Sunday, October 31, 2010

Best Mummy In The Whole World

I guess the tips from Lency are really working out great:)

My son came to me today and passed me a handphone accessory and told me, "Mummy, you are the best mummy in the whole wide world and i want to give you a medal.."

And so I gave him a big hug as a thank you...

I guess a little love goes a long way..

Speaking of which... I think the little boy who takes the school bus together with Ace loves me and absolutely adores me...

The other day, when the bus came, he held on to my hand and asked me, "Aunty, are you going to school?"

I told him I was going home and not going to school, he looked a little disappointed when he went up the bus..

Anyway, today, something happened while we were waiting for the school bus...

The little boy Matt Matt held Ace's hand and then he scratched Ace and caused Ace's skin to peel into an open wound. Even though it is a small wound, I think it was quite painful for Ace and so Ace ran into my arms.

I held him in my arms and kissed his wound...

And then I turned and told Matt Matt that this is not a nice thing to do. Can you say sorry to Ace?

And Matt Matt tried to change topic, pretended to ignore us and even threw a tantrum when his helper threatened to run away if he dun apologize....

I asked Ace if he can forgive Matt Matt and he said, "But he never say sorry to me. and it is very painful.."

I asked Ace if Matt Matt is behaving badly or behaving well.. "Bad.."

And so I explained that people who feel bad will behave bad. We just need to be patient.

Then i told Matt Matt that it is ok that he is not ready to to say sorry now and that we still love him. Ace is feeling hurt and would feel better if he says sorry to Ace and told him we will wait for when he is ready...

At this point, Ace tried to motivate him and said, "If you say sorry, I will give you a sweet.."

Soon enough, Matt Matt said he is sorry and I got them to shake hands and be friends again.

Ace said he was willing to forgive him.. "But if he do this again, no more chance ah?"

Hahahaha.. I was both proud of myself for the way I handled the situation but when I look at Ace's response, I felt a little bad that it was probably how we used to treat Ace..

I am sorry, Ace.. please forgive me.. I didn't know better and will try to do better ;)

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

No One Likes To Be Nagged At

No one likes to be nagged at. Not even Ace.

My little 5 year old got fed up the other day and ask my grandma "Can you stop it?!"

At night, while we were having our before bedtime conversation, he told me, "Mummy, can you ask Popo and Zhen Popo to stop jiang wo (nagging at me)? They keep saying about me and keep saying... everyday keep saying.. so chao chao nao nao (noisy). Zhen de shi shou bu liao.. (I really can't stand it anymore...)"

I guess though that is a mistake that most Asian parents make. As a parent, we dun want our kids to "do the wrong things" and so we are perpetually trying to tell them what to do and what not to do so as to "protect" them... instead of helping them though, we are pushing them away from us with all that nagging.

I really marvel at Lency when she said that she never tells her kids what to do all the time.. not when they get into quarrels (she just requests them to please settle it themselves in Daddy's office), not when they are frens with the worst kid in school (She just asked if he could make his own decisions all the time instead of letting his friend decide because she knows she trusts him)..

Lency says we just need to trust our kids and they know the best thing to do at the best time. Her son was basically taking care of himself and cooking his own meals and washing his own clothes as a form of helping out by the time he was 13.

Alas, it is not easy to remember NOT to nag:) Hahahaha.... Maybe it is the way we were brought up, maybe sometimes we let our emotions get better of us..

I explained to Ace that both the grandmothers nag because that is their way of showing love. It is not the best way to show love but because no one told them before that they can also show love through trust and hugs... they only learnt to show love this way.. and I reminded him of the things they have done for him and asked him if he agreed that they love him.. and he nodded his head...

Meanwhile, I went to my grandma and asked if she can cut Ace some slack. I explained to her that if we keep nagging, Ace gets immune to it and will no longer want to listen to us even when we are telling him things that matter. I told her I understood it is her way of showing love but we can trust him to do the best things..

My grandma just said, "Aiyah, he is always grumpy like that one lah.."

She did however cut him some slack that day and Ace also stopped complaining.. let's hope this keeps up ;) Hahaha

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Friday, October 29, 2010

You Have To Be Careful

Before I left for Macau, my son asked me if he could go to the airport to send me off. I told him it will be better if he goes to school and so he decided to leave his parting words with me..

"When you go to Macau, you have to take care and you have to be careful ok?"

"Ok.." I replied.

Not satisfied with just that, Ace added, "When you go to Macau, you have to be careful of bad guys. Don't talk to strangers ok? You must take care or they will kidnap you..."

"If the bad guys kidnap you, you can call gong gong house and ask gong gong to tell me, ok? I will take aeroplane and fly there and box the bad guys!"

I told Ace I can call the Macau Police and he said, "Nevermind, you can call me. I will box the bad guys for you.. really, I can do it!"

Hahaha.. my little hero ;)

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Want To Go To Your Hotel!

My Macau Pics Part 1:

I was showing off all the pics I took in Macau to Ace so that he could share my exprience there.

All of a sudden, however, my good son actually started to cry..

"Why are you crying, Ace?" I asked him... cos it was wierd since I was already back with him and he was so happy to see me...

"I also want to go.. I want to go.." he kept repeating. After asking him for more info, I found out that Ace was upset because he wanted to stay in the hotel with me again. He specifically wants to stay in my Macau hotel with me... cos he just so love hotels.. probably also because hotel stays are especially pleasant experiences for him...

I explained to him that I couldnt bring him along because i was going for lessons and there was no one to take care of him during my lessons.. so I promised him that when Daddy is back, we will go for some sort of hotel stay again...

When he saw pictures of other children, I explained that some people brought their children to the workshop because they had helpers to take care of the children for them during workshop.

"Next time can you bring me?" he asked me..

"Then who will take care of you?"

"Just bring a helper or someone along to take care of me lor..."

Maybe after he gets older, he can go to workshops with me :) Meanwhile though, I guess family hotel stays are the best :)

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