Saturday, January 31, 2015

Visit To Ah Yee's House

Ah Yee said the other day that NetNet will be going to work during the weekend,  so she asked if we wanted to visit her.

Initially the plan was to fetch her from her house and go out for lunch together. Then Ah Yee said C needed to sleep blah blah blah.. and so we decided to pack lunch to her place instead.

The two boys were happy to see each other and so C did not want to sleep and kept wantingto play with each other and so... it was almost 2pm when he finally slept.

But leh, these two cousins hor, I think have a love hate relationship. Both boys wanted their mothers to be with them in the room but we two mothers just wanted to go outside and chat:)

So we walked out of the room when we saw that they were having fun...

But hor, shortly after we walked out, we heard much shouting. As relac parents, we ignore and let the kids settle themselves.. so we continued to chat...

"Ouch!!!" Ace exclaimed. Then there was a scream and Ace screamed and C also screamed.

Then C walked out, walked straight to me and told me, " Gor gor make me..."and he beckoned me to follow him.

I followed him and as he was walking back into the room, he started pinching his knuckles.Then he told me that gor gor made him pain pain and showed me the red mark that was left behind from his pinching.

Just to be sure, I asked Ace what happened as well.

Ace said C hit him and so he shouted ouch and so C screamed. I asked Ace if he hit C and he said no. And I am just amazed how a two year old knows to pinch himself and then 栽赃嫁祸??

When his mother asked him why he hit gor gor.. C just kept repeating that his hand pain pain and show the red part.. and when we ask him why it is red, he says gor gor make him.. (I think he couldnt bear to say beat.. so he say make)

And then we asked him to say sorry to gor gor since he hit gor gor first and he tee xiao.. and so I asked Ace if he will forgive Cay and also say sorry since they were in a fight and give Cay a hug. Ace was really quite magnanimous.. and hugged C and then pretended to be like a cat and rub his head against C.. I told C.. "LOok, gor gor is like a cat!" And C laughed and suddenly, C also in a good mood and ok to say sorry:) wahahaha..

Then leh, we made C sleep lah.. he finally kam wan to zzz at 2pm... and then sent him to his lesssons..

Since we were near a mall and Ace wanted to walk walk.. we went to walk walk and told Ah Yee we will pick them up and send them to Popo house afterwards lor.

Ah Yee said she has some voucher to exchange free ice cream and so Ace went to exchange the ice cream...

Then leh, the evil Yee Zhang.. despite AH Yee say CANNOT feed C, say must let him try and then started feeding him ice cream...

His excuse is tat C's mother did not protest THAT MUCH.. and even took out phone to take photo.. so should be ok lah:) wahahaha...

Now, Max is Ace's favorite Yee Zhang in the whole wide world.. but well,  C only has ONE Yee zhang anyway:) wahahahaa..

Since then, Max has been trying to "illegally" feed C more foods that are in the "banned" list like almonds, biscuits, etc... wahahahhaaha... So when C came visiting, he called me and asked me if Yee Zhang is at home and whether there is food for him.. wahahahaha ;)

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Swimming Lessons Again!

I am so happy!

After a half year hiatus, Ace has resumed swimming:)

The other day, I came home after going out to meet my friend. When I walked past the pool, I happen to see the swimming coach who teaches swimming in our estate.

So I asked him how much were his lessons and if Ace can join his class. And then, just nice... it falls on thursday... a day where Ace is free.

So, Ace started his trial lesson that day!

Based on his skills, Ace was placed in the intermediate class.

There were a few indians, a PRC girl and a Singaporean girl who turned out to be the sister of Ace's classmate. For me, it turned out to be a meet the neighbours session as I got to chat with the mother of one PRC boy and also chatted with the mother of Ace's classmate... only to discover that we were school mates in JC and that she still remembers me!:) I also found out that there are actually many YNPS students in our estate but most of them do a car pool...

I am just amazed at Ace's ability to fit in anywhere!

He was on such good terms with his swimming friends and it felt as if they had known each other forever at the first lesson... even the swim coach asked if they had known each other previously... maybe cos the indian classmates reminded him of his best friends in Dubai...

Anyway, Ace is really happy to start swimming again despite protesting at the start...

I think he started to enjoy himself as the lessons go by....

And I think his swim coach is really good lor. He is a little like the Dubai swim coaches I have seen when it comes to teaching the strokes.. and he is good at engaging with children.. he even teaches them things outside of swimming..

Eg, one time when I went down with Ace, I saw the swim coach giving a prep talk to a little boy. Apparently, while the maid was zipping up the swimming costume of the little boy, the zip pinched on his skin and he started scolding his maid.. so his coach told him, "She was trying to help you and accidentally hurt you... there is no need to quarrel with her. Think about how she is trying to help you everyday. If you scold her and she goes back home... who is going to make breakfast for you.. who is going to help you carry your bag when you go to school? Who is going to help you.. is there really a need to quarrel with her?"

The coach is also very generous lah...

Trial lesson was free for Ace..

And then every lesson he helps apply the anti fog thing onto Ace's goggles... he also gave Ace a free cap and helps them put on their swim caps and goggles every time... I really think he is quite amazing:)

I hope Ace can move on and become better at swimming with this coach:)

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Grand Theft Auto

Ace likes to tell me about the games that he plays on the phone or ipad and his favorite hobby is to describe what happens in the game.

The other day, he was just telling me how fun this game called Grotopia is.. and how it is filled with dragons...

And then he started telling me about this really popular game amongst his friends called Grand Theft Auto

According to Ace, the game requires the player to do things to clear levels... and these things are things like stealing cars... killing people.... and in one level, the supposed gangsters will even go to this place to have sex with women.

"Huh.. are you sure it is suitable for children?" I asked him.

I thought about how I should respond to this info and remembered how in the conscious parenting modules I am taking and leading, there is a para that says we should talk to our friends like we will talk to our best friends so that there is no need to create authority conflict.

If Ace were my friend, I will tell him how i feel and trust that he can make a good decision for himself.. and so I decided that is what i will do.

I shared with Ace that I dun think that is a very suitable game for children. Because it promotes violence and sex. Even though I know Ace is a big boy already and can tell the difference between fantasy and reality, being exposed to these things everything everyday in a game will make it like a habit for a person to be exposed to this and in doing that, in time to come, a person is no longer sensitive to this and dun think it is a big deal when in fact, killing people, stealing things and just going somewhere random to have sex with women is a very big deal.

I know that many of his friends are playing the game but what everyone is doing may not mean that thing is correct or good. It just means it is widely accepted and it is actually okay for us to sometimes stand by what we think is right and be different from our friends.

"But I already downloaded the game..." he said.

I told him I have already shared with him what I think and I will choose to trust that he can make a good decision for himself.

And that was that. I put it behind me and unlike my usual naggy self, I never talked about that again.

A few days later, he started telling me about this new game his friends are playing... and so I nonchalantly asked him if he is still playing Grand Theft Auto.

"Oh, I deleted already... that game always hang my phone.. so slow.. so I deleted it.." He said.

Hee ;) No struggle, no fight!:)

Must remind myself to be centred and do this MORE often:)

PS: On a totally different note.. can someone tell me how a shoe can disintegrate to this extent  in just a few months??

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Friend Cursed You

Today, Ace came home with a grumpy face and when I asked him what happened, he said he was upset because his friend, D, cursed him and cursed me that we die and he is very hurt..

"I thought he is my good friend and actually wanted to give him something. But I guess time will show you a person's true colours and show you what sort of friend people are.." he said.

But I am really curious about what and why this boy did that and so I asked him to tell me what happened.

So the story goes like this:

D brought a frog to school in a box. Ace wanted to touch the box cos he was intrigued by the frog but as he reached out to touch the frog, his friend slapped his hand away. So leh, Mr I-just-wanted-to-touch-the-box-what was VEEEEERY upset and said, "I wish your frog will die!"

So because he cursed someone else's frog, the someone was angry and cursed him.. AND his mother (me) lor.

I told him I can understand his friend was upset and even though cursing someone to die is a very bad thing to do. I forgive his friend.. and so I asked him if he forgave his friend.. he said he cannot because he is very hurt.

I told him that is ok. He can think about it.

And then I explained to him that usually, this sort of thing is a vicious cycle. That is why chinese have a saying.. 冤冤相报何时了... People will get upset and take "revenge" on each other and it will never end.. exactly like how it happened. He hit Ace, Ace curse the frog, so he cursed Ace and his mother. If Ace cursed him back, then he will get upset and do something else back.. so it just makes everyone create more bad karma.

I told him I can understand that he is upset that people curse him... so I am ok that he is angry and is not ready to forgive his friend yet. However, can he please make sure that he will at least be willing not to do anything back at his friend...

"But I cursed a frog leh, he cursed me.. and you!"

"Do you mean that the frog's life is less precious or less important than yours, Ace? Every life is precious.. even if it is an animal's life. Furthurmore, it was your friend who hit you, not the frog. This whole thing has nothing to do with the frog at all. The frog is the most innocent in this situation lor..."

Ace kept very quiet and I think he saw the point.

"So please don't do this again, ok? It is actually a very mean thing to curse someone or something to die. You are so upset when your friend did it to you, right? It did not feel good right? So imagine how the other person must feel... Or how the frog must feel... Can you promise me not to do this again?" I asked him.

"Ok.." He said.

And that was that.

Later in the evening, I asked him if he was still upset at his friend. He said he is not so angry now and less upset but still cannot forgive him yet. My prediction though is that all will be back to normal when he is back in school and gets to talk to his friend and play with him ;) hahaha..

PS: I checked with Ace the next day if they have made up and Ace said yes. I told him I predicted that the will just meet in school the next day and make up.

"Yeah, that is exactly what happened.." Ace exclaimed.

Then I told him that while they have made up, it is still not right that he cursed the frog and he should apologize...

"I did..." said Ace. Apparently, Ace took the first step and apologized for what he did and his friend also said he was sorry for hating Ace and for cursing him and his mother and so all is well.

Good job, Ace:) It is great that know when you do something wrong and you apologize for it:)

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Protective Ace

The other day, we were getting ready to go out for dinner and I wanted to wear this top I had. The front of it is full black and fully covered but the back part of it is lacy and so I thought should be ok as long as I wear my sports bra with this lah... cos very warm to wear two layers like I usually do...

Then my son came up to me and said I should go and change my clothes... because "This one can see too much of your flesh already... cannot show off so much of your flesh...."

So conservative my son.. wahahahaha ;)

Interestingly, his dad made no comment about my choice of attire... ;)

Maybe that is Ace's experience in Dubai speaking.. wahahaha:)

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Our First Meet The Parents Session In A Singapore Primary School

We were invited to our very first Meet The Parents Session in a primary school in Singapore.

I tried to approach this with an open mind... But I think no matter what, I will still be biased because Mrs Sinclair is fabulous and very much "stole our hearts"with her prep talk during our first session with her and that set a very high benchmark I guess ;)

Most importantly, she walked her talk and in our3 years in Dubai, she really showed us that it is possible for children to receive holistic education where they focus on what type of students they wanted to have and educated students who are both of good character and academically inclined... Children who have a thirst for learning and are confident and self motivated ;)

Ace's primary school has a new P who joined them last year. In the opening speech she gave, she also talked about how Singapore is starting to move into student centric, values driven phase since 2009...

She touched on a little about the sort of students they are looking at and said they have designed their lessons to reflect that. And she basically talked about the same thing that Mrs Sinclair did 3 years ago... in a different way...

But the thing on me and Max's mind was hor.."say only.. really can meh??"


P also talked about the school motto and the school history..

This circle looks very familiar...

Wahahaaha...seen it before liao... and actually, when we were in Dubai, Ace's record book always his this set of values that they tick off if Ace has achieved them.

Saw this dad with his head down looking at his phone the whole time....Wonder why he bothered to come if that is the case..wahahaha

After the talk, the gave out some snacks and asked you to join the form teacher in their classroom...

This is how Ace's classroom looks like. So different from the colourful classrooms he has had in Dubai:)

Then the teacher started to give a presentation...

I think me and Max very bad...

We kept comparing sgp vs dxb....

So hor, while I do appreciate the effort his teacher has put in.... I tend to pick out things lah...

Eg, the teacher teaches English but uses Singlish sometimes in her presentation..

One parent stood up and said that she wondered why pupils in the other classes other than 4-1 (which is the top class in school) were using a different set of books for their literature program that they were introducing to school. The 4-1 students are using 5 books while the other students are only using 3...

So the teacher trying to explain the issue and she said that at P2, the students who did well for English Math and CL2 were put together in a high ability class while the rest were in a mixed ability class they divided based on race and ability so that children get to interact with friends of different races.

As the1 class are very advanced and have a good foundation in the English language, there is no need to go through the vocab and grammar aspect of the books they were going through and so  they can do the literature books "more faster".

I was a little uncomfortable on two points...

Number 1: MORE FASTER is singlish. It is not english at all!:) Wahahahaha...

Number2: What holistic education?? From the way the teacher replied the question, their brains are all about the elitist system that has been so deeply ingrained that despite their best intentions, it seemed apparent to me that their minds are still about how well a student scores! Cos the teacher kept repeating that class1 is good in all areas and that they had to score well in ALL subjects to be placed in that class... and implied that the other children had lower ability and so likely cannot catch up if they did the same things. And to me.. the most *facepalm* thing was that the teacher said all these not  only in front of the parents but also in front of some students who were there with their parents! I was so glad Ace got bored and took money from us to go buy water and so he did not hear this!!

I also noticed that in Singapore, usually only one parent came... unlike in Dubai where both parents will come for the session.

The parents' attitude are also a little different. Of cos most are concerned about things being taught etc...there was one uncle who talked to the teacher...while siting with his whole body leaned back and had his arms behind his head like he is CEO talking his kar kiah like that... alamak.. very rude lor. The teacher is in service to you for teaching your child... i dun think it is too much to ask to respect them and talk to them respectfully. I really salute the teacher for replying to all his queries very politely despite what I feel is an absolute insult. I never saw parents like that in Dubai despite many of Ace's classmates parents being CEO and in various high ranking positions!

Hahaha... noticed they realy give almost everyone a chance to be a leader lor. Cos almost everyone has a role.. wahahaha.. which probably explains why Ace ended up Math Monitor. Good also lah, he is now working very hard in math and has scored his first full mark in a math test:)

But I guess cannot say Singapore schools dun try... Form teacher told us these class rules were a result of a discussion amongst the students:)

Just that I think alot of things they gave thought and came up with plan but did not follow through..

Another example is they have this form teacher period where students spend time with their teachers. Ace told me they were told to draw their favorite things but not asked to hand them in. I would have thought the purpose of the drawings is for the teacher to understand them better. alas, not asking them to hand in... defeats the purpose of them drawing lor... But of cos I understand my school fees now is only 8% of what i paid in Dubai. And I know Ms R in Dubai only had to face 26 children where Mrs R in Singapore had to face 40 of them.. so it is different lah.

Dunno why... but Ace not included in the class poster again.. wahhaha.. I wonder why my son likes or prefers to be excluded... :)

Anyway, after the session, I asked Max what he thought about this Meet The Parents..

His answer?

"I think I have too many judgements."

I think I do too. Hahaha!:)

But  I am thankful Ace enjoys school, looks forward to going to school and still aspires to do well like a true Horizon Student. I think Ms R and Mrs S will be proud of him ;)

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Ace Treats Mummy To Some Ice Cream

Ace has started going to school and returning on his own.

After he forgot to bring his phone and got lost once.. he now religiously brings his phone.

And he will usually message me once he leaves school and tell me he is coming over now. I will then keep a look out for him on the bridge and once I see him, I will go and pick him.

Today, I was looking out for him and waiting for his message but it did not come. So I thought I will quickly go and make him some lunch. Suddenly, my phone rang.

"Hello, mummy... It is f-wording raining leh! Can you come and pick me?" He said..

I looked out of the balcony but it did not seem to be raining. However, there were black clouds hanging over the school building so I said i will go and fetch him.

"Ok, so I go back to school now ok?" he said.

That is because I just had a talk with him yesterday before bedtime. I told him that if he is outside and feels threatened or in trouble and he is near the school, just run back to his school. Example, stranger come and talk to him for no reason.. just run to school because school is safe as there are security guards, teachers and friends there.

Also, I told him that when he is outside alone and people try to talk to him, he should always just ignore them. Nevermind it if it rude...

Then of course very important.. I told him if he is outside and in trouble... DO NOT CRY. You can only cry after you return to school or see policeman. Before that, if you cry, you will attract attention.. but it may be attention of bad people who pretend to offer help.

As I was walking towards him, I noticed that it is really sunny and there is NO RAIN at all!

So I messaged him and asked him to walk towards me.

Halfway to his school, I saw Ace running towards me with a cup of chocolate ice cream in his hand.

"Nah, this one I bought for you for your troubles..." Ace pushed the cup of ice cream into my hands.

"Really ah.. you buy specially for me? Is it you bought for yourself and see me liao so give to me?" I teased him..

"No lah, I buy for you one.. I never eat at all. See.. it is melted cos of the sun.. luckily I ran here.. so it is not totally melted..."

So I thanked him and offered to share the ice cream with him. The ice cream tasted extra sweet!:)

Then we walked home slowly and he said he bought the ice cream because he went back to school but after waiting 5 min, he couldn't see me and he panicked. But he remembered that he shouldnt let people know that he is panicking so he act cool and go and buy ice cream for me:P Wahahahaha.. I dunno what is his logic:)

Then I asked him why he did not message me. His sim card got free 1GB worth of data. However, calling and all that is super expensive. It is 20cents per call. So I always tell him to message me on whatsapp first before calling me.

His reply?

"Oh, I called you because it is easier to tell Siri to "Call Angel" than to say "Whatsapp Angel"... I don't know if Siri knows how to do that or not."

Wah lau eh, got so lazy one or not... sigh...

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Math Monitor Ace

Ace came home the other day and declared that he has been made Math Monitor.

Some time later, I received a letter stating that Ace is to attend a Math Monitor Workshop. I think the teachers these days very cham.. so much work to do... on top of teaching, marking and still have to do remedial lessons for weaker students and supplementary lessons for stronger students..

And to help nurture more leaders, they have english monitor, science monitor, math monitor etc etc etc...

I asked Ace what he learnt in the workshop.. he said they were given a handbook and what was taught were just things in the handbook.. and they were given a treat.. so I think it made Ace feel very important..

We teased Ace and asked him how is he going to carry out his duties as a math monitor.. and Max said, "You should scold everyone!!" And Ace told his dad no.. And I told Ace his dad is just teasing him cos if he scolded everyone, no one will like him.

But Ace said that he is very happy cos being math monitor will give him "power". His teacher will listen to him and no one will bully him because he can go straight to the teacher.

Wahahaha.. I told Ace that the point of him becoming a Math Monitor was to be in service to the teacher and his classmates.. and also to learn how to lead. Not to give him a "mian si jin pai" to bao toh on his friends:) wahahaha..

But leh, I am thankful lah. Cos he has always been interested in SCIENCE. So He will study well for it. His english is not too bad also. His math is slightly weaker as he is a little slower but now that he is math monitor, I can see him always trying hard to complete the problems given to him. And chinese I am not too worried as he seems to be enjoying Mr X's lessons too:)

Interestingly, he told me he is in the HA Group... meaning he is in the high ability group for Math and as a result, he is given more homework and more practice. According to his friends, people in the HA group will usually score 90 and above in tests and exams so that is what he aspires:)

PS: The Math Monitor thingy has pushed Ace to strive hard for Math and his HA Group seems to be doing wonders too. Ace scored full marks for his mini test. His first full marks in primary school:) 

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Visiting Laoma

As our weekends have been rather packed, we havent visited Laoma for some time. Since this week we are free, I told Ace we will go visit Laoma.

Laoma's dementia since to be getting worse. Everytime I see her, some aspect of her dementia seems to have deteriorated..

We went together with Popo and C and this time round, when we saw Laoma, she was in the "I wanna sleep" mode.

The whole time we were there she was just lying down. One thing though, she seemed really happy to see the kids. I find that whenever we visit her, she warms up to the kids instantly whereas to adults, she will take time to warm up.

The last time we visited, we could still make small talk.. this time round, she is unable to make small talk but will say random things that have no link to me. i guess perhaps that is her way of making small talk as she is now unable to connect speech with thoughts properly.

Popo told ace that Lao Gou bought Aunty S a rainbow loom kit but she doesnt know how to make things and so asked Ace to teach her. So the very happy teacher brought along his rainbow loom set to teach her how to make some simple bracelets..

I asked Ace afterward, how does he feel this time when he visits Laoma. He says that he feels rather sad when he sees her. "She never sit up and talk now and just sleep there. I think she is getting weaker.."

I guess this CNY, it will be really difficult to for Laoma to eat reunion dinner with us as she is now mostly on a semi liquid diet.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mummy You Very Outdated Leh

I was trying to help Ace set up the email app inside the phone he is using and I realized that the default signature was "Regards, Max Chua".

So I told Ace we need to change it and asked him what he might want to use as his signature...

He said he wanted to use the iguana picture that he has in his email signature but I told him i am not sure if we can put pictures in.

So he gave it some thought and told me he wanted the following as his signature:

Peace out,

I asked Ace, "Huh.. Peace out? What is that? Dun make sense leh... Do you want to say something like 'warm regards, Ace' or 'Love, Ace"?"

"Aiyoh mummy, you very outdated leh.. you dun understand one lah.. this one makes sense one and is totally cool... just use this.."

Wah lau, am I really so ANCIENT?????

Anyway, he started to fidget fidget with his phone and managed to copy and paste the picture that he wanted into the signature..

OK.. maybe my son is really more "IN" than I am:) hahaha..

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Ace's Meal Worm Science Project

The other day, I looked out of the window and saw Ace walking home.

He seemed to be looking down at something... I thought he was looking at his and so I messaged him and asked him to stop looking down at his phone...

His reply....

I was like.. duh.. what sort of reply is that... I couldn't really tell what this is lor..

When I picked him up, I was a little surprised when he showed me this cup of worms he had in his hands..

Apparently, they are doing study of the life cycle of animals now and they formed some groups and were given these to observe. Ace said that he is leader of his group and so he volunteered to bring these worms home first. Each person can bring it home for  days.

I asked Ace if he knew what these worms ate and he said can eat biscuits.. and also fruits and vegetables...

Later while making dinner, I plucked out the yellowed veggies I did not want and fed them to the worms...

At the start, the worms were really happy.. one of the worms even ate and pooped at the same time! Wahahahaha...

But half an hour later, Ace suddenly exclaimed that the worms were not moving!

He quickly went to gohonzon and started chanting for the worms... i also tried to wand them...

We prayed hard that they were just sleeping and Ace started to cry. I told him not to cry.. just wait and see lah..

Later in the night, we realized that the worms are confirm dead and Ace was really sad since it was the first day he brought this back and his classmates did not have their turn yet..

The next day, Ace came home a little more light hearted as his worms were not the only ones who died... one died because it was dropped from a high height.. one died because it could not withstand cold temperature in an aircon room.

Initially Ace said he is not going to replace the worms because all his friends said since die liao.. then forget it lah..

Later though, I had a discussion with him. I told him that I felt that as leader of the group, it will be good if he can ensure his group gets a chance to observe the life cycle of a meal worm and we decided in the end that we will buy some meal worms..

The following weekend, we went to the market to search for meal worms but all the bird shop and pet shop uncles told us that the meal worms were not here yet. They only have the SUPERWORMS which are gigantic meal worms...

We went to eat lunch and went back to ask again but still, the worms were not here. Besides, the uncle told us they dun sell looose worms and so it seems that we might have to buy a whole bunch of yucky worms...

So we decided to go to Bedok Reservior to try our luck as we remembered there was a bird shop there.

I went to the bird shop and asked the Uncle if he can sell us only a few worms because Ace needed it for school project as those that he brought home died after we fed it leaves.

Uncle told us that meal worms can survive just on bread.. dun need to put anything else inside one..

And then, he paused for a second and told us, "Since it is for school project.. uncle give to you free..."

Then another uncle scooped up some meal worm pupa and said.. "You know these will become the black gu one..."

"Yeah, they are suppose to grow them into the gu.." I told the Uncle.

"Oh, then take these as well..." And the second uncle added some pupa to the worms they gave us...
Ace making holes at the top for the worms to breathe..

This time round, we clever liao.. just put bread.. Can you see the white white fat fat ones? Those are the pupa...

Ace told me his teacher said it is better to use aluminium foil for the cover. I presume it is to keep the cup dark as the worms do not really light it to be bright and sunny...

THen Ace came up with the idea to recycle those new year goodies container and drill some holes at the top. Max helped him drill and then we transfered the worms in and the worms seem happy to live there:)

Anyway, i found out that it was lucky we did not buy the superworms as those worms are injected with something to make them grow super big.. but they will never become mealworm beetes..

Ace was quite fascinated with the worms.. after he finish homework, he will stare into the container and watch the worms wiggle and then exclaim, "Mummy.. a worm jumped... " , "Mummy, see, this one is dancing!!"

All this excitement gave Max another idea..

As there are alot of spiders in the house, Max used a container and caught one spider. We thought we can let Ace bring to school as well. Max asked Ace to get a leaf to put in the container and we thought the spider might be hungry and even caught two bugs and put into the container..

Ace happily brought the spider to school but somehow, they spider died when he was in school.. I dunno what happened.. Ace brought the spider back again and we realized that before the spider died, it actually built a web for one of the bugs which is dead.. and while the spider is dead, the other bug is still alive.. hahaha:)

After this, the children were all excited about catching and bringing all sorts of stuff and Ace said someone even brought a frog:)

Ace said that two of the pupas became mealworm beetles and so his team will receive a prize from his science teacher.. He received a green pen from his teacher which he told me is "diamond pen".. hahaha.. cos at the tip of the pen cap, there is a crystal.. As Ace is very fascinated with shiny stuff.. he very baobei the pen lor:)

Since I cannot see how the beetle looks like.. I googled... This is how it looks like in various stages of colours till it becomes black..

Wah lau.. is just the GU tat we see flying around every now and then lah.. wahahaha :)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Army Ace

 Ace must be blessed...

Our friend, J, is an ardent shopper who travels around the world. Since she found out that Ace loves camouflage items, she has been looking out for such items during her travels...

She has already bought Ace 4 pairs of army long pants...

This she found even more stuff and bought Ace a hat, a poncho.. some really nice tshirts and a jacket!:)

 Ace says these tshirts are epic cool!:)

 Trying to look fierce ;)

 Never fear rainy days EVER!:) Perfect for heavy rain days when he goes to school. I think can even cover his school bag.. PERFECT:)

Anyway, in anticipation of Ah Boys To Men 3, Ace has been rewatching the DVD of the 1 and 2. Wahahahahaa...

I must ask him to reread all these posts about his love for the Singapore Army when he is enlisted for NS.. wahahaa:)

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