Thursday, August 23, 2018

Onsen With Karen

 Because Karen had recently received some bad news and had been really over stretched, since I still had the onsen credits left from last year, I decided to invite her to go onsen with me...

 Wear yutaka must take photo!

 I must say tat though we are best friends... it is not easy to decide to go onsen together... cos you know lah.. first time we see each other wear so little clothes! hahahaahah

But we had fun. She says it is very relaxing and she had fun :)

After onsen, we decided to eat a hearty meal..

 We saw some props and decided to use them for some pics and pretend we are in Japan!:)

I am so going to Japan some day!

Anyway, Karen said she had alot of fun and will wanna do this again. I am glad she enjoyed herself ;)

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Youth Summit

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Youth Summit

 Ace took part in the Youth SUmmit and so me and my mum went to support him..

The Youth Summit was a series of trainings that took place over a few months and cumulated to a performance...

 That is him BEFORE he left house for his performance..

But leh, sansho shima lor.. jsut before he was due to leave, he cannot find his wallet... walk here and there, traced his steps.. etc... almost wanted to cry... only to find tat it is hidden in his mess in his room!

 Ace performed in the fan performance..

Actually I was really touched.. halfway in the performance, it started to rain but they still danced with joy... I see liao also want to cry cos I remembered how it was for us in Koteketai in the past:)

He even met JX jie jie whom he got to know filming Frontline..... she was performing too!:)

Here is a short video of their performance..

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Best Cousins

Monday, August 20, 2018

Unpacking Memories

Max sent me some of the boxes we had left over at his mum's place when we left for Dubai so I slowly started to unpack them.... And then I went to my mum's place and grandma reminded me i had lots of stuff there I can bring back as well...

First time I packed for the move, already found lots of memorable things... true enough, I found even more memorable things unpacking these boxes...

Found my dad and mum's photos hen they were younger... so ham and so chio siah.... do i look more like my dad or my mum? ;)

 Even found my sis's ROM photos!

I also found some of the deco we had that I forgot we had in our 422 house!

I also found lots of old pics.... taken for me by my mediacorp photographer friend:)

I even found printed copy of my mediacorp articles!

Memories also of my most beautiful mum to be contest...

Photos I took with Karen...  in school when I was 15 and had my hair cut super short for the first time..

Look surprisingly like Ace!

And then more we took at the old marina park when in JC... including the famous Mui Jin Zeh Gao Yee... hahahahaah..

Photo with Ah Zai.. who is also my Shifu... and my secret crush for many years.. hahaahaha.. yes and that was when i was 55kg!

Photos with my fav boyfriend, Yue Fei... hahahahah.. see... 16 years old go and take photo... 18 years old go and take photo again...

Photos with KP, Linda and Ah Huay..

Photos with Ah Hoon!

Even found the Hello Kitty watch that Karen gave me.. She bought in italy during her honeymoon..

And the Hello Kitty Chopsticks Jez bought for me from Korea

And also pic of my grandpa with me.. cute boh me..

 More marina photos...

And photos of my exchange program to Taiwan..


And also I forgot I hve exciting books like these... Dont be misled by the picture okie.. it is spiritual book... SPIRITUAL...

 I also found a piece of cloth from the first cheongsam i bought.. I cut it short to make it into a shorter dress so i can wear after the event i attended...

 I also found pics of me when I was acting as Charlie Chaplin during one of Koteketai's anniversary!

 Anyway, I finally displayed all my Hello Kitty!

Even found the "love letter" my friend wrote to me... oh my god.. brought back so many memories :)

And even all the jewellery I forgot I had.. like my TIfanny ring and rose ring.. :)

ANd my primary school pics!

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Best Cousins