Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Cayden's Performance

Ah Yee said she will be taking half day leave to go for Cayden's performance for his drama class.. She asked if I would wanna have lunch with her and since exams are over and there are no after school activities, I asked if Ace would like to meet Ah Yee.. and maybe even go support Cayden afterwards and Ace said he would like to do that:)

That early morning, Ah Yee told Cayden tat me and Ace will be going and he was soooooooooo happy and excited:)

 Fooling around after the performance:) Ace says the kiddos are very cute:)

And they tried to WRESTLE in class! Hahahaha..

After ward, Cay decided to go back to Popo's house with us... but the two boys requested that they get to spend some time to play at the playground together...

This is them running around the playground...

Here is Ace having a time of his life... Hahahaha.. I am still amazed that an 11 year old boy can play so well with a 4 year old one:) hahahahah...

That is me trying out some new app in Popo house when Cayden PHOTOBOMBED me:)

It was kind of fun I guess for the boys:)

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Nook & Cranny Cafe

So we were thinking about what to have for dinner...

And then decided to visit our friends' cafe called Nook & Cranny in Thomson area :)

The cafe was cosy and it was great that our friends were there too...

I got to try the green tea latte again!:)

Our friend's children were there as well... and Max was so happy when the little sang for him.... That is her singing twinkle twinkle little star to him:)

High five after singing!:)

The little girl's grandma asked if we wanted to matchmake her with our son.. wahahahaahaha:)

Our friend's son... such a lovely young lad.. he is very intelligent and very friendly too:) He and Ace became INSTANT FRIENDS!:) Max encourage him to eat more to become stronger and he really listened and tried to eat more! So cute!

Ace ordered a Truffle flavoured Mac and Cheese and it looks and tastes sooo good...

Not to mention the BEST ribena lychee drink ever!

Ace loved the Boba Balls inside so much that the jie jie who made the drink gave him a small serving of just the balls:)

And of cos must take wefie with our frens!!:)

All in all, we had a great time..

We will be back!:)

Nook & Cranny

Coffee | Brunch | Ice Cream | Waffle | Beer
Waterhole for the like-minded

9, Sin Ming Road, #01-03 Thomson V One S(575630), Singapore 575630
Hours: Mon-Thurs: 11:00 - 23:00| Fri-Sat:    11:00 - 00:00|Sun: 11:00 - 23:00

Cuisine: American (New), Asian Fusion, Brunch, Italian and Sandwiches
Public Transit:
SBS Transit Buses: 52, 132, 162, 162M, 163, 165, 166, 410
SMRT Buses: 167, 169, 980

Takes bookings, Walk-ins welcome, Good for groups or parties, Takeaway and Table service

Phone number:  6452 7449
Email address: info@nookmag.com
Website: http://www.fb.com/NookandCranny.SG

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Sunday, May 29, 2016

10 Things Not To Do When Making A Youtube Video!

So we made a toy review as a test the other day...

But after some feedback from the professionals, we decided we will make ANOTHER youtube video.. 

I had Ace cut his hair, put on a nicer shirt, sit properly in front of the table... (cos the feedback was that his hair was messy and he was seated in an unglam pose) and made him do another video...

Ace wanted to do a toy review. but he kept making mistakes here and there... as he was not natural...  so in the end, I thought he should do the thing he do BEST:) Be himself and make lots of jokes..

I suggested that we do instead a video called 10 Things Not To Do When Making A Youtube Video!

And then we discussed what the 10 things should be and I left it to him to come up with the jokes since telling lame jokes is his forte:) hahahahaha...

So here you are.. enjoy!:)

Not very pro and I I think there is room for improvement... but I quite enjoyed making it and if the response is good, I think we will continue to make more:) I already have another idea for our next video!

Let us know what you think :) And dun forget to LIKE and SHARE the video if you enjoyed it:)

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

P5 JPD Camp

So the Sunshine Aunty informed me that there will be a camp for all the P5 students and asked if Ace can make it.

We were blessed cos Max was bz and I also had lots of appointments that day but the SAs actually helped me bring Ace there and back so I was free to go do what I needed or wanted...

Just that Ace had to travel there earlier as the SAs needed to be there early to help out:)

The SAs were like roving reporters... sending us pictures and videos throughout to keep us posted... hehehehe...

The first to arrive for Group Nelson Mandala!:)
They were suppose to be listening to some guidiance or speech. When I asked Ace why he was reading the book, he said, "But everyone else was talking also..." As if reading a book is better than talking... Hello.. very rude to NOT BE LISTENING when someone talking on the stage lor..

That's them having lunch:) The sunshine Aunty knew I was worried about his vegeterian diet and even sent me a picture of his meal... Ace said he had yummy veg fried rice that even came with a veg chicken drumstick!:)

I think they were doing some sort of cheer...

All these are bookmarks that the SAs made and the children could each choose ONEbookmark to bring home:)

Next it was time to play games.. that is Ace playing the pass cans along with your feet game..

Picking beans out using chopsticks...

Threading many many needles!

Here is a video of the kids having fun:)

Q and A...

Then it was time for their talentime performance!!!!!!!

The children did a really interesting performance and I think Ace did very well.. he is fearless and is a natural on stage i think:)

Here is a video of their performance..

They actually practiced quite hard for it:)
And their team won the BEST RHYTHM AWARD!

Ace said he really enjoyed himself and liked the camp very mch. When I asked him what he learnt, he said he learnt how to be HAPPY.. hahahaha... And when I asked him about what impacted him most, he said he was most impacted by the testimonials he heard... most of them were related to their struggles in their studies or trying to get into a school of their desire...

Pity though, after the wash, his very cute camp tshirt became faded because I put white clothes through the 90 degree wash... and I forgot to iron this new shirt before washing...

PS: We were watching this show on TV where they were doing human towers...

When we watched the kids climb to the top, our hearts beat very fast and had our hearts in our mouths as they were climbing up.... and we were so moved by their team work.... I told Ace that SoKA also as a YMD Gymnast team that performs human towers during special events and if he has a chance, he should take part because this is an experience of a lifetime.... if you can do that, you can do ANYTHING in life!

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Meet The Teachers

I missed the last Meet The Parents session because i was in Hawaii.... And Max had to work on that day and so he missed it too. But usually the first MTP is just for us to understand the teacher.. which is not really that critical now that we have the Class Dojo app and have direct access to his form teacher...

Anyway, I guess it was a good session for us:)

Ace got his report card...

And if compare with this table that shows the mean mark....  you can see that he scored generally higher than average for all subjects except Chinese....

He even had an improvement for PE:) hahahaha...

I was happy that Ace's teachers said they are very very happy with his progress. They said it seemed that he did not settle well and he was falling back on his work and not very settled... They were kind of worried for him because he was dreamy... did not pay attention... did not finish his work on time... did not hand up his work... etc... But he has really pushed through and done well for this term..

I think though, that change came about after his dad had a chat with him about what are his goals... DADS FTW!

Actually I think even Ace's classmates were surprised he did well : ) They actually asked him why he scored so well..

And he has shown himself to be a good monitor who makes effort and takes initiative... Apparently, his teacher said when teachers from other classes came to invigilate them, they praised Ace cos Ace took initiative to help them write the date since he was monitor...

Generally also, his teachers say he is well liked by his peers... and I am happy to note that he has started to make frens with girls as well and doesnt just stick to playing with boys. He says it is becos the girls in this class are not as bossy:) hahaha

I really hope he can keep pushing forward and win more awards for himself this year. :)

Max also told the teachers he really appreciated their effort to care for and teach Ace and how happy we were as parents to have them as Ace's teachers... and we talked about how we could offer them more support as well...

Only thing was that his form teacher said he might wanna learn to work on his emotions better as he was rather emotional... and that meant sometimes he would shout for no reason.. or cry suddenly and his mood actually impacts the whole class... so I guess it is time for Mr Emo to learn a more mature way to manage his emotions. Perhaps it is time for me to intro him to JOINING properly :)

After we were done, Ace asked me what is our session about cos we seemed to be the only parents who laughed alot:) hahaha....

Anyway, Ace told me that they were STAR CLASS for the term... every term, a class is selected as Star Class based on some criteria... I am glad his class has done well this term:)

What a cute class!:)

I found this on the notice board:) Hahaha..

But when I asked Ace, he said he wanted to maybe do chemical engineering...

But recently, he has started to get interested in robotics again.. and I shall reveal why later:)

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Goodbye Miss Ang

Ace has lovely teachers.... and he loves them very much... That his form teacher and co form teacher:)

The other day, we were having our usual bedtime chats and he told me that he is very sad because his English teacher, Miss A, will be transferring to another school.

I asked him how did his class feel and he says everyone is very sad that she is leaving. "I was so sad that I cried..."

I know that my son is not very good at saying goodbyes... but I reminded him that sometimes goodbyes are not bad things. He should be happy for Miss Ang because it could be a forward or an upward move in her career to be transfered to another school.  While I am sure she misses them too, people sometimes need to go to a different place to move forward in their lives..。

But I am sad to know she is leaving too lah.. she is such a caring and passionate teacher... she is the one who stayed back with Ace for a few recesses to help him sort out his files and help him with his work.... and even provided him with biscuit to eat!:) haha

Still, here is wishing her all the best!:)

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ace's Gift Of Humour

I told Ace I will teach him how to use Photoshop....

And as an example.. I told him I will show him how to copy and paste his face somewhere.. he asked if I could paste his face on John Cenar...

I asked him who is that.. and he said that is a famous wrestler who has lots of memes on the internet....

He chose the picture and then I showed him some basics of cutting and pasting...

And when the picture was done, he asked if I could add the words "Ching Chong Ling Long Singaporean John Cena" so that he can send to his friends for a laugh...

I can only shake my head... sometimes I just dun get his sense of humor and dun really understand his joke.. hahahaha..

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Monday, May 23, 2016


 So I was invited to a 007 theme wedding with Ace and Max but as it happened on a weekday and Ace has school, I attended the dinner alone... Ace said since it was 007 theme, he fixed his toy gun for me to bring to the party and pose:) hahaha

 Photo we took at the photo booth:)

 Meanwhile though, the boys were having dinner elsewhere and Ace says the food there is very yummy.. they say will bring me again on another day..

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