Monday, March 28, 2016

My Body Officially Peng San

The other day, I was happily lying down on bed, preparing to take an  morning nap when I got a call from an unknown handphone number.

When I picked up the call, I heard Ace on the other line telling me, "Mummy, I forgot to let you sign my composition file. My teacher says I have to call you to tell you..."

And I was wondering why he never used his handphone when his teacher took over to talk to me.

Apparently, this year, they are given a composition file and they are supposed to file all the compo work that they have done and every week, when they get the file, they are supposed to ask their parent to sign and file the paper.

For the last semester, our good friend, who is also class monitor has NOT asked me to sign ANY of his compositions... And because every week when his teacher asked him, he will look apologetic, his teacher will just remind him to do it next week. End up, one semester has passed and not once has he passed me to sign.

This semester, his teacher has taken to reminding him everyday and yet he still says he forgot and will do it the next day...

I know he is forgetful but it is not like him to be soooooooooooo forgetful so I promised the teacher I will talk to him when he is home..

When he came home, I asked him what that was all about and told him that it is his duty as a student to actually complete all his homework and homework includes filing his work. He is a big boy already and if he promised his teacher something, he should do it.

At first he kept very quiet....

Then I looked through the file and realized that he scored really badly for all his composition pieces and I asked him if he was afraid to let me sign because of that.

He then admitted that it was because he was waiting and trying to score better so that when he shows me the results, even though he did badly, he can also tell me that he has improved.

I told him that I love him whether he is good in composition or not but composition is actually a SKILL. It is something you can LEARN. It is something you can get better at if you learn how to do it so there is no shame in doing badly.

Also, if he is not doing well, he should tell me and ask for help. When someone is doing something in a certain way and it gives them a certain result, even if they tried harder in the same way, they will not get better results because it is the same method that they are using...

His teacher also mentioned that P5 students will usually see a drop in their results because much more is expected of them at this level.

Anyway, he promised me he will do better and then when I looked through his compo, I found out why he was not scoring well. It seems that he was unable to apply the tricks he learnt at Chinese Compo on english composition. Also, I find that he has strange ideas that are not really accepted I think as normal stories children will write. For example, for a story about a bad habit, most people may write a story about someone using his mobile phone while walking and getting into an accident. But not my son!

My sons story will be about him walking into a dark alley and  knocking into a group of gangsters and getting stabbed as a result! Drama Mama must have DRAMA DRAMA sort of storyline right?:P

It seemed also that he did not have a good grasp of what is expected of him and so sometimes he was out of point.

And then when I was looking through his compo in detail before I signed them off, I really dunno whether to laugh or cry....

The first one was a story of how a boy tripped over something and broke his head and was bleeding all over and then his mother came into the room and saw him lying on the floor with blood all over... and the sentence went like this... "There was no time to lose.... Mother called the ambulance pronto.."

PRONTO? Max didnt even know what that word meant! Hahahahahaha... This word sounded alright in say a comic book or a cartoon.. but who uses them in composition!?

But the following example takes the cake lor!

The second story is about how the main character (first person account) was bullied in school and how his friends laughed at him and kicked him and pushed him... And then he was talking about how upset he felt that his friends treated him this way.... and then the main character says... wait for it.... wait for it...

"My heart was officially broken..."


His teacher canceled it and wrote instead "I was heartbroken..."


I think that phrase looks ok as lyrics of a love song or as part of a script of a book like Dairy of a Whimpy Kid... but not really in a composition in Singapore!

I tell you ah... MY BODY OFFICIALLLY PENG SAN when I read that! Hahahahaha..

Anyway, if I am Ah Q and look on the bright side, I guess I can say my boy is expressive and creative...:)

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Transport Exhibition And Dinner With Godma Annie

So Max was away at work in HK and we had nothing to do on a PH... so when Godma Karen suggested that we meet up to watch Zootopia and visit the Bus Exhibition in Habour Front, I said ok...

We arranged to meet and catch the movie, lunch and then proceed to the exhibition.

OMG, it was such a terrifying experience to visit HF during PH. It was people mountain people sea... Just looking at the sheer amount of people made me tired...

We watched Zootopia and it was a fantastic movie... at one touching part, I caught Ace turning around to see if I was weeping:) hahahhaha.... And I told Ace afterwards, I think all Singaporeans should watch it because it is about not having prejudice against poeple and people living in harmony... just like in Singapore!:)

THen we went for lunch... Ace wanted to eat Jap food but there was such a long queue, I suggested we go eat something else instead.. And Ace was grumpy... but went along with the suggestion...

The food was not great but at least we had good company:) Then it was time to go to the exhibition...

Actually, it was sooooooooooooooo crowded that I totally no mood to take picture lor.. I only took the pictures below cos it was part of some do and event, get a chop and exchange for a goody bag thingy....

It was nice to see all the told tickets and stuff but the sheer crowd made me not want to slowly look look see see or read all the details as well.. I think I enjoyed the Army exhibition and the Navy one... or even the Police ones more...

But it was nice to see the old buses with these old seats...

And old signs all rusted with age...

Remember these windows?:)

These grills?

So enough of the buses of the yesteryears, here are new buses that are coming our way in the later part of the year.. we are supposed to visit the two different designs and vote... Ace was just happy to see a CHARGING STATION in the bus:)

Then we hang around for a fair bit and I decided that it was time to go for dinner:)

We arranged to meet Annie godma in City Hall and when we reached there, OMG... it was like a dead town compared to HF!

I feel so much more relaxed there in City Hall because there were not alot of people everywhere....

We walked around aimlessly cos we were early and then we saw that they were organizing a colouring competition.. so I asked Ace if he wanted to join... I just thought it will be nice to sit down:)

We sat at this table andthere was someone who coloured halfway and left this there.. so nice leh.. why din they complete it and take part in the competition?

THen I got hungry and ask Annie Godma was already here, I asked Ace to finish the rest at home and make our way to eat dinner!:)

Ace ordered his usual favorites and when godma Annie ate the ONLY mushroom in his veggie tempura, he pouted..and so his godma ordred another plate of tempura that only had MUSHROOMS:) hahahahaha...

That is his happy face when he saw the mushrooms!:)

All in all, a satisfying meal... and godma didnt even realize that time flew by till she reached home and realized we had been eating and chatting for 4 hours!:) hahahaha..

Thanks to Ace's two godmas again for the treats (Godma Karen treated lunch, Godma Annie treated dinner) ... next time our treat ok!

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Mr Scaredy Cat

So the other day, Ace came home and quickly told me that he did not score too well for the mock math test. Out of 30, he only scored 10.5....

WHich is quite unusual for him!

I asked him why did he score so poorly and he said the test happened on a day that he did not bring money and did not eat during recess.. because he was too hungry, he was unable to concentrate at all!

I was like... "Wah lau eh.. wat kind of lame excuse is that? You never bring money can borrow from friends mah... you choose to go play instead of eat right??"

I told Ace I was very disappointed because this CLEARLY is not his usual standard and it told me that he did not give his best lor... Because it was an easy paper and he lost points because he could not finish fast enough.. the last part are story sums which had higher weightage and he barely did them at all. Given that it is a simple test, he should not take such a long time to complete the first portion...

And then Ace said he also did not put his heart into it and promised he will do better...

WHen his dad came home, he told his dad about his POOR results and kenna another round of nagging... But he also quickly informed his dad that he scored highest in his class for the science test. He scored 40.5 out of 50 and was highest in class and so his dad rewarded him with a treat at a dessert shop.

And then leh, I bought some assessment book for him to do and found that he got the answers quick and good. I asked him why the vast difference given that it is the same topic and he said.. "I already told you because I was hungry but you dun believe!"

Hahahahaha... ok.. so hungry man is not only angry man but a cannot zoh gang man...

And so we put this unpleasant past behind us and moved forward...

But leh, not long after, I received a call from school...

I was having a nap and then I got a call from a number I had not seen before. When I picked up the call, it was Ace on the other line...

"Mummy, my teacher says I have to call you because I never let you sign my composition file.

Turned out that our good friend has this composition file and since week one of school, his teacher has asked the to bring their work home for their parents to sign and for one whole semsester, he has not done so and his teacher just said to do so next week.

After the one week holiday, when semester two started, I still did not see the file and Ace did not show me any of his work and so his teacher reminded him EVERYDAY from monday, tuesday, wednesday.... each time he said he was sorry he forgot and he looked so apologetic that she cannot help but give him another chance.

So by Thursday, his teacher got fed up and decided to make him call me....

When he reached home that day, I asked him why I had to get such a call from his teacher. I told him that his job as a student was to get his work done and handed in on time and work does not just mean homework. If he was assigned to get something signed, that is his homework as well.

And then I niam niam niam....

After that, I asked for the file and when I looked through, I finally realized why he did not let me sign the compositions. Apparently, Mr Scaredy Cat had failed all his compositions BADLY and so I asked him whether he was thinking of scoring better before he sent to me for signature and he asked, "How you know.." Of course I know! I am your laobu!

Anyway, I explained to Ace there is no shame in doing badly if that is the best he has done. I was hard on him on the math because that was not his best... but for this one, I know he has done his best... and composition like any other thing is just a SKILL that you can master and learn...  if he had told me earlier, I could have helped him earlier with it too.... cos his laobu used to be a writer leh.. dun pray pray okie:) hahahaha...

So, I bought a book recommended by another friend who is a tutor to help him understand about the various aspects of composition writing and how to score. True enough, with a little guidance and his newfound knowledge, the next compo he did, he passed and improved from those 11/40 to a 28/40... so I told him, "See, you let me sign earlier, you would have gotten higher marks earlier:)" 

PS: The other day, we were chatting and he was a little dejected... cos he said that it seemed that everyone is better than him. If he scored 21, there is always someone scoring 22 and people around him seem to do better than him all the time.... only occasionally he is better than them...

I explained to him that he is in a class that is made up of people who have better results now due to the P4 streaming they had to group them together.. and I told him I noticed he has not been really focused lately so it could be possible that these people worked harder and were more focused. Whether they scored better may be important but most important really was that he gave his all.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Free Umbrella

 Recently, there is a new bus being launched in the area we live in.... by who else other than Victor Lye who is working hard to regain more votes in the next election:) hahaha...

But we don't really care for a bus that only goes to town in the morning lah.. it is for the working class... but we found out that they are going to give away umbrellas during their launch....

So leh, since we were free that day, me and Ace decided to go attend the launch... Cos, well, we needed an extra umbrella at home cos our umbrella pizhar already:) hahahahahah...

Ace was so excited... being a typical yau kwee singaporean, he said, "Mummy, two of us go, we can get TWO UMBRELLAS!"

So when the day came, we dutifully appeared at the bus stop at the allocated time... but hor ,we waited for 10 min and never see the bus.... they also only gave us brochure and NO UMBRELLA though they had lots of umbrellas on hand. I asked Ace to go ask for an umbrella and he said, "You ask lah... you ask lah..." And nudged me..

And then one of the uncle started giving out umbrellas liao and then I asked Ace to go get one from him.. then Ace walked over to take one. We waited another few minutes but still cannot see the bus and decided we better go back home for dinner:) hahahahaha...

When we were walking home, I teased Ace... "I tot you said that you are going to take two? How come you only took one umbrella? There are two of us mah... You said two people take two mah..."

"No lah mummy, I paiseh lah... paiseh paiseh..." and he used his hand to cover his face to show that he is embarrased to be so YAO GWEE.. hahahahaa:)

Good initiative but not very well thought out launch event though:)

I must say those RC members really very gao gang to support this. Some rushed down after work to help.... some brought their family along to help. Too bad when they approached people who alight from the bus, people just walked away quickly... thinking they trying to sell something or wat:) hahahaha...

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What is the most important thing in life?

The other day, Ace came home from school and asked me, "Mummy, what is the most important thing in your life?"

"You lor... I told him...

And then I asked him what was the most important thing for him...

"The most important thing of my life is... MY LIFE... because... if i dun have my life, then it is worthless..." he said.

I get his logic but also saw it as a good chance to expand his view a little..

I explained to him that no life is worthless however long or short. For examples, there are babies who may be born for a shot while and leave us like the baby who is sick that we prayed for the other day. The baby died in the end but his life is not worthless because his life is a good reminder to us that we should treasure what we have and live life to the fullest:)

So, even short lives are worth something...

But tat being said, it is also true that our lives are truly important and that is why we have to make good use of it..

I asked him why he suddenly asked me this question and he said he actually was discussing with his friends this topic about what is the meaning of life..

Gosh, I never discussed THAT with my friends when I was 11 lor!:)

PS: That is Ace with his new hairdo.. the uncle used mousse on him and Ace said he liked it. He just did not like it that styling gels had strong smells and were hard to wash off. I am thinking of buying some gel that doesnt smell too strong and easy to wash off... any suggestions?

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Wild Honey Again

Daddy has declared Wild Honey his current favorite breakfast place:)

The other day, since we were all free to do breakfast together, Max suggested that we go Wild Honey again:)

Ace and me tried something different but Max stuck to his fav Mexican breakfast:)

We realized there is a chocolate shake for kids and it was half the price of the usual one... and when it came, we found out why... cos it was half the size:) hahahaha... Asked Ace to take a picture with it and he insisting on HIDING the glass:)

Cheeky little boy:)

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ah Yee Loves You
The other day, Ah Yee told me that she was searching for something online and came across this blogpost she did of Ace and he says I should show him so that he knows that Zhen Popo used to give him all the attention she is giving Cay now and he dun feel shortchanged... cos he was given tat attention at that age too.. it is just that he does not remember now...

So leh, we found a few of Ah Yee's posts and read... and Ace realized... not only that Zhen Popo loves him.. but Ah Yee and Nett Nett also loves him very much.. he read and laughed out loud with me and afterwards, he had a smile on his face the whole day:)  I reminded him that though Ah Yee likes to disturb him, she really loves him so much lor.. when he was young, she would buy him snacks and clothes all the time.... like every other week also got new stuff for him lor...

This one AH Yee wrote when Ace was born...

Thursday, July 07, 2005i wanted to blog about...

1) the birth of my baby nephew, BABY ACE, and how he is absolutely the cutest cutest cutest baby i've ever set eyes on. for those who knew me, u know i am never a kids or pets person.

and i for one used to think that all infants look alike. I remembered mths back when KW proudly showed me the picture of his new born baby, he was proudly beaming to me and asking me: cute mah?? Cute mah??

Seriously at that point of time, wat I saw in the pic is just another baby lor. All infants look more or less the same, tiny eyes, tiny nose, tiny mouth, tiny hands, tiny legs. Wat so cute.

infact i HATE children and babies cause they are all so IRRITATING. oh but when i set eyes on baby ACE, i realised that cute babies do exist. and even when he cries, i find his wailing so soothing and not really that irritating.

presenting to you

Image hosted by
baby ace... im not bull shitting right?? he is really sooooooooooooooooo cute right??


Friday, August 05, 2005
 4 adults & a baby

Had actually wanted to blog about the past weekend.

U know, it really aint easy being a mommy, taking care of a baby.

Last sat sis left baby ace at our place for an afternoon. And it took 4 adults, momo, dad, me and grandma (total ages adding to 200+) to take care of the infant.

We wanted to let the baby sleep, but he wouldn���t. Maybe he misses his mama���s smell. Maybe he finds our house unfamiliar. He simply wont sleep. I say: momo bed too smelly lahz. Haha.

I was taking a nap on momo bed and momo rested him beside me, thinking that I can help keep an eye on the baby while I sleep. But he only slept not longer than 20 mins and started crying. And being the loving ah yee that I am, I have to talk to him, sayang him until momo came to carry him away and I continue my sleep. Then, after he fell asleep in momo arms, she lay him down beside me again. And again, he slept for not longer than 20 mins and started crying again. This happens 3 times. The 3rd time, I bey tahan I told him: diam ah. But I think baby ace is too young to understand hokkien.

Then it was passing baton session. First momo carried him, then grandma carried him, then dad carried him, till we settle him down in the pram. But that���s not the end, we have to rock the pram thru and fro to stop him from crying, and keep talking to him.

Phew, really not easy man. And momo keep asking me to sms sis to ask her to come home early. Haha.

By the end of the day, I got a headache.

Then the next day got fever.

I think I am not the nanny type. But I think baby ace likes me. Cause every time I carry him or talk to him, he will smile at me. Hee.
Here is one Ah Yee wrote when Ace was 3-4 months old... about how she helped to take care of Ace

Friday, August 19, 2005
My Thursday

Was on leave yesterday.

As bro in law was out for sailing on wed and thurs, the initial plan was that I will go over to sis place on wed night and stay there for the night. Then go shopping with baby ace on thurs. but in the end, at momo persistence (sis dun wan momo to grumble on this issue for the next 10 years), she and baby ace slept at our place instead.

Thursday morning, 7.30am. Was woken up by momo. She carried ace in and said : ace say good morning to ah yee. Then she proceeded to the window, draw the curtain to let ace see the outside scenery.

Sometimes I really think that parents, after they have a grandchild, their son/daughter got no more placements in their hearts anymore.

I took leave. I dun have to go work. Momo knows. But yet she chose to come disturb my sleep. And she knows that on days I dun have to work, I always sleep late. She knows I sleep late. She knows I am perpetually always lack of sleep. And yet she purposely brought ace to wake me up.

And y I say purposely? Cause sis says that while she was in her room, she carried ace and told him : come, lets go wake ah yee up.

She is instilling the wrong values to the baby!! Wen baby ace grows up, he will think its ok to wake pple up from their sleep, especially ah yee. CANNOT!!

Anyway, our shopping expedition turn out to be a nua at home session mainly due to the following:

the sky was quite dark. We were afraid it will rain halfway.
baby ace kept asking for milk. There was no time to prepare
baby ace kept sleeping also.
sis kept sleeping also. She feeling abit under the weather.
1 kept sleeping also. I was woken up at 7.30am lor.

Basically the pattern went: ace sleep. When he was awake, sis was sleeping. When she was awake, my turn to be sleeping. So ended up we stayed at home and nua for the whole day. Hee hee.

But I think I am getting better at taking care of babies. Well, I manage to :

Pat baby ace to sleep
Carry him up when he is lying down. (previously when he is lying down I dun dare carry him up cause he is so fragile)

But alas, I woke up with a bad headache today. Dun tell me I am really not suited to take care of babies??

But I think the culprit behind my headache is not because I took care of ace lah. I think its due to my lack of sleep. And who is the culprit behind my lack of sleep?? MOMO!!

This is the one Ah Yee wrote about how Zhen Popo was so excited when Ace was going over stay when me and Max went on a holiday....

a special guest is coming over to my place to stay for the next 2 days!! he arrived at my place this morning at about 6 am. and momo and grandma are so excited about his arrival that they were up at 5+, eagerly anticipating his arrival.

and sway sway me was woken up by them. :(

why do i always kena woken up when i am on leave (yes, i am on leave today to attend to the special guest)???

anyway, back to the 2 excited obasans. there were so anxious that they kept walking back and forth. infact, grandma stationed herself by the window and when she saw his car arriving at the carpark, she excitedly shouted: lai le!! lai le!! (come already, come already)

and when i meant shout, she really shouted cause i think she alarmed our neighbour. we saw neighbour open their wooden door to see what happened.

and grandma proceeded to open the door at lightning pace. i wanted to tell her: mai kan jeong. from the carpark to the lift to the stairs and to our place takes time lor. special guest dunno how to teleport yet.

so about 5 mins later, special guest appeared at my doorway. the 2 aunties fretted over him, hugged him, brought him to the room and made sure he is comfortable with his room for the next 2 nights.

dad came over alightly earlier than usual as well and went to check on special guest the moment he stepped in.

and who is this special guest i was talking about that got all of us so excited?? he is none other than...
drum rolls

yo, u talking abt me??

yeah lah, my darling nephew, baby ace. sis and bro in law went HK for holiday so baby ace is staying with us for the next 2 days.

he machiam like some superstar lidat. hah. :)

Ace called me again!!
Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ace called me again!! This time, he called me ah yee loud and clear, not like the past, where he will just say yeeeee (which sounds like ” eeeeeee” yucks).

Happened few nights ago, I was in the room chatting with mummy while waiting for a very active ace to fall asleep. He was so active that he was rolling around, climbing around, and knocking his head around. His favourite action is to slump himself on mummy’s already very flat tummy. And when he was slumping himself on mummy, mummy said: OUCH!! And he happily repeated what mummy has said, ouch, ouch, ouch.

So I told him: ace, say ah yee, ah yee, ah yee. And he really repeated after me loud and clear, AH YEE. Haha. So I asked him to say ah yee again, and he did again!!

Upon seeing this, mummy quickly joined in and said: ace, say wai po, po po... He kept quiet.

Mummy, never giving up, tried again: ace, say po po... Po po... Ace kept quiet for about 5 seconds, and then he started rolling around again and saying: neh neh neh. Mummy was DL but I think she got used to it already lah. Haha.

I told mummy, 同人不同命, 羡慕不来的!! Haha. waiting for the day ace will come and tell me: ah yee, 带我去玩!! or ah yee, 你是最棒 的!!
Oct 2007

parenthood training

Net and I had a taste of parenthood on last sat morning. Mummy has to work that sat and daddy is fetching her there, max and sis are having a rendevous night out at a secret hotel they dun wanna tell us. So Net and I have to take care of Ace while the rest of the family are away.

Ace woke up at 5.30am. Mummy left work at 7. So only ace, net and me were left in the house. Both net and I were tired. But ace was energetic. We tried to rock him, bluff him to sleep but didn't work. In the end we just left him in our room and we slept. I slept on the inner side or the bed that is facing the wall and poor net was on the outside, so ace took his magna doodle and asked net to draw something every 5 mins or so. Or he would take something from the table and pass it to net.

At 9+, daddy came back. And we were relieved, but only for a short while. We were sleeping happily with no disturbance when we were suddenly woken by daddy screaming: EEEEEEE... 大便!! Ace 臭臭!! 快点去找 ah yee!! And I was like “$%^&#^!! Why must look for me?!?!?!” So we were woken up again and daddy insists that I have to wash up ace because he is going marketing and left. So net, me and a smelly ace were left in the house again.

So I had to bring ace to bath and net took off his clothes and diapers. And ace’s shit is damn smelly. And because most of the time he don't really chew his food well, we can see bits of undigested food in his shit. YUCKS!! So it took both of us, both net and I to bathe ace. Basically net was holding on to ace so that he dun run around and I was the one doing the dirty job of wiping the shit away, cleaning his ass. My first time cleaning shit was given to ace... Boo hoo hoo. After bathing him, we changed him and decided to bring him out for some breakfast.

We went to parkway and had BK breakfast. Basically ace was quite 乖 that day. He did not ask us to carry him when we put him down and told him he has to walk and he gladly gave us his hand to 拉拉. Sometimes he even insisted that both of us held his hands when we walk. After breakfast, we bought him to a big pet shop at marine parade and he was happy to see so many fishes and small animals.

ace learning to use the fork n knife...

He will point to the fishes and say: fish
he sees the puppy labrador, he points to the glass and say: dog dog... Woof woof
He sees the rabbit drinking water and he says: rabbit 喝水
He sees the rabbit sleeping and he says: rabbit ooi ooi
He sees the ginue pig and say: cat cat. Meow meow.

Haha. After the pet shop, we passed by a playground with lots of kids playing and so we decided to let him play there for a while. I think ace is very happy to see so many little children he ran here, ran there and shouted. After sometime, we decided it was getting late and time to go home. Once in the car, he slept soundly all the way home. We guessed he must be very tired since he woke up so early and walked so much. But the moment he reached home and I placed him on the mattress, he woke up jumped around again. But by then, daddy, grandma were home so we sort of handed him back to them. Keke.

i am king of the playground!!!

Just a morning with ace and both of us were shagged out. Net told me at night that his arms were aching from carrying ace. Haha. Its really not easy bringing a toddler out cos you have to be very alert and on your toes and make sure u can catch up with them when they suddenly run off. You have to think of ways to entertain them so that they sit quietly on the chair while you eat, you have to make sure they don't fall or get pushed or knocked by other kids while at the playground. Similarly, you also have to make sure that they will not push or knock other kids, or worse, fight with other kids for the swing or something.

And I realised that when I brought ace out, I didn't prepare any extra pampers, I didn't bring any jacket (he was wearing a singlet and we were at a shopping centre and the air con is quite cold. Im not sure if he is cold. But I guess not :p). But all in all I think its good training.

When the 3 of us are walking, net told me that a lot of people looking at us. I told him they must have thought that ace is our son. Net said: but he don't look like me at all mah. me: that's y they look mah!! Kekeke.


2007 January

the sweetest sound

Yesterday I almost melted... Of happiness, of course... :)

Recently, Ace has a new favourite word and that is : BYEEEEE. When he wants you to leave, he will tell u byeeeee.... Before he goes to bed he will come to us and tell us byeeee... And he will wave his hand too. Very cute.

Yesterday, he pooed and sis was bringing him to the bathroom to wash his bon bon and he kept standing by the kitchen doorway and waved to mummy, max and me and kept saying byeeeee. So I told him: ace, since u can say byeeee so clearly, why dun you say yeeeeee?? And right after that, he said: yeeeee. Loud and clear!! :D :D :D Wah, happiness is me man. And I went over to hug him. And when sis pulled him away to bring him to the bathroom, he ran to give me a hug again. Wahseh, almost melted man. Cant wait for the day ace will tell me: ah yeee I love you. :D Ah yee loves you too, ace. Ah yee will love you unconditionally.

It was so sweet to read all these posts:)  No wonder Ace had a smile on his face the whole day that day:) hahahaha...

PS: Ace told me his classmates found out he has a blog about him and went to read his blog and they all told him "Eh, you very cute when you were a baby leh..." hahahaha

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Play Date And Fancy Dinner

Ace is always asking for playdates with his good friends and so Aunty KP and I arranged for another playdate for him and LL. Because I had not been to PIP BOX before, I was happy to bring Ace there when KP suggested it...

On our way, Ace saw this piano and tried to play with it..

Saw this picture and found it quite cute.. reminds me of the Angel wings I had grown:)

And finally we are that the PIP BOX...

Truth to be told... I feel it is probably more suitable for younger children. Inside, they had a art and craft corner and some art materials... there is also a small area for children to hide, some wooden toys for toddlers... some story books and lots of masks and movable seats and shapes for the children to play with...

Since we were early, Ace decided to explore the place by himself first..

Ace was so fascinated with this OHP he found. Seems like schoool these days dun use OHP liaoz:)

He then found this corner which he says is a good place to play in and he will CHOPE this place for LELE... hahahaha

And then he decided to go play with the OHP again...

Here is a "play" he did... pardon the noisy background noise and the "extras" running across the screen...

Then LL arrived and I was bz chatting with KP and did not take any pics:) But the kids had fun:)

I am always amazed at how LL understands Ace so well. Before we left our house, Ace told me, "I have to tell Lele to bring the light sabre... Cos then we can play with it.."

But i thought the light sabre is too heavy and so mafan to bring.. so I DID NOT tell KP about this...

Despite that, when KP was preparing to go meet us, he packed the two light sabres and told his mother, "I have to bring this because Ace likes to play with this!"

Is this 默契or what man:) hahahah.....

Anyway, afterwards we made our way to meet up with Annie Godma for dinner. Because it took much shorter time to walk there than to take a bus there, I suggested to Ace that we walk and he was ok with it...

We walked from the esplanade through to Raffles place and as we were walking over, Ace told me... "Mama... this place makes me sad..."  I asked him why and he said, "This is the place where we waved goodbye to Lee Kwan Yew forever in the rain..."I am so surprised that he still remembers that... and that he still feels sad about it...

Strangely, when we arrived, Ace kept telling me that his eyes are not feeling well. So strange lor.. when he was playing his eyes were ok.. suddenly nothing to play liao.. eyes not feeling well...

We arrived at the fancy Jap restaurant and were seated in VIP room wor...

I asked Ace to rest and close his eyes first while waiting for godma to arrive.. sigh.. so beautiful a room but Ace cannot enjoy.. I hope he can last through the dinner...

They gave us some warm towels to clean our hands and Ace said they made his eyes feel good..

By the time godma Annie came and ordered food... miraculously, Ace was ok again!:)

And the whole night, he was at his best... saying lame jokes and making his godma laugh so hard:)

Ace ordered one set of inari and tamago sushi and for his mains, he had his favourite udon noodle soup with vegetable tempura:)

Me and Godma Annie also had lots of yummy foods:)

Ace loved the dessert so much he ordered two portions!

When we reached home, Ace said I have to take a photo of this card and send to his godma...

I asked him why is he telling so many lame jokes and he said, "Because godma is not very happy mah... so I do my best to cheer her up..."

No wonder this godma so sayang this little boy lah:)

Thanks to Annie godma for the wonderful meal! We had such a good time!:) hahahahaha...

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