Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Black Face

I dunno if it is a tweenage thingy...

I noticed that lately, Ace is easily irritated and easily frustrated.... Everytime I look at him, he has this kiam pak bin... I really feel like slapping him...

I talked to him about being irritated and frustrated. I told him I understand that this is sometimes a difficult age to be in and a time where sometimes people tend to feel moody and all that... But that is no excuse to raise his voice when he talks to me when I am just asking him a simple question. It is very hurtful to be shouted at by your kid over nothing.

"Mummy, I tried to control already... and this is the best I can do.."  So I told him I will accept this and try to not be so upset... and he agreed he will work on it.

And.. somehow, he became less easily frustrated after that...

But leh, he still always has this default kiam pak face... like you know.. people have the resting bitch face... he has a resting kiam pak face.

So another day, while his mood was not too bad, I chatted with him and told him... "Maybe you are not aware leh.. but hor, everytime I look at you, you give this face... (I demo the face to him) And then even when I want to take photos of you... you give this look..."

IN case you are wondering it is THIS LOOK..

And then I demo the face again to him and asked him....

"If you want to do business and huat huat huat.. you want to find a partner that looks like this.. or with someone with a smiley face? If you are making friends in a room filled with people, you want to make fren with this face.. or a happy face leh?"

ANd Ace giggled and giggled and giggled and said "This face ok mah!"

But I know he got the point  lah.

I told him it is perhaps the norm for kids this age to have this face cause teenage angst or dunno wat but I hope he will have more awareness of what kind of expression he is carrying on his face and what sort of impression he will actually give others.

"Mama, you also young before mah.. you were never moody meh?" He asked me.

I told him I probably did but I cannot remember now. But I dun think I was tat chow bin... hahahaha ;) I told him sometimes I look at his face I really feel like boxing him or giving him a slap.. hahahahah.. cos tat is called a KIAM PAK face:)

I asked another friend if her kids had this face when they were this age... she laughed and laughed and laughed....  I gathered this kiam pak face is here to stay for some time. I just hope as with all phases Ace goes through in his life, this one will pass by quickly :)

A few days later, I was talking to Ace about this face.. he says he is now more aware and tries not to do that... and then he also told me he doesnt feel so moody now and that he was really moody because his fav game was giving him problems.. cos he was being demoted in levels or something... so he was feeling down.

I told him it is silly to feel down over a game lor.. a game is a game mah... and then he asked me to go into his room and pointed to his dream board and told me "But mama.. this is my gift mah-- 嘟嘴" Hahahaha... Actually it is the thing he has to heal lor... POUTING:) hahaha...

Then he said his dad has been having black face also mah... "So dun blame me.. I learn from the best.." He said with a cheeky smile.

My response to that?*Rolls eyes...*

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Red Star@ Tiong Bahru

When I was young, I remembered asking my parents where they got married and asking the all about their wedding.... I remembered that they told me they held their wedding at Red Star Restaurant... and imagine my surprise when I found out years later that this restaurant is still there at the same place today... and is apparently a famous dim sum place...

So I have been thinking of going there one day...

Turns out my SZLK friends Jez and ZJ decided it is time we go for a session of eat eat eat and someone suggested dim sum here and so I was more than happy to go!

So old school wor!

I can almost see my mum and dad going around on their wedding day.. her in her orange gown that I once wore for a school performance during primary school...

And though it was quite ex... the food was pretty awesome!

After those few food photos... I was too bz eating:) hahahaha

When it was time to go.. I was so full I could barely move!

It is good.. hope to be able to come back again some day:)

Then we decided to go walk walk around the Tiong Bahru area.... since my friends were ardent fans of the 118 drama.. we joked tat we could go searching for the 118 coffeeshop;) hahahaha

People who plant plants here so creative... decorate their plants so nicely:)

Kind of 118:) LOL

Cool way to protect your bike:) lol

It is so peaceful and nice here.. I can understand why alot of ang mohs like to rent the flats here..

FOund the wall paintings!

Feel like a tourist these few days lor:)

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Monday, January 30, 2017

2017 CNY Day 3

Early morning, our god aunty asked if we wanted to join them and go explore Singapore...

She told us Kampong Glam area very happening.. and we didn't even know that though we are living here:) hahahaha

And there were some at Tiong Bahru as well... and since we had nothing to do.. I said ok lor...

So the plan is to go over to Nainai's house first... and turned out that another god aunty says she is coming to visit Yeye.. so we waited for her to come... and asked if she wanted to join us afterwards...

Saw a bird come eat our huat kway lor... bird also huat ah!

After taking our wefie... we made our way there:)

Aunty and nephew had a great time in the car... boh lioa and play with snapchat again...

Here are videos of Ace in action..

Quite amusing... LOL...

It is quite interesting.. reminds me of the buildings we saw in Malacca...

No prizes for guessing who was super excited to see this!

ANg moh liang teh.. notice the ang moh drinking on the left? He so cute lor. He realized we were taking photos and waved and posed for me:) hahaha

I remmeber seeing this sort of doors put together type of photos when we were walking around in Dubai Mall...

Lots of unique stuff like craftwork on sale..

Lots of beautiful artwork like photos and paintings on display too...

Sibeh old school.. I have seen such tables and table tops.. at my grandma's place... but not such chairs!

Only managed to take this photo and told no photos allowed.. too bad...

Hahaha... so very HOMER:)

Walk walk walk and walked to the mosque area...

Asked Ace to go there and pose he no want... I think now that he is older.. he is shy....

But, now tat I am older, I am NOT shy:) hahahaha

And then he wants to come and join in the fun:)

Old school mama shop...

And regardless of old school or new school... This is the type of shop that has Ace fascinated:)

Testi Kebab! Reminds me of our turkey tour!

Tried to walk over to the Sultan Art Village...

Ace catching pokemon in the rain.. LOL

SUltan's mansion previously..

So many cats in this area..
One picture while waiting for the rain to stop:)
As it was raining... we decided to head somewhere else... Max suggested we go have a drink at Level 33... and off we went...

Free wifi... the youngsters go... HOH SAY LIAO!

My champagne cocktail tat has gold flakes in it!

NIce food.. nice drinks... nice scenery...

Can you see the goldflakes in my drink?

Because Jolene loves Chwee Kuay.. we decided to go find some for her to eat cos she says only the ones in SGP are the BEST:) hahaha

We cheered so loudly when we arrived at Tiong Bahru market to see this stall opened on the third day of new year when 80% of the stalls are actually closed!

Food this sort of thing must snatch then nice to eat one..

Took pic of these flowers cos I tot they were beautiful...

And then.... back to reality cos school starts the next day! LOL ;)

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