Thursday, April 30, 2009

Belly Dancer Ace

If he goes on like this, Ace will have very strong abs :)

The other day, he told me that he can dance belly dance..

And then he showed me this and giggled...

When I asked him who taught him this... to my surprise, the culprit is Gong Gong! Hahahaahaha... I imagine that when my dad does it, it must be even more funny cos my dad has a huge tummy! hahahaha

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Master of Persuasion

A master of persuasion is a a good promoter. When you understand the art of persuasion and promotion, you can promote anything.

Generally speaking, good parents are good promoters ;) Instead of telling their kids what to do, they learn how to promote the things they want them to do and let them decide to do it. And generally, MOTHERS, are the best promoters on earth! Hahahaha....

I have seen how this special skill set has allowed many people to earn tens and thousands of dollars as their monthly income and so I know how important it is to Ace. Since he has been in my tummy, I have already been repeating to him that he is a Master of Persuasion... cos I want him to be born with this skill..

And very often in the area of fetal and child education, what you keep repeating and what you keep doing is what you get.

Whenever we want Ace to do things, instead of taking the easy way out of telling him what to do, we always try to use persuasion and promotion instead. So now that Ace is adult, tables are turned and Ace is starting to use all these things to ensure that people do things the way he want them...

The other day, he took out his toys and asked me to play with him and I just helped him put the toys together and he continued to play himself. At night, when I asked him to keep the toys before I made milk for him, he said, "Mummy, you played with me right?" I knew it was coming already lor...

Instead of asking me to keep, he asked me if I played with him.. then he went on to tell me that if we play together, we have to keep together.. and when that didn't work, he went on emotional card and told me, "Mummy, I love you and I want you to keep together with me. I like it when you keep together with me..."

And then on another day, I did not make milk for him and made him go sleep with his father. And then I went to type happily at my computer and all of a sudden, Ace walked out to look for me. "Mummy, I want to sleep with you...." and pulled me back in...

But he was the one who kicked me out of his bedroom and said he wanted to sleep with Daddy.. so I wondered why he wanted to sleep with me.. after lying next to me for a while, he said, "Mummy, I want to drink milk..."

Chey! No wonder want to sleep with me!

So I made him milk and thought that was the end of the matter. But after he finished milk, he still wanted to sleep with me.. so I asked him why since he said he wanted to sleep with daddy initially. Turns out that Max ate some garlic that day and he din like the smell of it and so instead of telling Daddy that he is smelly.. he just requested for me to sleep with him....

And then there was one day where he automatically told me that he wanted to sleep already. Come 10pm, he said to me, "Mama, can you off the tv? You see the sky dark dark already, it is time to sleep.." Instead of asking me direct to sleep, he says, " Daddy says when the sky is dark and you don't sleep, he will come and da pi gu.. so we must go and sleep..."

Yet another day, he wanted to play his toys with me and as I was busy doing something, i told him that I could not play with him. "But I want to play with you may. If I play with you, I can learn from you how to play.. and then we can play together mah..." He sure knows where my hotspots are man...

And just the day after we came back from a trip to JB (for the Lion's Club Convention that we attended), Max put the clean clothes on Ace's chair so that I would keep in the cupboard later. When my good son saw it, he said to me, "Mummy, why are the clothes on my chair? Are the clothes smelly? Then my chair will be smelly you know...." So I told him that the clothes are clean.

And then, he paused and thought for a while and told me, " Mummy, but a chair is not for putting clothes right? A chair is for sitting right? If you put the clothes in the chair then other people cannot sit already lor...."

Wah lau, sounds like something MY MOTHER will tell ME!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Poop Training Improvement!

This is a pic of Ace trying to KEK SAI.. hahahaa


There is a HUGE improvement in Ace's POOP toilet training....

He is finally somewhere close to his Ben 10 watch.

The other Saturday, Ace woke up and came to our room. Without us saying anything to him, he walked into out toilet and peed by himself.

And then he walked out of our room again and then suddenly I heard him shouting out to me, "Mummy, come here quick! Mummy! Come here, I da bian in the ma tong already!"

I ran to the toilet in the kitchen and realized that Ace really pooped into the kitchen toilet all by himself. Turns out that he doesnt even need the adapter and he is not afraid to climb onto the toilet bowl by himself.

Anyway, I am so proud of him! ;)

Yesterday though, he pooped again in school. After he finish passing motion in the toilet bowl, he told his teacher that she must tell his Daddy and Mummy that he passed motion in the toilet bowl...

Hahaha.. now he knows how to get his stars.

On top of that, we have been trying to wean him off wearing diapers at night. It resulted in me washing the bedsheets once every 3,4 days so far... but he gets a star for every night that he stays dry.

I am in dilemna and wonder if I should let him wear his diapers at night till he really can keep himself dry for good.

Seems like unless he drinks his milk at 8pm or so, it is difficult to keep dry. Especially if he drinks his milk at 10 plus 11.... unless he manages to wake and pee again at around 2am at night.

Anyway, I asked him if he knows when he is going to pee and he says that he knows. So I told him that since he knows, he cannot pee in his bed. He has to wake up and pee in the toilet. And i repeat like 5000 times to him before he sleeps.

Amazingly, in his sleep, he remembers and he wakes up to pee at 2am at night for two nights running! But well, I guess sometimes he is just too tired to wake though cos as I write, my bedsheets are flying in the wind like a marikita.. hahaha...

PS: As I publish this, I am glad to inform you that Ace can stay dry most of the time and has successfully completed POOP training! YEAHHHHHH!!!!!

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Sleeping Handsome

I wanted to wake Ace up and walked into the room and saw him in this position...

Sures bring back lots of memories of me waking up early for school... cos when i was young.. I think about 8 years old or so, that is one of my favourite sleeping poses and I would often wake up finding myself in such a pose.. hahaha...

Hai.. seems like Ace inherited so many things from me... and Max laughed at me and say that Ace inherit many bad things from me...

"Ya lah ya lah.. all the good things inherit from you lah.. all the bad things inherit from me lah..."

"Ok lah, he inherited one good thing from you lah.. he is cheeky..." laughed Max.

$@%$)(%$%$%#%">#$@%$)(%$%$%#%... Pot calling kettle black...
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cleaning Up Is Fun!

Maybe he got tired of all the toys at Nainai's house after going there frequently these past two weeks.

The other day, he got a little bored and started helping Nainai to clean the house as a game.

He picked up Nainai's rag, washed it with water and started wiping the tables, the chairs, the cupboards clean.

But of cos, the mischievious Ace soon found ways to make the CLEANING even more fun by cleaning DADDY's HEAD!


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Saturday, April 25, 2009

I So Smart Now

Recently, there are some major upgradings going on in our estate. As such, there are alot of extra things being built all around the estate.

The other night, Ace got lost on the way home...
Perhaps he was tired. Perhaps it was because there were too many new things in our environment. Perhaps it was just too late in the night. Perhaps the night view in our estate looks different in the day.

Anyway, when we got out of the lift, instead of turning right like he usually does, he walked right towards the stairs in front of us and insisted that that was the way to our house. He cried when I told him that is not our house and he kept walking too and fro and the more he walked, the more flustered he got, the more he cried.

I only managed to pacify him when I asked him to trust me that I will bring him home.

Two, three days later, the same thing happened. He got lost again and kept insisting on walking on to the next stairway. He got really flustered and upset when he felt disoriented and Max told him, "Just recognize this plant. When you see this plant, this is the right staircase..."

So after that, he never got disoriented again and everytime he would see the plant and say, "Hey! There is our house.. see.. this is the giant plant..."
And then so for a few times, I pretended to lose my way and asked him for directions and he always looked out for the big plant and got it right.
Then while we were walking down the stairs, he told me, "Mummy, see, I so smart now.. I can find the plant and I can find my house..."
Hahahaaha... this one in hokkien they call it buay hiao bai... But it is great that he knows how to praise himself ;) hehehe...
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Friday, April 24, 2009

Hungry children

I just came across a very interesting film the other day. It is called Chicken A La Carte about how some less fortunate people have to pick up remains on other people's plates to eat as a special treat!

I intend to show this to Ace so that he will learn to treasure all the food we have to eat....

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

You Must Say Sorry To Me

The other day, my mum said to me, "Your son ah... ask me to say sorry to him..."

What happened was that when my mum was on the phone, Ace went to press the button and cut off her connection. So she scolded him and asked him why he was so rude.

Ace asked her, "Why you angry at me?"

So my mum said she is angry because he is so rude to press the button...

And then Ace stomped away and crossed his arms and stood in a corner and declared that he was angry with my mum for being angry at him...

He waited for a while, and then he asked my mum, "Popo, why you never say sorry to me? You must say sorry to me because you make me so sad... you scold me..."


I thought very hard and realized that this is a result of two things:

  1. I usually will ask Ace to apologize to other people because sometimes when he says mean things our shout at people, I tell him to apologize because he made them sad or angry.

  2. I also apologize to him sometimes when I shout at him and say things like I am sorry for shouting at him and making him sad... before I explain to him why I am angry... and then he will apologize to me and i will apologize to him...

My mum was just miffed that even though Ace was the one at fault, he still expected her to apologize... hahaha...

Hahaha... But if Ace can get my mum to apologize, i think he is VERY GOOD. In my life, my mum has always been the type of mother who can do no wrong. I have never heard of her apologizing to either me or my sister ever before! hahaha....

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Am A Leader

A very very very long time ago, Ace was sitting in the car when we listened to Arthur on tape.

Arthur was giving a speech about success and leadership and Ace was in his why why why mode. So he started asking me what is uncle Arthur talking about. Why leadership? Why Success? ( I also wondered in such a long sentence, why he only picked out these two words to ask me).

So I just told him that success is having a golden life and having everything you want in your life. Having the time and the money to do all that you want to do. And leadership is how you respond to calls for help. Leadership is about helping people. "Just like what Ace likes to do.. help people.. so you are a leader..."

"Yeah, I am a leader!" he repeated, feeling very happy about himself.

And then I forgot about this conversation for a long long long time....

And then the other day, Daddy took out Arthur's tape to listen again. "Yeah! I want to listen to Uncle Arthur tapes!" Ace exclaimed.

And then the tape went on and on.. this time though, it was about how to find the people you wanted to work with in business and there was nothing said about leadership or success.

But all of a sudden, Ace announced to the whole world. "I am a leader!"

"You know, mummy, I am a leader.." he repeated again...

"Yes, Ace, you are a leader and you are a great leader!" I told him. "Do you know what a leader do?"

"Yes, help people. I help many many people. I am big big leader!"

I am so impressed with my son ;)

Anyway, as he is the first son in the family.. usually first borns are born pioneers and they are born with the gift of leadership.

Yet, at play, he is always a follower. My friend told me it could be tat Ace learns by modelling. So I guess that might be why he is a very good follower and always models after his friend's behaviours.... But he warns me that this sort of children either become very good or very bad because they are easily shaped by their environment. But i guess i cannot be there to watch Ace's every move and watch everyone that he comes into contact with. I can do my best to influence him but he has to choose his own road and his own friends and the life that he wants...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mummy, I Want To Talk To You...

Whenever Ace hears me or his dad says, "Ace, come here, I want to talk to you..." he knows it is about something that he has done wrong.

But still, being the good kid he is, he often would still come over and listen to whatever we had to say.. cos most of the time, we would do our prep talk in an even, gentle and neutral tone of voice.. so that it wouldnt sound like scolding...

The other day, we brought Ace to the Hort Park and since we were in that area, we decided to visit the vegeterian restaurants in that area for dinner. We let Ace choose what drink he wanted to drink and initially, he chose a sour plum juice.

After one sip, however, he decided he didn't like it. "I don't like this.." he said and he went on to the fridge to choose another drink before we could even react.

So this time round, he chose a honey drink. His dad told him that he could only drink half of it. "You bring the other half home and drink at home..." Max told him.

"Ok," and so he finished his dinner and then told me, "I can carry my own drink..." and held on to it all the way home...

The moment he reached home, he started turning the bottle cap open. "I reached home already, I can drink already!"

So I wanted to take it away from him so that he will stop drinking. But the harder I pulled, the stronger his grip and in his bid to snatchit away from me, he tilted the bottle and almost spilled the contents out. "Ace, you are spilling it on the floor! See, you waste the honey drink already!"

Then I took the drink into the kitchen and went to the toilet to pee.

Suddenly, someone opened my toilet door.

It was Ace. He had a very stern face and he said, "Mama, come, I want to talk to you..."

"Mama, you angry with me right? Why are you angry with me. I give you one more chance, ok? I give you one more chance. If you angry with me again, I will bring you to the police station and tell the police..."

I had to suppress my laughter and put on a straight face and I told him that I was not angry with him. I just did not want him to spill the drink on the floor.

Later, I told him that I was really happy that instead of being happy, he chose to talk things out with me. But he might have misunderstood what I meant cos later when his dad scolded him for something else.

He told his dad, "Daddy, you angry with me I ask the police to catch you..."

So I reaffirmed with him that even though I liked it that he spoke out what he felt, but it was actually rude for him to tell Daddy that he wants to bring Daddy to the police station.

But it really goes to show wat a modeler Ace is. He really models after us very closely and we really have to be careful how we behave in front of him...

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Monday, April 20, 2009

I Want To Buy Tissue

I had to go to Msia for an urgent meeting last weekend and so I had my mum bring Ace to his right brain training school on Saturday.
So on their way back, they saw an uncle without legs selling tissue at the mrt station.

"Popo, why that uncle got no legs?" Ace asked my mum.
My mum explained that he might have gotten into an accident and asked Ace if he wanted to donate money to the uncle.
"Yes, I want." said Ace.

(When I heard this part of the story, I was thinking, "Great, my son has such a great, loving heart...")

My mum then gave Ace $1 and asked him to give to the uncle. Ace ran over, gave the money to the uncle, and because the uncle was so thankful, he gave a packet of tissue to Ace. "No, Ace, give back to uncle..." My mum just wanted him to donate to the uncle, not buy from him...

"You dun want this? Nevermind, I give you this...." said the uncle cos I think he misunderstood my mum and he found this really cute-looking cartoon character tissue. Ace held on to it and refused to let go or return to the uncle so my mum just let him bring it home.

After lunch, he carefully took out his tissue from his cartoon tissue pack to wipe his mouth.

After dinner, he took tissue out from his tissue pack to wipe his mouth and gave one piece of tissue to everyone in the family. And finally, there are no more tissues left.

So when popo brought him out at night for a religious meeting, she was curious as to why she kept jiggling sounds coming from his pockets. She searched Ace's pockets and found a large amount of coins inside.

"Where did you get this from?" Popo asked Ace. "From Ah Yee's room.." and then popo asked Ace why he had to bring so many coins out.

"I want to buy my tissue.."


PS: Ace just paid $2 for a chocolate cake tat he shared with me and he has requested to pay for the next Mac Donald's Happy Meal that I buy him.... the other day, he told me he wants to buy me a mickey mouse watch cos I poop in the toilet (as MY reward) and I told him I dun like mickey mouse watches, I like watches with diamonds. "OK, I will buy you diamond watch because you da bian in ma tong..." he said..

PPS: Speaking of which, Ace has picked up a rather unpleasant habit of not wanting to take responsibility for things. If anything happens, it is always other people's fault. Eg, if his hand is painful, it is cos I made his hand painful.. if he is sad, it is because I made him sad... My mum said I was like that too when I was really young. I guess it is retribution. I wonder which aspect of my life am I still refusing to be accountable for....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Ambitions

Ace has discovered two more ambitions after a visit to a car wash and a visit to east coast park where he saw an ice cream seller.

When he came home, he promptly took out a rag and started cleaning his "car" and then with some prop additions, the car was converted into a mobile ice cream stall and he just walked around asking, "Anybody want ice cream?"

But he has very poor service lah. I ordered my chocholate ice cream like 1000 times before he actually served me something.. hahaha..
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Saturday, April 18, 2009


My aunty bought Ace an easter egg and it came with 7 small eggs.

"WAH! Chocolate egg!" exclaimed Ace when he saw it....

"I want to open..." he told me.

"Do you want to open?" My aunty asked him...

He din bother answering and started tearing the box open.

"Ace ah.. did I say you can open?"

"Lao gou say can open leh..." he tried to explain.

"I didn't say you can open. I only asked you if you wanted to open...

And so, when he opened the box and found 7 mini eggs and one big egg, he was overjoyed. "Yeah yeah yeah!"

So when we asked him if he could share, he gamely shared the 7 mini eggs with the adults and exclaimed, "I want BIG BIG egg. Big egg is mine... and I am a good boy.. i share..."


Luckily it was hollow inside.. if not I dunno how I am going to stop him from finishing such a huge chunk of chocolate.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Cannot Let People See...

Okay, at least I know my son is listening when I try to teach him things.

The other day, I just told him that he cannot show other people my breasts and told him how we cannot anyhow show other people our private parts.

So about 2 weeks later, we had a chance to bath together and suddenly while he was bathing, he let out a really loud fart and he started luffing...

"Wah! So smelly, Ace!" I exclaimed and opened the door a little bit to let some wind in to clear the smell...

Ace held on to the door and said, "No no no no no! Cannot open the door!"

He had such a serious look on his face and I wondered what was bothering him..

"Open the door, other people can see Mummy's breast. Cannot let other people see Mummy's breast..."

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bao Toh Kia!

Ace knows how to carry tales already...

The other day, Max commented that I was a kuku for doing something and when we went into the car, Ace told me, "Mummy, just now Daddy say you are a kuku leh..."

"Oh dear, did Daddy say that?"

"Cuckoo, cuckoo.." went Max like a cuckoo clock in the background....

"You see, you see, he scold you kuku again..." Ace said.

"Can scold other people kuku or not?" I asked Ace.

"No... cannot..."

"So is Daddy a good boy?" I asked Ace again.

"No.. Daddy is a naughty boy because he scold you cuckoo.. I am a good boy, I never scold you cuckoo..."

So after that, everytime Max said I am a kuku, Ace will remind him cannot scold people "cuckoo".

Speaking of which, the other day, Max was driving us somewhere and we met this really stupid driver who kept flashing his hazard lights just because it was raining. Visibility was high and so both me and max had a conversation about how the driver was really stupid.

"Mummy, why daddy say STUPID? Cannot scold people stupid right?"

"Yes, but that uncle is stupid because what he did is very dangerous. When he on his hazard lights, the other people will not know if he wants to move or stop and so it will increase the chance of an accident. So in the end, not only might he hurt himself, he might also hurt others..."

And then Ace thought it was ok to scold STUPID and after that he started scolding me stupid, scolding some other stupid as well and so I told him again that it was rude to scold other people stupid.

Just now, Max was irrirated at another stupid person and told me, "Wah lau, really stupid man!"

From far, Ace wagged his finger and said, "Aiyoh, Daddy.. cannot scold stupid right? "


The other day, I also exclaimed, "For want of a better word, I really have to say this person is stupid..." because someone I knew did something really silly. Immediately the discipline master, Ace Chua, started to wag his finger... "Orh... cannot say this word ah.... orh.... you say this word.. tommorrow I will go and tell my teacher.... orh....."

I think I must be super duper careful with my words when Ace is around...

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Outdoor Play

We were rarely free in the evening and since we were free, we asked Ace what he wanted to do.

"Erm... erm..." he thought for very long but does not seem to have any ideas of what he wanted to do and where to go and so I decided to help him out by letting him choose between the airport, shopping or ikea playground.

"Airport!" he exclaimed.

And then he added," I want to bring my long sleeves there because it is so cold..." Alas we had no long sleeves on the car and we did not intend to go home...

So during dinner, I asked him if he would like to go to East Coast park instead. He agreed on the account that there was a mac donalds playground which he liked. Alas, when we reached there, the playground was closed for upgrading.

So I brought him to walk along the beach and told him to count the ships. "See, instead of aeroplanes, we can see ships here..."

"I want to drive a ship.. I go on ship and then you and papa go on the ship and you put on your seat belts and i drive the ship. I am a navy..." Ace was really excited.

Because Max had to settle some stuff, I brought Ace to the beach area on my own.

I suggested that instead of walking on the pavement, we walked along the beach but Ace was afraid to go in and becuase he saw some red ropes all around the beach area (there was a warnin about unstable shoreline), he said the beach is 'closed' and refused to go close.

When he was much younger, he didn't like the beach much because I think he did not like the sound of it.

Since i was inappropriately dressed in my office wear, I suggested the next best thing we could do there... TAKE PICTURES! And so we took turns to take pictures of the beautiful sky line there.

Once he warmed up and saw other children playing on the beach, he was brave enough to venture closer.....

It took a while though for him to finally be willing to step into the water and after that, we went to Coffee Bean for a treat since he was such a good boy today.

Here are the pics:

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Superman Ace!

The other day, we had a good time at home playing...

Running out of ideas, we decided to play SUPERMAN.. and Ace very gamely posed for this photo! Hahaha.. note that I just told him to do superman pose and he posed the hands himself! And the game goes like this.. he goes on top.. I hold him, he holds his pose and we sing the superman theme song together! hahaha...

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Sense Of Humour

I really think my son has a VERY GOOD sense of humour and I tell him often that he makes me very happy with his sense of humour because he is so funny.

When I was younger, I remember that people often laughed at the things that I said and I always wondered why they laugh. When I grew up, I realized I had a great sense of humour.. and it makes people happy.... but as I got even older.. I seem to have lost a great part of it.....

Nevertheless, looking at my son, I know I must still have it somewhere.. cos children are a reflection of our subconscious minds! hahaha...

The other day, we brought Ace to Tampines and then when we were driving home after dinner, Ace looked at the Tampines sports hall and asked us.. "Eh, who plays badminton here leh?'

We often asked him that question when we pass by that place because we brought him once to visit Yeye when Yeye was playing badminton there and after tat, he would point to that place and say "Hey, that is where Yeye play badminton..." and we often wondered how he knows cos we actually entered the building from another direction. My only conclusion is that he has a good sense of direction.

Anyway, back to the story.

So Ace was asking us.. "Eh, who plays badminton here leh?'

And we were thinking he would repeat the same trick and say "Yeye play badminton here..."

But before we could reply him... he declared loudly, "It is JOHN BRATINO!"

And we luffed until we pengz lor... cos that is the Yeye's ang moh name... and Yeye once told him that his name is John Bratino (dun ask me why Bratino, I also dunno).

So funny...

And then he went to call everyone in the family a Bratino. Eg Nai Nai is Chan Yeong Meng John Bratino, I am Mummy Bratino...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

What Happens When It Rains In The Zoo

I have always wondered what happens when it rains in the zoo...

Now I know---- NOTHING!

Well, since our Friends Of The Zoo card is expiring soon, we thought we should make use of it a little bit more and so we decided to bring Ace to the zoo. And for the first time, we remembered to bring along his swimming gear tat he could play in the new kid's area where there is a water play area.

But one the way there, the sky was really dark... So I reminded Ace to chant and we chanted for the rain to stop.. and Ace was really cute.. he would chant a few times... "Nam myo ho ren ge kyo.." and then say this, "Gohonzon please make the rain stop so that I can have fun."

And true enough, once he starts chanting and says that aloud, the rain will stop.

But once the rain stops, he relaxes and stops chanting and so the rain comes back.

This repeated for about 3 times before we finally reached the zoo. We walked into the zoo and it was raining a little bit. We wondered if we should make a run for it and suddenly, the sky turned really dark and we quickly got into the shelter and the moment we stepped in, it started raining cats and dogs.

"Ace, i think that is Gohonzon's way of saying you will have more fun doing other things..."

So we walked around in the shop at the entrance of the zoo. Eventually we landed i the ice cream palour and I guess for Ace, the ice cream treat was much better than the actual visit to the zoo...

Eventually, we asked Ace what he wanted to do and because he read a book about a bear that watched movies in the cinema and made me promise to bring him to the movies, he said he wanted to go to the cinema to watch movies. We then proceeded to find a show to watch.. alas, there are no nice shows avail for children.

So we went to the arcade to waste some time and after that, when we asked Ace what he wanted to do next, we were both a little shocked when he said, "I want to eat sushi!"

How he remembers that there is sushi in tampines, I will never know. But that day is ACE DAY.. so his wish is our command :) hahaha...

Here are the photos:

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Welcome Angel!

With every NTP I attend.. with every IDSAME I do, I find my son has gotten better and better at my biz as well...

I last talked about how Ace would sell tickets like Arthur after NTP. A few days later, I found him giving a speech and the contents of it goes something like this...

"The bar has moor... and if you use it, your skin will become healthy.. your face will look younger and younger...."

And yet about two weeks later, I found him doing the same speech but this time with more elaboration.. "Got one time.. lady use the bar... and the pimples will disappear....." I was really surprised and impressed that he remembers so much of the talk. I wonder what other stunts he still has up his sleeves...

But he just never fails to improve on it and constantly surprise me.

A few days later, he used a pencil as a mic and started giving and speech while I was happily watching my TV. All of a sudden, I heard him say, "Angel is a good girl.. we ask Angel to come and talk... Angel, pls come here..."

I looked at him and then he pointed to the space beside him and told me, "Angel, please come here..."

So I entertained him and went to sit beside him.

"Everybody, clap for Angel!"

And then he passed me the mic and asked me to speak. So I just anyhow entertain him and said, "The Eumora bar can get rid of all skin problems and it can make your skin, smoother and fairer.... it can get rid of pimples, reduce scarring, reduce wrinkles, lift and firm your face, lighten pigmentation and remove eyebags. Thank you..."

And I passed the mic back to him...

"Yes, Angel is a very good girl. Everybody clap for Angel. Angel, thank you very much..." and pointed at my seat.. asking me to go back to my original seat... I thought very hard about where he might learnt this and realized that I brought him along the seminar that time when I had to give a talk on stage. He probably learnt it there.. anyway, since he was born, or even when he was in my tummy, he often sees me go up stage to give speeches and stuff like tat... My mum always brings him to her religious meetings and she often gives talks as well. I guess that is how he learns.

I think my son will have NO PROBLEM doing public speaking when he grows up. Which pleases me.. since I feel public speaking is a very important skill and one of the most common fears that people have. :)

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Smile And Move

I discovered a good website that is very helpful for teaching children some basic morality, integrity and manners.

It is a movement called "Smile And Move' and there is a story in the website that you can download and read to your child. Ace loves the story and now, when we discuss about his tantrums, there is something I can use as a guide for him.

He knows that to Smile and Move, he need to be happy and do the right thing. So I will ask him and go through one by one if this thing is a smile a move thing to do.. and slowly, through the discussion of what it means to smile and move, he is able to understand what he can or cannot do. What he should or shouldn't do.

You can try it too:)

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I Am Navy!

The other day Max attended some ceremony for his OBO...

So he had to wear his formal uniform and then the next day, he left it on the bench...

Before I knew it, my son took it, wore it and put on his dad's belt and told me, "I AM NAVY!"


So I took out the camera and asked him to do a "Yes, sir!" pose...

Cute or not?

Handsome or not??

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Monday, April 06, 2009

I Can Eat By Myself

Just as I was starting to worry about when Ace will start to feed himself...

He started to do so! ;)

Somehow, I think school or peer pressure must have made him want to become more independent. Now, instead of asking me to feed him all the time, he always insists on eating by himself.

Because he did such a good job of feeding himself, me and Max decided to give him ONE start to contribute to his Ben 10 watch "fund".

He has even started to ask me how to hold his spoon and fork properly and learnt how to hold them properly instead of just grabbing it with his fist..

In teaching him that, I realized that once children learn to master holding the pencil properly, holding chopsticks properly and holding the spoon and fork properly would fall into place because the way the fingerws are positioned are actually the same :)

Yeah! Peaceful, happy meal times.. here I come!!!!!

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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Ehhhh, I help....

It is nice that Ace is growing up into a helpful little boy who INSISTS on helping...

These two times when I wash the clothes and he sees me hanging them up, he will say, "I want to help you. So I let him help me put on the pegs.

I would place the clothing on the bamboo poles and tell him where to put the peg.

Sometimes, if he is too slow or if he puts it at the wrong place, I remove it and then put it in myself and then he gets upset...

"Eh... I help.. I already say I help...." So I have to take it out and let him put it, then he will be happy...

The only downside to this is that he will also try to "help" me when I use the supporting tool to put the bamboo poles on the top rack to dry.. and it is annoying cos I have a force pulling on the tool and I end up using more strength and then I have lots of extra work like trying to make sure I dun hit him etc...

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Friday, April 03, 2009

I Will Tell The Truth

I made a mistake of leaving the scissors around after Ace finished with his craftwork the other day.

So after dinner, when Ace was doing one of the worksheets which required him to cut and paste some things, I found it strange that the scissors was no longer where it was on the table cos I just saw it there a while ago. And no matter how I searched, I could not find it.

"Ace, did you see the scissors?"

Ace gave me an innocent look and told me, "I don't know..." Because he did not blink, did not look away or look guilty.. and even looked at me straight in the eye with no hesitation at all, I believed him.

And then, I finally found the scissors at the dining bench and beside the scissors, I found my green Esabee recyclable bag with the straps cut into two.

"Ace, do you know who did this?"

Again, without blinking, looking away or looking guilty, Ace repeated his mantra, "I don't know..."

"Ace, I give you one more chance. Mummy dun like little boys who tell lies. I like little boys who tell the truth. If you tell me lies, I will get more angry... Who cut this into two?"

"I don't know.... YOU?" He said.

So I went down on my knees so that we were eye level to eye level. "Ace, come, I want to talk to you. (he knows this means he has to get ready for some prep talk) Ace, look at me in the eyes. Tell me, who cut this into two... I only like little boys who tell the truth...."

He started to look guilty and turn away. "I don't know..." he insisted.

"Did YOU cut this into two?" and then with his eyes downcast in shame, Ace nodded his head.

"Ace, you know that mummy don't like little boys who tell lies. I like it when you tell the truth. If you do something, you must have the courage to admit it and say you are sorry. Because you told the truth, mummy will not punish you."

And then I hugged him and told him that he did great in telling the truth. "I like honest boys... and remember, if you lie, mummy will always know and always find out in the end, so it will be better to tell me the truth because mummy would be angrier if you tell lies...."

So after a while, he was back to normal and he told me later, "Mummy, I will tell the truth. I will be a good boy..."

Max asked me what I did since he did cut up the bag. I just let it go lah.. the bag is not worth much anyway but I did explain to Ace that this bag is a recycle bag and is very useful. Now that he has cut it, we cannot use it and so it creates wastage on earth...
But I guess what made it scary is the fact that my son is so young but he can lie without blinking. I wonder which area in my life am I not being honest with to have my son do this at such a young age... usually, I write my emotions on my face and it is not difficult to read me.. I also have great difficulty in lying because I always feel a pang of guilt which shows on my face... that is why I rarely lie and if I do.. I always take great care to ochestrate and rehearse the lie beforehand (I am unfortuantely also quite a good actress) so that I would not be found out.

Of course, like one of my favourite teachers, Mrs HE Lee says, "Honesty is the BEST policy..." I have also discovered that it is always better to be upfront and be honest then hide and lie. So over the course of my life, I have started to lie purposely lesser and lesser... but i still occasionally do tell a white lie here and there..

I guess as adults, it is so easy and a part of life to do a white lie here and there. Especially to our children becuase it is a convenient way of not giving in to them and avoiding tantrums they might throw if you told them nothing but the whole truth.

It is much harder to say it as it is and not lie about ANYTHING... if you do not believe me.. try talking for one day and saying everything exactly as you see and think it without elaboration and without exclusion of important details and you will see what I mean. It is so tough.. but it is so important for the peacefulness in our hearts.

I guess this is just a good reminder for me to seek and stick with the truth... Afterall, my internet nick, Verity, actually means "Truth" ;)

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Can You Sleep With Me?

The other day, in the middle of the night, Ace suddenly woke up and he came to my room and asked me "Mummy, can you come and sleep with me?"

And so I went over to sleep with him.

The next day, I asked him why he needed me to go and sleep with him in the middle of the night and he told me, "Because I wake up and there is no one there. There is no one to protect me... I am so scared..."

"What are you scared of?"I asked him.. (expecting him to answer along the lines of some monster or wat..)

"I am so afraid the big bad wolf will come and catch me..." he said.

Hahahaha.. my son is different I must say :) Other people are afraid of monsters and he is afraid of the big bad wolf...

So I told him that the big bad wolf is not real and just in the story. Is he little red riding hood or xiao tu guai guai? If not, there is no need to be afraid and I will surely protect him... and then he was pacified...

Maybe I should teach him to sing this little ditty i learnt while watching cartoons "Whose afraid of the big bad wolf, big bad wolf, big bad wolf... whose afraid of the big bad wolf, lalalalalaaaaa.."

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