Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Maid

Our new maid, Ace Chua, is very hardworking indeed.

He has since progressed from mopping the floor to sweeping the floor as well ;)
PS: Read about us on No lah.. we are not the rude ones.. we are the one exposing the rude ones.. muahahahaha...

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Why Can't I Find You?

If you have been calling me at my mum's place and cannot seem to get through. Rest assured. It's NORMAL not to get through these days because of Ace Chua.

He love playing with the blue phone and has been playing with it so often that Waipo has been recieving alot of complains about why they cannot get through when they call her.

He doesnt just pick the cradle up and talk. He even walks around.. presses the buttons and sometimes pulls out the phone socket all together. And when he is done, he just leaves the phone as it is.

Speaking of which, me and daddy both changed our phone numbers to a lucky number. If you want our number, pls sms us at the old number... our old numbers will be valid for 6 mths ;)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Give The Boy A Nen Nen!

You know that ad that says, "Give the man a beer! Give the man a tiger!" ?

Hahaha.. in Ace's case, it is always, "Give tat boy a nen nen! Give that boy some FOOD!"

That's a very happy Ace who is HAPPILY waiting for MORE FOOD at Lingzhi restaurant ;)

Waipo says she noticed one thing. When Ace eats more, he shits more.

When he eats less, he shits less.

That's healthy mah.. right?:)

But she says dun feed him so much lest he shits and shits and shits. Sometimes he eats so much that his pile of poot is as huge as that of an adult.

Ace really has many small meals in a day:
7am- 260ml of milk
9am: Fruit Juice and/or Fruits
11.30am: Black sesame Paste
1pm: Lunch
4pm: Biscuits
6pm: dinner
9pm: Biscuits
10.30pm: Milk

But he doesnt put on much weight but just keeps growing taller. Anyway, Ace is 12.6kg the last I weighed him ;)

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Xmas

Okay, Daddy didn't get to fulfill his wish of a castless xmas..

But Merry Xmas anyway...

PS: On a positive note, this wouldnt have been possible without Daddy's cast.

PPS: I know this design is nice but dun you dare ask him wat design he will have for CNY or he will hantam you! :)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Any Toy

Okay, christmas is drawing near..

I haven't decided what to buy Ace for xmas... Buy him books but all he does now is tear them...

Buy him toys and he gets tired of them in a short while... and would rather play with other things like his pram...

Buy him clothes but he already has alot that he hasnt even started wearing yet..

Maybe I will wrap a ribbon around myself.. his best gift is a GOOD MUMMY.. ME! Hahahaha...

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ace Is Japanese

I think Ace is Japanese.

While Ace refuses to say anything other than, "Mum mum, " "Nen nen" or "Eat" (new vocab word that is ALSO related to food), he is always happy to gibber away in 'dunno-what' language... Waipo always says that Ace is speaking in Japanese.. because his gibberish sounds like Japanese.

Yesterday, we have affirmed that he IS speaking Japanese.. hahaha..

Well, we brought Ace to office and Hiromi was there as well. So Ace started out by beaming and smiling at Hiromi (Ace is a natural when it comes to charming beautiful women)... and then he started his gibberish because he had been sitting in his highchair for a long time.

We then tell Hiromi that we suspect he is speaking in Japanese and asked her if she understood him.

"Yes..." she said. "He is saying he is very boring.." and she laughed.

Anyway, I suspect could have been Japanese in his previous life.
1) He likes listening to Waipo chant gongyo and daimoku (and that is in traditional japanese)
2) He likes Hiromi and gave her a kiss the first time we asked him to.. even though he is now wary of strangers
3) He, like most Japanese men, is very hao se.. the other day we went to Seth and Evelyn's wedding and he chased after a few girls and went to hug another little girl again..
4) Most importantly, without any exposure to the language, he speaks it! Hahaha...

Friday, December 22, 2006

Do I Look Like Daddy Or Mummy?

Okay, there are various schools of thought when it comes to whether Ace looks like Daddy or Mummy...

1) Ace looks like Daddy but has mummy's eyes
2) Ace looks like Daddy but has mummy's expressions
3) Ace looks like mummy but has Daddy's hair
4) One look can tell for sure Ace looks like Daddy through and through (I belong to this school)

But generally speaking.. when I am carrying Ace, people say he looks like me.. when Max is carrying Ace, they say he looks like him...

So what do you think?:)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Say Cheese

Ah Yee recently bought a new camera and we have been taking pictures of each other.

In the past, we would mostly only take pictures of Ace.. but now, Ace gets to see us taking pics of each other and I think he finally understood that when someone points a camera to you, you are suppoesed to smile...

And so he tries to smile when someone points a camera at him.. even though his smile may be sometimes unnatural (check out the bottom right pic of him 'smiling' for the camera.

But sometimes he if he does not have enough sleep, he still wouldnt smile.. So if you want to take a pic of smiling ace.. you have to be lucky :)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Box Expert

Ace Chua is box expert now...

He has been spending a good portion of the past two months exploring all boxes in different shapes and sizes. In the course of his exploration and research, he has also 'dissected' various boxes of different shapes, sizes and materials.

He has also tried sitting on them and rocking them....

No one can really explain his penchant for boxes... and he is now so good with them that when I passed him his box of teddy biscuits to hold, he immediately went for the flap that is used to open the boxes.. don't even have to think okie! ;)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Waigong's Back

There is nothing more blissful than lying on waigong's back...

At least to Ace, that is how it is.

Everyday, Ace would wake from his afternoon nap and walk out of his room looking blur.. he will then walk around the house to look for someone to hug.. and that 'someone' is usually Waigong...

When Waigong carries him, he will give this look of utter bliss.. and then when you look at him and ask him if it is very 'shiok' to lie on Waigong's back, he will smile cheekily as if to say, "Hee, I managed to make Waigong carry me again.. aren't I clever?"

Boy ah, no one told you that "Ahm Chio (smiling sneakily in your heart) will give you Lai Shiong (internal injury) meh?


Monday, December 18, 2006

Let Them Run Naked

I read somewhere that clothes are bad for health.

Yeap, you din read me wrong. Clothes are bad for health.

And that's not a remark made by some dirty old man but a very reowned holistic health practitioner, Dr Bernard Jensen, who is also known as Father of Holistic Health.

Clothes, apparently restrict our movement and prevent our skin, the largest organ on our body, to breath properly.

He is not alone with this view point. Dr Shichida, a well known educator who promotes education from the fetal stage also states in his book that we should give our children like 2 minutes everyday to run around naked so that they can enjoy the feeling of freedom.

According to Dr Shichida, it is not only good for their health but also good for the emotional development as well.

However, whether or not Dr Shichida or Dr Jensen has declared this good or not does not really matter I guess. What matters is that Ace LIKES to run around naked.

Everytime when I take off his clothes, he will run around and luff. If you start singing the song, "I feel good... da da da da da da da .." he will tap his tummy and smile at you...

And then, while he is bathing, he will attempt to play with the pails, the showerhead.. etc etc..

Once you tell him he is done and wipe him dry.. he starts running off naked all over the house again...

One warning though.. if you want to let your child do that to promote his health, do close the windows and switch off the fans lest they catch a cold.. and if YOU yourself want to get naked for some freedom therapy.. REMEMBER to close the windows and DRAW your curtains ;) hahahaa... you can get fined in singapore for indecent exposure ;)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Happy Drinking

You either know how to drink and can drink well from a spoon... or you can't... right?


At least that is not the case for Ace.

Somehow, when he is drinking plain water from a cup or a spoon, he will suddenly lose his ability to co-ordinate his sucking and swallowing and will end up leaving 'proof' of his attempt to drink on the floor...

Yeap, Ace baby suddenly becomes a fountain and water will fly out from his mouth at all directions.. (I dunno whether to laugh or cry when I see that) and being a patriaotic Singaporean he is.. sometimes he even does a Merlion!

But feed him fruit juices or soup and suddenly, he becomes the best drinker in the world. He will make sure there is absolutely no wastage and you will not see trails of it anywhere.. except in his mouth.

But he has picked up some new drinking hobbies.. apparently he liked Ah Yee's PINK adidas bottle and has started to enjoy drinking from it. however, he does not know how to tilt the bottle and thus ends up drinking air most of the time..hahaha...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

New Toys

It is time of the year for Isetan to have sales again.. and so Ah Yee went shopping again...

Ah Yee decided to buy Ace some toy cars to play with....

She happily brought the toy cars home to show Ace... and expected Ace to start playing with the toy cars.

Alas, Ace only liked to play with the container that the toy car came in.

He would
- open the container, take out everything in the container and put everything back in
- open the container, take out everything in the container and put everything back in
- open the container, take out everything in the container and put everything back in

You get what I mean...

And he enjoys it to the extend tat he even claps after he finishes one cycle...

Ah Yee went to office and told her IT guy abt wat happened cos he also bought one set for his nephew.. and guess what, his nephew at the same reaction..

Maybe babies at this age are just not into toy cars...

Anyway, today is Ah Yee's happy birthday.

Happy birthday, Ah Yee! May you stay young , sweet, healthy and RICH forever! :)

Friday, December 15, 2006

I Can Feed Myself

Ace can kind of feed himself liao...

But most of the time he uses his hand to pick up food like biscuits and wat nots to feed himself ... that is probably like his favourite hobby and a good thing is that he has graduated to not just being able to feed himself but also feed others as well... (what a generous baby!)

If you give him a spoon though, he would not be able to do a very good job.

The other day, we let him practise using the spoon to pick up his biscuits... he was rather clever and knew how to use the edge of the bowl to help him scoop up his biscuits... but most of the time, he was playing with the spoon.

I asked Waipo if we should let Ace learn to feed himself... her reply? "If you can tahan the mess.."

I think I will save tat for when we have his high chair with us again...meanwhile, i think we can feed him...

But leh, I really cannot understand it when people tell me that they have seen children who are 7 or 8 years old who need feeding...

Godma Karen is a producer... we were talking about this show she produced tat was just shown on TV about two children from SG and two from China doing a cultural exchange... she said tat one of the two children from SG, the little boy is used to his maid feeding him and so as a result does not know how to feeed himself. GOSH! And he is already 7 years old...

Another friend told me that at school camps, one of her pri sch student did not turn off the tap after using it and when asked by his friends, the answer he gave was, "But my maid does this for me at home.."

Is our society trying to nurtur useless bums who have no use for their hands? Don't the parents know that our children's development of their hands and feet are also closely linked to their brains?

I certainly hope not...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Ace's meal time routine at Waipo's house is always like that:

- Laoma starts asking when is Ace's meal time. (Sometimes , she is even more kan cheong than Ace)

- She brings out the pram that Ace sits in for his meals and Wai Gong prepares Ace's rice.

- I carry Ace into his pram and tighten the safety measures in case he tries to stand up halfway.

- He eats his meal happily and then is released from the pram.

Okay, that was his old routine.

Nowadays, he would try to stand up just when there are about 4 mouthfuls left and so we would have to take him out of the pram.

He would then walk all over the house and let Lao ma chase after him just to feed him the last four mouthfuls.

But I think this only happens when he is feeling quite full.

Speaking of which, here's a tip to share with you...
How to you check if your child is really full?

Most toddlers cannot talk and even if they could, they may say they are not full just to eat some more of their favourite snacks.. so how do you tell if they are really full?

You look at their tummies. If their tummies are fat and round like when you were pregnant. They are VERY FULL. So no matter what they say, you don't have to feed them and they will not die of starvation ;)

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Narccistic Ace

You know, I have read that you should always learn to appreciate yourself.

Just like the other day, a friend of mine came to me and said he asked someone what his best qualities were and when she told him, "Sincere, intelligent and kind.." He said he felt those are so unimportant.

And I thus urged him to appreciate himself a little more.

Let me do a little test..

Would you want a life partner who is "Sincere, intelligent and kind.."?
Would you rather buy from a salesman who is "Sincere, intelligent and kind.."?
Would you rather get closer to a friend who is "Sincere, intelligent and kind.."?

Chances are, you would have given 3 resounding YESes to the above three questions would you not?

But I dunno whether appreciating oneself to the point of being narccistic is a good thing though.. one thing for sure, Ace can truly understand what it means to appreciate himself ;) hahaha..

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Like Ah Yee Like Ace

Many people would go up to Ah Yee and ask him about "her son" when she brings him out alone.. only to say, "Sorry, I tot is your son cos you really look alike"

But their similarity doesn't stop there!

The other day, i walked into Ace's bedroom to find him in this position.

What a familiar sight.. always see Ah Yee in this position when she is sleeping when she was 3,4 years old a well.. hahaha

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Nen Nen Nen AGAIN!

Buay tahan this Ace baby...

The other day, Ace went bowling with dreams inc and gang (I was not there because I was happily karaoke-ing with Ah Huay, KP and Linda) and saw this family eating bee hoon...

Even though he was already very full, he walked forward to the mummy in the family (all strangers) and said loudly, "Nen nen nen nen nen!"

So the mummy asked Ah Yee if Ace has had his lunch. Gee, so embarrassing... (Heng the mummy thought that Ah Yee was Ace mummy.. hahaha.. )

Ace boy, must have some JING CHI okie..

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Cast Away2

By the time you see this, this cast is no longer valid...

But anyway, for rememberence's sake....

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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Picasso Ace At Work

Ladies and gentlemen,


PICASSO ACE!Picasso Ace has since decided to "DISPLAY" his work on the door of Waipo's bedroom. If you come to Waipo's house and see a mesh of designs in blue on the door.. that is proudly brought to you by Picasso Ace :)

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Friday, December 08, 2006

I Help You, You Help Me

Ace is a little more fun to play with nowadays cos he interacts with us a little more.

He is starting to imitate us when we do things.

Eg, the other day, when Daddy helped him put on the cap, he took it out and put the cap on daddy's head.The other day, I was coughing a little when I was carrying him and I used my hand to cover my mouth. And then I started coughing, he used his hand to cover my mouth and then imitated the sound of coughing and smiled at me.

And then the other day when he heard me sneeze, he tried to imitate me and at least resort because he did not know how to 'create' a sneeze, he pretended to cough..

Hiya, good things dun learn, learn all these coughing stuff for what...

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hiding Specialist

Ace is a hiding specialist.

If Ace stays with you and things go missing, 8 out of 10 times, Ace is the culprit.

So far, we have lost the door stopper, some books and some of Ace's toys....

Sometimes though, some of the things he hides will appear miraculously when he wakes up. So I suspect his bed is his favourite hiding place.

eg, he hid the toy car that Ah Yee bought for him that day and I could not find it no matter how hard i tried. And then right after his afternoon nap, he walked out of his room looking blur.. with the toy car in his hand...

That being said, he is also very good at hiding himself.. espcecially under the bed. The other day, he woke in the middle of the night and hid himself under the bed and played with himself under the bed.. wat a strange baby..

But the strange baby is also quite smart. The other day, he was playing with a yellow lemon he found in Ah Yee's room (dun ask me why there is a lemon in the room) and Ace dropped the lemon under the bed and it rolled to the far end of the bed. Instead of going under the bed to wriggle over, he walked all the way to the far end then went inside to retrieve the lemon and then come out again.

He's not so good at finding things though.. unless it is related to food. hiaks! ;)

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Generous Ace

Strange though.. even though he is protective of his toys and he loves his food, he is rather generous with his foods.

Now, when we feed him biscuits, we ask him to feed us as well.

So Ace will go round feeding waipo, daddy, me, waigong, ah yee, lao ma.. anyone we ask him to feed.

Really happy that my boy has learnt to share and in case you dunno.. the first biscuit that Ace fed me is the BEST TASTING BISCUIT ON EARTH! :)

But sometimes he is really cheeky. Like the other day when Daddy asked him to feed him, Ace gladly shared his biscuits with Daddy. But when there was only one biscuit left and Daddy kept asking for it, Ace came up with a brilliant idea, he picked up the biscuit, pushed it towards Daddy's mouth and just as Max wanted to bite and eat it, he quickly put it back into his own mouth and do the "No more.." sign while shrugging his shoulders. hahaha.. this boy is a sneaky one, eh?

And he is not just generous to us. The other day and baby Cliona's full mth party (tat's Ace's little baby cousin), even though he really liked his biscuit, when a stranger came up and asked for his biscuit, he gave it to him readily.

But when the stranger came back with a curry puff that looks much larger than his biscuit and asked to exchange. He simply refused to exchange his biscuits for the curry puff.. which is surprising since he always opts for the bigger biscuit...

I guess it is probably because he has an innate ability to sense that there is meat inside the curry puff.. maybe Ace is a born vegeterian.. haha... cos the other day, waigong feed him some fried noodles.. while he is happy to accept the noodles, when waigong purposely gave him a piece of egg, he shook his head vehemently at it.

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Somehow, I think babies at Ace's age are at the destructive age.

They just like to destroy things and I am told it helps them in their creativity. (Guess Ace must be VERY creative, I have lost count in the number of posters, postcards, envelopes, letters, magazines, paperbags, books he has destroyed through his creative way of tearing them apart...)

I noticed another very strange phenomenon though..

Whenever we black with stack it blocks, Ace likes to stack things up by himself. If you stack up a nice stack of blocks he will want to utterly destroy it and push everything to the ground. Just to make sure it is really destroyed, he will do the mahjong 'xi pai' (washing of tiles) action to make sure everything is all over the place.

Maybe it is an exertion of his independence. Maybe he is protective of his toys.

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Drink Water

For all mothers out there.. there are 101 ways to get creative and get your child to do what they do not usually do.

Ace does not usually like to drink plain water. He would only drink a little bit and start playing with the rest of it.

But Ace, likes whatever we are drinking or eating...

For some unknown reason, when yeye visited Ace tat day and we served Yeye water, Ace decided that he wanted some of it as well..

And he kept wanting to drink and drink and drink until there was no water left!

Hehehehe.. good strategy hor ;)

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mission Im-BOX-ible

Ace ran out of diapers that day and so I went out to buy for him.

Alas, cannot find his size for the NTUC diapers that he usually wears at both Bedok and Tampinese NTUCs.. darn!

Boh pian, have to explore other brands.. based on experience, the next cheapest brand is drypers and since they were having a promotion, I decided to buy that instead.

"They even give you a box to put your child's toys," said the promoter.

"Bah, this would be destroyed in a matter of minutes by my son.." I told her.

True enough, when we got home, Ace spent like a good 15 minutes trying to remove the see through wrapper around the box. When he finally got most of it off, he started trying to use brute strength to pry open the box and thus, the box suffered it's first casualty by the side.

Wound was round 3cm long.. and unfortunately not repairable. Not wanting to waste such a good looking box, I took out the packs of diapers and let him play with those instead while I kept the box. Wonder how long it would last though..

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Rocking Horse

Ace has a new toy- a rocking horse!

Din look quite like it huh ;)

He invented this new toy himself.

The other day, he was in the room and he suddenly decided to climb on top of his box of clothes and started rocking. And because the box was put on 3 layers of mattresses and a double layer of kiko comforter, the base was soft and the box started to rock..

He was so happy that he started squealing in delight as he rocked back and forth.

Very good! This baby is very cost effecient.. hahahaha... dun have to spend anymore money to buy him new toys...

But sometimes I really dun understand him... I spend $20-30 to buy him a toy, he plays with it for like ONE MINUTE and then gets tired of it and throws it away.

I spend $0 and give him a stack of plastic cups I found from home and he can play with it day and night for 3 whole days... and is happy just to stack them up and put them inside one another, take them out, stack them up again... where is the logic?

So now, whenever I want to buy toys, I think again and walk out of the store empty handed.

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Friday, December 01, 2006


Ace likes to get us to wear his shoes for him.

One thing that always intrigues him though is why when we put on his shoes for him, we ask him to sit down while we could just stand, slide our feet into our shoes and we are ready to go...

So sometimes, before he tries to get us to wear his shoes for him, he would put them on the floor and try to put his foot inside the shoes. But he could never get it right.

The other day, he finally got the skill of putting on his shoes while standing right with Ah Yee's pair of Nipples Ripples slippers.

Great job, Ace!
PS: Ace now likes to wear the Nipples Ripples slippers on his arm. Boy.. shoes are meant for your feet.. not your hands....

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

New Helper

Yeah! We have a new helper at home!

Presenting our new maid helper.. Ace Chua! :)

Apparently, according to Waipo and Zeng Popo, you just need to give Ace a broom, or a mop and he will start to TRY to mop the floor and clean the house!

His posture not bad right? hahaha.. very good.. one more person to help clean my house..

i think my next set of toys for him would be a small set of broom, feather duster and mop.. hahahaha...

The other day, Ace even helped me throw some paper into the dustbin at my request! This is good.. ;)

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