Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Poor Waigong

When I came back from Taiwan, Waipo told me that Ace has been singing some sort of song everyday and his lyrics were always the same.. "Yeye... yeye... nai nai.. nainai.. mama.. mama.."

Yes, Ace can call us now... he likes to come to me in the morning, shake my torso and call, "mama, mama.. " to wake me up.

In fact, he has started to call everyone in the family.. Waipo, Ah Yee, Mama, Papa, Laoma, Zhen Popo... EXCEPT WAIGONG.

No matter how they coaxed him to call Waigong, he refused.

Apparently, even though Waigong did not say much, he was actually very hurt. He was so angry that he told Ace "Next time I dun cook lunch for you ah!"

That was a super wrong move I say. As it is, with children, threats dun get you very far.. children are an understanding lot and all they want is love.

So I set out to rectify this situation. I would play with Ace and then when he is in a super good mood, I will ask him if he can call, "mama.."


And then I will ask him to call everyone else.... but when I came to 'waigong', he thought for a while and said, "nainai..."

So I told Ace that he should call Waigong. Because Waigong loves him very much. Waigong plays with him and cooks his lunch for him. Waigong sends him alot of love and loves him so much. If he don't call Waigong, Waigong feels very hurt, that was why Waigong threatened not to cook for him. Since he loves Waigong so much, can he forgive Waigong for saying that and give Waigong lots of love? Can he call Waigong...

It is amazing but right after 2 such pep talks... Ace started calling Waigong and blowing him with kisses everyday! :)

Words cannot describe the radiant smile on Waigong's face when he does that ;)

PS: I have been trying hard to get him to call Gan Ma but he still calls "Mama" when I ask him to say ganma... sigh.. ganma, you have to visit him more often so tat he can practice lah ;)

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Change Topic

Just how do two year olds learn to change topic when they hear what they do not like...

And Ace is not even full 24 months yet!

The other day, while I was bz at the computer room, my good son ran to the gohonzon altar table and took out the decorative guan im tek plant.

And before we could stop him, he put the plant into his mouth and then ran into his bedroom.

We tried to take it out of his mouth but he refused to open his mouth.. even when I used the old trick of pinching his nose so that he needs to open his mouth to breathe....

In the end, he swallowed it.

I was so flustered and worried because I did not know if the leaf was poisonous. So I started scolding him and telling him that it is very dangerous to do that... if the leaf was poisonous, he would blah blah blah...

Initially, he looked really guilty and just kept quiet.

After about 30 seconds, he pointed suddenly to something and said, "Neh... neh.." and then used his other palm to cover his mouth and he laughed out loud, "ha ha ha ha ha..."

I dunno whether to laugh or to cry at that moment man...

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Anything Is A Good Toy

Anything is a good toy for Ace.

The other day, while we were at NaiNai's house he took out all of Nainai's VP and Indinine and started to stack them up and invent games with them...

Wah.. worthwhile investment man!

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ace Chanting

That day, when I reached home, I stood down and opened my arms to hug Ace.

He stood down and started to sansho and looked at me as if to say, "You must san sho first.."

I really think this fortune baby must have been a boddhisatva in his previous life as well. When he goes out, he will sansho, come home he will sansho.. nothing to do, he will chant diamoku and gongyo... and at such a tender age of 2 years old too!

He likes to chant so much that when we go to NaiNai's house, he will chant in front of the chair before he goes and chant to the Earth God before we leave.

And here's proof of what I am talking about.. a video of Ace chanting gongyo...

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Friday, May 25, 2007


So strange..

Ace went to his Shichida's lessons and when he was given the keys to match with the right picture, he required prompting to link it to the door lock.

At home though, he would point to the door, say, "More.." (which means more fun outside please..) and then get the keys and try to open himself without much problem ;)

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Guohui's Wedding

In the end, we decided to carry him one side where he cannot see the action lest it shocks him too much cos after tat.. it is all the R(A) stuff.. hahaha..

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ace Recognizes Anatomy

There are many weddings happening in the next few weeks. One of them happens t0 my very good sister, KP. KP was my former colleague and we turned into great friends.

An ardent fan of Ace, she simply adores Ace and would always spend lots of time playing with him when I bring him along for our gatherings.

The other day, KP happily sent us pics of her wedding album and I was looking through them :)

At this moment, Ace ran into the room and wanted to sit with me.

So I put him on my lap and start clicking through the pictures.

"See, Kar Peng Jie Jie soooooooooooo pretty..." I told Ace.

When Ace saw this photo,

he immediately scrunched up his mouth and said, "mmmmm.... muaks!" And then after that, he turned around and "mmmm...", waited for my face to go near him and then "muaks" when my lips were near him and kissed me on the lips.

hahha... if you think that is funny, this is funnier still!

We clicked on.. and then when Ace saw this picture...

He pointed to the picture and said, "neh..." that is what he always says when he wants to bring my attention to something.

"What are you nehing at, Ace?" I asked him.

He leaned forward, used his fingers to touched the chest area and then turned and told me with a very serious look on his face, "neh neh..."

Hahaha... he recognizes the breasts! Hahaha... FYI, he also knows ears, nose, mouth, hair, hands, legs... and can say them properly and point to them as well.

Anyway, if you think KP looks familiar... she appears quite often in my blogs.. haha.. cos she is my star... I am very proud of KP as she is excellent example of what WILL TO CHANGE and PURE DETERMINATION can achieve... she lost like 29kg over the course of one year! That's no mean feat ok.. (you can read her story HERE)

So Ace, dun just recognize the body parts and the kissing actions.. what you need to learn from Aunty KP is to have strong will to change for the better and to have STRONG determination! ;)

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Call And You Will Be Given

Now, Ace will call anyone.. as long as you have food in your hand.

When Nett had green bean soup in his hand, he called Nett Nett...
When Ah Yee had beh teh sor in his hand, he called Ah Yee...
When Shu Shu/Yeye/Nainai had liang teh in their hands, he called them loudly...

When he had to choose between Shu Shu, Yeye and Nainai, he chose Nainai.. who cannot but help but MELT and give him the liang teh that he wanted even though she insisted previously that it was too cold for him to take so much.. hahaha.... Isnt he smart?
That being said though, while I agree with Ask and you Will Be Given... it is not right to do this to your child too often at all because this tells your child that your love for him is conditional and he will not feel secure..

But I think this is a common game parents like to play because it makes it makes one feel good when your son or daughter call you that you are willing to do anything to hear him call you.. even bribe him...

If you have the habit of doing this. Stop.

At least if you do it already.. what is done cannot be undone.. do remember to tell your child and remind him again and again that you will love him unconditionally! ;)

Want to give your child the best and help them create miracles in their life? Or perhaps you want to create miracles in your life? My teacher, Hiromi, is coming to Singapore! She will be hosting a workshop on The Power To Create Miracles. For more details, pls go to

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Monday, May 21, 2007

New Fashion

Ace has a new TOP HAT...

That's right.. it's his potty which he loves.

The other day, he was happily playing with it and all of a sudden, he began strolling around the whole living room like a model with the potty on his head like a top hat.

When I took out my camera to take pictures, he even posed for me!
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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Teddy's Potty Training

Ah Yee's teddy bear is a very useful toy now.

I use it to demonstrate some things that Ace should do and I am trying to inculculate in him, the big hearted spirit of caring for other people as I am getting ready to have a second baby (trying hard still). I want Ace to welcome his baby brother or sister into the world with open arms and feel happy to have someone to take care of and share things with.

So, I would teach him initially to cuddle the bear, hug the bear, love the bear, put the bear to sleep.

The other day, I decided to use bear bear to demo to him what he should do when he wants to shit.

I told him that bear bear says he wants to Mmm Mmm... and so I asked Ace to put the bear on the potty...

What surprised me was that after that, Ace was on auto pilot!He helped the bear poot.. after that, he put him on the gohonzon table (which I think he intended as a diaper changing station) and he pretended to change the bear's diapers and then put bear to sleep... hahahaha...

Babies sure learn FAST!

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Indian Ace

For some unkown reason, in recent weeks, I keep finding black round plastic circles in my house. The circles have an adhesive side on one side... and whenever I find them, I would paste them on my forehead, shake my head and tell Ace, "Antu neh!"

Because of that, he has taken to doing that as well.

But that is not a form of discrimination okie.. just helping him understand the different cultures mah.. for example, did you know tat Indians would shake their heads to say YES and nod their heads to say NO? ;)

Anyway, Ace, Ni Remba Nallavun! (In case you are wondering, that is indian for "You are the bes" as taught to me by Albert, our indian associate!)

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Ace Can Sing

Ace has a keen interest for singing.

Just the other day, he almost drove my crazy with his non stop singing at 1am in the night.. haha.. but most of the time though I am amused at his singing...

The other day, he took found Zeng Popo's torchlight and then started holding it close to his mouth and started singing again..

When we took the torchlight away, he nonchalently walked over to the table, picked up another loong object (which happens to be a long, rectangle pencil box) and put it close to his mouth and continued singing..

Buay tahan ah! Hahaha...

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Adventures At The Airport

Well, I was at the Parent Education Training for Shichida that day.. no children were allowed that day, Waipo and Waigong were busy and Daddy had something very important to attend to... he simply had to catch LIVERPOOL at the match...

But Ace was still running a fever from his viral fever. In the end, Daddy came up with a brilliant idea to bring Ace to the airport to wait for Nainai (she sells ban mian at the T1 canteen) and then send them all the Nainai's house after which he can leave and watch his match in peace...

Daddy says he had a good time at the airport mingling with all the strangers as they all found him too cute to resist!

Anyway, all photos taken by Daddy :) Not bad right? Quite artistic I say...

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bang Sai Kor Pia

In chinese, there is a saying called Fa Fen Tu Qiang.. it means to commit to continue to work very hard from then on.

Because of the pronounciation, we always jokingly call it Bang Sai Kor Pia which means ' to shit and paste it onto the wall.."

As part of Ace's toilet training, we let Ace wear his shorts without diapers. The other day, he suddenly said, "Mmm..." and before we could do anything, he started to have that constipated look.

Waipo quickly brought him to the toilet but the shit was already out.

In her haste to get his pants and shit off him, Waipo made the shit fly and "PIAK", land on the wall..

Hahaha.. is it a sign tat Ace will continue to work hard from now on? ;)

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Creative Ace

Ace is a very creative baby...

Now.. the same set of toys can be played in a different way...

The other day, he took his wooden train out and instead of stacking them up and destroying them like he usually does, he came up with a new way of playing.

First, he would stack them up on his rocking horse.

After which he would rock the horse and wait for the pieces by the side to fall off, pick them up and stack them up on the horse again.

Good.. then all my toys have many more times the normal value ;)


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Monday, May 14, 2007

Very Happy Baby

If there is one thing I learnt about Ace... he is a very happy baby.. I am very proud of the fact that my baby is a very happy one as compared to most children I know ;)

He is mostly smiley and happy and is always happy and cheery... Since young, he has had this good deposition of always smiling. He rarely cries and has occasional tantrums like most kids but is always very enthusiastic and happy.

When he goes to his Shichida class and the teacher gets him to do the recognize the numbers activity, Ace always would give a LOUD , "YEAH!!!!!!" and clap very enthusiastically and loudly when that happens.

All the other children merely clap.

On hindsight, I think it is because we encourage Ace by shouting and clapping loudly whenever he does something right and his enthusiasm is a mirror for our enthusiasm...

Actually, I was looking through my phone and I found this video clip..

gosh! I think Ace is sooo cute and he has really come far.. then he could barely walk. Now, he can climb, jump, run and even FLY! hahaha...

Well, Angel Mummy and Max daddy... GREAT JOB! YEAH!!!!! *CLAPS*

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Saturday, May 12, 2007


World War took place at Zhen Popo's room that day...

It was a quiet, soothing afternoon.

Mummy was busy typing at her PC... Laoma was busy snoozing at the sofa and Waigong was busy cooking lunch.

Suddenly, laoma woke up and saw that Ace was nowhere to be found... she looked around for him and this is what she saw..

"Joo ah, come and see.."

Mummy then took a picture and told Ace, "This is evidence for Ah Yee.. she will scold you unless you keep everything back into the cupboard..."

Daddy came home, saw the photo, laughed and MMS Ah Yee the photo with a message, "See lah, you din lock your cupboard..."

Ah Yee fainted and insisted tat we pack her cupboard for her.. but so far, it is still messy..

PS: She locked her cupboard for like two days and forgot. I am just waiting for the next time Ace goes and make a mess again.. muahahaha...

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Barney And Ace

Ace took a picture with his favourite Barney friends that day...

You know, I used to hate barney before I had any children.

I mean, this ugly looking, purple dino doesnt appeal to me at all and I could never understand WHY children can love barney so much that they get stuck watching barney without moving the whole day.

And then, since I have had Ace, I forced myself to watch a Barney CD and now I am hooked ;)

I think tat Barney is great, he is a good friend and he teaches good lessons. In fact, the other day, I went to buy more Barney VCDs for Ace.. one for learning about shapes, another one about learning to control his emotins... and another one about colours....

Depsite that, I would still warn parents about letting their children watch too much TV. When we are watching TV, our brain signals are all dead like tat of a zombie.. that is why experts dun suggest that children under 3 watch any TV at all... If their brains are not active, the synapses will not be formed quickly and it will hinder their brain development.

Something I very sadly say, I only managed to follow for the first 3 months of Ace's life...

But I try to limit the TV that he watches each day and now tat we also have Shichida home practice stuff to do, it is not so bad.

Everyday, Ace watches one barney CD and one HIGH FIVE. Even that, I suspect is too much tv for him.

Sometimes when I am busy or not at home though, Ace will be watching rubbish with Waigong. That is something I cannot control though... my point of view is that I will ask my dad to try not to watch by telling him wat the experts say.. but I cannot force him to follow my way. If i want him to help me look after Ace, I will have to close one eye and accept his way.

Want absolute control? can... look after your kid yourself lor...

Well, I am not perfect but I do my best ;)

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Koala Ace

The other day, Ace woke up after his nap and went to hug the leg of his high chair.. he sure looked like a koala bear.. haha.. isn't he cute?:P

Speaking of naps... I have having a big problem with them now. It seems as if Ace's body rhythm is all messed up.

One day, he can sleep and wake at 10 and is only willing to nap at 3pm, the next day, he wakes at 8am and wants to nap at 1.. worst still is when he plays so hard tat he naps at 5 and ends up napping at 1am in the morning like yesterday night...

Of all things, learn from Ah Yee... 1am at night run around the living room and sing and dance to himself... sigh...

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Chinese Dancer, Ace Chua

Don't let Ace go see your scarf... the moment he sees them, he will start to play with them, try to tie them around his body.. or sing and dance with them.

I think Waipo is really worried to see this cos she kept asking Ace why he likes girly stuff like playing with scarfs?:)

I don't see a problem with that though, he is just being creative ;) Hehehe.. anyway, I don't belong to the school of thought who believes that boys should play with toy guns and girls should play with dolls.

I also would not want my children to grow up playing with guns because I think it is plain violent..

He shows a healthy interest for cooking, dancing, singing, balls, cats and dogs anyway so i am not too worried ;) I like it when my children have a huge variety of interests ;)

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Waipo's BD Celebration

This is a belated post. The other day, we went to celebrate Waipo's birthday at Lingzhi restaurant.. and Ace was such a clever baby.. it was almost as if he knew that it was Waipo's birthday.. he actually broke out into a song and we realized it was a Happy Birthday song when we kept catching the word, "Birthday..."

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

I Love You, You Love Me!

I was sick that day.

Yeap... now old already.. still pretend to be hero and slept at 4am for three days running. By day four, I was down with a slight fever and cold.

Ace is teething again I think as well. He has been warm to touch.. but nevertheless, he is still as active and seems really happy.... Other than being warm, he is hopping around, jumping around, singing everyday.

When I woke up that day, Ace saw me and it was almost as if he knew the moment he saw me that I was not feeling well.

He ran to me, hugged me and patted me on my back and held on to me for a long long time.

Gosh, he usually doesnt pat my back or hold on for so long.

It was as if he knew and almost immediately I felt better! :)

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

I Love Sesame!

Ace loves eating sesame paste...

He loves it so much he always ends up with the paste all over his face and even uses his tongue to lick the bowl...

Anyway, a good way to prepare healthy sesame paste is like this:

First, grind some sesame and some brown rice in a grinder.

Add some sugar or molasses and boil a pot of water.

When the water is boiling, add in the grinded stuff and stirr... and there you have it, healthy sesame paste.

This one that Ace is eating is ready made one though.. it is organic and is our favourite brand ;)

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Must Throw All Holey Underwear

Well, please remember to throw all holey underwear away when your baby is toilet trained...

Now that Ace is semi toilet trained, he is mostly in his shorts or pants (that look like his underwear) and only wears diapers when we know he is going to shit, going to sleep or going out.

The other day, we let him walk around wearing this white pants which looked perfectly ok... until he sat down... and then we realized that there is a hole in it and that his little bird is peeping out from the hole...

Very farnee right?

But to preserve his dignity, here is a VERY SMALL pic of it with the impt parts mosiaced ;)

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

I Am The Man!

Ace thinks he is the man and is ready for big responsibilities too...

I wonder though how he came up with that very smug "I can do it too" look...
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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bird Saviour

Birds are my saviour....

Whenever I bring Ace out and he is in a grumpy mood.. he immediately brightens up when he sees animals like cats and birds... he will stop being grumpy, forget to cry and start to chase after them as if his life mission is to chase after birds... muahaha....

Here are some pics of him in action ;)

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