Monday, February 22, 2010

Fun With Cousins

Well, this year's CNY was rather uneventful... 2nd day of new year, we went to visit Lao Kim.. and then we went to Laoma's place and Ace had lots of fun playing with his cousins.. then second day of the new year, we went over to Karen Ganma's place for gathering...

I guess now that i am not a young kid anymore, new year is not really exciting anymore.. but Ace is ever so excited to get so many red packets:)

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Huat Lah!

First day of CNY was really an abundant one for Ace...

It was actually quite a quiet one though.. cos Max had to go and do 24 hour duty at the naval base... But that I guess could be a blessing in disguise for my parents cos it meant that their home would be noisy since me and Ace would spend most of our time there...

When we woke up, Ace wanted to eat nian gao for breakfast... Popo gave me a nian gao the night before and he wanted to eat it immediately. I told him that it was not ready to be cooked yet.. we have to bring it back to Popo's house and get her to cook it and he unwillingly settled for honey stars and milk as breakfast...

And then we went to our usual visiting rounds and when we reached sa lao chek's house, Ace chua wanted to play with the car and at the end of the trip, sa lao chek decided to give the car to him...

He was sooooooooooooooo happy after that and became chirpy and wished everyone happy new year very loudly after that.

Because the car was too big for our boot, we left it in 2 Lao Pek's taxi and so on the way home, he kept asking me, where is his car, where is 2 lao pek bringing is car, is he going to bring the car home....

By night time at 118's yearly CNY party, he spent like 9-10.30pm just sitting in the car and playing. When we reached home, he said he did not like the little boy in orange cos the boy kept wanting to take his car... when i asked him why didnt he share he said because "I am afraid he will take my car home with him..."

Well, Ace, when you share, you will get more...

PS: I found out later that Ace actually hit the little boy (he said he hit him hard in the face) but I am not sure lah.. cos apparently the boy's parents were luffing when he did tat.. initially i was thinking why would any parent in their right mind when some other boy hits their boy.. but i now think they must be in highly enlightened state.. cos I guess Ace was only innocently trying to protect his toy... it ain't elegant or refined to do tat but he was just being true to himself.. and we adults are pretty much the same too!:) they are so precious to discover the humour in it instead of blaming my kid.. bless them! They taught me a good lesson too!

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Reunion Dinner

For the benefit of Ah Yee, I have decided to post some pics of our reunion dinner... We were lucky that when we went to bali, we found this t-shirt with was a combination of both our lovers' shirt.. so we bought it and decided to wear it during reunion dinner!

We had a pretty good lunch and dinner this year..

During lunch, Nai Nai made jiang si duck for us and we had lots and lots of BBQ xin bao gu.. yummy! And for dinner, we had lots and lots of steamboat goodies... the only thing tat was lacking was in the company.. this year, Zeng popo is in hospital.. ah yee and net net in france, lai fun (lao gou's friend who joins us for dinner cos she is vegeterian too) is in USA..

Talking about food, the other day Ace was really cute... because there was so much food during new year.. every time we had to eat on our own, I really dun feel like buying outside food.. so we always ended up cooking and recently, Ace has been asking me to make Superstar Mian and Circle Mian cos he wants to get involved with cooking...

That day, after making the superstar mian and eating together, Ace told me, "Gong gong cooking is not nice.."

So I reminded him that all the food that he ate in school was cooked by gong gong and he said, "Yeah, the food gong gong cook for kinderland is nice but those not in kinderland not nice.."

So I asked him "What about my cooking?"

"Very good, yi ji bang!" He said and did a thumbs up gesture. So I asked him what dishes he liked....

"Mmm... peanut porridge, sushi mian..."

Just FYI, peanut porridge means white porridge with canned peanuts... sushi mian is just soba noodles. Both require zilch cooking skills... hahahahahahah.. just put water in and cook... and add the peanuts or the sauce... tat's it!

So I asked him if he really likes my cooking.

"Very good, yi ji bang!" He said and did a thumbs up gesture.


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Friday, February 19, 2010

Ace Can Read!

The other day, I was trying to update our blog and Ace came and stood beside me.

And then Ace asked me, "Mummy, why the computer says Ace Ace Baby?"

And when I looked carefully, I realized that the top of the explorer tab had the name of this blog and so I asked Ace, "You know how to read?"

"Yes, there, there is my name.. " And he pointed out the words and read them to me...

I am very impressed lor!:)

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why The Uncle Poke Needles Into His Skin?

The other day while I was bringing Ace home from his dancing lesson, we saw a Thaipusam procession passing by the dohby ghaut mrt area and so I asked Ace if he wanted to go and take a look.. so we went close to take a look...

And then I explained to Ace that this is called a Thaipusam procession.. and then Ace asked me, "Why they uncle poke needles into his skin?"

That really stumped me.. cos I really did not know why they carried the kavathi.. but because I had to give him an answer, I just told him that it is because they believe that their god will protect them....

Amazingly, the older kavthi carriers are all high and dancing... the younger ones are the ones who are panting and using the walking stick provided...

Anyway, in case your child asks you about thaipusam.. here is an article about it:

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

How Would Anya Look Like?

Now that Ace is turning 5, there are lots of people who keep telling me to go give birth to a baby girl... "Your son so cute and handsome, your daughter is surely very pretty one..."

And I have already decided that when I next have a baby.. and she turns out to be a girl, I would call her Anya.. from thinking about it, I have started to manifest it in many forms... hahaha..

When introduced to the FB game, Pet Society, I have actually named my pet Anya.. (PS: Ace loves the game and likes to go "NTUC" (the food shop) and shopping for clothes and his favourite is to run a race and to cook. And that is how I envision Enya will look like.. she will be all girly, sweet, big eyes, small perky nose and a BIG SMILE...

The other day though, while I was watching TV, I saw something interesting. It was this made in china drama serial called Bao Lian Deng Qian Zhuan and that part of the show was about the deity NEZHA...

I buay tahan and had to take a picture of this character to show my family because NEZHA really looks like Ace lor!

But I tot the nezha really looked quite girlish to me.. until I googled more about it and found out that NEZHA is acted by a little actress called Xie Ting!

HAHAHA.. so ladies and gentlemen, this is possible how Anya could look like! HAHAHAHAHAHA... ACE WITH LONG HAIR!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAH!

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bali Trip

We finally mustered up enough COURAGE to bring Ace to another trip... the last trip we brought Ace to was to Phuket and we sweared that we wun bring Ace on another trip till he turned 5...

While Ace is not 5 yet, we had a chance to stay for free in a villa in Bali and so we decided to bring him along as well.

Ace was really excited because his classmates have been travelling all over the world to Japan to USA and when we told him we were going to Bali, he was happy cos his classmate Edmund has been there before as well.

On the day we were due to leave, we still sent him to school because our flight was an evening flight. Just before he left school, he happily told his friends, "Bye bye.. I am going to bali.. you cannot go..."

Hao lian man.. and when he reached home, he ran to me and said, "OOps, mummy, I forgot to bring Kaylen back with me! He want to go Bali too and we put him in our bag..." Kaylen is his best friend in school..

Anyway, Ace was totally excited.. from the time we sit down in the car to travel to the airport, he started asking me so many questions.... until we sat in the plane, he was still asking me so many questions... so I told him, "Ace, mummy is on a holiday too.. can i rest? From now on, you can only ask me 10 questions.. after tat, you ask daddy, ok?:P" And when we finally

Anyway, I was really glad he had the transformers from mac donalds cos it kept him entertained for a long while and thankfully, he finally slept.

When we arrived in Bali, Ace kept asking me why our car was not there to pick us... and why we had to take a taxi.. I think he doesnt really understand what happens when we travel on a plane...

Anyway, the first impression of our villa was not exactly good cos it was dark and all that. But the next day, we fell in love with the place cos they had a really nice pool and we had it all to ourselves.

Anyway, I tot now that Ace is 5, travelling with him is better and I guess in a way, it is better. he can help me pour water, wash the cup for me and puts back into the right place, he doesn't try to touch all the switches... and he can eat alot more diff types of foods....

BUT leh, I guess 5 years old is really still not a good time to travel with us because his idea of a great holiday is just CARTOON NETWORK in the room and a swimming pool with steps for him to sit down and play in. Whenever we go out and walk, he would complain tired lah... thirsty lah.. want to shit lah...and keep asking us to go back to our room...

We brought him to see the most glorious sunsets but he was mostly just sulking and playing with sand:)

In fact, he liked our room so much that on the last day, he said he is very sad cos he likes the room and the pool so much. He says he wants to bring yeye, nainai, popo and gong gong there too...)

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