..."

When i am urging him to do something quickly, he tells me, "Don't be so kan cheong lah..."

So it does seem like he understands the context very well...

Max made me so mad the other day and in a moment of anger, I shouted loudly at Max in front of Ace. Ace was stunned for a moment, paused, then told me, "Don't be so loud lah. Don't be so kan cheong lah..."


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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lions Club

Our lions club usually holds one Hot Meal session per month.. on one saturday every month, our club will go give out food to the old folks living in Meiling area and we will also play BINGO games with them...

Usually, we bring Ace along, let him put on the Lions Vest and let him help out with things like giving out the paper, giving our the pencils, rolling the numbers and of cos, we never forget to ask him to sing a song or two for the old folks :)

Well, the good news is.. Gandie and Ganma have already joined our club as well! :) Yeah! We hope tat when Ace grows up, he will want to volunteer or give some form of help and share all that he has as well because we always remind him that "when you share, you get more..."

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Number One Gor Gor

For some reason, Ace and Max started a conversation about being a good example and so Max named Ace "NUMBER ONE GOR GOR" and so we would always call him Number One Gor Gor and constantly to lead by example and behave well and whenever he does something well, we would high five with him and tell him that he is a Number One Gor Gor or a Champion Gor Gor...
So confident is Ace of his position as number one gor gor tat this sparked off quite a few interesting conversations...

Firstly, when we went to Malaysia, our fellow Lion Anton and wife brought along one of their little bundles of joy- two year old Shermaine. Shermaine may be a girl but she is very opiniated and she is also very active and very brave. PLUS she is also super duper cute and super duper friendly and so she got along very well with Ace.

Initially, the two of them were a little shy and merely held hands. Ace would go hold her hands and they would walk around together. And then as they got to know each other better, Shermaine started to always look around for her gor gor... And she would go, "Gor gor.. gor gor..."

And upon hearing her, Ace would say, "I am here! Gor gor is here!"

And then as they started to get closer, they started to play and dance together... and slowly, they started to share their food and drinks with each other and the highlight of it is that by the time they were due to go home, Shermaine who never shares her special pillow gave gor gor Ace her pillow and Ace being a true blue cassanova went to hug her and kiss her... and then they started to hug and kiss each other ALL THE TIME!

But well, we already know Ace is a cassanova so that is not really interesting or new news on this blog..

The interesting parts are when we have conversations about Shermaine. There was one point where Shermaine was crying and so I asked Ace why baby was crying. He said, "I think it is because she wants to drink milk, Mummy..."

When I asked him how he know that baby wants to drink milk, he said, "I know lah.. I am number one gor gor mah. Nevermind.. later she see me, she won't cry already.... she see number one gor gor and she won't cry already..."

Now, if you read my blog often, you would know my elderly neighbour has a 1 year old granddaughter who adores Ace.. so yesterday when we came back from school, we heard baby crying and I asked Ace why he thought she was crying...

"I think she too long never see me.. she see me she ok already..."

Hahahaha.. buay tahan.. this boy, the ego bigger than Utah!


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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Malaysia Nature Trip

Along with our Lions Club befrienders, we brought Ace along to a trip in Malaysia to visit an organic fruit farm and a goat farm.

He was totally excited and for a few days, tat was the most useful BRIBE tat we can use to motivate him to do certain things... cos we would tell him that if he does not follow instructions, he cannot go to Malaysia.

On our way there, Ace kept asking us if we are in Malaysia already.. and when we went pass the immigration point, we told him that he has to smile at the immigration officer so that he looks the same as his passport photo or he will not be allowed over :) Hahahaha..

Mostly though, Ace was very co-operative and because I had a few prep talk with him about what to do and what not to do when we were overseas and kudos to Papa for giving him a prep talk about going near animals, he actually was brave enough to try to touch the goat! :)

I guess it also helped that he had a playmate- 2 year old Shermaine and they warmed up to each other so much by the end of the day they were hugging and kissing each other all the time! hahaha...

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dancing King

Ace has finally started his dance class!

Here are the pics of him in class and here's a video of him dancing...

Actually, the funniest thing that happened was that when we arrived at his school, we were told his lessons were held at Studio 2... right beside Studio 2 was Studio 1 and inside, there were a group of hot ladies in bikini-like tops and bottoms doing POLE DANCING!

My son went to the door, stood there and STARED at them...

Right after his class when his class finished, he ran to the door of Studio 1 and stood there and STARED somemore! Hahahaha.. It was totally hilarious!

Max and I are just glad tat this means he is straight.. hahahahahaha

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Mid Autumn Festival at School

Ace's School celebrate mid autumn festival with a potluck party...

Here are some of the pics and videos of his performance and a pic of he mooncake tat he made with the help of his teacher...

I tried so hard to make him tell me what song he would be performing but alas, he kept saying that he doesn't know.. I wonder if it is because he did not pay attention.. cos I realized he was not singing much during the performance.. BUT leh, afterward when I tested him again, he seems to remember how to sing the songs quite well.. But i guess since they are busy practicing for their school concert, they probably din have much practice for this performance..

PS: His school concert theme I heard is The Sound Of Music and his class is performing the well loved favourite of "Doe, a deer, a female deer...."

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lost Generation

I hope that when Ace grows up, he will CHOOSE to reverse all the things that have gone wrong on our planet...

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nevermind I Can Shh Shh At The Tree

The other day, when me and Ace were walking home from the interchange, midway, he told me that he wanted to go toilet because he wanted to pee.

I asked him if he can wait till we reach home and he said he could.. but some 20 steps later, he told me that he wanted to shit...

So I decided to bring up the topic of going to toilet because he told me that he had been peeing in his pants in school because he was so engrossed in playing that he forgot to tell his teacher that he wanted to go to the toilet.

So I reminded him that he has to tell us if he wants to go toilet so that he will not pee in his pants.

In addition to that, he also likes to say he wants to pee or shit when we are in the middle of something.. eg dinner.. so I also told him that he should pee or shit in school before he comes home so that when we go out after that, he won't need the toilet when we are outside cos sometimes we cannot find nice and clean toilets outside.

"Then if there are no toilets, how and where can you shh shh?" I asked him..

"Nevermind lah, can shh shhh at the tree...." he replied.


There was once we went out and he was in such urgent need to pee at the car park we had no choice but to let him pee at the tree.. and he remembered that.... hahahaha...

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mummy You Are Champion

The other day, Ace came to me and gave me a trophy and told me, "Mummy, I give you champion.,.. cos you are a champion.." So I asked him why..

"Because you cook for me mah," he said.

Wah.. so sweet..

About 2 weeks later, he told me... "Next time when I grow up, I will cook for you..."

I can't wait! Hahaha...

PS: He also told me that when he grows up, he will buy me a car, fetch me when I go out if daddy is not free... hahahahaha

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Walk One Round

I really buay tahan my son lor...

The other day, we brought him shopping at Suntec City and we passed by Harvey Norman... a gadget gig, max wanted to go inside and browse through.. But Ace saw the shop where you can custom make bears and wanted to go in...

So Ace said, "Mummy, I want to go to the bear shop..."

So I told him that we will take turns to visit place that we want...

"Let's go in and walk one round first and then we will go to your bear shop..."

And then my son started running in circles around me and after running a few circles around me..he told me, " I already go two rounds already, mummy... can we go to the bear shop now?"

I laughed...

And just because he was so ingenius in his persuasion, I asked max to browse on his own and went to the bear shop with Ace ;) haha

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Parents, Your Job Is To STAY HEALTHY!

When you get married, you inherit an extra set of parents. Especially when they love you like their own son or daughter, you would want to love them and care for them as if they are your own birth parents as well.

Recently, I heard about a friend's mum falling sick.. so sick she had to go to the A&E in hospital in the middle of the night.... And not long after tat, her mother in law started to feel sick... add that to a long term problem of some spinal problem for this usually jovial old lady, I really feel quite sorry for that friend of mine.

Not only she has to run here and there for her both set of parents and care for them, she has to constantly worry about their well being and she was so busy caring for them that she herself had no time to rest and fell sick! And then she has to nag at them to take care of themselves.. just like we do when we nag at our children to take care of themselves.

Whenever Ace is sick, certain benefits like cold drinks, sushi, trips to IKEA playground, chocolates, milo and ice creams are taken away from him. So he understands that falling sick equals BAD...Being healthy is GOOD.. so whenever he is sick or not feeling too well.. he will very automatically drink alot of water, eat more healthy foods like fruits and veggies, go sleep early, eat alot of chloreana and do everything he can to get better soon.

While we are so mindful of how we should educate our children so that they will take care of themselves and not fall sick and make us worry, I wonder how many parents, as they grow old, remind themselves to take good care of themselves so that they would be healthy and not let their kids worry.

I think me and Max have been lucky. Both our parents, though they might have some minor problems are relatively healthy and mobile... and in that, they are able to play with Ace and help to take care of Ace when we really need help.

Many years ago, my grandfather suddenly started to feel unwell.. he started to stop being able to talk.. eventually he was unable to eat and after a few months, he passed away. It was an unpleasant experience for me as I felt really helpless when he was sick. Other than visiting almost everyday in hospital and praying for him, I felt like there was nothing else I can do. And even when I prayed and chanted for him, I did not know whether to chant for him to pass away or for him to be able to live cos it seemed like he was living in agony and pain everyday. There and then, I decided that I would take care of my health so that my children need not feel that way ever.

Subsequently, I met a health consultant who taught me how to do detox and through him and a few other wonderful mentors, I learnt many secrets to good health. While most of my friends think i am a health nut and think that it is strange that for a relatively young person like me (I was in my twenties then), I was already taking health supplements faithfully.. I sleep on beds tat emit far infra red rays and negative ions, I turned vegeterian, drink filtered,energized water, use a shower filter to filter away chlorine and use a skin detox facial bar on a regular basis, I did all these for the past few years because I had did not want myself to fall sick in old age and burden my children.

And I also passed the knowledge I had to many people who were willing to listen to me and I must say that most of my close friends are much healtheir than they would have been as a result and even some of the not very close ones or pple whom I barely know have benefitted from my sharing of my knowledge. And that sole reason was a huge motivation behind why I chose a career in the network marketing company that promotes education of good health and promotes health foods.

Now that I am no longer doing MLM and not as actively promoting good health... Now that I am used to consuming my health foods and all the healthful things that I use on a daily basis.... I guess I too have started to take my good health for granted.

My friend's situation reminded me that once and again, I should take good care of myself. Most of us also forget that when we get good health, the person who really benefits is us!:)

When we have good health in old age, it means we are mobile.. tat means we are able to go on trips and tours and enjoy our old age to the fullest, it also means we will be filled with energy and other than our families, we can share our time and experience with many others who will benefit from it.... when we have good health in old age, that also means we can enjoy carrying our grandchildren and running after them and doing activities together with them...

Like what my friend told her mother in law, "If you dun follow the doctor's instructions and take care of yourself and recover quickly, you cannot blame me next time if I don't bring your grandchildren to visit you often.. it is not because we don't love you but because you are not able to engage in any activity with them and not able to help to take care of them..."

But that being said, sometimes when our parents fall sick, it is just a sign that they feel neglected and need our attention. There is nothing a little love and concern cannot heal...

Anyway, my point is this-- Parents, it is your job to stay healthy so that you are happy and your children will not have to worry... Children, it is also your job to stay healthy so tat you are healthy and your parent do not have to worry.....

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

I very cute right?

The other day, Ace had me in stitches....

Just a few days ago, my mum suddenly looked at him and told him, "Ace, you really are very handsome leh... can you tell Popo why you are so handsome?" You know.. it's tat vain thing that parents and grandparents do as they ask in awe and wonder just how did their genes produce such an excellent offspring...

And then a few days later, when I brought him to help out at our HOTMEALS programme at the Lions befriender, he was walking around and all the old folks kept saying that he looks so cute, he is so handsome in hokkien and cantonese and teochew.. so I tried to translate for him and told him that they all said he is very cute and handsome...

So the other day, we were having a conversation about how he should keep his mouth clean or he would have ulcers and not look handsome... and then he asked me.. "And everyone say I am very handsome right?"

"Yes, Ace.."

"And so many people say I am so cute, right?"

And he was so earnest and believed it so was just totally.. erm.. CUTE! hahahahaa....

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Friday, October 09, 2009

LB Befriending Walk

Ace was so excited when I told him that we are going to do a walk. "Is Papa coming with us?" he asked. "Yes of cos!" And he was sooooooooooo happy that he shouted hooray again and again...

I guess he must really miss spending time with his dad...

Initially though cos he just woke from his nap, he was a little grumpy during the warm up segment and he finally he was going into the mood when we started the walk and when we walked around the pond, Ace says that he saw a dolphin in the pond.. HAHAHAH... Anyway, it was a nice walk.. and we even saw some fishes in the pond a an eagle flying around in the sky! :)

After that, we took part in a singalong session and Ace enjoyed himself tremendously as well. I asked him if he would like to come again and he said, "Yes!"

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Thursday, October 08, 2009


The other day, we were having some problems getting Ace to eat dinner. He wanted to eat sushi and no matter how we persuaded him, he insisted on eating sushi..

Finally Max had the brilliant idea of persuading him to eat at Zi Zai by telling him we would go eat Satay... he made a 'satay' for craftwork in school and so he was really intrigued by it.. especially when we told him he could match it with his favourite tomato sauce ;)

Alas, when we reached there, the lady who took our order said they had just renovated their kitchen and are not allowed to cook items that require high heat.. so she refused to take our order of satay.. I was just wondering how to explain to Ace when I saw the next table being served the satay tat we wanted!

So leh, we insisted that we wanted our satay too.. hahahahaha...

Well, Ace had a good time and was happy.. PHEW...

PS: The other day, we were wondering where to go for dinner and Ace said, "What about we go 422 to eat at the coffeeshop there?" Wah, I am so surprised he had such a precise suggestion. I asked him why he wanted to eat there, he just nonchalently said, "I want to eat their mian..." In the end though, we brought him to yio chu kang to try sheng ren de mian.. it is, in my personal opinion the best vegeterian fishball noodles in sgp.. it is the first time tat Ace was there and we also ordered vegeterian rojak... needless to say, he loved it!

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Moment Of Miracle

Ace loves to watch all the programmes related to magic shows and one of his favourite is the Magic Show segment in 综艺大哥大... Through this segment, he has learnt to recognize 刘谦 the famous Taiwanese magician and also likes to imitate his signature phrase, "见证奇迹的时刻"...

The other day, while we were lying on bed together, he suddenly decided to do an imitation of Liu Qian.

"大家好,我是刘谦老师 ..." And then he went on to try to describe the magic that he was going to perform for that day... (and his description is just gibberish..)

"现在请你帮一个忙..." he said and then he passed me his blanket and asked me to touch it.

"有没有?" Ace asked me. And just to play along, I answered yes.

And then he fiddled around with the blanket and then he made the special pose and said, "见证奇迹的时刻"...


I laughed and laughed so hard... hahahahaha...

What I found really funny was that he actually managed to be so detailed in his imitation.. he remembers to first intro himself, ask the audience to help look through the props, do the signature pose and then do the magic.. hahahahah...

Maybe he will eventually grow up to become a magician.. ;)

PS: I just found out that Liu Qian shares the same birthday as Ace!

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

How Can I Make Mama Happy?

The other day, when I reached home, Ace was watching OKTO channel... because I wanted to watch channel 8, I told him that if we scissors, paper, stone and whoever wins 3 rounds first will get to watch the channel he wants.

"If you lose, you cannot cry and have to watch my channel ok?" I told him. "Ok, if i lose, i will cry..."

And then we played and I won. And so Ace started crying and saying that he liked to wath the OKTO channel....

So I told Ace, "Ace, you have been Mama's son for 4 years already. You should understand me very well. Usually if you cry and throw tantrum, for sure mummy will not give in one.. but if you talk to me nicely, then maybe I will consider...."

"Okie mama, I never cry already. I want to talk to you nicely... can I watch Okto?"

"But I won the game, Ace, if you want to play the game, you stick to the rules..."

And then he started crying again.

So I reminded him that I will not give in if he cry. "When I say no, a better way to resolve it is to ask yourself, 'How can I get mama to say YES? Do I kiss kiss her? Do I hug hug her?"

And then he became quiet, gave it a thought and asked if he can kiss me and hug me. In the end I relented lah. Cos I didn't really want to watch channel 8, I really just wanted him to learn the lesson of 愿赌服输...

But this little boy is a fast learner. The next morning, he had some other request and I rejected him.. and then he went to the side and mumbled to himself, "How can I make mama say Yes? Do I hug hug her or kiss kiss her?" And then he asked me, "Can I kiss kiss you, mama?"

Needless to say, he finally understood my soft spot and got his way again :)

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Monday, October 05, 2009

Dance School

Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby announe that Ace has officially started his dance lessons at Jitterbugs :)

Yeap, finally managed to sign him up for a hip hop dance class. Brought him to a trial class that day and he was so excited.

Throughout the trial class, he was chatty and open and kept raising his hand to answer teacher's question. And he was also so totally excited that he didn't follow the teacher's dance steps and just danced all his freestyle moves. I guess dancing will be a good way of helping him learn discipline and helping him learn to follow steps. I noticed the children who have experience in joining other classes tend to be able to follow the steps better. But I guess they are possibly older than Ace as well.

But something happened during the trial class tat really irked me. Some stupid indian boy kept trying to trip Ace over by putting his leg out when Ace is hopping around. I was really angry and had good mind to go in and scream at the boy to stop.. he looks like he should be alot older than Ace.. maybe 5 or possibly even 6 years old. I thought doing that on purpose is truly a mean thing to do as he was having fun at the expense of my child. I was seething with so much anger I wanted to turn around and bark at his parents, "Oi, how you teach your son one?!"

But I decided to put my anger in check and let Ace learn to deal with it and see how he would react. My son reacted totally in the opposite way lor.. he was totally good natured and he found all that good clean fun and made the stupid indian boy his good friend and held hands and kept playing with him.

Well, I guess since he doesn't see it negatively, there is no point that I do anything. But I will watch tat indian boy VERY CLOSELY from now on. He better dun push the limit too much :) Cos if he does, I am going to TALK TO HIM after class sternly BUT nicely lah.. and tell him that I dun like what he is doing to my son... hahahaha...

Anyway, Max bought Ace two new pair of shoes just so he can do his dancing.. :)

Next, we will be signing Ace up for swimming lessons as well.. hee hee....

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Sunday, October 04, 2009

I Don't Want To Go To School

Whenver Daddy the driver has to work, I will have to bring Ace to school or fetch him home. Whenever that happens, Ace will try to find ways and means NOT to go to school.

And alot of times, he seems to like have thought of the excuse way in advance.

For example, the other day, the moment he woke up, the first thing he said to me is, "Mama, I don't want to go to school because I like Xu Ai and Xu Ai not in my school already..."

But if you take the trouble to ask him a few more questions, you will realize it is becaue he doesnt want to take a bus or walk to school. But if you are taking a taxi to school, he would be ok with it.

I am just amazed he comes up with a different excuse every time.

So far he has also used...

  1. I feel sick I don't want to spread to my friends

  2. I don't like my teacher cos my teacher scold me

  3. I not feeling well and got no strenght

  4. Xu Ai and Tanya don't love me

Hai... why think of so many fanciful excuse? Last time I just skip school and ask my friend to write a letter and say I am not feeling well and sign on behalf of my dad.. hahaha... :P

Oops, ok, bad example.. hahahaha..

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Saturday, October 03, 2009

You Never Wash My Pigu With Soap

Ace has a bad habit of shitting early morning during weekends.

Somehow, when it is a week day and a school-going day, he will laze in bed and refuse to wake up.

BUT come weekend when it is my turn to laze in bed, my good son will want to wake up early in the morning and shit. He will wake up, take off his pants, go to the toilet and poop and when he is done, he will shout loudly, "Mama, I da bian! Mama, I da bian ok already!" and he will shout and shout until I wake up, go wash his bum and then he will be happy.

The other day, I had a super late night and so when he started calling for me to wash his bum, I was oblivious. But still, being the lighter sleeper, I finally was roused awake with all the shouting. (Max somehow just miraculously NEVER ever hears him to wake up.) But because I was so tired, I just mechanically and subconsciously walk to the toilet, take out the shower and just aim at his bum and spray instead of washing it clean with my hands and with soap.

After spraying with a strong jet of water, I just walked back to my bed, happy that I can finally enjoy a good rest.

Alas, very shortly after, he came into my room again and stood there and gave me a woeful face and informed me, "Mummy, I got da bian on my bed..."

That shocked me awake and I asked him why. "Because you never wash my pi gu with soap.." he said.

Turned out that the jet of water was not enough so when he sat down on his bed to put on his pants again, he stained his bed with a little bit of poop.

Well, at least we had a good laugh about it afterward.... :)

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Friday, October 02, 2009


Ace has a few words that he cannot seem to pronounce properly.. and whenever the word has more than 3 syllabus, it will be quite a mouthful for him.

One of the words that Ace cannot pronounce properly is the word 'Together".

He always says, "TogeGer" and so he will say things like, "Let's go to xx togeger...", "Let's do xx togeger..."

So I wonder if it is because he is not ready to pronounce the 'th' sound or because he is so used to pronouncing wrongly.

So the other day when we were talking, I corrected him and taught him how to pronounce the word syllabal by syllabal.

But as soon as he got it, it became a game to say TOGEGER.. and then we both would give a shocked and surprised look (because it is pronounced wrongly again) and then we would both roll around in laughter. He had so much fun that the next time he wanted to say the word together, he remembers to slow down to pronounce it properly...

Sometimes, I would tease him and say "Let's go bath togeGer..." and then he would correct me and make me pronounce correctly with him.. hahhahahaha...It's a very boh liao but fun game that me and him play often...

But well, other than the fact that it is bad english, I thought it is kind of cute and think of it as our family's secret joke/code :)

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Thursday, October 01, 2009


I have been bz recently and haven't had alot of time with Ace. And all of a sudden when I do get to spend time with him, he amazes me with his logic and understanding of things...

For example, doing homework with him is now alot easier. Firstly because he actually recognizes the numbers 1-10 and 11-20 he somewhat recognizes as well... and then he also knows many alphabets. He knows that JOO is part of my name is is pronounced JOO, he can write one word in his chinese name. He can recognize words like 'the', 'is'... etc..

In the past, when I do homework sheets with him, I really have to guide him along by explaining to him every single detail and demonstrate to him a few times before he understands what the worksheet is asking for. Now, all I need to do is to read the instructions to him and he will be able to complete the homework by himself!

And his sense of imagination is now alot more intricate. When he draws things, for example, say, a drawing of a house, other than a house, there are now windows, doors, trees, people staying in the house...

The other day when we went to eat, he noticed that the signboard, unlike when we usually went there, had no lizards and so he asked me why today there are no lizards. "Where did the lizards go?"

I told him the lizards went home and so he asked me where is the lizard's home. When I did not answer him (cos I was thinking of wat to tell him), he told me, "I know why the lizards are not there already..." And then proceeded to tell me what his theory was. He says the uncle used a ladder, climbed up the ladder to reach the signboard and killed all the lizards using a knife... wow, tat's a very detailed description! :)

And then his brain turns very fast. The other day he said he wanted to go Stephanie Jie Jie there to eat (There is vegeterian place called North, South, East, West.. the boss, Stephanie, always gives Ace jelly and chocolates when he finishes his meals quickly by himself), we told him it was close that day and immediately, he said, "What about we eat sushi?" "Again?!" I exclaimed.

"Not again what. We very long never go and eat already..." he said.

Yet another day, after dinner, he requested that he wants to go Gai Gai after dinner and doesnt want to go home. "Where do you want to go?"

"I want to go Tampines Mall.." he said. "To do wat?" I asked him.

"I want to go to the game shop.. the Time Zone. The sky still not dark dark... they not closed yet. And I want to go to the toy shop there...."

Wah, his request not very precise and got very strong logic behind it liaoz.

And the other day, I was supposed to meet LM for dinner and so I told him that because Daddy had to work, he will have to go to Popo's house. He was really upset and insisted that he wanted to go home. So we told him that there is no one at home to feed him or play with him, that is why he has to go to Popo's house.

"Mummy, can I go with you? Can you bring me or not? I want to go together with you..."

"Cannot, mummy want to talk biz with aunty LM.." I told him. "But I will be very quiet, I will not anyhow run, I will not be rude.. I will sit there quietly and be a good boy, can you bring me along or not?"

Hahaha.. he sure knows what I am thinking but too bad lah, me really cannot handle him alone...

Anyway, Ace just never ceases to amaze me and Max...

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