Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Yet Another Weekend

This year's weather was a little sudden. It was quite warm and it suddenly turned cold very fast and my body did not really have time to get use to it..

Over the weekend, Max says we can go and watch a movie and I suggested Frozen since there wer many good reviews about it...

But first, we decided to eat Appam in Paragon Restaurant... Max said we were coming home first after that, and so I just wore my normal clothes and brought along a scarf.. Alas, that was NOT ENOUGH to keep warm...

That is Ace trying to be funny at the restaurant..

Last minute.. Max changed his mind and decided we will go direct and so we went to watch the show in DM..
Took the chance to help Ace take a photo to take part in the Hamley's favourite bear competition that might help him win an ipad!:)

Then while waiting for the movie to start, we went to walk walk and Ace and Max were looking at people ice skating and discussing if we should go one day:)

After that, we watched the movie and I must say I was a little disappointed with the movie. It started out strong and had wonderful melodies but midway, the story just sort of petered off and the ending felt like a fast wrap because they ran out of budget.. so I was quite disappointed..

I asked Ace which is his favourite character.. it was not the prince, or the brave hero.. but the SNOWMAN... I guess it is cos Ace sees himself as the CLOWN of the family.. hahaa

After the movie, we walked past the skating rink and saw many people crowding around.. we took a look and realized that there was a performance.

Santa skating:) hahaha...

Then leh, had to do the obligatory visit to Hamley's before we can go home..

Ace building lego...

Then after that, on the way home, Max decided we better go get my pair of running shoes. You see, some time back, I was feeling really bored and so when Max suggested tat I joint he stand chart run.. i dunno wat came over me and i actually agreed!

AFter choosing long and hard, bought this pair of blue shoes:)

To my surprise though, Ace told me that he can actually wear my shoes and that he likes my shoes because they are bouncy.. wahaha;)

And after a long day out.. in and out of aircon into cold weather.. I started sniffing... and that was how and why I was sick all the way from 2013-2014.. Ace was no better and caught a flu too.. I dunno is he spread to me or I spread to him lah.. anyway, we were both down and out...

I was so worried that I wouldnt get better because we had plans to watch the new years eve fireworks.. but wat the hell, I am going to go anyway.. wahahaha :)

Anyway, moral of the story, always go out with your jacket during winter time no matter how short a time you think you are just going out...

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Like Father Like Son

Like father like son lah..

Nowadays, Ace likes to go about topless in the house because "I want to be like daddy mah...

Found father and son very quiet in the bedroom while I was writing my blog.. walked in to see THIS.. wahahahaha..

But I no jealous:) hahaha

Ace also wants to be like me...

The other day, Ace's shampoo ran out and so I asked him to use mine. He liked it and when we went supermarket shopping, I asked if he wanted to buy new shampoo and he said he doesnt and that he likes the one I am using..

So I told him that maybe he can continue to use my shampoo while I shopped for a new shampoo for me..

"Don't want... don't want... I want to smell like you.. I want to use the same shampoo as you..."

Wahahaha... going to 9 years old liao... still manja:)


So conclusion is in din buy new shampoo so we can SMELL THE SAME lor :) wahahaha...

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Day Skating In Burjuman

2013 xmas for Ace is a year of Dreams Come True :) hahaha..

Many of the things he asked for and wanted but did not get.. he finally gets a chance to enjoy them during the christmas season...

Last year, Ace asked to go into a mini ice skating rink but because I was not sure if it was guided.. and it was expensive.. plus I was not sure if Ace can handle given that he is very clumsy and bad in coordination skills, so I did not agree to it.

This year, we found out that the mall near home had a free Ice Skating lesson on top of their usual performance.. hoh say liao:)

Alas, everyone heard the word FREE and came along.. such huge crowd and a long queue...
We reached at 2.30 cos that is what time they say will start... but already very long queue and anyhow queue.. throughout the course of the 2 hours we were queuing, I found out that actually the organizers did not plan before hand how to queue up and they just ad hoc made decision to do this and that...  That's Dubai for you:) hahaha..

Parents are not allowed to join in the queue.. and since I was bored, I walked around to take pics of their photo session lor. quite decent actually.. I almost can make believe that I am in a snowy place:)

Queue for very long, can only look longingly at the children who were having their lessons...

Poor Ace was stuck in between two group of rowdy children... for two hours!

There was this mother who came late but by virtue that she knows the other kids and their mums.. she cut queue lor.. I saw the other mums glaring at her but non did anything... Heng she cut AFTER Ace.. if she cut before, I will ask her to move back.. wahaha:)

I asked Ace if he wanted to sit... "I got no space.." I told him he can squeeze.. but he prefers to stand..

Midway in the queue, they suddenly changed direction of the queue.. and I tot now he is so near yet so far lor.. only  3 more kids then his turn right? WRONG..

Spotted someone wearing a sweater that Max has!:) wahaahahahah.. it was a gift from his pakistani fren...

Anyway, when they finally make it inside the gate, they had to sit and wait somemore for their turn... Ace waited super long time.. spent almost an hour sitted because they only had one pair of large size shoes.. so all the children who have large feet have to wait long time for their turns..

Ace looking disappointed because they still din have shoes his size...

After a long wait.. FINALLY got shoes for Ace!

So handsome hor!:) wahahahaha

Surprisingly, he can stand and balance wor.. I tot he will fall down the moment he stood up from the bench! :)

Each class usually has 6 kids. I dont know why his class only has 4. So also good cos his teacher gave them more attention..

Learning to WALK on the ice first...

I was a little surprised that he is so enthusiastic and that he tried and gave his all.. he seemed to focus on walking alot and I think among the kids, he is probably the one who walked most... I thought he might be afraid of falling... but he wasnt.. at least not at this stage:) wahahaha...

After they got better at walking on the ice (not really ice lah.. it is those artificial ice pads).. they were asked to do the "lemon".. tat means you use your skates to draw a lemon...

I have a video of him here.. this is when he started to fumble and fall down. But I am very happy that he gave his all in the 10 min he had on ice..

End of lesson liao..

After that, I asked him how he feels... "My bum is very pain... I think Ice Skating is not for me.." Hahaha.. and he says he is not going to do it for a while :) I told him tha everything you want to learn, always the learning part is difficult at the start but it will get better and asked him to consider learning to skate:)

We decided to have a break at starbucks and I also suspect that Ace might be hungry.. so ordered a snack and a special xmas drink to share:)

We were waiting for time to pass as we wanted to watch the Magical Toymaker on Ice performance happening at 6pm... so went to virgin to play with the Salon 2 game.. this time we did special christmas hair:) hahahahahhaha...

Then it was time for the show.. again, the organizers did not think through where the children might be and locked off of them out..some are inside the the gates as they were playing with snow in another area... the children just ran over to the rink. Meanwhile, someone asked the staff if the children can go in to watch as the area outside the gate is too far away.. the staff reply was... "We shall see."

Wah lau.. and then, since they say, do as they do in Dubai since you live in dubai right.. so i boh zheng hu.. I just lift Ace across the fencing around so he can go stand around the rink. Why other children can see my child cannot see right? They did in the end open the gates lah.. but really this has got to be the most adhoc planned event I have ever seen!:)

And the old toymaker came out.. hey, that is Ace's teacher on ice! And.... he looks really different with crazy hair and a fake pauch... he was SOOOOOOOOOOOO charming just now... handsome.. good physique... and so graceful on ice... hahahhaha :)

In the end, found out all the teachers in the sessions are actually the performers.. and this group is from France.

I heart the rabbit's long legs!

They all have such beautiful legs.. is it too late for me to learn to ice skate?:P wahahah


The photo session the marketed in their marketing collaterals as part of the event was.. gasp, not planned! So last min.. they whisper whisper to each other and decide to just come out and shake hands and stand there and smile for pple to take photos.. wahahahah

Not to bad a xmas:)

After tat, we were little lazy.. so just ate in the mall. Noodle House said free meals for kids aged under 12.. so we eat there and try.. they have KATONG LAKSA.. but it tasted LIKE SHIT.. I will sue them if i were Katong Laksa owner! wahahahahaha

And they labeled char bee hoon as SINGAPORE NOODLE...

Ace ordered tempura with rice for his free kids meal.. and this is the sad meal... few pieces of veg.. with rice.. and guess wat is the sauce.. it is sour plum sauce! Can they get their asian food right or not.. wat were they thinking when they came up with this combi...

I dun think we are EVER going back again.. FAIL big time! haha. I have a long essay in the feedback.. dunno if they will read.

As we were on way home, the next show started, so we went to watch again lah.. this time from higher level.. and we saw a view tat make Max turn away, made my eyes turn jelly and my legs go pik piak pik piak...

This STUPID mother go and put her baby on top of the scafolding they have built for the event. I dunno what made her think this is safe.. and she actually took away her hands after placing the bb there for 10 seconds. I contemplated shouting at her but i was scared I will scare the bb.. i looked around but cannot find security guard! So I did the only thing I can.. CHANT for the bb and mother... thankfully.. someone found the security and he ordered her to remove the baby...  really the stupidest mother ever.. dunno wat she was thinking!

Anyway, all in all, it was a rather happy xmas:)

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