Sunday, September 30, 2012

Food Glorious Food!

September was very much a "let's try new food" month:)

One of the days, Max had some time to eat lunch but no kaki and ke came home to fetch me to eat Tali:) It is a type of indian meal with many many small bowls of curries:)

I am all ready to go!:)

The waiters filling up our tali bowls...

I wonder wat this chilli is for.. Max says is for eating.. I tot for decoration.. wahahaha

This is the end result after they put everything into my bowl and plate.. actualy quite nice:)

Yellow skin indian demo how to eat using only ONE HAND like an indian person...

Super sweet dessert...

Comes with some sort of yogurt milk drink and water... Give me the water anytime man:) I only took a sip to try and cannot finish it lah..

The next week, we were into KOREAN food:) This is one near Max's office and the food there is yummy:)

Ace loves the ketchup toufu so much we ordered and ordered again.. 3 times.. till we very paiseh to order anymore cos these small dishes are supposed to be free flow...

Kimchi Pancake:)

Egg soup...

And of cos our fav.. BI BIM BAP!:)

Then we decided to try something we never tried before...

Very interesting menu...

Interesting decor..

But that is about where it ends..


Dun think we are ever going back again..

Also, we have a new favourite..  it is called HALWA POORI.. it is a pakistani breakfast and I just learnt how to make it!:)

Ace loves it so much he wants to have it EVERY WEEK now:)

 On the homefront, here are some more interesting things I have done other than the fried noodles, gan lao mian and fried kway tiao i have been doing to finish up the noodles we bought:) This one is hubby made for me when I was lazy to cook... korean kimchi toufu soup...

 This one was inspired by a noodle pizza we ate at Charlie Brown Cafe in HK... Ace says it is quite nice:)

This one is the porridge I made for myself cos I was in the mood for porridge that day for lunch.. YUMS!

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nobody Can Win All The Time

While we were going home after dinner one weekend, Ace declared loudly to me, "JN is such a cry baby.."

You see, JN is a boy in his class who is good in EVERYTHING.. and when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. He is the fastest runner and is the reigning Math Champ, he is good in drama and speech and his english is also the best. He is also confident and good in speech and drama. Not to mention, he is dam good looking and has golden locks too!:) Ace always tells me that he envies James because he is good with everything and is also very popular with the girls.

I explained to Ace that everyone has different gifts. James has gifts in these areas and he will have other gifts. "Yeah, one thing I can do better than James.. my art is better. He cannot do art very well.."

So why did JN cry?

Turned out that Mr Perfect had a blotch in his perfect record. This year, Ace's class has some new students and one of them is an indian math genius and he broke JN's math champ record and became math champ for the week. So the little boy who has never experienced failure before cried...

"So what did you do when JN cried?" I asked Ace.. 'Laugh at him? That is so not cool lor, Ace..."

And then Ace got upset with me because he says he did not laugh at James and I jumped into conclusions... (Dam, he inherited my "最讨厌人家冤枉我" philosophy of life... )

"But you said he is a cry baby right?"

"But I did not say that to him!" Ace said and sulked in a corner. I dunno if Max made things better or worse by butting in and saying why I never give Ace a chance to explain...

"So what did you say to him? did you try to console him?" I asked Ace

Seeing that I have REPENTED, my son was willing to talk to me again:) hahahah...

So he told me that he went over to James and told him, "Don't cry..  nobody can win all the time, we have to let others have a chance too.. just try again." Hahahaha.. sounds little bit familiar (to what I told him when he was a sore loser).. but sort of out of context:) wahahahahaha...

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Max's Chinese Birthday

Since I did not manage to celebrate max's ang moh birthday properly.. thought I'd do a better one for his chinese birthday...

Woke up bright and early.. ready to bake his birthday pandan cake:)

Father and son bought a model airplane of sorts from Virgin Megastore last week and decided to put it together while I baked...

But not before I got Max to beat my egg whites still stiff for me for his own birthday cake:) wahahahaa. I think next year for birthday, I will wish for one egg beater so I can bake even if Max is not around:) wahahaaha

In the end leh.. the son went to eat popsicle and left his old man to do everything ALONE...

Only to come back and pose for PR picture when it is finally fixed:) wahahahah

It is really nice:) Max enjoyed it so much he says he wants to buy the other model fromt he same series too...

Tadah.. birthday cake done!:)
I gave some of it to my neighbour who taught me how to make poori:) Showed her my photos and she says she will teach me how to make more indian foods again:) hahahha

Then time to go out lor:) Me meeting my Dubai jiemei hua to go shopping..

Max on the other hand has a date with Ace to watch movie... This is is cutsey act cute look... Same pose as me! And I din teach him that lor! Xin you lin xi!:)

This is his serious act cute look.. wahahaha:)

Ace din want to wear my hello kitty specs and chose instead to use the binoculours...

We went to Festival City Mall and Ace was excited to take photo with the F1 racing car in the F1 shop..

Me cam whoring while Max went to buy food...

Ace acting cute in hooded jacket...

While father and son went for movie, I ended up chatting with jie mei hua in the restaurant for 3 hrs! wahahahahaha.. wat to do.. we never go gai gai together for a few mths liao mah.. must make up for lost time:)

After that, we jio our other fren and we all had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe:)

SO all in all, quite a good day:)

Ace wanted to take phto with the car AGAIN when we left.. hahaha.. maybe one day be can be a F1 racer:)

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