Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mummy, I Tummyache...

Ace is one funny kid....

While Daddy was cheering the Red Devils in BKK, we went over to my mum's place to stay for a few days. Because I knew how insecured he felt with his dad not being around (he refused to go to school for two days), I made it a point to go home for a while in the evening so that he can see me when he comes home from school before I head out to my next appt.

So one of the evenings, while I was at home, Ace was having his dinner and halfway, he stood up, put his hands on his tummy and then squat back down again and told me, "Argh.. Mummy, I have a tummy ache.." and he made this really exeggerated expression of having a tummy ache...

And then the next moment, he was standing upright with a smile on his face and he told me, "Mummy, I have a tummy ache, so I have to apply ru yi you.. so long I never apply ru yi you already..."

And he walked to the cupboard, took the oil out and attempted to take out the cap to apply the oil to his tummy..

I took it away from him and told him tat he can do that after he finishes his dinner and he said, "OK!" and continued to eat.

However, after his dinner, he forgot about it completely.

Dunno wat sort of stunt he was trying to pull.. maybe he was trying to act out at advertisement for the ru yi you.. hahahaha...

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Don't Eat So Much

The other day, I was feeling a little down. I guess it was a combination of feeling lonely (cos Max was not around), having my dayima and also facing some challenges... but anyway, I was just sooooooooooooo upset I felt I had to eat some NACHO chips to cheer myself up.

Now, usually, even if I had a craving, I am so lazy I would rather stay at home and crave the food then to even bother to walk downstairs to buy the food. When I was younger, whenever my mother was not home and asked me to buy my own meal, I actually was so lazy that I would rather not eat than walk over to buy food!

But this time, I was really upset and I decided to take some action. I went to the nearest petrol station and bought myself a huge pack of chips (They ran out of those small packet ones in the flavours that I want).

So I brought it home and then after a rest, I started pouring a little of it out on a plate and shared it with my mum. Ace was eating bread and kaya and when he saw us eating, he started to finish up his bread really fast...

When he finished his bread, he came really close to me and gave me a "please give me some" look. "Aiyah, you won't like this one lah. You said you don't like cheese and this is cheese flavour." I told him.

"But I like cheese now. I like now..." he exclaimed.

So I passed him a really tiny piece.

After I finished, I went to refill my bowl.

And he asked me for one more piece and I gave him a really tiny piece. And then when I tried to refill my bowl for the third time, he followed me into the kitchen and asked me, "Mama, what are you doing?"

"Eating lor.." I told him as I poured more chips into the bowl. "Don''t eat already. Don't eat anymore already..." he said with a very serious look on his face. So I asked him why can't I continue to eat.

He got really exesperated and he said, "Wait you eat and eat, you will become fat fat, you want?"

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

"OK, this is my last refill.. " I told Ace. And then I gave him one small piece. And then he still looked at my plate and indicated pointed to another piece, "This one also a small piece, this one also a small piece..."

"Ace, you only get ONE small piece. It doesn't mean all the small pieces will go to you." I told him.

The next day, while I was reading his fav story book to him, I realized why he said that to me. cos in the story, the doctor said that the Prince should not eat too much or he will become Fat Fat Prince... hahaha

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Don't Want To Go To School

Because Max was away, we stayed over at my parent's place.

When Ace woke up (much later than usual) at 9plus, he told my dad that he doesn't want to go to school. "Today is Sunday, don't need to go to school.." he told gonggong...

When we told him that it was a school going day, he changed tactic... "But it is raining now..."

"Raining also can go to school mah.." gong gong told him...

So he changed tactic again...

"Mummy, I cannot go to school today...."

"Why you cannot go to school today?" I asked him.

"Because I got cough?"

"Got meh? I never hear you cough what...." "Ahem ahem.." and Ace started to cough.

Well, but being a mother who understands my son quite well, I told him. "We are not taking bus or walking to school today. Papa's car is here, gong gong will drive you to school and mummy will be waiting for you here when you come home from school..."

I knew it was partially because he did not want to walk to school with me because he has gotten tired of our very long walks and also I guess everytime we walk to school, it means he is late for school and he doesnt like to be late because his teacher would ask him why he is late and he is unable to give a good reason... Cos the other time when he realized his dad went off to work without him,he told me he wanted to stay at home because he had mexican flu and he did not want to spread to his friends.. hahaha...

"You will wait for me here and gong gong will drive me there?" He asked me.

"Yes, now go and bath..."

And then after some hesitation, he went to bath liaoz.

PS: Today his dad had to go to work early and so I had to bring him to school. When he woke up and saw that his dad was not around, he cried with tears in his eyes and said "我要爸爸送我去学校..." Finally when he realized tat we will be taking to cab to school, he stopped. I told him though tat I am only taking cab cos we are super duper late.. if not, crying for a cab absolutely has not effect on me :) hahaha...

PPS: I asked Ace why he is so lazy and dun want to walk to school... Daddy says it is cos me also lazy bum who dun like to be active.. oops...

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Where is Ace?

Daddy went overseas for a few days without me and Ace.

Well, nope, it is not becos of work.. actually it is just because Daddy's favourite FB team, Liverpool, will be playing a game in Bangkok and he and a bunch of his Liverpool SIAO ON buddies (Yes, kingsley, I think you all very siao on and I am only talking about you cos Zhongming really only accompanied you there... HAHA) decided to go together.

So on the first day, he sent Ace to school, drove the car back to my parent's place and left for the air port on his own. I went about with my daily life, went to meet up with my bestie and then had dinner with her and her hubby and finally reached home at around 9.20pm or so.

When I reached home, the first thing my mum asked me when she saw me is, "Where is Ace?"

But that was the first question I was going to ask her too!

And then she told me that she has been home since 8pm and there was no sign of Ace or my dad.
I looked carefully around the house. The car keys are still at home and Ace's school bag was sitting on the sofa and the clothes from inside were taken out and strewn carelessly about.. so from all these, I guessed they actually came home... the sink only shown signs of a half washed rice cooker.. which seemed to indicate that they actually ate dinner and cleaned up then left the house.. OR that they did not eat dinner at home at all... they couldn't have gone that far without the car..

"Maybe they went to the playground nearby..." I suggested to my mum. "No leh, I walked past the playground just now and there was no one there and even if they are just out for a walk, they should have been home by now..."

And then my mum started to ask me for a favour to help her colleague translate something. I was tired and worried about Ace and I told her I really dun have the mood because I was so worried for my son. "Siao liao lah.. first day Max is gone, this happens.."

As the time went by, I started to get more and more worried. Seeing how worried I am and being really worried herself, my mum decided that she will go downstairs and look around the playgrounds again while I stay at home and waited for a call...

I kept walking to the living room window and looking out of it, hoping to catch sight of the fat old man and the little cheeky lad... alas, all I see are groups of families and no sign of them at all.. I went and looked out of the kitchen window and contemplated just calling out "ACE CHUA!" hoping that Ace would respond if he heard me.. but decided against it because what if he was not around?

I kept going to the door to listen out for sounds of footsteps but alas there are none to be heard. Everytime i hear a sound tat sounds remotely like a happy child, I put my ears next the the window or the door but it is never Ace.

I contemplated calling Daddy but I guess it is not a good idea to worry him yet. I contemplated calling my mother in law to ask her if she knew where Ace was but was afraid it would also make her worried. I contemplated calling Bingxuan to ask him if he borrowed the car.. but realized even if he did borrow the car, it wouldn't give me a clue to where Ace was at all.

The more I waited, the more worried I was. I started to worry if my dad brought ace out by himself.. what if my dad fainted and Ace is left alone? Will he cry out for help? Is he clever enough to manage on his own? What if he was by the roadside when it happened. The more I thought about all these, the more I got upset and even started to cry...

I prayed silently in my heart that they would be ok and called out for Ace.. hoping that our mother and son connection would allow him to respond in one way or another to let me know that he is ok and safe.

Finally, my mum came home and told me, "Don't worry, Ace is at your mother in law's place..."

Turned out that my mum got a sudden inspiration and thought my dad might have brought Ace to the coffeeshop opp our house.. so she walked there and saw my dad at the petrol kiosk beside it.

So finally when my dad reached home, we got the full story.

He had something on and wanted to go out. He tried calling me but instead of calling me on my new HP number, he called the old number and so he couldn't get me. So he tried his luck and sent Ace to my mother in law's house and lucky for him, Bingxuan was at home.

So I called my in law's place and then I got to talk to Ace. But I guess Ace missed me as well or maybe he sensed that I missed him so for once, strangely, Ace wanted to come to popo's house to sleep instead of sleeping at my in law's place.

Anyway, I was really so glad to see Ace when he came home finally:)

At night before we slept, I asked him who did Papa ask him to take care of... he said, "you lor..." So I asked him what did he do to take care of me.. he said, "I hug hug you and kiss you lor..." He really does know how to take care of me indeed....

PS: Yeye says tat Ace wanted to go home cos he remembered his promise to take care of me.. tat is a sweet thought, isn't it?:P

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

How To Become A Policeman

The other day, we brought Ace to Yeye's house and at the void deck we saw some policemen beside their police car. Because Ace keeps saying that he wants to be a policeman, I told him that the next time he saw a policeman, he can ask him, "Hello, mr Policeman, I want to be a policeman when I grow up, what must I do to become a policeman?" so that he can learn from the policeman how to become a policeman...

And Ace conveniently continued and replied me, "And Mr Policeman will say, YOU NEED TO HAVE HANDCUFFS!"

Hahahaha... children have simple logic indeed:)

While on the topic on policeman, the other day while we were in the car, Ace suddenly told me,

"Mummy, this is a old car..." So I asked him why he suddenly say that Daddy's car is an old car.... "Because Daddy never buy new car lor..."

So I asked him if he lied Daddy's old car. "Nope!" He answered very firmly. When I asked him why, I thought he might say the car is too old or something along this line but he just said,

"Because this car is not orange and also it is not a policecar, dun have the beee porh bee porh...."
Hahahaha... I laughed until I bengz...

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Daddy, Horn The Car!

I think you already know that while Max is mostly a big, friendly, gentle giant, he can be quite a monster when he is behind the wheels (especially if he is driving behind a really moronic, rude or slow driver).

I suddenly have a VERY STRONG fear that Ace will one day turn out like his father and I have good reason to feel that way...

We were actually making our way into the Tampines 1 shopping mall and because it was a saturday, there was a super duper long queue of cars waiting to go into the car park. As it is, I think there were at least 15 cars before us and so we predicted the queue to take quite some time.

Initially, we passed time by talking about security guards and what do they do for a living and whether they can catch people, the next 5 min, we wasted quibbling over who was the one who farted in the car and stink up the whole car... and then the next 5 minutes we spent with Ace giving our a National Day Concert Repertiore.. he was singing all the national dayish songs that he learnt in school for us...

And all throughout, our car was moving really slowly.. like moving forward one car space every 3- min or so.

After a particularly long bout of being in the same spot, Max started complaining about the queue and then all of a sudden, my son shout out loud... "Papa, horn that car in front!"

I was really shocked when I heard that.

I asked Ace why he asked papa to horn the car and he said, "That uncle is sleeping lah!"

But the man in front who was drivng a golden car was obviously not sleeping as I saw his arm moving and so I asked Ace how he knew the man is sleeping...

"His car is not moving! He is sleeping, horn his car!" Ace exclaimed very loudly...

I cannot help it and had to laugh out very loud. Like father, like son indeed.

Max, however, was a "BAD FATHER", not only did he NOT educate Ace on the virtues of patience and why random horning at people's car is rude, he actually was glad his son said that and even HIGH FIVE with Ace just because of this.


PS: We just had an exhiliarating experience driving our coach's Brabus Merc SL55... Max commented tat when he owns a car like tat, he will probably be even more irritated at the slow and stupid drivers who got no common sense and clog up the roads.. hahahaha...

PPS: In our personal opinions, a huge group of the irritating drivers who are silly and clog the roads are old men drivin MERC! That was the reason why we said we favour BMW over Merc. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA...

PPPS: I told Ace that Uncle Arthur bought a transformer car (cos the car can open up its top) and Ace was so excited and said he wanted to sit in the car too ;) I think though if he really did he might be too scared cos tat car is so fast m heart cannot stop thumping and my runny nose totally cleared after one ride in the car!

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Friday, July 24, 2009

About Death

On the same night where I gave Ace a talk about the word "fuck", he threw me another 'challenge' when we were about to get to sleep.

Just as we were about to sleep, Ace suddenly asked me this question. "Mama, is it that if I live very long and then papa and mama will die?"

I asked him where he heard that from and he said teacher told him so. So I told him that that was true and explained to him that it happens because the normal expectancy of a human being is 150 years. But because we are all exposed to pollution, stress and having an unhealthy diet, people usually die when they are 80 or 90 years old. And every day as Ace gets one year older, papa and mama get one year older too.

"For example, Ace is 4 years old now. And Mummy is 32 years old this year. When you are 20 years old, Mummy will be 38 years old already... and when you are 40, I will be 68... and then one day, I will die.."

"So mama, when people die, why they say bye bye?"

So I told himn that everyone made a promise before they came into this earth to achieve something. When they have finished what they are here to do, they will leave this earth and go to a far far away place and say goodbye to the things and people here.


Well, I guess he really would not understand even if I told him about my belief in oneness, in going into a KU.... so I just told him that when he got older and understood more things, I will then have this talk again with him and I will explain more to him.

But I guess, to be fair, I do not know where i will be for sure when I die. But what I do know though is that based on my belief, I don't fear death so much... since I believe I will just go back to somewhere where I belong to anyway. ;)

And like Shin, I think, I guess I shall also like Ace to have the opportunity to search and find his own belief about death...

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fucking Bananas

I knew one day I would have to talk to Ace about vulgarities. But what I did not expect is that the day will come so soon.. so shortly after his fourth birthday.

The other day, while we were just sitting around and enjoying each other's company after not having seen each other for 3 or 4 days, Ace suddenly told me, "Fucking bananas!"

"What did you say?" I asked him.

And then he repeated, "Fucking! Fucking bananas!"

So I asked him where he learnt that from.

"Dylan said that in school.." he told me. So I asked if teacher knew about it and scolded him. "Yes, teacher say cannot say this word because it is a bad word..."

And so I explained to him that the word 'fuck' is not a bad word (I didn't want him to think love-making is a wrong thing or a bad thing) but it is just that when people use this word, usually they use it to scold other people. So when you say the word fuck, it is like scolding the other person and so it will make the other person angry or sad. "Do you like mummy to scold you, popo to scold you, Papa to scold you?" If you dun like people to scold you, other people also do not like it when you use words like this to scold them.

And then, I don't know if it because he doesnt understand what i was telling him, Ace kept asking me again and again... "Mummy, is it cannot say the word fuck? It is because it is a bad word?"

He asked me at least 5 times and I explained at least 5 times and then he asked me, "But why Dylan can say fuck..."

So I told him that it is Dylan's choice. "Do you choose to be a polite and courteous boy? Do you choose to be a good boy? If you choose to be a good boy, and you will choose to not say this word, right?"

"Yes," he said.

"Dylan can make his own choice about what he wants to do but that does not mean that you need to follow him. You make your own choice based on what you want."

And I think he kind of understood what i meant because after that, he asked me "So why Dylan choose to be a bad boy?"

"Well, I am not sure if Dylan said that because he choose to be a bad boy. But people do things for different reasons. If you want to know why, you will have to ask Dylan..."

And that was it, end of the very difficult conversation.. hahaha.. ok lah, it wasn't really that difficult as I was just really matter of fact about it and after that, I never heard him say that word again...

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Waiting For Christmas

You probably are not aware that a 4 year old is capable of making smartass wisecrack jokes...

The other day, we went out for lunch together and then when we drove home and Max parked the car, he opened the door for Ace but Ace just sat there and did not move.

"Oi, come out leh. What are you waiting for?"

And then without pausing to think, my son gave a cheeky grin and told his dad, "I am waiting for christmas..."

It was really funny... hahahahhaha...

Ace really has a gift of humour...

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ace, The Ice Cream Maker

Here are some pics of me and Ace having fun making Ice Cream and Ganma Karen's house :)

Karen Ganma bought a new ice cream maker and she decided to test it out by inviting our family over to make strawberry sorbet together with Ace :)

I must say it was quite a fun experience and Ace enjoyed the ice cream SOOOOOOOO much that he could only nod his head when I asked him is the Ice Cream nice... aned finished up till the very last drop!

The only person who won it all though was Max who just eat and played WII games there.

After ice cream though, we went to Ace's favourite nice nice place to eat- Sakae Sushi.

The good news is that Karen is going to buy me the same machine as a birthday present! I am already coming up with my own reciepes of tao hway ice cream, durian ice cream, mango ice cream... wah... shiokalicious! I told Ah Yee about it and she is all excited to try my ice cream when she is back from France!

PS: Karen bought me a ice cream maker for my Birthday and I have already made an orange sorbet! hahaha ;)

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dr Ace

The other day, Ace asked me if I can buy him a doctor's coat while he was playing with his doctor set.

I thought very hard about how I could get him a doctor's coat and then I got hit by inspiration. I remembered that Max has some old shirts from his Navy uniform that he is no longer using. If i made it a little smaller and shorter, it would make a good doctor's coat.

Alas, when Ace put it on, it was JUST NICE! There was no need to make any alteraterion at all!

And so the very happy doctor Ace always puts on his coat and asks me to help him as his nurse.

He's really cute, this doctor. When he first put on the coat and I tried to help him put on the stethescope, he says, "No, must put round the neck like this..."

He actually remembered how the doctor he visited wears the stethescope round her neck and tries to imitate her!

And then usually after his 'consultation', he will take out the medicine box and pass you a bottle of medicine and tell you, "You take this one 5 times a day for one week and you will be ok!

It was hilarious to watch him at work :) Anyway, I also passed him some of my smaller bottles to use as his 'medicine'.

At least the doctor set is worth the $29.90 that I paid!

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Can Wash Myself!

Usually, Ace will announce loudly to me that he wants to poop and then expects me to wait for him to finish and then I will wipe his bum clean or clean it with water for him.

The other day, as usual, he came running to me and announced that he was going to SHIT! ;)

So I followed behind him while he was walking to the toilet.

"Don't follow me, I can go by myself. I am big boy already."

So I didn't follow him but he was there for so long and I kept hearing water sounds and so I decided to go take a look.

"Look, Mama! I can wash my pi gu by myself!"

He was so proud to pose for me somemore.. hahaha

After tat, he tries to clean his own bum after his poops.. yeah! One LESS thing for me to do!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Father's Day Card

I know it is a little bit late to blog about this now.. but i just took a pic with my phone camera and conveniently forgot about it ;)

So here you go.. here's the Father's Day Card tat Ace made for his daddy.. nice or not?:)

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Like Your Feet!

Ace loves my feet and my tummy... way back when he was a baby, he already adores my feet and my tummy.... He would kiss my feet, rub them on his face, kiss my tummy and put his head on top... he doesnt seem to want to do that to Daddy though...
And back then, I was thinking that when he grows older, I would one day ask him why he loves to do that.

Well, now that he is four years old, if he wakes earlier than me, he will still come to my feet, smell them, put them on his face and rub it on his face... and then he would kiss the bottom of my feet and tell me, "Mummy, I love your feet so much..."

Or if not, he will want to lie down on my naked tummy, kiss my tummy and say, "I like your tummy..."

So now that Ace is able to handle a decent conversation with other people, it means he has a certain level of maturity to be able to communicate his feelings and thinking.

But still, when I ask him why he likes my feet or my stomach, the only answer I get is, "I like them because they are soooooooo peach..."

Well, guess I better make sure my feet are clean all the time...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Don't Want To Be With You!

I really think tat Ace has been watching TOO MUCH TV.

Because I cannot think of where he learnt it from.. maybe except from when I quarrel with Max in front of him.. hiaks ;) But I at the most just walk away out of the room.. I dun bang the doors of the room..(even though I ever once banged the car door by closing it loudly) and I never try to lock the door...

The other day, he wanted something from me (I don't remember what) and I did not want to give it to him and so I told him NO.

And then all of a sudden, he 'humphed" me and then ran to his room and started banging doors to close the door and even tried to lock the door.

I walked into his room and because he was in a hurry, he locked the door without the door being really totally closed and so I pushed it open easily....

"What is this about?" I asked him.

"Humph, I so angry with you. I don't want to be with you!"

Wah, angry with me can bang doors, lock doors now...

And then he got it left, right and center from me.... I scolded him and told him it is really rude and that I am so upset with his behaviour. I told him if he did not like something, he can talk to me and tell me but it is not acceptable behaviour to do this.. it is outright rude..

And then I told him that if he really don't want to be with me, fine, then I will not bother with him, will not play with him, read storybooks for him, cook for him, bring him out, do homework with him, etc...

And then he cried and said, "I want... I want mummy"

Ending is of cos that he realized his mistake and hugged me and kissed me and said sorry.

If I tried this sort of stunt with my mother, I would have gotten slapped by her lor! He lucky I only scolded him...

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Cry Also No Use

While I may complain that Ace always does not listen to me and does things his own way anyway, but the fact is, I think he does listen to me.

Since he started going to school, he seems to start to cultivate this habit of crying to get things his way. So whenever he cries to get things going his way, I would tell him that it is no use to cry because I don't buy that.

Then I will repeatedly tell him that I am ok if he cries when he is sad and I will send love to him. But I am not ok with him crying to manipulate people to do things his way.

So as you know, our neighbour has a 10 month old baby girl who really loves Ace. The moment she sees him, she is all smiles, the moment Ace runs away and doesn't talk to her, she starts to cry.

The other day, we reached home and Baby heard us and quickly crawled to the door to smile at Ace. So Ace talked to her for a while and went back into the house.

After a while, I heard the baby cry and asked Ace to quickly go console the baby and so, my very 'caring' son went to the doorway and shouted... "Baby! Don't cry! It's no use to cry.... Don't cry... Crying is no use...."

Pengz :S

PS: The end result is that when baby heard his voice, she quickly came to the doorway and started smiling again. I think Ace has a gift of happiness and he just makes the pple around him happy.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Doctor Set 2: Sleep With Me

We ended at how Ace finally got his doctor set.. but the story doesn't end there!

Now, usually, when he works for something, even after he got it, it is assumed that he will keep the same behaviour or do things the same way. So I really thought we are really smart to come out with this idea...

But leh, in the end, my son outsmarted me!

When he finally got his doctor set, he started drawing his own dream board with smiley face inside. And then he stared to write a series of alphabets on top of the dream board. But because it was something like "AHILEEAH", I really did not understand what it was. So I asked him what was he writing...

"This says, 'Sleep with me a while'. Everytime papa sleeps with me awhile, I will give him a smiley face. And then when he has 10 smiley face, I will buy Papa a CD."

Wah! Like that also can, win already lor... We really didn't know whether to laugh or cry...

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Doctor Set

Once the Barney show was over, I noticed that Ace started to throw tantrums alot more often and start to misbehave alot more than during the month when he had to collect stars.

So we sort of ran out of ideas on what to do to entice Ace to behave... until we went shopping one day and saw a doctor set with trolley, almost like the set tat Ah Yee bought for Net Net's niece. And Ace stood there and looked at it for a very long time... but he din say anything.

About 3 weeks later though, he came up to me and asked me if I could buy him a doctor set. I told him that he already has two doctor sets in Nainai's house and he said, "But I dun have doctor set in my house leh..." And then when I continued communicating with him, I realized that he just really wanted to have that doctor set with trolley... they call it mobile hospital.

So we drew another dreamboard and told him that for every night that he slept by himself (cos he needed us to accompany him until he falls asleep everynight), he will be able to get a star.

And so, for many nights, Max would go to his room, play with him a bit and then leave him to sleep by himself. And some nights Max will pretend that he wanted to sleep with Ace and Ace will say, "No, Papa. You cannot sleep with me. If you sleep with me, I will not get doctor set..."

And it was always useful to have tat DREAMBOARD so that he knows what he is working towards... and useful cos if he does not behave for other things, we will take away stars and so he will behave himself as well..

Anyway, over the next two weeks, he really slept by himself for 10 days... and finally, he got his doctor's set. Here are pics of him and his PRIZE...
PS: He really enjoys the doctor set and has been playing with it almost every day that he is at home. His favourite is to tell me tat Daddy die already and ask me, "Nurse, come and help to injection Daddy!"

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Copy Cat Ace

Ace is starting to be a real copy cat...

He will copy the things that we do. No matter what we did or say, he will copy.

He would also copy the things and actions he saw on tv. Eg, he sees an elephant walking he will start walking on all fours...

Here's him copying Daddy... COPYCAT! Hahahahaha

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Never, Don't Have

I am faced with a disciplinary problem and I even wonder if it is my own problem.

Many years ago, I listened to a tape by this millionaire and he said this, "People live daily by what they believe in. The rest is just talk...." And then he gave this example of how a little boy's parents would tell him not to put his finger into the fan and the boy would nod but dun really believe in it.. until the day he put it in and got cut by the fan.. from then on, he really believed it and would never put it in even if you told him so...

As parents, it is quite a norm for us to predict dangers before our children are even aware of them and we tell them things like, "Don't run, don't jump, don't climb this, don't do this, don't do that..." most of the time it is like a reflex action from watching them do something that we predict MIGHT end up in danger and so we ask them not to do it.

For example, Ace would run very fast on a wet surface and I would say to him, "Ace, stop running.. it's wet here and you might fall down..." Ace would run anyway and tell me, "I never fall down what..."

Or he would hang himself on the surface of a tall cupboard and pretend to be Curious George the monkey and I would say to him, "Ace, pls don't do that. The cupboard might topple down on you and hurt you..." Ace would do it anyway and tell me "Never what... Don't have what.. the cupboard never fall down what..."

I mean if I had to list examples, I probably can least at least 100 over more DIFFERENT examples on how this has been a norm in our daily lives.

My dilemna is this. Ace is not wrong when he says that the thing never happened. Most of the things I warn him about really never happen lor. After a while, I think he realized that he just does it anyway.

And then I wonder if it is actually good for me to put in so many limitations into his mind.. Or maybe I should let him be free and explore the world by himself. I am not saying his safety is not important but really, it is a fine line between knowing how to keep yourself safe and having too many limitations in your mind.

Till now, I think Ace is someone with a very strong mind of his own. He knows what clothes he wants to wear, what he wants to buy, what he wants to do, what he wants to eat, what movie he wants to watch... and if me and max were not trained in persuasion and promotion for so many years, I think it would be tough to get him to compromise because not everything he do is what we want to do as well...

I ever once thought maybe I should just say it once, if he does not listen, I just let him do it and discover by himself. But it is just so hard to watch your child do something that u think will result in failure or hurt and still let them do it. Eg, just a simple thing like running down the stairs, it is tough for me to let go and let him just run down by himself... what if he falls and hurt himself.. what if he breaks his bones? And then I have to remind myself not to be paranoid and to trust him, trust his observation, trust his SA and trust his motor skills.

But I guess in the process, I have also discovered how my own mind has been so limited over the years. I think when I was younger, I didn't have so many considerations. I just did it anyway.. just like Ace, nevermind what other pple said. And looking bad, I think even though I had some falls, I din do all that badly in life... and I learnt many lessons along the way... and now,I have a pretty good life if I must say...

So I guess, maybe this time round, I should learn from Ace and do it anyway... and remember Ace's favourite saying, "never what, don't have what..." It is really a great pity to give up the things we want in our lives just because we thought we might get hurt... cos most of the time if we did it anyway, the hurt also "don't have what".. :)

Anyway, even if have, I guess like what Mother Thereasa said, "God will never give you a burden heavier than you can bear... "

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Yeye's Birthday

We went to celebrate Yeye's birthday the other day.. as usual... it looked like Ace was having his birthday...

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Monday, July 06, 2009

Goodbye, Trio Centre

Well, we finally made a decision to pull Ace out of Little Neuro Tree.. which is formerly known as Trio Center...

Partially it was a time factor... (I wanted him to learn some other things but dun have time to send him to so many extra classes) and partially it was due to the fact that Ace Chua seems to be losing interest in the programme.. I dun really want to waste my mooolah :)

So well, we finally decided to stop his lessons there.. and so tat he will remember all the wonderful and nice people there... we took some pics:)
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Friday, July 03, 2009

Little Big Club

I finally got the pics of Ace watching the Little Big Club...

Anyway, I think Ace totally enjoyed himself because Gandie and Ganma bought him a lightstick also...

Karen said she has never seen someone so engrossed in a show before.. they were really amused that Ace just sat there and never once moved his eyes.. or his head.. like he was watching TV like tat....

But according to Karen, when the show ended, Ace was more interested in picking up all the confetti that were left on a the floor and even almost started a fight with someone over an extra long piece of confetti...

"Are children all like tat.. they all like to pick up rubbish from the floor?" Ganma Karen asked me.. cos she said all the children were so bz picking up all the confetti after tat :) hahaha..

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Who Is More Handsome?

The other day, I brought Ace along to our seminar cos no one to take care of him....

Because we were there early, we rested in the lounge and met Lina and Joelle.. so Joelle wanted to make fun of Ace and so she asked Ace, "Ace, I ask you a question... who is more handsome.. Uncle Arthur or Papa?"

But of cos, Ace is not one to be easily tricked.. and so he said, "Uncle Arthur and Papa all handsome..."

So not wanting to give up.. Joelle persisted.. "No, no, no, Ace.. you can only choose one... who is more handsome.. Uncle Arthur or papa?"

Ace gave it a thought and said, "Uncle Arthur..."

And after a pause, he whispered.. "Because papa is botak and got no hair..."

We all had a good laugh!

But the joke does not end there. Then, Max told Ace he is so sad that he say he is not handsome and so he will not bring Ace to eat chocolate cake at night in that case....

And so Joelle told Ace she will give him one more chance... "Who is more handsome..."

"Papa!" declared Ace with a cheeky smile.

"So why is Uncle Arthur not handsome?" Joelle asked him.

Ace said, "Because Uncle arthur hair like that.. " and proceeded to use his hands to try to describe Arthur's hairstyle..

HAHAHAHAHA.. cannot tahan lah! :)

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