Friday, November 30, 2007


Ace likes to take pictures.

Very often, he will run to me and ask me to "xiao xiao" which means I am supposed to use the camera or my handphone to take pictures of him.

Finally after many demos, he finally understands what is the meaning of posing for the camera ;)

The other day he was in a really good and so he started posing for my camera when I told him to..

Not bad hor, like model leh! Hahaha...

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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Someone very geh kiang lor... treat the sofa like his playground.. jump up and down.. run here and there.. dive into the pool of clothes on the sofa and tell me, "mummy, swimming..."

In the end, he got stuck between the two huge sofas and at last resort, used crying to ask for help...

Hahaha.. I can't help but want to laugh at him though... As the chinese says, "Early know today, why tat time like that?" (zao zhi jin ri, he bi dang chu)

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Leisure Afternoon

Ace is very atas one lor...

He really knows how to enjoy life..

The other day, he sat down on Ah Yee's bed with a book in one hand (it is one of those atas sort of books about relationships and the higher mind...) and 'a glass of champagne' in beside him.

After flipping a few pages, he will pause, take his champagne glass and make a slurping drinking sound. And then he will say, "ahhh...." and put it beside him and continue reading his book.

Hahaha... I think he is born to know how to enjoy life man! hahaha...

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rocking Horse

About a year ago, we vistied Xiangling and she said she has this wooden rocking horse that her son no longer likes and asked if we wanted it. That incident happened at a time where I strongly felt I need to give my child more toys... hahaha... and so, in the end, we accepted.

Initially, Ace did not like that rocking horse much. If you put him on the horse, he doesnt even want to rock or know how to rock. Even when I sit on the horse and show him how to do it, he is JUST not interested.

Over the course of the year though, he slowly starts to like the horse. Now, not only does he go up the horse and rock, he even does stunts like standing on it instead of sitting on it.. or twisting his body in strange contortions while he is on it.

But he only plays with it for like 5-10 minutes once a month.

I ever thought of buying those Little Tikes sort of little car for him to 'drive' around in since he likes cars so much. Partially also because I saw how much he loved playing with it while he was at Xiangling's place. Heng I did not really buy that car for him when I wanted to. I guess it will in the end, end up like the rocking horse.. having very little 'air time'... Phew...

Anyway, if i really asked myself why I wanted to buy the very expensive toys for him.. it is all as a compensation for the feeling of being a lousy parent. (If other children can have it, how come i cannot provide my child with it...)

Haha.. but as I said, there is a cheaper way to get rid of this feeling.. and tat is to forgive our parents and also to show our child alot of love. If you give your child alot of love, they will be happy forever. If you buy them a toy, from my experience, they will only be happy for half an hour! hahaha.... Don't you agree?:P

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Drink Juice

Well, Ace's vocab has certainly increased and come a long long way...

Eg, when it is time for my breakfast juice, he will run to me and say, "Mummy, drink juice..."

I would give him some and he would drink it and then he pushes the cup back to me and tells me, "Hai yao..." or he would say, "Some more..."

When he is done, he says, "Finish..." and then brings the cup to the kitchen and tells Waigong, "Waigong, boh liao..."

After that he points to the TV and says, "Watch Barney..."

If i ignore him, he runs to his Laoma and says, "diang see kee!"

If he is seated in his high chair and wants to come down, he tells Laoma, "lok lai!"

If that doesnt work... he says,"Mummy! SHEE SHEEEE!"

See, multi lingual leh! hahaha...

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mobile Performer

When a child is talented, he can perform anytime and anywhere.

Just like Ace Chua.

Since Daddy left, if I do not have any appointments, I will be the one responsible for bringing him to his Shichida lessons and usually, we take the cab there and take a train home because it is difficult to find taxis in that area on a sunday.

So at the MRT station, Ace will hit on the bench and sing really loudly. Some time later, the people who saw him perform started to smile...

In the MRT train itself.. he started to perform a different stunt. WHen I carried him in my arms, he reached out for the safety handle on top of him and then wriggle free while holding on to the safety bar.. like monkey bar like tat.. and then he tells me, "Mummy, monkey!"

So the next week, I decided to buy him a packet of biscuits which kept in quiet for a really short while and he started to touch people's bags, people's umbrellas, pockets.. etc... etc...

But of course, he doesn't forget to PERFORM...

Cos when we came to the over the ground part of the track, he realized that it was raining and he started to recite his Shichida story book, "The rain is raining on the roof, drip, drop, drip. The rain is raining on me grass, drip, drop, drip.."

And then when we came out of the MRT station, he saw that it was raining heavily and he started singing, "Rain rain go away, come again another day..."

Many days later, I then realized that he learnt this from the Barney VCD that he watched.. haha ;)

Now, whenever it rains, he will do the DRIP DROP DRIP thing and sing "Rain rain go away.."

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Saturday, November 24, 2007


Ace loves to drink fruit juice.

In my family, every morning, we will have carrot and beet root juice... so I will share my juice with Ace.

usually, after he is done, instead of a milk moustache, you will see a juice moustache on his face.

And then he comes and asks for more...
But somehow, the second time he drinks it, he will the the cup around so he will end up marking his forehead as well and you will see the circular shape of his mug on his face! So farnee...

Me experiment many times liao... always end up the same. I wonder why he likes to change sides.. hahaha...

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Friday, November 23, 2007


Remember that I mentioned that Ace knows how to play Ba Xian Guo Hai and Jiu Dian Mai Jiu game?:)

Well, here is proof... as Ah Yee plays on happily with Ace ;)

Luckily he learnt these two games. Now whenever he feels/looks bored when we are outside and I have no toys, paper or pen on me, I play that game with him to catch hold of his attention. Works really well and so me can bring him out for longer periods now ;)

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

So Angry

Nowadays, if Ace does something wrong and you get angry, you don't even need to tell him, he will tell you,"So angry..." or he will say, "Popo so angry..."

Likewise, if you do something to upset him, he will also tell you, "So angry!" (But his so angry is very cute no matter how he says it.. hahaha)

The other day, Waipo was at home doing her own things and suddenly Ace came to her at about 9pm and asked for milk (he usually only drinks milks at 11pm). "No ace, it is too early already..."

"So angry..." Ace said...

"What are you angry about?" Waipo asked him.

"No milk..." *humph* and he went to play.

Well, Ace made me "so angry" the other day I nearly wanted to dapao him and send him to bahrain to papa. Sigh..

For my BD, Jez ah ma gave me a really really nice hello kitty organizer with alot of stickers inside and a nice white address book.

Imagine I went out happily and came home to find that my stickers are 60% gone.. they are pasted all over the place on the address book.. and there is some ADDITIONAL artwork on the WHITE address book :S In addition, my organizer also kenna some graffitti by some two year old who thinks he is Vincent Van Gogh... SIGH...

In addition, the gate to the kitchen was removed by MR Hercules Van Gogh.. which resulted in me not having a good night's sleep cos the moment he woke.. (which was two hours after i slept), I had to wake as well because he might go into the kitchen to play with knives and what nots...

So angry!

What made me angrier still is that I kept the organizer HIGH up and I know only one person who might have taken it down to Ace... Ah Ma! GRRRRRR.... And tat stupid Max kept challenging me to wake Ace and spank him lah.. laugh at me that both Laoma and Ace are doing things to get my attention lah... made me really very very very angry I wanted to KILL Max Chua.

In the morning, I scolded Ace and told him i am very angry.

"Sorry mama.." he said and smiled at me.. hiya, and then all my anger gone.. hahaha ;)

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Waigong's Birthday

The other day, it was Waigong's birthday...

I asked Waigong how he wanted to celebrate his birthday and he said he wanted to cook.. so i just asked him to cook noodles and got clari and stan to bring home some extra food.

"When is Ah Qing coming home ah?" Waigong asked me.

"Soon lah..."

So he went to the back to warm the wok to start cooking.

When Ace saw him doing that, he told me, "Waigong chao chao chao..." and then he ran to the Gohonzon table, took the bell and the bell ringer and start to imitate waigong...

"Mummy, chao chao chao... " he laughed.

I hope gohonzon dun mind.. maybe he is cooking for Gohonzon.. hahaha ;)

For more pics of Waigong's BD, you can visit my MULTIPLY site ;)

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ace is NEAT!

My son is really neat!

I am not just saying that he is good.. also that he is good at arranging things.. or rather, he is at this stage where he likes to arrange things..

The other day, he took out all the toy cars that he had and then he arranged them all into a straight line..

And just this morning, he took out his wooden toy and started stacking them up and arranging.. I must say his mobility is really good because I was really impressed with the very neat arrangement.

Phew.. I tot a messy and lazy person like me might have a messy lazy kid.. turned out that my son is really quite the opposite ;) haha...

After his meals, he will stack his plates and cups and bring it to the kitchen and pass it to Waigong.. he will also keep his toys when we ask him to after he has played with them.

In fact, he had so much fun stacking CDs in Ah Yee's CD rom drive that it is now spoilt cos he stacked like 3 CDs inside and used brute force to push it in... Anyone knows how to get them out???

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Monday, November 19, 2007


The other day I brought Ace to go Yeye and Nainai'a place for supper because we wanted to celebrate Shu Shu's ORD date.

As I had a meeting, my mum sent Ace there earlier after her meeting and so he spent alot of time playing with them and had a headstart eating the supper before I even got any chance to do that...

By the time I reached their place and started eating, Ace was already full and started running around the room.

Then he came to me and pulled at my hand, "Mama... lai, lai..."

"Where do you want to go, Ace?" I asked him as I stood up and followed him. He brought me to the sofa and asked me to 'jor jor' (sit) there...

"Why must jor jor here?" I asked him.

"Watch TV", he said matter-of-factly as he climbed to sit on the seat beside me.

"Ace, what programme do you want to watch?"

He turned to me and gave me a matter-of-fact look, raised his arms up in the air and shouted, "GOAL!"

Hahaha... actually though, it is just monkey see monkey do.. cos whenever we went to yeye's house, that would be Daddy's routine.. so Ace is just acting it out on behalf of Daddy.. hahaha...

No wonder Yeye keeps saying Ace is Chao Barbie.. so cute right?:P

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Waipo's School Concert

Well, I uploaded some really nice pictures of Ace visiting Waipo's school concert rehearsal...

Click here to see pictures.

Hahaha.. he is dam funny one lor...

When he reached there, I was so worried that he will run on stage and try to dance with them... so I asked him to sit on my lap.

After about two items, he started to explore sitting down.

After sitting down for another one item, he started to ask me to take out my handphone, "Mama, xiao xiao...." and started to imitate the photographer taking pictures...

Even later still, he started to mimic their dancing...really funny i tell you!

Anyway, I just wanted to show case pics of their performance because if you look closely, you will see that most of the props inside were made by my lao mu! ;) Very creative right?! ;)

Her boss asked me when I will send Ace to their school... I guess I just might want to do that starting next year... gotto go learn to drive...

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PS: Speaking of creative people, my laomu is not the only one. My good friend, Peg-gy started a VERY VERY VERY VERY nice website featuring all her own handmade jewellery. If you like bling bling stuff.. have penchant for high fashion lookalikes at a reasonable budget or am starting to think about wat to give your friends for xmas, this perfect CUSTOMIZED and UNIQUE gift will definitely give them a really pleasant surprise. Look out for her xmas selection here. I bought a really lovely necklace for a girlfriend from her and she loved it so much she wore it for 2, 3 days straight! hahaha...

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Friday, November 16, 2007

King of the world!

It is VERY VERY VERY VERY rare that Ace will actually like to put anything on his head.

That is why, since he has been born, all the hats that we or his well meaning ganmas have bought for him have all gone wasted.

The only thing he will automatically put on his head is ah yee's white hairband... but he does it because he thinks it is funny and he doesnt keep it there for long...

So the other day, when Ah Yee showed me pics of her bringing Ace out, I was really surprised to see him wearing that golden crown on his head.

"I dunno leh, he liked it and wore it for the whole time we were there leh.." she told me.

For the next few days, he would take it out, put it on and talk loudly... maybe he is pretending he is in a school playing, playing the role of a KING.. hahaha ;)

Handsome boh?:)

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Ace just stayed over at Nainai's place again.

I suspect that this time round, the song they taught him was Baa Baa Black Sheep cos when he came back, he kind of started to like this song.

He would come into Ah Yee's room, see the Love Pack explaination book with hard cover, take it, hit on it to create some ryhthme and then start singing this song.. most importantly is that he could sing the whole song... I am really amazed! :)

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rubber Duckie

Sesame Street's favourite Rubber Duckie song.. performed by ACE CHUA.

By the way, no one taught him how to sing it, he just knew how to sing it suddenly one day... muahahaha...

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Die Dao

Just before Daddy left, he decided to teach Ace how to play a game. The game is something like the game, 007.

So Daddy will shoot Ace and say "Bang!" and Ace will say, "Ah!" and raise both his hands high up in the air.

Initially Ace only knew how to point and say "bang" but after a few demos, he started to be able to answer "Ah!" as well..

Eventually though, when he says "ah" he will fall gracefully.. like this.. hahahaha

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Ace can say my name!

My son is so so so so clever!

I only told him once that if he does this, it is called the YANDAO POSE... from then onwards, whenever you say tat to him, he will pose this way.

The other day, I spent less then a minute repeating his name, my name and daddy's name three times to him and he can say our names!

Me: Ace, what is your name?

Ace: Ace!

Me: Ace, what is mama's name?

Ace: Angel!

Me: Ace, what is Papa's name?

Ace: Max!

I got him to perform for Daddy over skype and Daddy was really impressed. Hehehe.. actually it is all thanks to Daddy cos he asked if I could teach Ace some new words or new things before he came home.

Anyway, this got Ah Yee very excited and she started training Ace as well. Now Ace can also say Ah Yee's name, CLARI.

But ask him what is Net Net's name... "Yi Zhang!" (That means, my aunty's husband in chinese) HAHAHA....

Just to impress Daddy a little bit.. you dun have to worry hor.. your boy can auto pick up alot of words on his own. Dun need to teach one. Now he can say bubbles, mian bao, bing gan, watch TV, dancing, sing song, chocolate, chang ge, tiao wu, drink milk, bang sai, da pian, computer, type type type, barney, kitty, ding dang, window, suo shi, key, door, table, chair, die dao, cake etc etc etc

AND EVEN CHAO BARBIE! Hahahahaha (That's cos yeye always praise him that he is cute by telling him he is chao barbie.)

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Sunday, November 11, 2007


I promised Ace before Daddy left that I would bring him swimming once every one or two weeks.

On the first week that Daddy left, I was quite bz.. PLUS da yi ma came to visit me.. and so I did not bring Ace swimming.

Eager to keep my promise, I brought him swimming on the second week one day mid noon. It was really quite warm and initially I decided to warm up at the baby pool. Ace had no qualms about walking into the pool and stood and played there happily.

After a while, I brought him over to the kid's pool and he started to cry the moment I brought him deeper into the water and during this time, he would call out, "Papa... Papa... Papa...."

The interesting thing is this. Right after we are done with swimming, Ace told me, "Mama.. Mac Donalds..."

So I told him that because it is past breakfast time, there is nothing he can eat there since we are vegeterians and I dun allow him to eat french fries yet. Besides, Waigong has already cooked lunch. "So we go home and eat the very delicious lunch that Waigong has prepared for you... OK?"

"OK!" Ace agreed happily.

Once we put on our clothes and started walking home, he tried to pull me to a different direction.

"Where do you want to go, Ace?" I asked him.

"Mac donalds!"

"But we agreed to go home right? I bring you to mac donalds another day.. ok?"

"OK!" And he happily continued to walk.

Ah Yee says though that she is somewhat amused by the fact that Mac Donalds is the CLEAREST and MOST OFTEN repeated three syllabus phrase used by Ace.

I think they really do very good marketing lor. Everytime he goes there, he gets a balloon. Everytime he goes there, it is like a treat for him.

Anyway, both me and Ace got darker after the swim. I shall wake up earlier so that we can go before the afternoon sun hits the water... then at least it would not be so warm.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Da Bian!

Ace woke up the other day and walked around with this blur look on his face. After a short while, he went to the corner of the coffee table and squat there with a constipated look...

After that, a whiff of shit started to fill the air...

Hahaha... Maybe Ace was a little doggie in his previous life. Even shit also must find a quiet corner to do so.. hahahaha....

Anyway, Ace, if you want to da bian, go to the tampui or the toilet lah!

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Picnic ;)

Ace ran into Ah Yee's room, took all the bolters, pillows, blankets, soft toys, threw them on the floor and started lying down on them as if he was having some sort of picnic.

"Ace ah, are you having a picnic?" I asked him.

"Picnic!" he said and continued to nuzzle against the bolster...

Hahaha.. shh... dun tell Ah Yee....

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Thursday, November 08, 2007


The other day, both me and Ah Yee had nothing much to do and so we decided to bring Ace shopping in Tampines Mall.

Initially Ah Yee suggested going after work and going to Orchard. "But I cannot help you take care of Ace as I am in super high heels and mini skirt today..."

"Huh? You expect me to bring Ace to Orchard where there are so many people and run after him myself?" I asked her.

In the end, we agreed to go somewhere nearer and wait for Ah Yee to come home and change into more comfortable clothes.

First we waited for Ah Yee to finish her dinner, and then we walked to the bus stop, took a bus and made our way to Tampines Mall.

Luckily Ah Yee was there so there was one more person to entertain him. About 2 minutes in the bus, Ace started to get restless and so Ah Yee entertained her by playing with him. We taught him how to play, "Jiu dian, mai jiu.." and also "ba xian guo hai" and he picks us really fast.. just tat his game rules are a little from ours.. hahaha ;)

In the hotel game.. instead of running away when you catch him, he just stays there and waits for you to catch him and then he would giggle because he enjoys being caught. For Ba Xian Guo Hai, instead of doing different actions so that we can continue, he will often imitate the actions that we do.

Anyway, we walked like one round around Isetan and decided it is time to go. Very tiring already lor cos everything he also wanted to touch and see. When he saw clothes, he will go and touch them and say, "Wah!" one thousand times.. and then he will start to hide inside the clothes. If not he tries to touch the shoes... In the end, we had to carry him most of the time.

Finally, we ended up buying biscuits for Ace at watsons and from then on, he was really very guai.. haha.. he would walk and hold our hand without wandering away and run to Ah Yee when the bisuits in his mouth are gone to ask for more biscuits.

After that, we took a bus home..phew.. while queuing, he would run in and out of the queue by going under the railings.. we were so worried cos we were at the bus interchange and the buses were moving in and out of the stop.

And on the bus, he sang so loudly that everyone looked at us... never knew bringing Ace out for such a short while is so tiring. I told Daddy about the trip and he said, "Now you know leh..." Cos he has always been in charge of bringing Ace out alone when I am in office doing work.

Most important thing though, is that Ace is happy ;)

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Market Adventure

Since I had to spend so much time with Ace, I thought I better come up with some goods ideas about where to bring him and what to do.

The other day, I felt a sudden craving for Mee Siam. So after Ace's Hi-5 programme, I asked him if he wanted to go to market and he said,"YES!"

And so me, Laoma and him ventured out to go market to buy mee siam.

The moment I stepped out of the house though, he started to say, "Mama, bao bao..." and so I told him that he is a big boy and that if he wanted to go out with me, he has to go down the stairs himself. If he doesn't walk himself, then we will stay at home.

In the end, after much cajoling, he slowly walked down a few flight of stairs and now that he has much better stamina, we managed to make our way from the house to the market without me having to carry him at all! ;)

When we reached the market, he was so excited. That's because he saw his favourite motorbike game. He gamely climbed up himself and started to pretend that he is riding a bike. At that moment, a gust of wind blew over and he really looked kind of cool. (Note: do not put in any money because once he bike REALLY starts moving, he will start to cry and want to come down.)

"That's enough, Ace..." and so we walked forward... he saw a car and promptly climbed in...

Anyway, after that, we looked around at the vegetables, fruits, the pets and worms sold at the pet shop...

By the time we reached the Mee Siam stall, I was already very tired though.

So after we bought the mee siam, I asked Ace to carry the packet for me and so he walked home happily with that packet in his arm.

I must say Ace is really a very responsible and helpful young boy ;) Midway into the journey, even though I could tell he is really tired, he still used his milk-drinking strength to continue to hold on to that packet of mee siam.

When we finally reached home though, I put the mee siam one side thinking that I would eat it later. But I think Ace thought the mee siam was for him as well and so he came to me and said, "Mama.. ahm.. ahm..." which meant that he wanted to eat the mee siam.

So I took the mee siam out and divided it into two portions because Laoma said she did not want any.

The very thoughtful Ace quickly took one spoonful of mee siam, went to laoma and told her, "Mama, ahm!" As if saying that "We all went together to get this. We should all be rewarded equally by eating this..."

Anyway, he was actually quite full that day so after about one mouthful, he started playing with his food already..

Still, it was better than sitting at home and just watching TV ;)

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Yeye came to visit Ace today and as usual, whenever he comes over, he will bring a packet of Wang Wang biscuits over for Ace.

He does it everytime he comes so the minute he steps into the house, Ace will slot his fingers into Yeye’s pockets to search for the Wang Wang biscuits.

The very happy Ace found a packet of biscuits and started to pry the packet open. Eventually, he succeeded. To prevent the biscuits from falling all over the place, Popo took a bowl and put all the biscuits in.

Ace happily sat down to eat his biscuits and as he was sitting down, he leaned forward too much and knocked onto the coffee table. The area above his upper lips and beneath his nose turned red immediately and started to cry very loudly.

When I went over to hug him, kiss him and put one biscuit in, he stopped crying.

Then Yeye pretended to cry like him and he found Yeye so amusing that he started laughing. So Yeye pretended to cry again and he laughed again.

Finally Yeye stopped and then he pulled Yeye’s arm and told Yeye, “Kok! Kok!”

Turned out that he wanted yeye to go to pretend to hurt himself and pretend to cry... hahaha ;)

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Bath Time Ace

It has been a really long while since Ace had time to bath and play with water.

Since he has been hooked on the rubber duckie song recently (He can now sing the Rubber Duckie song in seseame street.... no one taught him, he just started to sing one day while playing with his rubber duckie...) I decided to let him have some fun with the rubber duckie.
The end result? He was having so much fun he did not want to stop bathing.. hahaha ;)

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Sunday, November 04, 2007


"Daddy, let's go... SWIMMING!"

Ace kept bugging his Dad to bring him swimming just before he left.

And so we did.

However, the very kuku mummy packed the bag and forgot to pack Ace's shorts. So instead of adjourning over to mac donalds for breakfast, we had to walk home quickly as Ace had to wear back his swimming shorts....

We found out thought that after our Phuket trip where we did lots of swimming with Ace, Ace can recognize the baby pool and has no problem wanting to go inside. He however is wary of the children's pool other than the first step at the side of the pool, he refuses to go any deeper into the pool.

I promised Daddy I will bring Ace swimming swimming once a week or at least once every two weeks so that he will either improve or stay at this comfort level and Daddy can do his trick when he comes back. If not after too long, Daddy will have to start from scratch again to try to train Ace to go into the baby pool.

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Understanding Your Child

Today, I was woke by the sounds of Ace crying... and while he cried, he kept saying, "da bian, da bian..."

But as I was too tired and I was aware that Waigong, Waipo and Zhen Popo were all fussing over him, I continued my beauty sleep.

Finally, they just could not handle him anymore and brought him to my room. Apparently, Ace wanted to poot but could not do so and so they asked me to help him wear his diapers so that he can poot in the diapers when he is ready.

I put on Ace's diapers for him and after that, no matter what I did, he was still whiny. He just kept crying out, "Da bian da bian..." and he would quieten down a little while and then he would start whining again and started to cry.

Now, after so many POV trainings, I know that everything that your child (or any human being) does is just either a call for love or an expression of love.

I hugged Ace and tried to connect to his heart and then he started to cry very sadly and call for, "Papa... papa..."

When I really got connected with him, I understood the source of his pain.

On the surface, it seemed as if he had tummy trouble. And initially, I just put on some ru yi you for him to sooth his tummy. My mum said that he told them that he wanted to 'da bian' and so they let him sit on the tam pui. But after a long time, only one small ball came out. So they let him try sit on the toilet bowl but nothing came out after a long time. So my mum used toilet paper, cleaned his buttocks and told him to wear his pants..

"And then he started to cry and I asked him why and he told me, 'xi pi gu..' and so I washed for him lor.." my mum told me.

But Jeff Allen, my teacher told us before that all physical problems are psychological problems and that was why I hugged him close and told him that I understood his sadness. I did not ask him to stop crying as i wanted him to express his sadness. I just told him that I understood his sadness and that I loved him.

When I got connected, I realised that he may have felt lonely or maybe a little abandoned cos I was out since 2.30pm yesterday and did not come home till 12 mid night. By then he was already sleeping. To make matters worse, I did not sleep in my bedroom but in Ah Yee's room with the door closed.

So when he woke up, he thought I was not at home. I guess he missed me + this week, Daddy doesnt have skype access and much phone access so in the past 4 days, he only spoke to Daddy once even though we did another visualization of taking the airplane to visit Daddy and have fun with Daddy for one full day.

So I apologized to him and explained that i was busy yesterday. I told him what I was doing the whole day and explained that even though I was away, I was thinking of him and I love him no matter what and that even though he doesnt see Daddy, Daddy still loves him. Then I told him how Daddy smsed me last night and told me that he really loves me and loves Ace very much.

And then I just hugged him.

He quietened down immediately and suddenly, he started saying, "Da bian da bian" again. This time, there is a familiar stench in the air and I knew that his shit is out.

"Want to xi pi gu or not?"

"Dun want.."

So I knew he was not done yet and respected his wishes. "Tell me when you are done ok..." After a while of bending over and lying his head on my lap, he pulled my hand and said, "Tiao wu, chang ge" (Dancing and singing) which indicated he wanted me to sing so tat we can dance together.

So we sang a short song together and because I took this as a cue that he has finished shitting, I brought him to take his bath.

After his bath, he looks like a completely changed person. He is now full of smiles and Waipo said she will bring him to buy new shoes so he happily shansho and wave bye bye and went out.

What a boy! :) hahaha....

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Sitting Down

Most of the time, Ace cannot sit still.

He will be rolling about, running around, jumping up and down, singing aloud, moving here and there, shaking his bum... or he will just do all at the same time.

Even if you do switch on the TV, he would run to and fro from the TV, point on the things inside excitedly and move up and down the sofa.

Surprisingly, I found that BARNEY seems to have some hold over him.

As it is, Barney is like his favourite VCD. Anytime he is upset and you ask him what he wants, "Barney..."

If he runs to the PC and sits on my lap, he points and asks for, "Barney!'

At night just before he sleeps and he talks to me about his day, it is about "iyr9qyroshfaihfjfaoijfds... ... BARNEY!"

The most amazing thing is, Barney seems to be able to cast this spell over him because the other day, I discovered that Ace is able to SIT DOWN and SIT STILL for more than 15 minutes when he watches Barney!

Yes, EVEN when I am NOT in the room! Usually he will sure to run to wherever i am and command me to play with him or be moving about even when we are showing Barney.. but he seems to finally understand that people sit down to watch TV instead of just running around.

Amazing isn't it?

Anyway, even though that buys me some free time. I actually would much rather he ran around than to sit there like a couch potato.. hahaha ;)

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Picasso Ace Painting

Recently, Picasso Ace has started to learn to paint.

As Waipo's school concert is coming up soon, she was tasked to create a poster for it and that she did using poster colour as it was much faster to colour using poster colour than any other medium.

After Waipo was done, she handed the paper over to Ace and taught Ace how to use the brush to paint. Ace enjoyed it so much that his his new Mickey Mouse Tee Shirt and Shorts set was all stained by green paint.

After changing into a new top, he continued painting zealously and finally managed paint something that looked like a cross between a bush and a tree...

If I am in good mood, I think I will go to KL chan to buy him some water colour to play with later;)

PS: This painter dam stylo right? Painting also must lift his shirt.. haha...

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