Monday, October 31, 2016

Lunch With Annie Godma

Ace was having a day off from school and I asked what he will like to do. He says he wants to go Pokemon Hunting at MBS area and so I agreed.

THen  we arranged to meet up with his Annie Godma for lunch then...  Birthday lunch for his godma becuase her birthday happened during his exams and so this is a super belated celebration:)

My lunch...

Ace's lunch...

His godma's lunch.. she says it is very yummy.. I must mental note to try it next time I go:)

More of Ace's food...

 Ace made a birthday card for his godma:)

Then we went to jalan jalan cos his godma promised to buy him a present for doing well in Math in exams...

When we reached suntec... we saw this! Quickly asked Ace to pose with it so we can show his dad later...

Wonder if this is real..

We shopped at Suntec for a while... I bought a shirt, his godma bought a dress... But when we went toy shopping, we could not find any nice toy for Ace... so he sadly had to give up buying a toy till the next time... His godma says she will pass me the money and he can use it to buy a toy he chooses at a later date.

Then we decided to go over to MBS to catch Pokemon and his godma suggested going for tea.. her treat... since we treated her to lunch...

Selfie stick is so useful:) hahaha

Then his godma had to go home liao.. so we went to jalan somemore around MBS... Really quite alot of Pokemons to catch... And I discovered something I didnt know was there at MBS...

A lotus flower garden!

Ace was a little dissappointed cos we were suppose to leave and take train to meet his dad soon as we were heading elsewhere for dinner... He was all excited and even brought his TRAINER CAP along and thought he can catch alot of rare pokemons but in the end we only spent really about half an hour hunting.... and he did not catch any rares he was looking for...

But leh, lucky for him, we managed to catch some nice ones like Pikachu and caught at least one dratini... hahahaha

Time to go liao.... and it seems like my Pokemon begging me not to go.. maybe that was what Ace felt:) hahahaha

His black face on the way home...

Anyway, I realized I forgot to bring Annie Godma's BD present for her... so I took a picture to show her how it looked like ;)

I promised Ace we will go to MBS another day lah :)

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Chanting With Ace

 So it is exam period and Ace got more serious about chanting. As a show of support, I told Ace I will chant together with him whenever he wants to chant.

So he was all serious and solemn and even said he wanted to do gongyo...

Then he started preparing everything. He says must light candles, incense, fill the cup with water... etc...

 Then as I was chanting, I noticed that the cups seems to be sweating water droplets.

After we are done, I asked Ace if he put ice into the cup.

Ace: Ya, I want to drink cold water mah. The water got blessing from Gohonzon.
Me: Dun drink direct from the cup hor
Ace: Why cannot...
Me: Why can? Pour into your drinking cup lah...
Ace: Because I always drink direct from the cup at Popo's house mah
Me: Ok lah ok lah.... wash clean ah..
Ace: Ok
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Sunday, October 30, 2016

PoGo Hunting For Machops At Kallang Riverside Park

I was getting close to completing my pokedex and because there was some sort of special event going on, there is a chance I could catch less of the same pokemons and evolve them into their evolved version to fill my pokedex.

I found out that one pokemon I am short of can be found at Kallang Riverside Park.

Kallang what? I have never heard of that place before!  Turned out it is at the old gasworks place.

I think and thought... and decided I will make a trip there when Ace is in school.

As with all outdoor PG hunting, I prepared, ice water, umbrella, power bank and made my way there!:)

while on the way there, one of my eggs hatched into a Snorlax! Good omen! Woohoo!

I took an MRT over to Kallang and used Google maps to navigate my way to the park... Thanks to may other helpful trainers, who shared how to get there... I was able to find my way there...

As I walked over, I saw lovely morning glory!

It was a pretty short stretch of a park... I realized I was opposite National stadium and saw many dragon boaters having training..

Saw also this beautiful and interesting tree..

There were quite a few people who were here to farm too.. I was a little disappointed that after arriving for 20 min, I only caught ONE machop and one uncle who saw me chatted with me and encouraged me to continue cos he said he caught 7 already in one hour... so I persevered:)

When I walked to the other end of the park.. a beautiful sight awaited me...

So pretty!

While waiting for pokemons to appear, watch the dragon boaters do their training...

I love this tree.. will make good picture location for wedding portrait I think:)

THen after some time, I got tired and sat down at one of the booths. There was another uncle there and we started chatting about pokemon, about kids... and he even taught me a trick or two about how and where to catch pokemon.. haha

He said he has never visited so many parks in SIngapore before Pokemon Go.. to be honest, ME TOO:) hahahaha.. I never knew there were so many beautiful places in Singapore:)

Saw this dunno wat type of boat .... anyone knows?

ANway, not bad lah.. after two hours there and braving the rain with my umbrella, I caught enough to evolve and decided to go home as the sky was turning dark...

These leaves are so pretty.. ;)

Ok one last catch before heading home...

THese are some of the plants I saw when I was on the wya back to the MRT station..

So pretty hor..

Finally reached Bedok and decided to go buy some ice cream with my expiring vouchers to pamper myself.. yumz!:)

What a day!

PS: The next few days, I decided to embark on another journey.. walked from Big Splash all the way to the Bougainvillea Garden in East Coast Park and back and forth... so  could hatch egg and farm for the pokemons I needed...  

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