Friday, August 29, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me! ;)

This year's birthday was extra meaningful:) hahaha..

The only mei zhong bu zu is that my hubby is not back to celebrate with me...

Woke up bright and early that day and first task of the day was actually to go and baby sit my grandma...

My grandma's helper had to go marketing and so I had to help baby sit lor. Before she left, I asked what I should do if grandma wants to go toilet and she said no worries cos Grandma is wearing diapers.

It was quite an experience to babysit my grandma.. I haven't been around much in the past few years and everytime I came home, she seems to have deteriorated in health and in her mental faculties as well.

When I arrived, I told her who I am and tried to chat with her.. She looked tired and I asked her if she wanted to sleep or rest but she kept telling me that her room is very crowded and there is no bed for her. I told my mum later heng now is no longer 7th month.. hahaha.. my dad says probably her memory is at the place where they used to stay and rent bunks before they came over to Singapore.

I feel a little sad to see my grandma struggling with words sometimes but I am glad I have a chance to be by her side.

And then suddenly, she said ok she wants to sleep but when I brought her to her bed, she said she wanted to go to the toilet.. wah, sweat. I was thinking.. oh dear, what should I do now and how should I help her... thankfully, she walked over to the toilet and forgot that she said she wanted to go toilet and walked out into the living room again..

When her helper came home, I had to rush back and this time be in service of my other grandmother:) hahahaa.. I promised to bring my grandma to the bank to help her settle some of her errand...

And so, I spent most of my day running errands for my grandmas but I felt very happy :)

In the evening, I got to celebrate once at home (cos my sis bought a cake but we din take photos cos everyone dressed very lok kok.. hahaha...) and once more with my in laws...

Again, it looks like Ace's birthday :) wahahaha

Wahaha.. candid SADAKO shot cos I was trying to look up into the camera:)

While Max was not around, he did send me some flowers lah... nice boh:)

Only thing hor.. is that...

Until now in October, my ah lau still havent had a chance to bring me out for 1 to 1 celebration yet:) wahahahahahaa... I asked him to bring me out and he said.. "But already October now! We celebrate something else lah.. " But we got nothing else to celebrate until Feb leh:) wahahahaaha...

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Birthday Celebration WIth Godma Annie

Godma Annie said that she has not been able to celebrate Ace's birthday with him cos we were in Dubai.. and so she decided she will celebrate both our birthdays together:)

She even ordered an ice cream for us to sing birthday song:) Wahahahaa...

And of course, there was a lot of yummy food!:)

Really thankful to her... so paiseh, let her treat us both...

Told Ace when her godma celebrates her birthday, he must give her a treat too:) Hahaa...

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

LHE Fund Raising With Stormtroopers!

Shortly after the LB fund raising, there was another fund raising flag day.

Since me and Ace had nothing on, I decided to bring him out again to take part. As Max returned to Dubai by then, we went by ourselves lah.. and I also had a chance to take a look at his fund raising prowess...

When we arrived, Ace told me things like, "The young people won't donate one.. must ask the older people..."

So I thought like he is very expert like that.

But leh, when I followed him out, I noticed that he is quite shy.. he does not dare to walk up to people.. and even if he did, he did not dare to hold out his tin to other people.

He will keep walking round and round and then look like an aimless lost soul like that.

Got one aunty see he so poor thing, came up to him to donate and told him to walk up to people to ask them..

And then leh, I realized for him, as he is a kid and he is shy. It is best that he just stand in ONE PLACE and hold his tin out and SMILE.

And true enough, that is a good strategy.. wahahaha..

On that day, one of my friends also brought another friend along to help volunteer together with us. They belong to the local Stormtroopers group and are going to dress up as a storm trooper (white) and the other one dressed as shadow stormtrooper.

When my friend A started dressing up, the very curious Ace went up to KPO.. hahahaa. A gor gor asked Ace to help him and the very cute Ace instead of helping just wanted to try out the mask and find out if all the weapons A is carrying are real.. ahahaha..

He says they are way cool and that he wants to become part of their team and have his own outfit too:) wahahaha

We were tasked to be escorts of A and all Ace wanted to do.. instead of getting donations is talk to A gor gor! Wahaahaha... wah lau, boh zoh gang!

Really thankful for their help!

Cos usually when we do flag day, people just donate 20 cents or what. But hor, with the Stormtroopers around, many people will want to take photo and if they take photo, instead of 20 cents, they will donate 2 dollars!

And it is really not easy cos there are many layers in the outfit and it is not very breathable and it is also not very light! Really salute our two stormtrooper volunteers lor!:)

And I am very heartened to see that there are many many kind, generous souls around. Many aunties also donated because they say, "It must be tough to be in this outfit.." and they donating for A's effort.

Once person even came up and told A that she is donating to A because he brought a smile to her face:)

But hor, with my own personal experience, the people who are least well dressed, will be most generous. And this time, we met many like this.. like this aunty.. moment she heard for old folks home.. she dig out all the coins and spare change in her wallet and donated everything!

There was another wierd wierd uncle in shabby clothing. but he donated $50.. and on top of that, he walked around and kept donating to our various volunteers and I think he donated a few hundred dollars in total:) See, cannot judge a book by its cover!

Ace is happiest that he met his kindergarten classmate, D, there! So we promptly took a photo together!:)

There was this other little boy who volunteered with his dad. He was more outgoing and will shout out loud, "Please donate to the LIons HOme For the Elders!" Well done!:)

One of our senior Lions asked Ace to put on his vest and encouraged him to become a lion when he grows up:) Hahaha..

But for now, he is our club's youngest lion:) wahahaha...

Godma and Godpa also brought P along to volunteer.. but they were at another location. It was about lunch time and they came to jio us for lunch together..

The god brother and sister are very happy to see each other again:)

Ace was also restless and I very paiseh, tell A we go for lunch first as he said he wanted to continue all the way till 1pm..

When we were walking to the foodcourt.. we saw these little furry animals.. you can ride if you pay. Ace wanted to ride but I wouldn't hear of it. He so big liao.. plus.. so ex leh.. $5 for only one ride. Lasts only about a few minutes.. not very wu hua...

But leh, our good friend go and incite his god sister to say, "We want to ride, we want to ride!" after having lunch and the two of them cheered at the top of their voice.

As P's grandparents were with us.. in the end, Ah gong soft hearted and gave in and paid for one ride and we told them to share... So Ace helped P control the elephant and they went two rounds around the place..

Anyway, it was a great experience for me as well:)

Once and again, many many thanks to my friend and his kaki for volunteering and helping out!:)

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Popo has a new trick to get Ace to chant more:) wahahaha..

Now everytime Ace asked to borrow Popo's tablet, she will request that he chant 15 minutes first..

The other day, Ace wanted to watch his favourite youtube videos on Popo's tablet and requested for it.. and so Popo said he can do so if he chants for 15 minutes first...

Cheeky C saw gor gor chanting and also monkey see, monkey do!:) wahahaha...

I think the happiest person is Popo.. cos she get a chance to see both her grandsons chanting together!:) Haha..

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I Want To Bring Food To School

More updates about Ace's sense of "budget consciousness" ... Hahahaha

The other day, Ace asked if for the next week, he could bring food to school everyday so that he can save money.

I thought.. "Wah, 我的儿终于开窍了!" And was rather happy.

But turns out leh, I was happy too early...

On Thursday, I had to pick Ace up from school because he had an excursion and while we were on our way home, he was chatting with me and showing all the goodies that he bought from school.

And not just that... for the past few days, he has been coming home with one or two toys everyday. I did not want to say anything but at this point, I asked him.. how much does he have left.

It was a thursday and not even friday yet and our good friend only had $0.50 left!!

Wah lau eh..

I told him I am not going to pack lunch for him anymore. I mean, what is the point, right? I never pack lunch for him, on a thursday, he had $2.50 left. I pack for him, he had less left! Then why should I pack for him if his purpose is to any how spend his money?

And then leh, he said he was sorry and the next time he asked me to pack lunch for him, he left his wallet at home so that he definitely will not spend the money...

Ok lah.. i console myself. At least there is some sort of "improvement" in his self control:) hahaha

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Together In To-Gather Cafe

While we were in Dubai, I was told that there is a new cafe that opened near our new place and that the food is not too bad:)

So leh, when I came back this time, I made it a point to go with one of my friends.. somehow, I remembered that there are quite a number of vegeterian choices and so I suggested that Max and Ace go with me on another occasion.

But leh, turns out that I remembered wrongly lor.

There were very few, if not.. NO vegetarian options at all lor. Alamak...  where got so jia lat de cafe or restaurant one? Even when we asked if they can make vegeterian food for us, they initially say cannot and then  yee yee orh orh so long then finally say they can do scrambled eggs and a mushroom spaghetti for us..

First time I go to a food place that say cannot do vegeterian food lor..

Anyway, the food was so so lah.. the scrambled egg has some wierd taste inside... i dunno wat.. it is like they added celery water or wat into the egg.. so while Ace was initially happy to see his dish.. he eat until very xin ku then finish as he hates celery..

But the chicken chop i ordered was not too bad lah. It reminded me actually of the chicken chop we used to eat at the Bizad Canteen during uni time:)

Max said his mushroom spagh also nothing to shout about...

But I read the dessert was good so I was banking on it to make Max and Ace change their bad impression about this place.. after all, I was the one who suggested this place and i felt bad they did not enjoy the meal as much as I did..

We ordered the chocolate lava cake and a slice of cheesecake.. chocolate lava cake was good but cheesecake was well.. so so onli leh..

So.. too bad. Even though we live nearby.. I dun think we will go there very often lah... unless they come up with more vegeterian options in the near future:)

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