Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mid Autumn Festival With Baby Louis and Ah Boy

The other day, my friends decided to organize a Mid Autumn Festival at someone's home cos they shifted to this new place...

So while on the way home from swimming class, I told him later we were going to a party and that there would be a little two year old boy called Louis and a dog named Ah Boy...

I told him that he could play with Louis and asked him if he would be afraid of Ah Boy.. and then I also told him that Louis's parents are both very friendly people, so I think Louis will also be very friendly..

Just to make him feel good about going, I also told him that Ah Boy is a very loving dog and that Ah Boy is vegeterian like him :) And then I named a few people whom he knew and told him that they were all going to the same party.. so the more he heard, the more excited he got..

Finally when we reached the void deck of the flats, he declared that he will certainly like to go because he thinks Louis will like him and that he will like Louis.. and as a second thought, he asked me if we could go and buy some food for Ah Boy because then Ah Boy would be so happy to see him and like him even more..

I told him that we cannot buy food anyhow and we also do not have time to buy food for Ah Boy now and he said, "Ok mummy.. then can we buy for him the next time we go please? i really want to buy food for Ah Boy because I like him.."

I thought since he was so excited, he wouldn't be afraid if he saw Ah Boy..

Anyway, fast forward to a few hours later when we reached the party place after hitching a ride with one of my friends (where Ace fell asleep during the ride)... and Ace was initially a little shy... but he finally warmed up and started to play with Louis.. but he kept looking at Ah Boy and no matter what he did, he just could not master the courage to touch Ah Boy.. just when he was about to do so, Louis accidentally stepped or Ah Boy's paws and Ah Boy gave a loud yelp which scared Ace..

Afterward, Ace was just happy to play with Louis's toy motorcyle.... he had so much fun, he forgot to give poor Louis a turn in playing with his own toy! And why is that so? Because, the motorcycle was a POLICE motorcycle! Haahahahaahhahaa....

Well, Louis, thank you for being such a great friend and sharing your toy with Ace gor gor..

On a side note, the house is really very beautiful lor. I love tat particular development. It is nice, quiet and serene and you can see water everywhere.. so suitable for me and hubby cos we need water in our "ba zi" :) My fren told me some of the houses there even have got private pool.. There is ample space for children to run about and play and there is also a playground.. if I had a few hundred thousand to spare.. I will for sure consider getting a unit there :)

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Will Die!

The other day, we were talking to Ace about how he has to be responsible for going to toilet before he sleeps because when he doesnt do that, he will tend to pee in his bed "and then you will be swimming in your pee if you do it all the time" I told him jokingly...

And then my mother told him, "Haiya, always make life difficult for popo.. and make me change bedsheets.. next time if you pee again in the bed, I will tie up your kuku..."

"Cannot!" Ace replied indignantly.

"If you tie up my kuku, I will DIE... cos the blood cannot flow! Then you will have no grandson after that lor..."

Wah, I am amazed at how he arrived at the logic that he will die due to a cut off in his blood circulation.. HAHAHA...

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Mid Autumn Festival@Kinderland Siglap

Ace was rather upset that Daddy had gone home and no one will be supporting his Mid Autumn Festival Performance. So I asked Ah Yee and Ganma Karen if they wanted to attend as well...

In the end, Ah Yee couldnt make it and so only me and Ganma Karen went to support him..

He was so happy to see us he was dancing like a monkey and as his movements were so fast, we couldn't capture him properly in most of the pics :)

Anyway, here are a few video clips of his performance:)

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lego City Airport

"Mummy, mummy, I want to play with you!"

Now that Max is outstationed, that is one of Ace's favourite phrase.. and he perpetually wants to play toys with me...

One of his favourite set of toys at this moment is this $70 lego set that I bought him... and so the other day, he said he wanted to build an airport together with me...

I made the tall airport tower and he made the main buliding.. and since I had time, I added a "decoration" to it.. it is the recycled Buzz Lightyear "Happy birthday, Ace!" sign tat I made for his birthday...

When he was finished, he said have to add aeroplanes before taking photo and so he ran to take the two planes that Aunty Magdeleine gave him and posed for this nice photo...

Actually, this is one of the rare times he wanted to build an airport after he got over the lego city airport phase... most of the time, he just wants to build a police station or some sort of aeroplane or spaceship..or some sort of POWERFUL gun...

Well, actually I suck at playing the "let's build something together" sort of game with him because I always dunno wat to build... and cannot build a nice one that Ace is satisfied with (Ace is a better builder than I am and always tells me i cannot do it this way or that way... I thrive on the singing and dancing sort of games.) I guess I just have to pray for Max to be back soon cos usually, tat is his department...

I guess it is little wonder Ace wants to play with his lego set everyday... cos it reminds him of happy times together with Daddy...

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Bad Temper Ace

My mum and sister both said that ever since Max left for Dubai, Ace has become really strange... as in he would go into tantrums and go and cry for the smallest reason.

For example, the other day, my mum bought two bottles of Jagabee and Ace shared one bottle with me in the afternoon and so we told him that the other bottle is for Ah Yee and Popo to share since they havent tried it before... he got upset when Ah Yee said she dun want to share with him and so he went, "Ok lor.. dun want to share lor.." and then went one side to sulk...

Finally when they said they wanted to share with him then a smile slowly crept up his face...

Another day, Ah Yee teased him and said she doesnt want to play with Ace (because Ace refused to let Ah Yee come along for our hotel stay at MBS and insisted Ah Yee has to GO HOME...) and so he said, "Ok lor, I also dun want to play with you lor.." and he went into his bedroom to sulk..

After a while, my dad tried to talk to him and told him,, "Ah Yee just joking with you lah.. she didn't mean it..."

And at this point, my sister walked into the room and overheard this and told Ace, "No lor.. I am very serious.. I am not joking lor.."

And Ace immediately burst into tears...

I guess Ace just really miss his daddy very the much but doesnt know how to express it...

On top of that, he also everyday at EVERY POSSIBLE CHANCE will come to me, sit beside me, kiss me, hug me and tell me he loves me... and if I am out, he is always calling me and asking me when I can come home.. whenever I come home, he jumps with joy...

On my side, it is rather nice to have Ace behave like tat..

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Best Of Both Worlds

After Ace's school concert, Karen Ganma said she will give me a belated birthday treat.. so thinking tat the Airport will have less people, we decided to have dinner there with Ace and Gandie Zhiguang..
Initialy, when Ace heard that we are going to

When we reached, Ace turned and saw the Sakae Sushi logo and said, "I want to go Sakae Sushi!"

I reminded him that he JUST ate sushi with Daddy before Daddy left and that he can have ice cream if he goes Swensens... but he insisted that he wanted to eat sushi AGAIN. And then he gave a black face and started to go into tantrum mode and then I told him he has to tell us what he wants and not go into tantrum and so he told me, "I want to eat Sakae Sushi and afterwards go to Swensens to eat ice cream..."

FAINTS lor.. he really knows what it means to have the best of both worlds lor:) Hahahahaha...

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Cassanova Ace

Ace has always been good with words and recently, I think, he has been extra sweet...

Whenever I help him with something, he will tell me, "Thank you mummy.."

If he wanted me to do something for him or to agree to something, instead of whining, he will come and hug me and kiss me and tell me that he loves me... and when I am in good mood liao. then he will ask me if he can eat this or tat...

Sometimes randomly, he will come to me and tell me, "Mummy, I love you very much.."

Other times, he will tell me that "You are the bestest mummy in the whole wide world...."

But the other night, what he said just made me think I DEFINITELY have a cassanova in the making here...

We were just getting ready to go to bed and lying down for our before bedtime for our usual bedtime talk. Ace lay down next to me and suddenly out of nowhere said to me... " Mummy, 没有看过那么漂亮的女孩.. "(I have never seen such a pretty girl...)

I asked him who he was referring you and he said, "You lah.. you pretty mah. you so pretty.. I love you so much..." and he hugged me and kissed me..

Wah.. after that, I was in SUPER GOOD MOOD for a few days:) hahahahaha..

I really wonder where he learn all these from since Max doesnt really praise me much in front of him as well.. maybe he watched too much tv:) So, maybe TV IS GOOD for children! hahahahahahahaha....

PS: Ace just came to me just now for no reason and he hugged me and told me, "妈妈,你永远是我最好的妈妈,我爱你!“ Shiok ah!
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Monopoly With Gong Gong

Monopoly with Gong Gong

Driving to Universal Studios

Watching "Fireworks"

Before Max left, he suggested that Ace bring some of his toys over to play in Popo's house.

One of the toys he packed to bring over was the Monopoly set that SL Ganma bought for Ace last christmas.

So everyday, Ace cannot wait to get someone to play with him and finally, someone agreeed to play with him.... his good gong gong decided to play with Ace.

I also really admire gong gong because playing with Ace alone is probably not very fun as Ace will come up with his rules and literally, he just made gong gong sit there, roll the die and he will decide when Gong Gong gest money.. when gong gong has to pay money...

After about 15 minutes of playing the board game, he got tired of it and Ace suggested that they use the money to buy the tickets to go universal studios.. so they "got into the car" and Ace "drove" them to Universal Studios to buy things...

And then Ace drove them elsewhere to buy tickets to "watch fireworks". Hahahahaha...

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Missing Daddy

Before Max left, he brought Ace out for a sumptous Japanese meal at Waraku and afterward, they saw people flying kites and decided to go kite flying together...

I think during Max's 2 wk stint back in sgp, they also did alot of fun things together like reading story books lah, sleeping together lah.. playing games together... going out together, swimming together... etc

So literally, everything we did, ate and saw kind of reminded Ace ab0ut his Daddy.

So it is little to wonder that during many of our late night conversations, DADDY is the most commonly talked about topic.

One night, Ace told me, "Mummy, I really miss daddy very much leh, I am so sad daddy is not here, can you tell me good news?"

So after awhile, I decided to tell him about the friends that daddy have in dubai.

"There is Adam, Ah Gan..."

And Ace laughed and said that "Ah Gan" is like a GUN. When I showed Ace his photo on FB, he laughed and said that Uncle Ah Gan looks like a policeman.. so that is why his name is A GUN. Hahahaha...

And then I told him there is also Aunty Charlotte Book who is a very good cook and he laughed and said he doesnt know how to pronounce "Charlotte"... "This name sounds like salad!" and he giggled again. I cannot help but laugh with him and so seeing that I find it funny, he is encouraged to come up with a name for everyone..

And so, Ai Ching Jie Jie became AI AI... because Ace says she has alot of love.. HAHAHAHA...

Only Adam is the lucky one who escaped unscathed as just Uncle Adam.. HAHAHA..

When I was in school that day, Ace's teacher told me that when Ace went to school on monday, he looked really sad.

"I asked him why he is so sad... and I have never seen him so sad before in so many years in school... so he said his daddy went back to dubai and he is very sad because he misses his daddy.. so i talked to him a little and at the end, he finally looked happy and told me, 'I can see my daddy very soon.. i going to dubai very soon..' and afterward, he seem to be much happier thereon.."

But I think Ace still misses Max very much.

The other day, when I picked him up from school, he looked really tired and so i asked him if he took his afternoon nap.

"No lah.. never..." he said. When I asked him why, he continued, "Idon't feel like sleeping... because I am missing daddy..."

"So what did you do if you did not sleep?" I asked him..

"I sit there and think of daddy lah... and then I play with my friends lah.."

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