Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I Am Inspired!

Sometimes having conversation with Ace is very interesting.

The other day, on the way to school, Ace was telling me about his day in school the day before.

"Yesterday, mummy, our music teacher gave us a talk about how and why not to be egocentric.."

"Wah.. egocentric is a big word.. do you know what it means?" I asked him.

"Yeah, it means you only think of yourself as the most important and everything is just ME, ME, ME... it means you keep thinking like you are the best person in the world and that you are better than everyone else..."

Ok.. so far s good. But I was curious WHY would the music teacher be the one giving this talk.

"Because there were a few boys in our class who kept fighting over who should carry the books and so the teacher gave us this talk because they were disturbing the class with their fighting.."

I still don't quite get when the teacher will give this talk because the boys are fighting over who should help her.. but I guess it could be because also Ace did not understand the full story and so could not express it fully to me. But before I can wonder more... he told me, "And then I was inspired..."

Wah, like that inspired liao ah.."Inspired to do what?" I asked him.

And then Ace went on to tell me, "Today, we learnt a beat called a pocket full of stones... and then my teacher gave 10 points to my group because I made up my own..."

I asked a few more questions and found out that Ace came up with his own beat and his teacher gave his group 10 points because he was creative.

His ditty went like this.. "What do you do, with a pocket full of money? You buy all the latest toys and gadgets. That's what you do with a pocket full of money."

But hor I still did not understand how and why this is linked to him being inspired and the talk about being egocentric.

Turns out, he was trying to tell me two different things at one go. His music ditty has nothing to do with what he was inspired about. Hahahahaa...

"So how were you inspired and what did you do?" I asked him.

"I was inspired after her talk to do kind things and so I did kind things after that. Like I let people choose their folder first when my teacher was giving out the children's day present."

Good job, Ace:) Please continue to be kind... not only when you are inspired :)

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

I Miss Lan Kwai Fong

 For the past few weekends, whenever we go out for a meal and ask Ace what does he want to eat, his reply is always... "I want to eat brinjal!"

Ace never used to like brinjal. When he orders a dish that comes together with brinjal, he will usually pick it out and pass the brinjal to us...

So I was really surprised and asked him, "You eat brinjal meh?"

"Yeah, I eat liao. I started eating just before we left dubai.."

So why is he eating brinjal again and again?

That is because at his favourite restaurant in Dubai called Lan Kwai Fong, we always order this favourite dish of his called Jia Chang Doufu.. and it is toufu stir fried with brinjal... and he says he misses LKF... hahahaha..

As I was detoxing, I was drinking soup all the time but poor Max had to eat brinjal every meal every day for a few days to satisfy Ace's craving! hahahaha...

I tried to recreate the dish again myself but without a recipe, it was tough for me leh... so I was not successful. I wish I can email Dai Gor (owner of the restaurant) and ask him to teach me how to cook the dish.. and also to tell him THAT I MISS HIS SOUP VERY MUCH! Hahahaha..

Cos when we visit, he always gives us a bowl of free soup! It is cantonese style boiled for many hours type of soup and is my comfort food in Dubai.. and it is one of the reasons why I frequent this restaurant at least once a week or once every two weeks when we werre living there!:)

Dai Gor, 我很想念LKF的食物!想念lychee ribena, 想念菠菜三色蛋,想念家常豆腐,想念你的炒米粉,想念粉皮还有你那用很多小时来才能做得那么“好味”的汤!

PS: That is Ace after he finished his meal.. very boh liao and trying to do XI, NV, AI and LE.. but they all look like the same cheeky face to me! hahahah...

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Our House Has Good Fengshui!

The other day, Ace exclaimed that our house has very good FENG SHUI!


Cos when it is not raining, it is usually quite windy.. so alot of wind coming in.. especially when his room is next to an air pocket and messy Ace will have paper flying all around his room when that happens:) wahahahaa..

And then when it rains, the water always splashes right into the room and once even flooded the bay window area when I tried to leave a 2cm gap when closing the window so that it is still airy.

And so, Ace declared that since this house has alot of FENG (wind) and alot of SHUI (water), it has very good fengshui.

Also, as a result of living right in front of a park, usually after rain, there will be insects visiting our house one. Usually they are varieties I cannot name. I just pick them up with tissue and throw away.

Yesterday though, a different visitor came...

Max took picture and posted on FB and we were told that this means good luck.

The praying mantis prayed to me and asked me to help it go out.. so I asked Max to direct it out to the open again. Hope he has reached his home and thank you for gracing our home and bringing us luck:)

PS: I am amazed that even though I stay so high floor hor, my house still got so many insects fly in and out. Probably the result of having a park near my house. The strange thing is.. they all like to "come and die" in my house. I always find dead insects here and there in the house. I cannot imagine how they got here except that they decided they will come here and die. I wonder if it is because they find this is a very peaceful place to die.. hahaha...

PPS: Ace realized that usually after rain, there will be lots of visiting insects in the house. And because he does not want them to visit his bedroom.. he has taken to sleeping with ALL WINDOWS closed and the door closed. That is so crazy.. have to keep opening the window for him.. his room right next to wind pocket lor.. so windy he dun like go and close the window.. what a waste man!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Can You Say Sorry To Me

As discusssed... Ace kenna HMFD...

BUT.. his is a very very mild case of HMFD... so for him, it is just a one week school holiday.

And leh, ask him to study.. dun want... tell him choose.. sleep or study.. he will go sleep.. and when he got sick of sleeping, he just nua in bed also dun want to do some work.

Explain nicely to him his exam is coming... he also dun care...

And then, it was really very overwhelming for the very tired me to take care of him as I have to sterilize everything he uses so that he will not spread to us... and Max was also bz and always not home during that week that Ace was at home..

To make matters worse, I was still recovering from my wisdom tooth extraction and I was in the midst of detox... and was getting rashes all over my arms and legs. It was super uncomfortable.. and I was also really tired... initially I was not sure if it was a healing crisis or if I had gotten HMFD like Ace as well... so my mood was super bad...

But still i had to pick up after him.. ask him to do something.. still have to say 10,000 times before he will move... So leh, finally, my volcano erupted and I scolded him very fiercely... and then he went to his room to cry..

And then leh, after a while, he slowly crawl to my room.. and passed me a note that he wrote..

After I read his note, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. He was sad I told him if he doesnt want to listen to me, I am not going to care about him anymore... and he said he was sad thinking that even if he dies, I am not going to care about him.. so he wrote me a note and asked if I could say sorry to him...

Hahahaha.. best part is he added a portion and asked me to sign.. and say that I will not sue him for sending me the note!

IN the end, I of course hugged him and said I was sorry I shouted at him and that I said I dun want to care about him.. because really the only reason why I am so upset is becos I care so much for him...

I care for him.. that is why I want him to start working on and preparing for his exams so that he can give his all and have no regrets..

I care for him and that is why nag him to do this and that and get upset when he dun do it...

Anyway, I am really impressed that instead of just crying, he attempted to make contact and have dialogue with me and shared very clearly why he was upset and what he was upset about.

Sometimes I really think he is Emo King and am amazed at his emotional development:) hahaha..

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


 Some years ago, Ace received  this set of toys as a present..

Alas, when we went to Dubai, the toy was left behind in popo's house and we did not see it anymore..

The other day, Ace happily discovered this set of toys in Popo's storeroom and decided to bring it home..

And then, one afternoon while he was feeling very free.. he was very very quiet in his room...

Finally when he came out, he brought with him this dinosaur!

He had in fact been trying to make this dino in the last hour or so and he said it was so much "hard work"...

Then Mr Haolian wanted to show off his dino and insisted that he has to bring this along to Yeye's house when we went for supper a few days later..

PS: And because he is so proud of the dino.. in the past one month, he has yet to dismantle it.. wahahahaa:)

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Ace Gets HFMD!

I have always felt that Ace has been rather lucky to have NEVER EVER kenna HFMD before. I have attributed it to the fact that I feed him health foods daily and provide him with a relatively healthy diet.

But leh, NEVER say NEVER lor.

This Monday.. so super heng.. Kenna lor!

The night before, before he went to bed, Ace told me there a small bubble on his hand. I told him to go to bed first. We will check and monitor the situation the next day.

Alas, as it was a holiday on the last friday, I turned off my alarm (as I have not been sleeping very well for the past few days) and I forgot to turn ON my alarm again, I woke up with a start, only to realize that it is already 10 minutes away from when the school bell will ring!

Wah, never in my life have I seen Ace brush teeth, change into his clothes, eat breakfast and put on his shoes.. all within 10 minutes.

I thought it might be easier if his dad sent him to school and that he might reach school earlier.

Alas, his dad took longer to send him there due to bad traffic.

So chuanz.. And in my hurry I forgot all about checking on his bubble...

A few hours later, his chinese teacher called me and asked if I could pick Ace up as there were more and more bubbles appearing on his hands..

So leh, I went to pick Ace up and brought him to the doctor. Doctor said as the bubbles were mostly clustered around his hands and legs and not on his trunk, it is not chicken pox but is likely HMFD.

All in all, actually he had no more than 20 bubbles lor.. and so, Ace was given one week MC. He shiok lor.. like one week holiday like that. Everyday zzzz.. ask him do homework, he just lay on bed.. play...

Appetite also dam good...

Don't know if he understands the word "EXAM" or not leh.. one month away, got time still take it easy...

He is lucky lor. I think his HMFD is very mild. I asked him.. he siam this virus so many years... does he know why he kenna this time? I told him I think it is cos he drink alot of sugared cold drinks and weakened his immune system.. that is why.. haha

But leh, I is the very chuan lah.. one after another thing happen.. lao tian ye like dun want me to rest like that..

Find school... settle down in school... find house... shift house.. unpack... wedding.. wedding.. wisdom tooth extraction... HMFD...

At night, Max told me he also not feeling well.. and i chuanz.. heng he is only tired and felt much better after a nap.

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Observant Ace

 The other day, we went to the Soka Book Fair and I saw this pair of lovely beads.. and Max said he will buy for me:) hee hee...

But our main aim was not to buy that.. it was to buy a bustudan....

Was deciding between this and another design... and after lots of contemplation, decided to buy this lor:) Swee boh...

The interesting thing is hor.. we all did not know that this bustudan got a "SECRET"!

And leh, the very observant Ace was the one who discovered the secret!

While Ace was chanting... (I really dunno if he was chanting or looking here and there... cos usually chanting you just look at Gohonzon mah:) hahha...) Our good friend suddenly jumped up and told me... "Mummy, why is there a light inside the gohonzon?" (he still cannot tell gohonzon from bustudan..)

And when I took a look at where he was pointing, true enough, there was a LED light there leh..

I was thinking.. got light.. must have some switch or what somewhere right? So I observed the bustudan carefully... and realized eventually that the bustudan top can be removed and there is a wire you can take out and plug in..

I tried and it works!

WOW! So impressed lor!

I told Max and he said, "Alamak, why no one tell us when we bought it.." hahaha...

Anyway, I really think Ace is very observant. I brought him along when I wanted to buy salt. I couldn't find sea salt or the himalayan salt that I wanted to buy and wanted to walk away when Ace said, "THere it is!" He actually found the salt while i missed it even though I looked through the shelves a few times!:) hahaha..

When we shifted into our new house, we found a ring in the washing machine. As it had lots of algae on it, we wondered if it is gold... I looked at the ring and only managed to figure that it belonged to someone who got married in 2009 as there is a date engraved inside.

But, when we went out the other day and walked past Lee Hwa Jewellery, Ace exlaimed it is the same brand as the ring in our house! HUH? Got brand meh? How come I didn't know. When I went home and looked at the ring, I realized Ace is right!

Very observant little boy indeed!:)

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Big Table

We contemplated buying Ace a new study desk we shifted but decided in the end not to do that because we did not have enough space for so much furniture..

I was dam glad we did not invest in one lor:) hahahaa.. Cos it would have been such a waste!

Since we have shifted in till now, I think Ace used the desk to do homework less than 5 times.

His favourite places to do homework are... at the dining table... on his bed... on the sofa...


I tot why my son so strange one.. can sit at table do properly and comfortably he dun want.. want to sit on the floor.. so xin ku...

But leh, my friend told me her daughters are like that too an they call the floor.. their BIG TABLE.. hahahaha :)

Oh well, as long as he gets his homework done!:)

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thank Goodness For Skype!

Ace has been telling me that he misses his Dubai friends.. especially H.

So when we finally settled down, we tried to search for H and his mum on Facebook and found them.. and then started chatting a little and eventually, the boys settled on having a skype session to talk to each other.

They made a date and Ace was really excited throughout the whole day!:)

 I lent Ace my ipad and left him to his devices in his room.. cos he was excited to show off his room.

I went back to the living room to do my own thing and from what i could hear, Ace was SUPER HIGH lor...

And it was a little strange to see him speaking with an accent again:) wahahaha...

 So the boys started talking about school.. about who is in the same class as who.. who has the latest trash pack from which series...

 And while they were showing off their toys to each other, Ace realized that H also had a rainbow loom set and so, suddenly, the skype session became a LOOM BAND TUTORIAL!:) wahahahah

 All in all, the boys chatted for 2 hours! Wah.. so much to talk about meh?:P hahaha

That is Ace saying he will complain to H about how much homework he has:) hahahahaha

Anyway, thank goodness for SKype that the boys had such a great time chatting.

They tried to arrange to chat again but only succeeded once due to time difference.

Oh well, once school holidays starts, I guess Ace will have more chance to skype with his friends:)

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I Always Bang Chance One

I hate to visit the dentist...

The other day, brought Ace and myself to do teeth cleaning. Met a chatty dentist , who reminded me of my good friend who is a DJ:) Hahaha.. so felt very comfy... but dentist had bad news for me. He said I needed to remove my wisdom teeth as it is causing some decay to my molar due to its position.

So leh, I decided to go for it lah. But I am really afraid of the pain. The memory of extracting 4 teeth for my braces lingers and made me reluctant to do it. But leh, I think get over and done with.. so decided to plough through..

Because of all my fears, I also had alot of worries.... I worry about whether i can take care of Ace the day after the SURGERY, I worry if I can work and live normally...  but my husband just pooh poohed my concerns and fears and told me, "wah lau, 拔牙而已嘛..."

拔牙vs surgery... very different perception.. which explains our very different attitude and feelings.. hahahaa.. 

I shared with Ace my fears and Ace suggested that i think happy thoughts about it... When i asked "is tat possible?" he replied very zen-ly .."It is all in your mind, mummy.. Just try..." haha... Master Ace indeed!:)

To be fair, the whole procedure was not as bad as I remembered. Perhaps I am older now, perhaps it is because I know what to expect. Perhaps I am braver and perhaps I now have more "tools" to help me. I brought along my AMWand.. which is great for promoting self healing and removing pain... wanded myself intensively and during the procedure, I also chanted hard and did a little "process" where I said goodbye to my teeth and thanked them for their service in the past 30 odd years...

Anyway, Ace seemed also excited that I had to do the extraction. Perhaps he is a tad smug that I had rotten teeth but he doesnt.. hahaha..

Ace says I have become wiser..

Cos I have removed my wisdom tooth..

I told Ace, I thought remove liao got no more wisdom :) hahahaha

Anyway, super sian for me to go dentist and do this and do that..

 Came home from dentist and dentist said I have to put the cold compress for as long as I can till the end of the day.. so lazy to hold it.. so I just do a makeshift cold compress holder:)

 And then my ampendant can help to reduce pain.. so since I am lazy to put it on my cheek, i just hang it there.. hahahaha

 Max says I look very cute like this.. like the comic...

So he pose with cute pose with me...

I was quite impressed that the next day, my dentist actually called me to follow up cos i told him I was allergic to a certain type of pain killer.. dunno why.. for the next few days.. every afternoon my face will be very hot and red... maybe inflammation...

Anyway, Asked Ace to be good boy for a few days since I need lots of rest. He on the whole quite good boy lah.. and will come and ask me every now and then how I am feeling.. and even help me kiss my cheek to make it feel better:) hahahaha

Well, I kiss his boo boo for him.. so only right that he kisses my boo boo back right?:P hahhaa:)

He told me that today, his teacher talked about children should not take too much sweet drinks and should practice good hygiene habits so that their teeth will not rot. He told the whole class that his mum had rotten teeth and so she is going for an extraction today.

One of his classmates said to Ace, "Aiyoh, why is your mother like that.. she is so dumb... why did she drink so many cold drinks and eat so many sweet drinks... Your mother is very stupid!"

I have no doubt why this kid will talk like tat.. likely the parents talked to him like that. But well, I dun really care what the kid says.. tong yan wu ji mah.. I was, however, more interested in how Ace might think or react and asked him what did he do..

"I told him that he shouldn't say that because he doesnt know what or how it happened. And I told him I am going to tell the teacher... so he quickly said sorry to me...."

I told him perhaps his friend did not know better. Dun be angry, anyway, I am not upset or angry.

"But he shouldnt say that. If I were not in school and I was outside, I will have boxed him." Ace said angrily. I explained to him that violence is not the right way to solve problems also. He should have just asked the person to stop and told the person that it was wrong/ rude and that it hurt his feelings that he said that about his mother.

I also reminded Ace that this is how people might feel if bad things are said about their parents and reminded him never to say anything nasty about other people's parents and to always talk about them with respect.

Then I asked Ace, why did he not go straight to teacher if he was so upset... (Also because I was thinking if the teacher should be told so she can tell the boy this is wrong.. But well, I guess he knows it is wrong lah)

Anyway, Ace replied... "Well, I give him a chance lah.. I always bang chance one.."

Faintz! He actually knows how to use the phrase BANG CHANCE???:) Hahahaha.. hilarious!

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Shu Shu's Wedding Singapore

 Night before shu shu's wedding, we went to Nainai's house for dinner and see what we can help out with... max was tasked  with ensuring the stem of the fruit will not drop out because apparently u need the stem there as well.. in the end we use toothpick :) hahahaha.. as suggested by Max's Aunty who was such a great help:)

 Next day morning.. woke early early...

 Reached MIL's place and saw this car at the carpark.. and then I think think think.. oh yeah hor, my friend who is also getting married that day lives there.. took a picture and sent them and asked if that is their wedding car and it turns out that it was!:)

 All dressed up and ready to pick bride up :)

 While groom was gone, we just camwhore lah:) The three brothers... THEN AND NOW... Max's father and his brothers.. they look very alike hor?:P

 And then we realized that the car has arrived and everyone went to look at the car and see what is happening..

 Ace is all ready with his two oranges:)

 They are coming up liao!

 Happy Ace showing off his ang pow.. it was hard work.. he was totally drenched and had to change out of his shirt after that!!

 And then after tat, we all went home and took a nap.. zzzz liao suddenly realize it is almost time and chit chor lok gio.. quickly make up and dress up ;) Maybe my flower on the head was a little too loud.. the long time no see relatives all thought I was the bride! wahahahaha...

 We forgot to bring corsarges.. so the camera man did his MAGIC using the flowers on display!:) Amazing!

 Ace's vegeterian meal even got flowers lor:)

 camwhore a little first since very free now..

 Told my sis in law's parents not to worry.. cos hor, Chua family daughter in law is very xin fu one:) My FIL and MIL will treat the daughters in law like their own and even better than their own:) wahahahaha.. and see, my FIL deshell the prawn for both my BIL and SIL :) Father's great love!

 This picture I took because hor, my BIL was giving a speech and we are all saying tat my FIL is going to cry liao!:) whahahaha.. now you know where all the emo genes where Max will cry when watch movie and Ace will cry easily comes from:) hahahaha...

 Max and his mum..

 Me and my SIL:)

 Since we camwhoring, decided to take a pic with my parents:)

 FIL drink liao very happy and very high, went on stage to sing song and give another speech:)

 Hahahaha... here is where the huggy kissy monster genes came from also ;) Anyway, my FIL and MIL are very lovey dovey despite being together since their teens. They are one of the main reasons why I think Max is a good catch.. cos he has had wonderful example shown to him!:)

 When men are drunk/high, they like to act cute i think:) wahahahaah..

After being away for so long and missing CNY this year, I am really happy to see all our relatives at the wedding. Especially some whom I have not met in a long while.. including Jolene and Adeline.. the last time I saw them, they were about Ace's age lor! At my wedding, they were so little and they were my flower girls.. now they are all grown up.. time really flies!

As for Ace, he was just happy to have brought along his trash pack to play and exchange his cousin, N. The two kids really bonded over trashies.. wahahaha :)

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