Monday, August 30, 2010

Self Attack

Recently, Ace has been recently been displaying some very strange behaviour that simply baffles me.

When he does something "naughty" he will punish himself by going for quiet time (face the wall for 2 minutes) on his own without me even saying anything.

Or he will put out his hand and ask me to beat him for doing the wrong thing. I hit him gently once and with a serious and angry face, he would say, "One more time, hit harder!"

Or if not, he will hit himself and punish himself.

When I ask him why he is doing that, he says he is very angry with himself because he do the wrong thing and "Because I cannot remember to do the right thing. I am so naughty!"

Perhaps this is some sort of reminder that there is alot of self attack going on in my life...

Despite thinking that I am quite well read in the area of parenthood, this is really something new I have never came across before.

When he does that, I feel quite sorry for him and just would like to love him and not punish him at all.

At last resort, I go to my favourite POV teachers for help and asked my teacher, Hiromi Sensei what I can do to help Ace.

She suggested that take some time once a week with Ace and sit down and get him to tell me everything he thought he did wrong and apologize and suggested that we do meditation together.

She also suggested that I tell him the importance of recognizing mistakes and forgiving himself.

Because Hiromi sensei rarely replies in long sentences.. I wonder how exactly I should go about sharing about how important it is to recognize mistakes and forgive ourselves...

My mind came to a blank for a while.. (that is how bad I am at forgiving myself...:P )

And it is true that it is important to recognize mistakes. Because if we do not recognize a mistake, we would continue to make the mistake and we would continue to waste time, and do the same things and go through the same pain and same heartaches...

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Magician Ace

We (as in me, Ace, my mother, my sister) have a new 'favourite show':)

I can't decide if I love or hate the show because the show is called Breaking The Magician's Code and there is this masked magician who will tell you how the magic tricks are performed.. Each hour long episode unveals the tricks behind like 8-10 tricks.. some big scale, some fro, close up magic...

I love the show because I have always been so curious about how these tricks are done. I hate it too because after watching like 5 episodes, I think I can figure out how MOST magic tricks are being done and even though there is not MAGIC in the world, I feel like it sort of takes away the awe I have for all magic tricks even if I know they are just based on science..

Ace... who has an ambition to become a magician of course loves this show as well. Coincidentally, during this timing, Channel U would be showing Zhong Yi Da Ge Da's MAGIC SHOW.. which is a competition among magicians.

I asked Ace which he prefered and he says he prefered the former. When I asked him why.. he says he just loves it... and I can tell he really likes it because he will ask what day it is and if I tell him it is a Sunday, he will ask me if he can watch the black mask magician show before he sleeps and he is so in love with the show he will keep track of when "AI" will finish and when wat show will finish and keep trying for Channel 5 to see if the magician's show has already started.

Our conclusion after watching this show is that Magicians need to be knowledgeable, hard working, have good stage presence, can act well, have fast hands, have alot of beautiful and nimble and sexy assistants and need to know a little bit of everything!

Anyway, I think the show kind of renewed Ace's passion to become a magician... and I really think that when he grows up, he will probably make a very good magician as he has got good showmanship, is good looking, knows how to talk and very importantly, he is very creative!

Recently, he has started to create his own magic tricks and here are some of the few examples...

The Magic Wrist Band
Ace brought back a purple rubber wrist band from the Youth Olympics outing he had. There are some white words and the Youth Olympic logo on it.

Magician Ace goes to an audience (usually me or Ah Yee) and tells the audience, "Today, I am going to show you magic... But I will need your help.. can you help me? Okie, look carefully at this..... Now, say 'ABACADABRA'....repeat after me, ABACADABRA!"

Magician Ace quickly turns the rubber band to the other side and declares, "See, magic! The words disappear! 谢谢大家!"

The Magic Stick
Ace found a stick and some rolled up wrapping paper lying around and he fiddled with it for a while.

And then while I was engrossed in my work, Magician Ace comes up to this audience and tells me, "Can you see anything? There is nothing here..." He waves his hand and does some magical gestures. "见证奇迹的时刻.." And he pushes in one of the wrapping paper roll and pulls out a stick from nowhere...

I must say the trick, even though it was not finely presented, did have some wow factor.. cos I was genuinely surprised when he pulled out the stick. So I responded like how a good audience would and asked him, "啊!怎么可能?!" and he gave me a very smug look.

The Magic Tissue
Magician Ace just had breakfast. He takes a tissue to clean his mouth and afterward, he walks to his favourite audience and asks her, "Do you want me to show you a magic trick?"

Before she can even reply, he starts "There is only only one tissue here.. look....Now, I am going to show you some magic.... "

Magician Ace proceeds to do some magical gestures and tears the two layers of the tissues apart. "See, now there are two tissues.. MAGIC!"



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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Policeman Ace

Ace was so happy when Net Net said he wanted to throw away some of his old uniform that he cannot fit anymore and so Ace took one and said he wanted to become policeman uniform (his daddy's uniform was used as doctor's shirt).

But after he put on the uniform, he complained to me that there is no "this thing on the shoulder". I asked him if he was referring to the blue colour rank that goes on Daddy's shirt as well.... and he said YES...

I told Max about it and he said it is ok to use his rank.

The next day, when I was going out, Ace asked me where I was going and I told him we are going back to our own house.

"Mummy, can you help me take the blue blue thing for the police shirt? Can you don't forget to take for me please? Can you don't forget?"

And so I REALLY did NOT forget.. hahaha ;)

He was so excited when I reached home and he immediately wanted to put it on his shirt and took out all his baton, badge, walkie talkie and started to be a policeman WHO WRITES REPORTS!


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Friday, August 27, 2010


The other day, after Ace's swimming lesson, I had a talk with his teacher... apparently, Mr Loke, Ace's swimming teacher is trying to get Ace to jump into the deep pool and swim... but Ace is afraid to even try and I think he is the only one in his class who has not mastered that yet..

So I asked him why he was not willing to jump into the pool..

"But I am so scared, mummy... the pool is so deep.. I will fall..."

So I explained to him that it is something he has to learn and I took the opportunity to talk to him about the importance of courage.

I told him this is a good chance for him to learn to take out his courage. Because if he wants to become a policeman when he grows up, he will need courage to become a successful policeman.

To which Ace replied, "Then I become a business man and do business lor.. I don't become policeman..."

And then I explained to him that courage is needed even in business. "If you want to become a successful businessman like Uncle Arthur, you will also need courage to make good decisions... so leh, you need courage to do things you don't dare to do to become a successful policeman or a successful businessman..."

So he promised to try to practice on taking out his courage to do things he don't dare to do at his next swimming lesson.. and if he does well and can show off to daddy, "Daddy might buy you more toys and presents, right?"

Unfortunately, this sunday, I might not be able to bring him swimming because I have something on... I will remind him again nearer to the weekend..

PS: Welcome back, daddy!

PPS: Ace was down with food poisoning and so eventually did not go swimming to practice finding his courage.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Stickers are probably every parent's nightmare... and like all children, Ace has a love for stickers.

The moment he gets a sticker, he wants to stick them somewhere..on my phone, my bag, my clothes on the wall, the floor, his books, his bag...

So as to "reduce damage", we give him two cupboards to paste the stickers that he likes. Sometimes when he is bored, he will take magazines and cut out the pictures that he likes and paste them onto the 'sticker board' using scotch tape as well...

Recently, his cupboard has gotten overwhemlmed with stickers and so, when Ganma SL gave him a bag filled with stickers, I found out the next day that there are stickers on my bag, on the floor, the wall, the chairs, the tables, the tv console, the fan, the tables:S

So leh, just to make sure this does not happen again, whenever Ace is not at home, I will tear out those not so nice ones and throw them away.. I am always careful to take only 2 or 3 piece out at a time so that he doesnt really realize or notice that they are gone:)

Anyway, I guess I just have to remind myself that this is just a phase he is going through:) hahahaha...

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


That's a picture done by my little artist ;

He was in a good mood and asked me to tear out a huge piece of paper and he started to draw... I tot it to be really nice and so I outline for him and got him to colour together with me...

I asked him what he is drawing and based on his description, I have decided to name this picture, LOVE.

Ace said, "This is you and me sitting on a bench eating ice cream.. this (the purple building) is our house and because I love you... I buy two types of ice cream for us to share. I buy chocolate for me and strawberry for me... and mr cloud also love mr sun and so they are sharing a lemon ice cream..."


PS: I told Ace I sent these photos to daddy and he asked me if daddy cried when he saw the pictures.. "Why would daddy cry when your pictures are so nice?" His reply? "Because daddy miss us mah.." Hahahaahahaha...

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Emoticon Ace

I brought Ace to take a bus ot Suntec to meet up with Seok Ling Ganma... and so because we were very bored while waiting for the bus because it took such a long time to come, Ace asked if he could do the funny smiley faces we saw at the bus stop advertisement area... and he asked me to take photos for him...

Not bad right? I think Ace is quite expressive..

Anyway, we had a good meeting up.. more so for me and Ganma SL cos we had lots to catch up n since she works in Hong Kong and we only get to meet once in the very blue moon.. Ace was just happy to be able to go Toys R us and mac donalds with us and get so many presents from Ganma ;)

PS: Today is my Chinese birthday.. when I told Ace and asked him why he never wish me happy birthday, he told me because he wants to wait for daddy to come back then he will wish me and celerbate with me and daddy...

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Ace Wants To Find A Job Far Far Away When He Grows Up So Daddy Cannot See Him

Ace went into some sort of tantrum about missing his daddy again and this time, it lasted for one full hour..

All along, I was thinking tat when Max comes back and we make decisons about our future, we should include him and his thoughts in our discussion but I never had a chance to talk to him.. so ydya was a good chance for me to bring it up..

It started in the afternoon when he was telling ah yee tat he has a navy hat cos dadddy gave to him.. and he said "But I am so sad daddy is not in navy now.." and then ah yee asked him what daddy is doing now and he said, "Daddy working in Dubai now.." and Ah Yee asked him if he likes daddy to be navy or the new job.. "I like daddy to be navy.. because navy in Singapore.. new job so far away in Dubai and I cannot play with daddy..."

Later in the evening, I brought him to a gathering among Max's secondary school schoolmates and maybe because the party is with a group of Max's frens.. whom he wouldnt meet without Max around.. i guess it made him miss his daddy more... While he was there, he also din say anything and was still happily playing there. but he did see alot of babies and all the daddies were carrying their children and playing with their children there as well lah..

And then we came home and then we were lying on bed and I wanted to sleep liao and he still kept playing and talking to me.. and then we were playing snatching each other's bolster and he used his finger nails to poke into my fingers and I was in pain and so I din want to talk to him...

And then he slowly wriggle closer and closer and closer to me and then he put his face on my lips and forced me to kiss him and he kissed me after tat... and then I said to him in a joking tone.."eee..where got pple like tat one.. forced me to kiss him one..." And then he started crying..

And then I asked him why he cry.. just say sorry to me and things will be ok and he said, "I not crying about this.. I crying about daddy in dubai..." and tears started to flow freely down his cheeks.

And then he spent the next 10 min crying and saying things like "Why daddy want to go dubai and work.. daddy, where are you.. can you come back.. daddy.. can you come back now..." and then he kept asking me, "Why daddy dun want to choose a job in singapore.. why daddy choose job in dubai... i cannot play with him.. i want to play with daddy.. why daddy go dubai and work..."

And then he said he is so sorry.. sorry to me.. for being a naughty boy.. sorry to popo and zhen popo for being rude.. he is so sorry.. he wants daddy to come back... "Mummy, can you give me a chance, can you give me many many chance. I dun want to be naughty boy.. and I want to go dubai to be with daddy...

And so i hugged him and pat him.. and I explained to him that I also wondered about whether it is good to threaten him like tat.. actually i would bring him to dubai no matter wat.. but leh, it is because he always dun listen to wat i say.. i dun have any other idea or any better way.. so i threaten him with dubai and the cane.. it is because i dunno how to make him listen to me...

And he sort of calmed down and said he wanted to be a good boy.. and then he spent the next 50 minutes repeating the sme topic of he wanting to play with Max.. and the more he talked about it.. the more angry he became...

Ace: Why daddy go and choose to work in Dubai.. I want daddy to choose another job.. can you ask daddy to break his job and not sign up for the dubai job? I miss daddy so much and I want to be with him and play with him.. but can you see beside me now? Beside me now here is "kong kong" (empty) one.. tat means daddy is not here and he never play with me...

ME: But daddy coming home soon.... another three weeks daddy coming back already...

Ace: But is daddy going back to dubai after tat? I want to tell daddy.. "YOU CANNOT GO BACK DUBAI!" I want to be with him and play with him

Me: But daddy also dun want to be there.. cos he is all alone mah..

Ace: Ya he is so ke lian because he is all alone.. but it is his CHOICE.. he can CHOOSE mah.. why he msut choose to work in dubai?

Me: Daddy work in that job because of a few reasons. First reason is that he can eearn more money so that he can buy ace more toys ah...

Ace: No, tat is not a good job ... he cannot play with me...

Me: Daddy also work in that new job because he has a good laoban and he wants to follow the lao ban and learn more things from the lao ban...

Ace: No, that is not a good laoban.. cos he never let daddy work in Singapore and daddy work so far in dubai and I cannot see him...

Me: And then daddy also wants to work in that job because he feels it will give him a better future after he leave the navy..

Ace: No, his future is not better because he is not here in Singapore to play with me...

And then he grumbled more about the same topic and then he told me "Mumny i am so angry... I want daddy to come back!" and he started kicking his legs angrily..

And then, what he said next really surprised me... Midway in his tanrum, he told me, " Humph.. next time when I grow up, I will neh neh ni boo boo and find a job in far away place so that daddy cannot see me.... "

Me: But tat means I cannot see you too... and I will cry too..

Ace: I bring you with me lor.. but only I don't bring daddy... humph...

So I explained again to him that daddy also not happy there cos he cannot see ace... and i asked him if he can forgive daddy...


And then I explained to him again that daddy is working hard for the family so that we can have a better life..

And then he said he can forgive daddya little bit but he still angry tat daddy is not here...

"Mummy, can you write message to daddy adn tell him tat I miss him very much.. can you tell him to come back and october he dun go back to dubai?

I asked him to tell his daddy how he feesl the next time daddy calls him and tell him that he also misses Daddy very much and then he just repeatedly go on and on about why Daddy is not in singapore why he never choose to come back..

So I asked him.. if we let him choose.. we go dubai be with daddy but we cannot see our family like yeye, nai nai.. popo.. which one he choose? "I miss daddy.. i love daddy and I want to be with him.."

"Ya, but which one you choose?" I ask him.. "I want to choose to be with daddy and also to be with the family.."

And then he grumble somemore and asked me if i can message Max to tell him to come back.. and then i gave him another scenerio.. tat Daddy goes dubai and earn alot of money for him to live in nice house, have car, have alot of toys.. VERSUS daddy comes back... no more buying toys and no car.. which one he choose.. he say he choose Daddy go dubai.. HAHAHAHAHAHA

"BUT I still want to be with daddy because I want to play with daddy..."

And then he finally slept after one hour...

And then leh, the next day morning when he woke. the first thing he said to me is "mummy, can you write message to daddy and ask him to come back because I want to play with him?"

Anyway, I told Ace tat we will discuss about this together as a family when daddy come back lah... I would like to include him somewhat in the discussion and I dun want him to blame us in future for any decision we make... he said he wants to visit Max in dubai but also wants to be with the family..

So after he woke the next day, I asked Ace if he can forgive daddy now and he said, "Yes.."

Later in the day, I told him tat daddy found a mart called Dragon mart in dubai tat is very big and has alot of toys and Ace said he wanted daddy to buy toys for him...

So I asked him, "But you said you dun want daddy to work in dubai wor.. how to buy toys?"

"But I already told you I forgive him mah.. morning I already told you I forgive him.. you forgot? I want him to work in dubai and buy me toys.."

Hahaha.. so xian shi!

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

HTC Contest

Some time back, I took part in a contest where I had to write a 200 word essay on why I should win some HTC phone... I wrote in cos i needed a smart phone... now many mths later with no news from them, I gathered i din win it..

Since I already put in the effort, might as well show it off on my blog:)

Anyway, since I din win this phone.. I am going to get an iphone 4 and I think Ace will be happy to know cos since 3 months ago, he started asking me when I am going to buy an iphone.. one month ago, he asked me when is iphone coming to singapore... Hahahaha...

PS: Ace is my hero whether i win the contest or not:)

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ace's Makeover


I should have taken more photos during the studio shot... the bloody photog tat took my son's photo ran away with the flashcard (when the company closed down) and I did not get his photos at all... after all the trouble I took.. :S

And then leh, all tat is left are just some random ones tat I took ad hoc at the exhibition...

But all in all, I guess maybe Ace is not meant to be a model... or get makeover pics done..

I let him take part in some contest and he won a makeover.. I was told to to xxx location at an exhibition to take the photos but when i reached there, they said they have decided to do the photos another day.... they never even apologized and i asked if they could just take some photos...

And then next day they sent me an email to go to some studio to take photos.. I made an appt and then made special arrangement to bring Ace there, let him make up, do his hair and took some really nice photos..... but i shy and din dare to use my camera to take too many pics too close....

And then a week later, the bloody studio closed down cos the owner ran away and he ran away with the equipment and the flashcard tat has my son's photos...

Bloody hell $%($)%*$(%*$()%*$()%*$*%$*%)$*...

I complained and then after chasing the people in charge for 2 weeks, I finally got these photos.. such a pity.. the other studio shots were much nicer.. maybe I shouldn't be a cheapo and should pay for some good photos for Ace...

Hai.. i was still thinking when I get th enice photos, i can send to ad agencies to ad agencies and maybe let him get into some auditions or casting call because some how he i snow much better than posing than before:)

Sigh.. maybe he is not meant to be a model but meant to be POLICEMAN.. ask him to catch tat person who STEAL his photos.. hahahahah

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Movie At Home

In the end, we did not choose to bring Ace to the theatres to catch Despecible Me because it was so tough to get a timing where everyone is free..

So in the end, Ah yee found it on PPTV and we just download for Ace to watch. When I told Ace about it, he said "but then there is no pop corn.." So Ah Yee agreed to buy him pop corn to go with the movie...

The other day, after Ah Yee picked him from the school bus, they walked to the market together to buy pop corn.. while they were there, Ah Yee passed a stall tat sold canes.. so she told Ace if he is naughty, she will buy a cane to put at home...

And so they came home.. Ace was more than happy to eat the popcorn and watch the movie at home. However, as he was watching alone (he wanted to watch it during the last episode of Popo's favourite swimming drama so we cannot link on tv and watch together), i think he did not understand most of the dialogue so strangely, I did not see or hear him laugh even though I was told it is supposed to be a funny movie...

But I guess it was good he got a run one time alone first because then maybe he might not ask so many questions when he watches the movie again with us.

Ah Yee was just telling me that the other day, she was watching Chicken Run with him and Ace kept asking her why the chicken is saying this.. why the chickens are doing that.. and asking her so many questions, she couldnt concentrate on the show at all!

SO finally, she gave up and told him, "I don't know.."

And even so, Ace still has a question to ask... "Why you don't know... I thought you watched this before?" Ace asked..

I think Ah Yee nearly fainted.. so in the end, she said she just changed to watching another movie that Ace does not like.. HAHAHAHAHA

Anyway, back to the canes.. Ah Yee had a conversation with me and we discusssed whether we should really buy a cane because after some time, threatening Ace that we are buying a cane holds no effect since we keep talking about it but never buy it in the end....

So I told Ace that night tat I will give him one more chance and if he is naughty again, I will buy the cane for sure and this time, no more chance for him...

He blew his LAST chance when he said he wanted to pass soemthing to AH Yee while AH Yee and net Net were in their room with the door locked. I reminded him that he can knock at the door but he cannot open the door to go in until AH Yee says he can do that..Popo reminded him one more time but he still couldn't help but want to open the door and so he opened and went in while Ah yee and Net Net were changing!

So he kenna from me and I told him since he cannot hear me when I tell him things.. I will buy a cane to SHOW him so that he can SEE it and be reminded to listen to me...

So he cried and cried and cried... went to take a bath and then continued to cry and cry and cry... until I went into the room and talked to him and he said that he doesnt want me to buy the cane and he wants to listen to me... so I asked him why he cried so long and explained to him that even if I bought the cane, if he is a good boy, I wun use it...

And the he told me it is because the cane is very painful when it is used to hit a person. I asked him how he knew and he said his teacher hit him with a cane before... and then after I asked him more, he admitted that he was lying and I finally found out that Ah Yee was the one who told him that being hit with a cane is very painful.

Anyway, I did talk to him about why we threaten him with the cane and told him it was only because I had no choice because he did not want to listen to me.. so till now, there is still no cane in our house.. HAHAHAHA...

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We Went Jogging

We went jogging the other day with Ah Yee and Power and Ace was so excite to go.. he wanted to wear his cap.. and wanted to bring along his whistle as well...

When we reached the stadium though, we foun out the stadium was reserved for some sort of soccer training and so we decided to run around the park..

And when we started off, Ace was running really fast right ahead... followed by Ah yee and the me and shirley last... and then Ace was really funny because he kept blowing his whistle to ask Ah yee to stop.. and he would run up front and blow his whistle and i reminded him that he is not a traffic police..

Power said it looked like he is the coach and we were his trainees.. hahaha:)

Anyway, after a few hundred meters, he started to cough really bad because he hasn't completely recovered from his cough.. so I told him to stop and asked him to walk home with me..

Once he stopped, his pattern started liao...
"I am so tired.. I want to sleep..."

"I am so hungry..."

"I am super duper thirsty..."

I told him if he wanted to sleep, he can sleep on the grass patch. if he is hungry or thirsty, he can go home to drink and eat and if he were to complain somemore, I will not bring him jogging again the next time Ah yee goes.

So when we were on the way h0me and talking, Ace told me "Mummy, I am so sad that I am not number one leh.. Ah Yee is the number one.."

So that was what he was trying to do! He was not trying to stop ah yee because he wants to be a policeman but because he wants to run faster than Ah Yee and be number one!

Hahaha.. i think he has this fascination with being number one partially because when he was in my tummy, we already told him he is the best, and he is greatest... and he attended many talks in my tummy about excellence and being number one...

Also, it is partially because the other day when we were having a conversation about the birds and bees, I told him that he is a champion because he, as a sperm is the one who found the egg first because he swims the fastest.. that is why he is the one who became the baby... and Ace is born... I also told him that his name means to be the best, to be a champion and to be number one....

Anyway, I told him he is still number one.. cos we went home before Ah Yee.. he number one reach home.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Your Tummy Is So Piao Liang

The other day, I went to pick Ace up cos he has been taking school bus this month.

So on our way home, we were in the lift with this neighbour aunty.

All of a sudden, my son hugged my tummy and mumbled something.. "Huh? You say my tummy is very fat?" I asked him... cos h heard him say something like your tummy is very blah blah blah...

"No, I didn't say you are very fat. I say your tummy is very piao liang..."

"Oh, thank you very much for your compliment.." I told him.. As you age and your body gets out of shape.. it is very heart warming to find tat someone is still appreciative of you... hahaha...

Anyway, at that moment, the aunty cannot contain herself and burst out laughing loudly... "Hahahahaahahaha!"

I looked at her.. a little embarrassed and she explained, "Aiyoh, he is so young and mouth is already so sweet.. when he grows older, he will be great!" (那么小嘴巴就那么甜,长大了一定不得了!)

Well, I think we have a cassanova in making...

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Tanya Wants To Be My Girlfriend

I just decided to cut Ace's hair for him cos it was getting a little too long.. unlike his daddy, I like to keep his hair a little long.. but i still respected Ace's views and so i asked him if he wanted his hair longer or shorter...

"Shorter.. like daddy cut for me..." (after a 10 second pause) "Is it going to take very long?"

"Ya," I told him, "The shorter you want your hair to be, the longer I will take to cut your hair lor..."

"Erm.. then I dun want, I want it longer.."

And so i just merely trimmed his hair a little and trimmed his fringe a little...

And shortly after, I caught my mum staring at him while he was doing homework... and then she turned to me and said, "He really is very handsome hor?"

So I knew I had a winner hair cut..

So the next day after he came back from school, I asked him if any of his classmates say his new hairstyle is very handsome...

"Yeah, Chua Teck Yean said I am very handsome.... "

After some thought, he added, "Tanya also said I am very handsome.. and she says she wants to be my friend now.. because she says I am a good boy now.. also she says we are friends because her name chua, my name also chua.. her name CAI, my name also CAI..."

"And hor, you know hor.. mummy.. she even came to hug me leh! I think hor, she wants to be my girlfriend.. that is why she hugged me..."


Apparently, he has not forgiven her for saying tat he is a naughty boy previously, that was why he did not want to marry her for a while and so, at this point, he has decided to forgive her has decided that he wants to marry her again..

PS: The next day, Ace told me that when Tanya hugged him, Tanya also asked him whether he want to be boyfriend and girlfriend. I asked him did he agree and he said yes. But he said, "But she dun want to marry me.. she want to marry Harold Pang..." So I told him that he shouldnt agree in that case because when you find a girlfriend, you want someone who can commit and want to marry you.. if the girl wants to be your girlfriend but wants to marry someone else, dun let her be your girlfriend. Find someone who is committed to you because commitment is very important in relationships... like me and daddy like tat:) hahahaha.....

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Swimming Ace

The other day, it was raining and so, only two students turned up at ace's swimming class.. so he had alot of practice that day.. hahahaah..

He is now learning to float on his back.. and also to swim with the board only.. and his teacher even made him swim over from 1m away from the edge without the swimming board a few times during the lesson.. COOL!

Hopefully, he can lose the board SOON ;)

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